UNA has received a mention in the latest analysis piece in the pinko University of Sydney student newspaper Honi Soit.

Liam Donohoe has pulled on his Care Bears’ themed oven mitts and pummeled out a piece that is balanced all the way to the left of his inculcated worldview; not that any surprise should be experienced by the reader at that revelation. This is Sydney University after all; the esteemed institution of higher learning that’s student union president is insisting its debating team become 50% female, or transgender, or any mutant derivative that doesn’t identify as ‘cisgender male’. Plus, one of his other recent write-ups was a dray spray at Australia Day in the inevitable anti-Australian vein of his democratic-liberal-pluralist-globalist-virtue-signalling-revisionist ilk. He and his genderless rabble wouldn’t know a real Aboriginal fella if he blew chunks into their avocado smash.

Liam Donohoe needed a ladder to reach puberty

In ‘The doxxing ring’, Donohoe makes half of a fair, if not obvious, point. Both the ‘left’ and ‘right’ use doxxing to further the absolutism of their political worldview and that “…violence is a strategic necessity more than a focus of moral enquiry”. After that, he’s got nothing. We will address this remark about “violence” once we’ve stopped laughing at his picture. But first we’ll point out that Donohoe fails to mention how the mainstream media, especially Fairfax Media, is an accomplice in this nefarious practice; such as when it publishes the falsehoods of pseudo-journalists like Luke McMahon, who UNA is pleased to announce we tracked down to his privileged lair near Melbourne CBD, and who shall be helping us with our enquiries as things progress. Whether he likes it or not.

The mainstream media, in the guise of Fairfax, The Guardian, and the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) have all given the fictitious ‘Andy Fleming’ (a.ka. Professor Rob Sparrow) a political platform. And yes, this self-described anarchist is all about politics, which says something about the genuineness of this Pied Piper of the anti-fascism underground who parades that ‘A’ symbol as if it actually means what it supposedly represents.

Ideally, if Donohoe’s argument holds true about United Nationalists Australia’s implacable need to “focus on the identities of Antifa activists” (a statistical falsehood if you examine our archives), then we should publish a Google street view image of McMahon’s address right here so anyone who wants to go along and cream the queer fuck has enhanced odds of doing so. If you trace those UNA has ‘doxxed’ then, aside from Rob Sparrow and Luke McMahon, whose willingness to transgress all the polite rules of journalism to score a hit regardless of how, coming with the prestige of the publication they appear in, those lies impact a person’s life, our last significant target was one Dave Gullis — a violent oaf from the left. This we raise in response to his cynical aside about us doxxing his Lefty comrades “under the pretence of self-defence”.

In the early days of last December, the trade unionist David Gullis made an uninvited visit to the Tempe headquarters of the Australia First Party. Having roused the overworked AFP leader out of bed, he subjected him to a primitive display of snarling, base name calling, witless slander, and death threats. Then he tossed the remnants of a cup of coffee at him. He was, fortunately, unable to bite his leg like a rabid dog thanks to the security gate which kept him at bay. This was not the last stop of the night, however, because he travelled five minutes up the road to the home of an AFP member and caused criminal damage to his residence while he slept. He had previously gone to the same address in broad daylight and made death threats to the tenant. The address was supplied to him by Lefty doxxers, full-well knowing the dangers he posed. Indeed, it was the very reason the address was passed on.

Legend has it that Gullis flew to Ukraine at the peak of its disturbances and fought against ‘fascists’ reputedly killing a Ukranian man whose political orientation he didn’t like. God knows how ASIO let him do so, but it doesn’t get any more ‘left’ and ‘violent’ than that. The fact that his target has never committed a single act of violence compounds the folly of Donohoe’s dismissiveness.

Mental case and lefty terrorist Dave Gullis attacks the home of a Nationalist

Likewise, in 2014, when C.F.M.E.U thugs were recruited to join a march attacking Australia First Party Qld members as they held a support rally for imprisoned Golden Dawn members, Slackbastard was identified as the principal organizer of the violence. Any doubts about Sparrow’s willingness to employ violence can be dispelled here in this 1999 article he wrote Anarchist Politics & Direct Action. We quote SB as follows, “The state has more repressive force at its command than we can ever hope to muster. This is not a pacifist position. We have every right to employ force in the attempt to resist the violence of the state.”

This is the same ‘state’ that he and his minions are a beneficiary of, just by the way; they sure get enough air-time from state mouthpieces. We have no examples of the Australian right conducting campaigns of violence against this ‘Left’ that Liam defends.

Donohoe, who looks so fresh-faced it’s as if he’s only just been weaned off his mother’s tit, holds that the “far-right seems more prepared to resort to violence in order to solve its problems”. He makes this unsubstantiated, inexperienced claim (assuming he is sticking to a discussion about the Australian far-right, which UNA is NOT a representative of) immediately after exonerating the far-left by arguing, “Holding the far-left to this sort of higher standard, however, not only assumes a ‘moralistic’ concept of left-wing politics [Lol – ED], but also ignores that the far-left has little other option but to doxx”.

