Now is the winter of Nick Folkes’s discontent. This very moment, he is weeping into his 49th stubbie of lager. For teary-eyed Nick, whatever solace can be had, comes out of a bottle. No bottle is deep enough to brighten Nick’s spirits.

Yet, that bottle now defines Nick; it directs his actions, and ultimately contributed to his ignominious downfall. Those high times spent making a goose of himself on SBS reality shows like ‘I’m Not Racist, But’ and being recognised in public are over — his king-tide ride as media provocateur has passed. Nick is now sombrely talking about “writing a book”, or hagiography, which is a concession of defeat if ever there was one. We can think of a million titles for his magnum opus, but the most appropriate is already taken, The Idiot.

Yes, readers, it’s all over for Nick, and even better, it’s the end of the road for his beloved Peanuts for Freedom.

Nick is a man in shock — a wobbly jester struggling to come to terms with his inglorious banishment from court. All his putrid karma has swung back and hit him in the face like the stink from an Egyptian port-a-loo. It has left him even more dazed and confused than one of his benders. Frankly, we are delighted. So where did it all start to unravel for the grotty burke and his obese offsider?

Nick began the Peanuts for Freedom in 2012 after splitting from the Australian Protectionist Party. In its nearly six years of existence, it has never come within a cooee of being registered. The word ‘Party’ in its name has therefore always served more of a pointer to its orgiastic activities than any qualifier of the group as a bona fide political group.

Over the years, Nick has spent more time in Arab drag than the combined hierarchy of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Except for those occasions when he’s inexplicably starkers, it’s his number one favourite choice of presentation. Perhaps shutting the curtains and dressing up as the Grand Mufti of Lakemba is one of the last innocent pleasures left to Nick now that the Peanuts have been officially roasted.

Yes, readers, it’s all over for Nick, and even better, it’s the end of the road for his beloved Peanuts for Freedom.

Nick’s hasn’t been the clean death that many of those who wear the cloth prefer when administering the last rites. Periods of acceptance are punctuated by episodes of him thrashing about on his death-bed like Reagan freaking out in The Exorcist; spewing green bile hither and thither on social media. The devil just doesn’t want to leave Nick; he has his nails dug in sharper than a kitten clawing at a tea cosy. But what’s obvious is that he can never rebuild what was.

Those supporters of his that he savagely burned and abused are now exacting their sweet revenge on him all over Facebook. In fact, having said more about Nick than any other blog in existence, we shall leave the final word up to former associate Deb Daldy, who posted a long denunciation of Folkes on Facebook.

We just cannot figure out why people would turn their backs on Nick…

Deb is from Kim Vuga’s party, Love Australia or Leave. As a matter of fact, many former members of PfF are now with Kim. Deb herself explains why, but before we get to that we will recap. The divisions really began long before the infamous night of the Peanuts on Pingas, when Nick, Toby Cook, and Penny Louise got wasted and began carnage calling former members whose numbers Nick gleefully provided. But that was as good a marker as any for the purposes of establishing a point of its decline.

UNA had previously published an account provided by one such insider, who blew the whistle on its drug culture and Nick’s unsuitability for representing any aspect of Australia save for its inebriates.

Certain opportunities to appear cohesive cropped up after the Peanuts on Pingas incident, like a rally in Penrith which he characteristically hijacked, and a protest against the defacement of a statue of Captain Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park. But like much surrounding these civic patriots, it was largely an illusion with his numbers bolstered by others, including repugnant Kiwi troublemaker Mark McDonald, the Hollywood Nazi who has been appointed Sydney organiser for the Lads Society.

UNA had previously published an account provided by one such insider, who blew the whistle on its drug culture and Nick’s unsuitability for representing any aspect of Australia save for its inebriates.

None of this could mask the cracks, however, and as loyal lieutenant George Jameson and his skank Penny Tridgell moved closer to soon-to-be-jailed sewer-rat Neil Erikson, the green-eyed-monster reared its head. Hell hath no fury like a jealous Nick Folkes, so we’re told, and he is constantly jealous. You could be on the ground being kicked by cops and Nick would be envious you were getting more attention than him.

When Jam Jams split and joined the multiculturalist dental cases of the True Blue Crew taking with him a bunch of dumb PfF placards, Nick went a curious Bananas-in-Pyjamas version of Tony Montana. Nick and his remaining circle of loyal Peanuts accused Jameson of being a “Jew lover”, which is rich given their past associations with kosher conservatives. Unbelievably, PfF’s Jewish second-in-command, Radka Smith, even got in the swing and in one Facebook post accuses “Mr Buttman” (Jameson) of being a ‘Mossad agent’, which is definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

Mr “Buttman”, aka George Jameson, once loved for his Jewish flag is now a Peanuts’ pariah

We’ll just veer off topic for two seconds to explain the ‘Mr Buttman’ reference since it speaks volumes not only of Jambalaya but about his former party. Apparently, Jameson had publically expressed his love of anal sex with the object of his cradle-snatching, Pen Pen. Tridgell, who is more than half Jameson’s age, abandoned her infant child to smoke drugs with the Peanuts and cop it up the date from Jam Jams, and, even more sordidly,  his brother.

Now Pen is preggers and it’s a miracle since women aren’t usually impregnated via their clacker. Either Jameson or his bro is incredibly fertile or now and then they broke with habit and rolled on top of her. But nobody wants to think about that since the image it invokes is too disturbing. Plus, this is a family blog.

This spat has caused sparks to fly between T.B.C and PfF, or T.B.C Sydney and Melbourne or something, and, so we hear but cannot be bothered confirming, Ralph Cerminara, who was the subject of shocking allegations revealed to us by a whistle-blower, is acting as peacemaker. Hurrah.

This spat has caused sparks to fly between T.B.C and PfF and, so we hear but cannot be bothered confirming, Ralph Cerminara, who was the subject of shocking allegations revealed to us by a whistle-blower, is acting as peacemaker. Hurrah.

Meanwhile, the remnants of the Peanuts are reportedly turning ‘hard-core racialist’, most likely with the influence of Sydney Lads leader Mark ‘Matey Mate’ McDonald’. With Toby Cook modelling himself as a racially impure George Lincoln Rockwell, they are attempting to steal the thunder from The Antipodeans by going all-out anti-Semitic (with Jewess Radka Smith wholeheartedly supporting them).

Tobes has apparently created a Facebook group of limited membership named ‘Aryan Brothers and Sisters’. (We know, we know, it’s too much already). We still have all the footage of Tobes helping burn a Nazi flag outside the Australia First Party headquarters in Tempe; just one of the many contradictions in the baffling free-for-all that has bubbled up from the civic patriot swamp.

