The Left is addicted to trolling. If there were no ‘right wing’ Facebook pages, or social media sites for them to troll, they’d fade into a suffocating obscurity; seeking recognition by trying to write ‘urban rhymes’ or making personal YouTube videos or blogging about the insignificant experiences of their drab lives as if in that turgid oblivion of their soul-destroying mediocrity was the nucleus of something far more metaphysical and vital to impart to the human race.

Instead, they inhabit Facebook pages like Anonykatz and entertain themselves by being routinely un-amazed at the typically inane postings of the cognizant-dissonant on the political right of the social-media tennis court.

Their day revolves around entertaining themselves reviewing the latest sarcastically reworked ‘potatriot posts’ uploaded by the admins of their favourite pages and then lending droll witticisms as an ideological antidote to what they’re confronted with. In most cases, one group of idiots is passing judgement on another — and we don’t employ ‘idiot’ as a pejorative here, it’s simply all we can deduce by examining the pathology of the thoughts they express.


If, say, Anonykatz had any grasp of Nationalist politics it wouldn’t even bother with the likes of Neil Erikson or Shermon Burgess, who’re blank cartridges from a circus shooting range.

These characters, like many who comment from their side of the fence, are the product of the social media identity factory and the digital age that spawned it. In the 1970s, Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future shock predicting the absorption into a myriad of subcultures for a population divided along complex social strata, and if he was still alive, he’d deserve a cigar for this prophecy alone; although he only died in 2016 so he pretty much saw it come true. More-or-less, he predicted the Internet.

There is no political substance or even consistency of message from the flaky characters that Anonykatz fixates on and yet they’ve never bothered to address this in any scrupulous detail — they simply guffaw at the overall ideology as they perceive it — mainly because they are the flipside to the same coin.

They are no more sophisticated than those they deride. The UNA team actually read a poster responding to Nick Folkes on the Anonykatz page who claimed that Hitler went to jail with Heinrich Himmler and there devised the National Socialist German Workers Party. No Katz admin bothered to correct this boob who had the comical impudence to then censure Folkes for not being intelligent enough to have assimilated this important historical fact. But, we digress…


Erikson, Folkes, and Blair Cottrell are the constructions of a media that were once obsessed with the anti-Islam movement and required ‘actors’ for the narrative surrounding this multicultural society of Australia. It inflated them, and then, when it all became passé, they pricked their hides and deflated their spirits, which were always inordinately out of scale compared to the size of any actual talent they might have possessed. They now play a constant game of catch-up with that sub-tier celebrity which, of all of them, Erikson Joneses for the most.

If, say, Anonykatz had any grasp of Nationalist politics it wouldn’t even bother with the likes of Neil Erikson or Shermon Burgess, who’re blank cartridges from a circus shooting range.

Individually, none of those mentioned above is remarkable people. Yet, like most human beings, they crave attention. The need for recognition is one of the most powerful human motivators which are why there are those who’ll seek it in evil and anti-social ways, such as mass-shooters, and serial killers.

Once upon a time, this type of character was the feeder for the music industry as the promise of ‘fame’ for the not-so-talented were offered by the vision of pop stars which they looked at and thought, “I could do that too”. So they formed bands or became performance artists or did anything that might lead to that ‘break’. Andy Warhol observed all this and made one of the most astute utterances of the 20th century — that one day every person would have their fifteen minutes of fame. And Warhol understood fame better than anyone.

This is why it ill-behoves the likes of Anonykatz to feed the egos of these pseudo-revolutionaries, but to make such an assertion fails to take into account that by doing so the players from their camp are exercising their own egocentricities. Again, they are the same animal. Erikson, Folkes, Cottrell do not pursue issues, as would be expected of earnest political crusaders, but rather use a cause to promote themselves. Separated from the substance of issues, we have mere personalities, and a kind of ‘fanboy’ nationalism, which is a term coined by UNA and covered in a previous article.


The Alt-Right gained its infamy through ‘trolling’; it doesn’t necessarily make anything better if the Left apes those tactics which, when all has been said and done, were questionable (although often hugely successful) to begin with. Let’s deal with a semantic before we get down to brass tacks here: We call this opposition ‘the Left’ for convenience purposes, or even ‘Cultural Marxists’, but that’s not necessarily accurate.

