In intelligence forwarded to UNA, two of the biggest jokes inhabiting the fringes of the Far-Right underground have stepped out as virulent anti-Semites.

In a now-removed post from the Peanuts’ salty Facebook group page, in which information about Antifa blog author Daniel Trotter is revealed, Penny Tridgell, the Ice-smoking party-slut and Avi Yemini supporter, and Toby Cook, the obese mixed-race White supremacist with delusions of relevance, make comments about an AFP member.

What we’re interested in here is not investigating the slur but rather examining the duplicity of those employing it — for in doing so, we expose much about a cancer that attaches itself to the Nationalist movement.

We were attempting to blog about an Antifa leader and this shit side-tracked us

The two we have named bring not wisdom or inspiration to our cause but in fact are an obstacle to those qualities. They are proof that in Civic Patriotism there are no minimum requirements and we hope new readers might grasp our message here. For by their own actions, and their own past, they reveal their unworthiness. So once again we must return to the instigator of the defamation and explain how he has done nothing but harm the movement.

See, back in 2014, the same member was targeted for the ‘J’ accusation by Mark McDonald, a New Zealander who has involved himself in Australian nationalism, while having an unverifiable past back in his own country.

As reported in great detail, the discredited McDonald worked with now-retired Liberal party shit-stirrer Howard Crawford — himself a rabid Zionist — to undermine legitimate nationalists in order to promote conservatism. McDonald served as his craven would-be Hitler Youth organiser, gathering gullible members for his infamous boy’s club, Squadron 88. In their entire existence, they managed to twice letterbox Eastern Suburbs streets with badly written anti-Semitic flyers indifferent to the fact that all along they were working with a practising Zionist.

What we’re interested in here is not investigating the slur but rather examining the duplicity of those employing it — for in doing so, we expose much about a cancer that attaches itself to the Nationalist movement.

McDonald fabricated the lie that this member is Jewish in an attempt to undermine the Australia First Party and its leader. There is a Facebook page he established as a sort of puny retort to our doxing of him for his crimes. During his fleeting career, he attempted a handful of abortive criminal conspiracies, one involving the targeting of Penrith councillors with violence. On another occasion, he tried to cajole a young Australian into firebombing a Newcastle mosque. How does any of this ‘further the cause’ and why aren’t more critical about pestilence of McDonald’s ilk?

Confused much, Pen-Pen? Here you are criticising the same individual because he allegedly “hates Jews”. Now you imply YOU hate Jews, but you’re defending one in this unsolicited PM that you did a chicken-run on

McDonald, whose air of mystery masks a true identity he goes to great lengths to conceal, had all along been in the orbit of Nick Folkes and his Zionist party, despite his posing as a staunch anti-Jew. Hypocrisy notwithstanding, his attacks on this nationalist reached Neil Erikson, who had never met, nor even interacted with the individual. The Erikson buffoon went on to make a video based on the lies which thus established the direct ties between him and the Folkes crew. This, in turn, was lapped up by Fairfax troll and stalker Luke McMahon who published the lies as though fact without The Age’s editor making any attempt at verifying his numerous falsifications.

Naming Nationalists as Jews is the oldest one in the book. If you haven’t been called a Jew, then you haven’t been upsetting the right people. It is also a pedantic reaction to any significant force one cannot overcome with their own insufficient skills.

Peanuts for Freedom are a refuge for crippled mentalities that cannot grasp Nationalism but oppose Islam.

When teenager Toby Cook turned up as Nick Folkes’ chubby offsider, older members cooled off from party activities. A veteran member revealed to UNA in an article published earlier this year how Nick’s behaviour degenerated in the company of ‘Tobes’ as the pair began dragging the already compromised Civic Patriot outfit down even further.

Peanuts for Freedom are a refuge for crippled mentalities that cannot grasp Nationalism but oppose Islam.

Boozing is such an issue within PfF that following a post-rally celebration one of its older female members fell between a train and the platform injuring her leg while pissed out of her already shrunken brain.

Meanwhile, Toby was infamously filmed by anarchists at a Darlinghurst nightclub in company with Tridgell. Both were high on “pingas” and Toby was so zonked the anarchists teased him with a performance using white gloves and trippy hand manoeuvres. He looked as if he was about to ejaculate. This proclivity of Toby’s to be attracted to men sparked rumours that he and Nick Folkes have been sustaining an unnatural relationship behind the back of Nick’s Japanese wife.

George is 40 something, and Pen-Pen is about 22. Oh, and they like to describe their back-door love routine

After a particularly heavy beer & bong session following a failed rally at Lithgow where McDonald was in attendance, Cook, Folkes and Tridgell proceeded to make infantile, and pornographic mobile calls to a number of women, including an associate of Kim Vuga. Kim issued a statement condemning Folkes and refuses to have anything more to do with him or his trashy party.

On that same night, Toby can be seen in a private image passed between members with his trousers down presenting his backside to a comatose Nick Folkes. This may also highlight a hypocrisy the PfF has over gay marriage.

download (1).jpg
Toby, the non-White Nationalist’s Nationalist presenting his love to an unconscious Nick. Ah, the love that might have been. This image was created and circulated among the permissive Peanuts’ set

The decline of PfF has been laid squarely at Toby’s feet by disgruntled members. Yet, Toby, who couldn’t make any inroads with the likes of the former UPF who regarded him as a homo, now styles himself on his new hero Mark McDonald.

On that same night, Toby can be seen in a private image passed between members with his trousers down presenting his backside to a comatose Nick Folkes. This may also highlight a hypocrisy the PfF has over gay marriage.

Tridgell, likewise, has added to the tramp flavour of the Peanuts. Dubbed ‘the queen of PfF’ Penny turned her back on her infant son and began a conjugal relationship with grease-ball George Jameson.

Pen-Pen and Jamo were so convinced others considered them a sexy couple that they shared details of their anal sex encounters on a private PfF chat. Clearly, George might want to fess up about his own love of Toby if he aims for the back and not the front.

Quality Nationalism with a slogan for a foreign election on the fat head of drunken idiot

Let us make it clear! If budding Nationalists do not have the refinement to discern this anorexic meth-whore and her blubbery eunuch compatriot from the real deal then they are incapable of figuring out even the basics.

At the last court session for the Bendigo Three, Pen-Pen and Jamo showed off their hippy love with Pens draping herself over Jamo’s seedy lap. This is not the most respectful behaviour inside a court, but then one look in Pen’s glazed eyes and you realise you’re dealing with an irredeemable drug casualty.

The word is that both have run off to put in their lot with Avi Yemini and Neil Erikson which makes Pen-Pen’s newfound anti-Jewishness intriguing given the substance of a private message sent to a true Nationalist — a message that she quickly made sure could not be responded to.

Tobes on Pingas at a fag club

Drug addicts, non-Whites, and women who reject their own child to lead a torrid affair with an oily sleazebag are not what Australian Nationalism is about. If you combined Pen-Pen and Toblerone’s IQ there wouldn’t be enough digits to form a zero. These two could not discuss any aspect of Australian Nationalist history.

They couldn’t name a single figure of importance or outline a basic tenet of Nationalism that wasn’t picked up off one of the drippy conservatives who’ve schooled them in a brand of Civics they misleadingly call Nationalism. Both are just dumb children out of their depth.

They try to justify their behaviour in that PM on the grounds we “dog patriots”. If we do, it’s because the Patriots in question are, like them, dogs to begin with. Moreover, since his arrival on the scene in 2008, Nick did nothing but attack the AFP and anyone who wouldn’t subscribe to his Zionist-Patriot formula so it’s a bit rich coming from a pair of Peanuts.

The reason we say all this is because times change, allegiances shift, and deadshits like Pen-Pen and the Boy Blubber are given an opportunity to reinvent themselves and beguile innocent newbies. Do not let it happen.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of true Australian Nationalists. We can now get on with outing Daniel Trotter.

Pen-Pen’s mature-aged lover waving the Israeli flag. What was that about ‘jewden rat’ (sic)?





The background

When one of our staff messaged Zionist Avi Yemini by Facebook to substantiate any involvement with fringe political crook Nick Folkes we knew it was a roll of the dice as to whether or not he would respond, and if he did, would he be straight with us?

Nationalists had detected links between Folkes’s Party for Freedom and Yemini. There has been no proof to date that he and Folkes have any direct involvement together, yet members of his unregistered micro party certainly have, so the prospect existed.

However, as unsurprising as all this is, it actually warrants a good explanation, given its maze of ethical contradictions. For instance, UNA has learned that the former leader of Squadron 88, who goes by the possible alias Mark McDonald (we say alias because not even those in his inner circle really know anything about him), is now operating as PfF’s “security”. Once again, Matey Mate is recruiting for another suspect gang.

McDonald went hell for leather when he mysteriously appeared everywhere on the scene at once in 2013. Like a character from a spy novel, he materialised out of thin air, suddenly contacting anyone of note in the nationalist movement. How he came to make such varied connections is itself a mystery given the boy was a total greenhorn. Nevertheless, in no time he would bring ignominy down upon the Nationalist community while arrogantly dismissing every veteran around him. Just like Folkes, he became the latest in a historical chain of provocateurs, creating only discord for our nationalism.

When one of our staff messaged Zionist Avi Yemini by Facebook to substantiate any involvement with fringe political crook Nick Folkes we knew it was a roll of the dice as to whether or not he would respond, and if he did, would he be straight with us?

Matey Mate and his misfits were responsible for letterboxing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs in September 2014 with badly written anti-Semitic flyers. The area has a high concentration of Jews. The purpose of the stunt was to gain notoriety for their group on the back of a recent incident of anti-Semitism that made the news. A gang of drunken teenagers (it has been suggested of Middle Eastern heritage) had boarded a bus bound for Bondi Junction and then allegedly threatened Jewish children as young as five. This generated community outrage and McDonald, who was enlisting for S88 via Stormfront Down Under, had the bright spark to cash in on it.

