Scenes from the revelry of the Yes camp this week uncomfortably revealed just how White it is.

For too long decadence has been sold as a virtue, thus the invidious message coming out of the Same Sex Marriage vote is that us Whites are the ones tearing down our own Christian values, and not some abhorrent foreign parasite. This cannot be ignored unless you buy into conspiracy theories, in which case, the vote was rigged.

We wouldn’t discount that possibility, but, truthfully, it’s unlikely. If you can read the writing on the wall then all signs point to the Yes vote being the overwhelming consensus of half of our fellow countrymen. Resisting this is undignified. Remember how the Alt-Right laughed at Hillary supporters demanding a recount after Donald Trump won the US Presidency? Well, that shoe is now on our foot.


The Queer lobby, in all its incessant variety: the freaks and transsexuals, the trans-genders, fags, dykes, AIDS fairies and all the derivatives of counter-heterosexuality no decent person would know of or comprehend, both they and their SJW champions are White. Post-vote analysis revealed how it was the heavy migrant safe Labor seats such as Blaxland in NSW and Calwell in Victoria that predominantly ticked the No box.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for those of us White Nationalists who’ve been pushing the concept of race realism. We must now soberly confront that reality — that our own race resoundingly rejects our message. It is non-Whites standing firmest for family values, modesty, and moral stability.

You will hear all the reasons why this is the case and the most likely will be that “it’s the Jews”. We know for sure the Jews will be delighting in our discomfort but to surrender our own culpability for the choices of our people — to suggest that we are so pliable that Jewish Supremacists can twist us up like origami figures as they please — is to belie our argument that we were ever a masterful race to begin with.

No, sadly, we did this on our own, and if we are honest about history, then this is just another chronological step towards the White liberal nirvana where we cease to exist just to be sporting to the ‘lesser races’ that outnumber us in the multiple digits. After all, it was Whites who abolished slavery; it was “cisgender” White males who recognised women’s rights and gave women the vote; it was Whites who enshrined ‘civil rights’ favouring alien peoples who are culturally erasing us from our own civilisations, inheritance, and birthright.

Whites are on a constant quest to emancipate one victim or another regardless of whether or not the object of our protection is actually in bondage. Moreover, these deeds pass without thanks, much less acknowledgement.

Given this evidence, it should be much easier to dispel the universal prejudice that insists we are a nation of bigots. It should be, but it won’t, for the same reason that the Yes vote got through — because the problem isn’t so much other races as it is our own. Yes, it is other Whites labelling us ‘a nation of bigots’, and censoring ourselves over imagined misdeeds to those poor races these self-appointed conscience-bearers among us hypocritically condescend to without even realising it. It is other Whites who foment the atmosphere wherein our status is reduced on dubious egalitarian grounds.

See, what we have here is a struggle within the White race itself; a fight for a dominant idea of what Whiteness means. For instance, it is no accident that Nationalists are White, but so is Antifa. Therefore, the war is not outward, but inward, and rather than sink into a negative pit of crippling despair over this rude truth we must make contingencies to readjust our strategy, revise our enemy, and prepare to fight our own kind. Whites are divided in two, and there is no amount of proselytizing that will win that lost half of our race back to us — it simply has to be dominated, or decimated.

If Whites are to survive we will have to turn against family, friends, and foe alike.  The Whites who want to live will have to “come with” the Terminator.





If Neil Erikson isn’t under strict orders to fuck over Australian Nationalism then we are the editorial team for the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

His latest caper involves him and an associate knucklehead in a Hi-Vis shirt confronting Labor senator Sam Dastyari at a Melbourne university bar. There, despite the little ‘daigou’ standing at the bar buying beers contradictory to strict Moslem religious observance (and the fact he is non-practising) they film themselves abusing him as a “terrorist” and telling him to go back to “Iran”. Erikson later claimed on FB that he was addressing concerns Dastyari holds “duel” citizenship. It is about as embarrassing a political attack as this big fruit has thus far managed and so far wide of the mark it keeps circumference with Erikson’s bloated waistline.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

If you plan to attack Dastyari it should be about his in flagrante delicto role in the selling off of Australia to China. But that’s not the point — Erikson is an arch-traitor to the White Nationalist movement yet the media now regards him as its stubbie-skolling ambassador, a situation that hasn’t come about by accident.

Many things have contributed to this beast’s destructive rampage not least the failure of prominent Nationalists to speak up against him despite the many lies, insults, and injuries he has knowingly inflicted on our cause.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

Erikson is aligned with Zionist Avi Yemini and has for a long time been in cahoots with Nick Folkes’s anti-Nationalist Peanuts for Freedom. A network of whispers has him even linked to even more nefarious characters such as the fake news freelancer Luke McMahon and in all probability Liberal Party black ops coordinator Howard Crawford.

Back when he was cranking out defamatory videos on a Facebook page with fellow feral Shermon Burgess, one could discern the invisible trails of the lies he told from whom they originated. His and Burgess’s attacks were like a script and not one borne of spite or jealousy but a particular motive despite the pair being collectively too stupid to even have a motive beyond getting wasted.

Avi Yemini sends Erikson off for lox and bagels outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Strong suspicion arose with many——and it is a theory strengthened continually by everything this numpty does——that he was “turned” by the state following charges over his harassment of Rabbi Dovid Gutnick in 2014, an offence for which he mysteriously served no jail time. Then he totally went rogue.

The very Nationalists from whom Erikson sought advice prior to his inexplicably eventually landing himself a high-flying lawyer became the targets of his attack when he was denied a senior role in the equally disastrous United Patriots Front. In that case, such as he had similarly done with a Nationalist group beforehand, he used his administrator status on the UPF’s Facebook page to lock everyone out.

Erikson had been all along been soliciting advice from Nationalist sources which advised him not to go ahead with the Bendigo beheading stunt and if he did to not involve any of the UPF’s senior members or else legal hassles would follow. He ignored this warning and the rest is now legal history. At this point, when UPF’s leadership were distancing the group from the uncontrollable Erikson, he attempted to start a splinter project with among others Burgess and Ralph Cerminara. They intended to appropriate the Identitarian Movement from the French despite all being non-Nationalists. This was a deliberate provocation but when Australian WNs contacted France he shelved the idea.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

Thereafter he reinvented his vehicles but never himself, teaming up with Sherm the Germ, and most recently provoking the Nationalist movement in Australia by appropriating the name ‘Nationalist Uprising’ while promoting Zionism.

Ah yes, the Zionism. In his many guises after UPF Erikson went on a ferocious dox against his former comrades, turning out secret video footage of Blair Cottrell and others, and denouncing all as ‘Nazis’. He made a point of claiming to have been a member of Blood & Honour and Nationalist Alternative and expressing redemption for his misguided and misspent skinhead past. In fact, Neil was largely responsible for bringing ‘Nazis’ to the rallies that he was later beseeching be cleansed of goose-steppers.

By this stage, the lies were flying from his bearded lips like shit squirting from the arse of a goose. A 2016 video is like a Best Hits of Neil Erikson lies. It includes:

  • He was a member of Nationalist Alternative
  • He was a member of Australia First Party
  • That Sammy Binz and/or an AFP member sent pictures of a “dead baby” to him over Facebook
  • That an AFP member who he’d never met, talked to, laid eyes on or been involved in any sort of social media interaction with is Jewish
  • That a certain person known only for his quality of character was guilty of a carnal indiscretion over social media
  • That he is a Nationalist

This is apart from the 6000 terabytes of lies told in videos and on FB posts stored away in which his bullshit is plentiful enough to outnumber the individual grains of sand on every beach in Australia.

Leaping to the present, and Neil’s ‘Patriot Blue’ incarnation, which he nicked from a forthcoming Net series based on the movie Romper Stomper due to appear on the Stan streaming service — We say, given his proclamation that “you cannot be a Nationalist WITHOUT supporting Israel”, they should rename their Facebook group, Patriot Jew.

Australian Nationalism needs more dumb cunts in High-Vis shirts who’re prepared to follow Neil Erikson around

But you have to ask yourself, who benefits from all of this? Erikson is not running a political party, nor could he be given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. Is he hoping to start a mass movement? Not likely given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. And how did he just happen to be in that particular bar when last time we checked he’d moved his suffering missus and sprog to the Apple Isle? It’s as though someone wanted him there.

Again, who benefits? When you join all the dots on Erikson’s Conservative Reactionary associates then the picture begins to at least make a little more sense.

Erikson is a useful idiot with handlers and he is doing what he is told. His mission, at the end of the day, is to achieve certain ends for his shrouded Conservative connections while bringing Nationalism into disrepute.

Finally, it has to be accepted that Erikson came out of the unmitigated disaster of the Reclaim Australia movement. In fact, just about every ‘personality’ that emerged from that cluster fuck has somehow damaged Nationalism and generated factionalism, elite groups, and coteries that spring up and disappear just as quickly. True politics, true Australian Nationalist tradition and spirit are derided as quaint and irrelevant in this single-minded stampede for the ‘next’ big possibility.

There is too much changing, too much repackaging, too much mainstreaming and too little resolve.

All of Neil Erikson’s best ideas come out of a VB bottle 




We have stretched definitions here, since the subjects of today’s chat we do not regard as bona fide Nationalists. Nevertheless, they are considered to be so by outsiders and the clueless.

