Now is the winter of Nick Folkes’s discontent. This very moment, he is weeping into his 49th stubbie of lager. For teary-eyed Nick, whatever solace can be had, comes out of a bottle. No bottle is deep enough to brighten Nick’s spirits.

Yet, that bottle now defines Nick; it directs his actions, and ultimately contributed to his ignominious downfall. Those high times spent making a goose of himself on SBS reality shows like ‘I’m Not Racist, But’ and being recognised in public are over — his king-tide ride as media provocateur has passed. Nick is now sombrely talking about “writing a book”, or hagiography, which is a concession of defeat if ever there was one. We can think of a million titles for his magnum opus, but the most appropriate is already taken, The Idiot.

Yes, readers, it’s all over for Nick, and even better, it’s the end of the road for his beloved Peanuts for Freedom.

Nick is a man in shock — a wobbly jester struggling to come to terms with his inglorious banishment from court. All his putrid karma has swung back and hit him in the face like the stink from an Egyptian port-a-loo. It has left him even more dazed and confused than one of his benders. Frankly, we are delighted. So where did it all start to unravel for the grotty burke and his obese offsider?

Nick began the Peanuts for Freedom in 2012 after splitting from the Australian Protectionist Party. In its nearly six years of existence, it has never come within a cooee of being registered. The word ‘Party’ in its name has therefore always served more of a pointer to its orgiastic activities than any qualifier of the group as a bona fide political group.

Over the years, Nick has spent more time in Arab drag than the combined hierarchy of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Except for those occasions when he’s inexplicably starkers, it’s his number one favourite choice of presentation. Perhaps shutting the curtains and dressing up as the Grand Mufti of Lakemba is one of the last innocent pleasures left to Nick now that the Peanuts have been officially roasted.

Yes, readers, it’s all over for Nick, and even better, it’s the end of the road for his beloved Peanuts for Freedom.

Nick’s hasn’t been the clean death that many of those who wear the cloth prefer when administering the last rites. Periods of acceptance are punctuated by episodes of him thrashing about on his death-bed like Reagan freaking out in The Exorcist; spewing green bile hither and thither on social media. The devil just doesn’t want to leave Nick; he has his nails dug in sharper than a kitten clawing at a tea cosy. But what’s obvious is that he can never rebuild what was.

Those supporters of his that he savagely burned and abused are now exacting their sweet revenge on him all over Facebook. In fact, having said more about Nick than any other blog in existence, we shall leave the final word up to former associate Deb Daldy, who posted a long denunciation of Folkes on Facebook.

We just cannot figure out why people would turn their backs on Nick…

Deb is from Kim Vuga’s party, Love Australia or Leave. As a matter of fact, many former members of PfF are now with Kim. Deb herself explains why, but before we get to that we will recap. The divisions really began long before the infamous night of the Peanuts on Pingas, when Nick, Toby Cook, and Penny Louise got wasted and began carnage calling former members whose numbers Nick gleefully provided. But that was as good a marker as any for the purposes of establishing a point of its decline.

UNA had previously published an account provided by one such insider, who blew the whistle on its drug culture and Nick’s unsuitability for representing any aspect of Australia save for its inebriates.

Certain opportunities to appear cohesive cropped up after the Peanuts on Pingas incident, like a rally in Penrith which he characteristically hijacked, and a protest against the defacement of a statue of Captain Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park. But like much surrounding these civic patriots, it was largely an illusion with his numbers bolstered by others, including repugnant Kiwi troublemaker Mark McDonald, the Hollywood Nazi who has been appointed Sydney organiser for the Lads Society.

UNA had previously published an account provided by one such insider, who blew the whistle on its drug culture and Nick’s unsuitability for representing any aspect of Australia save for its inebriates.

None of this could mask the cracks, however, and as loyal lieutenant George Jameson and his skank Penny Tridgell moved closer to soon-to-be-jailed sewer-rat Neil Erikson, the green-eyed-monster reared its head. Hell hath no fury like a jealous Nick Folkes, so we’re told, and he is constantly jealous. You could be on the ground being kicked by cops and Nick would be envious you were getting more attention than him.

When Jam Jams split and joined the multiculturalist dental cases of the True Blue Crew taking with him a bunch of dumb PfF placards, Nick went a curious Bananas-in-Pyjamas version of Tony Montana. Nick and his remaining circle of loyal Peanuts accused Jameson of being a “Jew lover”, which is rich given their past associations with kosher conservatives. Unbelievably, PfF’s Jewish second-in-command, Radka Smith, even got in the swing and in one Facebook post accuses “Mr Buttman” (Jameson) of being a ‘Mossad agent’, which is definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

Mr “Buttman”, aka George Jameson, once loved for his Jewish flag is now a Peanuts’ pariah

We’ll just veer off topic for two seconds to explain the ‘Mr Buttman’ reference since it speaks volumes not only of Jambalaya but about his former party. Apparently, Jameson had publically expressed his love of anal sex with the object of his cradle-snatching, Pen Pen. Tridgell, who is more than half Jameson’s age, abandoned her infant child to smoke drugs with the Peanuts and cop it up the date from Jam Jams, and, even more sordidly,  his brother.

Now Pen is preggers and it’s a miracle since women aren’t usually impregnated via their clacker. Either Jameson or his bro is incredibly fertile or now and then they broke with habit and rolled on top of her. But nobody wants to think about that since the image it invokes is too disturbing. Plus, this is a family blog.

This spat has caused sparks to fly between T.B.C and PfF, or T.B.C Sydney and Melbourne or something, and, so we hear but cannot be bothered confirming, Ralph Cerminara, who was the subject of shocking allegations revealed to us by a whistle-blower, is acting as peacemaker. Hurrah.

This spat has caused sparks to fly between T.B.C and PfF and, so we hear but cannot be bothered confirming, Ralph Cerminara, who was the subject of shocking allegations revealed to us by a whistle-blower, is acting as peacemaker. Hurrah.

Meanwhile, the remnants of the Peanuts are reportedly turning ‘hard-core racialist’, most likely with the influence of Sydney Lads leader Mark ‘Matey Mate’ McDonald’. With Toby Cook modelling himself as a racially impure George Lincoln Rockwell, they are attempting to steal the thunder from The Antipodeans by going all-out anti-Semitic (with Jewess Radka Smith wholeheartedly supporting them).

Tobes has apparently created a Facebook group of limited membership named ‘Aryan Brothers and Sisters’. (We know, we know, it’s too much already). We still have all the footage of Tobes helping burn a Nazi flag outside the Australia First Party headquarters in Tempe; just one of the many contradictions in the baffling free-for-all that has bubbled up from the civic patriot swamp.

The saviour of the White race. Himmler would have appointed him head of the SS Racial Purity Division

Now, it’s about time this was settled once and for all — there is no way on God’s earth that Toby Cook is White. His fanatical Julius Streicher act is totally designed to draw attention away from his racial shortcomings. He seems to have the deluded idea that by thumping hard about the Jews he is less likely to be scrutinised for his ancestral roots, which, given the thickness of his lips, the rich caterpillar fuzziness of his eyebrows, and the overall Islander cast of his Polynesian head have caused great speculation. We have some bets that he is a mix of Malaysian and Islander, some suggest he has Bornean DNA.

UNA is very close to answering the question that has puzzled Nationalists for three years now — what race is Toby Cook? We will publish our results when we finally unearth them. In the meantime, this new core of crazy racialist warriors including Toby, Matt Lowe, and some slapper who looks like a former groupie for a third-rate pub rock band are rumoured to be attempting to move in on The Lads Society, possibly since their man Matey Mate McDonald has successfully infiltrated them.

The Peanuts once burned Nazi flags. Now they swear by ’em

Matt is apparently the new leader of PfF which means that they’ll be struggling to get the kind of publicity they’re addicted to since it takes an un-embarrass-able twit like Folkes to make enough of a tool of himself to generate that publicity.

Regardless, they’ll never be registered, and will never be anything but a tick fastened to a host group.

Now, we shall raise the tone somewhat so that Deb Daldy can take it from here. We post this knowing she would prefer this account of hers remained in the public sphere. Her post is reproduced exactly as it appeared. Take it away, Deb!

Party for Freedom is Airing dirty laundry? Ok, Lets!!

I used to create memes for PFF. Free of charge, as that was part of my contribution to the patriotic movement. My hubby also contributed, out of respect for me, by assisting with the PFF website. We did this for months.

Then, when the Love Australia or Leave Party was set up, I advised both of the respective party leaders that I would be happy to assist helping both of them generate memes and do admin work for them, but it was necessary from my point of view to be transparent to both parties from the beginning. I advised Nick Folkes that I would be assisting LAOL with their memes, to which he agreed wholeheartedly, only to have a change of heart three weeks later. What should have occurred was that we walk away amicably. But Nick got nasty, accusing me and the leader of LAOL, Kim Vuga of helping LAOL steal PFF people from his political party. FACT: Nick, It’s not a political party, until its registered with the AEC. All you have is a boys club minus the cubby house. You do however have pass the bong game and nude activities for attendees, so I’m told. Lol FACT: PFF members were never poached, but since we are here airing everything…truth be told, your members flocked to LAOL. In droves. Their reasoning: because they never believed you would ever get registered with the AEC.

FACT: They were right. My current sentiment of your party should have been alerted long ago when you rang me up, asking for advice on whether it was a good idea to attend the funeral service of Curtis Cheng, sit in the service wearing badges making a political statement!! The fact you had to ask whether that was a good idea indicated your lack of judgement and complete disrespect for people just wanting to mourn the loss of their family member. The only redeeming outcome was that I was able to talk you out of it, and you didn’t go ahead with it. You make the claim that George was a helpful PFF member for the best part of three years. So helpful, that you saw fit to bag George out behind his back to anyone that would listen. Now, I am certainly no fan of George, but what kind of a leader discusses party members with other members behind their backs, and even with people that aren’t party members?

I find it nothing short of comical how quickly you turned on Penny, when not even 8 months ago you defended Penny, almost parading her as the PFF mascot. You were so loyal to Penny, a newcomer, that when others took issue with Penny’s deviant behavior, you saw fit to rebuke the loyal in favour of the newcomer. That’s the kind of loyalty YOU show people. You demand loyalty but never give it. Or if you do, its always with strings attached.