The saviour of the White race. Himmler would have appointed him head of the SS Racial Purity Division

Now, it’s about time this was settled once and for all — there is no way on God’s earth that Toby Cook is White. His fanatical Julius Streicher act is totally designed to draw attention away from his racial shortcomings. He seems to have the deluded idea that by thumping hard about the Jews he is less likely to be scrutinised for his ancestral roots, which, given the thickness of his lips, the rich caterpillar fuzziness of his eyebrows, and the overall Islander cast of his Polynesian head have caused great speculation. We have some bets that he is a mix of Malaysian and Islander, some suggest he has Bornean DNA.

UNA is very close to answering the question that has puzzled Nationalists for three years now — what race is Toby Cook? We will publish our results when we finally unearth them. In the meantime, this new core of crazy racialist warriors including Toby, Matt Lowe, and some slapper who looks like a former groupie for a third-rate pub rock band are rumoured to be attempting to move in on The Lads Society, possibly since their man Matey Mate McDonald has successfully infiltrated them.

The Peanuts once burned Nazi flags. Now they swear by ’em

Matt is apparently the new leader of PfF which means that they’ll be struggling to get the kind of publicity they’re addicted to since it takes an un-embarrass-able twit like Folkes to make enough of a tool of himself to generate that publicity.

Regardless, they’ll never be registered, and will never be anything but a tick fastened to a host group.

Now, we shall raise the tone somewhat so that Deb Daldy can take it from here. We post this knowing she would prefer this account of hers remained in the public sphere. Her post is reproduced exactly as it appeared. Take it away, Deb!

Party for Freedom is Airing dirty laundry? Ok, Lets!!

I used to create memes for PFF. Free of charge, as that was part of my contribution to the patriotic movement. My hubby also contributed, out of respect for me, by assisting with the PFF website. We did this for months.

Then, when the Love Australia or Leave Party was set up, I advised both of the respective party leaders that I would be happy to assist helping both of them generate memes and do admin work for them, but it was necessary from my point of view to be transparent to both parties from the beginning. I advised Nick Folkes that I would be assisting LAOL with their memes, to which he agreed wholeheartedly, only to have a change of heart three weeks later. What should have occurred was that we walk away amicably. But Nick got nasty, accusing me and the leader of LAOL, Kim Vuga of helping LAOL steal PFF people from his political party. FACT: Nick, It’s not a political party, until its registered with the AEC. All you have is a boys club minus the cubby house. You do however have pass the bong game and nude activities for attendees, so I’m told. Lol FACT: PFF members were never poached, but since we are here airing everything…truth be told, your members flocked to LAOL. In droves. Their reasoning: because they never believed you would ever get registered with the AEC.

FACT: They were right. My current sentiment of your party should have been alerted long ago when you rang me up, asking for advice on whether it was a good idea to attend the funeral service of Curtis Cheng, sit in the service wearing badges making a political statement!! The fact you had to ask whether that was a good idea indicated your lack of judgement and complete disrespect for people just wanting to mourn the loss of their family member. The only redeeming outcome was that I was able to talk you out of it, and you didn’t go ahead with it. You make the claim that George was a helpful PFF member for the best part of three years. So helpful, that you saw fit to bag George out behind his back to anyone that would listen. Now, I am certainly no fan of George, but what kind of a leader discusses party members with other members behind their backs, and even with people that aren’t party members?

I find it nothing short of comical how quickly you turned on Penny, when not even 8 months ago you defended Penny, almost parading her as the PFF mascot. You were so loyal to Penny, a newcomer, that when others took issue with Penny’s deviant behavior, you saw fit to rebuke the loyal in favour of the newcomer. That’s the kind of loyalty YOU show people. You demand loyalty but never give it. Or if you do, its always with strings attached.

Now, lets talk about the placards. To be honest, I don’t give a crap who owns the placards, but if I’m going to call a spade a spade, I would have thought it wouldn’t matter to someone that was ALL about the patriotic movement, WHO used the placards, as long as the message that was on the placard was being shown in public. I mean, isn’t that was its supposed to be about…educating the public, publicly supporting our views and beliefs and showing the rest of Australia that there are people that care about the country? So why, then, if that is the sole purpose of those placards would it matter who was holding them up? From a party leader point of view, I would have thought that getting the PFF name out there with the message was constructive, or at least it was till your petty carry on ensure George cut the bottom off. Now nobody wins.


You saw no problem with sharing other people’s platforms at events like Reclaim Rallies and jumped on other party’s bandwagons, even going so far as to make a homeless video with a real patriotic party, who’s idea it was in the first place, then putting your logo all over it. When asked for a copy of the video, you wouldn’t give them the footage. So, before you are quick to publicly execute George for not handing over stuff that wasn’t his, can I offer you a mirror?

And as for hypocrisy, let’s talk about the defamation you heaped on Jim Saleam for years, even allowing people to believe that he had a Nazi styled bunker in his place with the Nazi Flag hung up. What you don’t realise and probably never banked on, was that other people in the patriotic movement had reason to visit Jim’s house (courtesy of you) and this couldn’t be further from the truth. You have willfully deceived patriots right across the movement that Jim Saleam is a Nazi. Where is your integrity? Nothing wrong with disagreeing with Jim’s political views, as there are quite a few I disagree with, but to outright character assassinate him, you should consider yourself fortunate you haven’t found yourself in front of a magistrate having to defend defamation charges. If we take that mirror I offered you before, assuming you have not broken the mirror in frustration and anger, and hold it up to for self- examination of PFF then it’s clear, thanks to Toby (Tobias Cook) and the “Aryan Brothers and Sisters” chat group, where those with real Nazi beliefs (and flags to boot, reside). It’s in the pretend cubby house.

Now let’s talk about your weekend parties, oh sorry, party meetings, where the sole entertainment seems to be you handing out past members (and associates) phone numbers so that you can harass them in the wee early hours of the morning. And by harass, I mean ring them up and verbally abuse people in a manner that is so crass, crude and vulgar that the contents of those phone conversations only serve to show the character of the man that you are by handing out those phone numbers and then sitting in the back laughing and egging them all on for your amusement. People don’t ever seem to be able to amicably walk away from your party, you just turn nasty and see fit to try and intimidate them. Again….fabulous adult leadership. The last time most people reading this made prank obscene phone calls was back when they were 12-13 years of age. I do see that you now attempting to blame Penny for making the phone calls. Well that’s a coward act, with the exception of when you hid behind two patriotic women Tess Pearce and Jody R Henry at a rally because ANTIFA showed up, if ever I have seen one. It was YOU and YOU alone that had the phone numbers of Jody R Henry and Judith Macalpine, and Penny would never have been able to have made those calls had you not handed her those phone numbers on a silver platter. So if you are going to air dirty laundry, then at least do it with a mirror, and take personal responsibility for your part in it. In saying that, Penny is as equally responsible for those calls, as are the Toby and Matt Lowe for those obscene calls. As the leader of PFF Nick, you are responsible for your members do, especially when they are in your presence and whilst representing your party.