Worse yet, recognised Nationalists are now fawning over one or more of their ‘heroes’ and it is as much a betrayal of Nationalist precepts as the actual duplicities by those we indirectly refer to.

True Nationalism has as its most unwavering principles the cessation of immigration to this country, the abolition of multiculturalism, and the recognition of White Australians as the only Australians. Aboriginals are Aboriginals, and Australians are White Europeans. We aim for a mono-racial, Protective, mono-cultural state. The wisdom is manifold when the corrosiveness of pluralism is understood socially, economically, and psychologically.

Many years back, a group around a twerp called Darrin Hodges began spruiking the fool’s gold of mainstreaming. This has as its primary tenet something roughly along the lines that ‘the masses’ will be turned off by the racialism of White Nationalism. Rather than ever dare mention Israel, or god forbid the Zionists, the mainstream party actually becomes inclusive on a multiracial basis of anyone opposed to Islam. Thus was coined the expression ‘Diversity minus Islam’ and subsequently Zionists became fervent proponents.

What would, by all other measures, be a simpatico parallel movement to Nationalism, in fact, began to see Nationalists as enemies. No longer satisfied with carving out turf for its own manoeuvres, it came to desire the destruction of Nationalism as inherently counter its nebulous aims. Suddenly, this unwanted bastard child of Nationalism is worried about how Nationalism affects IT as if the hammer came before the stone.

Mainstreaming, of course, by its own rules, became occupied by the very mainstream it hoped to influence. Rather, the mainstream influences it and not the other way round. To that end, political interests of the “right” found it a useful vehicle.

This idea of ‘mainstreaming’ is something that subsequent groups that sprung out of Reclaim Australia embraced as infallible wisdom and who, today, their principle players are far from having renounced. Any Nationalism on their part is “assumed” as if it is a tacit secret between them and their ‘fans’.

There, we said it, ‘fans’. Because the colourful heroes sucking up all the follows on Twitter, and all the ‘likes’ on Facebook do not have serious political adherents, they have ‘fans’. They are admired for some aspect other than their politics since none of them has ever definitively stated their true Political orientation, their aims, or expressed sincere beliefs.

They have ‘winked’ at certain issues while becoming mawkish about them whenever they sensed the kind of negative publicity that might compromise their mainstream standing.

Likewise, a study of their personality type tends to reveal a character with a desire for adoration and popularity. The cause becomes the vehicle with which to drive them to their desired destination of popularity, recognition, and ultimately ‘fame’. Time and time again a misdirected desire for sub-tier fame has created and burnt out identities on the Patriot side. It has generated more hubris than a meeting of oil barons.

And there, beaut reader is the reason that we see so many woeful, embarrassing wet farts like Zionist Avi Yemini’s great Patriot rally in Melbourne: it is because their followers are fans and not serious activists.

Again, it is a shame Nationalists who should know better are smitten with these fleeting idols like gushing teenyboppers. The real Nationalism is THAT WAY, folks, and we don’t require an X-Factor to pass along the simple message that unless you stand up, you … are … doomed.

Hodges and other Ziobots defend Jews
The original mainstreamers Nick Folkes and Darrin Hodges protest in support of a Jewish Chocolate Store targeted by anti-Zionists




The background

When one of our staff messaged Zionist Avi Yemini by Facebook to substantiate any involvement with fringe political crook Nick Folkes we knew it was a roll of the dice as to whether or not he would respond, and if he did, would he be straight with us?

Nationalists had detected links between Folkes’s Party for Freedom and Yemini. There has been no proof to date that he and Folkes have any direct involvement together, yet members of his unregistered micro party certainly have, so the prospect existed.

However, as unsurprising as all this is, it actually warrants a good explanation, given its maze of ethical contradictions. For instance, UNA has learned that the former leader of Squadron 88, who goes by the possible alias Mark McDonald (we say alias because not even those in his inner circle really know anything about him), is now operating as PfF’s “security”. Once again, Matey Mate is recruiting for another suspect gang.

McDonald went hell for leather when he mysteriously appeared everywhere on the scene at once in 2013. Like a character from a spy novel, he materialised out of thin air, suddenly contacting anyone of note in the nationalist movement. How he came to make such varied connections is itself a mystery given the boy was a total greenhorn. Nevertheless, in no time he would bring ignominy down upon the Nationalist community while arrogantly dismissing every veteran around him. Just like Folkes, he became the latest in a historical chain of provocateurs, creating only discord for our nationalism.

When one of our staff messaged Zionist Avi Yemini by Facebook to substantiate any involvement with fringe political crook Nick Folkes we knew it was a roll of the dice as to whether or not he would respond, and if he did, would he be straight with us?

Matey Mate and his misfits were responsible for letterboxing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs in September 2014 with badly written anti-Semitic flyers. The area has a high concentration of Jews. The purpose of the stunt was to gain notoriety for their group on the back of a recent incident of anti-Semitism that made the news. A gang of drunken teenagers (it has been suggested of Middle Eastern heritage) had boarded a bus bound for Bondi Junction and then allegedly threatened Jewish children as young as five. This generated community outrage and McDonald, who was enlisting for S88 via Stormfront Down Under, had the bright spark to cash in on it.

Interesting was, at the time, McDonald and his crew were in contact with one Howard Crawford, a Liberal party operative and, ironically, a staunch Zionist. Crawford was also involved with Folkes, and a peculiar alliance began. It was especially strange since S88 was primarily anti-Jew. McDonald lived in a dilapidated house belonging to a member of PfF. McDonald hosted many meetings at that house. Crawford was a regular visitor who occasionally brought gifts of beer and pizza.

The thing is, no matter how much it tries to piggyback on prevailing trends like the recent ‘edgy’ Alt-Right phenomenon, PfF is both a kosher patriot set and spoiler outfit. Radka Smith, who is the party’s second-in-charge, is Jewish. James Sternhell, who is not a PfF member but still supports PfF is as Jewish as a lox bagel. Thereafter, PfF was created specifically as an anti-Islam party. Folkes’s endorsement of Israel dates back to the days of when he and Darrin Hodges protested in defence of Max Brenner chocolates, a Jewish chain store targeted by left-wing pro-Palestinian groups.

George Jameson (L), Radka Smith (C), and some git (R). Back in 2014, Radka was abused for being a Jew by Mark McDonald who is now the Peanuts’ security. Is he another repentant Neil Erikson?

What then would supposedly fanatical neo-Nazis want with this mob? Putting aside Crawford and his Patriot Games, the question is as relevant as ever, since McDonald is back following an extended hiatus.

The Petersham-based McDonald was present earlier this year when the Peanuts hijacked a Penrith anti-mosque demonstration at Penrith. He also travelled to Lithgow for a failed demonstration against a proposed Moslem centre. He put in a furtive appearance at Newtown when Antifa failed to face down Nick and the Peanuts. Most recently, he marched with the Peanuts in Sydney, rallying around the statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park. In one pic, he can be seen with his young recruits standing behind Jewish Jimmy Sternhell who is carrying a flagstaff. This did not seem to bother the supposedly virulent anti-Semite.

Mark “Matey Mate” McDonald, the virulent anti-Semite standing behind James Sternhell (holding flag), who is very much a Semite. Contradictions? Nah…

What then would supposedly fanatical neo-Nazis want with this mob? Putting aside Crawford and his Patriot Games, the question is as relevant as ever, since McDonald is back following an extended hiatus.

Also at that rally was George Jameson who is of Serbian heritage. Seldom has a Patriot rally gone down when George wasn’t there. Wherever action is, Jameson is sure to be on hand. He waved the Israeli flag in the infamous image taken at the 2014 Penrith anti-mosque rally. His unremarkable Malteser head is everywhere if you browse through snaps from rallies past. Yet, despite his ubiquitousness, he remains a curious, marginal figure.

Georgie Boy Jameson intensifying his shilling for Israel

Jameson has been allied to rat Neil Erikson and attended each court date of The Bendigo Three, Erikson’s sole ally. Erikson has a history of involving himself in Folkes’s murky business. For a time there, Folkes’s enemies were Erikson’s enemies. Folkes’s lies became Erikson’s lies, and nobody tells pork pies quite as easily and unashamedly as Erikson. Erikson has lied so long and so often that to him truth is whatever pops into his mouth. Outside the trial, many nationalists reported Jameson was spotted with his skank Penny Tridgell in close consultation with Yemini. The three sure seemed thick as thieves. So when an emergent Zionist Patriot hero like Avi Yemini links up with associates of a freshly Nazified Nick Folkes you naturally ask, “What’s all this then?”

Similarly, when you hear from very reliable sources that the kid who modelled himself on Romper Stomper’s Hando, now aligned with Folkes, is attending Krav Maga classes in Bondi, a hand-to-hand combat system developed by the Israeli Defence Force, and of which Avi Yemini is a well-known exponent and entrepreneur then you sense the plot thickening.

Then, if you’re anything like our UNA staff, you fire off a private message to Yemini himself and ask him some rather blunt questions about his relationship with these characters. After all, true nationalism must be protected at all costs.

The Daily Mail and the “mocking” Jew

Just about every conspiracy theory regarding the Jews and their command of the mainstream media came true this week when our UNA staffer hit the send button on a series of private messages to Yemini.