Now, lets talk about the placards. To be honest, I don’t give a crap who owns the placards, but if I’m going to call a spade a spade, I would have thought it wouldn’t matter to someone that was ALL about the patriotic movement, WHO used the placards, as long as the message that was on the placard was being shown in public. I mean, isn’t that was its supposed to be about…educating the public, publicly supporting our views and beliefs and showing the rest of Australia that there are people that care about the country? So why, then, if that is the sole purpose of those placards would it matter who was holding them up? From a party leader point of view, I would have thought that getting the PFF name out there with the message was constructive, or at least it was till your petty carry on ensure George cut the bottom off. Now nobody wins.


You saw no problem with sharing other people’s platforms at events like Reclaim Rallies and jumped on other party’s bandwagons, even going so far as to make a homeless video with a real patriotic party, who’s idea it was in the first place, then putting your logo all over it. When asked for a copy of the video, you wouldn’t give them the footage. So, before you are quick to publicly execute George for not handing over stuff that wasn’t his, can I offer you a mirror?

And as for hypocrisy, let’s talk about the defamation you heaped on Jim Saleam for years, even allowing people to believe that he had a Nazi styled bunker in his place with the Nazi Flag hung up. What you don’t realise and probably never banked on, was that other people in the patriotic movement had reason to visit Jim’s house (courtesy of you) and this couldn’t be further from the truth. You have willfully deceived patriots right across the movement that Jim Saleam is a Nazi. Where is your integrity? Nothing wrong with disagreeing with Jim’s political views, as there are quite a few I disagree with, but to outright character assassinate him, you should consider yourself fortunate you haven’t found yourself in front of a magistrate having to defend defamation charges. If we take that mirror I offered you before, assuming you have not broken the mirror in frustration and anger, and hold it up to for self- examination of PFF then it’s clear, thanks to Toby (Tobias Cook) and the “Aryan Brothers and Sisters” chat group, where those with real Nazi beliefs (and flags to boot, reside). It’s in the pretend cubby house.

Now let’s talk about your weekend parties, oh sorry, party meetings, where the sole entertainment seems to be you handing out past members (and associates) phone numbers so that you can harass them in the wee early hours of the morning. And by harass, I mean ring them up and verbally abuse people in a manner that is so crass, crude and vulgar that the contents of those phone conversations only serve to show the character of the man that you are by handing out those phone numbers and then sitting in the back laughing and egging them all on for your amusement. People don’t ever seem to be able to amicably walk away from your party, you just turn nasty and see fit to try and intimidate them. Again….fabulous adult leadership. The last time most people reading this made prank obscene phone calls was back when they were 12-13 years of age. I do see that you now attempting to blame Penny for making the phone calls. Well that’s a coward act, with the exception of when you hid behind two patriotic women Tess Pearce and Jody R Henry at a rally because ANTIFA showed up, if ever I have seen one. It was YOU and YOU alone that had the phone numbers of Jody R Henry and Judith Macalpine, and Penny would never have been able to have made those calls had you not handed her those phone numbers on a silver platter. So if you are going to air dirty laundry, then at least do it with a mirror, and take personal responsibility for your part in it. In saying that, Penny is as equally responsible for those calls, as are the Toby and Matt Lowe for those obscene calls. As the leader of PFF Nick, you are responsible for your members do, especially when they are in your presence and whilst representing your party.

Are you registered yet with the AEC, where again, money collected requires transparency? NO! So until such a time, all that happened was that money was given to Nick by George and you bought placards with that money putting and put a wannabe political party name on the bottom of them. As the party is not registered, the party technically doesn’t exist and therefore the placards belong to nobody. Sure, you can go through the motions of holding pretend committee meetings, but at the end of the day, the only people you are fooling into believing PFF is a registered political party, is yourselves. Don’t be too embarrassed, when my daughter was 6 she liked to play doctors and nurses, so you aren’t completely alone in your desire for playing make-believe games.

Right now, all I see, and everyone watching this post from afar (and there are lots) is your party imploding. The only one to blame here is you, as with any organization, registered or make-believe without a cubby house, the buck stops at the top! Your pettiness is what has alienated people from your wannabe party. Your disloyalty to past and current members has and will be your complete undoing.

The one thing, I want to make clear, is that I don’t write this in favour of either George or Penny, as I have issues with both of them, including but not limited to the way George has treated women in the past by attempting to hit a patriotic women by launching over a table at her, and Penny because I will never understand how a person that has walked out on her kid has any right to lecture other people on how to mother. Any woman that can then make prank phone calls to harass people because she was called out on her BS is childish and immature and leaves me questioning her age and maturity level.

Out of nothing but sheer jealousy you have turned on people that were your friends, that were loyal to the patriotic movement and would have moved heaven and earth to have helped you. I know, I was one of them. In fact, all of the people I know that you have shat on, all say the same thing: the only person you are loyal to is yourself. If you can so easily talk about George behind his back when he was loyal to you and your party, what on earth would make others want to be loyal to you? Then there is the small issue of you accusing a women that financially contributed to your party in ways that far exceed just money, of being the reason another member committed suicide. WHO DOES THAT!! That would be you, Nick, who had so much respect for the dearly departed Fiona, that you and your PFF crew saw fit to smoke weed at her
funeral to the horror of her family.

No doubt your first instinct, once you have read this, will be to delete my post. But you can’t. Your sordid history of the way you treat people will no doubt be doing the rounds over FB. For once, just once, try and resist the urge to be a coward for a change and own your responsibility of the collapse and destruction of PFF.

I stand by everything I have written in this post as it is a true and correct statement. For those doubtful there are quite a few people that I can think of off the top of head that would be able to verify this post.

All Australia wants is for people to come together, and all you’ve achieved is nothing but division in order to satisfy your ego, and all over placards. There’s a part of me that should be sad at the division you have generated amongst the patriotic movement, but there’s no point. It’s what I’ve come to expect. I’ve heard it said: “He who laughs last, laughs loudest”. Well you can rest assured that I have never laughed as hard as what I have in the last few days watching you and your PFF crew reap what they sow! These days, I have no need to think about PFF and how pathetic it is, but you can rest assured that we have made it a habit of telling everyone about PFF and what complete jokes you all are, before advising them that its best they don’t support PFF as it is considered to be an embarrassment to real patriots, particularly those in Victoria. You are just mock worthy, cringe worthy and the only worth you all possess now is to be ex-communicated out of the movement altogether.

This post was going to be as a response to your post, but when I saw you delete Jody Renay’s response for calling a spade a spade re PFF, then saw fit to outright fabricate and accuse her of being on welfare, (as though that’s somehow derogatory) even though she’s not, as a way of deterring people from her truthful claims, I have now seen fit to post this to my wall and into groups, where you will have lost all power to have it deleted, where you can’t cover up the truth any more. Of course, there will be people that screen shot it and send it to you. I’m banking on it and expecting a course of abusive phone calls to ensue in the coming months, but you will never be able to cover up what you did to loyal members of your party and how your party has self-destructed almost completely, at your hand. Not while there is breath in my body.

The two leaders. The burke in the blue shirt is Matt Lowe. He is apparently a Nazi or something cool like that






Those tuning into Stan’s sequel to the 1992 Australian film Romper Stomper expecting gritty realism will instead see a crime thriller.

Any pretence at social commentary is a cynical ploy by its creators to rope the general public into viewing a six-part action drama. The sequel is based ever so loosely, not just on its namesake, but on the reality it purports to represent. Whereas the original did offer social realism the update is just a shameless grab for ratings.

Trading off the controversy of the confrontations which occurred between so-called Patriots and Antifascist Action on the streets of Melbourne between 2015-16 Romper Stomper (2017) makes no effort to depict its subject earnestly. However, it will most likely be regarded as a documentary by globalist commentators despite the patently ‘high concept’ veneer of the production. Tim Soup will doubtless use it as the basis of one of his flat and censorious dissertations.

Rather than the diversity-minus-Islam of the Civic Patriots like United Patriots Front, who marched with Asians and shook hands with Africans at their rallies, the Patriot Blue of this latest incarnation are White Nationalists. This simple detail alone propels it way outside of the gravitational pull of authenticity (remember how Ralph Cerminara et al went out of their way to drive off ‘the Nazis’ from their street theatre?).

The unreality of the series is evident from the opening sequence where Patriot Blue has crashed the entrance to a Halal Festival with a pig on a spit. After Blake, the group’s leader (Lachy Hulme) — who bears a conspicuous resemblance to the UPF’s Blair Cottrell — harangues the festival goers a contingent of black-bloc Antifasc (based on Antifascist Action, or Antifa) arrives tooled-up to ambush the Patriots.

Any pretence at social commentary is a cynical ploy by its creators to rope the general public into viewing a six-part action drama.

In the ensuing brouhaha weaklings with the combined strength of a stuffed toy overpower hardened Patriots. This is, putting it mildly, highly unlikely. Antifa mostly attacked stragglers and old women carrying flags in groups of five and six. Moreover, there was seldom any rally where the police presence did not outnumber those protesters and counter-protesters. The pigs almost immediately nixed any unruliness.

Two of the key protagonists are introduced, Stix (Kad Hartcher) and Kane (Toby Wallace). The latter, it is revealed, is Hando’s son. Later, we discover he isn’t. But at this time the two are welcomed as heroes as they salvage Patriot Blue from the awful ambush by what appear to be emo kids amped on energy drinks.

The Blair character is not-so-Blair as you think. But he does occasionally blare unlikely WN maxims through a loud hailer

A bloodied Blake invites the pair back to his place for a drink. While there, Blake wails on a henchman for revealing the rally’s location. We learned that Kane and Stix have left the army and are looking for work. Blake and his wife Zoe (Sophie Lowe), who seems an unlikely companion at half his age and hot to boot run a ‘recycling’ business, which must be fruitful since he shares a $15k bottle of Scotch with the pair. Blake offers them work.

The cops turn up to arrest Blake for “obstruction” leaving Kane and Stix alone with the pretty missus. Kane immediately makes a move and right here is one of the signature dramatic problems with the show: apart from the schlocky acting, the story’s timing is inappropriate. As if you would be sipping the leader’s top plonk while fondling his woman’s hair all in the space of an hour of entering his home.

The original Romper Stomper had plausible graduations of sequences but so much is stuffed into the unfolding plot that its pace comes to resemble any contemporary action movie involving Mark Wahlberg.

Rather than the diversity-minus-Islam of the Civic Patriots like United Patriots Front, who marched with Asians and shook hands with Africans at their rallies, the Patriot Blue of this latest incarnation are White Nationalists.