Much of what is assumed to be politically Left are actually the lackeys of the pseudo-progressive-democratic-liberal-globalist-capitalist-world-order. In the most basic reading of the morality contest underlying the narrative in which the Left is pitted against the Far Right, the former are supposedly upholding virtues that the latter dream of stripping from civic life for the sake of an authoritarian, race-based order. This assumes ‘good guys and bad guys’ when viewed through the glass of 20th century western struggles against Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, and National Socialism. Here we invoke Alvin Toffler once more because he had another insight into the future. He wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.


In this era, for either side, applying historical lessons, or ideologies, or prejudices from a bygone era is a glittering example of that new millennium illiteracy of which he wrote. So, with the exception of pure Nationalists, or even fluid-thinking true leftists whose worldview we may largely oppose but whose sincerity and logic we might otherwise respect, we have the ‘Katz’ — whose own obsessions are every bit as unhealthy as those provocateurs they make a subculture out of countering online.

The time has, therefore, come to bring these ‘Katz’ into the spotlight. For the main part, those posters who fill the ranks can be easily searched and profiled for themselves. But who runs Anonykatz?

In our last entry, we responded to an article by Honi Soit that claimed that we ‘doxx lefties’ under the guise of self-defence. In this case, we do it as a public service.

In our last entry, we responded to an article by Honi Soit that claimed that we ‘doxx lefties’ under the guise of self-defence. In this case, we do it as a public service.

United Nationalists Australia has been, for a long time now, flooded with requests to doxx the admin of Anonykatz. We have been given theories on who runs it, and countless links. We, therefore, posit the following as a theory which we back up with what we believe is convincing evidence. But as we doxx Anonykatz it is now incumbent on us to out one of its most consistent serial pests — Andrew J. Forster.


There are amusing trolls, there are witty combatants, and then there are those who if they weren’t harassing people online they would be stealing women’s underwear off clotheslines and wearing it over their heads as they tortured small furry animals. Andrew Forster fits into the latter category.

Hardly a nationalist, patriot or anyone ‘rightist’ conservative has not had an uninvited excretion from the poster using the name Andrew Forster appearing in their messenger inbox. He is unbothered by any transgression of Facebook policy, about laws pertaining to electronic-devices and stalking, or even whether or not he comes across as a complete body snatcher.

He has poured vile abuse on women, accessed accounts belonging to minors, attacked the sick, and violated the privacy of at least one person grieving over the passing of a close relative. It doesn’t matter to him. He is not made of the stuff that exhibits conscience nor is he equipped with the intellectual faculties to express an ideological rationale. He is purely a sociopath with access to the Internet.

He is by no means clever — he often gets rattled when challenged to any degree and scurries off to hit the ‘block’ button even though it was he who initiated contact. It all depends on how much alcohol or pot is in his system or whether or not the methamphetamine he has smoked was of a high enough grade. All in all, his entire act is based on a war of attrition, or who will blink first.

The best response to Forster is to block him. You are not dealing with an intellect, but a lummox whose cerebral deadness serves him well in his abusive trespasses onto the accounts of others. The nature of the world he supposedly abhors in the reckoning of his political opposition is exactly the one which he inhabits online: one where ideas must be singular, where the debate gets shut down, and where other human beings are objectified and reduced to caricatures.

Hardly a nationalist, patriot or anyone ‘rightist’ conservative has not had an uninvited excretion from the poster using the name Andrew Forster appearing in their messenger inbox. He is unbothered by any transgression of Facebook policy, about laws pertaining to electronic-devices and stalking, or even whether or not he comes across as a complete body snatcher.

His profiles list him as residing in Perth. In the past, we have had intelligence pinpointing him to a certain address, but we cannot be sure that information is accurate. We do have what we are assured are images of him. We share two of his Facebook profiles, which are queer things. He seems to have a fetish for the obscure matron of the 1990s British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, Hyacinth Bucket. In others, he has cheesy personalities from bygone pop culture decorating his bizarre user profile. Likewise, when he wants to be tricky he uses the alias Andrew Forester (see what he did there, genius).