That which started out as a fishing expedition for a quote regarding Yemini and Folkes wound up as a fake news story in the egregious Daily Mail. What was truly ridiculous was the angle given the story.

See, initially, our staffer asked Yemini about his involvement with Folkes. Yemini actually responded, much to his surprise. He told our chap that he had no involvement with Folkes. Our staffer then mentioned Jameson and asked about their tête-à-tête. Yemini, whose gift for champagne comedy rivals the greatest comedians who ever cracked a jape, responded with, “No. We’re in a gay relationship. He’s my sugar daddy.”

At this point, our staffer required emergency surgery so that his split sides could be sewn back together. Recoiling from the greatest rejoinder ever, the exchange eventually degenerated until it culminated with our scribe suggesting Avi tests out his “bullshit Jew martial art” in a “cage fight” with an “Aryan”. This wasn’t serious, although, frankly, it would be well worth the ticket price. As he put it to us, “I was dealing with an obtuse pillock whose schoolyard comebacks were deeply irritating and that’s what he got. Plus, I had several glasses of wine.”

So, imagine all of our surprises when we clicked on the Daily Mail and discovered this abortive exchange was deemed to be a news story in which a “neo-Nazi thug” was “mocked” by the hero Jew Patriot. In essence, the might of the mainstream media just did Avi’s fighting for him, and you have to interrogate that.

That which started out as a fishing expedition for a quote regarding Yemini and Folkes wound up as a fake news story in the egregious Daily Mail. What was truly ridiculous was the angle given the story.

This epochal put-down of his was not a genuine riposte since our writer never actually zinged him, to begin with. He only asked about a meeting witnessed between Avi and the Serb. When it came to print, however, that crucial point of the whole story was reduced to what is known in the trade as “bullshit”. It was inferred that he just happened by chance to be sitting next to “another” random “extreme right activist” in “the public gallery”, who was not mentioned by name. In fact, the meeting did not occur in the public gallery. After all of this, Yemini is still evading the question.

Then we had to field another problem, “How does a private message exchange from Facebook even end up with a journalist?”

A fully wakkas Aussie boy from Avi’s IDF school shows his Aussie Pride

There are two possibilities here: Yemini, being so proud of his fatuous response published it on his Facebook page and it was randomly spotted by a Daily Mail hack, or else Yemini has a hotline to the hacks and reported it promptly desiring either publicity or payback. Either is just as likely to be true. The disturbing thing is Yemini seems to be so regularly in the news.

As we ruminate about this mysterious Zionist’s power to command media, we will revisit our previous question about how this happened in the first place. This is where we took a look at the “journalist” involved and what did we discover? We found that Stephen Johnson is not one of your typical left-wing liberal ABC MEAA mafias, but is himself a civic patriot. This is interesting.

We checked out Johnson’s Twitter account since he had closed-settings on his Facebook page and we found a veritable who’s who of civic patriots and groups. By all accounts, this witless drab is a supporter of Avi Yemini and either is in contact with him regularly or makes a point of checking Avi’s FB page.

Then we had to field another problem, “How does a private message exchange from Facebook even end up with a journalist?”

So we have an ultra-orthodox Jew, or at least one with strong Zionist loyalties who has snagged for himself the leadership role in the yawning vacuum of the Reclaim Australia movement, consorting with a close comrade of Nick Folkes. When asked about this he whistled a sardonic tune to drown out the question and two days later is artificially declared the victor of a non-existent battle of wits by the DM, which is championing one who is making his bones as an anti, anti-racist activist. Confused?

It gets even more baffling since we got to this place in the first instance trying to figure out why this poster boy for Mossad is dealing with civics that deal with Nazis who deal with Jews.

Oh, and in its fake news article, it is worth noting that Johnson described Yemini as a “Jewish activist”. Bear this in mind because the distinction is of the utmost significance in its inadvertent resonance of truth.

The Mossad Patriot

The thing to do at a time like this is to stop, take a deep breath, and find out who the fuck Avi Yemini really is. What does a Jew think he’s doing styling himself as a dinky-di Aussie Patriot for Zionist Israel? Why do idiots buy into it in their tens of thousands on his tacky Facebook page? We can at least answer some of these questions.

As UNA types this screed, Yemini is preparing for a rally at Melbourne’s state parliament this Sunday to push his “Patriot” credentials on the broad basis of protesting a crime wave which he holds Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews responsible for. The platform is nebulous enough to satisfy all the requirements of the mainstreaming which the RA movement is infamous for. However, we think he hasn’t got the nuts to say what he really means, which is an AFRICAN crime wave. But there, we said it for him.

There is indeed a problem with Africans in Melbourne and it’s ironic that a Jewish fundamentalist has an issue with it since back in Israel they wanted to deal with their African problem by sending all of them here. But hey, where Jews are concerned, contradictions line the road like cryptic signposts.

Countering this nebulous show of civic dissatisfaction will be Antifa and a bunch of far left-wing groups who according to The Australian want to exert a show of strength against “the homophobic far-right”, which would suggest that some, or probably all of the parties involved, seriously have their issues mixed up.

But how could they make so angry when the chief organiser on the right side of the fence is a JEW? Haven’t they heard about the fourteen billion who were gassed and turned into ironing board covers and pillowcases during the thirty years of The Holocaust™?! Shouldn’t they be defending Avi, who, as persecuted minorities go in the game of victimhood, sits at the top of that particular food chain?

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

This is the price a patriot, and self-touted possible future candidate for One Nation must pay if he is going to do stuff. But what stuff is Avi going to do? Avi aims to reclaim Australia for Israel while reclaiming the Patriot movement from Blair Cottrell, who is a Nazi after all. If it’s to be a truly Australian movement then it must accept Jews. There should be nothing confusing about that since as brilliant nationalist theorist Neil Erikson pointed out when he told The Australian, “You cannot be a nationalist and NOT support Israel”.

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

The easiest way to make Australia safe is to cut all ties with Israel and its bitch the UN, and send home all of its troublemakers

It’s pretty cool when, unlike an actual Australian, you inherit two identities. An Australian is just a, well, Australian, and we’re not even that because we’re mere boat people and anyone can be Australian. Only Aboriginals can truly be ridgy-didge Australians; even if White Europeans actually built this country. But an ISRAELI-AUSTRALIAN, well, he or she can enjoy the best of both worlds; shooting Palestinian kids one week, and bathing on iconic Bondi Beach the next. In fact, murdering Palestinians is as Australian as chucking a snag on the barbie or slicing a baby’s penis while a room full of kvetching Skypes nibbles a catered lunch.

Aussie Avi is so hell-bent on restoring this country to a pre-Whitlam Xanadu that he is doling out free stickers with “Make Australia Safe Again” on them. This must mean he is sincere!

Trouble is Australia will never be safe so long as these tribal Jews have any involvement in our country since they’re the most vociferous proponents of filling it with hostile aliens and then enacting laws so that we cannot speak out against them.

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

It is thanks to our “special relationship” with Israel that “international obligations” compel us to accept quota after quota of the refugees generated from pushing Israel’s agenda in the Middle East, so some, we’re not saying all, but some cynical souls just might want to tell Avi to fuck right off back to the red sea and drown.

So is Avi the darling of all media? Does the Jewish community, in general, regard him as an unsung hero for his tireless work promoting both himself and his homeland of Israel… erm, we mean, Australia?

Oddly enough, it depends on the ideological soundness of the publication, but we’ve discovered that Australian Jewish News isn’t terribly impressed with Avi’s dalliances with One Nation and ex-boot boy dickheads like Neil Erikson. In fact, they cannot get past the Erikson thing at all. This is a trend repeated by Jewish journalists in The New Matilda (no surprises there) and The Guardian. However, The Times of Israel, a neoconservative rag, allowed him a whole blog to gush about “Why I’m proud to be a fucking Jew”.

Avi never joined the Australian Defence Force. But instead, he went back to Israel to shoot Palestinian children

Nevertheless, when his first bold dash to seize patriot ground was attempted back in December last year after he invited One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to address a meeting in a hall booked from Glen Eyrie Council matters came unstuck after the council cancelled the booking. But worse, the Jewish community was unified in their opposition to the meeting. Yemini responded by branding the council “anti-Semitic”.

Currently, Avi had his name and photo removed from the webpage of the Australian Jewish Association (AJA). The AJA was cobbled together only recently and Avi’s role in it is vague to those outside of its circles. For their part they claim, “Mr Yemini was never a director, office-bearer or spokesman for AJA.”

So is Avi the darling of all media? Does the Jewish community, in general, regard him as an unsung hero for his tireless work promoting both himself and his homeland of Israel… erm, we mean, Australia?

Yemini spat the dummy, accusing the fledgeling association of “cowardice” and adding, “I am resigning the board as I have lost faith in it.” Then he took credit for the whole idea, grizzling, and “I do it with a heavy heart as I do believe in the mission statement. In fact, the entire organisation was my idea.”

The first order of business at the AJA’s very recent launch at South Caulfield Synagogue was to discuss “The Threat of Islam to Jews”. This was after another, more nervous venue cancelled, for fears of a terror attack. It wasn’t ‘the threat of Islam to Australians’ but to “Jews”.

