According to a confidential source with intimate ties to the Sydney Lads Society, their shady leader has, pardon the pun, a dark secret he is keeping closely guarded — he has Maori ancestry in his bloodline.

Mark McDonald, who is also known as Mark Campbell, among other aliases, is one of the cagiest cats in the Identitarian alleyway. Speaking on the assurance of anonymity, our insider says, “He has these two old people that he tries passing off as his parents. But there is no way they are his parents. He doesn’t want us to know who his real parents are because that will just confirm our suspicions about his tainted heritage.”

We fully support our New Zealand brothers and sisters, but we’re sure our Nationalist friends in NZ would agree it is not the place of Australian Nationalists to dictate New Zealandness to them. Likewise, it’s too much to cop that Mark “Matey Mate” is here trying to tell Australians what the deal is with our own kind. It’s doubly galling to know that the Lads Society’s supreme leader, Thomas Sewell, is himself a Kiwi.

We ran a little digital scan test. And we needed surgery after laughing so hard

But whereas we’re sure Sewell’s bloodline is clean of Maori genetics, it is very likely that the same cannot be said of his illustrious Sydney 2IC who our deep-throat describes as being “as dumb as a box of broken hammers”.

Apparently, Matey Mate’s grey matter is likely to present a concern since he cannot hold a serious discussion about politics and lacks educational basics. “If you asked him whereabouts Belgium sat on the world map, for instance, he’d probably point at South America.”

Matey Mate in his 45-degree bomber jacket

McDonald, or Campbell, or perhaps Tunafahekatamooki, is also said to be “back on the steroids” to improve his body image as Lads’ tribal chief. He appears to be on rocky ground leadership-wise, too, since his bidding to have Nick Folkes’s “boy” Toby Cook come aboard and join The Lads was down-thumbed by a majority vote. What’s even more curious is why he’d want an embarrassing lump like Toby in the club in the first place; perhaps since their mixed-race peccadillo is something they can both share. Or maybe there is a more sinister agenda at work given his connections to Liberal party para-state operatives and his relationship with cronies that surrounded the former Party for Freedom.

But this is not the only area that McDonald/Campbell has clashed with club policy: he is breaking with the strict Men’s Movement ideals of the Lads by reportedly having “gotten engaged” to an actual female. It is hoped that his bride to be is well-off with her own home because Matey is back in Summer Hill living at Club Squalor in the dilapidated house belonging to former PfF member Jerry Dragosevic. There are so many holes in the floor, ceiling and walls at Club Squalor that any attempt at consummating his marriage could lead to him unwittingly providing a free peep show to his landlord. But given that Matey is “back on the steroids” then the shrivelled offerings this will make of his wedding tackle makes that scenario most unlikely.

Lastly, our source made mention of reports that Matey Mate has “bragged” about having “frequently met with ASIO” and how he “enjoys a protected status because of it”. This is nothing more than what UNA has maintained from the get-go. But now he’s the Lads problems and given that it’s all just one deep murky pond in which the same toxic fish all swim and feed off the usual plankton it’s of little concern to us. We do, however, enjoy a good gloat from time to time.

Once Were White Nationalists





BACK IN 2015, the bulk of the patriot movement was dodging any accusation they might be ‘racist’ in the hope of garnering widespread acceptance. The Nazis were infiltrating Reclaim Australia, or so they complained.

But the civic patriots who gathered at rallies in Australian cities weren’t about White supremacy or worshipping Hitler, which they believed were synonymous. No, they were a mainstream movement where anyone was welcome so long as they ‘accepted our values’ and abided by ‘our laws’. It was a refrain coming loudest from the queen of civic patriots, Pauline Hanson, who pushed smiling media opportunities with African children. She even forged a slogan saying ‘You don’t have to be White to be Australian’.

Hanson had more to gain from this mainstreaming scam than anyone since it was her that 90% of the civic movement was throwing their support behind.

Steps were taken to oust persons whose views ran contrary to an acceptance of diversity minus Islam. What “our values” happened to be was never satisfactorily defined except broadly as ‘Christian values’. This vagueness was not resident purely in the rhetoric but in the construction of these allegedly ‘patriot’ groups.

Israeli flags flapped alongside the Southern Cross at counter-demonstrated rallies. Inscribed into the core policies of civic patriot micro parties like the Australian Liberty Alliance and Danny Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia was a fundamental support for the State of Israel. Remember, these others were founded on the pretext of a pro-Australian locus yet here they were concerning themselves with a foreign nation embroiled in the military intrigues of the Middle East generating the flow of displaced Moslems which they objected to in the first place. Thus, it was never Australianness they were demonstrating for, but something that the rank and file would never be sufficiently able to articulate, much less understand.

Arch-Zionist Avi Yemini was raised as an orthodox Jew who wasn’t allowed to mingle with Aussie kids. Now he is the duck’s guts of the anti-Islam movement personifying for many disenfranchised patriots these nebulous ‘Aussie values’ while facilitating members of his gym to go and kill Palestinians for Israel. Yemini is the leftover from a milieu which has experienced a cosmic shift since Reclaim Australia activity generated clickbait. He came in almost as if he was selected by forces unknown to challenge Blair Cottrell for the position of patriot leader. It was Liberal Party’s grubby hack man Howard Crawford who cited Jim Saleam and Blair Cottrell as being the two “biggest threats” to conservatism.

Hanson had more to gain from this mainstreaming scam than anyone since it was her that 90% of the civic movement was throwing their support behind.

Styling himself as spokesman for Australian patriotism, he is actually saying that we as a nation are just a strand of a Western Alliance centred around his beloved Israel and to not face up to that is somehow unpatriotic. To show patriotism to this country means loyalty to the ends and purposes of the Western Alliance currently ganging up on Syria and Iran.

Yemini’s Facebook page boasts hundreds of thousands of followers, while he commands a presence in conservative media like the Daily Mail and Sky News; the latter on which he recently appeared drumming up membership to get the ALA, for which he is now a leading member, registered in Victoria in time for the elections. Avi might be in Tel Aviv one minute, and West Australia the next. Just quietly, it wouldn’t surprise us if he is being bankrolled by the Mossad.

Australianness is a simple matter of values, not skin colour, sez Pauline

Yet, in the maelstrom of that ambiguous crossover that always existed between the groups who staunchly supported Israel, and those claiming to be mainstreaming as a strategy, the vociferous kosher patriots have dwindled. With the influence of the Alt-Right, which protagonists from the anti-Islam movement latched onto, it’s not so cool to back Israel now. It’s much more fashionable to come across ‘edgy fash’. Today, even Nick Folkes is a Nazi. Yesterday, he was burning Nazi flags. The component of this alleged ‘Nazism’, the identitarian aspect of asserting Whiteness is the entire vogue whereas only a couple of years ago Pauline was, as we have said, telling us we don’t have to be White to be Australian. Her message was backed up by the same people now professing to be all about ‘the White race’.

Shermon Burgess, when teamed up with fellow political wrecking ball Neil Erikson, produced videos purportedly exposing their fellow comrades from the defunct UPF as ‘Nazis’. Burgess even made a video recommending White Australian men sleep with Asian women because according to him they made better wives.

Now, Shermon has created another of his endless Facebook pages, one of which is ‘No More White Guilt’. He is also associated with former Party for Freedom stalwarts Toby Cook, Matt Lowe and Chris Grantham in a new entity the name of which we won’t even bother including since it will have changed by next week. But all of these people were fervently ‘anti-Nazi’ and PfF made a major campaign out of smearing Australia First Party leader Jim Saleam as a Nazi and burned a Nazi battle flag outside of the party’s Tempe headquarters in 2016. Several names were symbolically listed on that flag including United Nationalists Australia.

Shermon Burgess, when teamed up with fellow political wrecking ball Neil Erikson, produced videos purportedly exposing their fellow comrades from the defunct UPF as ‘Nazis’.

But who were these Nazis so deplored? In fact, Australian Nationalists who opposed the globalist imposition of mass-immigration of non-Whites leading to population replacement of Australians were primarily in the crosshairs of these civic patriots. They opposed only Moslem immigration and then only if they did not “assimilate”. It was, to anyone gifted with logic and reason, an inexplicable position.

Meanwhile, also in their crosshairs but avoiding Australian Nationalists for the same reason was the United Patriots Front. Between the leadership of UPF, specifically Blair Cottrell and Tom Sewell, a channel was open to veteran nationalists via, among others, the Whitelaw Towers’ blog and Nationalist Alternative.

UPF steve
Mainstreaming puts non-Whites first for cunning strategic reasons which have something to do with fooling “the masses”

Chief among these communicating was Neil Erikson, the harbinger of disharmony, who would later crucify online just about anybody serious who he had associations with. Likewise, despite the advice and encouragement received from the Nationalists, the United Patriots Front’s Blair and Tom treated us as if we had herpes. They much preferred to be photographed ‘getting along’ with people of colour than being seen with anyone known to be an Australian Nationalist, or the more generic White Nationalist.