Jame Gumb, stand aside, there is a new retro freak in town

UNA recently, through a lengthy operation, uncovered the address and information regarding the business practices of fake news journalist Luke McMahon. We have his residential address, and we know a lot about him now. We are in the process of uncovering even more information. The same will apply to Forster, who has made such a bore of himself we will coordinate with our people – and even those who aren’t nationalists – in West Australia to finally trace him to his lair. That will be a day he will wish had never come. Thanks to a major financial injection by a benefactor, we have resources that a year ago was not available to us.

Well, it’s pretty obvious Andy is an X-Genner. Note how this profile he brilliantly moves around the letters of his alleged surname to create ‘Forester’. We suggest everyone inbox him and congratulate him on his cleverness. Or just keep reporting his bogus accounts

Firstly, we have to question whether or not Forster is his actual name, and true identity. It will be easy enough to ascertain, but for the sake of discussion, we suggest that it might very well be, given the arguments about identity and ego that we’ve laid out above. It is in the psychopathology of someone like Forster to seek credit for his deeds otherwise he would operate under ever-changing aliases such as Luke McMahon has done.

Hip? Forster barely has a pelvis

It is also noteworthy that his profile appears on the friends’ list of lefty author John Birmingham, which might mean that Birmingham approves any old friend request, or else he is known to the man. Around 1990, when Birmingham contributed to Rolling Stone, he wrote an article about Jim Saleam and National Action that was a direct reflection of the lies being promulgated by disgraced Special Branch detective Neville Ireland; which would suggest that a relationship existed between the two. Jim Saleam complained and either a letter was published in Rolling Stone, or there was a retraction, but he cannot say for sure.

It is also noteworthy that his profile appears on the friends’ list of lefty author John Birmingham, which might mean that Birmingham approves any old friend request, or else he is known to the man.

In Birmingham’s book, Leviathan published around 2000, which is sold as “an electrifying epic history of the city of Sydney” reference was made to Jim Saleam and National Action and an incident involving an alleged theft from a woman by him and a man named Peter Coleman. The case was in dispute and when Jim Saleam confronted the publishers those extracts were subsequently expurgated from the paperback edition.

All in all, it appears that Birmingham, who models himself as a rebel, may very well have been a snitch operating with the corrupt authorities of the time.

We are told this is a floor plan to Forster’s Perth home. The hydroponic chamber is listed as ‘BRM 2’

But returning to Andrew ‘J’ Forster, we are also informed that he might be lying about the ‘J’ initial in his name, as we are told his name is Andrew Robert Forster.

Whatever, the thing to do now with all his accounts, if you do not block them, is to inundate them until it becomes unviable for him to post any more of his scurrilous silliness. Troll the troll. Find him wherever he is and just let him have it. His accounts are most likely fake so there is little point in him crying to Facebook, and you can make all sorts of threats, and say any sick thing that comes into your head, because the police simply won’t do a damned thing about it and he is too compromised to make such a complaint anyhow. Go for it. He is a real petal; a total snowflake.


download (2)

The most obvious eccentricity of those running Anonykatz is their obsession with felines. It goes beyond a simple shtick and into the realm of full-blown mania.

Smith and Anthony Albanese: boy the air must’ve smelt bad when that shot was taken

Therefore when it turns out that noted anti-fascist, the mushy-bellied beer-quaffing Pete Smith and his equally chubby partner Ariana Klepac are the authors of two books classified as “humour” and which reflect an almost Egyptian worship of pussycats it seems a reasonable enough contention that these two are responsible for Anonykatz. At least, this is the theory being presented to us. Obviously, we cannot say definitively, but the circumstances certainly make it highly plausible.

Awww, look at that, Pete’s a Labor man, which means he’s not a proper lefty at all. Slackbastard should stop talking to him

The pair has authored the books How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat, and The Cat-phabet: A Guide to our Furry Overlords — From A to Z. We do not recommend you buy these books unless for some reason Kleenex is in dire shortage. Given the level of wit expressed on what may or may not be their Facebook page, the quality of humour is obviously somewhere about the level of Bill Shorten after a few snorts of paint thinners.