This is a bald-faced lie since the left doxxes first and asks (no) questions later. The reason lefties get doxxed, when their identities can finally be discovered, is because they haunt the ‘far-right’ like feminists bother men. They hide under aliases on social media and make it their entire raison d’être to pursue their hated targets from one social media page to the next. Without the far-right to fret over, they’d shrivel up and blow away like dried dog shit in a wind storm.

Here, we understand that Donohoe has invoked the American experience to justify his position, admitting violence from the far-left, but muting it by writing, “Though there certainly are real cases of Lefty violence, that there was more reporting of the “violent” hucking of hummus at Catholic Society members last November than there has been of the myriad of murders and assaults committed by the far-right”.

Australia First Party president Jim Saleam drops a greeting card in Luke McMahon’s letterbox

What “myriad of murders and assaults committed by the far-right”? Donohoe then winds up all this thinly-veiled justification for “Lefty” doxxing and violence with a “doxxing is bad, m’kay” broadside that should just be scrunched up and flushed down the potty along with its whippersnapper author.

He failed to get inside one of the intrinsic contradictions of this whole “doxxing” thing in regards to the far-right, which he mistakenly brackets us in with. And that is just how much the ‘far-right’ doxxes its own and especially, in the well-publicized example of former chief peanut of the supposedly now-defunct Party for Freedom, Nick Folkes, who has in the past fortnight used Anonykatz to air his karmic angst against former members and perceived enemies. It is common for dross like Folkes to use Leftist channels to smear their right-side rivals.

We have had some from Folkes’s side of the kindie fence accuse us of doxxing, and here and there, in the interests of the hygiene of Australian Nationalism, we admit to having done so but only in a manner of speaking. Hell, if we wanted to, we could publish Toby Cook’s address, along with the addresses of other pond scum he associates with. But we’re not going to because without the Peanuts this Lads’ Society member and Australia’s first fully coloured Hollywood Nazi is just a walking cause of earthly famine. Let the righteous starving deal with him when they’re finally sick of him scarfing down half the nation’s food supply.

As to Liam Donohoe, next time you try to reach some sort of political maturity, try standing on a chair.

Doctor Doxx himself: the cosmopolitan restaurant radical Rob Sparrow who denies being Slackbastard (Lol)





If it is not already apparent to all Aussie workers, the penny will soon drop and the realisation will dawn that the system under which we live, this regime of forcible globalist cosmopolitanism (or totalitarian humanism, take your pick) was set up to be a zero-sum game.

The evidence is there for all to see and in every facet of thought and deed the monied elites and their bourgeoisie promote the idea that the world is made up of winners and losers; that based upon on an ideological consensus among the upper classes certain groups of people should profit that others should, therefore, suffer a loss in direct proportion to the gains of others.

This mindset is most obvious in the attitudes of the elites toward the White Australian workers, whose class solidarity and social mobility they deliberately set out to crush through mass Third World immigration, their ceaseless attacks upon the labour movement and trade unions and the draconian restrictions upon freedom of speech and assembly specifically targeted at the White majority.

We have also witnessed, over the past ten years, the rise of the so-called Social Justice Warrior; these eager foot-soldiers of Capitalism have bullied and harangued their way into dominance over the internet and traditional media, working tirelessly and with the zealous energy of the true fanatic in their efforts to undermine the workers and normalise the globalist corporate code of conduct.

Jacinta Price: an effective advocate for her people, which is why she is ridiculed by the sell-outs and White SJW’s

White working-class solidarity is, of course, utterly beyond the pale as far as the SJW is concerned; they react with bug-eyed fury at the mere mention of Whites organising in their own interest, typically sputtering out a string of epithets and clichés to shame and brow-beat anyone who dares step out of line.

When we think about it, Nelly Yoa is no more or less qualified to speak on the subject of Sudanese youth than Clementine Ford can be considered an expert on women, or Jeff Sparrow an authority on racism.

We note, however, another problematic tactic which is becoming increasingly common among the more shrill social justice advocates; the practice of sidelining or aggressively shutting down advocates of working-class unity among non-White ethnic groups.

The most obvious recent example of this in the much-hyped moral panic surrounding African street gangs in Victoria; the fashion in which the SJW’s and the state’s elite have approached this problem of lawlessness among Sudanese migrants reveals their true motivation.

Nelly yoa
Nelly Yoa may be a bit of a bullshit artist but that machete scar on his arm gives him a certain authority when it comes to the subject of Sudanese gangs.

The public humiliation of a young Sudanese man, Nelly Yoa is a prime example.

Yoa, who padded his resume in order to gain a platform to express his views on integration into Aussie society and access to employment appropriate to the meagre skills possessed by wayward African youth also made the mistake of suggesting that Sudanese crime was the real threat to social cohesion in the multicultural outer Western suburbs, not “racism”.

When we think about it, Nelly Yoa is no more or less qualified to speak on the subject of Sudanese youth than Clementine Ford can be considered an expert on women, or Jeff Sparrow an authority on racism.

Snide remarks about “internalised racism” will be made about such people, implying that they are somehow under the spell of some nefarious White supremacist tendency within broader society; we would argue though that the real sellouts and crawlers are the ethnic community “leaders” who cosy up to the state and co-operate with Police and bourgeois social justice activists.