They would say this was for ‘strategic reasons’. If they had the capacity to listen and learn instead of dictate they might have been able to absorb that this was a doomed approach. We said so then and we were proved right when their political entity Fortitude crashed and burned like the African space program. Yet, where arrogance and inexperience were UPF’s fault, the others with whom they now sat uneasily in a bloc with, something else altogether was happening.

As far as they were concerned, Australia First Party had failed under Jim Saleam, they were too old, and Blair has a special contempt for Nationalist Alternative the origins of which are obscure. Their bias continues today, but they are joined by equally domineering upstarts, who believe ‘they’ and only ‘they’ are right despite being neophytes and not understanding the history, aims of, and essential tenets of Australian Nationalism.

Meanwhile, also in their crosshairs but avoiding Australian Nationalists for the same reason was the United Patriots Front. Between the leadership of UPF, specifically Blair Cottrell and Tom Sewell, a channel was open to veteran nationalists via, among others, the Whitelaw Towers’ blog and Nationalist Alternative.

Thus, they argue, their latest manifestation, The Lads Society, is the only viable organisation for ‘young’ White Australians and others. And the emphasis is most definitely on ‘young’ but we’ll get to that in due course. They are joined by another exclusively young set, which is doing everything possible to provide authorities with an excuse to outlaw them as a terrorist group, The Antipodeans.

It’s a sign of the times that much of the dark humour that resides in The Antipodean’s propaganda materials are now regarded with fear and loathing. About 50 years ago, chuckle magazines like National Lampoon were cracking up a generation with tasteless material that helped shape the funny bone of the times. They were not afraid to touch on race either and frequently did. Posters such as the one in which The Antipodeans would “Legalise the execution of Jews” would’ve slipped in there no worries. But it’s a big ask to expect the Australian people to swallow the thought of killing any group of people even if it is said in a satirical manner calculated to deliberately upset and shock.

There’s always somebody who’ll be silly enough to do it

A major hypocrisy exists with Julie Nathan, research officer with the Executive Council of Australian Jewry condemning them in the name of Jews when Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef referred to black people as ‘monkeys’, and for many Jewish people, the feeling against non-Jews is one of unconcealed contempt. It certainly is for the Palestinians and others of their neighbours. UNA views the model these boys have based themselves on and sees them speeding headlong into a disaster which will blow back on anyone even six-degrees separated from them.

An Israeli citizen drags a black by his hair and takes a selfie with the “monkey”. But oi vey, what about the Holocaust says the ECAJ

Nevertheless, the point is made that ‘the movement’ as elements of this melange of rightist entities refers to its associations, is now all ‘Nazi’. We use that term advisedly. The non-racialists are now touting racialist sentiments, even if only obliquely at times, while this appears to be a change it is in fact not; it’s just that the Liberal party connections behind the curtain have decided to absorb the ‘Alt-Right’ the same way they jumped on board Reclaim Australia the moment it got going and steered it on a course towards kosher patriotism. We are not suggesting they influence every entity but they are sure trying to. Right now, the Lads Society is firmly in their sights, only the leadership of that group is too stubborn to heed a word the veteran nationalists have to say; dismissing it as anything but what it is.

In Sydney, they already have a foot through the door with the appointment of Mark “matey mate” McDonald, ex-cohort of Howard Crawford and still, from what we guarantee, moving in murky Liberal-connected circles. If you know your Aussie Nationalist history, you will recognise this is not a fanciful conspiracy theory but a time-honoured strategy.

A major hypocrisy exists with Julie Nathan, research officer with the Executive Council of Australian Jewry condemning them in the name of Jews when Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef referred to black people as ‘monkeys’, and for many Jewish people, the feeling against non-Jews is one of unconcealed contempt.

Rather than rewrite this history from the 1960s to the 2000s we include here a link to Kangaroo Reich which details the curious early history of the Liberal Party “rubbing up against the so-called National Socialist Party of Australia (NSPA)”.

It mentions certain names that are still ghosting in the shadows today, hovering on the fringes, and coveting groups such as The Lads Society. And it’s noteworthy that all of these entities of what we shall refer to as an Alt-Right oeuvre discuss among themselves “infiltrating” parties and institutions without realising it is they are most likely to be, and in fact are being, infiltrated themselves.

Familiarity with the Australian far-right’s history helps you see how back in the day when the Liberal Party flirted with neo-Nazis because they were anti-communist in character, these days they wish to direct them into the conservative current or render them inoperable. And this is why it is only ever true Nationalism that is constantly coming under attack as these operatives infiltrate and use these groups as weapons with which to attack the established Nationalists. The one thing that is unacceptable to the Western Alliance is a truly nationalised Australia.

This is why it confounds us that many young blokes of the Alt-Right still keep a foot in the Young Liberal camp. How could they want to? Is it the old familiar line about changing from within, for it is those fools who are the ones to get changed?

Everything on the fringes is something else, or up to something else. For instance, there can be little doubt remaining to all but the unreachable that Neil Erikson is collaborating, in whatever manner, with the authorities. How so? None of his shenanigans, nothing he has to say is either consistent with a political line or true to an ideology. His are just utterances of a conservative style that are simply negation.

Rather than rewrite this history from the 1960s to the 2000s we include here a link to Kangaroo Reich which details the curious early history of the Liberal Party “rubbing up against the so-called National Socialist Party of Australia (NSPA)”.

Arthur Conan Doyle, who created Sherlock Holmes, wrote: “Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remaining, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

This is a valuable rule when dealing with the hucksters, dupe-merchants, swindlers and hacks that appear in the topography whenever anything vaguely resembling the Nationalistic arises. Indeed, they are much happier with Neo-Nazis since they so easily play into the narrative that serves both the system and its Zionist beneficiaries of this ‘menace’ which they can point at.

Nothing that offers a hope of change exists in those fetishists who are more concerned with mimicking a uniform and profess to ‘White Nationalism’ above nativism. Take for instance Robert Edhouse and Melony Atwood. Robert, who once went under the name Mathew Collins, visited the United States and was granted permission by Aryan Nations to set up a “chapter” here.

This was not a Nationalist entity but a gang. And what did this fervent ally of the White Race do? He conspired with Atwood, his lover, to murder Atwood’s 42-year-old husband, Alan Taylor while living under his roof.

Taylor was a hard-working White Man with a young son by Atwood. He was murdered for a one-million-dollar life insurance policy he supposedly held. Now they’re both serving minimum terms of 21 years. Atwood will be a scarecrow by the time she is released and Edhouse an institutionalised old man.

Arthur Conan Doyle, who created Sherlock Holmes, wrote: “Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remaining, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

All of this noise around the fringes of Nationalism keeps the real thing from spreading. So rather than accept the tenets of Australian Nationalism those who cannot fulfil its needs bitch and gripe that certain people “think they make the rules”. The rules are tenets and those tenets exist independent of those persons who for one reason or another do not seem to be able to live up to them. So in a rash fit, they simply steal the word ‘Nationalism’ and remodel it into their own identitarian image.

United Nationalists Australia was conceived back in 2016 as an antidote to this violation of our ideology. It came ahead of the anticipated Coalition of Australian Nationalists (CAN). It envisaged a Fortress Nationalism fortified against these unsavoury elements. But nothing came of it. It was immediately undermined by those elements we’ve described that still resided in one or more of those parties involved. It rotted from the inside before it ever ripened. Then, to the horror of UNA, Nationalist Alternative not only never had our back, but they actually threw their support behind Blair Cottrell, of all people; a kid with absolutely no respect for anybody else. This mistake has left the house of Nationalism in disarray.

But that is just for now since identitarian is the flavour of the month. Those young folk who have pledged themselves to certain fraternities masquerading as ‘societies’, which are in fact just club life, risk being set on the wrong path forever, winding back the true cause at least another ten years. Presumably, there’ll be new Liberal agents waiting in the bracken for when that time comes.

One thing is for sure, the anarchists and anti-fascists who so love to quote the others have never and will never reference our commentaries on this link to the conservatives. In some cases, there is an overlap, as the aforementioned are only half of the enemy. The Nationalist finds himself burned by conservatives only too happy to utilize these agencies of the state against him.

David Palmer, one of the earliest to subvert the Nationalist Movement (see Kangaroo Reich link)




The Left is addicted to trolling. If there were no ‘right wing’ Facebook pages, or social media sites for them to troll, they’d fade into a suffocating obscurity; seeking recognition by trying to write ‘urban rhymes’ or making personal YouTube videos or blogging about the insignificant experiences of their drab lives as if in that turgid oblivion of their soul-destroying mediocrity was the nucleus of something far more metaphysical and vital to impart to the human race.

Instead, they inhabit Facebook pages like Anonykatz and entertain themselves by being routinely un-amazed at the typically inane postings of the cognizant-dissonant on the political right of the social-media tennis court.