Are you registered yet with the AEC, where again, money collected requires transparency? NO! So until such a time, all that happened was that money was given to Nick by George and you bought placards with that money putting and put a wannabe political party name on the bottom of them. As the party is not registered, the party technically doesn’t exist and therefore the placards belong to nobody. Sure, you can go through the motions of holding pretend committee meetings, but at the end of the day, the only people you are fooling into believing PFF is a registered political party, is yourselves. Don’t be too embarrassed, when my daughter was 6 she liked to play doctors and nurses, so you aren’t completely alone in your desire for playing make-believe games.

Right now, all I see, and everyone watching this post from afar (and there are lots) is your party imploding. The only one to blame here is you, as with any organization, registered or make-believe without a cubby house, the buck stops at the top! Your pettiness is what has alienated people from your wannabe party. Your disloyalty to past and current members has and will be your complete undoing.

The one thing, I want to make clear, is that I don’t write this in favour of either George or Penny, as I have issues with both of them, including but not limited to the way George has treated women in the past by attempting to hit a patriotic women by launching over a table at her, and Penny because I will never understand how a person that has walked out on her kid has any right to lecture other people on how to mother. Any woman that can then make prank phone calls to harass people because she was called out on her BS is childish and immature and leaves me questioning her age and maturity level.

Out of nothing but sheer jealousy you have turned on people that were your friends, that were loyal to the patriotic movement and would have moved heaven and earth to have helped you. I know, I was one of them. In fact, all of the people I know that you have shat on, all say the same thing: the only person you are loyal to is yourself. If you can so easily talk about George behind his back when he was loyal to you and your party, what on earth would make others want to be loyal to you? Then there is the small issue of you accusing a women that financially contributed to your party in ways that far exceed just money, of being the reason another member committed suicide. WHO DOES THAT!! That would be you, Nick, who had so much respect for the dearly departed Fiona, that you and your PFF crew saw fit to smoke weed at her
funeral to the horror of her family.

No doubt your first instinct, once you have read this, will be to delete my post. But you can’t. Your sordid history of the way you treat people will no doubt be doing the rounds over FB. For once, just once, try and resist the urge to be a coward for a change and own your responsibility of the collapse and destruction of PFF.

I stand by everything I have written in this post as it is a true and correct statement. For those doubtful there are quite a few people that I can think of off the top of head that would be able to verify this post.

All Australia wants is for people to come together, and all you’ve achieved is nothing but division in order to satisfy your ego, and all over placards. There’s a part of me that should be sad at the division you have generated amongst the patriotic movement, but there’s no point. It’s what I’ve come to expect. I’ve heard it said: “He who laughs last, laughs loudest”. Well you can rest assured that I have never laughed as hard as what I have in the last few days watching you and your PFF crew reap what they sow! These days, I have no need to think about PFF and how pathetic it is, but you can rest assured that we have made it a habit of telling everyone about PFF and what complete jokes you all are, before advising them that its best they don’t support PFF as it is considered to be an embarrassment to real patriots, particularly those in Victoria. You are just mock worthy, cringe worthy and the only worth you all possess now is to be ex-communicated out of the movement altogether.

This post was going to be as a response to your post, but when I saw you delete Jody Renay’s response for calling a spade a spade re PFF, then saw fit to outright fabricate and accuse her of being on welfare, (as though that’s somehow derogatory) even though she’s not, as a way of deterring people from her truthful claims, I have now seen fit to post this to my wall and into groups, where you will have lost all power to have it deleted, where you can’t cover up the truth any more. Of course, there will be people that screen shot it and send it to you. I’m banking on it and expecting a course of abusive phone calls to ensue in the coming months, but you will never be able to cover up what you did to loyal members of your party and how your party has self-destructed almost completely, at your hand. Not while there is breath in my body.

The two leaders. The burke in the blue shirt is Matt Lowe. He is apparently a Nazi or something cool like that






Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane is not only an overpaid and under-talented diversity hire, he is also a weaver of bad fiction in support of his own, self-serving hoax narrative.

For a recent column in the Fairfax press, Dr Tim has cobbled together an extraordinary tale framing 2017 as a year which saw rising support for White supremacy, the mainstreaming of anti-immigrant politics and a resurgence of Neo-Nazism.

Yes, comrades, this painful screed is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds; if one-tenth of the commissioner’s mantra of rote-learned talking points bore any relationship to the real world then cosmopolitan, capitalist run Australia would be in serious trouble.

In the time-honoured Anti-Racist fashion, the commissioner seems to have written a list of everyone he hates, or who disagrees with the goals of globalist capitalism on his boardroom wall and wired together a schizophrenic narrative with push-pins and string, like some sweaty stalker out of a Hollywood movie.

Dr Tim attempting to absorb credibility through the armpit of celebrity activist Adam Goodes

Little of it makes sense to anyone who knows what they are looking at, Dr Tim writes of “Right-Wing Nationalism” as if it is an authentic political tendency; the reality is, of course, that few if any “Right Wingers” approve of the radical Nationalist program, preferring instead their attachments to Zionism and a version of multiculturalism which excludes Islam and Muslims.

This pig-headed refusal by Tim and his broader academic caste to look beyond the outdated binary view of politics has already made them into figures of fun; if there is an ascendant “Right Wing Nationalism” then according to that rigid worldview there must also be left and centrist versions, sadly for these blockheads no such tendencies exist.

In the time honoured Anti-Racist fashion the commissioner seems to have written a list of everyone he hates, or who disagrees with the goals of globalist capitalism on his boardroom wall and wired together a schizophrenic narrative with push-pins and string, like some sweaty stalker out of a Hollywood movie.

There are Right Wingers and Left Wingers along the mainstream political axis who all enthusiastically support the globalist capitalist programme of mobile Third World populations, totalitarian humanist equality for all and the replacement of the citizen with the atomised, unquestioning, apolitical consumer who is ruled by oligarchs and their bourgeoisie.

Nationalism, as we practice it is neither left nor right, what it truly represents is secession from cosmopolitanism, a rejection of the binary worldview with all its rigid conformity and ever-thickening tangle of artificial social mores and pedantic restrictions upon the liberty of the working classes.