Yoa is a Sudanese youth, Ford is a woman and Sparrow is a pseudo-communist arsehole; for what its worth, due to lived experience the opinions of all three could be considered as having equal weight; in fact the SJW usually insists on personal opinions and gut feelings being given higher priority than conventional wisdom or empirical facts.

With his emphasis on youth participation in sport as a road to redemption and his suggestion that being able to stick with hard, blue-collar work, day-in, day-out is a sign of self improvement and moral strength Nelly Yoa set himself on a collision course with the people who only see the African minority in terms of success stories or perpetual victimhood.

Africans, and non-Whites, in general, are supposed to turn to the state, the White bourgeoisie or the collaborators and sell outs of the educated “Community Leadership” and mentoring groups if they need help or have taken the wrong path in life; they are not supposed to knock around with the local footy players, act White and learn a trade or set themselves up as self-taught youth workers.

The state tends to throw its weight behind “educated” SJW’s, do not be fooled into thinking that bourgeois activism of this type is an exclusively White pursuit.

In fact the term “self-appointed” is now an epithet used to deride and denigrate any person who pops their head above the parapet and speaks without the permission of the Social Justice Warriors; Nelly Yoa is not the only person to have fallen foul of this unwritten law concerning who can, or cannot, participate in discussions of multiculturalism and integration.

Another case would be that of Adelaide based Shia cleric Mohammed Tawhidi; the self-appointed “Imam Of Peace” with his hokey spiel on tolerance and the need to reform Islam and combat Jihadism he has been pilloried by the mainstream media and subject to violent assaults by vested interests within Islam and the elites.

In fact the term “self-appointed” is now an epithet used to deride and denigrate any person who pops their head above the parapet and speaks without the permission of the Social Justice Warriors; Nelly Yoa is not the only person to have fallen foul of this unwritten law concerning who can, or cannot, participate in discussions of multiculturalism and integration.

So too indigenous commentator Jacinta Price, whose no-nonsense ideas on Aboriginal advancement and reconciliation put her squarely in the crosshairs of the SJW’s; she refuses to support the narrative, so she should be no longer heard.

Snide remarks about “internalised racism” will be made about such people, implying that they are somehow under the spell of some nefarious White supremacist tendency within broader society; we would argue though that the real sellouts and crawlers are the ethnic community “leaders” who cosy up to the state and co-operate with Police and bourgeois social justice activists.

Civic patriots too are basically the SJW’s public enemy number one at the present time because they refuse to follow the narrative and not get ideas from above their station; already excommunicated and “unpersoned” by the mainstream, outfits such as the True Blue Crew and their allies are a thorn in the side of the elitists because they promise to draw non-Whites away from the sell-out ethnic councils and into an integrated, grassroots and somewhat class-conscious movement.

Unlike the Social Justice Warriors the Nationalists have seen the T.B.C in action, at close quarters, over the course of their two year development; what else are we to make of their campaign to take back the streets of the Western suburbs from the gangs and run community safety patrols but an attempt at inter-ethnic, working class solidarity?

We know the Civic Patriots have no problem mixing and working with migrants and people of colour who are willing to integrate into their particular, simplistic version of a rainbow society where everyone is welcome as long as they “respect Aussie values”; so we can confidently predict that their forthcoming planning meeting in Tarneit will be an opportunity to connect with and recruit members of the Indian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Pacific Islander and Chinese communities.

Mohammed Tawhidi, the Angry Anderson of reformist Islam

This course of action really infuriates the SJW’s because it, in their minds, threatens social cohesion; the response by the Victoria Police, the media and academia have been totally over the top, to the point of harassing and intimidating Nationalists and our allies, who have nothing in common with Civic Patriots and who take no part in their schemes.

By their deeds we can judge the Social Justice Warriors; it is clear that their vision of a cohesive society is something like modern day China; a world where the state is always right and nobody can advocate on behalf of a class of people unless they register with the authorities and toe the party line.

Our prime concerns are identity, independence and freedom for the White majority, which puts us well out into the political wilderness with the handful of genuinely radical, alternative movements.

As Australian Nationalists we are no fans of Civic Patriotism and the easy path of populism; like all things sugary and sweet excessive consumption is bad for you in the long run.

Our prime concerns are identity, independence and freedom for the White majority, which puts us well out into the political wilderness with the handful of genuinely radical, alternative movements.

If this multi-ethnic people’s rising gains momentum we hope that their participation in the mainstreamers zero-sum game causes much distress and injury to the state, it’s minions and the Social Justice Warriors.

If the Ocker integrationist and elitist cosmopolitan movements wear each other down, so much the better; the weaker the state and the less cohesive mainstream society become, the more avenues of exploitation the Nationalists will find, until the entire edifice of Globalist-Capitalism is undermined to the point of collapse.

UPF steve
Vietnamese Steve, the “New Man” of working-class Civic Patriotism



UNA Editor-in-Chief

One aspect defining 2017 for us is just how much closer we as a nation are to becoming China’s mangy farm animal. If Labor had the choice they would flick the United States away and beg China to become our new boss.