The writers disingenuously try to squeeze social relevance out of the characters while accentuating the politically correct constituents of the story. For instance, back at the Halal Festival, a young Moslem girl is supposedly bashed by Patriots. In the entirety of every rally held there was probably about 20 Moslems who showed up but that would not be sexy for the kind of audience Stan is looking for.

So we have a gratuitous act of cowardly violence against a Moslem girl that would never have happened no matter how high spirits ran at a rally. The producers overlooked how self-conscious about public approval the United Patriots Front were, which was acute to the point of cucking them into non-existence. But this was never about the Patriot Movement. And the ‘victimhood’ narrative of Moslems is now well underway.

Jago (C) and Blake (R) stick it to ‘forthright educated Moslem’ Laila (L)

Interviewed by a news crew in the aftermath of the attack on her sister, Laila (Nicole Chamoun), an “educated forthright Arab”, becomes a hero of the Antifasc. She also falls into the sights of Jago (David Wenham), the homosexual right-wing TV commentator loosely styled on Alan Jones, who has his eye on Kane. He and his Asian assistant (yes, there is more than one ironic device employed in the sequel) hoodwink her into coming on his show. Shocked to find Blake is also a guest, she reels as the pair demolish her on-air.

Meanwhile, Antifasc is reviewing video footage of the rally to identify the unknowns. This is an accurate portion of the show because as we know the craven polyps of the real Antifa occupy themselves in exactly this fashion. Here too is another disturbing accuracy. We encounter the mysterious McKew (Syd Zyglier).

McKew is the anonymous source behind The Slacker’s Guide to Fascists which is a blatant reference to Slackbastard. We even find out that ‘the Slacker’ is a university professor which confirms our contention professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University is one of the originators of Slackbastard. This also raises questions about how au fait with Slackbastard the media truly is as this is by no means a coincidence. The only other conclusion to draw would be that the writers of the show sourced their material from us.

The original Romper Stomper had logical graduations of sequences but here so much is stuffed into the unfolding plot that its pace resembles any contemporary action movie involving Mark Wahlberg.

As the show unfolds, the Slacker turns out to be an arsehole, which is the only time the show touches on fact.

The Slacker, as with the true life Slackbastard, manipulates the Antifasc to do his bidding. Thus the heroic and idealistic Laila is drawn into the world of Antifasc which will ultimately spell her doom. Here too we encounter Petra (Lily Sullivan), one of the show’s female powerhouse trio, and a senior Antifasc figure. The third ‘forthright female’ is the oddest one of all to explain in terms of the storyline.

images (2)
Zoe, Blake’s Missus, is seldom without a glass of vino

Kane has a little foster sister named Cindi who breaks out of a girl’s home after a visit from her surrogate brother. Cindi is cunningly installed with Antifasc whom she encounters while on the lam and hungry. Heading to a soup kitchen she meets up with two of the Antifasc barnacles and thence returns on Kane’s instruction to join the fold without much vetting.

This is another dodgy bit of plot since supposedly on the run from authorities it is remarkable that no effort is made to apprehend her nor is she recognised by any member of the public. She also seems to achieve the impossible, getting by without any scratch to cover her living costs. Antifasc must be better funded than we’d imagined.

It is between Kane, Zoe, Jago and two reprises from the original movie, Cackles (Dan Whyllie) and Magoo (John Brumpton), that the story heads to its propagandistic conclusion. However, along the way are other characters, some of which play integral roles, others serve to underscore the message Australians are fundamentally racist.

As the show unfolds, the Slacker turns out to be an arsehole, which is the only time the show touches on fact.

We meet an Arab Mixed Martial Arts fighter named Malik (Jamie Abdallah) who is disgusted with Laila’s brother Farid (Julian Maroun) for being beaten by the Patriots. While out with his Arab mates, he belts a truck driver defending the honour of his female partner who’s being crudely ogled by one of his passengers. Defending himself, Malik’s skills come to the fore. He drops the driver who cracks his head and nearly dies. The thoughtful Moslem seeks solace in prayer. The viewer is left to regard the Aussie as a victim of his own racism and hubris. The wisdom is only to be had in the mosque listening to the Imam with whom Malik confers.

Then there is the moral ambiguity of the Africans who are sent packing from a late-night convenience store by Kane’s Patriot Blue Night Patrol. The two gangster-rap gun-toting blacks tell the ‘White boys’ “These are our streets”. Chased off, they afterwards end up kidnapping Noddy (Sam Parsonson) and torturing him before dumping him at Blake’s place. While Noddy is bound and gagged the writers allow the APEX ringleader to lecture him with a parable of a “lost little sheep”. In actuality the black is the voice of globalism and Noddy, the lost sheep, represents any Australian who would vainly stand up to him. There is no resolution for this sadistic act (events intervene) that is well-deserving of Patriot retribution. Hate begets hate appears to be the lesson. What’s more, the Night Patrol itself requires comment since we have heard much about Patriot groups proposing such action, but nothing we see has ever been reported, such as Moslems being bashed, and an Ice lab turned over. It is all a big ‘what if’.

Into the mix comes a detective named Marco (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor), who happens to be “handling” Blake. This is an interesting theme seeing as how we have Neil Erikson who just about everybody knows is, or was prior to his recent charges, most definitely being handled. We know too that UPF members had been approached by ASIO. But apart from operating the Patriot Blue leader, Marco is also cheating on his missus by rooting Kane’s estranged millionaire mum, Gabe (Jacqueline McKenzie); another character from the original movie who basically does nothing. Well, she does do something, at the very end she tells Kane that Hando is not his father but rather his grandfather, her father, Martin — who regularly abused her and is seen in the show dying of dementia — sired the prodigal Patriot. Not that we told you that, readers. To do so would be a spoiler, which would require an alert.

We won’t spoil things either by  letting slip that Kane ends up killing Blake when the Patriots visit Magoo’s country hideaway which is a veritable armoury of WW2 weapons and Nazi paraphernalia. Blake is both jealous and suss of his young protege and puts him through a test warning him to stay away from Zoe. He gets about two minutes of gloat time when he passes before a seemingly pacified Kane pushes him down an escarpment. But revealing such would only ruin things for when he shacks up with Blake’s Jesus freak missus (Blake could not get it up due to the ‘roids’) who sees Kane as a Christlike figure come to save Australia. Nor will we reveal how the wily Cackles, who owns a white goods business (get it), had all along recruited Kane and Stix to take over Patriot Blue and usurp Blake. And there is no way in hell we’ll tell you about the inspiring scene where the Patriots annihilate Antifasc on a Melbourne beach while they hold a solemn ceremony with Blake’s ashes.

Furthermore, while not spilling  spoilers such as the above we shan’t mention the bullshit ironic device number two which has Magoo meeting with his Asian daughter, who he is ripped apart at not being able to be with. Now that would truly have been a righteous portrayal of a Civic Patriot.

Our lips are also sealed as to how the whole thing ends with Magoo talking his way into an event with a pro-multiculturalism politician and blowing up the two Antifasc, Kane’s sister, and countless others with a bomb jacket created by Cackles, the real power behind it all. No, because, that would be a prick act and our name isn’t Slackbastard. But we will say this, the whole thing is just tawdry entertainment created with the knowledge it will be blindly accepted as cutting-edge real-life drama. The globalist instruction is pungent and the audacity strong: to depict an Aussie as a terrorist bomber while the Moslems are the level-headed copers.

As Nationalists, we must condemn the series on about a thousand levels, but one really stuck in our craw and that is the depiction of these rock ape Patriots as White Nationalists. Back in 2015, we suffered badly trying to help the Patriots. They were thankless, they took what they wanted, and they threw us under a bus. We have never forgotten and those now claiming to be pruned from the same Nationalist branch as ours have never apologised for it either.

It is irksome to hear Blake spouting WN maxims, and reciting Henry Lawson. Lawson is a Nationalist hero and we’re pretty sure 99.9% of those original Patriots have never heard of him. They would be much more likely to quote Milo Yiannopoulos.

What is really sick though is the creation in the public’s mind that terrorism is where Nationalist politics is inevitably destined to end up. The Antifasc in the show is treated more sympathetically with their destructive acts simply shown to be well-meaning blunders. We have had those pass through our movement who have attempted to draw Australians into criminal acts, such as Squadron 88’s New Zealander leader. But this is not how we roll. To be depicted in this light shows either very poor research or very conscious design and we feel it’s the latter. Additionally, Facebook Patriots should receive royalties since the show is mostly written from their online interactions.

Like John Safran, it seems everyone made money out of the Patriot Movement except those who were in it (with the exception of notable scam artists who know who they are). This is just another cash-in on something which has been and passed. Moreover, if you pay to see it, you are giving Fairfax money, as they happen to own Stan. They are also behind all the defamatory attacks upon our people.

Hmm, the media knows all about Slackbastard. And judging by the portrayal of his character they know he’s a bitch




Responding to a complaint by United Nationalists Australia (UNA) that a person favouring its clothing brand had perpetrated a criminal attack on two nationalists in Sydney the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) provided a perfunctory response.

Whoever administers their Facebook page firstly issued a disclaimer regarding their retail merchandise by inferring it must’ve been a random someone who just happened to buy their clobber. No bona fide union member would dream of committing such a contemptible act. Then they advised us to contact police.

They may as well have recommended we alert Dominoes Pizza. The suggestion although outwardly sensible belied the responsibility, indirect or not, this most militant of unions have for the radicalisation of the lumpen idiot responsible. Dave Gullis, the scaffolder who threatened the life of the AFP President and vandalised the home of a member on Dec 7, sports his CFMEU togs with pride. But there is more to Davey boy.

Dave Gull of the CFMEU goes berko on a nationalist’s home

Gullis’s Facebook page links him to the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and he sports the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) logo.  The MUA has, of course, been infiltrated by the CPA – as has the CFMEU. Warren Smith is the assistant national secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and a member of the Central Committee of the CPA. Vinnie Molina is the West Australia boss of the CFMEU Construction Division and National President of the CPA.

No bona fide union member would dream of committing such a contemptible act. Then they advised us to contact police.

The CFMEU leases offices at its Kremlin at 12 Railway St Lidcombe, Sydney. A conference room on this floor is availed for meetings to both the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and its estranged but similarly anachronistic counterpart the Communist Workers Party of Australia (CWPA). These extremist groups have no qualms about flying the genocidal hammer-and-sickle symbol. Therefore, the CFMEU is well aware of these groups’ agendas.