Avi’s objectives couldn’t be clearer — to garner support for his true homeland — and those who are fool enough to revere this foreign agent as being somehow emblematic of “Aussie pride” just reveal their ignorance. They are also hopelessly doomed to being fodder for the system.

Once again, Avi showing his pride in another Nation, this time America’s (then soon-to-be) President

On another occasion, ever sensitive to Israel’s interests, Avi took offence at the ABC broadcasting a graphic in which Israel appeared to Yemini to have been blacked over on the map and captioned as being ‘Palestine’ in a news item. Posting once more on his Facebook page gained him media coverage after he feverishly wrote, “Last night ABC News wiped Israel off their map. They’re literally doing the Islamists’ dirty work for them. We must defund these traitors immediately.”

If it isn’t patently obvious by now that Yemini is a full-time shill for Israel then consider that through his “IDF Training” gym in Melbourne the former Israeli soldier has trained members to fight in Israel — that means to kill Palestinians. There is even an online application to join the Israeli Army on his IDF Training webpage! Ignoring the narrative of the occupiers,  Palestinian people’s land is being occupied by an aggressor comparable to the Nazis of Jewish Hollywood. It has been reported, too, that at his gym he ran a charity drive collecting money for Israeli Defence Force (IDF) families back in Israel: not Legacy.

Just in case there is any doubt remaining that Avi serves Israel’s interest and his whole involvement in Patriot Politics is to drum up backing for the chosen ones and their illegal wars, Avi runs the Facebook Page “I Stand with Mossad”.

Yemini was born here yet served as in the Israeli army — a soldier for a foreign state — and his loyalties so clearly lie with that aggressive little stretch of desert which is, one way or another, determining the fate of the entire world. If Israel was not unduly “recognised” by our government he would be considered in terms of a terrorist.

Avi’s “other” group is not titled I Stand With ASIO

All his life Avi was burning to return to his Israel and kill Palestinians; a western-mandated one-sided conflict that is generating nearly all contretemps with the Arab world. This is very Australian of him. And this loyalty to an alien race is something else that typifies what we know as the far-right in this country — this blurring of the line that assumes any enemy of Islam is an ally of Australia and through that alliance IS Australian.

Nationalists first saw this in Reclaim Australia which ignited but then quickly came under the control of the Zionists who rebranded Patriotism and now want to own the word ‘Nationalism’. Indeed, just as much of what we buy is branded “MADE IN CHINA”, so much of what passes for far-right politics in this country should be stamped “MADE IN ISRAEL”.

UNA has defined Nationalism for our readers in every permutation possible. But here is the Collins English Dictionary definition: “Loyalty or devotion to one’s country; patriotism” — got that, Avi, to ONE’S country, not someone else’s country.

Just in case there is any doubt remaining that Avi serves Israel’s interest and his whole involvement in Patriot Politics is to drum up backing for the chosen ones and their illegal wars, Avi runs the Facebook Page “I Stand with Mossad”.

In 2010, it was revealed that Mossad faked three Australian passports used to murder Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai. Mossad regularly used fake Australian passports. Israel got snooty when our government asked questions. This is what a great friend Israel and Mossad are to us.

Birth of a Zionist

In 2004, a 52 min documentary Welcome To The Waks Family aired on SBS. Produced by a friend of Avi’s father, Zephaniah Waks, it documented a period in the lives of his Melbourne-based, Jewish orthodox family.

Avraham was one of 17 children raised in strict Chabad observance by Zephaniah and his wife, Chaya.

What stuck out was that Zephania’s  family did not bring him up to be such a fanatical Yid. They raised him in what most would describe as an “assimilated” lifestyle on Sydney’s North Shore.

It was like Sylvania Waters only with the score to Fiddler on the Roof playing in the background

As a young bloke in the 70s, the liberal Zephaniah led a hippy lifestyle. He smoked Pot, surfed, and was ‘groovy’. But he began to feel spiritual pangs (either that or the munchies). His metaphysical yearnings led him to Buddhism, but he soon met some Lubavitch Jews. Before long he was sporting a gruesome beard, locks, and observing all the Hebrew pieties. Zephaniah was back with the tribe and that, in essence, is the goal of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement — to reunite Jews with their faith so that Maschiach, or the Messiah, will rock back on down to earth and high-five all the Israelites (except the women, for modesty reasons).

Yemini Hippie Father
Avi’s dad Zephaniah back in his secular hippy days channeling Frank Zappa

Meanwhile, Avi’s mother grew up in Israel as strict as they come. At the time of the doco, the woman had never visited a cinema, or attended a gig; not even to see Simon and Garfunkel. The 70s were wasted on her. But she obediently submitted to her wifely duties squeezing out 17 new Jews. She spent the rest of her time wiping their bums and cooking. But not on Saturdays, since work of any kind are forbidden to these weirdos: they’re not even allowed to turn off a light-switch.

Avraham was one of 17 children raised in strict Chabad observance by Zephaniah and his wife, Chaya.

Outside of that, they were not permitted to play with “goyim” children. In one scene of this documentary, rather than risk mixing with the goyim, the Jewish community hires out Melbourne’s Luna Park for a day of fun in their yarmulkes. But they cannot leave well enough alone even on a break and the men can be seen stopping to pray in a room. This is where we come to wonder about Avi’s obsession with Islam. For all intents and purposes, his lifestyle was Islamic.

Instead of veils, Chabad women wear wigs or hats. They’re not as bad as Islamic women, certainly, but the men’s look is seriously crook. What’s more, due to modesty laws, Hasidic men and women, regardless of whether they’re married or not, cannot touch one another or socialise; even at a wedding. That sort of inhuman observance would please any Grand Mufti. But the Taliban stuff continued: movies, novels, mainstream music, none of these were allowed in the Waks household (what kind of name is Waks?). They had a TV and entertainment unit, but tacked to the glass of the cabinet was a note that read, “This unit is used only for Kadesh secular educational and family videos.”

Pity Hollywood Jews don’t feel that way when it comes to entertainment and the goyim mind.

The “Patriot” in embryo

Then there is food; Chabad Jews are just as fucked up about their food as Moslems. The Waks required two different stoves and a whole extended kitchen just to deal with their kosher requirements. Apparently, the council was so suspicious over planning drafts they suspected the Waks was planning on building a boarding house since their kitchen was so unbelievably huge.

Sealing them even more hermetically in a Jewish bubble, the family house was across the road from the Chabad factory: the St Kilda Yeshiva College, which is not only where the children were sent for religious indoctrination, but where Manny Waks, Avi’s brother, was sexually abused by a male guard.

Pity Hollywood Jews don’t feel that way when it comes to entertainment and the goyim mind.

Two other members of the Waks family were also interfered with while building their acquaintanceship with Hashem.

This all came out many years later and was the catalyst for the smashing of Manny and Zephania’s faith while Avi would side with the college and the Chabad community. This we draw attention to since it says much about Avi’s loyalty as a son and brother but more so where his loyalties lie to Australia. Avi wants to protest those Moslems who hold our laws in contempt yet opposes Mesirah, which is where a Jew reports another Jew to non-Rabbinic persons. How’s that any different from Sharia, or a Moslem refusing to observe respect for a magistrate or judge?

The view of the pedo rape house Jew college from the house where Yemini grew up

Manny’s case brought a supportive father out of a religious order Zephaniah Waks now dismisses as a “cult”. The charges were upheld and the college shamed. The case became a subject of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Rabbi Zvi Telsner, The Rabbi in charge of the college resigned in 2015 (his contract was renewed in August 2017, after the head died down). But for going against the tribe Manny, Zephaniah and Chaya were ostracised by the “cult” community.

Avi’s dad and the Melbourne Jewish community enjoy a Goyim-free day at Luna Park

Avi’s parents sold up their house and moved on. But Avi is the most vicious of anyone in that cult: he went levelled bogus allegations of abuse against his own father in a bid to invalidate their accusations, which have been confirmed by the process of Australian law. He accused his victimised brother and father of conspiring in a lie.

A case of defamation arose between him and his brother over a Facebook post in which he inferred that, because of a disgraced Rabbi, who had been charged in New York with child offences, stayed at their home, they were hypocrites. The family claims they were unaware and asked him to leave when they learned the truth.

Two other members of the Waks family were also interfered with while building their acquaintanceship with Hashem.   

Note, too, that Avi no longer uses the surname Waks (can hardly blame him there) but Yemini. This is interesting since his mother was actually born in Yemen and moved to Israel as a nipper.

The full Waks

In the end, what is the difference between the Islam that Avi wants us to unite with the Jews against and his Hasidic community and other outspoken Jews? They are both alien cultures who wish to recreate their foreign environment within our midst and impose their beliefs and attitudes.

As demonstrated above, when it came to a choice between his Judaism and his family, his religion came first. How do you think he feels about Australia?

Strictly business

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Avi admitted his intentions have little to do with embracing Australianness. He said, “My wife and I launched our business, IDF Training in 2009. Our goal went beyond supporting our growing family. Our mission was to show (Australian) Jews that being a proud Jew, being a proud Zionist can work for you and should be part of your business plan.”

And that, Folks, is the rub. If you think that Avi came amongst us inept Goyim to expunge “Nazis” from the Patriot Movement and lead us to a new golden age of Aussie identity, think again. His purpose is two-fold, to garner backing for Israel, and to fill his pockets with shekels. He has already admitted that he has political ambitions, and much as Pauline Hanson cynically used the Australian people for a payday this is Avi’s goal too.