Australia has since federation more-or-less grovelled behind a superpower guardian, be it Britain, the United States, and now it seems China. This happens at the cost of our national sovereignty. We have witnessed just how badly both sides of politics descend into treachery as individual politicians profit from selling off our future to communist China. Labor’s Sam Dastyari had to pull the pin after it was revealed a Chinese company covered bills from his office. Then he warned Chinese “businessman” Huang Xiangmo about phone taps and that was all she wrote for the un-Australian little wingnut.

New Australians enjoying our new national flag

But Labor is chocka with them. The dust hadn’t settled on that incident when former NSW Premier and Bennelong candidate Kristina Kenneally came out batting for her oriental masters and claiming criticism of the communist state is “China phobia.” All of this in a year when — aside from buying political influence — China has made an alarming string of major acquisitions including Western Australia’s Merredin Airport where Aussie pilots now need permission from communist China to land in their own goddamned country. This pattern is being frighteningly echoed around Asia and indeed the rest of the world as China buys up key infrastructure and moves in their own people.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

However, this was also the year of jousts and villainy with both the left and right side of politics as true nationalists fought all comers to retain our corner. A third-rate troll by the name of Luke McMahon who styles himself as an intrepid troll hunter but is really a pimple scribbled a hit piece full of slanders against an Australian nationalist and UNA friend labelling him, “One of Australia’s Worst Trolls”.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

McMahon is the worst troll in the world (search Mark Watford on Facebook), but he is also a federal snitch, who tracks Nationalists, Patriots and others around the web and reports them to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He does this by, unsurprisingly enough, trolling. His calumnies, particularly those about UNA editor Chris Shortis, have been published by Fairfax, a company which uses its media clout as a political and ideological cudgel, indifferent to the Australian Journalists Code of Ethics or just basic principles of defamation. Fairfax knows that few have the dosh to sue them so they go right out and publish lies. They aim to hurt and causing pain makes them feel good.

In 2018, United Nationalists Australia will be revealing more about Luke McMahon and his activities but let’s just say him and his team are taken with a grain of salt especially by overseas law enforcement agencies. We warned McMahon and his gay mate Slackbastard that we will never let them go and we won’t. That is a promise we will keep. Their sort must be made an example of, just like we did with their pussy cohorts from Antifascist Action Sydney who closed their blog’s privacy settings to “private” after we pointed out that being exposed on there is actually good for a nationalist’s credibility. We doxed Daniel Trotter as its inept editor and no doubt he is consoling himself with a few tweeks of chibu and a bottle of cheap grog purloined from Liquorland.

Author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog Daniel Trotter looking every bit the privileged rich kid he reportedly is

However, if we doxed Danny then former Antifa rat-chewer Shayne Hunter dropped a bombshell by exposing the inner workings of Antifascist Action and labelling them as dangerous extremists. Shayne had a lot to say and even mentioned Slackbastard in a webcast interview with an American site characterising him essentially as a chicken hawk feeding off the young and getting others to do his dirty bidding.

Speaking of which, him and McMahon were almost certainly behind providing details of an Australian nationalist’s address to Dave Gullis, the CFMEU crackpot who attacked his home with a firehose just after nationalists commemorated the Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat. We exposed Delusional Dave no thanks to Mark Latham who won the UNA Golden Shlomo award for Fake Aussie Nationalism. He ignored our requests to help spread the word in the ‘Alt-Right’ community about this psychotic communist cosplayer. As Stan is poised to premier its spin-off series Romper Stomper on New Years’ Day and glorify the toerags of Antifa, the reality is reverse to all media portrayals. We will have more to say about this appalling production in the New Year.

Yet, all that aside, it was a year of cold reckoning when Chris Shortis and two others from the Bendigo Three were convicted of inciting serious contempt for a class of people over the beheading of a plastic dummy. The proper charge should have read ‘performing a controversial stunt without being members of The Chaser’. It was a political show trial that made no sense other than in the context of the State of Victoria and its overtly communist direction.

Chris Shortis, on the second hearing of the Bendigo Three trial

Under Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement, African crime is so rampant that in the midst of African crime fatigue, Victorians awoke in late December to hear Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald deny there was an African crime problem at all. Instead, she called it a “youth” issue. Shortly after another notable female police appointment, Victorian Police Commissioner Lisa Neville accused Australians (presumably Whites) of being the worst offenders out of everyone.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

On a positive note, we learned late this month that Neil Erikson was charged over a scuffle outside of homosexual and Negro fetishist Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposedly secret venue near a Melbourne housing project which is home to half of the Sudan and Somalia. Strictly speaking, the charges are bullshit, but for all the crap Neil Erikson has caused we could not bring ourselves to say a word in his defence. He is destined for a protective wing in a Melbourne prison. Let’s hope he goes to the general population.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding only rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

Others we hope either die of cancer, go to jail, or wind up being turned into ironing board covers are the filth from Peanuts for Freedom who surpassed themselves this year by engaging in a night of drunken harassment of former female members and others. The Peanuts, on tour in Lithgow for a failed rally, presumably high on pingas, grass and grog, made a series of demeaning and pornographic calls to former members and an associate of Kim Vuga. Police complaints were made and Kim Vuga issued a condemnation of Nick Folkes and his grubby party. The chief offenders were Nick, fat boy Tobes, and Penny “Pen-Pen” Tridgell.