Dr Tim wilfully misrepresents recent events in Europe and North America in his attempt to lull his readers into believing that, say, the mass actions surrounding Polish independence day, the electoral success of AFD in Germany and the ill-fated Unite The Right rallies in the U.S.A are all part of some global trend toward a resurgent White supremacy.

Again, real Nationalists would have none of this since we reject outright the mindset which allows one to believe that the world is now integrated to the degree that universal White unity is a realistic possibility; universal ideals such as this do not enter the heads of radicals, this is the mindset of the globalists or the religious nuts, Islamic Jihadists being the obvious example.

Muslims in Sydney demanding that they are taken seriously by the chattering classes

This brings us to another dodgy connection in Tim’s web of untruths: Why would the people he labels conservatives, anti Semites or neo-Nazis have such a problem with Islam?

On the face of it Right Wing Islamophobia makes no sense, there is no logical explanation as to why one group of socially conservative people should be hostile to another group holding basically identical views, that is until one listens to what the right wingers are actually saying.

The natural reaction of the upper classes, of which Tim Soutphommasane is most decidedly a member, is to scoff and roll their eyes at any utterance by the “little people”; the problem, though, in assuming that their class holds the correct values and opinions on all matters is that these twits render themselves unable to take seriously anything which exists outside their bubble of self-satisfied political correctness.

On the face of it Right Wing Islamophobia makes no sense, there is no logical explanation as to why one group of socially conservative people should be hostile to another group holding basically identical views, that is until one listens to what the right wingers are actually saying.

The Right Wingers, on the other hand, take both cosmopolitanism and Islam completely seriously, probably more so than many Muslims and the faults they find with that way of life are all, basically, to do with its perceived negative effects upon multiculturalism, women’s rights, homosexual rights and the interests of Jews and Israel.

Dr Tim mentions in his article Milo Yiannopoulis, the homosexual, Jewish, Libertarian provocateur who is married to a black man; Tim is seemingly agog at the popularity of such a character in this day and age, however seen in its proper context Milo’s stage show is pure multicultural theatre, he is a perfect poster boy for the Right Wing because he embodies all that they hold dear and all that the upper classes lay claim to but, in their cynicism, neglect.

Milo “The Dangerous Faggot” is not literally Hitler, he is more like the Dick Emery of globalist culture

The Islamic Jihad in the West is explicitly aimed at smashing social cohesion in multicultural societies by attacking its constituent parts,. The Right Wingers are one hundred percent correct on that score. Anyone who is capable of thinking tactically appreciates the structural weaknesses in cosmopolitanism, not to mention the studied indifference to this holy war among the upper classes, the politicians and the bourgeoisie.

This inability to think like one’s enemy by the people supposedly in charge leaves a cosmopolitan society wide open to subversion and the shock tactics of terrorists. If anything has become normalised in 2017 it is not “racism” as alleged by Dr Tim, rather it is this blasé attitude toward Islamic Jihad and its stated goals, which are the complete destruction of the multicultural West and the subjugation of its peoples by Muslims.

Further to his ballyhoo over the “Far Right” Soutphommasane also dramatically plays up the Neo-Nazi menace, albeit without specifically identifying anyone who openly admits to holding such opinions. We suspect this is because, like most people of his station his view of the new Nazis is likely informed by email circulars penned by Andre Oboler and the Jewish Board Of Deputies, so, therefore, we can assume that he knows nothing much about Nazis, either historical or contemporary.

Let us be blunt, Tim Soutphommasane is in trouble, if certain illiberal elements within the mainstream political scene have their way he and his fellow commissioners at HREOC will soon be out of a job, so he has to come up with something, anything really, to justify his three hundred thousand dollar a year salary.

The role most of the Neo-Nazis, as we have exhaustively explained in several articles is to stifle any dissent against globalist cosmopolitanism — to snuff out any spark of national feeling among Whites by tainting groups and individuals in guilt by association stings. True, some of these characters are motivated by the prospect of looting the money that organised political groups or clubs can raise, but in the main, they are wreckers under the direction of mainstream operatives.

Neo-Nazism, in contrast to Tim’s thesis, is actually the nemesis of White Nationalism and self-determination. It is chauvinistic within the context of White Australia since it attempts to apply phoney Third Reich racial categories to the White Australian ethnicity, something which, given our history on this continent, can never be accepted by true patriots.

The Neo-Nazi cuts a lonely figure at Unite The Right in Charlottesville

Dr Tim is peddling a load of horse manure. He is cobbling together a narrative of White supremacy and rising neo-Nazism to shore up his own precarious position as a globalist bureaucrat. If it all smacks of desperation it must be because Tim is, these days, a desperate man at the top tier of a widely hated bureaucracy.

Let us be blunt, Tim Soutphommasane is in trouble. Should certain illiberal elements within the mainstream political scene have their way he and his fellow commissioners at HREOC will soon be out of a job. He has to come up with something, anything really, to justify his three hundred thousand dollar a year salary.

Human rights are under attack by the minions of globalist capitalism; the idea is to roll back the legal protections available to citizens in the name of progress so that the transnational corporations can further embed themselves in the day to day life of working people.

Dr Tim is simply being made redundant by his real bosses. Maybe if he had done his job and protected the human rights of all Australians, rather than cultivating his reputation for arrogance, race-baiting and attacking the White majority, then he might have left his post in good standing and at a time of his choosing. As it stands though, he will probably be fired. His unpronounceable name will live on in infamy as just another haughty bureaucrat who got too big for his boots.

Pride comes before a fall, arrogant public servants in this country quickly grow into tall poppies, ripe for a hard pruning



UNA Editor-in-Chief

One aspect defining 2017 for us is just how much closer we as a nation are to becoming China’s mangy farm animal. If Labor had the choice they would flick the United States away and beg China to become our new boss.

Australia has since federation more-or-less grovelled behind a superpower guardian, be it Britain, the United States, and now it seems China. This happens at the cost of our national sovereignty. We have witnessed just how badly both sides of politics descend into treachery as individual politicians profit from selling off our future to communist China. Labor’s Sam Dastyari had to pull the pin after it was revealed a Chinese company covered bills from his office. Then he warned Chinese “businessman” Huang Xiangmo about phone taps and that was all she wrote for the un-Australian little wingnut.