The Sydney Kremlin  offices of the CFMEU at Lidcombe 

One member of the CWPA, named Yousef, who cultishly styles himself as an imitation of Che Guevara, was earlier this year exposed by UNA as demanding the very two nationalists who Gullis harassed be physically assaulted by its members. It is unlikely Gullis’s choice of targets was a coincidence or that Yousef is unknown to him.

As the CFMEU prepares to merge into a “super union” that will comprise the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union this integration will in theory position the zealots of Antifa into the globalist Labor party’s field.

UNA and other committed nationalist commentators have established how the Liberal party has over the years suckered in the naïve. They engage operatives and satellites to beguile far-right greenhorns with misrepresentations about how the Liberal party harbours racialist sects dedicated to nationalist principles. These sleeper cells, they promise, are waiting for the strategic moment to rise and revolutionise the Liberals to a national socialist course. It is all bullshit. But this is no different to what the Labor party does with its own extremist base.

Labor trades on its former associations with the worker but has consciously drifted from its unionist roots. While still happy to take their donations the dynamic of the relationship has changed.

One member of the CWPA, named Yousef, who cultishly styles himself as an imitation of Che Guevara, was earlier this year exposed by UNA as demanding the very two nationalists who Gullis harassed be physically assaulted by its members. It is unlikely Gullis’s choice of targets was a coincidence or that Yousef is unknown to him.

Once the greater proportion of elected ALP members of parliament were union officials. There are now only about 45% of those with direct links. There are a small number of affiliated unions that still carry clout within the party, and they were named in a piece by The Conversation as being The Shop Distributive and Allied Industries Union, Transport Workers’ Union and the Australian Services Union.

These affiliated unions are still able to influence the ALP through discreet internal lobbying along party structure lines. Yet, as the same article points out, there is a fallacious notion about the power unions wield within the party. Here, factions such as the Socialist Left and Centre Unity, make the decisions. To quote the piece, “The factions are unified less by ideology nowadays, but have been characterised as clans that distribute influence and rewards.”

Yousef, the CWPA representative of the Che Guevara Appreciation Society. He tried to have the same two nationalists assaulted in the name of “the workers”

Those parliamentary members tend not to come through the union ranks anymore and even if they have enjoyed the support of unions the political experience recalibrates their views and priorities. Likewise, those influential unions operating within the party generally promote their own agendas.

In other words, all the promises for the workers are broken at the other end as the ALP has long outgrown its traditional support base. In a way, far from the hard-forged socialist rhetoric of the meeting hall, the ALP has assumed more the qualities of the neoliberal American Democrats. This again echoes how the conservatives such as Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson divert nationalist sentiment into support for its absolute antithesis – global capitalism and global consumerism. Labor has as much a sell-off-the-farm policy as the conservatives do. Suddenly the ‘worker’ is an international citizen and not an indigenous unit of labour whose rights must be protected.

Luke Collier (R) and Joe Myles (L) the two CFMEU jugheads who attacked AFP members in Brisbane

When a program of free and open immigration brings down wages then opposing it must seem sensible enough. Trade union leaders should be the first to understand how mass immigration affects the worker but here you have “the workers” all rallied in various sub-factions ready to protect the interests of global capitalism. To this end, Antifa spares the government the need to oppress far-right opposition. In turn, through their carjacking methods, Antifa has done more to contribute to the strengthening of police powers than their adversaries who, ironically, lobby on a genuine working class platform and in the traditional spirit of the original Labor movement.

Labor has become so divorced from its working-class roots that the only time its elitists can stomach the workers is during press opportunities and on election days. The modern Labor party is the purview of the restaurant radical. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is a solid example of what Labor has become serving as he does without ever once having put in a hard day’s slog. Consequently, those revolutionaries shuffling their feet back down the chain spare little mind to the beneficiaries of their actions.

Warren Smith, Assistant National Secretary of the MUA. Um, since when did it become socially acceptable to fly the murderous insignia of the Stalin regime?

Given there is no longer historic fascism the zealots that the CFMEU entertains have simply painted a ‘Nazi’ face onto the enemies of globalism and given our side a Holocaust-centric narrative. All of this points to Antifa being just another construct of the state.

When the extremists who manipulate these globalist army irregulars sound their clarion call the union responds. They did so in 2014 when the Australia First Party and the now defunct Golden Dawn Australia (Hellenic Nationalists of Australia) held a demonstration in Brisbane to support of the Golden Dawn elected officials being held in indefinite detention in Greece. The demonstration turned ugly when members of the CFMEU rolled up waving their banners and spoiling for lashings of the old ultra-violence.

CPA National President Vinnie Molina (R) is also WA President of CFMEU Construction Division. He is with fellow commie book burner Bob Briton

Later, when members of the AFP were unwinding at a local bar they were subject to a flash attack in brought daylight by CFMEU thugs. One of those assaulted was an elderly man. The union hooligans did not concern themselves with such courtesies as not attacking women or the elderly. In the case of union organiser Luke Collier, he had done both. For his assault on the AFP members, he served three months jail while his compatriot Joe Myles was let off on a technicality.

There has been no shortage of CFMEU members mingling with Antifa at counter rallies against Reclaim Australia and the like. On the day of the Brisbane GD rally, however, it was clear that those unionists (sic) had been organised from outside. We lay the blame for that craven act of organised thuggery squarely at the feet of the terrorist Slackbastard.

Now more than ever those within the media, especially the ABC, should be put under pressure to reveal the unknown member of the Slackbastard group. It has become a matter of strong public interest to unmask this dangerous bigot. We have identified Professor Rob Sparrow from Monash University, a person with historical family ties to the extreme left, but now it is time to unveil the remaining Wizard of Antifa; the one who doesn’t mind getting blood on other people’s hands.

Doubtless, it was Slackbastard who was behind Dave Gullis’s criminal acts against nationalists on December 7. Yet, as we have argued, how does serving any of these globalist interests have to do with the workers?

Unions, Antifa, John Safran and a very satisfied Slackbstard bravely watching it all from his monitor



If Neil Erikson isn’t under strict orders to fuck over Australian Nationalism then we are the editorial team for the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

His latest caper involves him and an associate knucklehead in a Hi-Vis shirt confronting Labor senator Sam Dastyari at a Melbourne university bar. There, despite the little ‘daigou’ standing at the bar buying beers contradictory to strict Moslem religious observance (and the fact he is non-practising) they film themselves abusing him as a “terrorist” and telling him to go back to “Iran”. Erikson later claimed on FB that he was addressing concerns Dastyari holds “duel” citizenship. It is about as embarrassing a political attack as this big fruit has thus far managed and so far wide of the mark it keeps circumference with Erikson’s bloated waistline.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

If you plan to attack Dastyari it should be about his in flagrante delicto role in the selling off of Australia to China. But that’s not the point — Erikson is an arch-traitor to the White Nationalist movement yet the media now regards him as its stubbie-skolling ambassador, a situation that hasn’t come about by accident.

Many things have contributed to this beast’s destructive rampage not least the failure of prominent Nationalists to speak up against him despite the many lies, insults, and injuries he has knowingly inflicted on our cause.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

Erikson is aligned with Zionist Avi Yemini and has for a long time been in cahoots with Nick Folkes’s anti-Nationalist Peanuts for Freedom. A network of whispers has him linked to even more nefarious characters such as the fake news freelancer Luke McMahon and in all probability Liberal Party black ops coordinator Howard Crawford.

Back when he was cranking out defamatory videos on a Facebook page with fellow feral Shermon Burgess, one could discern the invisible trails of the lies he told from whom they originated. His and Burgess’s attacks were like a script and not one borne of spite or jealousy but a particular motive despite the pair being collectively too stupid to even have a motive beyond getting wasted.

Avi Yemini sends Erikson off for lox and bagels outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Strong suspicion arose with many——and it is a theory strengthened continually by everything this numpty does——that he was “turned” by the state following charges over his harassment of Rabbi Dovid Gutnick in 2014, an offence for which he mysteriously served no jail time. Then he totally went rogue.

The very Nationalists from whom Erikson sought advice prior to his inexplicably eventually landing himself a high-flying lawyer became the targets of his attack when he was denied a senior role in the equally disastrous United Patriots Front. In that case, such as he had similarly done with a Nationalist group beforehand, he used his administrator status on the UPF’s Facebook page to lock everyone out.

Erikson had been all along been soliciting advice from Nationalist sources which advised him not to go ahead with the Bendigo beheading stunt and if he did to not involve any of the UPF’s senior members or else legal hassles would follow. He ignored this warning and the rest is now legal history. At this point, when UPF’s leadership were distancing the group from the uncontrollable Erikson, he attempted to start a splinter project with among others Burgess and Ralph Cerminara. They intended to appropriate the Identitarian Movement from the French despite all being non-Nationalists. This was a deliberate provocation but when Australian WNs contacted France he shelved the idea.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

Thereafter he reinvented his vehicles but never himself, teaming up with Sherm the Germ, and most recently provoking the Nationalist movement in Australia by appropriating the name ‘Nationalist Uprising’ while promoting Zionism.

Ah yes, the Zionism. In his many guises after UPF Erikson went on a ferocious dox against his former comrades, turning out secret video footage of Blair Cottrell and others, and denouncing all as ‘Nazis’. He made a point of claiming to have been a member of Blood & Honour and Nationalist Alternative and expressing redemption for his misguided and misspent skinhead past. In fact, Neil was largely responsible for bringing ‘Nazis’ to the rallies that he was later beseeching be cleansed of goose-steppers.

By this stage, the lies were flying from his bearded lips like shit squirting from the arse of a goose. A 2016 video is like a Best Hits of Neil Erikson lies. It includes:

  • He was a member of Nationalist Alternative
  • He was a member of Australia First Party
  • That Sammy Binz and/or an AFP member sent pictures of a “dead baby” to him over Facebook
  • That an AFP member who he’d never met, talked to, laid eyes on or been involved in any sort of social media interaction with is Jewish
  • That a certain person known only for his quality of character was guilty of a carnal indiscretion over social media
  • That he is a Nationalist

This is apart from the 6000 terabytes of lies told in videos and on FB posts stored away in which his bullshit is plentiful enough to outnumber the individual grains of sand on every beach in Australia.

Leaping to the present, and Neil’s ‘Patriot Blue’ incarnation, which he nicked from a forthcoming Net series based on the movie Romper Stomper due to appear on the Stan streaming service — We say, given his proclamation that “you cannot be a Nationalist WITHOUT supporting Israel”, they should rename their Facebook group, Patriot Jew.