Their day revolves around entertaining themselves reviewing the latest sarcastically reworked ‘potatriot posts’ uploaded by the admins of their favourite pages and then lending droll witticisms as an ideological antidote to what they’re confronted with. In most cases, one group of idiots is passing judgement on another — and we don’t employ ‘idiot’ as a pejorative here, it’s simply all we can deduce by examining the pathology of the thoughts they express.


If, say, Anonykatz had any grasp of Nationalist politics it wouldn’t even bother with the likes of Neil Erikson or Shermon Burgess, who’re blank cartridges from a circus shooting range.

These characters, like many who comment from their side of the fence, are the product of the social media identity factory and the digital age that spawned it. In the 1970s, Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future shock predicting the absorption into a myriad of subcultures for a population divided along complex social strata, and if he was still alive, he’d deserve a cigar for this prophecy alone; although he only died in 2016 so he pretty much saw it come true. More-or-less, he predicted the Internet.

There is no political substance or even consistency of message from the flaky characters that Anonykatz fixates on and yet they’ve never bothered to address this in any scrupulous detail — they simply guffaw at the overall ideology as they perceive it — mainly because they are the flipside to the same coin.

They are no more sophisticated than those they deride. The UNA team actually read a poster responding to Nick Folkes on the Anonykatz page who claimed that Hitler went to jail with Heinrich Himmler and there devised the National Socialist German Workers Party. No Katz admin bothered to correct this boob who had the comical impudence to then censure Folkes for not being intelligent enough to have assimilated this important historical fact. But, we digress…


Erikson, Folkes, and Blair Cottrell are the constructions of a media that were once obsessed with the anti-Islam movement and required ‘actors’ for the narrative surrounding this multicultural society of Australia. It inflated them, and then, when it all became passé, they pricked their hides and deflated their spirits, which were always inordinately out of scale compared to the size of any actual talent they might have possessed. They now play a constant game of catch-up with that sub-tier celebrity which, of all of them, Erikson Joneses for the most.

If, say, Anonykatz had any grasp of Nationalist politics it wouldn’t even bother with the likes of Neil Erikson or Shermon Burgess, who’re blank cartridges from a circus shooting range.

Individually, none of those mentioned above is remarkable people. Yet, like most human beings, they crave attention. The need for recognition is one of the most powerful human motivators which are why there are those who’ll seek it in evil and anti-social ways, such as mass-shooters, and serial killers.

Once upon a time, this type of character was the feeder for the music industry as the promise of ‘fame’ for the not-so-talented were offered by the vision of pop stars which they looked at and thought, “I could do that too”. So they formed bands or became performance artists or did anything that might lead to that ‘break’. Andy Warhol observed all this and made one of the most astute utterances of the 20th century — that one day every person would have their fifteen minutes of fame. And Warhol understood fame better than anyone.

This is why it ill-behoves the likes of Anonykatz to feed the egos of these pseudo-revolutionaries, but to make such an assertion fails to take into account that by doing so the players from their camp are exercising their own egocentricities. Again, they are the same animal. Erikson, Folkes, Cottrell do not pursue issues, as would be expected of earnest political crusaders, but rather use a cause to promote themselves. Separated from the substance of issues, we have mere personalities, and a kind of ‘fanboy’ nationalism, which is a term coined by UNA and covered in a previous article.


The Alt-Right gained its infamy through ‘trolling’; it doesn’t necessarily make anything better if the Left apes those tactics which, when all has been said and done, were questionable (although often hugely successful) to begin with. Let’s deal with a semantic before we get down to brass tacks here: We call this opposition ‘the Left’ for convenience purposes, or even ‘Cultural Marxists’, but that’s not necessarily accurate.

Much of what is assumed to be politically Left are actually the lackeys of the pseudo-progressive-democratic-liberal-globalist-capitalist-world-order. In the most basic reading of the morality contest underlying the narrative in which the Left is pitted against the Far Right, the former are supposedly upholding virtues that the latter dream of stripping from civic life for the sake of an authoritarian, race-based order. This assumes ‘good guys and bad guys’ when viewed through the glass of 20th century western struggles against Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, and National Socialism. Here we invoke Alvin Toffler once more because he had another insight into the future. He wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.


In this era, for either side, applying historical lessons, or ideologies, or prejudices from a bygone era is a glittering example of that new millennium illiteracy of which he wrote. So, with the exception of pure Nationalists, or even fluid-thinking true leftists whose worldview we may largely oppose but whose sincerity and logic we might otherwise respect, we have the ‘Katz’ — whose own obsessions are every bit as unhealthy as those provocateurs they make a subculture out of countering online.

The time has, therefore, come to bring these ‘Katz’ into the spotlight. For the main part, those posters who fill the ranks can be easily searched and profiled for themselves. But who runs Anonykatz?

In our last entry, we responded to an article by Honi Soit that claimed that we ‘doxx lefties’ under the guise of self-defence. In this case, we do it as a public service.

In our last entry, we responded to an article by Honi Soit that claimed that we ‘doxx lefties’ under the guise of self-defence. In this case, we do it as a public service.

United Nationalists Australia has been, for a long time now, flooded with requests to doxx the admin of Anonykatz. We have been given theories on who runs it, and countless links. We, therefore, posit the following as a theory which we back up with what we believe is convincing evidence. But as we doxx Anonykatz it is now incumbent on us to out one of its most consistent serial pests — Andrew J. Forster.


There are amusing trolls, there are witty combatants, and then there are those who if they weren’t harassing people online they would be stealing women’s underwear off clotheslines and wearing it over their heads as they tortured small furry animals. Andrew Forster fits into the latter category.

Hardly a nationalist, patriot or anyone ‘rightist’ conservative has not had an uninvited excretion from the poster using the name Andrew Forster appearing in their messenger inbox. He is unbothered by any transgression of Facebook policy, about laws pertaining to electronic-devices and stalking, or even whether or not he comes across as a complete body snatcher.

He has poured vile abuse on women, accessed accounts belonging to minors, attacked the sick, and violated the privacy of at least one person grieving over the passing of a close relative. It doesn’t matter to him. He is not made of the stuff that exhibits conscience nor is he equipped with the intellectual faculties to express an ideological rationale. He is purely a sociopath with access to the Internet.

He is by no means clever — he often gets rattled when challenged to any degree and scurries off to hit the ‘block’ button even though it was he who initiated contact. It all depends on how much alcohol or pot is in his system or whether or not the methamphetamine he has smoked was of a high enough grade. All in all, his entire act is based on a war of attrition, or who will blink first.

The best response to Forster is to block him. You are not dealing with an intellect, but a lummox whose cerebral deadness serves him well in his abusive trespasses onto the accounts of others. The nature of the world he supposedly abhors in the reckoning of his political opposition is exactly the one which he inhabits online: one where ideas must be singular, where the debate gets shut down, and where other human beings are objectified and reduced to caricatures.

Hardly a nationalist, patriot or anyone ‘rightist’ conservative has not had an uninvited excretion from the poster using the name Andrew Forster appearing in their messenger inbox. He is unbothered by any transgression of Facebook policy, about laws pertaining to electronic-devices and stalking, or even whether or not he comes across as a complete body snatcher.

His profiles list him as residing in Perth. In the past, we have had intelligence pinpointing him to a certain address, but we cannot be sure that information is accurate. We do have what we are assured are images of him. We share two of his Facebook profiles, which are queer things. He seems to have a fetish for the obscure matron of the 1990s British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, Hyacinth Bucket. In others, he has cheesy personalities from bygone pop culture decorating his bizarre user profile. Likewise, when he wants to be tricky he uses the alias Andrew Forester (see what he did there, genius).

Jame Gumb, stand aside, there is a new retro freak in town

UNA recently, through a lengthy operation, uncovered the address and information regarding the business practices of fake news journalist Luke McMahon. We have his residential address, and we know a lot about him now. We are in the process of uncovering even more information. The same will apply to Forster, who has made such a bore of himself we will coordinate with our people – and even those who aren’t nationalists – in West Australia to finally trace him to his lair. That will be a day he will wish had never come. Thanks to a major financial injection by a benefactor, we have resources that a year ago was not available to us.

Well, it’s pretty obvious Andy is an X-Genner. Note how this profile he brilliantly moves around the letters of his alleged surname to create ‘Forester’. We suggest everyone inbox him and congratulate him on his cleverness. Or just keep reporting his bogus accounts

Firstly, we have to question whether or not Forster is his actual name, and true identity. It will be easy enough to ascertain, but for the sake of discussion, we suggest that it might very well be, given the arguments about identity and ego that we’ve laid out above. It is in the psychopathology of someone like Forster to seek credit for his deeds otherwise he would operate under ever-changing aliases such as Luke McMahon has done.

Hip? Forster barely has a pelvis

It is also noteworthy that his profile appears on the friends’ list of lefty author John Birmingham, which might mean that Birmingham approves any old friend request, or else he is known to the man. Around 1990, when Birmingham contributed to Rolling Stone, he wrote an article about Jim Saleam and National Action that was a direct reflection of the lies being promulgated by disgraced Special Branch detective Neville Ireland; which would suggest that a relationship existed between the two. Jim Saleam complained and either a letter was published in Rolling Stone, or there was a retraction, but he cannot say for sure.