Our media gives this Zionist oxygen, and the manner in which he was inserted into the contentious Game of Patriots to rival the “Nazi” Blair Cottrell should speak volumes to those who truly oppose the Globalist Order.

Sadly, the average Aussie Patriot is out of his ken when it comes to these matters, especially when the beguiling element of Zionism is thrown into the mix. They make the simple arithmetic that an enemy of their enemy is not only their friend but their ally. They have never had a head for world affairs and cannot draw the lines that connect Israel and its American host with the deeds and intrigues that generate Moslem immigration in the first place. They have little idea of the role that Israel has played in destabilising Syria which led to Tony Abbott, himself a Zionist, to import 12,000 Syrians into our country.

Because they are so clueless, these ‘Patriots’ as they apocryphally call themselves, haven’t figured out you can only be patriotic to your own people — not an alien Semitic race. But time and time again they fail this lesson, as they did by throwing support behind non-Australian, non-White Danny Nalliah.

These faux patriots are just as likely to support an African “Patriot” if he interposed himself on their movement. All he would need to do is to wrap the flag around himself, mouth a few platitudes, and due to the novelty of it all he would win their vote.

We now return to where we started — Nick Folkes and his Peanuts for Freedom. We have it on good authority that Nick Folkes did not sanction the stunt in which Jameson, a Downs Syndrome sufferer, and Neil Erikson stormed a Yarra Council meeting. And knowing Nick, who is jealous of anyone he senses as a rival, he is not pleased with the rise of Avi Yemini. But as capitulation is his only option, will Nick now once again publicly return to his support for Zionism and ditch the Totenkopf decals of the “edgy” Alt-Right?

Something is happening there, and because of the over-the-top reaction when UNA merely asked Avi what his business with Jameson is — seeing as how Jameson and his Peanut friends now have a staunch anti-Semite SS wannabe as “security” — we suggest that it is important enough since the question was so publically obfuscated by a curious chain of Zionist Patriots.

Aussie Patriots, we present Blair Cottrell’s replacement as Supreme Leader of the Aussie Patriot Movement for Reclaim Australia





A leading Moslem businessman has delighted over figures released by a bogus Jewish university that alleges a 52% decline in the sperm count of Australian males in a push against White Australia.

In a post to Facebook, which would have anybody White arrested if the message was reversed, Mohamed Elmouelhy gloated, “According to the Hebrew University, Australian men’ (sic) sperm count has decline (sic) by 52% over the last 40 years so your men are a dying breed, Australian women need us to fertilise them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of.

“If the country is left to the bigots the white race will be extinct in another 40 years. Muslims have a duty to make your women happy because you are declining, better go chose (sic) a plot for youself (sic) at your local cemetery. If you can’t afford it, commit suicide it is a cheaper alternative for bigots.”


Elmouelhy is president of the Halal Certification Authority, which is responsible for milking Australians for a religious tax (like Kosher) slapped on food products which fill up the coffers of Moslem supremacists whether we like it or not. This is a scam guaranteed by our own traitorous government which is the only truly guilty party when any outrage of this sort surfaces.

Of course, UNA, not being a reactionary bunch, can recognise the glaring absurdities in all of this.

Anything that comes out of a Jewish university relating in any way to the White race would have to be regarded as prejudiced. But this “research” is somewhat at odds with all the Multicultural bullshit that we’ve been forced to swallow as a people. Indeed, just who are these “Australian men”? We’ve had it bashed into us that we are the last in line to be considered Australians.


BPA affects sperm quality really worried dot blogspot dot com-1
Hebrew University used this still as the basis of their research

We come after “First Peoples” and every Syrian so-called refugee who has set foot here in the last six months is more of an Aussie than us White fellas according to government and media — so what are the terms of reference of this kike university’s supposed ‘research’?

In fact, the research, which was published in science journal Human Reproduction Update, refers to men from “western countries” which includes, apart from Australians, New Zealanders, Europeans, North Americans and others.

It was based on 185 studies of 43,000 men between 1973 and 2011, and nothing that we’re aware of specifies WHITE. Nonetheless, the anti-White propagandists of the media who have so excited this Moslem crank seem to be leaning hard on the inference that it refers to White taddies. This suggests that 43,000 White men were recruited on the basis of race, asked to jack off into test tubes, and tested for these dystopian results. Either that or fertility clinics shared their data, but again, was this information selected on the basis of a racial designation that we’re not aware is recorded in such instances?

Mohamed Elmouelhy wants White women impregnated with Arab, Moslem semen; ideally his own

If not, this means, dear Arab pervert, that YOU are included in those statistics by virtue of the fact you’re situated in the west, where you shouldn’t even be.

And given the lifestyle stresses that factor into this supposed fall in sperm counts, it’s hard to see how your saggy, greasy Arab balls get off the hook, given how practically every single one of your countries are either in some state of civil war, or else so poverty struck you’re forced to drink donkey pee — animals which are also your sexual partners in about 90% of cases.

What’s more, you Arabs have the worst diet of any creature alive outside of a billy goat. And the Arab pretty much introduced the world to hard drugs, which your own various peoples ingest on a massive scale, regardless of any halfwit myths about Moslem piety.

Elmouelhy has written with frantic glee and in such a garbled prose that we can only surmise he is in fact three sheets to the wind, probably on Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a favourite among Moslem drug dealers.

But it’s interesting that this hook-nose invader, who is making a killing on this enforced tax that is a perk his people have spiked us “White Australians” with, should be so quick to label all Australians as ‘bigots’ even though he is still here and prospering nicely.

What he really means is, political correctness has allowed him to express his own Arab bigotry through the diversity prism, which permits anti-White bigotry, but not the opposite. Let us also reflect on all these stereotypes that the Moslem people hold about us Whites as all being drunks, addicts, and spiritual burn outs.

It should also be understood that if this low sperm-count thing is a condition solely afflicting White men — then it is probably down to the fact that we work ourselves blind just to keep Arabs and their households of sixteen wives and 83 children supported by Medicare and Centrelink benefits.

However, the base message here is that Arab men want to fuck White women. We know this. Those that don’t have the fortune of having drunk White women passed out in their taxis either forcibly rape, kidnap or force them into slavery. It is happening about 20,000 times each day all throughout Europe and only a knob, cuck, or SJW would refuse to believe it happens here. And all courtesy of your one-world government.

Elmouelhy probably has a permanently reserved table podium-side at his local strip club. His sole obsession is White women and his one mission in life is to contaminate our genetic lines.

We don’t advocate trolling, but if readers are hopelessly predisposed to such dark entertainments than we suggest a good account to start with would be the Facebook account — and any others — belonging to Mohamed Elmouelhy.

He needs learning, as does the treasonous government that set him and his people among us.

pjimage (1).jpg
These two flags ought to combine



The Australian Patriot Movement has a new figurehead and he is as Aussie as gefilte fish. His name is Avi Yemini and he used to shoot Palestinian children because he is a chosen one and God told him to do so.

That is the Jewish God, not your bogus God because they’re not the same and they wouldn’t agree to share a restroom.

You have to understand, Palestine is a land that was promised to the Jews, and so Palestinians have been squatting in their home for the past two thousand years. Therefore, think of those IDF bullets as eviction notices.

Avi will teach you the Jewish technique of crying out in pain before striking your opponent

Yemini’s time in the IDF serving as a sniper for the Israeli Defence Forces (Defence?) is just one of the feathers in his IDF-issue yarmulke. Avi has been bravely blooded in the conflict against Islam, which is the biggest threat to the Australian way of life since killer Drop Bears, so this seals his reputation as a fully wukkas Australian hero.

Don’t forget, the Australians fought in Beersheba so that the Jews could have a homeland. This means that Aussies share a closer bond with Israel than we do with our dairy-obsessed UnZud neighbours.

But seriously — just in case your irony radar is experiencing interference, we jest. In fact, UNA signals what we regard as an extremely dangerous development in that sloppy circus known as the Civic Patriot Movement.

That is the Jewish God, not your bogus God because they’re not the same and they wouldn’t agree to share a restroom.

Scratch that, the Patriots have ALWAYS been a dangerous development but now their full conversion into a satellite of the Zionist movement is signed and sealed. From now on, to march publically with an Australian flag in any sort of demonstration of Aussie pride will mean respecting the flag of Israel.

The arc of Civic Patriotism runs in a half crescent moon from Victoria through New South Wales and up into Queensland where numb-nut Zionist shonk-merchants like Mike Holt push solidarity with Israel. Following that arc back down again and it comes to a full stop at the doors of the IDF Training Gym in the Jewish stronghold of Caulfield, Victoria. This is Avi’s Fortress of Solitude from where he controls the entire Australian Patriot Movement.

So who the cuck is Avi Yemini, for those who’ve had their brains bashed out with a bowling ball?

Yemini sort of materialised as the whole Patriot thing was in full stride. An Orthodox Jew fully to the right of Moses his gym teaches a martial arts mishmash that is ideal for fending off attacks occurring as you’re stepping out of a sauna.

He also has some sort of shooter’s club for Jews and Goyim who want to fly over to Gaza and blow the brains out of stone-throwing Arab kiddies.