Australian Nationalism needs more dumb cunts in High-Vis shirts who’re prepared to follow Neil Erikson around

But you have to ask yourself, who benefits from all of this? Erikson is not running a political party, nor could he be given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. Is he hoping to start a mass movement? Not likely given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. And how did he just happen to be in that particular bar when last time we checked he’d moved his suffering missus and sprog to the Apple Isle? It’s as though someone wanted him there.

Again, who benefits? When you join all the dots on Erikson’s Conservative Reactionary associates then the picture begins to at least make a little more sense.

Erikson is a useful idiot with handlers and he is doing what he is told. His mission, at the end of the day, is to achieve certain ends for his shrouded Conservative connections while bringing Nationalism into disrepute.

Finally, it has to be accepted that Erikson came out of the unmitigated disaster of the Reclaim Australia movement. In fact, just about every ‘personality’ that emerged from that cluster fuck has somehow damaged Nationalism and generated factionalism, elite groups, and coteries that spring up and disappear just as quickly. True politics, true Australian Nationalist tradition and spirit are derided as quaint and irrelevant in this single-minded stampede for the ‘next’ big possibility.

There is too much changing, too much repackaging, too much mainstreaming and too little resolve.

All of Neil Erikson’s best ideas come out of a VB bottle 




What do anarchists and our public broadcaster have in common? That’s a no-brainer, a rapport with ANTIFA!

Monday night’s Media Watch effectively eschewed all allegations made against Antifa in a recent interview with its “founder” Shayne Hunter. By doing so the public broadcaster actually validated the criminal actions of this militant left-wing set.

We will stop for a minute. Did Hunter actually found Antifa in this country? Unlikely, Nationalists are aware of how the media works, a concession to the truth you should not expect from the gunsels operating under the Antifa banner.

But that same allowance is never forthcoming when it involves those on the opposite end of the political spectrum from your partisan ABC reptile.

For example, Media Watch made no fuss about fake news freelance journalist Luke McMahon’s egregious and defamatory attacks on two Nationalists. Any claims of exaggeration in the piece on the Antifa defector have nothing on those whoppers casually printed by Fairfax and gobbled up by everyone from Victoria’s Police Commissioner to the reactionaries who obsessively inhabit the myriad Facebook pages dedicated to the Patriot VS Left sideshow.

Shayne Hunter, the “anarchist comedian” and former Antifa tosspot who has forged new ground by outing Antifa as mindless gumbies

Likewise, there was no dissection of the Bendigo Three case in which our mate Chris Shortis was convicted along with two others of inciting serious ridicule or contempt against unspecified Moslems. That same sort of stunt was conducted as a matter of programming content on a weekly basis by their darlings from The Chaser.

These were textbook cases of why Media Watch exists in the first place, to highlight factual and ethical breaches by the Australian media. Yet, while the program and its host Paul Barry quietly condoned those outrages by psycho troll McMahon, he was quick to leap to the defence of Antifa; an obscure client to champion you would think.

The entirety of Antifa’s violent form was reduced by Paul Barry to the incident involving conservative commentator Andrew Bolt in which an Antifa clown attacked him with “shaving cream and glitter” (and got pounded for his folly). These remarks were juxtaposed with footage of witnesses at the London Bridge attack to diminish perceptions of the genuine threat Antifa poses against comparisons with ISIS.

ABC Media Watch presenter Paul Barry in his favourite T-Shirt

When the Australia First Party’s President’s apolitical son was jumped by Antifa cretins outside his Tempe home in 2015 while they were high on the dangerous drug ice that wasn’t as benign as the flippant Barry implied.

The family of the Golden Dawn members murdered in Greece by Antifa terrorists surely wouldn’t be assuaged by Barry’s playing down of the allegations made by Hunter.

And what were those allegations? He is reported to have admitted to News Corps reporter Corrine Barraclough among other things that:

  • “It’s more dangerous than ISIS”
  • “I read that Antifa in the US is training people to shoot and punch. It’s the same here. Antifa in Sydney are doing martial arts (ED-Lol!) to, as they would put it, ‘fight the Nazis’. It’s a paramilitary mindset.”
  • “The radical left of Antifa presents itself as being about compassion and empathy; it’s a Trojan horse. All conversations are about entitlement and rights, not responsibility. When these people talk about freedom, they really mean freedom from responsibility.”
  • “Often the people who are drawn to this cult don’t have a strong identity outside it.”
  • “Antifa would say there is nothing good about Australian society. Their minds project that belief, and everything is filtered through this ideology.”
  • “Without a doubt it’s a huge and growing threat to Australian society. It’s a miserable mindset.”

It’s hard to know whether the journalist was selectively paraphrasing Hunter or he did indeed make these claims verbatim, but there is nothing in the content of any of those sentences that we would dispute. Well, perhaps “growing threat to Australian society” is a bit rich. Antifa doesn’t pose the threat they merely enforce it at a gutter level. Nonetheless, all the rest is pretty much what Nationalists have said from the word go.

Responding to a predictable salvo by Antifa maximum leader Rob Sparrow on Slackbastard, Hunter issued denials in the comments section of its blog, writing:

  • “More dangerous than Isis’ (sic) was a hyperbolic comment, in the video below i (sic) explain that content.”
  • “I didn’t claim i (sic) started antifa, i told the journalist i made a call out in brisbane (sic) to get all the elements of the far left to meet up an certainly took a leadership role in organising the first counter rally against reclaim Australia.”

Addressing allegations of rape made against him by jilted former comrades, he wrote: “The smears of my characters (sic) are disgusting, and many of the people in the radical left if they were honest with themselves will admit that baseless slurs of sexism or racism etc happen all the time when people have disagreements, etc.”

He finishes by defiantly asserting, “Although the article isnt (sic) the [choice] of words i (sic) would of used if it had control it (sic), i do not regret it as many people have been bullied by the SJWs, from ex radicals to current lefties to ex far right extremists to former friends and lovers of people who become ideologically possessed. If it helps those people i am happy.”

The fact that the ABC bothered addressing the article when there is so much fake news about demonstrates the interrelationship of the Far Left with your ABC.

As Paul Barry plays White Knight to the toe-rags of Antifa the true Left are more critical of them. In September on in an article titled ‘Antifa in Theory and in Practise’, Diana Johnstone took Antifa to task post-Charlottesville, concluding that, “In the United States, the worst thing about Antifa is the effort to lead the disoriented American left into a wild goose chase, tracking down imaginary “fascists” instead of getting together openly to work out a coherent positive program.”

Earlier she observed, “The idea that the way to shut someone up is to punch him in the jaw is as American as Hollywood movies. It is also typical of the gang war that prevails in certain parts of Los Angeles. Banding together with others “like us” to fight against gangs of “them” for control of turf is characteristic of young men in uncertain circumstances. The search for a cause can involve endowing such conduct with political purpose: either fascist or antifascist. For disoriented youth, this is an alternative to joining the U.S. Marines.”

In effect, she is saying the ideological warriors of Antifa are driven more by a desire for a purpose in their rootless lives and they are picking a ‘colour’ much like the Black and Latino gangs. When it comes to the ideological component of their cause Johnstone points out they tend to get in the way and will just as easily turn on left wing voices who they believe through a difference of opinion are supporting those phantom ‘fascists’. This effectively bespeaks the tyranny they oppose.

Likewise, late in August Gabriel Black wrote on the World Socialist Web Site, ‘Why is the media promoting Antifa?’

He defines a very interesting relationship with Antifa in America and the Democratic Party. Black argues, “Indeed, many of the groups involved in Antifa are essentially factions of the Democratic Party. By Any Means Necessary, BAMN — is among the most fervent advocates of the racialist politics of the Democrats. It received national attention in 2014 for its campaign for Affirmative Action, which was waged in alliance with the Democrats and sections of the corporate elite and military.”

In essence, what Nationalists have long been saying, we are now corroborated by the legitimate Left, Antifa is useful tools of the neoliberal Globalist state.

Never fear, Antifa are here!




The background

When one of our staff messaged Zionist Avi Yemini by Facebook to substantiate any involvement with fringe political crook Nick Folkes we knew it was a roll of the dice as to whether or not he would respond, and if he did, would he be straight with us?

Nationalists had detected links between Folkes’s Party for Freedom and Yemini. There has been no proof to date that he and Folkes have any direct involvement together, yet members of his unregistered micro party certainly have, so the prospect existed.

However, as unsurprising as all this is, it actually warrants a good explanation, given its maze of ethical contradictions. For instance, UNA has learned that the former leader of Squadron 88, who goes by the possible alias Mark McDonald (we say alias because not even those in his inner circle really know anything about him), is now operating as PfF’s “security”. Once again, Matey Mate is recruiting for another suspect gang.

McDonald went hell for leather when he mysteriously appeared everywhere on the scene at once in 2013. Like a character from a spy novel, he materialised out of thin air, suddenly contacting anyone of note in the nationalist movement. How he came to make such varied connections is itself a mystery given the boy was a total greenhorn. Nevertheless, in no time he would bring ignominy down upon the Nationalist community while arrogantly dismissing every veteran around him. Just like Folkes, he became the latest in a historical chain of provocateurs, creating only discord for our nationalism.

When one of our staff messaged Zionist Avi Yemini by Facebook to substantiate any involvement with fringe political crook Nick Folkes we knew it was a roll of the dice as to whether or not he would respond, and if he did, would he be straight with us?

Matey Mate and his misfits were responsible for letterboxing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs in September 2014 with badly written anti-Semitic flyers. The area has a high concentration of Jews. The purpose of the stunt was to gain notoriety for their group on the back of a recent incident of anti-Semitism that made the news. A gang of drunken teenagers (it has been suggested of Middle Eastern heritage) had boarded a bus bound for Bondi Junction and then allegedly threatened Jewish children as young as five. This generated community outrage and McDonald, who was enlisting for S88 via Stormfront Down Under, had the bright spark to cash in on it.

Interesting was, at the time, McDonald and his crew were in contact with one Howard Crawford, a Liberal party operative and, ironically, a staunch Zionist. Crawford was also involved with Folkes, and a peculiar alliance began. It was especially strange since S88 was primarily anti-Jew. McDonald lived in a dilapidated house belonging to a member of PfF. McDonald hosted many meetings at that house. Crawford was a regular visitor who occasionally brought gifts of beer and pizza.