New Australians enjoying our new national flag

But Labor is chocka with them. The dust hadn’t settled on that incident when former NSW Premier and Bennelong candidate Kristina Kenneally came out batting for her oriental masters and claiming criticism of the communist state is “China phobia.” All of this in a year when — aside from buying political influence — China has made an alarming string of major acquisitions including Western Australia’s Merredin Airport where Aussie pilots now need permission from communist China to land in their own goddamned country. This pattern is being frighteningly echoed around Asia and indeed the rest of the world as China buys up key infrastructure and moves in their own people.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

However, this was also the year of jousts and villainy with both the left and right side of politics as true nationalists fought all comers to retain our corner. A third-rate troll by the name of Luke McMahon who styles himself as an intrepid troll hunter but is really a pimple scribbled a hit piece full of slanders against an Australian nationalist and UNA friend labelling him, “One of Australia’s Worst Trolls”.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

McMahon is the worst troll in the world (search Mark Watford on Facebook), but he is also a federal snitch, who tracks Nationalists, Patriots and others around the web and reports them to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He does this by, unsurprisingly enough, trolling. His calumnies, particularly those about UNA editor Chris Shortis, have been published by Fairfax, a company which uses its media clout as a political and ideological cudgel, indifferent to the Australian Journalists Code of Ethics or just basic principles of defamation. Fairfax knows that few have the dosh to sue them so they go right out and publish lies. They aim to hurt and causing pain makes them feel good.

In 2018, United Nationalists Australia will be revealing more about Luke McMahon and his activities but let’s just say him and his team are taken with a grain of salt especially by overseas law enforcement agencies. We warned McMahon and his gay mate Slackbastard that we will never let them go and we won’t. That is a promise we will keep. Their sort must be made an example of, just like we did with their pussy cohorts from Antifascist Action Sydney who closed their blog’s privacy settings to “private” after we pointed out that being exposed on there is actually good for a nationalist’s credibility. We doxed Daniel Trotter as its inept editor and no doubt he is consoling himself with a few tweeks of chibu and a bottle of cheap grog purloined from Liquorland.

Author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog Daniel Trotter looking every bit the privileged rich kid he reportedly is

However, if we doxed Danny then former Antifa rat-chewer Shayne Hunter dropped a bombshell by exposing the inner workings of Antifascist Action and labelling them as dangerous extremists. Shayne had a lot to say and even mentioned Slackbastard in a webcast interview with an American site characterising him essentially as a chicken hawk feeding off the young and getting others to do his dirty bidding.

Speaking of which, him and McMahon were almost certainly behind providing details of an Australian nationalist’s address to Dave Gullis, the CFMEU crackpot who attacked his home with a firehose just after nationalists commemorated the Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat. We exposed Delusional Dave no thanks to Mark Latham who won the UNA Golden Shlomo award for Fake Aussie Nationalism. He ignored our requests to help spread the word in the ‘Alt-Right’ community about this psychotic communist cosplayer. As Stan is poised to premier its spin-off series Romper Stomper on New Years’ Day and glorify the toerags of Antifa, the reality is reverse to all media portrayals. We will have more to say about this appalling production in the New Year.

Yet, all that aside, it was a year of cold reckoning when Chris Shortis and two others from the Bendigo Three were convicted of inciting serious contempt for a class of people over the beheading of a plastic dummy. The proper charge should have read ‘performing a controversial stunt without being members of The Chaser’. It was a political show trial that made no sense other than in the context of the State of Victoria and its overtly communist direction.

Chris Shortis, on the second hearing of the Bendigo Three trial

Under Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement, African crime is so rampant that in the midst of African crime fatigue, Victorians awoke in late December to hear Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald deny there was an African crime problem at all. Instead, she called it a “youth” issue. Shortly after another notable female police appointment, Victorian Police Commissioner Lisa Neville accused Australians (presumably Whites) of being the worst offenders out of everyone.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

On a positive note, we learned late this month that Neil Erikson was charged over a scuffle outside of homosexual and Negro fetishist Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposedly secret venue near a Melbourne housing project which is home to half of the Sudan and Somalia. Strictly speaking, the charges are bullshit, but for all the crap Neil Erikson has caused we could not bring ourselves to say a word in his defence. He is destined for a protective wing in a Melbourne prison. Let’s hope he goes to the general population.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding only rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

Others we hope either die of cancer, go to jail, or wind up being turned into ironing board covers are the filth from Peanuts for Freedom who surpassed themselves this year by engaging in a night of drunken harassment of former female members and others. The Peanuts, on tour in Lithgow for a failed rally, presumably high on pingas, grass and grog, made a series of demeaning and pornographic calls to former members and an associate of Kim Vuga. Police complaints were made and Kim Vuga issued a condemnation of Nick Folkes and his grubby party. The chief offenders were Nick, fat boy Tobes, and Penny “Pen-Pen” Tridgell.

Both Nick and Pen-Pen won Shlomo awards this year, but we ignored Tobes because he would probably have considered it good publicity. These fakers are not a joke though. Pen-Pen and Jamo joined Neil Erikson in Melbourne to support Avi Yemini, who we also had a bit to say about. Avi has positioned himself within the Cory Bernadi conservative milieu as a dinky-di Jewish Supremacist Aussie Patriot. He is hoping to take ground vacated by former United Patriots Front leaders and turn this whole thing into backing for Israel; which is pretty much what the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) tried to do. Avi’s Peanuts’ fans are, however, a confused bunch. See, they also tried to reinvent themselves as White Nationalists flying under Totenkopf placards at certain Sydney rallies.

What do you expect when they can’t even work out how to put on a T-shirt?

This was during their phase of aligning with Australia’s self-declared ‘Alt-Right’ who see basically anyone conservative as a legitimate support base. Without going into a whole thing, this is the sort of thinking that will have them inevitably redesigning themselves as Alt-Something-Else this time next year when it all goes down the trough at the local pisser like the failed Dingocon after Dr Jim Saleam penned his damning Rape House article, which highlighted the scammers still operating within the broad theatre of the Alt-Right.

Anyway, the New Year dawns, the old has passed. UNA will continue to provide its usual high standard of commentary on issues facing the nationalist community, and by rote, the nation itself. We will also continue to be monitored by insane Jews who make a point of noting anti-Semitic anything — even a kid’s shoddy carving of a swastika on a tree trunk. We got a few mentions in this year’s report on anti-Semitism by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. It would be a waste of time pointing out that we are anti-Zionist because to the Skypes that’s pretty much the same thing so we won’t waste our breath.

Until next year, which is tomorrow as this goes live, see yez and have a bonza WHITE New Year’s Eve!




In intelligence forwarded to UNA, two of the biggest jokes inhabiting the fringes of the Far-Right underground have stepped out as virulent anti-Semites.

In a now-removed post from the Peanuts’ salty Facebook group page, in which information about Antifa blog author Daniel Trotter is revealed, Penny Tridgell, the Ice-smoking party-slut and Avi Yemini supporter, and Toby Cook, the obese mixed-race White supremacist with delusions of relevance, make comments about an AFP member.

What we’re interested in here is not investigating the slur but rather examining the duplicity of those employing it — for in doing so, we expose much about a cancer that attaches itself to the Nationalist movement.