Mrs Anonykatz (allegedly), Ariana Klepac, whose public persona along with her partner is as an author of two naff cat books and who looks like she applies her lipstick with a paint roller

Klepac also notably wrote a book titled Stark Raving Mod about the Mod scene in Australia from the late 1970s to 1980s. The book is currently unavailable for purchase.

The blurriness of Katz Palace (allegedly) in Balmain must be down to all the beers Pete drinks to try and make his missus look attractive. And vice versa. Ho ho… just a jolly jape, we are pretty sure both would nab first place in any swimsuit contest

What we DO know is that they both live in Balmain, or Toy World, as some wags refer to it, and if they do in fact control Anonykatz then their background could not be more perfect given the character of the suburb. However, if you want to Google their ‘publisher address’, which is Klepac’s residential & business address, you’ll encounter the extremely odd situation of finding their house blurred out on all Google Street View maps. We are not sure how, or why, one goes about getting their residence blurred out – especially when it is supplied by Google as a place of business – so we’ll just show you a blurry image of the joint which won’t mean much without an accompanying address so they can spare us any bullshit about litigation. As we say, it’s on Google anyway if you search Ariana Klepac. Both are authors which place them in the public domain and their works are therefore subject to fair comment, opinion, and literary criticism.

What also is justified editorial comment in the context of this article is Smith’s alleged connection to the convicted paedophile and former anti-fascist state informant, Alex Gollan. A former assistant principal at a Sydney school, Gollan led a double life as an anti-racist crusader, running a blog called Anti-Bogan at the WordPress site. Smith is implicated in having shared editorial responsibilities with the Gollan, who in 2016 was jailed for possession of child abuse material, released on bail, and the story sort of goes cold there. Perhaps his police handlers, long used to dealing with kiddy fiddlers, provided him with some sort of out clause. We’re sure to find out one way or another. Meanwhile, this does not cast Smith in a very convincing light as a social crusader.

Convicted pedo Alex Gollan was allegedly an associate of Smith

So, folks, there you have it; these anti-fascists are literally a bunch of pussies, with the gayest being Andrew Forster and his psychosexual fixation with Hyacinth Bucket. Perhaps she reminds him of the mother he’s always wanted to get into the sack. Who knows with these sickos? Adieu.

The technical term for this item is a ‘waste of money’

CONTROVERSY CREATOR: An Interview with Cailen Cambeul, Reverend at SA, Church of Creativity

CONTROVERSY CREATOR: An Interview with Cailen Cambeul, Reverend at SA, Church of Creativity

UNA is entirely about Australian Nationalism, readers. Yet, once in a while we like to step outside our nativist paradigm and investigate the wider world of White Nationalism in the same way David Attenborough likes poking through Mother Nature’s undies. Our adventures have taken us into the world of Creator Cailen Cambeul, and while he has heaps to say about Creativity as a White Man’s religion, we were particularly curious about his personal story. Here it is entirely in his words – replete with colourful epithets that normally we avoid, but have not removed for fear of him calling us homos.

You pronounce Cailen in its traditional Celtic form. We get the feeling you’d rearrange the internal body parts of anyone who made the grave error of mispronouncing your name ‘Colin’.

Actually, I was born as Colin Campbell; but with doctors, hospitals, coppers and fools galore all confusing me with – or accusing me of being someone else, I needed to make the change. There are those that know me as Cailen and some that know me as Colin. So, I’ll accept either … just don’t mispronounce Cailen.

You like bikes. What kind do you ride?

I have a Honda Rebel bobber. A vertical twin, it’s black, stripped back to the barest necessities – no bitch seat – with a slightly ground cam and straight-through, black slash-cut drag pipes. It’s taken me everywhere up and down the East Coast, with the final trip being from Brisbane to Adelaide. I pulled it apart for a rebuild a while back and it’s sitting in my shed in a million pieces. When I rebuild it, it’ll be flat black without a single piece of chrome. Chrome is for show-ponies.

Ever had biker affiliations?