The thing is, no matter how much it tries to piggyback on prevailing trends like the recent ‘edgy’ Alt-Right phenomenon, PfF is both a kosher patriot set and spoiler outfit. Radka Smith, who is the party’s second-in-charge, is Jewish. James Sternhell, who is not a PfF member but still supports PfF is as Jewish as a lox bagel. Thereafter, PfF was created specifically as an anti-Islam party. Folkes’s endorsement of Israel dates back to the days of when he and Darrin Hodges protested in defence of Max Brenner chocolates, a Jewish chain store targeted by left-wing pro-Palestinian groups.

George Jameson (L), Radka Smith (C), and some git (R). Back in 2014, Radka was abused for being a Jew by Mark McDonald who is now the Peanuts’ security. Is he another repentant Neil Erikson?

What then would supposedly fanatical neo-Nazis want with this mob? Putting aside Crawford and his Patriot Games, the question is as relevant as ever, since McDonald is back following an extended hiatus.

The Petersham-based McDonald was present earlier this year when the Peanuts hijacked a Penrith anti-mosque demonstration at Penrith. He also travelled to Lithgow for a failed demonstration against a proposed Moslem centre. He put in a furtive appearance at Newtown when Antifa failed to face down Nick and the Peanuts. Most recently, he marched with the Peanuts in Sydney, rallying around the statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park. In one pic, he can be seen with his young recruits standing behind Jewish Jimmy Sternhell who is carrying a flagstaff. This did not seem to bother the supposedly virulent anti-Semite.

Mark “Matey Mate” McDonald, the virulent anti-Semite standing behind James Sternhell (holding flag), who is very much a Semite. Contradictions? Nah…

What then would supposedly fanatical neo-Nazis want with this mob? Putting aside Crawford and his Patriot Games, the question is as relevant as ever, since McDonald is back following an extended hiatus.

Also at that rally was George Jameson who is of Serbian heritage. Seldom has a Patriot rally gone down when George wasn’t there. Wherever action is, Jameson is sure to be on hand. He waved the Israeli flag in the infamous image taken at the 2014 Penrith anti-mosque rally. His unremarkable Malteser head is everywhere if you browse through snaps from rallies past. Yet, despite his ubiquitousness, he remains a curious, marginal figure.

Georgie Boy Jameson intensifying his shilling for Israel

Jameson has been allied to rat Neil Erikson and attended each court date of The Bendigo Three, Erikson’s sole ally. Erikson has a history of involving himself in Folkes’s murky business. For a time there, Folkes’s enemies were Erikson’s enemies. Folkes’s lies became Erikson’s lies, and nobody tells pork pies quite as easily and unashamedly as Erikson. Erikson has lied so long and so often that to him truth is whatever pops into his mouth. Outside the trial, many nationalists reported Jameson was spotted with his skank Penny Tridgell in close consultation with Yemini. The three sure seemed thick as thieves. So when an emergent Zionist Patriot hero like Avi Yemini links up with associates of a freshly Nazified Nick Folkes you naturally ask, “What’s all this then?”

Similarly, when you hear from very reliable sources that the kid who modelled himself on Romper Stomper’s Hando, now aligned with Folkes, is attending Krav Maga classes in Bondi, a hand-to-hand combat system developed by the Israeli Defence Force, and of which Avi Yemini is a well-known exponent and entrepreneur then you sense the plot thickening.

Then, if you’re anything like our UNA staff, you fire off a private message to Yemini himself and ask him some rather blunt questions about his relationship with these characters. After all, true nationalism must be protected at all costs.

The Daily Mail and the “mocking” Jew

Just about every conspiracy theory regarding the Jews and their command of the mainstream media came true this week when our UNA staffer hit the send button on a series of private messages to Yemini.

That which started out as a fishing expedition for a quote regarding Yemini and Folkes wound up as a fake news story in the egregious Daily Mail. What was truly ridiculous was the angle given the story.

See, initially, our staffer asked Yemini about his involvement with Folkes. Yemini actually responded, much to his surprise. He told our chap that he had no involvement with Folkes. Our staffer then mentioned Jameson and asked about their tête-à-tête. Yemini, whose gift for champagne comedy rivals the greatest comedians who ever cracked a jape, responded with, “No. We’re in a gay relationship. He’s my sugar daddy.”

At this point, our staffer required emergency surgery so that his split sides could be sewn back together. Recoiling from the greatest rejoinder ever, the exchange eventually degenerated until it culminated with our scribe suggesting Avi tests out his “bullshit Jew martial art” in a “cage fight” with an “Aryan”. This wasn’t serious, although, frankly, it would be well worth the ticket price. As he put it to us, “I was dealing with an obtuse pillock whose schoolyard comebacks were deeply irritating and that’s what he got. Plus, I had several glasses of wine.”

So, imagine all of our surprises when we clicked on the Daily Mail and discovered this abortive exchange was deemed to be a news story in which a “neo-Nazi thug” was “mocked” by the hero Jew Patriot. In essence, the might of the mainstream media just did Avi’s fighting for him, and you have to interrogate that.

That which started out as a fishing expedition for a quote regarding Yemini and Folkes wound up as a fake news story in the egregious Daily Mail. What was truly ridiculous was the angle given the story.

This epochal put-down of his was not a genuine riposte since our writer never actually zinged him, to begin with. He only asked about a meeting witnessed between Avi and the Serb. When it came to print, however, that crucial point of the whole story was reduced to what is known in the trade as “bullshit”. It was inferred that he just happened by chance to be sitting next to “another” random “extreme right activist” in “the public gallery”, who was not mentioned by name. In fact, the meeting did not occur in the public gallery. After all of this, Yemini is still evading the question.

Then we had to field another problem, “How does a private message exchange from Facebook even end up with a journalist?”

A fully wakkas Aussie boy from Avi’s IDF school shows his Aussie Pride

There are two possibilities here: Yemini, being so proud of his fatuous response published it on his Facebook page and it was randomly spotted by a Daily Mail hack, or else Yemini has a hotline to the hacks and reported it promptly desiring either publicity or payback. Either is just as likely to be true. The disturbing thing is Yemini seems to be so regularly in the news.

As we ruminate about this mysterious Zionist’s power to command media, we will revisit our previous question about how this happened in the first place. This is where we took a look at the “journalist” involved and what did we discover? We found that Stephen Johnson is not one of your typical left-wing liberal ABC MEAA mafias, but is himself a civic patriot. This is interesting.

We checked out Johnson’s Twitter account since he had closed-settings on his Facebook page and we found a veritable who’s who of civic patriots and groups. By all accounts, this witless drab is a supporter of Avi Yemini and either is in contact with him regularly or makes a point of checking Avi’s FB page.

Then we had to field another problem, “How does a private message exchange from Facebook even end up with a journalist?”

So we have an ultra-orthodox Jew, or at least one with strong Zionist loyalties who has snagged for himself the leadership role in the yawning vacuum of the Reclaim Australia movement, consorting with a close comrade of Nick Folkes. When asked about this he whistled a sardonic tune to drown out the question and two days later is artificially declared the victor of a non-existent battle of wits by the DM, which is championing one who is making his bones as an anti, anti-racist activist. Confused?

It gets even more baffling since we got to this place in the first instance trying to figure out why this poster boy for Mossad is dealing with civics that deal with Nazis who deal with Jews.

Oh, and in its fake news article, it is worth noting that Johnson described Yemini as a “Jewish activist”. Bear this in mind because the distinction is of the utmost significance in its inadvertent resonance of truth.

The Mossad Patriot

The thing to do at a time like this is to stop, take a deep breath, and find out who the fuck Avi Yemini really is. What does a Jew think he’s doing styling himself as a dinky-di Aussie Patriot for Zionist Israel? Why do idiots buy into it in their tens of thousands on his tacky Facebook page? We can at least answer some of these questions.

As UNA types this screed, Yemini is preparing for a rally at Melbourne’s state parliament this Sunday to push his “Patriot” credentials on the broad basis of protesting a crime wave which he holds Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews responsible for. The platform is nebulous enough to satisfy all the requirements of the mainstreaming which the RA movement is infamous for. However, we think he hasn’t got the nuts to say what he really means, which is an AFRICAN crime wave. But there, we said it for him.

There is indeed a problem with Africans in Melbourne and it’s ironic that a Jewish fundamentalist has an issue with it since back in Israel they wanted to deal with their African problem by sending all of them here. But hey, where Jews are concerned, contradictions line the road like cryptic signposts.

Countering this nebulous show of civic dissatisfaction will be Antifa and a bunch of far left-wing groups who according to The Australian want to exert a show of strength against “the homophobic far-right”, which would suggest that some, or probably all of the parties involved, seriously have their issues mixed up.

But how could they make so angry when the chief organiser on the right side of the fence is a JEW? Haven’t they heard about the fourteen billion who were gassed and turned into ironing board covers and pillowcases during the thirty years of The Holocaust™?! Shouldn’t they be defending Avi, who, as persecuted minorities go in the game of victimhood, sits at the top of that particular food chain?

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

This is the price a patriot, and self-touted possible future candidate for One Nation must pay if he is going to do stuff. But what stuff is Avi going to do? Avi aims to reclaim Australia for Israel while reclaiming the Patriot movement from Blair Cottrell, who is a Nazi after all. If it’s to be a truly Australian movement then it must accept Jews. There should be nothing confusing about that since as brilliant nationalist theorist Neil Erikson pointed out when he told The Australian, “You cannot be a nationalist and NOT support Israel”.

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

The easiest way to make Australia safe is to cut all ties with Israel and its bitch the UN, and send home all of its troublemakers

It’s pretty cool when, unlike an actual Australian, you inherit two identities. An Australian is just a, well, Australian, and we’re not even that because we’re mere boat people and anyone can be Australian. Only Aboriginals can truly be ridgy-didge Australians; even if White Europeans actually built this country. But an ISRAELI-AUSTRALIAN, well, he or she can enjoy the best of both worlds; shooting Palestinian kids one week, and bathing on iconic Bondi Beach the next. In fact, murdering Palestinians is as Australian as chucking a snag on the barbie or slicing a baby’s penis while a room full of kvetching Skypes nibbles a catered lunch.

Aussie Avi is so hell-bent on restoring this country to a pre-Whitlam Xanadu that he is doling out free stickers with “Make Australia Safe Again” on them. This must mean he is sincere!

Trouble is Australia will never be safe so long as these tribal Jews have any involvement in our country since they’re the most vociferous proponents of filling it with hostile aliens and then enacting laws so that we cannot speak out against them.