We were attempting to blog about an Antifa leader and this shit side-tracked us

The two we have named bring not wisdom or inspiration to our cause but in fact are an obstacle to those qualities. They are proof that in Civic Patriotism there are no minimum requirements and we hope new readers might grasp our message here. For by their own actions, and their own past, they reveal their unworthiness. So once again we must return to the instigator of the defamation and explain how he has done nothing but harm the movement.

See, back in 2014, the same member was targeted for the ‘J’ accusation by Mark McDonald, a New Zealander who has involved himself in Australian nationalism, while having an unverifiable past back in his own country.

As reported in great detail, the discredited McDonald worked with now-retired Liberal party shit-stirrer Howard Crawford — himself a rabid Zionist — to undermine legitimate nationalists in order to promote conservatism. McDonald served as his craven would-be Hitler Youth organiser, gathering gullible members for his infamous boy’s club, Squadron 88. In their entire existence, they managed to twice letterbox Eastern Suburbs streets with badly written anti-Semitic flyers indifferent to the fact that all along they were working with a practising Zionist.

What we’re interested in here is not investigating the slur but rather examining the duplicity of those employing it — for in doing so, we expose much about a cancer that attaches itself to the Nationalist movement.

McDonald fabricated the lie that this member is Jewish in an attempt to undermine the Australia First Party and its leader. There is a Facebook page he established as a sort of puny retort to our doxing of him for his crimes. During his fleeting career, he attempted a handful of abortive criminal conspiracies, one involving the targeting of Penrith councillors with violence. On another occasion, he tried to cajole a young Australian into firebombing a Newcastle mosque. How does any of this ‘further the cause’ and why aren’t more critical about pestilence of McDonald’s ilk?

Confused much, Pen-Pen? Here you are criticising the same individual because he allegedly “hates Jews”. Now you imply YOU hate Jews, but you’re defending one in this unsolicited PM that you did a chicken-run on

McDonald, whose air of mystery masks a true identity he goes to great lengths to conceal, had all along been in the orbit of Nick Folkes and his Zionist party, despite his posing as a staunch anti-Jew. Hypocrisy notwithstanding, his attacks on this nationalist reached Neil Erikson, who had never met, nor even interacted with the individual. The Erikson buffoon went on to make a video based on the lies which thus established the direct ties between him and the Folkes crew. This, in turn, was lapped up by Fairfax troll and stalker Luke McMahon who published the lies as though fact without The Age’s editor making any attempt at verifying his numerous falsifications.

Naming Nationalists as Jews is the oldest one in the book. If you haven’t been called a Jew, then you haven’t been upsetting the right people. It is also a pedantic reaction to any significant force one cannot overcome with their own insufficient skills.

Peanuts for Freedom are a refuge for crippled mentalities that cannot grasp Nationalism but oppose Islam.

When teenager Toby Cook turned up as Nick Folkes’ chubby offsider, older members cooled off from party activities. A veteran member revealed to UNA in an article published earlier this year how Nick’s behaviour degenerated in the company of ‘Tobes’ as the pair began dragging the already compromised Civic Patriot outfit down even further.

Peanuts for Freedom are a refuge for crippled mentalities that cannot grasp Nationalism but oppose Islam.

Boozing is such an issue within PfF that following a post-rally celebration one of its older female members fell between a train and the platform injuring her leg while pissed out of her already shrunken brain.

Meanwhile, Toby was infamously filmed by anarchists at a Darlinghurst nightclub in company with Tridgell. Both were high on “pingas” and Toby was so zonked the anarchists teased him with a performance using white gloves and trippy hand manoeuvres. He looked as if he was about to ejaculate. This proclivity of Toby’s to be attracted to men sparked rumours that he and Nick Folkes have been sustaining an unnatural relationship behind the back of Nick’s Japanese wife.

George is 40 something, and Pen-Pen is about 22. Oh, and they like to describe their back-door love routine

After a particularly heavy beer & bong session following a failed rally at Lithgow where McDonald was in attendance, Cook, Folkes and Tridgell proceeded to make infantile, and pornographic mobile calls to a number of women, including an associate of Kim Vuga. Kim issued a statement condemning Folkes and refuses to have anything more to do with him or his trashy party.

On that same night, Toby can be seen in a private image passed between members with his trousers down presenting his backside to a comatose Nick Folkes. This may also highlight a hypocrisy the PfF has over gay marriage.

download (1).jpg
Toby, the non-White Nationalist’s Nationalist presenting his love to an unconscious Nick. Ah, the love that might have been. This image was created and circulated among the permissive Peanuts’ set

The decline of PfF has been laid squarely at Toby’s feet by disgruntled members. Yet, Toby, who couldn’t make any inroads with the likes of the former UPF who regarded him as a homo, now styles himself on his new hero Mark McDonald.

On that same night, Toby can be seen in a private image passed between members with his trousers down presenting his backside to a comatose Nick Folkes. This may also highlight a hypocrisy the PfF has over gay marriage.

Tridgell, likewise, has added to the tramp flavour of the Peanuts. Dubbed ‘the queen of PfF’ Penny turned her back on her infant son and began a conjugal relationship with grease-ball George Jameson.

Pen-Pen and Jamo were so convinced others considered them a sexy couple that they shared details of their anal sex encounters on a private PfF chat. Clearly, George might want to fess up about his own love of Toby if he aims for the back and not the front.

Quality Nationalism with a slogan for a foreign election on the fat head of drunken idiot

Let us make it clear! If budding Nationalists do not have the refinement to discern this anorexic meth-whore and her blubbery eunuch compatriot from the real deal then they are incapable of figuring out even the basics.

At the last court session for the Bendigo Three, Pen-Pen and Jamo showed off their hippy love with Pens draping herself over Jamo’s seedy lap. This is not the most respectful behaviour inside a court, but then one look in Pen’s glazed eyes and you realise you’re dealing with an irredeemable drug casualty.

The word is that both have run off to put in their lot with Avi Yemini and Neil Erikson which makes Pen-Pen’s newfound anti-Jewishness intriguing given the substance of a private message sent to a true Nationalist — a message that she quickly made sure could not be responded to.

Tobes on Pingas at a fag club

Drug addicts, non-Whites, and women who reject their own child to lead a torrid affair with an oily sleazebag are not what Australian Nationalism is about. If you combined Pen-Pen and Toblerone’s IQ there wouldn’t be enough digits to form a zero. These two could not discuss any aspect of Australian Nationalist history.

They couldn’t name a single figure of importance or outline a basic tenet of Nationalism that wasn’t picked up off one of the drippy conservatives who’ve schooled them in a brand of Civics they misleadingly call Nationalism. Both are just dumb children out of their depth.