Both Nick and Pen-Pen won Shlomo awards this year, but we ignored Tobes because he would probably have considered it good publicity. These fakers are not a joke though. Pen-Pen and Jamo joined Neil Erikson in Melbourne to support Avi Yemini, who we also had a bit to say about. Avi has positioned himself within the Cory Bernadi conservative milieu as a dinky-di Jewish Supremacist Aussie Patriot. He is hoping to take ground vacated by former United Patriots Front leaders and turn this whole thing into backing for Israel; which is pretty much what the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) tried to do. Avi’s Peanuts’ fans are, however, a confused bunch. See, they also tried to reinvent themselves as White Nationalists flying under Totenkopf placards at certain Sydney rallies.

What do you expect when they can’t even work out how to put on a T-shirt?

This was during their phase of aligning with Australia’s self-declared ‘Alt-Right’ who see basically anyone conservative as a legitimate support base. Without going into a whole thing, this is the sort of thinking that will have them inevitably redesigning themselves as Alt-Something-Else this time next year when it all goes down the trough at the local pisser like the failed Dingocon after Dr Jim Saleam penned his damning Rape House article, which highlighted the scammers still operating within the broad theatre of the Alt-Right.

Anyway, the New Year dawns, the old has passed. UNA will continue to provide its usual high standard of commentary on issues facing the nationalist community, and by rote, the nation itself. We will also continue to be monitored by insane Jews who make a point of noting anti-Semitic anything — even a kid’s shoddy carving of a swastika on a tree trunk. We got a few mentions in this year’s report on anti-Semitism by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. It would be a waste of time pointing out that we are anti-Zionist because to the Skypes that’s pretty much the same thing so we won’t waste our breath.

Until next year, which is tomorrow as this goes live, see yez and have a bonza WHITE New Year’s Eve!




Responding to a complaint by United Nationalists Australia (UNA) that a person favouring its clothing brand had perpetrated a criminal attack on two nationalists in Sydney the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) provided a perfunctory response.

Whoever administers their Facebook page firstly issued a disclaimer regarding their retail merchandise by inferring it must’ve been a random someone who just happened to buy their clobber. No bona fide union member would dream of committing such a contemptible act. Then they advised us to contact police.

They may as well have recommended we alert Dominoes Pizza. The suggestion although outwardly sensible belied the responsibility, indirect or not, this most militant of unions have for the radicalisation of the lumpen idiot responsible. Dave Gullis, the scaffolder who threatened the life of the AFP President and vandalised the home of a member on Dec 7, sports his CFMEU togs with pride. But there is more to Davey boy.

Dave Gull of the CFMEU goes berko on a nationalist’s home

Gullis’s Facebook page links him to the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and he sports the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) logo.  The MUA has, of course, been infiltrated by the CPA – as has the CFMEU. Warren Smith is the assistant national secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and a member of the Central Committee of the CPA. Vinnie Molina is the West Australia boss of the CFMEU Construction Division and National President of the CPA.

No bona fide union member would dream of committing such a contemptible act. Then they advised us to contact police.

The CFMEU leases offices at its Kremlin at 12 Railway St Lidcombe, Sydney. A conference room on this floor is availed for meetings to both the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and its estranged but similarly anachronistic counterpart the Communist Workers Party of Australia (CWPA). These extremist groups have no qualms about flying the genocidal hammer-and-sickle symbol. Therefore, the CFMEU is well aware of these groups’ agendas.

The Sydney Kremlin  offices of the CFMEU at Lidcombe 

One member of the CWPA, named Yousef, who cultishly styles himself as an imitation of Che Guevara, was earlier this year exposed by UNA as demanding the very two nationalists who Gullis harassed be physically assaulted by its members. It is unlikely Gullis’s choice of targets was a coincidence or that Yousef is unknown to him.

As the CFMEU prepares to merge into a “super union” that will comprise the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union this integration will in theory position the zealots of Antifa into the globalist Labor party’s field.

UNA and other committed nationalist commentators have established how the Liberal party has over the years suckered in the naïve. They engage operatives and satellites to beguile far-right greenhorns with misrepresentations about how the Liberal party harbours racialist sects dedicated to nationalist principles. These sleeper cells, they promise, are waiting for the strategic moment to rise and revolutionise the Liberals to a national socialist course. It is all bullshit. But this is no different to what the Labor party does with its own extremist base.

Labor trades on its former associations with the worker but has consciously drifted from its unionist roots. While still happy to take their donations the dynamic of the relationship has changed.

One member of the CWPA, named Yousef, who cultishly styles himself as an imitation of Che Guevara, was earlier this year exposed by UNA as demanding the very two nationalists who Gullis harassed be physically assaulted by its members. It is unlikely Gullis’s choice of targets was a coincidence or that Yousef is unknown to him.