Interesting was, at the time, McDonald and his crew were in contact with one Howard Crawford, a Liberal party operative and, ironically, a staunch Zionist. Crawford was also involved with Folkes, and a peculiar alliance began. It was especially strange since S88 was primarily anti-Jew. McDonald lived in a dilapidated house belonging to a member of PfF. McDonald hosted many meetings at that house. Crawford was a regular visitor who occasionally brought gifts of beer and pizza.

The thing is, no matter how much it tries to piggyback on prevailing trends like the recent ‘edgy’ Alt-Right phenomenon, PfF is both a kosher patriot set and spoiler outfit. Radka Smith, who is the party’s second-in-charge, is Jewish. James Sternhell, who is not a PfF member but still supports PfF is as Jewish as a lox bagel. Thereafter, PfF was created specifically as an anti-Islam party. Folkes’s endorsement of Israel dates back to the days of when he and Darrin Hodges protested in defence of Max Brenner chocolates, a Jewish chain store targeted by left-wing pro-Palestinian groups.

George Jameson (L), Radka Smith (C), and some git (R). Back in 2014, Radka was abused for being a Jew by Mark McDonald who is now the Peanuts’ security. Is he another repentant Neil Erikson?

What then would supposedly fanatical neo-Nazis want with this mob? Putting aside Crawford and his Patriot Games, the question is as relevant as ever, since McDonald is back following an extended hiatus.

The Petersham-based McDonald was present earlier this year when the Peanuts hijacked a Penrith anti-mosque demonstration at Penrith. He also travelled to Lithgow for a failed demonstration against a proposed Moslem centre. He put in a furtive appearance at Newtown when Antifa failed to face down Nick and the Peanuts. Most recently, he marched with the Peanuts in Sydney, rallying around the statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park. In one pic, he can be seen with his young recruits standing behind Jewish Jimmy Sternhell who is carrying a flagstaff. This did not seem to bother the supposedly virulent anti-Semite.

Mark “Matey Mate” McDonald, the virulent anti-Semite standing behind James Sternhell (holding flag), who is very much a Semite. Contradictions? Nah…

What then would supposedly fanatical neo-Nazis want with this mob? Putting aside Crawford and his Patriot Games, the question is as relevant as ever, since McDonald is back following an extended hiatus.

Also at that rally was George Jameson who is of Serbian heritage. Seldom has a Patriot rally gone down when George wasn’t there. Wherever action is, Jameson is sure to be on hand. He waved the Israeli flag in the infamous image taken at the 2014 Penrith anti-mosque rally. His unremarkable Malteser head is everywhere if you browse through snaps from rallies past. Yet, despite his ubiquitousness, he remains a curious, marginal figure.

Georgie Boy Jameson intensifying his shilling for Israel

Jameson has been allied to rat Neil Erikson and attended each court date of The Bendigo Three, Erikson’s sole ally. Erikson has a history of involving himself in Folkes’s murky business. For a time there, Folkes’s enemies were Erikson’s enemies. Folkes’s lies became Erikson’s lies, and nobody tells pork pies quite as easily and unashamedly as Erikson. Erikson has lied so long and so often that to him truth is whatever pops into his mouth. Outside the trial, many nationalists reported Jameson was spotted with his skank Penny Tridgell in close consultation with Yemini. The three sure seemed thick as thieves. So when an emergent Zionist Patriot hero like Avi Yemini links up with associates of a freshly Nazified Nick Folkes you naturally ask, “What’s all this then?”

Similarly, when you hear from very reliable sources that the kid who modelled himself on Romper Stomper’s Hando, now aligned with Folkes, is attending Krav Maga classes in Bondi, a hand-to-hand combat system developed by the Israeli Defence Force, and of which Avi Yemini is a well-known exponent and entrepreneur then you sense the plot thickening.

Then, if you’re anything like our UNA staff, you fire off a private message to Yemini himself and ask him some rather blunt questions about his relationship with these characters. After all, true nationalism must be protected at all costs.

The Daily Mail and the “mocking” Jew

Just about every conspiracy theory regarding the Jews and their command of the mainstream media came true this week when our UNA staffer hit the send button on a series of private messages to Yemini.

That which started out as a fishing expedition for a quote regarding Yemini and Folkes wound up as a fake news story in the egregious Daily Mail. What was truly ridiculous was the angle given the story.

See, initially, our staffer asked Yemini about his involvement with Folkes. Yemini actually responded, much to his surprise. He told our chap that he had no involvement with Folkes. Our staffer then mentioned Jameson and asked about their tête-à-tête. Yemini, whose gift for champagne comedy rivals the greatest comedians who ever cracked a jape, responded with, “No. We’re in a gay relationship. He’s my sugar daddy.”

At this point, our staffer required emergency surgery so that his split sides could be sewn back together. Recoiling from the greatest rejoinder ever, the exchange eventually degenerated until it culminated with our scribe suggesting Avi tests out his “bullshit Jew martial art” in a “cage fight” with an “Aryan”. This wasn’t serious, although, frankly, it would be well worth the ticket price. As he put it to us, “I was dealing with an obtuse pillock whose schoolyard comebacks were deeply irritating and that’s what he got. Plus, I had several glasses of wine.”

So, imagine all of our surprises when we clicked on the Daily Mail and discovered this abortive exchange was deemed to be a news story in which a “neo-Nazi thug” was “mocked” by the hero Jew Patriot. In essence, the might of the mainstream media just did Avi’s fighting for him, and you have to interrogate that.

That which started out as a fishing expedition for a quote regarding Yemini and Folkes wound up as a fake news story in the egregious Daily Mail. What was truly ridiculous was the angle given the story.

This epochal put-down of his was not a genuine riposte since our writer never actually zinged him, to begin with. He only asked about a meeting witnessed between Avi and the Serb. When it came to print, however, that crucial point of the whole story was reduced to what is known in the trade as “bullshit”. It was inferred that he just happened by chance to be sitting next to “another” random “extreme right activist” in “the public gallery”, who was not mentioned by name. In fact, the meeting did not occur in the public gallery. After all of this, Yemini is still evading the question.

Then we had to field another problem, “How does a private message exchange from Facebook even end up with a journalist?”

A fully wakkas Aussie boy from Avi’s IDF school shows his Aussie Pride

There are two possibilities here: Yemini, being so proud of his fatuous response published it on his Facebook page and it was randomly spotted by a Daily Mail hack, or else Yemini has a hotline to the hacks and reported it promptly desiring either publicity or payback. Either is just as likely to be true. The disturbing thing is Yemini seems to be so regularly in the news.

As we ruminate about this mysterious Zionist’s power to command media, we will revisit our previous question about how this happened in the first place. This is where we took a look at the “journalist” involved and what did we discover? We found that Stephen Johnson is not one of your typical left-wing liberal ABC MEAA mafias, but is himself a civic patriot. This is interesting.

We checked out Johnson’s Twitter account since he had closed-settings on his Facebook page and we found a veritable who’s who of civic patriots and groups. By all accounts, this witless drab is a supporter of Avi Yemini and either is in contact with him regularly or makes a point of checking Avi’s FB page.

Then we had to field another problem, “How does a private message exchange from Facebook even end up with a journalist?”

So we have an ultra-orthodox Jew, or at least one with strong Zionist loyalties who has snagged for himself the leadership role in the yawning vacuum of the Reclaim Australia movement, consorting with a close comrade of Nick Folkes. When asked about this he whistled a sardonic tune to drown out the question and two days later is artificially declared the victor of a non-existent battle of wits by the DM, which is championing one who is making his bones as an anti, anti-racist activist. Confused?

It gets even more baffling since we got to this place in the first instance trying to figure out why this poster boy for Mossad is dealing with civics that deal with Nazis who deal with Jews.

Oh, and in its fake news article, it is worth noting that Johnson described Yemini as a “Jewish activist”. Bear this in mind because the distinction is of the utmost significance in its inadvertent resonance of truth.

The Mossad Patriot

The thing to do at a time like this is to stop, take a deep breath, and find out who the fuck Avi Yemini really is. What does a Jew think he’s doing styling himself as a dinky-di Aussie Patriot for Zionist Israel? Why do idiots buy into it in their tens of thousands on his tacky Facebook page? We can at least answer some of these questions.

As UNA types this screed, Yemini is preparing for a rally at Melbourne’s state parliament this Sunday to push his “Patriot” credentials on the broad basis of protesting a crime wave which he holds Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews responsible for. The platform is nebulous enough to satisfy all the requirements of the mainstreaming which the RA movement is infamous for. However, we think he hasn’t got the nuts to say what he really means, which is an AFRICAN crime wave. But there, we said it for him.

There is indeed a problem with Africans in Melbourne and it’s ironic that a Jewish fundamentalist has an issue with it since back in Israel they wanted to deal with their African problem by sending all of them here. But hey, where Jews are concerned, contradictions line the road like cryptic signposts.

Countering this nebulous show of civic dissatisfaction will be Antifa and a bunch of far left-wing groups who according to The Australian want to exert a show of strength against “the homophobic far-right”, which would suggest that some, or probably all of the parties involved, seriously have their issues mixed up.

But how could they make so angry when the chief organiser on the right side of the fence is a JEW? Haven’t they heard about the fourteen billion who were gassed and turned into ironing board covers and pillowcases during the thirty years of The Holocaust™?! Shouldn’t they be defending Avi, who, as persecuted minorities go in the game of victimhood, sits at the top of that particular food chain?