It is also noteworthy that his profile appears on the friends’ list of lefty author John Birmingham, which might mean that Birmingham approves any old friend request, or else he is known to the man.

In Birmingham’s book, Leviathan published around 2000, which is sold as “an electrifying epic history of the city of Sydney” reference was made to Jim Saleam and National Action and an incident involving an alleged theft from a woman by him and a man named Peter Coleman. The case was in dispute and when Jim Saleam confronted the publishers those extracts were subsequently expurgated from the paperback edition.

All in all, it appears that Birmingham, who models himself as a rebel, may very well have been a snitch operating with the corrupt authorities of the time.

We are told this is a floor plan to Forster’s Perth home. The hydroponic chamber is listed as ‘BRM 2’

But returning to Andrew ‘J’ Forster, we are also informed that he might be lying about the ‘J’ initial in his name, as we are told his name is Andrew Robert Forster.

Whatever, the thing to do now with all his accounts, if you do not block them, is to inundate them until it becomes unviable for him to post any more of his scurrilous silliness. Troll the troll. Find him wherever he is and just let him have it. His accounts are most likely fake so there is little point in him crying to Facebook, and you can make all sorts of threats, and say any sick thing that comes into your head, because the police simply won’t do a damned thing about it and he is too compromised to make such a complaint anyhow. Go for it. He is a real petal; a total snowflake.


download (2)

The most obvious eccentricity of those running Anonykatz is their obsession with felines. It goes beyond a simple shtick and into the realm of full-blown mania.

Smith and Anthony Albanese: boy the air must’ve smelt bad when that shot was taken

Therefore when it turns out that noted anti-fascist, the mushy-bellied beer-quaffing Pete Smith and his equally chubby partner Ariana Klepac are the authors of two books classified as “humour” and which reflect an almost Egyptian worship of pussycats it seems a reasonable enough contention that these two are responsible for Anonykatz. At least, this is the theory being presented to us. Obviously, we cannot say definitively, but the circumstances certainly make it highly plausible.

Awww, look at that, Pete’s a Labor man, which means he’s not a proper lefty at all. Slackbastard should stop talking to him

The pair has authored the books How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat, and The Cat-phabet: A Guide to our Furry Overlords — From A to Z. We do not recommend you buy these books unless for some reason Kleenex is in dire shortage. Given the level of wit expressed on what may or may not be their Facebook page, the quality of humour is obviously somewhere about the level of Bill Shorten after a few snorts of paint thinners.

Mrs Anonykatz (allegedly), Ariana Klepac, whose public persona along with her partner is as an author of two naff cat books and who looks like she applies her lipstick with a paint roller

Klepac also notably wrote a book titled Stark Raving Mod about the Mod scene in Australia from the late 1970s to 1980s. The book is currently unavailable for purchase.

The blurriness of Katz Palace (allegedly) in Balmain must be down to all the beers Pete drinks to try and make his missus look attractive. And vice versa. Ho ho… just a jolly jape, we are pretty sure both would nab first place in any swimsuit contest

What we DO know is that they both live in Balmain, or Toy World, as some wags refer to it, and if they do in fact control Anonykatz then their background could not be more perfect given the character of the suburb. However, if you want to Google their ‘publisher address’, which is Klepac’s residential & business address, you’ll encounter the extremely odd situation of finding their house blurred out on all Google Street View maps. We are not sure how, or why, one goes about getting their residence blurred out – especially when it is supplied by Google as a place of business – so we’ll just show you a blurry image of the joint which won’t mean much without an accompanying address so they can spare us any bullshit about litigation. As we say, it’s on Google anyway if you search Ariana Klepac. Both are authors which place them in the public domain and their works are therefore subject to fair comment, opinion, and literary criticism.

What also is justified editorial comment in the context of this article is Smith’s alleged connection to the convicted paedophile and former anti-fascist state informant, Alex Gollan. A former assistant principal at a Sydney school, Gollan led a double life as an anti-racist crusader, running a blog called Anti-Bogan at the WordPress site. Smith is implicated in having shared editorial responsibilities with the Gollan, who in 2016 was jailed for possession of child abuse material, released on bail, and the story sort of goes cold there. Perhaps his police handlers, long used to dealing with kiddy fiddlers, provided him with some sort of out clause. We’re sure to find out one way or another. Meanwhile, this does not cast Smith in a very convincing light as a social crusader.

Convicted pedo Alex Gollan was allegedly an associate of Smith

So, folks, there you have it; these anti-fascists are literally a bunch of pussies, with the gayest being Andrew Forster and his psychosexual fixation with Hyacinth Bucket. Perhaps she reminds him of the mother he’s always wanted to get into the sack. Who knows with these sickos? Adieu.

The technical term for this item is a ‘waste of money’



Those tuning into Stan’s sequel to the 1992 Australian film Romper Stomper expecting gritty realism will instead see a crime thriller.

Any pretence at social commentary is a cynical ploy by its creators to rope the general public into viewing a six-part action drama. The sequel is based ever so loosely, not just on its namesake, but on the reality it purports to represent. Whereas the original did offer social realism the update is just a shameless grab for ratings.

Trading off the controversy of the confrontations which occurred between so-called Patriots and Antifascist Action on the streets of Melbourne between 2015-16 Romper Stomper (2017) makes no effort to depict its subject earnestly. However, it will most likely be regarded as a documentary by globalist commentators despite the patently ‘high concept’ veneer of the production. Tim Soup will doubtless use it as the basis of one of his flat and censorious dissertations.

Rather than the diversity-minus-Islam of the Civic Patriots like United Patriots Front, who marched with Asians and shook hands with Africans at their rallies, the Patriot Blue of this latest incarnation are White Nationalists. This simple detail alone propels it way outside of the gravitational pull of authenticity (remember how Ralph Cerminara et al went out of their way to drive off ‘the Nazis’ from their street theatre?).

The unreality of the series is evident from the opening sequence where Patriot Blue has crashed the entrance to a Halal Festival with a pig on a spit. After Blake, the group’s leader (Lachy Hulme) — who bears a conspicuous resemblance to the UPF’s Blair Cottrell — harangues the festival goers a contingent of black-bloc Antifasc (based on Antifascist Action, or Antifa) arrives tooled-up to ambush the Patriots.

Any pretence at social commentary is a cynical ploy by its creators to rope the general public into viewing a six-part action drama.

In the ensuing brouhaha weaklings with the combined strength of a stuffed toy overpower hardened Patriots. This is, putting it mildly, highly unlikely. Antifa mostly attacked stragglers and old women carrying flags in groups of five and six. Moreover, there was seldom any rally where the police presence did not outnumber those protesters and counter-protesters. The pigs almost immediately nixed any unruliness.

Two of the key protagonists are introduced, Stix (Kad Hartcher) and Kane (Toby Wallace). The latter, it is revealed, is Hando’s son. Later, we discover he isn’t. But at this time the two are welcomed as heroes as they salvage Patriot Blue from the awful ambush by what appear to be emo kids amped on energy drinks.

The Blair character is not-so-Blair as you think. But he does occasionally blare unlikely WN maxims through a loud hailer

A bloodied Blake invites the pair back to his place for a drink. While there, Blake wails on a henchman for revealing the rally’s location. We learned that Kane and Stix have left the army and are looking for work. Blake and his wife Zoe (Sophie Lowe), who seems an unlikely companion at half his age and hot to boot run a ‘recycling’ business, which must be fruitful since he shares a $15k bottle of Scotch with the pair. Blake offers them work.

The cops turn up to arrest Blake for “obstruction” leaving Kane and Stix alone with the pretty missus. Kane immediately makes a move and right here is one of the signature dramatic problems with the show: apart from the schlocky acting, the story’s timing is inappropriate. As if you would be sipping the leader’s top plonk while fondling his woman’s hair all in the space of an hour of entering his home.

The original Romper Stomper had plausible graduations of sequences but so much is stuffed into the unfolding plot that its pace comes to resemble any contemporary action movie involving Mark Wahlberg.

Rather than the diversity-minus-Islam of the Civic Patriots like United Patriots Front, who marched with Asians and shook hands with Africans at their rallies, the Patriot Blue of this latest incarnation are White Nationalists.

The writers disingenuously try to squeeze social relevance out of the characters while accentuating the politically correct constituents of the story. For instance, back at the Halal Festival, a young Moslem girl is supposedly bashed by Patriots. In the entirety of every rally held there was probably about 20 Moslems who showed up but that would not be sexy for the kind of audience Stan is looking for.

So we have a gratuitous act of cowardly violence against a Moslem girl that would never have happened no matter how high spirits ran at a rally. The producers overlooked how self-conscious about public approval the United Patriots Front were, which was acute to the point of cucking them into non-existence. But this was never about the Patriot Movement. And the ‘victimhood’ narrative of Moslems is now well underway.