Once the greater proportion of elected ALP members of parliament were union officials. There are now only about 45% of those with direct links. There are a small number of affiliated unions that still carry clout within the party, and they were named in a piece by The Conversation as being The Shop Distributive and Allied Industries Union, Transport Workers’ Union and the Australian Services Union.

These affiliated unions are still able to influence the ALP through discreet internal lobbying along party structure lines. Yet, as the same article points out, there is a fallacious notion about the power unions wield within the party. Here, factions such as the Socialist Left and Centre Unity, make the decisions. To quote the piece, “The factions are unified less by ideology nowadays, but have been characterised as clans that distribute influence and rewards.”

Yousef, the CWPA representative of the Che Guevara Appreciation Society. He tried to have the same two nationalists assaulted in the name of “the workers”

Those parliamentary members tend not to come through the union ranks anymore and even if they have enjoyed the support of unions the political experience recalibrates their views and priorities. Likewise, those influential unions operating within the party generally promote their own agendas.

In other words, all the promises for the workers are broken at the other end as the ALP has long outgrown its traditional support base. In a way, far from the hard-forged socialist rhetoric of the meeting hall, the ALP has assumed more the qualities of the neoliberal American Democrats. This again echoes how the conservatives such as Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson divert nationalist sentiment into support for its absolute antithesis – global capitalism and global consumerism. Labor has as much a sell-off-the-farm policy as the conservatives do. Suddenly the ‘worker’ is an international citizen and not an indigenous unit of labour whose rights must be protected.

Luke Collier (R) and Joe Myles (L) the two CFMEU jugheads who attacked AFP members in Brisbane

When a program of free and open immigration brings down wages then opposing it must seem sensible enough. Trade union leaders should be the first to understand how mass immigration affects the worker but here you have “the workers” all rallied in various sub-factions ready to protect the interests of global capitalism. To this end, Antifa spares the government the need to oppress far-right opposition. In turn, through their carjacking methods, Antifa has done more to contribute to the strengthening of police powers than their adversaries who, ironically, lobby on a genuine working class platform and in the traditional spirit of the original Labor movement.

Labor has become so divorced from its working-class roots that the only time its elitists can stomach the workers is during press opportunities and on election days. The modern Labor party is the purview of the restaurant radical. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is a solid example of what Labor has become serving as he does without ever once having put in a hard day’s slog. Consequently, those revolutionaries shuffling their feet back down the chain spare little mind to the beneficiaries of their actions.

Warren Smith, Assistant National Secretary of the MUA. Um, since when did it become socially acceptable to fly the murderous insignia of the Stalin regime?

Given there is no longer historic fascism the zealots that the CFMEU entertains have simply painted a ‘Nazi’ face onto the enemies of globalism and given our side a Holocaust-centric narrative. All of this points to Antifa being just another construct of the state.

When the extremists who manipulate these globalist army irregulars sound their clarion call the union responds. They did so in 2014 when the Australia First Party and the now defunct Golden Dawn Australia (Hellenic Nationalists of Australia) held a demonstration in Brisbane to support of the Golden Dawn elected officials being held in indefinite detention in Greece. The demonstration turned ugly when members of the CFMEU rolled up waving their banners and spoiling for lashings of the old ultra-violence.

CPA National President Vinnie Molina (R) is also WA President of CFMEU Construction Division. He is with fellow commie book burner Bob Briton

Later, when members of the AFP were unwinding at a local bar they were subject to a flash attack in brought daylight by CFMEU thugs. One of those assaulted was an elderly man. The union hooligans did not concern themselves with such courtesies as not attacking women or the elderly. In the case of union organiser Luke Collier, he had done both. For his assault on the AFP members, he served three months jail while his compatriot Joe Myles was let off on a technicality.

There has been no shortage of CFMEU members mingling with Antifa at counter rallies against Reclaim Australia and the like. On the day of the Brisbane GD rally, however, it was clear that those unionists (sic) had been organised from outside. We lay the blame for that craven act of organised thuggery squarely at the feet of the terrorist Slackbastard.

Now more than ever those within the media, especially the ABC, should be put under pressure to reveal the unknown member of the Slackbastard group. It has become a matter of strong public interest to unmask this dangerous bigot. We have identified Professor Rob Sparrow from Monash University, a person with historical family ties to the extreme left, but now it is time to unveil the remaining Wizard of Antifa; the one who doesn’t mind getting blood on other people’s hands.

Doubtless, it was Slackbastard who was behind Dave Gullis’s criminal acts against nationalists on December 7. Yet, as we have argued, how does serving any of these globalist interests have to do with the workers?

Unions, Antifa, John Safran and a very satisfied Slackbstard bravely watching it all from his monitor



It’s an open secret already, but UNA is more than happy to take full credit for revealing the identity of the person who’s been doxing Nationalists, Patriots, and likeminded folks for yonks.

In truth, we are just one of many sharing this most welcome news broken from what we are assured is a solid source. Toby Cook is sharing the leech’s mobile number, but then Tobes was probably sharing pingas with him at one time or another. Anyhow, this information is so emphatically doing the rounds that it came up and tapped us on the shoulder begging us to share and make it public… so here we are.