Yes. Mandamas MC; they took over Gypsy Jokers MC in Australia and amalgamated them with the GJMC chapters in America and around the world. If you are interested, you can read all about that on Wikipedia. Anyway, my history with the club is a personal history that I used to keep to myself – I don’t like braggarts – but keeping my mouth shut led to skinheads and niggers with too many Sons of Anarchy TV fantasies using the club name to threaten me. They never seemed to understand why I just laughed at them. I decided enough was enough when a nigger neighbour with his wigger friends went door-knocking around the neighbourhood telling the neighbours that a hundred Gypsy Jokers were going to “run through” the place looking for me. I knew there was nothing to fear, but some neighbours fled, while others practically barricaded themselves in. A Creator brother and I took the time to reassure the neighbours, and then the two of us clobbered that coon and his mixed bag of nigger and wigger filth. However, despite my personal history – and that of many other leading Creators with a similar history – I must emphasise that the Creativity Alliance does not have any affiliations with any outlaw motorcycle clubs. The real outlaws are with Creativity.

Cailen is NOT a big fan of Sons of Anarchy

I decided enough was enough when a nigger neighbour with his wigger friends went door-knocking around the neighbourhood telling the neighbours that a hundred Gypsy Jokers were going to “run through” the place looking for me.

You grew up in at the tail-end of the golden period of Australianness. A lot of young folks in Australia’s various identity movements didn’t. What can you tell them about that Australia as opposed to the mess we have now?

Back in the 70’s we were taught the trite saying: Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. In fact, it was pretty well hammered into us all. Before my father joined the army in the late 70’s, coons, gooks, kikes and all manner of muds were the stuff of television. And television back then was all Alf Garnett, Ted Bullpit and Archie Bunker telling us precisely what they thought of coons, kikes and the rest …. Even M*A*S*H had its own Spear-chucker Jones for a while. It is now a hate-crime that can land you anywhere from six months to three years imprisonment but was once general speech. So nobody ever got in trouble back then for what they said. In fact, if somebody decided to single you out and laugh and call you names, and you bopped them on the nose, it was you that would find yourself in trouble with the authorities. No excuses about name-calling were ever accepted. Then, in the 80’s, things changed as the wogs asserted themselves. They would no longer be White Australians merely from a different part of Europe. The wogs assumed for themselves a separate ethnic identity and began to bitch about names that would never hurt them – and they got the attention that they sought. Gooks showed up by the boat-load, kikes crept out of the woodwork, and niggers crawled out from under their woodpile. Life changed and if you got into a fight with a so-called new or ethnic Australian, as the libtards of the day referred to the mud people, then win or lose, you were the one up the creek. Win or lose, like an arse has its hole, every mud has its excuse: “Racist!” they’d scream then, and “Racist!” they still scream today.

As kids, we would have naturally got along with the mud kids shoved into the same classes as us. They would have been teased in the same way that we teased each other, but we would have given them a fair go – the inherent culture of race would have led to natural segregation, but everybody would have known their place standing on an even plane – instead the libtard powers-that-be had to go and build themselves a ladder of political correctness so that every mud can climb to the heights of multicultural privilege. And so it was as kids; right from the moment we first clapped our eyes on those slanty-eyed, yellow interlopers, we White kids were warned that it was us that would get the boot should were we ever say anything that may or may not offend these so-called new Australians.

Being an army brat at an almost all military family school in Sydney, I was quite sheltered myself. If you could imagine, a school that was almost totally made up of the children of Vietnam Veterans. School teachers hated being posted to our school in Holsworthy, because it was ruled by a Mother’s Club that refused to allow any multiCULTi claptrap into the curriculum. That school was so army oriented, that they gave up trying to teach either Aussie Rules or Rugby League and instead taught us how to play Gaelic Football – where we, of course, separated into teams composed of those that understood Aerial Ping-Pong and those that understood Catch-Me Hug-Me. I was only fourteen when my father was posted to Brisbane, and of course, the family went along with him. I spent a single year in a – by then – bog standard, mostly civilian multi-racial school, where they attempted to indoctrinate me on the bollocks of White Guilt, the fictional Abo genocide, and how some nigger named Martin Luther King was America’s Greatest Hero. Needless to say, I didn’t last there. I quit school at fifteen, and four days later was gainfully employed on a pittance of a wage. That was the mid 80’s and they were the last few years in Australia where all you need do was to persist and within the week, you’d have yourself a job.