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

This is the price a patriot, and self-touted possible future candidate for One Nation must pay if he is going to do stuff. But what stuff is Avi going to do? Avi aims to reclaim Australia for Israel while reclaiming the Patriot movement from Blair Cottrell, who is a Nazi after all. If it’s to be a truly Australian movement then it must accept Jews. There should be nothing confusing about that since as brilliant nationalist theorist Neil Erikson pointed out when he told The Australian, “You cannot be a nationalist and NOT support Israel”.

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

The easiest way to make Australia safe is to cut all ties with Israel and its bitch the UN, and send home all of its troublemakers

It’s pretty cool when, unlike an actual Australian, you inherit two identities. An Australian is just a, well, Australian, and we’re not even that because we’re mere boat people and anyone can be Australian. Only Aboriginals can truly be ridgy-didge Australians; even if White Europeans actually built this country. But an ISRAELI-AUSTRALIAN, well, he or she can enjoy the best of both worlds; shooting Palestinian kids one week, and bathing on iconic Bondi Beach the next. In fact, murdering Palestinians is as Australian as chucking a snag on the barbie or slicing a baby’s penis while a room full of kvetching Skypes nibbles a catered lunch.

Aussie Avi is so hell-bent on restoring this country to a pre-Whitlam Xanadu that he is doling out free stickers with “Make Australia Safe Again” on them. This must mean he is sincere!

Trouble is Australia will never be safe so long as these tribal Jews have any involvement in our country since they’re the most vociferous proponents of filling it with hostile aliens and then enacting laws so that we cannot speak out against them.

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

It is thanks to our “special relationship” with Israel that “international obligations” compel us to accept quota after quota of the refugees generated from pushing Israel’s agenda in the Middle East, so some, we’re not saying all, but some cynical souls just might want to tell Avi to fuck right off back to the red sea and drown.

So is Avi the darling of all media? Does the Jewish community, in general, regard him as an unsung hero for his tireless work promoting both himself and his homeland of Israel… erm, we mean, Australia?

Oddly enough, it depends on the ideological soundness of the publication, but we’ve discovered that Australian Jewish News isn’t terribly impressed with Avi’s dalliances with One Nation and ex-boot boy dickheads like Neil Erikson. In fact, they cannot get past the Erikson thing at all. This is a trend repeated by Jewish journalists in The New Matilda (no surprises there) and The Guardian. However, The Times of Israel, a neoconservative rag, allowed him a whole blog to gush about “Why I’m proud to be a fucking Jew”.

Avi never joined the Australian Defence Force. But instead, he went back to Israel to shoot Palestinian children

Nevertheless, when his first bold dash to seize patriot ground was attempted back in December last year after he invited One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to address a meeting in a hall booked from Glen Eyrie Council matters came unstuck after the council cancelled the booking. But worse, the Jewish community was unified in their opposition to the meeting. Yemini responded by branding the council “anti-Semitic”.

Currently, Avi had his name and photo removed from the webpage of the Australian Jewish Association (AJA). The AJA was cobbled together only recently and Avi’s role in it is vague to those outside of its circles. For their part they claim, “Mr Yemini was never a director, office-bearer or spokesman for AJA.”

So is Avi the darling of all media? Does the Jewish community, in general, regard him as an unsung hero for his tireless work promoting both himself and his homeland of Israel… erm, we mean, Australia?

Yemini spat the dummy, accusing the fledgeling association of “cowardice” and adding, “I am resigning the board as I have lost faith in it.” Then he took credit for the whole idea, grizzling, and “I do it with a heavy heart as I do believe in the mission statement. In fact, the entire organisation was my idea.”

The first order of business at the AJA’s very recent launch at South Caulfield Synagogue was to discuss “The Threat of Islam to Jews”. This was after another, more nervous venue cancelled, for fears of a terror attack. It wasn’t ‘the threat of Islam to Australians’ but to “Jews”.

Avi’s objectives couldn’t be clearer — to garner support for his true homeland — and those who are fool enough to revere this foreign agent as being somehow emblematic of “Aussie pride” just reveal their ignorance. They are also hopelessly doomed to being fodder for the system.

Once again, Avi showing his pride in another Nation, this time America’s (then soon-to-be) President

On another occasion, ever sensitive to Israel’s interests, Avi took offence at the ABC broadcasting a graphic in which Israel appeared to Yemini to have been blacked over on the map and captioned as being ‘Palestine’ in a news item. Posting once more on his Facebook page gained him media coverage after he feverishly wrote, “Last night ABC News wiped Israel off their map. They’re literally doing the Islamists’ dirty work for them. We must defund these traitors immediately.”

If it isn’t patently obvious by now that Yemini is a full-time shill for Israel then consider that through his “IDF Training” gym in Melbourne the former Israeli soldier has trained members to fight in Israel — that means to kill Palestinians. There is even an online application to join the Israeli Army on his IDF Training webpage! Ignoring the narrative of the occupiers,  Palestinian people’s land is being occupied by an aggressor comparable to the Nazis of Jewish Hollywood. It has been reported, too, that at his gym he ran a charity drive collecting money for Israeli Defence Force (IDF) families back in Israel: not Legacy.

Just in case there is any doubt remaining that Avi serves Israel’s interest and his whole involvement in Patriot Politics is to drum up backing for the chosen ones and their illegal wars, Avi runs the Facebook Page “I Stand with Mossad”.

Yemini was born here yet served as in the Israeli army — a soldier for a foreign state — and his loyalties so clearly lie with that aggressive little stretch of desert which is, one way or another, determining the fate of the entire world. If Israel was not unduly “recognised” by our government he would be considered in terms of a terrorist.

Avi’s “other” group is not titled I Stand With ASIO

All his life Avi was burning to return to his Israel and kill Palestinians; a western-mandated one-sided conflict that is generating nearly all contretemps with the Arab world. This is very Australian of him. And this loyalty to an alien race is something else that typifies what we know as the far-right in this country — this blurring of the line that assumes any enemy of Islam is an ally of Australia and through that alliance IS Australian.

Nationalists first saw this in Reclaim Australia which ignited but then quickly came under the control of the Zionists who rebranded Patriotism and now want to own the word ‘Nationalism’. Indeed, just as much of what we buy is branded “MADE IN CHINA”, so much of what passes for far-right politics in this country should be stamped “MADE IN ISRAEL”.

UNA has defined Nationalism for our readers in every permutation possible. But here is the Collins English Dictionary definition: “Loyalty or devotion to one’s country; patriotism” — got that, Avi, to ONE’S country, not someone else’s country.

Just in case there is any doubt remaining that Avi serves Israel’s interest and his whole involvement in Patriot Politics is to drum up backing for the chosen ones and their illegal wars, Avi runs the Facebook Page “I Stand with Mossad”.

In 2010, it was revealed that Mossad faked three Australian passports used to murder Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai. Mossad regularly used fake Australian passports. Israel got snooty when our government asked questions. This is what a great friend Israel and Mossad are to us.

Birth of a Zionist

In 2004, a 52 min documentary Welcome To The Waks Family aired on SBS. Produced by a friend of Avi’s father, Zephaniah Waks, it documented a period in the lives of his Melbourne-based, Jewish orthodox family.

Avraham was one of 17 children raised in strict Chabad observance by Zephaniah and his wife, Chaya.

What stuck out was that Zephania’s  family did not bring him up to be such a fanatical Yid. They raised him in what most would describe as an “assimilated” lifestyle on Sydney’s North Shore.

It was like Sylvania Waters only with the score to Fiddler on the Roof playing in the background

As a young bloke in the 70s, the liberal Zephaniah led a hippy lifestyle. He smoked Pot, surfed, and was ‘groovy’. But he began to feel spiritual pangs (either that or the munchies). His metaphysical yearnings led him to Buddhism, but he soon met some Lubavitch Jews. Before long he was sporting a gruesome beard, locks, and observing all the Hebrew pieties. Zephaniah was back with the tribe and that, in essence, is the goal of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement — to reunite Jews with their faith so that Maschiach, or the Messiah, will rock back on down to earth and high-five all the Israelites (except the women, for modesty reasons).

Yemini Hippie Father
Avi’s dad Zephaniah back in his secular hippy days channeling Frank Zappa

Meanwhile, Avi’s mother grew up in Israel as strict as they come. At the time of the doco, the woman had never visited a cinema, or attended a gig; not even to see Simon and Garfunkel. The 70s were wasted on her. But she obediently submitted to her wifely duties squeezing out 17 new Jews. She spent the rest of her time wiping their bums and cooking. But not on Saturdays, since work of any kind are forbidden to these weirdos: they’re not even allowed to turn off a light-switch.

Avraham was one of 17 children raised in strict Chabad observance by Zephaniah and his wife, Chaya.

Outside of that, they were not permitted to play with “goyim” children. In one scene of this documentary, rather than risk mixing with the goyim, the Jewish community hires out Melbourne’s Luna Park for a day of fun in their yarmulkes. But they cannot leave well enough alone even on a break and the men can be seen stopping to pray in a room. This is where we come to wonder about Avi’s obsession with Islam. For all intents and purposes, his lifestyle was Islamic.

Instead of veils, Chabad women wear wigs or hats. They’re not as bad as Islamic women, certainly, but the men’s look is seriously crook. What’s more, due to modesty laws, Hasidic men and women, regardless of whether they’re married or not, cannot touch one another or socialise; even at a wedding. That sort of inhuman observance would please any Grand Mufti. But the Taliban stuff continued: movies, novels, mainstream music, none of these were allowed in the Waks household (what kind of name is Waks?). They had a TV and entertainment unit, but tacked to the glass of the cabinet was a note that read, “This unit is used only for Kadesh secular educational and family videos.”

Pity Hollywood Jews don’t feel that way when it comes to entertainment and the goyim mind.

The “Patriot” in embryo

Then there is food; Chabad Jews are just as fucked up about their food as Moslems. The Waks required two different stoves and a whole extended kitchen just to deal with their kosher requirements. Apparently, the council was so suspicious over planning drafts they suspected the Waks was planning on building a boarding house since their kitchen was so unbelievably huge.