So who the cuck is Avi Yemini, for those who’ve had their brains bashed out with a bowling ball?

For an orthodox Jew, Yemini failed to heed that bit they teach Jews about honouring their father, as he made a bogus claim against the old man who was a righteous activist against child abuse by rabbis in the Jewish community.

Avi saw this as a betrayal of Judaism and told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that his pops was a brute that beat him as a kid and was therefore guilty of abuse. This was, of course, completely irrelevant to the commission’s terms of reference but it demonstrated his mettle as Jew from the hard right.

Yes, the skunk who spent two years ratting out Nationalists for opposing Israel is attempting to be ironic about the J question

Since then Avi has become the Kosher Ying to the Civic Patriot Yang and you will find his stuff being shared on the pages of all strictly anti-Islam protagonists. In fact, he has become a dominant force in this satellite politics, and a thumbs-down from Avi can ruin your Facebook career as a Civic.

When Sherm the Germ tried to reinvent himself as a ‘Nazi’ after doxing any anti-Zionist during his partnership with gerbil Neil Erikson Avi expelled him from the fold. This has also cost Neil Erikson his Kosher credentials and now the Fink who has done more than anyone from the Left to hammer Nationalists is trying to worm his way back with ironic posts and references to Israel on his drastically reduced ‘Nationalist Uprising’ Facebook page (without Facebook Erikson would be like a lifetime junkie undergoing a bone shivering cold turkey). But if anyone wants to know how much support Erikson enjoys they only have to visit Melbourne Magistrate’s Court when the Bendigo Three is in session. Neil’s only mate is the Serbian, George Jameson, with the bald head who famously waved an Israeli flag at the 2014 Penrith rally in Sydney. Other than that, he is surrounded by tumbleweeds and chirping cicadas. But we digress…

Whereas once only the Trotskyite baby killers from the Left had exclusive entrée into the elite media the ‘right wing’ Yemini only has to pluck a nose hair to secure mainstream coverage.

For an orthodox Jew, Yemini failed to heed that bit they teach Jews about honouring their father, as he made a bogus claim against the old man who was a righteous activist against child abuse by rabbis in the Jewish community.

Recently, Avi called for the government to proscribe Antifa as a terrorist organisation (even though it isn’t an organisation) in the wake of the Bolt assault.

When that White Pommy bloke took revenge on the Finsbury Park Mosque following the London terror attacks The Daily Mail, which sucks pig dick, reported on his condemnation of the Moslem community’s double standards in condemning one and not the other. And that should not even be news, but hey.

He received news coverage when some idiot rang up his gym and made a death threat, a total non-event covered by The Age’s Bianca Hall. That recently had a book-end last week when again the Daily Mail reported that the police bothered to track down an unnamed man and arrest him over the phone call. Let’s see if they take Luke McMahon into custody. Fingers crossed.

Realise, too, that Avi’s relationship with the media isn’t necessarily like that of Blair Cottrell. When the media quotes Blair it is to load the reportage but Avi, being untouchable, gets a free run. This was even the case when his attempt to arrange a meeting between Pauline Hanson and her mad dog Malcolm Roberts was protested by the Jewish Left Side. And that’s hardly everything but we’re sick of writing about him

Oh, wait on, we can’t leave it there, we haven’t mentioned the DONATION drive. Avi is chasing shekels on a Go Fund Me type page to “Help Avi Grow”. In this case, he hasn’t so much got what he wanted as what he deserved: $0.00. Something is the matter there.

Yes, folks; Avi Yemini is the new face of Australian Patriotism. The circle is complete. The anti-Islam message is as shrill as ever and inclusivity still rules so long as it doesn’t involve rag heads and Muzzie converts.

Remember, too, all of these tiny satellites are part of the much larger conservative organ which devotedly bangs its head against the Wailing Wall.

Any doubts about Jewish chutzpah in appropriating Australian political real estate is at an all-time high should be allayed by the fact that a person claiming to represent the ‘Australian Jewish Defence League’ recently messaged the Australia First Party offering ‘support’. If that doesn’t take the bagel.

IMPORTANT EDIT: UNA has examined this page supposedly belonging to Neil Erikson and has decided that it is most likely fake. Erikson would never extend to us the courtesy of acknowledging an erroneous source, but in our case, we believe the page we have referenced does not fall under Erikson’s admin but more likely those from our side who would choose to mock him. As funny as that is, UNA desires accuracy, and in the interests of such, admits that references to Erikson in this article must be discarded.






A COUPLE of months ago, a social media phenomenon, an embryonic political-cultural movement in fact – ‘the Dingoes’ – came in for public criticism. Its advent reminded the liberal media that the ‘Alt Right’ had made its way to Australia and that its emergence opened a new front against the ideological props of the liberal globalist society. Some of the Dingoes began the process of Australianizing their reference points which placed them onto the path of embracing Australian Nationalism.

But then there were those who set out to stop that process from maturing. They decided to do this by stealing the Dingo phenomenon.

It is a sad fact that the Dingoes, indeed the Alt Right generally, became subjects for subversion courtesy of a poisonous group whose line of political descent over decades demonstrates a long history of parasitism, wrecking and plain sociopathy.

It is necessary to start somewhere in discussing these wreckers and our reference to the attempted takeover of the Dingo movement only sets our stage. Their subversion runs deeper than the Dingoes.

As we shall see, if it isn’t ‘other people’s money’, it is ‘other people’s efforts’ that are to the attention of the wrecking group.

We speak here of the ‘Rape House’, not just because of some sexual assaults which occurred in proximity to this group, but rather because the group mentally despoils any rational and fair element with whom it comes into contact.

The time has come for this garbage-group was the subject not only of ruthless exposure but a concerted drive to eliminate them from the terrain of any movement that may contribute to national regeneration.

We want their guts and we want them gone.

However, given the tangled connections of the Rape House gang, that is easier said than done! It must be the subject of a mobilization by all nationalists. We can begin first with the Dingoes and help them purge these wreckers and then we can move on with other struggles to limit the wreckers’ field of action, all while we consolidate the Australian Nationalist message in every way possible.

Dr Jim Saleam, 2017

The Rape House

In 2007, Jason Rafty rented a house on Fennell Street, North Parramatta. He moved in a few tenants from his ‘scene’ and made a profit on the rent.

Whether this profit went to his new creation the ‘Public Information Forum’ (or Klub Nation as it was generally known) we don’t know, but this unofficial headquarters of his enterprise gave him a centre for his officers (sic) to live in, and act out of, as they contrived a series of schemes.

Jason Rafty, as the impresario of Klub Nation, was a product of a long-standing gang which he had served already for eight years, but we shall get to that. A remarkable letter came into our possession addressed by Rafty to Jeremy Jones of the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC). It is reproduced at the end of this article.

Here, Rafty offers to travel to Russia and spy on Russian nationalists and in particular an organisation known as Russian National Unity. He asks AIJAC for money and equipment and he sets out in detail how the operation would work and how he might also profit at the end, with book rights no less. It is understood the letter was written around 1999. He also refers to his Jewish wife, a peculiar circumstance, given the internal game-playing of Klub Nation, often involved its claim to represent neo-nazism.

The existence of the letter was well known to the Klub Nation gang, but it did not seem to worry them, accepting as they will say they did Rafty’s chutzpah explanation that he was trying to rip off Jones.

That in itself sets a certain tone for Rafty, but the very idea of trying to panhandle Jones, given his professional resources at disentangling bullshit – was incredible. More likely, the letter was a ‘genuine’ attempt to get money and betray people whom Rafty later said he found ideologically agreeable. As we shall see, Rafty was not the only person in Klub Nation with special connections. Did Rafty continue this connection with AIJAC?

The existence of the letter was well known to the Klub Nation gang, but it did not seem to worry them, accepting as they will say they did Rafty’s chutzpah explanation that he was trying to rip off Jones. 

The morally oblique style of Klub Nation extended to one of Jason Rafty’s closest lieutenants formally recruited in 2007 but known to the gang before this time. This person, who functioned as his number-two, was the person for whom Rape House is dedicated. Some three women were sexually assaulted at the Fennell Street house. One was raped and two others sexually assaulted in different ways.

The only known correspondence from Klub Nation was this letter from Rafty to Jeremy Jones of  the Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) offering to spy on Nationalists in Russia 

The assaults were known to the residents. Around 2011, one Michael Holt resided there and paid rent. As he recounted to other persons, the assaults were talked about and were to be hushed up. This troubled young man who mucked about with neo-nazi ideology would later be imprisoned on gun charges and was accused of planning a mass shooting. For ourselves, we have also talked to one of the victims who are quite specific about her experiences and she named the other victims. She certainly named the perpetrator. It is our understanding that one of the tenants remains furious with the rapist for using his bed and leaving traces of the assault. Charming.

Klub Nation scammer Andrew Wilson of the Rape House infamy is now appropriating political real estate of The Dingoes

The cover up of sexual assault by this gang is despicable, but it’s just the start. Covering their tracks is something we just cannot permit. How can we understand Klub Nation?

Klub Nation met at the Humanist House in the inner-Sydney suburb of Chippendale from early 2005 until October 2009. It met every few weeks and its political identity was known to the Humanist member who permitted their presence by renting out the rooms. The same Humanist member must have been aware of ‘something’ going on when members of Klub Nation began to actually join the Humanist Society itself as members. He cannot say he wasn’t warned as Jim Saleam spoke to him at some point about the group and what its real intentions might be.