Remembering those times at school … a funny thing happened when I went to that school in Brisbane: Not being a banana-bender, I didn’t know the slightest thing about rugby, so, playing soccer, I got to know some of the wogs (Italians) there. They had a gang and called themselves The Wanderers – they, of course, copied the popular American teen movie of the time – their little brothers later had their own gang called the Wog Squad. Most of the wogs hated us White Australians or Skips as they called us; but those types were mainly self-segregated, busy measuring their biceps, playing wog-ball and having garlic spitting contests … or whatever it is that wogs do. Some years after leaving school, I caught up with some of the wogs; they’d been back to Italy where they each had been mercilessly mocked for coming from a land Downunder with their weird Skippy-the-Bush-Kangaroo accents. That, and they learned firsthand from their Italian cousins how to hate the nigger invader. That’s when I truly began to understand the Unity of the European people; which in those days was unique to the colonies but is rapidly changing as the nigger invader unites White Europe.

I joined the army in the mid 80’s and by the 90’s found that I wasn’t wanted in most jobs because I didn’t speak Vietnamese … and then there was nothing available. 10% unemployment was standard back then, and former soldiers that don’t speak gook are not considered suitable employees.

What cats are to Blofeld, dogs are to Cailen

When did you get involved with the White Cause and why?

Much of that has been answered in the previous question, but the catalyst that moved me from being your average Australian yobbo to a disgruntled White Racial Activist and Political Dissident was – in short – niggers and cops. Most people cower down. Some Harden Up and learn to fight back. Put it this way, whenever niggers attack, it’s always the coppers that come running to their defence to cover up their crimes. I’ve had to put up with that in ’87 in Brisbane, ’88 in Wodonga, ’95 in Brisbane again, and in Adelaide in the new millennium. When coppers do get off their fat porky arses and do the jobs as they’re paid for, it’s the courts that will drop the charges – I’ve had that one as well. I have had teeth kicked out, broken nose and limbs, fractured skull, been stabbed and kicked unconscious … and every time a copper has appeared threatening to charge me with a Hate-Crime if I attempt to pursue it further.

When coppers do get off their fat porky arses and do the jobs as they’re paid for, it’s the courts that will drop the charges – I’ve had that one as well.

In ’95 I joined National Action (Australia) in Adelaide. It was a White Nationalist political party founded by Dr Jim Saleam, with most of its membership later joining the Australia First Party – again with Dr Jim at its head. However, by the late 90’s, National Action was on the wane and Australia First Party was yet to gain any legs. As I lost faith in politics and had come to the conclusion that religion was the over-arching societal problem keeping the White Race hamstrung, I soon joined the Church of the Creator – now known as the Church of Creativity – with the various Church Groups united as the Creativity Alliance. Creativity was founded in the United States in 1973 by former Florida Senator, Ben Klassen, as a non-theistic, nature-based White Racial Religion – the first and still the only one of its kind. The goal of Creativity is, in short, to Straighten out the White Man’s thinking. It is to bring about a Whiter and Brighter World.

UNA advocates ultimately political engagement as inevitable. Are you still adamant White Nationalism cannot achieve a political outcome?

Democracy is a farce. White Racial Loyalists (WRL’s) will never win via political persuasion, but the political path is a way to get our message out to the public. Looking at it from that perspective, WRL’s are behoved to take the political path. That’s why the Creativity Alliance supports Australia First Party.

Cailen at an AFP demo in Adelaide to the left holding the banner

What are some of your more controversial encounters with the establishment in your long time serving White Nationalism?

Back in 2005/6, Creators in New Zealand had been impressed by the protest at Cronulla, so, at their request, I designed a very simple flyer with an angry face that said “If Sydney Can Do It So Can We … Let’s Take Back Our Land & Show Them Some White Power!” It probably took me ten seconds to dream up and two minutes to create and send.

The New Zealand Creators took to it with gusto, posting that flyer up everywhere around New Zealand. Some of our flyers were discovered at Wellington railway stations. New Zealand MSM, police, politicians and the so-called Right Wing sent themselves barmy looking for someone to pin the blame on … and they eventually settled on me, pointing the finger at so-called White Supremacist South Australia.