Jago (C) and Blake (R) stick it to ‘forthright educated Moslem’ Laila (L)

Interviewed by a news crew in the aftermath of the attack on her sister, Laila (Nicole Chamoun), an “educated forthright Arab”, becomes a hero of the Antifasc. She also falls into the sights of Jago (David Wenham), the homosexual right-wing TV commentator loosely styled on Alan Jones, who has his eye on Kane. He and his Asian assistant (yes, there is more than one ironic device employed in the sequel) hoodwink her into coming on his show. Shocked to find Blake is also a guest, she reels as the pair demolish her on-air.

Meanwhile, Antifasc is reviewing video footage of the rally to identify the unknowns. This is an accurate portion of the show because as we know the craven polyps of the real Antifa occupy themselves in exactly this fashion. Here too is another disturbing accuracy. We encounter the mysterious McKew (Syd Zyglier).

McKew is the anonymous source behind The Slacker’s Guide to Fascists which is a blatant reference to Slackbastard. We even find out that ‘the Slacker’ is a university professor which confirms our contention professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University is one of the originators of Slackbastard. This also raises questions about how au fait with Slackbastard the media truly is as this is by no means a coincidence. The only other conclusion to draw would be that the writers of the show sourced their material from us.

The original Romper Stomper had logical graduations of sequences but here so much is stuffed into the unfolding plot that its pace resembles any contemporary action movie involving Mark Wahlberg.

As the show unfolds, the Slacker turns out to be an arsehole, which is the only time the show touches on fact.

The Slacker, as with the true life Slackbastard, manipulates the Antifasc to do his bidding. Thus the heroic and idealistic Laila is drawn into the world of Antifasc which will ultimately spell her doom. Here too we encounter Petra (Lily Sullivan), one of the show’s female powerhouse trio, and a senior Antifasc figure. The third ‘forthright female’ is the oddest one of all to explain in terms of the storyline.

images (2)
Zoe, Blake’s Missus, is seldom without a glass of vino

Kane has a little foster sister named Cindi who breaks out of a girl’s home after a visit from her surrogate brother. Cindi is cunningly installed with Antifasc whom she encounters while on the lam and hungry. Heading to a soup kitchen she meets up with two of the Antifasc barnacles and thence returns on Kane’s instruction to join the fold without much vetting.

This is another dodgy bit of plot since supposedly on the run from authorities it is remarkable that no effort is made to apprehend her nor is she recognised by any member of the public. She also seems to achieve the impossible, getting by without any scratch to cover her living costs. Antifasc must be better funded than we’d imagined.

It is between Kane, Zoe, Jago and two reprises from the original movie, Cackles (Dan Whyllie) and Magoo (John Brumpton), that the story heads to its propagandistic conclusion. However, along the way are other characters, some of which play integral roles, others serve to underscore the message Australians are fundamentally racist.

As the show unfolds, the Slacker turns out to be an arsehole, which is the only time the show touches on fact.

We meet an Arab Mixed Martial Arts fighter named Malik (Jamie Abdallah) who is disgusted with Laila’s brother Farid (Julian Maroun) for being beaten by the Patriots. While out with his Arab mates, he belts a truck driver defending the honour of his female partner who’s being crudely ogled by one of his passengers. Defending himself, Malik’s skills come to the fore. He drops the driver who cracks his head and nearly dies. The thoughtful Moslem seeks solace in prayer. The viewer is left to regard the Aussie as a victim of his own racism and hubris. The wisdom is only to be had in the mosque listening to the Imam with whom Malik confers.

Then there is the moral ambiguity of the Africans who are sent packing from a late-night convenience store by Kane’s Patriot Blue Night Patrol. The two gangster-rap gun-toting blacks tell the ‘White boys’ “These are our streets”. Chased off, they afterwards end up kidnapping Noddy (Sam Parsonson) and torturing him before dumping him at Blake’s place. While Noddy is bound and gagged the writers allow the APEX ringleader to lecture him with a parable of a “lost little sheep”. In actuality the black is the voice of globalism and Noddy, the lost sheep, represents any Australian who would vainly stand up to him. There is no resolution for this sadistic act (events intervene) that is well-deserving of Patriot retribution. Hate begets hate appears to be the lesson. What’s more, the Night Patrol itself requires comment since we have heard much about Patriot groups proposing such action, but nothing we see has ever been reported, such as Moslems being bashed, and an Ice lab turned over. It is all a big ‘what if’.

Into the mix comes a detective named Marco (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor), who happens to be “handling” Blake. This is an interesting theme seeing as how we have Neil Erikson who just about everybody knows is, or was prior to his recent charges, most definitely being handled. We know too that UPF members had been approached by ASIO. But apart from operating the Patriot Blue leader, Marco is also cheating on his missus by rooting Kane’s estranged millionaire mum, Gabe (Jacqueline McKenzie); another character from the original movie who basically does nothing. Well, she does do something, at the very end she tells Kane that Hando is not his father but rather his grandfather, her father, Martin — who regularly abused her and is seen in the show dying of dementia — sired the prodigal Patriot. Not that we told you that, readers. To do so would be a spoiler, which would require an alert.

We won’t spoil things either by  letting slip that Kane ends up killing Blake when the Patriots visit Magoo’s country hideaway which is a veritable armoury of WW2 weapons and Nazi paraphernalia. Blake is both jealous and suss of his young protege and puts him through a test warning him to stay away from Zoe. He gets about two minutes of gloat time when he passes before a seemingly pacified Kane pushes him down an escarpment. But revealing such would only ruin things for when he shacks up with Blake’s Jesus freak missus (Blake could not get it up due to the ‘roids’) who sees Kane as a Christlike figure come to save Australia. Nor will we reveal how the wily Cackles, who owns a white goods business (get it), had all along recruited Kane and Stix to take over Patriot Blue and usurp Blake. And there is no way in hell we’ll tell you about the inspiring scene where the Patriots annihilate Antifasc on a Melbourne beach while they hold a solemn ceremony with Blake’s ashes.

Furthermore, while not spilling  spoilers such as the above we shan’t mention the bullshit ironic device number two which has Magoo meeting with his Asian daughter, who he is ripped apart at not being able to be with. Now that would truly have been a righteous portrayal of a Civic Patriot.

Our lips are also sealed as to how the whole thing ends with Magoo talking his way into an event with a pro-multiculturalism politician and blowing up the two Antifasc, Kane’s sister, and countless others with a bomb jacket created by Cackles, the real power behind it all. No, because, that would be a prick act and our name isn’t Slackbastard. But we will say this, the whole thing is just tawdry entertainment created with the knowledge it will be blindly accepted as cutting-edge real-life drama. The globalist instruction is pungent and the audacity strong: to depict an Aussie as a terrorist bomber while the Moslems are the level-headed copers.

As Nationalists, we must condemn the series on about a thousand levels, but one really stuck in our craw and that is the depiction of these rock ape Patriots as White Nationalists. Back in 2015, we suffered badly trying to help the Patriots. They were thankless, they took what they wanted, and they threw us under a bus. We have never forgotten and those now claiming to be pruned from the same Nationalist branch as ours have never apologised for it either.

It is irksome to hear Blake spouting WN maxims, and reciting Henry Lawson. Lawson is a Nationalist hero and we’re pretty sure 99.9% of those original Patriots have never heard of him. They would be much more likely to quote Milo Yiannopoulos.

What is really sick though is the creation in the public’s mind that terrorism is where Nationalist politics is inevitably destined to end up. The Antifasc in the show is treated more sympathetically with their destructive acts simply shown to be well-meaning blunders. We have had those pass through our movement who have attempted to draw Australians into criminal acts, such as Squadron 88’s New Zealander leader. But this is not how we roll. To be depicted in this light shows either very poor research or very conscious design and we feel it’s the latter. Additionally, Facebook Patriots should receive royalties since the show is mostly written from their online interactions.

Like John Safran, it seems everyone made money out of the Patriot Movement except those who were in it (with the exception of notable scam artists who know who they are). This is just another cash-in on something which has been and passed. Moreover, if you pay to see it, you are giving Fairfax money, as they happen to own Stan. They are also behind all the defamatory attacks upon our people.

Hmm, the media knows all about Slackbastard. And judging by the portrayal of his character they know he’s a bitch




Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane is not only an overpaid and under-talented diversity hire, he is also a weaver of bad fiction in support of his own, self-serving hoax narrative.

For a recent column in the Fairfax press, Dr Tim has cobbled together an extraordinary tale framing 2017 as a year which saw rising support for White supremacy, the mainstreaming of anti-immigrant politics and a resurgence of Neo-Nazism.

Yes, comrades, this painful screed is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds; if one-tenth of the commissioner’s mantra of rote-learned talking points bore any relationship to the real world then cosmopolitan, capitalist run Australia would be in serious trouble.

In the time-honoured Anti-Racist fashion, the commissioner seems to have written a list of everyone he hates, or who disagrees with the goals of globalist capitalism on his boardroom wall and wired together a schizophrenic narrative with push-pins and string, like some sweaty stalker out of a Hollywood movie.