Sealing them even more hermetically in a Jewish bubble, the family house was across the road from the Chabad factory: the St Kilda Yeshiva College, which is not only where the children were sent for religious indoctrination, but where Manny Waks, Avi’s brother, was sexually abused by a male guard.

Pity Hollywood Jews don’t feel that way when it comes to entertainment and the goyim mind.

Two other members of the Waks family were also interfered with while building their acquaintanceship with Hashem.

This all came out many years later and was the catalyst for the smashing of Manny and Zephania’s faith while Avi would side with the college and the Chabad community. This we draw attention to since it says much about Avi’s loyalty as a son and brother but more so where his loyalties lie to Australia. Avi wants to protest those Moslems who hold our laws in contempt yet opposes Mesirah, which is where a Jew reports another Jew to non-Rabbinic persons. How’s that any different from Sharia, or a Moslem refusing to observe respect for a magistrate or judge?

The view of the pedo rape house Jew college from the house where Yemini grew up

Manny’s case brought a supportive father out of a religious order Zephaniah Waks now dismisses as a “cult”. The charges were upheld and the college shamed. The case became a subject of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Rabbi Zvi Telsner, The Rabbi in charge of the college resigned in 2015 (his contract was renewed in August 2017, after the head died down). But for going against the tribe Manny, Zephaniah and Chaya were ostracised by the “cult” community.

Avi’s dad and the Melbourne Jewish community enjoy a Goyim-free day at Luna Park

Avi’s parents sold up their house and moved on. But Avi is the most vicious of anyone in that cult: he went levelled bogus allegations of abuse against his own father in a bid to invalidate their accusations, which have been confirmed by the process of Australian law. He accused his victimised brother and father of conspiring in a lie.

A case of defamation arose between him and his brother over a Facebook post in which he inferred that, because of a disgraced Rabbi, who had been charged in New York with child offences, stayed at their home, they were hypocrites. The family claims they were unaware and asked him to leave when they learned the truth.

Two other members of the Waks family were also interfered with while building their acquaintanceship with Hashem.   

Note, too, that Avi no longer uses the surname Waks (can hardly blame him there) but Yemini. This is interesting since his mother was actually born in Yemen and moved to Israel as a nipper.

The full Waks

In the end, what is the difference between the Islam that Avi wants us to unite with the Jews against and his Hasidic community and other outspoken Jews? They are both alien cultures who wish to recreate their foreign environment within our midst and impose their beliefs and attitudes.

As demonstrated above, when it came to a choice between his Judaism and his family, his religion came first. How do you think he feels about Australia?

Strictly business

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Avi admitted his intentions have little to do with embracing Australianness. He said, “My wife and I launched our business, IDF Training in 2009. Our goal went beyond supporting our growing family. Our mission was to show (Australian) Jews that being a proud Jew, being a proud Zionist can work for you and should be part of your business plan.”

And that, Folks, is the rub. If you think that Avi came amongst us inept Goyim to expunge “Nazis” from the Patriot Movement and lead us to a new golden age of Aussie identity, think again. His purpose is two-fold, to garner backing for Israel, and to fill his pockets with shekels. He has already admitted that he has political ambitions, and much as Pauline Hanson cynically used the Australian people for a payday this is Avi’s goal too.

Our media gives this Zionist oxygen, and the manner in which he was inserted into the contentious Game of Patriots to rival the “Nazi” Blair Cottrell should speak volumes to those who truly oppose the Globalist Order.

Sadly, the average Aussie Patriot is out of his ken when it comes to these matters, especially when the beguiling element of Zionism is thrown into the mix. They make the simple arithmetic that an enemy of their enemy is not only their friend but their ally. They have never had a head for world affairs and cannot draw the lines that connect Israel and its American host with the deeds and intrigues that generate Moslem immigration in the first place. They have little idea of the role that Israel has played in destabilising Syria which led to Tony Abbott, himself a Zionist, to import 12,000 Syrians into our country.

Because they are so clueless, these ‘Patriots’ as they apocryphally call themselves, haven’t figured out you can only be patriotic to your own people — not an alien Semitic race. But time and time again they fail this lesson, as they did by throwing support behind non-Australian, non-White Danny Nalliah.

These faux patriots are just as likely to support an African “Patriot” if he interposed himself on their movement. All he would need to do is to wrap the flag around himself, mouth a few platitudes, and due to the novelty of it all he would win their vote.

We now return to where we started — Nick Folkes and his Peanuts for Freedom. We have it on good authority that Nick Folkes did not sanction the stunt in which Jameson, a Downs Syndrome sufferer, and Neil Erikson stormed a Yarra Council meeting. And knowing Nick, who is jealous of anyone he senses as a rival, he is not pleased with the rise of Avi Yemini. But as capitulation is his only option, will Nick now once again publicly return to his support for Zionism and ditch the Totenkopf decals of the “edgy” Alt-Right?

Something is happening there, and because of the over-the-top reaction when UNA merely asked Avi what his business with Jameson is — seeing as how Jameson and his Peanut friends now have a staunch anti-Semite SS wannabe as “security” — we suggest that it is important enough since the question was so publically obfuscated by a curious chain of Zionist Patriots.

Aussie Patriots, we present Blair Cottrell’s replacement as Supreme Leader of the Aussie Patriot Movement for Reclaim Australia





Nick Folkes has an occasional good idea. His best so far was when he encouraged his loyal Peanuts, who were out at Lithgow last weekend, to nuisance call certain people between one and three on Saturday morning.

Actually, nuisance is a benign word; they were, in fact, obscene calls conveyed in a lewd and debasing fashion. This brilliant caper not only signifies the end of his political ‘career’, a word we parenthesise for its irony, but could also impact his freedom; which is ironic too, given his perennially unregistered micro party is named Party for Freedom.

Yes, as Nick’s brainstorms go, this was a tempest. Bravely timed, knowing none of their victims would be awake at those hours, the Peanuts recorded a series of offensive messages on various phones. Their choice of targets was notable, too, in that the motives for the calls ranged from vindictiveness to outright jealousy. And this is the party that dares to demonstrate certain issues under a disingenuous banner of “decency”.

Wouldn’t YOU vote for a man like this?

Currently, a matter involving Folkes is before a Brisbane Magistrate’s Court initiated by a homosexual man crying foul over a placard waved about at a PfF demonstration against Safe Schools. Folkes no doubt believes he acted in the interests of public morals, as much as he genuinely believes in anything. However, his personal morals come out of a beer can, and burn with the pungent tang of cannabis smoke; no doubt the twin inspirations for his maverick brainchild. Nick and the Peanuts issue from an established “party” culture. Hence, the “Party” in Party for Freedom, is appropriately employed in its hedonistic sense.

Those harassed were nearly all women, except for the calls made to AFP President, Jim Saleam, which might prove the most significant in terms of nailing Nick. Up to that point, we understand, Nick had egged his minions on to do the dirty calling; so that he might avoid any blowback. But then, Nick can resist anything but temptation, and so he grabbed the blower to partake in his own downfall.

Two of those others abused were former members of PfF, whose personal details, including phone numbers, Nick freely shared with his cronies. This, as Love Australia or Leave Party President Kim Vuga pointed out, breaches the Privacy Act. However, it is also a violation of good faith and only serves to illustrate why those sober ex-members chose to leave behind the diabolical farce that is PfF.

 Toby Cook in this captured video of him on Pingas at the Masif nightclub in Darlinghurst

In a past series of disclosures leaked to UNA, the timeline of PfF’s ultimate dysfunction was pinpointed to the arrival of Toby Cook. Toby is a morbidly obese, confused youth of dubious heritage, who was infamously filmed messed up on “pingas” during a night out at Darlinghurst nightclub ‘Masif’ with newly arrived floozy, Penny Louise; a single mother who has abandoned her nipper in favour of hitting the gas with Nick and the gang. She is also in a conjugal relationship with George Jameson, who is twice her age.

Penny initiated the ribald calls that Kim Vuga slammed as “disgusting” and “pornographic” in a statement condemning PfF. Not only were these calls made to women, but one of those is a respected elderly lady.

Kim Vuga’s admin was vilified over her weight, which is amazing, given that Toby Cook is so fat that for every meal he scarfs down in Australia, two hundred people die of famine halfway around the world.

And why target Kim Vuga’s people at all? Well, UNA can reveal the intense jealousy that Nick suffered when Kim went off and started her own party. Nick had some idea that she would dote on him, bringing him publicity, while he reaped the glory. The fact that she outflanked him in a contest of his own imagining is a testament to her moral and intellectual superiority, which is not just a figment of his worst fears of inadequacy, but a bona fide reality that he senses and pathologically resents. The lady he targeted had betrayed him in his twisted, drug-addled reckoning. Kim’s strength resulted in Nick’s bitterness. But if Nick feels emasculated then he was all along in denial about his feeble manhood.

Nick has proven, time and time again, that he fails on all fronts as both a politician and a man. His ambitions exceed his abilities. His envy of the Australia First Party is well documented and was no doubt an inciting factor in the puerile messages he and Toby left on Jim Saleam’s message bank; messages, which like the others, will form the basis of a legitimate police complaint.

So far, we can confirm two serious complaints have been filed against Folkes, Cook, and Louise, and there may be more.

Adding to their genius, was the fact they didn’t even bother to hide their numbers, or in the case of other calls, disguise their voices. It is as though they wanted to get sprung. Some elect death by Police, as they charge officers with knives intent on ending it all in a hail of police bullets; maybe Folkes and Co. have chosen death by foolishness.