Rape House resident Michael Holt is now in prison for violating Duke Nukem’s copyright 

Ultimately, the Klub Nation members made a bid to take over the Humanist Society because as an incorporated body it owned the property and other assets, over a million dollars worth. Fortunately, they were beaten back, evicted from the use of the facility and their members removed from the Society. This effort to steal the assets of a community organisation wasn’t a new thing to Klub Nation, as we shall also explain.

The cover up of sexual assault by this gang is despicable, but it’s just the start. Covering their tracks is something we just cannot permit. How can we understand Klub Nation?

Klub Nation was remarkable in that it had no website, no magazine, no political manifesto, never organized a demonstration, nor contested an election, nor ran any campaign of agitation, nor even performed any specific act of violence (given the tone of its meetings on occasion). It claimed to be a forum of ideas and held ‘talks’, sometimes graced by Rafty wearing a Soviet military tunic; but it also said it was a survival club and a group that would raise money towards the purchase of a property in a rural setting. Yet essentially, it was simply whatever its leaders said it was at any particular moment, and to whomsoever the‘mark’ might be.

So what was it really? A big-mouth group with no real records or obvious structure could be a type of fraud, or perhaps a version of the French Resistance. And our choice of options – is the former. It was a con. Not just a money con for the operators, but a political charade.

The Humanist Society house in Sydney’s Chippendale which Klub Nation tried taking over

Klub Nation has been described by some who blundered into it and by those affected and burned by it in several overlapping ways: listening post, Liberal Party dirty-tricks op, drain-pool of the mentally challenged, a pretend survivalist club, a money-making operation for Rafty, neutralizing agency for anyone with a brain, a counter-gang and a rumour mill that would target genuine nationalists and patriots. Each of these claims reflected the truth.

At its ‘height’ in 2009, this group pretended that it was going to purchase a block of rural land as an investment upon which buildings would be constructed for the use of the whole patriotic movement and this would serve as a training centre in trades and politics for young people. Its leaders said that they were really the “general staff” in waiting for the Australian patriot movement and the genuine force of “nationalism” (they appropriated the term), not like all of us pretenders in our various organisations.

They said they were the focal point for building the real unity that was so lacking with all of us. They tried to con into their web the new Nationalist Alternative and even older Skinhead groups. But all saw through them.

So what was it really? A big-mouth group with no real records or obvious structure could be a type of fraud, or perhaps a version of the French Resistance. And our choice of options – is the former. It was a con. Not just a money con for the operators, but a political charade.

People from an array of patriot groups did at different times attend their gatherings, usually invited by ‘runners’ but with the true nature of the group concealed from them. This was essential cover and useful in garnering intelligence and spreading misinformation about genuine groups. Newbies were quietly relieved of their money. Some were even sold silver bars which they could ‘re-invest’, or they were asked to invest in a Ponzi scheme of Pyramid-selling-type intricacy. We won’t try to explain it as it’s just too hard. Some withdrew from contact with Klub Nation, but some got hooked on the hype. A five-figure-sum bank account (after expenses and there were a lot of those) was built.

Key players in Klub Nation included Andrew Wilson, David McBryde, Steven Moore and Mark Pavic. All had murky histories, personal and political. John Boyle, a solicitor who had run the Liberal Party’s ‘Chinese Special Branch’ in Haymarket and who later became a China immigration agent and who married a Chinese woman, was noted at the meetings. Moore and Boyle were linked to the Fellowship of the Round Table a private discussion group now known as ‘Western Heritage’ and which today runs meetings at NSW Parliament House. This Fellowship group was also attended occasionally by David Clarke, then leader of the so-called ‘hard right’ group in the New South Wales Liberal Party.

This Fellowship group was also attended occasionally by David Clarke, then leader of the so-called ‘hard right’ group in the New South Wales Liberal Party. The Fellowship was run by the very Humanist who first let in the Klub Nation crew at the Chippendale building.

With Klub Nation, weakened after the failure to rip off the Humanists, a new plan came into being. Meetings resumed in 2010 at the Mechanics Institute in Pitt Street Sydney and the members began to join this society, also with the plan to rort it, or at least, to make fulsome use of its resources. A witness says he was handed a Mechanics membership form at the Rape House and told to “join”. Once again, nationalists warned the Mechanics what the plan was. Ultimately also, this new scam came to nought. We were also advised that nationalists were accused of warning a bowling club which they intended to ‘take over’ – and they were booted from there. On this occasion, we deny any involvement.

By late 2013, some of the ‘investors’ in Klub Nation, essentially some of those basically conned by it, were clamouring for their money. Others decided they also wanted their money, particularly a certain Peter Coleman, whom we shall meet shortly. David McBryde (who was the “treasurer”) made a big play of refunding a percentage of this money (but much was simply missing). In what must be a bemusing moment, a witness says that some of this money was repaid to claimants sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, “during a social” at an address in Summer Hill – which was also the ‘headquarters’ of the neo-nazi grouplet Squadron 88.

This Fellowship group was also attended occasionally by David Clarke, then leader of the so-called ‘hard right’ group in the New South Wales Liberal Party. The Fellowship was run by the very Humanist who first let in the Klub Nation crew at the Chippendale building.

It wasn’t over. The Klub Nation crew were ready to move on. But first, a question. Where did this gang come from? Klub Nation was follow-on incarnation of a group that came into existence in Sydney in 1988 – 1989.

Nationalists call this first group the Palmer-Coleman gang, naming it after Peter Coleman, a member of Jack van Tongeren’s (misnamed) Australian Nationalists Movement and a seemingly eccentric jack-in-the-box, David Palmer.

David Palmer described himself  as “some sort of ASIO asset”

Below are two documents from the Jim Saleam Special Branch police file. One shows that Coleman was not averse to providing material to the Special Branch about nationalism (in this case Jim Saleam). The second shows that Neville Ireland, who ran the case against the nationalist organisation National Action in 1988 – 1991, had an appointment in late May 1989 with an informer called ‘Cabbie’. This informer was Coleman. Both men in a court in November 1990 denied meeting each other until that very day, a little piece of perjury that covered over a substantial relationship.


Sal2 001.jpg
Neville Ireland’s Duty Book reveals an informant called ‘Cabbie’. This was
Peter Coleman


At the Police Royal Commission in 1997, Coleman received a title, ‘Commission Code 18’ (CC18). He was important to Neville Ireland’s operations. Indeed, as we reasonably know, Coleman betrayed van Tongeren to prison and from the outside managed some disruption of National Action in the years 1989-1991.

Did Klub Nation concern itself with this? Was any member worried about it at all? No, they weren’t. Coleman’s former status was just another day in the life of the group. It was well known.

Nationalists call this first group the Palmer-Coleman gang, naming it after Peter Coleman, a member of Jack van Tongeren’s (misnamed) Australian Nationalists Movement and a seemingly eccentric jack-in-the-box, David Palmer.

David Palmer came on the scene late in 1988, joined with Coleman in early 1989 and carried on from there and in 1990 established a neo-nazi group calling itself the National Socialist Defending Aryan People Party. Well, that’s what it said it was. In 2005, he would even say in writing that he had been some sort of ASIO asset. To other people, he confessed receiving “$200 a report” from ASIO.

Did anyone in Klub Nation ever come forward to explain their relationship with Palmer or to provide information to nationalists about him? Not at all. Again, it was just another day.


Sal1 001.jpg
A Special Branch incident report: Peter Coleman happily provides information

In tandem and for years, these two political police assets harassed nationalists, appeared in the press with provocative statements, made their statements a parody of ‘racist’ thought and reported back to their masters. So what was the Palmer-Coleman gang?

It was listening post, an ASIO / Special Branch dirty-tricks op which collected intelligence on an array of patriotic people, a drain-pool of the mentally challenged, a neutralizing agency for anyone who wanted to be an ‘activist’, a counter-gang and a rumour mill. Each of these claims reflected the truth.

At different points, Australians would hear these actors had infiltrated Pauline Hanson’s party, controlled terror networks and were ready to bomb the Olympics. A seemingly ‘believing’ media would always report them. We wonder why?

Did anyone in Klub Nation ever come forward to explain their relationship with Palmer or to provide information to nationalists about him? Not at all. Again, it was just another day.

Then in 1999, Palmer decided to infiltrate the religious society, the British Israel World Federation. They had inherited a house in the Blue Mountains and $140,000 in cash and already maintained a bookshop in York Street with maybe $20,000 in assets there.

Palmer had met Rafty and a man called Mark Pavic. This quality lad had spent years in gaol for weighing down his mum’s body at the bottom of Lake Burley Griffin. But better still, he had tried to rort the Theosophical Society in 1996-7 and take its assets by moving in, siding with a ‘faction’, helping that faction and trying to come out on top. The Court of Appeal decision that saw him defeated makes interesting reading. He was a perfect organizer for the takeover of British Israel just as he was later an operator in trying to take over the Humanists.

The British Israel scheme collapsed finally in 2002 when the company was wound up and the assets found their way to the good guys in the affair. John Boyle was their solicitor and he profited to the tune of $50,000 in fees paid for (as the law demanded) by the legitimate company.  Nice.