In that case, Avi is ‘the one’ since they don’t come more Jewish, or more Aussie, than Aussie Avi. So intertwined are the fortunes of our historically-wedded neighbouring nations that Avi had the genius inspiration to coin the term, Ozrael.

It is thanks to our “special relationship” with Israel that “international obligations” compel us to accept quota after quota of the refugees generated from pushing Israel’s agenda in the Middle East, so some, we’re not saying all, but some cynical souls just might want to tell Avi to fuck right off back to the red sea and drown.

So is Avi the darling of all media? Does the Jewish community, in general, regard him as an unsung hero for his tireless work promoting both himself and his homeland of Israel… erm, we mean, Australia?

Oddly enough, it depends on the ideological soundness of the publication, but we’ve discovered that Australian Jewish News isn’t terribly impressed with Avi’s dalliances with One Nation and ex-boot boy dickheads like Neil Erikson. In fact, they cannot get past the Erikson thing at all. This is a trend repeated by Jewish journalists in The New Matilda (no surprises there) and The Guardian. However, The Times of Israel, a neoconservative rag, allowed him a whole blog to gush about “Why I’m proud to be a fucking Jew”.

Avi never joined the Australian Defence Force. But instead, he went back to Israel to shoot Palestinian children

Nevertheless, when his first bold dash to seize patriot ground was attempted back in December last year after he invited One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to address a meeting in a hall booked from Glen Eyrie Council matters came unstuck after the council cancelled the booking. But worse, the Jewish community was unified in their opposition to the meeting. Yemini responded by branding the council “anti-Semitic”.

Currently, Avi had his name and photo removed from the webpage of the Australian Jewish Association (AJA). The AJA was cobbled together only recently and Avi’s role in it is vague to those outside of its circles. For their part they claim, “Mr Yemini was never a director, office-bearer or spokesman for AJA.”

So is Avi the darling of all media? Does the Jewish community, in general, regard him as an unsung hero for his tireless work promoting both himself and his homeland of Israel… erm, we mean, Australia?

Yemini spat the dummy, accusing the fledgeling association of “cowardice” and adding, “I am resigning the board as I have lost faith in it.” Then he took credit for the whole idea, grizzling, and “I do it with a heavy heart as I do believe in the mission statement. In fact, the entire organisation was my idea.”

The first order of business at the AJA’s very recent launch at South Caulfield Synagogue was to discuss “The Threat of Islam to Jews”. This was after another, more nervous venue cancelled, for fears of a terror attack. It wasn’t ‘the threat of Islam to Australians’ but to “Jews”.

Avi’s objectives couldn’t be clearer — to garner support for his true homeland — and those who are fool enough to revere this foreign agent as being somehow emblematic of “Aussie pride” just reveal their ignorance. They are also hopelessly doomed to being fodder for the system.

Once again, Avi showing his pride in another Nation, this time America’s (then soon-to-be) President

On another occasion, ever sensitive to Israel’s interests, Avi took offence at the ABC broadcasting a graphic in which Israel appeared to Yemini to have been blacked over on the map and captioned as being ‘Palestine’ in a news item. Posting once more on his Facebook page gained him media coverage after he feverishly wrote, “Last night ABC News wiped Israel off their map. They’re literally doing the Islamists’ dirty work for them. We must defund these traitors immediately.”

If it isn’t patently obvious by now that Yemini is a full-time shill for Israel then consider that through his “IDF Training” gym in Melbourne the former Israeli soldier has trained members to fight in Israel — that means to kill Palestinians. There is even an online application to join the Israeli Army on his IDF Training webpage! Ignoring the narrative of the occupiers,  Palestinian people’s land is being occupied by an aggressor comparable to the Nazis of Jewish Hollywood. It has been reported, too, that at his gym he ran a charity drive collecting money for Israeli Defence Force (IDF) families back in Israel: not Legacy.

Just in case there is any doubt remaining that Avi serves Israel’s interest and his whole involvement in Patriot Politics is to drum up backing for the chosen ones and their illegal wars, Avi runs the Facebook Page “I Stand with Mossad”.

Yemini was born here yet served as in the Israeli army — a soldier for a foreign state — and his loyalties so clearly lie with that aggressive little stretch of desert which is, one way or another, determining the fate of the entire world. If Israel was not unduly “recognised” by our government he would be considered in terms of a terrorist.

Avi’s “other” group is not titled I Stand With ASIO

All his life Avi was burning to return to his Israel and kill Palestinians; a western-mandated one-sided conflict that is generating nearly all contretemps with the Arab world. This is very Australian of him. And this loyalty to an alien race is something else that typifies what we know as the far-right in this country — this blurring of the line that assumes any enemy of Islam is an ally of Australia and through that alliance IS Australian.

Nationalists first saw this in Reclaim Australia which ignited but then quickly came under the control of the Zionists who rebranded Patriotism and now want to own the word ‘Nationalism’. Indeed, just as much of what we buy is branded “MADE IN CHINA”, so much of what passes for far-right politics in this country should be stamped “MADE IN ISRAEL”.

UNA has defined Nationalism for our readers in every permutation possible. But here is the Collins English Dictionary definition: “Loyalty or devotion to one’s country; patriotism” — got that, Avi, to ONE’S country, not someone else’s country.

Just in case there is any doubt remaining that Avi serves Israel’s interest and his whole involvement in Patriot Politics is to drum up backing for the chosen ones and their illegal wars, Avi runs the Facebook Page “I Stand with Mossad”.

In 2010, it was revealed that Mossad faked three Australian passports used to murder Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai. Mossad regularly used fake Australian passports. Israel got snooty when our government asked questions. This is what a great friend Israel and Mossad are to us.

Birth of a Zionist

In 2004, a 52 min documentary Welcome To The Waks Family aired on SBS. Produced by a friend of Avi’s father, Zephaniah Waks, it documented a period in the lives of his Melbourne-based, Jewish orthodox family.

Avraham was one of 17 children raised in strict Chabad observance by Zephaniah and his wife, Chaya.

What stuck out was that Zephania’s  family did not bring him up to be such a fanatical Yid. They raised him in what most would describe as an “assimilated” lifestyle on Sydney’s North Shore.

It was like Sylvania Waters only with the score to Fiddler on the Roof playing in the background

As a young bloke in the 70s, the liberal Zephaniah led a hippy lifestyle. He smoked Pot, surfed, and was ‘groovy’. But he began to feel spiritual pangs (either that or the munchies). His metaphysical yearnings led him to Buddhism, but he soon met some Lubavitch Jews. Before long he was sporting a gruesome beard, locks, and observing all the Hebrew pieties. Zephaniah was back with the tribe and that, in essence, is the goal of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement — to reunite Jews with their faith so that Maschiach, or the Messiah, will rock back on down to earth and high-five all the Israelites (except the women, for modesty reasons).

Yemini Hippie Father
Avi’s dad Zephaniah back in his secular hippy days channeling Frank Zappa

Meanwhile, Avi’s mother grew up in Israel as strict as they come. At the time of the doco, the woman had never visited a cinema, or attended a gig; not even to see Simon and Garfunkel. The 70s were wasted on her. But she obediently submitted to her wifely duties squeezing out 17 new Jews. She spent the rest of her time wiping their bums and cooking. But not on Saturdays, since work of any kind are forbidden to these weirdos: they’re not even allowed to turn off a light-switch.

Avraham was one of 17 children raised in strict Chabad observance by Zephaniah and his wife, Chaya.

Outside of that, they were not permitted to play with “goyim” children. In one scene of this documentary, rather than risk mixing with the goyim, the Jewish community hires out Melbourne’s Luna Park for a day of fun in their yarmulkes. But they cannot leave well enough alone even on a break and the men can be seen stopping to pray in a room. This is where we come to wonder about Avi’s obsession with Islam. For all intents and purposes, his lifestyle was Islamic.

Instead of veils, Chabad women wear wigs or hats. They’re not as bad as Islamic women, certainly, but the men’s look is seriously crook. What’s more, due to modesty laws, Hasidic men and women, regardless of whether they’re married or not, cannot touch one another or socialise; even at a wedding. That sort of inhuman observance would please any Grand Mufti. But the Taliban stuff continued: movies, novels, mainstream music, none of these were allowed in the Waks household (what kind of name is Waks?). They had a TV and entertainment unit, but tacked to the glass of the cabinet was a note that read, “This unit is used only for Kadesh secular educational and family videos.”

Pity Hollywood Jews don’t feel that way when it comes to entertainment and the goyim mind.

The “Patriot” in embryo

Then there is food; Chabad Jews are just as fucked up about their food as Moslems. The Waks required two different stoves and a whole extended kitchen just to deal with their kosher requirements. Apparently, the council was so suspicious over planning drafts they suspected the Waks was planning on building a boarding house since their kitchen was so unbelievably huge.

Sealing them even more hermetically in a Jewish bubble, the family house was across the road from the Chabad factory: the St Kilda Yeshiva College, which is not only where the children were sent for religious indoctrination, but where Manny Waks, Avi’s brother, was sexually abused by a male guard.

Pity Hollywood Jews don’t feel that way when it comes to entertainment and the goyim mind.

Two other members of the Waks family were also interfered with while building their acquaintanceship with Hashem.

This all came out many years later and was the catalyst for the smashing of Manny and Zephania’s faith while Avi would side with the college and the Chabad community. This we draw attention to since it says much about Avi’s loyalty as a son and brother but more so where his loyalties lie to Australia. Avi wants to protest those Moslems who hold our laws in contempt yet opposes Mesirah, which is where a Jew reports another Jew to non-Rabbinic persons. How’s that any different from Sharia, or a Moslem refusing to observe respect for a magistrate or judge?

The view of the pedo rape house Jew college from the house where Yemini grew up

Manny’s case brought a supportive father out of a religious order Zephaniah Waks now dismisses as a “cult”. The charges were upheld and the college shamed. The case became a subject of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Rabbi Zvi Telsner, The Rabbi in charge of the college resigned in 2015 (his contract was renewed in August 2017, after the head died down). But for going against the tribe Manny, Zephaniah and Chaya were ostracised by the “cult” community.

Avi’s dad and the Melbourne Jewish community enjoy a Goyim-free day at Luna Park

Avi’s parents sold up their house and moved on. But Avi is the most vicious of anyone in that cult: he went levelled bogus allegations of abuse against his own father in a bid to invalidate their accusations, which have been confirmed by the process of Australian law. He accused his victimised brother and father of conspiring in a lie.