UNA has learned that a campaign is underway in Lithgow to deny Folkes a venue for his anti-mosque protests. In this case, we sympathise, given that Nick has no interest in saving Lithgow from invasion by an alien culture. His sole interest, as always, is self-promotion.

One wonders what sort of maniac would be drubbed into believing that PfF is in any position to lecture anyone on anything, much less offer themselves as representatives of the government. Given this incident, no clear-headed person should be in any doubt as to their unfitness as human beings and political activists. Questions would have to be seriously asked about anyone who has learned of these degrading, carnal communications, and continued to lend Folkes their support.

Moreover, how could any of his followers have failed to question the yo-yo that is PfF, which never settles down to fixed ideals but seeks only to cash in on popular trends solely through negation; anti-Islam one day, pretending to be White Nationalist the next, but never actually being anything real or sincere?

Well, it’s all in the past now anyway. Folkes and his party are finished. They are just too hungover to have figured this out.

George Jameson with Penny Louise, who initiated phone attacks on former PfF members. So much for the sisterhood



It took UNA just the time needed to type in a URL to discover the most likely culprit behind a series of well publicised ‘White Nationalist’ posters that have appeared in Sydney today.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re great posters and a top troll. But we are not here to discuss the posters per se: our point relates to our prime suspect for the creation of “Aussie Nationalists”. Coming from anyone else we might have cause to want to high-five a comrade too, but given the general motives of the suspected instigator, whose obsession with Whiteness ended at his choice of a wife and the children produced from their mixed-race marriage, we must abjure. If our mistrust seems offputting, it comes with the territory, sadly, because Nationalists don’t fight hostiles on the Left, we spend all our time tied up struggling to keep our politics protected from Right Wing fakers.

We will explain…

Don’t get us wrong, they’re great posters and a top troll

When we saw ‘’ as the address of the posters’ authors we did the obvious thing and visited the site. We encountered a WordPress blog barren, except for an incongruous trio of items: the first of which is a link to a demonstration in Lithgow hosted by — ta-ra, Peanuts for Freedom! This, of course, is the golden giveaway, or to us anyway, particularly since it bears the headline, “Next nationalist event you need to attend”.

The PfF Facebook page that it originates from appears to have been removed, either temporarily or permanently, which wouldn’t be a first for the Peanuts.

The second item is, for some bizarre reason, a link to a YouTube video about Oswald Mosely (an odd choice for those purporting to be ‘Aussie Nationalists’), which is an addendum to a gallery of the images from the Pokemon-themed posters plastered up around the inner-west of Sydney, which, again, are very clever and right on the target. They have achieved their desired aim of generating publicity. But to where does this publicity funnel? There is nothing at the end of it, no contact details, nothing but a cue back to this blog and the PfF rally. it advertises. It seems to be a one-shot blog. Given the rally flyer, in all likelihood, the blog’s creator has a vested interest in promoting that group. This would, by logic, place its ownership in that group’s orbit. In this case, the heavy emphasis on the designation “Nationalism” is a key element of the authors’ intentions. If you cannot change Nationalism, then change its definition.

The Facebook page that it originates from appears to have been removed, either temporarily or permanently, which wouldn’t be a first for the Peanuts.

The Sydney Traditionalists tried the same game of appropriation that Folkes is infamous for when they got involved with The Dingoes and surreptitiously organised the Dingocon [see Rape House and Dingoes Conned]. They saw a young movement and wanted to control its direction. We hazard a guess that the Trads have some link to Folkes, who, on the same day as Dingocon, took his family of Peanuts to Newtown to face down an absent Antifa. Anyway, now that we’ve figured out the most likely culprits, we can dismiss their claims to be Nationalists, yet take note of the strange activity occurring around them, which is indicative of the Patriot Games of old.

In attendance at Folkes’s rally was New Zealand provocateur Mark McDonald, who has been vandalising Australian Nationalism in one way or another since his feet landed on our soil in 2013. McDonald has no ties to the Australian soil or its people. He is White, but he is a foreigner. This hasn’t stopped him trying to poison our movement and members who have an earnest dedication to the principles of Australian Nationalism.

The same cannot be said for either he or his new Peanut tribe. Now is a good time to consider the absolute gobsmacking hypocrisy of Folkes.

In February, Folkes burned a Nazi flag outside the Tempe headquarters of Australia First Party (while he and his Boy Friday, Tobes, were very convincingly dressed as Moslems) protesting — we’re still not sure what — but making it clear that he and his Zion-friendly PfF oppose the racial politics of AFP.

A few months ago ‘edgy’ symbols like this upset Nicky boy (note the UNA reference on the flag)
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, eh Nick?

He did this before with the “bunker” video (Nick Folkes is now referring to his home as the ‘Rozelle Bunker’), in which Jim Saleam and others toasted the passing of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Much was made of the Nationalist Socialist flags which appear in the background of the host’s apartment. He is known to be a collector of such memorabilia and being a guest who was just passing through, Jim had no control over what bric-a-brac or ornamentation decorated the apartment. Of course, it was a connection to Folkes from this person and his acquaintances that put the video in the possession of Howard Crawford to begin with, a contradiction never reflected on by those who mistook both its relevance and currency.

Present there, and we have a pic of him from the event tucked away for a rainy day, is New Zealand provocateur Mark McDonald, who has been trying to ruin Australian Nationalism since his two left feet landed on our country’s soil in 2013.

Now, of course, Folkes is “joining in” with the whole alt-right fashion, which utilises edgy ‘fash’ symbolism. Folkes appropriated the Totenkopf symbol, often associated with Hitler’s SS, on a flyer for the demonstration in Newtown. The more influential it becomes, the more Folkes tries reinventing himself so he can get inside it. This is in spite of defaming true Nationalists as “Nazis” — along with his cohorts like Dan Evans, Neil Erikson and mad Scotty Moerland.

Bear in mind that while enacting that ‘anti-Nazi’ shtick, Folkes was keeping lines open to McDonald. This here poses questions about the purity of S88, which was going hell for leather to be the most undisputed anti-Jewish show in town. Yet, here now, as then, we have its former Fuhrer photographed (on file) within spitting distance of Radka Smith, second-in-charge of Peanuts for Freedom.

download (1) (1)
The message behind this  PfF character reads, “It’s a foreign invasion”. Erm, ever get the feeling someone’s having a lend?

Radka is Jewish. But there must be a degree of indignation Radka feels being in the presence of Matey Mate, since in 2014 when McDonald met Smith he almost spat the words in her face, “You’re a JEW!” Indeed, Matey is quick to accuse people of being Jewish, and yet has no problem with associating with Jewish-friendly organisations.

Remember too, Jewish James Sternhell is a supporter of the Peanuts, which also boasts an Asian member. This should be borne in mind when viewing Folkes’s take on appropriating the White Genocide message. Do not put out of mind their strong links to Liberal Party operator Howard Crawford, who is a major league Zionist. They must wonder too about Toby’s “I Support Open Borders for Israel”, but they’re a crazy, whacky, zany bunch of cripples round at Peanut Palace. Even odder, is that Dan Evans, an absolute multi-racialist and enemy of Australian Nationalism was a speaker at Nick’s rally against Antifa. How does a character like that accord with one like Matey Mate with his Seig Heil and 14/88 cliches? About the same as they ever did, because the pattern is this: Larping is fine so long as real Nationalists with purist inclinations don’t come by rocking the boat.

Bear this in mind, because S88 tried passing itself off as hard-core anti-Jewish. But here we have its former Fuhrer standing within pissing distance of Radka Smith, second-in-charge of Peanuts for Freedom.

Radka’s Jewishness is of no concern to us. However, in this instance, it is a level indicator of the kind of deceit that is PfF’s stock in trade.

We call on Folkes to publically denounce his own contributions to White Genocide, by despoiling his bloodline with Asian genes, and to state categorically that PfF is dedicated to restoring a White Australia.

This is where you get to nail Nicholas since he won’t do either.

Thus, we swing back to those posters, which we repeat, are just a product and not the subject of our editorial. Under different circumstances, we could applaud the trolling along with everyone else. But knowing what a fragile state true Nationalism is in presently we would be contributing to its hastening demise by giving kudos to those who seek to subvert it. What’s more, it is the ‘usual suspects’ who have been pursuing this goal for years.

These creatures have never shied away from doxing true Nationalists to either the Media and our ideological opponents on the Left. In fact, that has been one of their longstanding tactics, so bear that in mind when they showily ‘face off’ with Antifa as they are staring down the same people they secretly supply info when hiding behind their computers.

A friend of ours told us in all soberness that what is needed is for everything to absolutely go to crap. It all needs to be broken apart and smashed up because only on fresh, healthy soil, can we hope to grow anew. He might be onto something.

Still, they are great posters, and that message is always welcome even if the messenger is on the nose.

One of Nick’s regular anti-White Genocide campaigners



S88’s Stormfront Recruitment Drive

In around 2013-14, on the troll-plagued Stormfront Downunder forum, a rookie poster began reaching out to Sydney locals and others by PM, recruiting for his new group of supposed White Nationalists calling themselves Squadron 88. His name was Mark McDonald, and he was notable for the appalling quality of his posts.

By all accounts, this person was barely literate; his messages unintelligible. But his alienation from the mother tongue, in no way curbed his zealousness which was such that he wasn’t prepared to listen to advice from veteran nationalists; he adjudged them failures because the country was not already wearing jackboots and marching with swastika flags, which was how he equated Australian nationalism: through the lens of the film Romper Stomper.

Indeed, ‘Matey Mate’ was the classic Hollywood Nazi and he was on a mission. In a hurry to “do something”, he tangled with luminaries of the calibre of Whitelaw Towers, which was on the cusp of abandoning SFDU as an irreparably compromised site.

Like many before him, Mark would not listen, and could not be told. He rejected all counsel favouring instead his own brash instincts. Even though the most articulate expression of nationalist political science he could muster was scribbling “88”, he gave the impression he regarded himself as the promised one who would save Australia from the non-White hordes.