Did the attempt to defraud British Israel ‘disturb’ the later Klub Nation leaders? Not at all. They thought to carry on with the Humanists, the Mechanics …

Taking over groups

Taking over organisations (and not just for the money) has been a stock in trade of the Palmer-Coleman gang and the successor Klub Nation gang.

In 2000, Palmer made moves to enter the Australians Against Further Immigration Party in New South Wales. That was exposed by the nationalists and the gang came up zero. Perhaps the plan was to run a party that would truly be a counter to legitimate patriotic parties? With the funds of British Israel, had they been acquired, this brand of provocation would have had long-term viability.

Klub Nation sought to take over — or at least coordinate — some nationalist and patriotic youth groups. They sought to integrate them with the funds’ raising and the plans for youth fronts, camps and the fantastic property they would buy. It was again the suspicions they incited and the counsel sought out by the supposed victims – again – which kept them out. The nationalists put the obstacles in their way.

So today, when we learn of plans to take over the Dingoes, we are not surprised. This is just another ‘takeover’ along the way. However, this time around, the gang has ‘professionalised’ itself and sounds much more believable.

The Liberal Party connection

The connection between the Palmer-Coleman gang and Klub Nation and the Liberal Party was continuous. That is another secret in the life of this gang.

Palmer, who had once been a Liberal party candidate in Queensland, boasted often of his links with senior Liberals. He meant those Liberals who described themselves as ‘conservatives’, ‘the hard right’, ‘the uglies’ in the party. This group had a long history, but as a so-called faction, it was revamped in August 1996 by no less than Tony Abbott himself. It formed up at a planning meeting (one month before Hanson’s so-called ‘maiden speech’ in parliament that set off a furore) and formalised in December 1996 (four months before Hanson launched One Nation). Its aim was to anchor Liberal Party supporters against any defection to One Nation while that party was permitted to ‘run’ – and then, once One Nation had normalised certain ideas and opinions, the Liberals simply would reel it all back in. Howard’s master stroke! Palmer, as noted, tried to disrupt One Nation as part of the shepherding strategy.

John Boyle was one of these Liberals in this so called ‘faction’. As said, the Fellowship was part of it. The Liberal connection was a portent for the future. Now as open Liberal and Liberal-satellite auxiliary activists

The collapse of Klub Nation made for a new change in the group. They had done their apprenticeship and could now be trusted with higher tasks.

After Klub Nation dissolved, McBryde and a new player Morgan Qasabian, joined a Liberal Branch. They then went on in 2012 to form the Sydney Traditionalists. They advertise Cory’s Tories (Cory Bernardi’s ‘Australian Conservatives’) and Cory’s book The Conservative Revolution. This group parades itself as “conservative”. And that is good. They are not nationalists. Yet, they are described as offering the “sister site” to the Dingoes website. Who puts that on the Dingoes website?


David McBryde is to nationalism what Ribena is to hard liquor

There is zero nationalism in them; no commitment to the old ideal of White Australia, no base in the Australian radical nationalist tradition that proclaimed the vision of Australia as the workingman’s paradise. Quite the contrary. The rabble at Sydney Traditionalists considers themselves ‘born to rule’, a ‘growing’ special caste who serve the wealthy and are to one day be promoted as part of the ruling Tory class. After all, Cory’s Tories was launched upon the blessing of the oligarch, Gina Rinehart. The Traditionalists invited Cory Bernardi to a forum and gained his personal blessings too. The rabid free marketeer multiracialist Bernardi offers another angle for ‘promotion’. Bernardi’s Conservatives are also a Liberal satellite and really are nothing different from the Liberal Party.

Morgan Qasabian 

The ex Klub Nation conservative players will occasionally playact that they are concerned at immigration, or might even say something cryptic about Zionism (Bernardi’s party is actually Zionophile), but they always refuse to answer hard questions in writing, or commit themselves except orally to anything and then with nods and winks and one can believe what one likes. When pushed about onto the social question – they support free market economics as ‘success’ proves the worth of the better people. They do not want Australian wealth in the hands of our people, nor the social uplift of all of us. Born to rule reactionaries are better (sic) than the ordinary people?

Alt Rights and Counter-gangs — the final battle

This gang has since 2013 been part of a new ‘conservative front’ in Sydney. Howard Crawford, the Liberal Party dirty tricks operator, has played a major role in building it, just as he struck at the genuine nationalists especially Australia First Party. Certain Liberals like Penrith Councillor Marcus Cornish (a multiracialist), the Sydney Traditionalists, the Reclaim movement and Nick Folkes’s ‘Party For Freedom’ (PFF) make up the system of orbiting satellites.

The Reclaim movement tried to refocus the immigration debate upon Islam only. They deny the challenge to Australia of Chinese imperialism. Many of its leaders sought to propagate the idea that Zionist Israel was the world’s friend against Islamism. People like Cornish exhausted the people’s anti-mosque movement in Penrith. As all the while the Chinese began the ‘move in’ he still found himself lauded as a conservative leader.

The gang turned up during the Penrith ‘anti-Mosque’ protests in 2014 and would bloc with Nick Folkes’s Party For Freedom (PFF), The PFF copies nationalists; from little things like allowing a member to go about in a Golden Dawn T-shirt, to flying the Eureka Flag, and even flying the Celtic Cross to talking of campaigns against Chinese takeover and about the “white genocide”. Folkes mimics others, a sure giveaway about his role, and acts like a clownish idiot. All the while, he calls nationalists ‘Nazis’. Of course, it was PFF, as we have exposed elsewhere, that met at the ‘Nazi’ headquarters in Sydney, met with Squadron 88 and had its leader close at its side. Indeed, when he wound up the Squadron, its leader told his friends he would just run with those opposed to “Islam” and would “work with Nick Folkes”. Just as the ex Klub Nation gang did too.

Crawford had his hands over Squadron 88 and gave money to it and seems to have known of ‘plans’ to attack a Muslim prayer hall in Newcastle. Did he also know of the plan of Squadron 88’s leader to attack the homes of Penrith councillors? What were the purposes of such plans being talked about? The playacting with neo-nazism serves a minor role in this conservative front. If it follows the usual pathway, it is to have fired up foolish or mad people on hand who can be encouraged to attack nationalists in one way or another on the basis that they are in the way of the birth of Fourth Reich. In what must be an amusing con, Crawford told Squadron 88 that the Liberal Party was founded by Hitler-friendly conservatives who let lots of ‘Nazis’ into Australia after the War. And they were always there and now, their descendants and acolytes are ready to ‘takeover’! Given that Crawford was caught on video urging attacks upon Australia First Party people and property, it is arguable that this was the role he would have ascribed to the Squadron had things not gone belly-up.

The ex Klub Nation gang also took on a new impresario, relevant to the Dingoes tale. It is a certain Clifford Jennings has been put out front as the Alt-Right leader and the organizer of Dingo activity, But Clifford was a member of the Liberal Party till recently (did he resign on purpose?). Information reveals that while he was never part of the scammers of Klub Nation years back, but he knows them as brothers and also attended fests with them in the company of Squadron 88 and the choirmaster, Howard Crawford.

Information to hand says that Clifford has told Dingoes and some other patriots that his force will either “take over the Young Liberals” or in the alternate, form a “youth wing of One Nation” and be the power there. Again takeover and role playing. We do not accept that Clifford is a nationalist and we again say that this is really an effort to grind up patriot and potentially nationalist young people in a mincer machine that will turn out more useless conservative sausages.

Final conflict

The Dingoes are just the latest victims of the gang. We have no doubt that they will ultimately be beaten off.

In the final conflict between the nationalists and the gang, it will be said by them (and remember they have a history that spans almost thirty years) that the nationalists are an ‘old road’, and that they are fresh and new. They will say simply that the nationalists – lie! “That was the past, they are talking about. We are us and we have plans for growth.”

Sheltering behind newbie Alt-Right folk, they will say they can take it to the skies. Some may believe them. The nationalists shall say: “they are fakers and a look at who they are, at their actual history and who they connect to, sets you straight. They simply cannot be what they say they are.” The gang will hold frenetic meetings, talk of takeovers and rising hordes, their contacts in the Libs and Cory’s Tories who are “ready to move” and maybe even “big dollars”, but even more maddening for the newbies struggling with it all, they will look them straight in the eye and say: “we are you and you are us; we are the toughest of the tough and the hardest of the hard, but we are clever and work through groups and systems.”

Nationalist ideology and politics are a unity. The ideology of Australian nativist nationalism is grounded in the old radical-nationalist-labourist traditions of long ago. Its heroes are Henry Lawson and William Lane, Jack Lang and William Spence, John Curtin and Percy Stephensen. Its flag is the Southern Cross. It is the people’s cause. This cause is the true cause of Australian identity, independence and freedom and it needs a movement that is independent of the system’s ideology and politics. It does not pretend to infiltrate the regime parties. Quite the contrary, it calls them traitors and organizes against them. That means as a matter of course that these conservatives do not serve the Australian People, but the system. Yes, perhaps a few might be genuine folk mixed there in the pot, but to use an old Christian adage, it is time to come out from amongst them and be separate. The final conflict will resolve whether the conservatives will blunt and defeat the new arising movements of patriotism and nationalism or whether they will b e put to rout.

It is time to shut the Rape House – once and for all.