As usual, MSM feeding upon itself, South Australia’s MSM went out of their way to remove any stigma from the state and lay the blame squarely at the feet of Creativity. We achieved some good, free advertising with that one. On the first day we got the front page of the Adelaide Advertiser with: “Authorities investigate Adelaide website … RACE HATE BASE.” The inside pages on that day and for several days following was basically a list of denouncements from opportunist politicians – State and Federal Attorney Generals and the Minister for Multicultural Affairs – Jewish Supremacist groups bitching about anti-Semitism and denial of their fabled scam of the century, and concerned citizens that actually worked for the Adelaide Advertiser. South Australia’s Attorney General and Police Commissioner were interviewed on their ABC; national and other states’ newspapers, Reds and Christian Conservatives jumped on the bandwagon; Television’s Today Tonight and youth radio station Triple J called, asking for an interview – which I denied; and several magazines asked for interviews regarding the lack of freedom of speech in Australia – only one of which made it past the editor’s desk.

The MSM made such a stink for themselves in their attempts to expose and destroy Creativity, that they gained unwanted (for them) attention from overseas MSM with Al Jazeera and Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, British and American papers all pointing the finger at Australia and screaming “WHITE SUPREMACIST!” My name was included in a report from a Tel-Aviv University on anti-Semitism, and I was listed amongst Australia’s most popular anti-Semites by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry – I think I made the Top Ten for the next ten years. Federal and State Attorney Generals promised that I would be investigated, and I was soon raided by the Major Crime section of South Australia’s state police led by an opportunistic Jewish detective. Their warrant was signed by the Attorney General. They searched the place for drugs and weapons – and when they found nothing, they decided to confiscate tax documents, USB drives, two computers and a laptop. There was some amount of consternation when I revealed that I was actually born in South Australia – presumably, the intent was to lock me in a concentration camp with the slant-eyed and rag-headed illegals and deport me. As expected, the Kosher Detective attempted to coerce me to reveal the names and details of other Creators here and overseas – to which the only answer can be The Five Words: I have nothing to say. The rest of the time he spent waving The Turner Diaries in the air and shouting about our plans re the alleged future extermination of World Jewry. A total nut-job if I’ve ever seen one! Within minutes of the Kosher Detective and his porky pals taking off with my computers, I was back online with another computer I’d already had handy. I had stashed relatively modern computer in an old-model case so that even the computer expert that had come along for the ride laughed and said to leave that where it was. Creators were warned and within the hour, all passwords for the websites had been changed and everything was taken out of my name.

There was some amount of consternation when I revealed that I was actually born in South Australia – presumably, the intent was to lock me in a concentration camp with the slant-eyed and rag-headed illegals and deport me.

Following that, I was investigated by the Department of Social Security and the Tax Office (who threatened me with arrest), and my internet service provider blocked me from our websites. Neighbours were notified by an anonymous caller claiming to be from the police that they would receive a substantial reward if they were able to give evidence leading to my arrest for … anything at all.

Although I was surprised at how far they went, it was nothing really when compared to the fact that only a year or so earlier, the Family Court of Australia had declared that I was an unfit parent because I was a Creator – and so I lost any chance at ever seeing my daughter again. By comparison to that, everything they did and everything they attempted … I shrugged it off. All in all, Creativity profited extremely well from those over-simplistic flyers purportedly found in only a few New Zealand railway stations. These days, we have our occasional MSM advertising coup here and there around the world, but they are typically regional and never to the extent of that first. Creators in general and me, in particular, have been libelled time and again in Australian media – and each time I have taken them before the Australian Press Council. As a consequence, I am reliably informed that the Murdoch press in Australia have slapped a ban on me or members of the Creativity Alliance being interviewed. If anything is to be written about us, it is to be done without our knowledge and to be authorised personally by particular editors along with Murdoch’s legal charlatans. Of course, that does not prevent newspapers and magazines overseas asking for the occasional interview – typically when we target their area with our flyers.

The floral-pattern of the sofa tends to contradict Cailen’s Alpha nature

A lot of our readers don’t fully understand the Creativity Movement. Can you explain it for us and indeed tell us why some of us should become Creators?