Mark is a shifty New Zealander with an athletic build and evasive nature. He arrived in this country in 2013, and was suddenly everywhere at once contacting everybody.

He was a hive of activity, coordinating forum members to attend the AFP-organised demonstration in Sydney to show solidarity with Golden Dawn Greece (Australian Golden Dawn now defunct). He was also involved in the Penrith anti-mosque protests that had sprung up around proposed mosques at Kemps Creek.

Mark is a shifty New Zealander with an athletic build and evasive nature. He arrived in this country in 2013, was suddenly everywhere at once contacting everybody.

But Mark was also anxious to awaken Australians to the Jewish Question. Figuring a good place to start with the JQ was in the largely Jewish Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Malcolm Turnbull’s own electorate, Matey Mate and his disciples letterboxed the area with ‘anti-Semitic fliers’. Their notion of attracting publicity was that of an outlaw gang trying to solicit infamy.

Anti-Semitic Fliers and Nazi Cosplay

Matey’s efforts with the fliers earned ‘S88’ their first taste of public notoriety. It also generated untold snickers because the flyer read like it was written by an organ grinder’s monkey. It expressed juvenile anti-Semitic rhetoric which failed to even partially communicate the threat of global Zionism.

For those who were cynical about this ‘over-enthusiastic youth’, they might be persuaded to believe that the true intention of the fliers was not to promote ‘anti-Semitism’ but to discredit it.

In fact, an experienced writer, at the time, being approached by McDonald on SFDU read an advanced copy of the flyer. Fearing for the credibility of Australian nationalism, he offered to clean up the copy as best he could. This offer was stiffly ignored by Matey Mate who chose to run with the train-wreck version. Matey Mate’s clashes with veteran nationalists were now increasing as he amped up S88’s silly antics.

Believing his letterbox stunt was a major coup for his crew, he decided to repeat it. This time he assigned his surly cohort Alex Annenkov to write the fliers. Russian Alex did a slightly better job, but again, there was no attempt to promote Australian nationalism — which neither of these upstarts understood — but simply regurgitated anti-Jewish propaganda in its most basic Americanised format.

Pretty boy Alex Annenkov

In fact, Annenkov trawled through usual American ‘hate sites’ for content which, outside of a firm context, could not be taken seriously on any political level and would again reflect badly on local nationalists.

For those who were cynical about this ‘over-enthusiastic youth’, they might be persuaded to believe that the true intention of the fliers was not to promote ‘anti-Semitism’ but to discredit it.

This is significant because ‘Squadron 88’ had already shown it was uninterested in Australian identity. Mark, a New Zealander, and his himbo offsider Alex, were a product of the American WN system still hopelessly bogged down in anachronistic and inappropriate German National Socialist symbolism.

images (1)
Annenkov does American-style WN while channelling Axl Rose

They were more interested in the cosplay aspect of WN than in Australian identity. S88 displayed such a fetish for costumes that in the stinking 30-degree summer heat of 2014 they all rolled up at the Penrith rally in bomber jackets.

One member is quoted by a nationalist chronicler as admitting, “When we wear our boots and jackets, people look scared of us. For me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Neither heat, nor humidity, nor the peak of summer will sway Matey Mate from wearing his 45-degree bomber jacket

Enter Ross “The Skull” May

Nobody knows where Matey Mate made Ross May’s acquaintance but before long he became S88’s mascot. Mark was eager to be identified with the notorious Australian ‘Nazi’. He set up a Facebook page entitled The Skull Show and produced a handful of inept YouTube videos the aim of which was lost on just about everyone who viewed them. They seemed to have been filmed on a Nokia phone by someone with a Luddite’s contempt for technology.

On another note, Squadron 88’s own Facebook page borrowed as a cover photo a still of Hando and the boys from the film Romper Stomper, revelling in their image as Hollywood Nazis.

The two were photographed at the first of two major Penrith anti-mosque rallies where The Skull was moved on by police for haranguing the counter protesters. To Matey Mate, Ross was the embodiment of White Nationalist activism even though nobody could ever accuse him of being politically positioned.

Ross “The Skull” May discovers that you cannot talk sense to Matey Mate even with a loud hailer

Most, without intending offence, regard The Skull more in terms of a living cartoon character than a legitimate spokesman for Australian Nationalism. Yet, here he was, resurrected by a camo-clad Kiwi for the purpose of promoting what was recognisable only as a gang which shunned organised nationalist political activity as anything but an opportunity to show off their uniforms. Those who viewed themselves as Ross’s friends worried that affording him this type of attention was like tempting an alcoholic back onto the bottle.

Ross’s relationship with S88 culminated in the fateful coach trip in 2015 where ‘patriots’ hired a bus to transport them to Melbourne for a large rally. This was at the Zenith of the Patriot movement’s popularity.

On another note, Squadron 88’s own Facebook page borrowed as a cover photo a still of Hando and the boys from the film Romper Stomper, revelling in their image as Hollywood Nazis.

The coach trip would provide a cynical opportunity for the ‘patriots’ to attempt to distance their movement from the ‘Nazi’ element. Allowed to board the bus at Sydney, and filmed fraternising with a gathering of patriots — among them, Nick Folkes from Peanuts for Freedom — who would in a few hours express shock at having Nazis in their midst, Ross and the S88 boys boarded the bus with much bravado.

Later, they would be filmed being marched off the bus by a mouthy Ralph Cerminara after supposed “complaints” from other passengers regarding anti-Jew banter. The bus drove away leaving him and Matey Mate stranded in the freezing cold of an Albury night. The video was widely circulated. Neil Erikson and Shermon Burgess embarked on their “anti-Nazi” phase. A small controversy arose over another patriot passenger and a licensed handgun.

And that was pretty much that for ‘The Skull Show’. When S88 hung up their boots a short time later, McDonald ditched The Skull. He then became very sensitive about any reference being directed towards on social media, often resulting in pathetic, laughable threats such as those made against two Australia First Party members.

Howard Crawford

Matey Mate once dismissed Howard Crawford, saying “he is nothing just a nobody.” Most civic patriots who know of Crawford downplay his relevance.

In reality, his relationship with the chicken-farmer come Liberal-Party back room operator enabled nationalists to fill in the blanks on questions regarding motivation. The perplexing antipathy showed by Matey Mate towards nationalists, and in particular, the Australia First Party began to assume a recognisable logic.

Howard Crawford has himself been documented in innumerable WLT and UNA articles. A video sting, in which a hired troll secretly filmed Crawford at their dinner meeting, after Crawford was swindled into believing a socialist was providing him dirt on AFP President Jim Saleam, is likewise available.

Howard Crawford and the Boy Boofhead mid-row

Crawford’s mission to attack the AFP is central to Matey Mate’s involvement with him and a slew of others. McDonald and Crawford were photographed sitting side-by-side at a meeting in Sydney’s western suburbs.

It was through inside sources that nationalists learned of Matey Mate’s true involvement. It transpires that Crawford was luring in the gullible with a line about how the ‘Nazis’ were poised to take over the Liberal Party. There was a secret society of dedicated White Nationalists waiting in the wings to seize power and aim the party towards a pro-White agenda.

Matey Mate once dismissed Howard Crawford, saying “he is nothing just a nobody.” Most civic patriots who know of Crawford downplay his relevance.

This secret society involved an army of street fighters and professionals. Crawford, who is an experienced kickboxer, spun yarns of how an entire martial arts school was ready to hit the streets under the Celtic cross. The secret society would be as physically lethal as it was ideologically implacable. Assignations were handed out and McDonald was slated to become the Fush and Chup “fuhrer” of the western suburbs.

All of this was happening around the time of the Penrith Mosques, and the story deepens to involve Penrith councillor Marcus Cornish and an immigration lawyer who collectively managed to derail the anti-Mosque campaign. Later, it became apparent it was all a smokescreen for a bigger agenda for Penrith which the protest against the mosques diverted attention away from.

All of Howard’s stories were, of course, bullshit. The man is an inveterate liar. But more instructive is the reason behind his deceptions.

Initial impressions that Matey Mate was beguiled by Crawford dissipated both over time and with greater pondering. This connection and this seemingly incongruous partnership between a supposedly avowed anti-Semite and a staunch Zionist goes back further than first thought.

It stretched back as a primary reason for the Stormfront Downunder recruitments and the overarching objective to fuck the AFP. But so much more did not add up about this mysterious Kiwi ‘fuhrer’ that nobody really knew anything about.

The Summer Hill Headquarters

The most glaring incongruity about Matey Mate is the fact he lived for over two years rent-free in a dilapidated house owned by a member of Party for Freedom.

Jerry Dragosevic is a registered nurse who spent so long around mental patients he came to resemble one. However, the fact that Jerry was a member of PfF SHOULD have mattered to Matey Mate given the (unregistered) party’s hygiene-challenged leader Nick Folkes is a race traitor and the PfF is pro-Jew. For that matter, so is Howard Crawford — a scan of his Facebook page is like reading a Tel Aviv telephone book.

The same boy that letterboxed the Eastern Suburbs with anti-Jewish fliers was now in the sphere of Nick Folkes and his kosher party. He even surreptitiously attended PfF demonstrations such as one at Sydney’s Town Hall and the copycat PfF demo outside Sydney’s Chinese consulate in Camperdown.

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Mark “Matey Mate” McDonald at Peanuts for Freedom’s copycat demo outside the Chinese consulate in Camperdown

Weirder still, at parties held around at the Summer Hill dosshouse, which was in such a state of disrepair that floorboards were missing and windows were boarded up, Jerry had no problem with the Swastika flag flying. Groups of neo-Nazis would form in front of the blood flag as the always suspiciously-behaved Matey Mate snapped group shots, probably which now serve as intelligence for the Mossad (heh).