The buzz on the boards says the meth-head maggot responsible for these endless doxings is Daniel “Joey” Trotter. Danny boy has been around for long enough. He and his Arab missus are now reputed to be behind the infamous blog which no amount of defamation seems to see it removed, but that’s probably because WordPress is run by Jews. Or maybe it isn’t, but that’s not important right now.

Danny “Joey” Trotter with a target all ready for a righteous marksman to take a shot at his pea-size heart

In 2011, Whitelaw Towers and Anti-Antifa Australia revealed him to be celebrating the deeds of one murderous Jock Palfreeman who has a history of stabbing people he didn’t like. The first time was in Chatswood. The cops knew he was guilty but he was never charged. He was not so lucky when he plied his Antifa trade in Europe. Jock was in Bulgaria when he stabbed and killed a youth who he said was part of a gang attacking two Roma.

Jock claimed it was self-defence but the Bulgarians were having none of it. Jock is serving a twenty-year sentence for that one and not very popular inside. The Bulgarians do not appreciate Antifa rabble like him coming into their country and killing their sons on some warped globalist premise. However, he won an admirer in Joey, which is why the anonymous blog-avenger posted on his FB page back in 2011, “Well, I went to school with Jock and yes he was (whatever). He stabbed a Nationalist hooligan [an admission of guilt for the Chatswood stabbing], whilst doing so shouted: “down with racism, down with fascism”. This country could do more with Antifa activists like Jock. He is a hero to us all.”

Danny’s psycho Arab missus triggered by a guy in a funny ‘Feminism is Cancer” T-Shirt

But heroics were never Joey’s strong suit which is why he reserved all his courage for the other side of a computer screen where his “activism” flourished. Intrepidly scanning Facebook profiles for anyone not in love with Trotsky, he established criteria for making public the identities of those enemies of his glorious revolution. You could be Asian and opposed to homosexuality and he would mark your card as a Nazi. Christians come in for a regular battering but “Moslems” are welcome if you catch our drift. Yes, those same Moslems voted “no” in the egregious marriage plebiscite, something they are evading acknowledging with a practised silence.

With his characteristic flair for fudging sentences and misspelling simple words (‘cos spelling properly is a sell-out to the system), Joey and Tracey fill their WordPress site with a veritable archive of Patriots, Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Nazis, and even serving politicians. One or two celebrities crop up there too.

Danny in 2011 when he was “Joey” and bum fluff was the hip look for a budding Antifa playboy

But, despite the best efforts and hopes of him and his Habibi Trace, being included in Antifa’s blog is actually regarded as a badge of honour among those on the Right, far-Right, and centre of the Far-Right.

Many in the movement are disappointed at their non-inclusion in this gallery of heroes and to receive too short a write-up is to be viewed as a deficiency of status that must be rectified at the earliest opportunity. The only site more comical than Antifa Sydney’s is the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Joey’s brolga of a missus again, spreading her underarm b.o. in the hope her whiffy Arab pheromones might attract a new mate

Even more hilarious is just how blue ribbon these fearsome anti-fascist warriors are. While meatheads like the anarchist David Gullis come from a militant background of union thuggery, Trotter (Trotsky to his friends) grew up with a silver spoon in his bottom. When he was arrested back in late 2015 for bravely roughing up an old man at Nick Folkes’s doomed Cronulla Riot Publicity Stunt his address was given as Seaforth, on Sydney’s North Shore. Now, if you live in Seaforth, there is no way in hell you are coming face-to-face with anyone who isn’t on at least eight million dollars a year. It is as exclusive a suburb as they come.

Rumour has it he MAY be living in Bondi now, but we’re not sure of that. We’re just going by the electoral search we did in his name this morning. In which case, we just started that rumour. For all we know he is living on the top floor of the Shangri-La Hotel at The Rocks, pinged out on Asian Ice, and up to his shrivelled nuts in his halal missus, who is also said to be a degenerate Tweeker.

Knowing this about the Antifascist Action Sydney blog may or may not have an impact on its productivity. We hope that it doesn’t because it can really bring folks together. One afternoon earlier this year the editors of UNA sat on the deck of Chris Shortis’s Victorian home laughing our heads off as we read aloud our profiles.

That sort of entertainment is priceless. Remember, too, without it, Danny would be just another lost rich kid with an Ice habit and a girlfriend he cannot take home to his parents.

Honestly, if you want some light entertainment while on your tablet or iPhone then kill a dull journey by visiting this site. If you can handle bad spelling and donkey grammar then you are in for a grouse laugh





Images and CCTV footage released today by United Nationalists Australia identifies the thug who has been stalking nationalists in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

The leftist criminal struck twice this morning at both the Tempe headquarters of the Australia First Party and the private address of an Australian nationalist. The events occurred as follows: at 4:40am on December 7 the Australia First Party president was awoken by banging at the side gate. When he investigated he was confronted by a youngish Australian male with facial hair who proceeded to threaten the party president’s life after repeatedly entreating him to come downstairs for a “fight”.