Dr Tim attempting to absorb credibility through the armpit of celebrity activist Adam Goodes

Little of it makes sense to anyone who knows what they are looking at, Dr Tim writes of “Right-Wing Nationalism” as if it is an authentic political tendency; the reality is, of course, that few if any “Right Wingers” approve of the radical Nationalist program, preferring instead their attachments to Zionism and a version of multiculturalism which excludes Islam and Muslims.

This pig-headed refusal by Tim and his broader academic caste to look beyond the outdated binary view of politics has already made them into figures of fun; if there is an ascendant “Right Wing Nationalism” then according to that rigid worldview there must also be left and centrist versions, sadly for these blockheads no such tendencies exist.

In the time honoured Anti-Racist fashion the commissioner seems to have written a list of everyone he hates, or who disagrees with the goals of globalist capitalism on his boardroom wall and wired together a schizophrenic narrative with push-pins and string, like some sweaty stalker out of a Hollywood movie.

There are Right Wingers and Left Wingers along the mainstream political axis who all enthusiastically support the globalist capitalist programme of mobile Third World populations, totalitarian humanist equality for all and the replacement of the citizen with the atomised, unquestioning, apolitical consumer who is ruled by oligarchs and their bourgeoisie.

Nationalism, as we practice it is neither left nor right, what it truly represents is secession from cosmopolitanism, a rejection of the binary worldview with all its rigid conformity and ever-thickening tangle of artificial social mores and pedantic restrictions upon the liberty of the working classes.

Dr Tim wilfully misrepresents recent events in Europe and North America in his attempt to lull his readers into believing that, say, the mass actions surrounding Polish independence day, the electoral success of AFD in Germany and the ill-fated Unite The Right rallies in the U.S.A are all part of some global trend toward a resurgent White supremacy.

Again, real Nationalists would have none of this since we reject outright the mindset which allows one to believe that the world is now integrated to the degree that universal White unity is a realistic possibility; universal ideals such as this do not enter the heads of radicals, this is the mindset of the globalists or the religious nuts, Islamic Jihadists being the obvious example.

Muslims in Sydney demanding that they are taken seriously by the chattering classes

This brings us to another dodgy connection in Tim’s web of untruths: Why would the people he labels conservatives, anti Semites or neo-Nazis have such a problem with Islam?

On the face of it Right Wing Islamophobia makes no sense, there is no logical explanation as to why one group of socially conservative people should be hostile to another group holding basically identical views, that is until one listens to what the right wingers are actually saying.

The natural reaction of the upper classes, of which Tim Soutphommasane is most decidedly a member, is to scoff and roll their eyes at any utterance by the “little people”; the problem, though, in assuming that their class holds the correct values and opinions on all matters is that these twits render themselves unable to take seriously anything which exists outside their bubble of self-satisfied political correctness.

On the face of it Right Wing Islamophobia makes no sense, there is no logical explanation as to why one group of socially conservative people should be hostile to another group holding basically identical views, that is until one listens to what the right wingers are actually saying.

The Right Wingers, on the other hand, take both cosmopolitanism and Islam completely seriously, probably more so than many Muslims and the faults they find with that way of life are all, basically, to do with its perceived negative effects upon multiculturalism, women’s rights, homosexual rights and the interests of Jews and Israel.

Dr Tim mentions in his article Milo Yiannopoulis, the homosexual, Jewish, Libertarian provocateur who is married to a black man; Tim is seemingly agog at the popularity of such a character in this day and age, however seen in its proper context Milo’s stage show is pure multicultural theatre, he is a perfect poster boy for the Right Wing because he embodies all that they hold dear and all that the upper classes lay claim to but, in their cynicism, neglect.

Milo “The Dangerous Faggot” is not literally Hitler, he is more like the Dick Emery of globalist culture

The Islamic Jihad in the West is explicitly aimed at smashing social cohesion in multicultural societies by attacking its constituent parts,. The Right Wingers are one hundred percent correct on that score. Anyone who is capable of thinking tactically appreciates the structural weaknesses in cosmopolitanism, not to mention the studied indifference to this holy war among the upper classes, the politicians and the bourgeoisie.

This inability to think like one’s enemy by the people supposedly in charge leaves a cosmopolitan society wide open to subversion and the shock tactics of terrorists. If anything has become normalised in 2017 it is not “racism” as alleged by Dr Tim, rather it is this blasé attitude toward Islamic Jihad and its stated goals, which are the complete destruction of the multicultural West and the subjugation of its peoples by Muslims.

Further to his ballyhoo over the “Far Right” Soutphommasane also dramatically plays up the Neo-Nazi menace, albeit without specifically identifying anyone who openly admits to holding such opinions. We suspect this is because, like most people of his station his view of the new Nazis is likely informed by email circulars penned by Andre Oboler and the Jewish Board Of Deputies, so, therefore, we can assume that he knows nothing much about Nazis, either historical or contemporary.

Let us be blunt, Tim Soutphommasane is in trouble, if certain illiberal elements within the mainstream political scene have their way he and his fellow commissioners at HREOC will soon be out of a job, so he has to come up with something, anything really, to justify his three hundred thousand dollar a year salary.

The role most of the Neo-Nazis, as we have exhaustively explained in several articles is to stifle any dissent against globalist cosmopolitanism — to snuff out any spark of national feeling among Whites by tainting groups and individuals in guilt by association stings. True, some of these characters are motivated by the prospect of looting the money that organised political groups or clubs can raise, but in the main, they are wreckers under the direction of mainstream operatives.

Neo-Nazism, in contrast to Tim’s thesis, is actually the nemesis of White Nationalism and self-determination. It is chauvinistic within the context of White Australia since it attempts to apply phoney Third Reich racial categories to the White Australian ethnicity, something which, given our history on this continent, can never be accepted by true patriots.

The Neo-Nazi cuts a lonely figure at Unite The Right in Charlottesville

Dr Tim is peddling a load of horse manure. He is cobbling together a narrative of White supremacy and rising neo-Nazism to shore up his own precarious position as a globalist bureaucrat. If it all smacks of desperation it must be because Tim is, these days, a desperate man at the top tier of a widely hated bureaucracy.

Let us be blunt, Tim Soutphommasane is in trouble. Should certain illiberal elements within the mainstream political scene have their way he and his fellow commissioners at HREOC will soon be out of a job. He has to come up with something, anything really, to justify his three hundred thousand dollar a year salary.

Human rights are under attack by the minions of globalist capitalism; the idea is to roll back the legal protections available to citizens in the name of progress so that the transnational corporations can further embed themselves in the day to day life of working people.

Dr Tim is simply being made redundant by his real bosses. Maybe if he had done his job and protected the human rights of all Australians, rather than cultivating his reputation for arrogance, race-baiting and attacking the White majority, then he might have left his post in good standing and at a time of his choosing. As it stands though, he will probably be fired. His unpronounceable name will live on in infamy as just another haughty bureaucrat who got too big for his boots.

Pride comes before a fall, arrogant public servants in this country quickly grow into tall poppies, ripe for a hard pruning



UNA Editor-in-Chief

One aspect defining 2017 for us is just how much closer we as a nation are to becoming China’s mangy farm animal. If Labor had the choice they would flick the United States away and beg China to become our new boss.

Australia has since federation more-or-less grovelled behind a superpower guardian, be it Britain, the United States, and now it seems China. This happens at the cost of our national sovereignty. We have witnessed just how badly both sides of politics descend into treachery as individual politicians profit from selling off our future to communist China. Labor’s Sam Dastyari had to pull the pin after it was revealed a Chinese company covered bills from his office. Then he warned Chinese “businessman” Huang Xiangmo about phone taps and that was all she wrote for the un-Australian little wingnut.

New Australians enjoying our new national flag

But Labor is chocka with them. The dust hadn’t settled on that incident when former NSW Premier and Bennelong candidate Kristina Kenneally came out batting for her oriental masters and claiming criticism of the communist state is “China phobia.” All of this in a year when — aside from buying political influence — China has made an alarming string of major acquisitions including Western Australia’s Merredin Airport where Aussie pilots now need permission from communist China to land in their own goddamned country. This pattern is being frighteningly echoed around Asia and indeed the rest of the world as China buys up key infrastructure and moves in their own people.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

However, this was also the year of jousts and villainy with both the left and right side of politics as true nationalists fought all comers to retain our corner. A third-rate troll by the name of Luke McMahon who styles himself as an intrepid troll hunter but is really a pimple scribbled a hit piece full of slanders against an Australian nationalist and UNA friend labelling him, “One of Australia’s Worst Trolls”.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

McMahon is the worst troll in the world (search Mark Watford on Facebook), but he is also a federal snitch, who tracks Nationalists, Patriots and others around the web and reports them to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He does this by, unsurprisingly enough, trolling. His calumnies, particularly those about UNA editor Chris Shortis, have been published by Fairfax, a company which uses its media clout as a political and ideological cudgel, indifferent to the Australian Journalists Code of Ethics or just basic principles of defamation. Fairfax knows that few have the dosh to sue them so they go right out and publish lies. They aim to hurt and causing pain makes them feel good.