They try to justify their behaviour in that PM on the grounds we “dog patriots”. If we do, it’s because the Patriots in question are, like them, dogs to begin with. Moreover, since his arrival on the scene in 2008, Nick did nothing but attack the AFP and anyone who wouldn’t subscribe to his Zionist-Patriot formula so it’s a bit rich coming from a pair of Peanuts.

The reason we say all this is because times change, allegiances shift, and deadshits like Pen-Pen and the Boy Blubber are given an opportunity to reinvent themselves and beguile innocent newbies. Do not let it happen.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of true Australian Nationalists. We can now get on with outing Daniel Trotter.

Pen-Pen’s mature-aged lover waving the Israeli flag. What was that about ‘jewden rat’ (sic)?




Scenes from the revelry of the Yes camp this week uncomfortably revealed just how White it is.

For too long decadence has been sold as a virtue, thus the invidious message coming out of the Same Sex Marriage vote is that us Whites are the ones tearing down our own Christian values, and not some abhorrent foreign parasite. This cannot be ignored unless you buy into conspiracy theories, in which case, the vote was rigged.

We wouldn’t discount that possibility, but, truthfully, it’s unlikely. If you can read the writing on the wall then all signs point to the Yes vote being the overwhelming consensus of half of our fellow countrymen. Resisting this is undignified. Remember how the Alt-Right laughed at Hillary supporters demanding a recount after Donald Trump won the US Presidency? Well, that shoe is now on our foot.


The Queer lobby, in all its incessant variety: the freaks and transsexuals, the trans-genders, fags, dykes, AIDS fairies and all the derivatives of counter-heterosexuality no decent person would know of or comprehend, both they and their SJW champions are White. Post-vote analysis revealed how it was the heavy migrant safe Labor seats such as Blaxland in NSW and Calwell in Victoria that predominantly ticked the No box.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for those of us White Nationalists who’ve been pushing the concept of race realism. We must now soberly confront that reality — that our own race resoundingly rejects our message. It is non-Whites standing firmest for family values, modesty, and moral stability.

You will hear all the reasons why this is the case and the most likely will be that “it’s the Jews”. We know for sure the Jews will be delighting in our discomfort but to surrender our own culpability for the choices of our people — to suggest that we are so pliable that Jewish Supremacists can twist us up like origami figures as they please — is to belie our argument that we were ever a masterful race to begin with.

No, sadly, we did this on our own, and if we are honest about history, then this is just another chronological step towards the White liberal nirvana where we cease to exist just to be sporting to the ‘lesser races’ that outnumber us in the multiple digits. After all, it was Whites who abolished slavery; it was “cisgender” White males who recognised women’s rights and gave women the vote; it was Whites who enshrined ‘civil rights’ favouring alien peoples who are culturally erasing us from our own civilisations, inheritance, and birthright.

Whites are on a constant quest to emancipate one victim or another regardless of whether or not the object of our protection is actually in bondage. Moreover, these deeds pass without thanks, much less acknowledgement.

Given this evidence, it should be much easier to dispel the universal prejudice that insists we are a nation of bigots. It should be, but it won’t, for the same reason that the Yes vote got through — because the problem isn’t so much other races as it is our own. Yes, it is other Whites labelling us ‘a nation of bigots’, and censoring ourselves over imagined misdeeds to those poor races these self-appointed conscience-bearers among us hypocritically condescend to without even realising it. It is other Whites who foment the atmosphere wherein our status is reduced on dubious egalitarian grounds.

See, what we have here is a struggle within the White race itself; a fight for a dominant idea of what Whiteness means. For instance, it is no accident that Nationalists are White, but so is Antifa. Therefore, the war is not outward, but inward, and rather than sink into a negative pit of crippling despair over this rude truth we must make contingencies to readjust our strategy, revise our enemy, and prepare to fight our own kind. Whites are divided in two, and there is no amount of proselytizing that will win that lost half of our race back to us — it simply has to be dominated, or decimated.

If Whites are to survive we will have to turn against family, friends, and foe alike.  The Whites who want to live will have to “come with” the Terminator.




If Neil Erikson isn’t under strict orders to fuck over Australian Nationalism then we are the editorial team for the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

His latest caper involves him and an associate knucklehead in a Hi-Vis shirt confronting Labor senator Sam Dastyari at a Melbourne university bar. There, despite the little ‘daigou’ standing at the bar buying beers contradictory to strict Moslem religious observance (and the fact he is non-practising) they film themselves abusing him as a “terrorist” and telling him to go back to “Iran”. Erikson later claimed on FB that he was addressing concerns Dastyari holds “duel” citizenship. It is about as embarrassing a political attack as this big fruit has thus far managed and so far wide of the mark it keeps circumference with Erikson’s bloated waistline.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

If you plan to attack Dastyari it should be about his in flagrante delicto role in the selling off of Australia to China. But that’s not the point — Erikson is an arch-traitor to the White Nationalist movement yet the media now regards him as its stubbie-skolling ambassador, a situation that hasn’t come about by accident.

Many things have contributed to this beast’s destructive rampage not least the failure of prominent Nationalists to speak up against him despite the many lies, insults, and injuries he has knowingly inflicted on our cause.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

Erikson is aligned with Zionist Avi Yemini and has for a long time been in cahoots with Nick Folkes’s anti-Nationalist Peanuts for Freedom. A network of whispers has him linked to even more nefarious characters such as the fake news freelancer Luke McMahon and in all probability Liberal Party black ops coordinator Howard Crawford.

Back when he was cranking out defamatory videos on a Facebook page with fellow feral Shermon Burgess, one could discern the invisible trails of the lies he told from whom they originated. His and Burgess’s attacks were like a script and not one borne of spite or jealousy but a particular motive despite the pair being collectively too stupid to even have a motive beyond getting wasted.

Avi Yemini sends Erikson off for lox and bagels outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Strong suspicion arose with many——and it is a theory strengthened continually by everything this numpty does——that he was “turned” by the state following charges over his harassment of Rabbi Dovid Gutnick in 2014, an offence for which he mysteriously served no jail time. Then he totally went rogue.

The very Nationalists from whom Erikson sought advice prior to his inexplicably eventually landing himself a high-flying lawyer became the targets of his attack when he was denied a senior role in the equally disastrous United Patriots Front. In that case, such as he had similarly done with a Nationalist group beforehand, he used his administrator status on the UPF’s Facebook page to lock everyone out.