In a grab for justification of his criminal actions, the lumpen made random accusations of the AFP leader, such as him being involved with ASIO, and other gibberish. This is a signature mark of this particular leftist lout who struck at the inner-Sydney home of an Australian Nationalist and AFP member less than half-an-hour later.

Piping a firehose through the open window of the sleeping Nationalist after having banged at his door to get attention, the sewer rat flooded the premises. He was caught on camera. What cannot be heard is him yelling, “You’re a paedophile and a Nazi, Nick Folkes sent us!”

As much as we despise Nick Folkes, we realise this is an amateur attempt by the member of a militant organisation to attempt to create confusion.

This same character turned up at the same address on October 1. Sporting sunglasses, a hat and shorts, in a boneheaded attempt to be incognito he issued a death threat based on similar charges of “Nazi and paedophile”. This came after the publicised sentencing of so-called neo-Nazi Mike Holt on weapons and child pornography charges. Both incidents were reported to Newtown police, for what it’s worth, with authorities now being in possession of the perpetrator’s image. However, it is one of four incidents involving the same person and the Sydney Nationalist. The lefty ugh is possibly a Newtown local operating in and around the Enmore area.

The same rock ape has previously been seen in the company of an Aboriginal woman and others sporting CFMEU T-shirts. He is also reported to have attempted to assault a mobility-scooter bound Newtown identity who is not affiliated with AFP or Australian nationalism.

We have no doubt whatsoever that he links to the criminal blogger “Andy” (aka Rob Sparrow and others) of Slackbastard infamy. He is doubtless also affiliated with rogue Fairfax troll Luke McMahon, and Pete Smith, the administrator of the Anonykatz Facebook page, who resides at a Balmain address.

The attacks come after the weekend’s commemoration of the Eureka Rebellion at Ballarat by Aussie Nationalists.

UNA will later be releasing the identity of the author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog which has been defaming Nationalists, Patriots, and sundry others for years. Gotcha!









History is written by the victor, we know this, so we can assume history and conquest have an inexorable linkage.

However, history requires the written word, archiving and preserving — but primarily it entails epochal events, heroes and villains, achievement and again, a permanency of record. Given that the Aboriginal race has never managed anything but some quaint Dreamtime stories and a few primitive rock paintings then what is this “black history” that White Australia is supposed to have? In fact, Aboriginals didn’t have a history until Whites came along and imparted the concept.

Through White Man’s magic we were able to learn a lot that can now be absorbed into a ‘history’ that could not exist but by a dubious word-of-mouth shared by particular Aboriginal tribes and heavily weighted down by the cultural context of those walkabout fullas. This much more reasonable argument turns that aforementioned maxim on its head because, in fact, Aboriginals owe the awareness of any history of theirs to White Australia.

Now, we’re not knocking the Aboriginal lifestyle per se. We acknowledge that it was harmonious, in respect of the land and all that. It was; no doubt about it. These people lived a compatible existence with the environment. This landscape, this ecosystem, the natural resources that surround us have been jeopardised by the greed of a few that exploit it for profit. Nationalists abhor this exploitation as much as any other activist set. The settlement itself has had consequences, but the settlement was coming, and it was either going to be by ‘liberal’ Whites or else by the Chinese whose attitude to other races is not so redactable.

We post this pic to say a little about the duality of  White man: that side which cares and that which doesn’t give a fuck

Moreover is the question of what is nobler, maintaining the human species at a primitive rate of evolution, or accepting the changes of scientific advancement as part and parcel of the wonder of human progress?

So don’t give us this “White Australia has a black history” cod because that it is just self-effacing Cultural Marxist drivel.

And, what is this White Australia anyway? Are they once again getting our original British colonial overlords confused with the poor sucker political prisoners who were dragged here in chains, and who combatted adversity to become the indigenous ‘Australians’? Their version of White Australian history needs some serious adjustment, in that case, since it is viewed through the tampered lens of the partisan Left. These are the same tub-thumpers who loud hail about “multicultural Australia”, which therefore means, by the stringencies of their own particular rhetoric, all these other races and ‘cultures’ are complicit in alleged Aboriginal subjugation.

Oh gee, it’s another anti-Semitic Soros conspiracy theory. Everyone knows Soros just sits at home enjoying his money and doesn’t involve himself in funding activist agents around the world

Are they saying we should ask the Abos to hand back every stitch of modern life we gave them in exchange for our passage back to an Islamic-occupied Europe so that the black fella can once more go walkabout and spear fish for supper?

Once triggered, there is no end to the cycle of guilt demanded by these political manipulators with their slogans. This history is still being written, it would seem. Aboriginal ‘advocates’ can either accept the reality of life here or submit to Chinese domination and 24th citizen-place status in a polyglot market nation.

Furthermore, Nationalists will not tolerate a treaty-based Australia in which lawyers grant Aboriginals a more-equal status on the back of a victimhood narrative. Either they are in this country, or they find some way to return to their nomadic ways and live outside of where the ‘history’ is made, but they will not have the two.

A more correct version of a self-effacing Cultural Marxist maxim