In 2018, United Nationalists Australia will be revealing more about Luke McMahon and his activities but let’s just say him and his team are taken with a grain of salt especially by overseas law enforcement agencies. We warned McMahon and his gay mate Slackbastard that we will never let them go and we won’t. That is a promise we will keep. Their sort must be made an example of, just like we did with their pussy cohorts from Antifascist Action Sydney who closed their blog’s privacy settings to “private” after we pointed out that being exposed on there is actually good for a nationalist’s credibility. We doxed Daniel Trotter as its inept editor and no doubt he is consoling himself with a few tweeks of chibu and a bottle of cheap grog purloined from Liquorland.

Author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog Daniel Trotter looking every bit the privileged rich kid he reportedly is

However, if we doxed Danny then former Antifa rat-chewer Shayne Hunter dropped a bombshell by exposing the inner workings of Antifascist Action and labelling them as dangerous extremists. Shayne had a lot to say and even mentioned Slackbastard in a webcast interview with an American site characterising him essentially as a chicken hawk feeding off the young and getting others to do his dirty bidding.

Speaking of which, him and McMahon were almost certainly behind providing details of an Australian nationalist’s address to Dave Gullis, the CFMEU crackpot who attacked his home with a firehose just after nationalists commemorated the Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat. We exposed Delusional Dave no thanks to Mark Latham who won the UNA Golden Shlomo award for Fake Aussie Nationalism. He ignored our requests to help spread the word in the ‘Alt-Right’ community about this psychotic communist cosplayer. As Stan is poised to premier its spin-off series Romper Stomper on New Years’ Day and glorify the toerags of Antifa, the reality is reverse to all media portrayals. We will have more to say about this appalling production in the New Year.

Yet, all that aside, it was a year of cold reckoning when Chris Shortis and two others from the Bendigo Three were convicted of inciting serious contempt for a class of people over the beheading of a plastic dummy. The proper charge should have read ‘performing a controversial stunt without being members of The Chaser’. It was a political show trial that made no sense other than in the context of the State of Victoria and its overtly communist direction.

Chris Shortis, on the second hearing of the Bendigo Three trial

Under Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement, African crime is so rampant that in the midst of African crime fatigue, Victorians awoke in late December to hear Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald deny there was an African crime problem at all. Instead, she called it a “youth” issue. Shortly after another notable female police appointment, Victorian Police Commissioner Lisa Neville accused Australians (presumably Whites) of being the worst offenders out of everyone.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

On a positive note, we learned late this month that Neil Erikson was charged over a scuffle outside of homosexual and Negro fetishist Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposedly secret venue near a Melbourne housing project which is home to half of the Sudan and Somalia. Strictly speaking, the charges are bullshit, but for all the crap Neil Erikson has caused we could not bring ourselves to say a word in his defence. He is destined for a protective wing in a Melbourne prison. Let’s hope he goes to the general population.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding only rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

Others we hope either die of cancer, go to jail, or wind up being turned into ironing board covers are the filth from Peanuts for Freedom who surpassed themselves this year by engaging in a night of drunken harassment of former female members and others. The Peanuts, on tour in Lithgow for a failed rally, presumably high on pingas, grass and grog, made a series of demeaning and pornographic calls to former members and an associate of Kim Vuga. Police complaints were made and Kim Vuga issued a condemnation of Nick Folkes and his grubby party. The chief offenders were Nick, fat boy Tobes, and Penny “Pen-Pen” Tridgell.

Both Nick and Pen-Pen won Shlomo awards this year, but we ignored Tobes because he would probably have considered it good publicity. These fakers are not a joke though. Pen-Pen and Jamo joined Neil Erikson in Melbourne to support Avi Yemini, who we also had a bit to say about. Avi has positioned himself within the Cory Bernadi conservative milieu as a dinky-di Jewish Supremacist Aussie Patriot. He is hoping to take ground vacated by former United Patriots Front leaders and turn this whole thing into backing for Israel; which is pretty much what the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) tried to do. Avi’s Peanuts’ fans are, however, a confused bunch. See, they also tried to reinvent themselves as White Nationalists flying under Totenkopf placards at certain Sydney rallies.

What do you expect when they can’t even work out how to put on a T-shirt?

This was during their phase of aligning with Australia’s self-declared ‘Alt-Right’ who see basically anyone conservative as a legitimate support base. Without going into a whole thing, this is the sort of thinking that will have them inevitably redesigning themselves as Alt-Something-Else this time next year when it all goes down the trough at the local pisser like the failed Dingocon after Dr Jim Saleam penned his damning Rape House article, which highlighted the scammers still operating within the broad theatre of the Alt-Right.

Anyway, the New Year dawns, the old has passed. UNA will continue to provide its usual high standard of commentary on issues facing the nationalist community, and by rote, the nation itself. We will also continue to be monitored by insane Jews who make a point of noting anti-Semitic anything — even a kid’s shoddy carving of a swastika on a tree trunk. We got a few mentions in this year’s report on anti-Semitism by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. It would be a waste of time pointing out that we are anti-Zionist because to the Skypes that’s pretty much the same thing so we won’t waste our breath.

Until next year, which is tomorrow as this goes live, see yez and have a bonza WHITE New Year’s Eve!


Dr Jim Saleam: Fascists and Conservatives

Dr Jim Saleam: Fascists and Conservatives

Some people, who may be good patriots and who may yet make good nationalists attached as they are to the Alt-Right and to other patriot structures, have made favourable references to the Australian 1930’s paramilitary group, the New Guard. They have suggested it could be a fountainhead for Australian nationalism. I consider the New Guard – the exact opposite.

The New Guard, formed in 1931, was an armed and violent conservative movement which set out to undermine the Jack Lang government of New South Wales. In Lang, they saw ‘communism’. After all, he repudiated the war debts to London, stood up for the mass of the unemployed and pushed for credit expansion to ease the Depression. Lang stood for Australia first, for the struggle of the productive classes. Meantime, the New Guard espoused ‘unswerving loyalty’ to the Empire, ‘sane finance’ (deflation) and a managerial government run by ‘the best families’. The New Guard programme represented the class war from above dressed up as patriotism.

In 1933, the leader of the New Guard, Eric Campbell, met Sir Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists. Mosley considered the New Guard to be fascist. He was wrong. And by this time too, Campbell was openly calling himself ‘fascist’. He was wrong too.

Colonel Campbell does the one-arm backstroke under hypnosis by a visiting American entertainer

What is the problem?

Well, the New Guard certainly went about uniformed and did violence, offering fascist salutes and saying it was fascist. It said it wanted to crush communism by violence and it claimed to be militantly patriotic.

But the New Guard was connected throughout its four-year life by subliminal sentiments, imperial and class ideological references and organisational threads to the Old Guard conservatives, the rich colonial-imperial bourgeoisie who wanted to hang on to their wealth against the challenge from the people. Social change, Australian economic independence, the Labor Party – all was communism. The Old Guard would rely upon the state apparatus and a secret paramilitary apparatus and putsch for power if need be. The New Guard, its bastard child, would do the street violence. It was no challenge to capitalism either.

Irony entered in. In July 1932, Lang was sacked by Sir Phillip Game, the governor, such that New South Wales be ‘saved’ from communism and civil war (sic). Four years later, Game was in London, making sure in his capacity as Commissioner of Police, that Mosley’s fascists could not be an effective challenge to the British elite. Two countries. Same imperial elite. Same interests to be defended.

For me, Jack Lang, brother-in-law to Henry Lawson, was the real deal. He was the champion of the people. He railed against international finance capital, against those who could not act and think as Australians in the banks and the corporations. In his extreme old age, he remained the fighter for White Australia. If there is a fountainhead for nationalism, it was Lang and not the New Guard.

The “communist” NSW Premier who was ousted for putting White Australia first – what sort of fascists would do that to such a ridgey didge Patriot?

In what must be suggestive of ideological place, I recall a chat some years ago with a Klub Nation reactionary, one of the shysters who recently conned his way into the Aussie Alt-Right phenomenon. He told me that the New Guard was a real nationalist movement and that its opposition to ‘leftist’ Lang was correct. It was ‘fascist’ too, he said – as if I would be turned on. So the circle completes and we again, in the immediate period, find ourselves assessing the relationship of fascism and conservatism – from the past.

Of course, there is a large academic literature these days that explains how fascist and conservative groups, under the pressure of events and the challenge of the Left in 1930s Europe, might share external features. Decades ago, the study was fresh and it was easier for political newbies and others to confuse the two. No more. Names like Martin Blinkhorn, Eugen Weber, Stanley Payne, A. James Gregor, Roger Griffin, Roger Eatwell can be traced by the curious today and it’ll be explained. Conservatism and fascism were mutually exclusive things.

Nonetheless, in my decades of political activity, I have continually come upon conservatives playacting at being militants and at being ‘fascists’ and even ‘Nazis’. It took me time to understand their essential ‘bs’.