Firstly, don’t ever call us the “Creativity Movement.” Say Creativity, say Creators, say Church of Creativity or Creativity Alliance. Reason being, CREATIVITY is not a movement like the Nazi Movement. Founded as the Church of the Creator, Creativity is a religion for White People, by White people. Ben Klassen did use the all-enveloping phrase, “Creativity movement” as a way of describing Church Members and Supporters. Secondly, in 2003, the small recalcitrant skinhead portion of the Church of the Creator attempted to seize Creativity for themselves and oust all of those that they did not find suitable for their new “prison gang on the street” as they chose to call it. This coincided with a US Federal Court Order for the (World) Church of the Creator to relinquish its name to an ADL (Jewish Supremacist) funded Christian outfit that began using the name, Church of the Creator, some ten to fifteen years after the founding of the original Church of the Creator by Ben Klassen in 1973. The skinheads seized upon the opportunity of a forced name change (along with other leadership problems at the time) as their chance to ditch the religious aspects of Creativity, and setting themselves up as an adjunct to Combat 18, titled themselves The Creativity Movement. Many Creators were forced out by the skinheads under threat of violence or reporting to government authorities. Others quit and joined what would become the Creativity Alliance. As a consequence, we do not recruit skinheads into the Creativity Alliance.  So, what is Creativity? Creativity is the world’s only legally recognised non-theistic religion for White people, by White people. Creativity objects to amongst other things, Christianity, Marxism and multiculturalism. Creators do not believe in gods or devils, an after-life, heaven or hell. Creators do not turn the other cheek. Creators do believe in maintaining a balance with nature while keeping a sound mind, in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment. Above all, Creativity is dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race alone. Although Creativity does not seek the extermination of the non-White races/mud races … it is not Creativity’s task to either rule over, or to provide for the welfare of the mud races. It’s time to drop Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. The Golden Rule of Creativity is: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

CREATIVITY is not a movement like the Nazi Movement. Founded as the Church of the Creator, Creativity is a religion for White People, by White people. Ben Klassen did use the all-enveloping phrase, “Creativity movement” as a way of describing Church Members and Supporters.

Why Should You Become a Creator? As we Creators say, Creativity is the one and only Salvation for the White Race. Look around you and everywhere you’ll see the traditions of our European forefathers trodden under by the brown alien foot. What is left of European tradition is increasingly tied up with the religious remnants of dark ages superstition – which itself has been taken over by Christianity’s illegitimate child, Marxism. The majority of logical, common sense White folk are increasingly affected by the reality that is modern science and increasingly leaving their superstitions behind – but with the removal of superstition comes a reliance on a global mass media. In essence, White folk are swapping their anti-White, genocidal priest for an anti-White, genocidal corporate machine. They may have dropped the superstition of the Semitic Super-Spook in the sky today, but they nevertheless carry on the suicidal commands of yesteryear’s priest and his alien creed. Creativity recognises the need for belief in something bigger than ourselves, but at the same time, Creativity is here to set the White Man’s mind straight. Creativity doesn’t promise a glorious, never-ending afterlife. What Creativity does promise is the here and now. The Creed of Creativity tells us to continually strive to maintain a healthy, positive and dynamic attitude towards life. Creativity is the embodiment of the 14 Words: “We must secure the existence of White People, and a future for White Children.” The 14 Words is a rehash of the First Commandment of the Sixteen Commandments of Creativity: “It is the avowed duty and holy responsibility of each generation to assure and secure for all time the existence of the White Race upon the face of this planet.”

A signed pic of Creativity founder, Ben Klassen

Creativity takes National Socialism beyond artificial borders and supersedes while embracing all of White Culture; Creativity is the embodiment of Racial Socialism with a Four Dimensional Program: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. In essence, Creativity isn’t a group you join or hang out with on Sundays; Creativity is an entire way of life. As a Creator, you will understand that your first loyalty belongs to the White Race. As a Creator, you will honour, protect and venerate the sanctity of the family unit, and hold it sacred. The family is the present link in the long golden chain of our White Race. As a Creator, you have no need for strange religions with roots buried in the East. Creativity is that need for a belief in something bigger than ourselves embodied into a single Creed. What’s more, as a Creator you will not condone tolerance of other people’s beliefs if they are an affront to our intelligence, be they theistic or atheistic. The White Race united into the mighty battering ram of the Creed of Creativity cannot be beaten.

Waving the flag of Creativity, which his dog eyes like a tasty bone