This was the official S88 headquarters. It was where Howard Crawford occasionally visited and bought beers and pizza for the boys.

This was the official S88 headquarters. It was where Howard Crawford occasionally visited and bought beers and pizza for the boys.

And if that sounds strange, so is the cast of conservative characters that passed through its broken doors.

Members of the Sydney Traditionalists joined Matey Mate and the crew for powwows discussing god-knows-what. Andrew Wilson, who was a chief scammer behind Klub Nation and presently lives in Perth where he is trying to use the name of The Dingoes, was a visitor.

He lived locally with an older woman he was sponging off at the time. In fact, the list of “non-Nazi” characters that were acquainted with Matey Mate Towers leaves you scratching your head. The wider mystery was how an unknown like Matey Mate came to know of so many different groups and people.

Hardly anyone on the broad list of groups and people that make up what we shall for convenience’s sake call “the Australian alt-right” that he hadn’t been introduced to.

This is particularly odd, given seasoned nationalists out there hadn’t heard of some of these people he was meeting with. He had even gotten involved with a rodent who was kicked out of GD Australia and went on to backstab Ignatius, the Hellenic Nationalists’ of Australia’s then leader, which is interesting in itself.

Hardly anyone on the broad list of groups and people that make up what we shall for convenience’s sake call “the Australian alt-right” that he hadn’t been introduced to.

By now, of course, nationalists wanted to know who in heck Matey Mate really was. He came from nowhere, ended up everywhere, and all that he touched quickly turned to rat droppings.

Our New Zealand counterparts were contacted but none less than Kyle Chapman had no idea who he was. No one in the New Zealand nationalist movement had ever heard of him. A nationalist reportedly met with Matey Mate’s parents on a fleeting visit. He reported how the whole scene was strange and it was “as though they were all strangers to each other”.

Matey Mate is rumoured to have been into the street-racing scene before turning 88. He is said to have quipped that if things ever really went pear-shaped in Australia that he held a “get out of jail free card”.

Other elliptical pieces of information let slip by McDonald have led to speculation that he may have fallen foul of the law in the Kiwiland. All anyone really knows is that they know very little about McDonald.

As to the Summer Hill headquarters where he and his “patched” crewmates from S88 sat at “the table” trying to figure out how to spell their own names — it is equally puzzling how the anti-Nazi Nick Folkes was so cool with this situation. At one of these sessions, they decided to spread the highly believable rumour that Jim Saleam’s mother was Jamaican.

In all of this, it has to be asked, what has this arsehole done to advance the cause of Australian nationalism? They’ve done zip. They have no interest in doing so, all creatures like Matey Mate do is to create disharmony, throw muck, and drag it down to where all its enemies want it.

Criminal Conspiracies

Matey Mate’s flash attack on Australian nationalism and its peripheral patriot phenomenon is significant also for his attempts to persuade people to commit serious criminal acts. These acts were the subject of a police report presented to Penrith Police in 2015. They have also been circulated among McDonald’s intended victims.

The first of these in terms of scope was his plan to attack three people — we understand two of those were members of Penrith Council, one of which a Greens’ councillor is still active — and a Labor councillor. The other plot was to kidnap and bash anarchist Dave Fregon and extort intelligence from him.

As is typical with the cowardly McDonald, he tried — like his mentor Crawford whose role in this conspiracy is unknown — to conscript others to do his bidding.

Such was the case when he allegedly schemed to have Robert Edhouse firebomb a Newcastle Mosque or Prayer Room. Edhouse declined, but the Australian Aryan Nations leader is now imprisoned in Perth awaiting trial in the murder 42-year-old FIFO worker, Alan Taylor.

A secretly recorded audio tape exists of Matey Mate discussing these conspiracies outside Penrith Station. It was part of the evidence supplied to the Penrith Police in 2015.

Robert Edhouse who Matey Mate tried to recruit to firebomb a Newcastle mosque

Nathan Sykes and the Jewish Rumours

In April, Fairfax troll and Internet stalker Luke McMahon managed to get published an article the basis of which purports that AFP member and UNA contributor Nathan Sykes is in fact Jewish.

The article had no basis of substance other than a manufactured quote from non-existent ACP employees. The rumour, which was propagated in 2016 by Nick Folkes’s associate Neil Erikson, was generated by Matey Mate.

The purpose of the rumour was to discredit Sykes who (they believed) had penned certain articles critical of each. When Sykes confronted Matey Mate back in 2014 after learning of the defamatory rumours, he originally denied them, claiming they were “Chinese whispers” that began with a Combat 18 associate.

He then claimed that Jim Saleam was using the rumour for his own ends. Both McDonald and Alex Annenkov at the time posted these vile lies on Stormfront Downunder.

It baffled Sykes since he had met Matey Mate twice before. The rumours surfaced after he advised McDonald at a social gathering to “listen to what Jim Saleam had to say.” It seems that all along McDonald was involved in a conspiracy to attack the Australia First Party and by slandering Sykes he was achieving this end. This theory is corroborated by tracing the trajectory of the rumour from him — through Folkes — to Erikson and McMahon, who is the subject of a police report being submitted by Sykes in regards to serious harassment. This arc of influence still exists.

The article had no basis of substance other than a manufactured quote from non-existent AFP employees. The rumour, which was propagated in 2016 by Nick Folkes associate Neil Erikson, was generated by Matey Mate.

To this day, Matey Mate under the guise of “Tyler Winchester” is persisting in pushing this calumny. He created a Facebook page (with 9 likes at the time of printing) that mocks Sykes as a Jew. The page is as bereft as its non-Australian authors, Matey Mate and Russian Alex, the latter of whom Sykes believes to be a high-priced male escort.

Before UNA’s previous page was taken down, McDonald messaged the editorial team with threats, and it was agreed that we would remove content relating to McDonald if he desisted in his campaign. Matey Mate was largely irrelevant by then anyway. He reneged on his promise.

Matey Mate and Alexis were present at the recent Peanuts-hijacked Reclaim Australia event at Penrith. We expect the two bro-friends will attend next weeks’ Dingocon.

Matey Mate and his partner Alexis at Penrith last month



Shermon Burgess, who once made videos condemning White Nationalists and encouraging Aussie men to have sex with Asian women is now marketing himself as one of those White Nationalists he so reviled.

Shermbles would have us believe he experienced an epiphany regarding Israel and all the pieces of a full conversion to WN fell neatly into place.

Yet, this is just a partial red-pilling, since his trademark ignorance of anything regarding the political science of nationalism remains — along with his slanders against those loyal nationalists who fought against the likes of, well, HIM.

The cognizant dissonance is powerful in Shermon

You can always tell a fake nationalist, by the way, they stick only to those generalities such as the J question and even then their understanding of it is rooted purely in Tabloid WN themes usually of the American variety. They do this because their intention is to gain acceptance among nationalists, but if they do beguile their way in, that is when the full ju-ju of their hidden agenda kicks in.

As UNA, and Whitelaw Towers before us have revealed, this is the manner in which the Liberal Party operators infiltrate and misdirect nationalist groups and individuals at a fledgeling stage. In fact, Shermunz is up to ears in an association with one of the most contaminated names out there, but we will get to that.

Faker nationalists can only cut-and-paste stories of non-White crime from the mainstream media and add a bellicose intro. They never explore nationalist theory, never submit an essay, and never attempt to go back to the roots of Australian nationalism and understand themselves in our glorious nationalist past. They’re just happy cultivating a kind of Romper Stomper appeal and winking about “the Jews”.

Shermbles would have us believe he experienced an epiphany regarding Israel and all the pieces of a full conversion to WN fell neatly into place.

Back in the days of Reclaim Australia, which he boasts of “taking the movement mainstream”, Shermitz did his utmost to keep White nationalists away from demonstrations and the movement as a whole.

He cited his version of history — about how the ANZACS fought AGAINST Nazis and hammered this point home in his low-rent video productions in which he whacked on about some probably non-existent soldier relative of his. Together with his then sidekick, the Boy Blubber Neil Erikson, they turned on their United Patriots Front colleagues and doxed them in videos and PMs in which the UPF referred to the J question. They did this to expose them as “Nazis”.

Gee, has Nick Folkes approved that comment about sucking up to Israel, Sherm? Or is that just there so you can get amongst the nationalist movement and try to pollute it? Nevermind,  both were rhetorical questions

Following that, they betrayed other sources who advised them during their period of soliciting cooperation from nationalists. Those sources probably weren’t aware of how deeply in bed with nationalism’s enemies these jokers were. All lines were being fed right back to the very worst of these political bottom-feeders.

All monitoring of Burgess, Erikson, and what turned out to be their silent partner, Nick Folkes, resulted in “Jewish tactics” being employed against those who kept a watchful eye on their dirty dealings. This mob thought nothing — and still, don’t — of carrying their subterfuge over to the “lefties” and in particular Slackbastard. They would then turn and accuse their victims of doing what they had just done. Oy vey!

And this is the onion in the ointment for old Shermbles — because we at UNA have it on good authority that he has maintained his connection with Folkesy.

Back in the days of Reclaim Australia, which he boasts of “taking the movement mainstream”, Shermitz did his utmost to keep White nationalists away from demonstrations and the movement as a whole.

You might recall, the disastrous attempt of these two Zios to cash in on the tenth anniversary of the Cronulla Uprising resulted in a court action that has left Shermbles over a $100,000 in hock to the Cronulla Council. Somehow Folkes wiggled his way out of it, but as was revealed on Whitelaw Towers at the time, in a sting operation conducted against Liberal Party operative Howard Crawford, the Libs covered his bills.