When I was a high school kid, I came upon Eugen Weber’s Varieties Of Fascism. It taught me that fascism in one vital sense was a synthesis of nationalism and socialism. It varied from country to country, in how it arranged that synthesis from source-material and in what it looked like, but that synthesis was a key element of it. So, I tried to apply that knowledge to people I met.

I remember blundering into a Brisbane meeting of Eastern European ‘fascists’ in 1972. They gave each other salutes, chatted about fighting the Labor communists (?!) and doing violence – and then talked over how to help the Liberal Party stay in government. The Liberal Party? It seemed the Libs were going along with the USA to roll back East European communism and they would help the Libs make it happen. They were not alone in that sort of notion.

Consider the colourful – if ridiculous – Australian Nazi phenomenon during the period that the extreme-left in Australia gained some size (1969-75). Some of these so-called Nazis believed that they would ‘prove’ themselves to the conservative moneybags by fighting those commies in the street and, out of desperation at being unable to stem the Red tide any other way, the conservatives would ‘call them in’ to save the country. A Liberal-Nazi government would form to fight communism and perhaps even win the war in Vietnam! I remember asking one of these Nazis if that meant the Liberals would allow some socialist reforms of banking and the multinationals – but I was told that was communism too. “Are you a communist?”, he asked me. Much of the time, the Nazis took cues from the Special Branch political police in attacking the Left, yet considered that normal, a primer before the curtain was raised on their taking power. Nazis in Queensland thought Premier Joh was Australia’s von Hindenberg, the patriot who would team up with the tough boys to save the country. Delusional maybe, but all this demonstrated the essential linkage between the conservatives and would-be fascists. These fascists (sic) considered themselves as conservatives with one difference: they reasoned the conservatives weak and unwilling to do the dirty work – which meant someone had to break the law to fight those Reds!

Joh Bjelke Petersen was tipped to be the next Liberal Party Nazi leader… or something

However, there was for me, one good bump in the conservative road. I also met the émigré Hungarian fascists who had a different story. They told me that you: “cannot have nationalism without socialism and socialism without nationalism”. They said most of the émigré fascists (Eastern Europeans by and large) were flunkeys of the Liberals and that the Libs were the quintessential party of capital. They even told me that if ever they returned to Hungary, they thought it best that the property socialised by the communist regime from the aristocracy and the old wealthy elite– stay in state hands! Maybe they were communists like me?

In the late 1970’s, I was in Sydney, a member of the first nationalist groups when we met those Liberals known as ‘the Uglies’. Their descendants still survive as rabid free marketeers. This gang posed then as the toughest of the tough and the hardest of the hard Right. Or so they said. They told the nationalists that they were us and we were them, except they were going to take over the Liberal Party and ‘come out’ when the day came. The day never came and generation after generation of young people has heard their story. The nationalists worked it out. The Uglies were spinning a yarn to suck people in and neutralize them forever. The Liberal machine would mince them up into becoming Libs and run them as lures for other ‘radicals’ who might upset the conservative applecart.

There was a twist. This Liberal lot also told us that they were secret ‘fascists’ and even ‘Nazis’. After all, Menzies who had been an ‘Appeaser’ of fascism in the 1930’s had let into the country the East European collaborators after 1949. They said Hitler really knew how to screw communism by fighting it in the streets. Why he finally grew up and attacked the Soviet Union. Nazism was the highest form of patriotism because it defended its principles violently. But Aussie people didn’t really know all that so its secret message would stay the glue that will bind us – while we take over the Liberal Party. I started to think: is the Soviet Union even the enemy? Why fight them for the USA? And why are these Uglies all the way with Uncle Sam? How does their taking over the Liberal Party help the nationalist cause? We, nationalists, wanted an independent Australia and their programme isn’t nationalist. They said they just hated the ‘wet’ Malcolm Fraser, but supported everything he said about deregulation and ‘fighting communism’. After 1979, they followed Margaret Thatcher; she would beat communism by privatising everything, they said.

The dirty truth (part of it at least) came out in 1978 when the leader of the Uglies (Lyenko Urbanchich, a Slovenian collaborator with Germany and Italy) called for the recruitment of Vietnamese and other Indo-China ‘refugees’ into the Liberal Party as supporters of the war against communism. We, nationalists, were concerned with our European identity not communism as threats to the nation, so the division was in the open. Even so, they kept telling us for years they were ‘fascists’, just like us, ad nauseum. When one of us quipped to an Urbanchich follower, we would prefer a Soviet White Australia to a capitalist multiracial sewer, the old Slovenian guru finally said that Australian nationalism was bolshie anyway (1987). Thanks for that!

Lyenko Urbanchich called for Vietnamese and Indo-china refugees to join the Liberal Party against communism

In the mid-1980’s, a wag in the nationalist Australian National Action, of which I was the Chairman by then, came up with a goodie: the conservative Liberals will tolerate Nazis, but they will never tolerate nationalist-socialists.

Did these Liberals ever want the nationalisation of the banks? Did they want free education and socialised medicine? Did they want our mineral wealth controlled by the nation? Did they want direct democracy? Not at all. They adored free dog-eat-dog enterprise and government by parliament. They abhorred ‘dole bludgers’ (read: anyone who lost his job), considered themselves the born-to-rule elite and they regarded the working class person as not their equal. They never thought in terms of the fiercely independent nation with a destiny of its own, but revelled in the dependent country beholden to great allies.

Not too much ‘socialism’ in their national socialism? I suspect that in so far as they liked (sic) Nazis and fascists, it was all about the fascist regimes that went to war against communism and then only so far as they did fight communism as a system. Such social change that the fascists did implement was ignored in that argument. Past that, these conservatives weren’t part of fascism at all, but no end of game-players calling themselves ‘fascists’ would hang around them. They could sit around and talk and talk and dream – and do the dirty work of the conservatives.

What I did see in most of those who wanted to talk about fascism in those days of the 1970’s and 1980’s (and in possibly even now?), is that they wanted to discuss regime-fascism and how ‘good’ it was. They liked pretty pics of parades, invasions of the USSR, a few criticisms of ‘Jewish capital’ (but seldom, gentile capital), the myth of the great leader. In so far as any of it had some transcendental relevance to any Australian struggle, none seemed that interested in the mechanics of revolutionary action. This alone should have suggested that their talk of fascism was a block in the way of action! Fascism was for them just a myth to be talked about in a club of such people with Libs in attendance who could provide a ‘political’ outlet for them.

It became clearer to the nationalists. There had always been a real demarcation line between historical fascists and conservatives. If there had been anything positive in fascism that ‘line’ was it. And fascism’s essential sin (not the only one I would add) had been its alliances with the conservatives. Its revolution was bowdlerized before it got going. In that regard, I do remember meeting in the 1980’s an Italian who fought for the Italian Social Republic. He opined that the Mussolini regime till 1943 had been an illusion, a travesty of fascism’s potential. The Italian civil war brought the people into play against the industrialists and the landowners, the church and the monarchy, those whom the regime had previously indulged. That sounded different!

Of course, the discourse of a revolutionary fascism hardly gets a look-in with the debate on fascism, locked as it usually was, into a look-in at the regimes and their wondrous (sic) surface-appearances. The curiosity for me was the deepest fault of fascism in the 1930s and 1940s – that it temporized with the conservatives and the joke in the contemporary world was that the would-be fascists confused the two and pimped for the conservatives as errand boys.

The joke is still being played out in small circles.

I write as an Australian nationalist. My interest in fascism would be literary only if it was not for conservatives who put out bait and for a few people who muck about with fascism in the hope it might offer them something. The latter is more of the problem. Do they still mean regime-fascism? Or do they mean that synthesis of nationalism and socialism that the fascists, to their credit, attempted? And if they do mean that, did not the Australian radical nationalists and our labour movement achieve that synthesis but in our language and in a popular-democratic form? If that was true, why have the discussion about fascism at all?

I would conclude this article with a commentary about Australia from Antonio Grossardi, the Consul General in Australia of Fascist Italy. He said:

“Australia…since the day of its federation has lived…in the rosy certitude that it was the wealthiest, most capable, privileged and hard working country in the world, a type of Earthly Paradise,” God’s Own Country”, such that with a blind and constant faith in the present and future resources of the country, it abandoned itself to social-proletarian experiments of all sorts without taking into account the obstacles, the costs and the possibilities of success.”

Grossardi thought such was the wealth that the Australian people enjoyed they could afford to launch “continuous experiments in social-democracy”. This included a pragmatic labour party, distant from the ideological strife of the Old Continent, bent on enriching the poor rather than taking from the rich like the old socialisms. He went on to describe Australia’s social security system unsurprisingly as “overly generous”. Such comments beg comparison to the Italian reality at the same time, where the Fascist government was only beginning to introduce the rudiments of social welfare.

I am not surprised really that the regime-fascists thought ill of us. Australia is not the Old Continent, but a New Continent – and our challenges are our own.

It’s all too familiar