A case of defamation arose between him and his brother over a Facebook post in which he inferred that, because of a disgraced Rabbi, who had been charged in New York with child offences, stayed at their home, they were hypocrites. The family claims they were unaware and asked him to leave when they learned the truth.

Two other members of the Waks family were also interfered with while building their acquaintanceship with Hashem.   

Note, too, that Avi no longer uses the surname Waks (can hardly blame him there) but Yemini. This is interesting since his mother was actually born in Yemen and moved to Israel as a nipper.

The full Waks

In the end, what is the difference between the Islam that Avi wants us to unite with the Jews against and his Hasidic community and other outspoken Jews? They are both alien cultures who wish to recreate their foreign environment within our midst and impose their beliefs and attitudes.

As demonstrated above, when it came to a choice between his Judaism and his family, his religion came first. How do you think he feels about Australia?

Strictly business

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Avi admitted his intentions have little to do with embracing Australianness. He said, “My wife and I launched our business, IDF Training in 2009. Our goal went beyond supporting our growing family. Our mission was to show (Australian) Jews that being a proud Jew, being a proud Zionist can work for you and should be part of your business plan.”

And that, Folks, is the rub. If you think that Avi came amongst us inept Goyim to expunge “Nazis” from the Patriot Movement and lead us to a new golden age of Aussie identity, think again. His purpose is two-fold, to garner backing for Israel, and to fill his pockets with shekels. He has already admitted that he has political ambitions, and much as Pauline Hanson cynically used the Australian people for a payday this is Avi’s goal too.

Our media gives this Zionist oxygen, and the manner in which he was inserted into the contentious Game of Patriots to rival the “Nazi” Blair Cottrell should speak volumes to those who truly oppose the Globalist Order.

Sadly, the average Aussie Patriot is out of his ken when it comes to these matters, especially when the beguiling element of Zionism is thrown into the mix. They make the simple arithmetic that an enemy of their enemy is not only their friend but their ally. They have never had a head for world affairs and cannot draw the lines that connect Israel and its American host with the deeds and intrigues that generate Moslem immigration in the first place. They have little idea of the role that Israel has played in destabilising Syria which led to Tony Abbott, himself a Zionist, to import 12,000 Syrians into our country.

Because they are so clueless, these ‘Patriots’ as they apocryphally call themselves, haven’t figured out you can only be patriotic to your own people — not an alien Semitic race. But time and time again they fail this lesson, as they did by throwing support behind non-Australian, non-White Danny Nalliah.

These faux patriots are just as likely to support an African “Patriot” if he interposed himself on their movement. All he would need to do is to wrap the flag around himself, mouth a few platitudes, and due to the novelty of it all he would win their vote.

We now return to where we started — Nick Folkes and his Peanuts for Freedom. We have it on good authority that Nick Folkes did not sanction the stunt in which Jameson, a Downs Syndrome sufferer, and Neil Erikson stormed a Yarra Council meeting. And knowing Nick, who is jealous of anyone he senses as a rival, he is not pleased with the rise of Avi Yemini. But as capitulation is his only option, will Nick now once again publicly return to his support for Zionism and ditch the Totenkopf decals of the “edgy” Alt-Right?

Something is happening there, and because of the over-the-top reaction when UNA merely asked Avi what his business with Jameson is — seeing as how Jameson and his Peanut friends now have a staunch anti-Semite SS wannabe as “security” — we suggest that it is important enough since the question was so publically obfuscated by a curious chain of Zionist Patriots.

Aussie Patriots, we present Blair Cottrell’s replacement as Supreme Leader of the Aussie Patriot Movement for Reclaim Australia





The Australian Patriot Movement has a new figurehead and he is as Aussie as gefilte fish. His name is Avi Yemini and he used to shoot Palestinian children because he is a chosen one and God told him to do so.

That is the Jewish God, not your bogus God because they’re not the same and they wouldn’t agree to share a restroom.

You have to understand, Palestine is a land that was promised to the Jews, and so Palestinians have been squatting in their home for the past two thousand years. Therefore, think of those IDF bullets as eviction notices.

Avi will teach you the Jewish technique of crying out in pain before striking your opponent

Yemini’s time in the IDF serving as a sniper for the Israeli Defence Forces (Defence?) is just one of the feathers in his IDF-issue yarmulke. Avi has been bravely blooded in the conflict against Islam, which is the biggest threat to the Australian way of life since killer Drop Bears, so this seals his reputation as a fully wukkas Australian hero.

Don’t forget, the Australians fought in Beersheba so that the Jews could have a homeland. This means that Aussies share a closer bond with Israel than we do with our dairy-obsessed UnZud neighbours.

But seriously — just in case your irony radar is experiencing interference, we jest. In fact, UNA signals what we regard as an extremely dangerous development in that sloppy circus known as the Civic Patriot Movement.

That is the Jewish God, not your bogus God because they’re not the same and they wouldn’t agree to share a restroom.

Scratch that, the Patriots have ALWAYS been a dangerous development but now their full conversion into a satellite of the Zionist movement is signed and sealed. From now on, to march publically with an Australian flag in any sort of demonstration of Aussie pride will mean respecting the flag of Israel.

The arc of Civic Patriotism runs in a half crescent moon from Victoria through New South Wales and up into Queensland where numb-nut Zionist shonk-merchants like Mike Holt push solidarity with Israel. Following that arc back down again and it comes to a full stop at the doors of the IDF Training Gym in the Jewish stronghold of Caulfield, Victoria. This is Avi’s Fortress of Solitude from where he controls the entire Australian Patriot Movement.

So who the cuck is Avi Yemini, for those who’ve had their brains bashed out with a bowling ball?

Yemini sort of materialised as the whole Patriot thing was in full stride. An Orthodox Jew fully to the right of Moses his gym teaches a martial arts mishmash that is ideal for fending off attacks occurring as you’re stepping out of a sauna.

He also has some sort of shooter’s club for Jews and Goyim who want to fly over to Gaza and blow the brains out of stone-throwing Arab kiddies.

So who the cuck is Avi Yemini, for those who’ve had their brains bashed out with a bowling ball?

For an orthodox Jew, Yemini failed to heed that bit they teach Jews about honouring their father, as he made a bogus claim against the old man who was a righteous activist against child abuse by rabbis in the Jewish community.

Avi saw this as a betrayal of Judaism and told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that his pops was a brute that beat him as a kid and was therefore guilty of abuse. This was, of course, completely irrelevant to the commission’s terms of reference but it demonstrated his mettle as Jew from the hard right.

Yes, the skunk who spent two years ratting out Nationalists for opposing Israel is attempting to be ironic about the J question

Since then Avi has become the Kosher Ying to the Civic Patriot Yang and you will find his stuff being shared on the pages of all strictly anti-Islam protagonists. In fact, he has become a dominant force in this satellite politics, and a thumbs-down from Avi can ruin your Facebook career as a Civic.

When Sherm the Germ tried to reinvent himself as a ‘Nazi’ after doxing any anti-Zionist during his partnership with gerbil Neil Erikson Avi expelled him from the fold. This has also cost Neil Erikson his Kosher credentials and now the Fink who has done more than anyone from the Left to hammer Nationalists is trying to worm his way back with ironic posts and references to Israel on his drastically reduced ‘Nationalist Uprising’ Facebook page (without Facebook Erikson would be like a lifetime junkie undergoing a bone shivering cold turkey). But if anyone wants to know how much support Erikson enjoys they only have to visit Melbourne Magistrate’s Court when the Bendigo Three is in session. Neil’s only mate is the Serbian, George Jameson, with the bald head who famously waved an Israeli flag at the 2014 Penrith rally in Sydney. Other than that, he is surrounded by tumbleweeds and chirping cicadas. But we digress…

Whereas once only the Trotskyite baby killers from the Left had exclusive entrée into the elite media the ‘right wing’ Yemini only has to pluck a nose hair to secure mainstream coverage.

For an orthodox Jew, Yemini failed to heed that bit they teach Jews about honouring their father, as he made a bogus claim against the old man who was a righteous activist against child abuse by rabbis in the Jewish community.

Recently, Avi called for the government to proscribe Antifa as a terrorist organisation (even though it isn’t an organisation) in the wake of the Bolt assault.

When that White Pommy bloke took revenge on the Finsbury Park Mosque following the London terror attacks The Daily Mail, which sucks pig dick, reported on his condemnation of the Moslem community’s double standards in condemning one and not the other. And that should not even be news, but hey.

He received news coverage when some idiot rang up his gym and made a death threat, a total non-event covered by The Age’s Bianca Hall. That recently had a book-end last week when again the Daily Mail reported that the police bothered to track down an unnamed man and arrest him over the phone call. Let’s see if they take Luke McMahon into custody. Fingers crossed.

Realise, too, that Avi’s relationship with the media isn’t necessarily like that of Blair Cottrell. When the media quotes Blair it is to load the reportage but Avi, being untouchable, gets a free run. This was even the case when his attempt to arrange a meeting between Pauline Hanson and her mad dog Malcolm Roberts was protested by the Jewish Left Side. And that’s hardly everything but we’re sick of writing about him

Oh, wait on, we can’t leave it there, we haven’t mentioned the DONATION drive. Avi is chasing shekels on a Go Fund Me type page to “Help Avi Grow”. In this case, he hasn’t so much got what he wanted as what he deserved: $0.00. Something is the matter there.

Yes, folks; Avi Yemini is the new face of Australian Patriotism. The circle is complete. The anti-Islam message is as shrill as ever and inclusivity still rules so long as it doesn’t involve rag heads and Muzzie converts.

Remember, too, all of these tiny satellites are part of the much larger conservative organ which devotedly bangs its head against the Wailing Wall.

Any doubts about Jewish chutzpah in appropriating Australian political real estate is at an all-time high should be allayed by the fact that a person claiming to represent the ‘Australian Jewish Defence League’ recently messaged the Australia First Party offering ‘support’. If that doesn’t take the bagel.

IMPORTANT EDIT: UNA has examined this page supposedly belonging to Neil Erikson and has decided that it is most likely fake. Erikson would never extend to us the courtesy of acknowledging an erroneous source, but in our case, we believe the page we have referenced does not fall under Erikson’s admin but more likely those from our side who would choose to mock him. As funny as that is, UNA desires accuracy, and in the interests of such, admits that references to Erikson in this article must be discarded.