Erikson had been all along been soliciting advice from Nationalist sources which advised him not to go ahead with the Bendigo beheading stunt and if he did to not involve any of the UPF’s senior members or else legal hassles would follow. He ignored this warning and the rest is now legal history. At this point, when UPF’s leadership were distancing the group from the uncontrollable Erikson, he attempted to start a splinter project with among others Burgess and Ralph Cerminara. They intended to appropriate the Identitarian Movement from the French despite all being non-Nationalists. This was a deliberate provocation but when Australian WNs contacted France he shelved the idea.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

Thereafter he reinvented his vehicles but never himself, teaming up with Sherm the Germ, and most recently provoking the Nationalist movement in Australia by appropriating the name ‘Nationalist Uprising’ while promoting Zionism.

Ah yes, the Zionism. In his many guises after UPF Erikson went on a ferocious dox against his former comrades, turning out secret video footage of Blair Cottrell and others, and denouncing all as ‘Nazis’. He made a point of claiming to have been a member of Blood & Honour and Nationalist Alternative and expressing redemption for his misguided and misspent skinhead past. In fact, Neil was largely responsible for bringing ‘Nazis’ to the rallies that he was later beseeching be cleansed of goose-steppers.

By this stage, the lies were flying from his bearded lips like shit squirting from the arse of a goose. A 2016 video is like a Best Hits of Neil Erikson lies. It includes:

  • He was a member of Nationalist Alternative
  • He was a member of Australia First Party
  • That Sammy Binz and/or an AFP member sent pictures of a “dead baby” to him over Facebook
  • That an AFP member who he’d never met, talked to, laid eyes on or been involved in any sort of social media interaction with is Jewish
  • That a certain person known only for his quality of character was guilty of a carnal indiscretion over social media
  • That he is a Nationalist

This is apart from the 6000 terabytes of lies told in videos and on FB posts stored away in which his bullshit is plentiful enough to outnumber the individual grains of sand on every beach in Australia.

Leaping to the present, and Neil’s ‘Patriot Blue’ incarnation, which he nicked from a forthcoming Net series based on the movie Romper Stomper due to appear on the Stan streaming service — We say, given his proclamation that “you cannot be a Nationalist WITHOUT supporting Israel”, they should rename their Facebook group, Patriot Jew.

Australian Nationalism needs more dumb cunts in High-Vis shirts who’re prepared to follow Neil Erikson around

But you have to ask yourself, who benefits from all of this? Erikson is not running a political party, nor could he be given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. Is he hoping to start a mass movement? Not likely given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. And how did he just happen to be in that particular bar when last time we checked he’d moved his suffering missus and sprog to the Apple Isle? It’s as though someone wanted him there.

Again, who benefits? When you join all the dots on Erikson’s Conservative Reactionary associates then the picture begins to at least make a little more sense.

Erikson is a useful idiot with handlers and he is doing what he is told. His mission, at the end of the day, is to achieve certain ends for his shrouded Conservative connections while bringing Nationalism into disrepute.

Finally, it has to be accepted that Erikson came out of the unmitigated disaster of the Reclaim Australia movement. In fact, just about every ‘personality’ that emerged from that cluster fuck has somehow damaged Nationalism and generated factionalism, elite groups, and coteries that spring up and disappear just as quickly. True politics, true Australian Nationalist tradition and spirit are derided as quaint and irrelevant in this single-minded stampede for the ‘next’ big possibility.

There is too much changing, too much repackaging, too much mainstreaming and too little resolve.

All of Neil Erikson’s best ideas come out of a VB bottle 




We have stretched definitions here, since the subjects of today’s chat we do not regard as bona fide Nationalists. Nevertheless, they are considered to be so by outsiders and the clueless.

Worse yet, recognised Nationalists are now fawning over one or more of their ‘heroes’ and it is as much a betrayal of Nationalist precepts as the actual duplicities by those we indirectly refer to.

True Nationalism has as its most unwavering principles the cessation of immigration to this country, the abolition of multiculturalism, and the recognition of White Australians as the only Australians. Aboriginals are Aboriginals, and Australians are White Europeans. We aim for a mono-racial, Protective, mono-cultural state. The wisdom is manifold when the corrosiveness of pluralism is understood socially, economically, and psychologically.

Many years back, a group around a twerp called Darrin Hodges began spruiking the fool’s gold of mainstreaming. This has as its primary tenet something roughly along the lines that ‘the masses’ will be turned off by the racialism of White Nationalism. Rather than ever dare mention Israel, or god forbid the Zionists, the mainstream party actually becomes inclusive on a multiracial basis of anyone opposed to Islam. Thus was coined the expression ‘Diversity minus Islam’ and subsequently Zionists became fervent proponents.

What would, by all other measures, be a simpatico parallel movement to Nationalism, in fact, began to see Nationalists as enemies. No longer satisfied with carving out turf for its own manoeuvres, it came to desire the destruction of Nationalism as inherently counter its nebulous aims. Suddenly, this unwanted bastard child of Nationalism is worried about how Nationalism affects IT as if the hammer came before the stone.

Mainstreaming, of course, by its own rules, became occupied by the very mainstream it hoped to influence. Rather, the mainstream influences it and not the other way round. To that end, political interests of the “right” found it a useful vehicle.

This idea of ‘mainstreaming’ is something that subsequent groups that sprung out of Reclaim Australia embraced as infallible wisdom and who, today, their principle players are far from having renounced. Any Nationalism on their part is “assumed” as if it is a tacit secret between them and their ‘fans’.

There, we said it, ‘fans’. Because the colourful heroes sucking up all the follows on Twitter, and all the ‘likes’ on Facebook do not have serious political adherents, they have ‘fans’. They are admired for some aspect other than their politics since none of them has ever definitively stated their true Political orientation, their aims, or expressed sincere beliefs.

They have ‘winked’ at certain issues while becoming mawkish about them whenever they sensed the kind of negative publicity that might compromise their mainstream standing.

Likewise, a study of their personality type tends to reveal a character with a desire for adoration and popularity. The cause becomes the vehicle with which to drive them to their desired destination of popularity, recognition, and ultimately ‘fame’. Time and time again a misdirected desire for sub-tier fame has created and burnt out identities on the Patriot side. It has generated more hubris than a meeting of oil barons.

And there, beaut reader is the reason that we see so many woeful, embarrassing wet farts like Zionist Avi Yemini’s great Patriot rally in Melbourne: it is because their followers are fans and not serious activists.

Again, it is a shame Nationalists who should know better are smitten with these fleeting idols like gushing teenyboppers. The real Nationalism is THAT WAY, folks, and we don’t require an X-Factor to pass along the simple message that unless you stand up, you … are … doomed.

Hodges and other Ziobots defend Jews
The original mainstreamers Nick Folkes and Darrin Hodges protest in support of a Jewish Chocolate Store targeted by anti-Zionists