So here is a former anti-WN who despised us on the grounds his ANZAC gramps or whoever fought “the Nazis” (lol) for the establishment of liberal Jewish values (despite the fact these men and women came from a White Australia Policy) in cahoots with Australian nationalism’s worst opponent.

An unwashed Nick Folkes appropriating Donald Trump at a recent Penrith Rally which he also ended up appropriating off Reclaim Australia

Funnily enough, his former partner in shilling, Neil Erikson, is also tight with the King Peanut (Nick Folkes).

It is through King Peanut and his benefactor from the Liberal Party (Howard Crawford) that counter-nationalist operations were conducted. Claiming to abhor Australia First Party’s traditional brand of nationalism because it is pro-White, Folkes and Crawford nonetheless cultivate strange bedfellows, one of these being the former leader of Hollywood Nazi grouplet Squadron 88.

There was always something not right about this clown. He came from nowhere (not an Australian) and suddenly thrust himself deep into the guts of a movement among people a neophyte like himself could never have known of.

Funnily enough, his former partner in shilling, Neil Erikson, is also tight with the King Peanut (Nick Folkes).

However, that is a topic for another day; suffice to say the illuminating aspect of this character’s part in the story is that he shared a house with a Party for Freedom member in which he lived rent-free. His group often held meetings there at which the swastika flag flew proudly. This is the same Party for Freedom supposedly in ideological objection to anything White nationalist. Bear in mind, Folkes is married to a Japanese woman, and Crawford spends most of his time up to his guts in the yellow vagina. He is an associate of fellow Yellow Poon Pounder Mike Holt.

Hodges and other Ziobots defend Jews
Countering anti-Israeli protesters: they’re all there, Nick Folkes, Darrin Hodges… the more things change, the more they stay the same

Yet, at the recent rally in Penrith against the construction of an Islamic school, Nick’s close associate Toby Cook can be seen flying a White Pride Worldwide flag alongside an Aboriginal flag. Um, yeah… This flag is believed to have been purchased by Penny Louise, who is in a conjugal relationship with sweaty oaf George Jameson, the Slav who famously waved the Israeli flag at the 2014 Penrith anti-mosque protest. Cook, who some suspect of not being so White, also has a Celtic cross tattooed on his upper arm.

This is nationalism if Folkes and Shermon ever get hold of it: the WPWW flag flying alongside the Aboriginal flag and probably the Israeli flag is in there somewhere

So what gives? Why, if they are partial to White Australia rhetoric, do they wage an unending campaign of slur and defamation against The Australia First Party, and its leader, Jim Saleam? When the abovementioned S88 leader created the rumour that AFP member Nathan Sykes is Jewish, this lie travelled in a traceable path from this shady group, through Folkes, all the way to Neil Erikson and Shermon Burgess who made Sykes the subject of a video. This is without either having a reindeer’s clue who-the-fuck Sykes was.

More disturbing is how simultaneously the Fairfax Troll Luke McMahon became involved at this point, in absolute tandem with Neil Erikson. It was at this exact point that McMahon’s criminal stalking, now the subject of a pending police report by Sykes, began. It was as if he and Erikson were working together on this lie which was all about disabling who they believed to be a powerful commentator working against them.

Howard Crawford can be heard uttering the Jew lie in the sting video filmed by AFP’s Ace Facebook Troll Michael Allen. When one understands the queer relationship he had with Squadron 88 — not only providing them money but filling them with stories about taking over the Liberal Party and turning it Nazi — the nature of these people and their motives becomes a lot clearer.

This is the same Party for Freedom supposedly in ideological objection to anything White nationalist. Bear in mind, Folkes is married to a Japanese woman, and Crawford spends most of his time up to his guts in the yellow vagina. He is an associate of fellow Yellow Peril Pounder Mike Holt.

See, readers, this is all about subverting nationalism. You see it all the time but it doesn’t always register with you what’s happening. You will still find Burgess shilling for the conservative Pauline Hanson, as he spent most of the last year doing. She has about as much to do with true nationalism as a Bangladeshi does with the legend of Percival.

Shermitz, mysteriously shilling for pro-Israel Pauline Hanson. Um…?

Now that this screed has wound out to over a thousand words, we think we’ve made the point that Shermon is not ever what he purports to be. And if he IS genuine then he is guilty of switching teams like a whore burns through rubbers, which is never good, because it proves that the person has no fundamental loyalty to a cause or the power of conviction to be sincere.

All nationalists should make any newcomer aware of Burgess and his ilk and keep this nationalism of ours protected. Fortress Nationalism can only succeed with knowledge and an understanding of the movement’s history.

Now, we will finish up by saying, in regards to Shermbles and his alliance with Folkes, UNA has it on excellent authority that Shermon Burgess intends to speak at an upcoming anti-mosque rally being organised by Folkes in the NSW town of Lithgow.

Say… no… more…

A filthy pair of grubs



No response has been forthcoming after United Nationalists Australia contacted the editor of The Age for comment over the unethical conduct of their freelance political writer Luke McMahon.

In April, Fairfax ran a fake news item penned by the Antifascist Action editor which made false claims and fabricated quotes about Australia First Party member, Nathan Sykes. But more galling than McMahon’s lies has been the two years of social media stalking, harassment, and threats conducted by the self-described law graduate.

Those malicious communications are now the subject of a police report being compiled with the assistance of AFP’s legal advisor.

However, in a further development overnight, McMahon has upped the ante by creating a fake Twitter account purporting to be Nathan Sykes. Thereafter, he has ‘Tweeted’ a series of rambling posts, raising serious questions about his mental health, and his fitness to be allowed access to social media.

McMahon runs a YouTube account under the name ‘Aussie Lads’ in which he posts material appropriated from patriots and nationalists and uses Fairfax’s Melbourne address as his contact details.

McMahon cannot help himself — another account, another troll, another attack on Sykes

Clearly, his involvement with Fairfax and their refusal to fact check copy coming from the left-wing authoritarian extremist leads to further questions regarding Fairfax’s culpability in his trolling. For instance, when The Age’s editor Alex Lavelle, or his on-shift equivalent, approved the story, did they do so knowing that Sykes’s impecunious status would guarantee his inability to sue them for defamation? Fairfax has a history of supporting the hard-left especially when it comes to defamation against Australia First Party members although it hasn’t always gone their own way.

McMahon began a campaign against Sykes as early as 2016 after convicted anti-Semite Neil Erikson — who has never met Sykes — posted rumours about Sykes’s “Jewish” ancestry. The lie was conjured by the leader of former Hollywood Nazi spoiler-group Squadron 88. Its then leader was acting under instructions from Liberal Party operative Howard Crawford.

Scene 0 (
Howard Crawford was instrumental in spreading the rumour of Sykes’s Jewish ancestry

Thereafter, Erikson was encouraged to share this tactical lie via his and fellow Zionist-convert Shermon Burgess’s former muckraking Facebook Page. It is believed contact was made with McMahon to then use his contacts at Fairfax. Instead, McMahon, using his own account and two fake accounts, harassed Sykes with insults and threats via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. However, at that stage, no one at Fairfax was paying attention to his anarchist histrionics. Sometime in 2016, he posted his frustrations on Twitter provoking Fairfax with a Tweet saying, “Nathan Sykes from Nazi Australia First… the bloke The Age is so petrified to confront! Yikes!”

rsz_lukeyluke (1)
McMahon has a Twitter meltdown

However, following the first court appearance of the Bendigo Three at Melbourne Magistrate’s Court, Sykes was snapped exiting the court with others. Prior to that, McMahon had reactivated his ‘Mark Watford’ account and established a new one for Luke McMahon and attempted to contact Sykes, who was on a 30-day ban.

Sykes mentioned this to AFP party whip John Dickinson, who passed on the message to McMahon that given his vile trolling in the past, Sykes had no confidence in speaking to the fake journalist.

But McMahon is not of sound mind or reason and began to suspect that Dickinson was in fact, Sykes. Thereafter, he gave himself away by posting in tandem on both the abovementioned accounts threats, harassment, and anti-Semitic slurs in the belief it would somehow unnerve who he believed to be Sykes.

The person believed to be Luke McMahon

While posting, often within minutes of each account, McMahon goaded Sykes with an image of what he believed to be his residence, and details about his address, and local shopping habits.

Earlier that month, Sykes was confronted at an IGA store in Enmore by an Antifascist in a CFMEU shirt. The overweight thug was accompanied by an Aboriginal girl who Sykes had seen before in the company of another union hood who confronted him on Enmore Road months previous. Descriptions of both have been circulated among nationalists with a warning that both attempted violent engagement.

Doubtless, given the content of McMahon’s provocations, both have contact with McMahon and supplied information to him from Sydney. One or both may have been responsible for stalking Sykes to what they believed was his address.

Melbourne Antifascists believed to be connected to McMahon. Watch for them at the next Bendigo Three court appearance

United Nationalists Australia argues that Fairfax has enabled the implicit threat of violence against Sykes by publishing unverified material that prejudiced the writer and put him in the sights of psychotic street urchins associated with Antifa.

We assert that they knew their actions would endanger Sykes, and if they didn’t, their fitness for the positions in publishing must be questioned.

As the time draws near to the official police complaint against McMahon, the anarchist agitator is on a hiding to nothing. He has lost all self-control and aims to go out in a blaze of anarchist infamy.

Sykes told UNA, “McMahon will eventually be taught a lesson from an old adage; ‘He who lives by the sword dies by the sword’.”

It is important too, to reflect on the fact that all of this generated, not on the Leftist side of the fence, but with Hollywood Nazis and especially the kosher Patriots from Nick Folkes’s Party for Freedom.

These are the trials faced by genuine Australian nationalists who resist conservative coercion.

Snapped in a laneway outside Melbourne Magistrate’s Court — we believe this man, who was taking intelligence on Patriots — is connected with McMahon. If you know anything about him, message us here at UNA