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One aspect defining 2017 for us is just how much closer we as a nation are to becoming China’s mangy farm animal. If Labor had the choice they would flick the United States away and beg China to become our new boss.

Australia has since federation more-or-less grovelled behind a superpower guardian, be it Britain, the United States, and now it seems China. This happens at the cost of our national sovereignty. We have witnessed just how badly both sides of politics descend into treachery as individual politicians profit from selling off our future to communist China. Labor’s Sam Dastyari had to pull the pin after it was revealed a Chinese company covered bills from his office. Then he warned Chinese “businessman” Huang Xiangmo about phone taps and that was all she wrote for the un-Australian little wingnut.

New Australians enjoying our new national flag

But Labor is chocka with them. The dust hadn’t settled on that incident when former NSW Premier and Bennelong candidate Kristina Kenneally came out batting for her oriental masters and claiming criticism of the communist state is “China phobia.” All of this in a year when — aside from buying political influence — China has made an alarming string of major acquisitions including Western Australia’s Merredin Airport where Aussie pilots now need permission from communist China to land in their own goddamned country. This pattern is being frighteningly echoed around Asia and indeed the rest of the world as China buys up key infrastructure and moves in their own people.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

However, this was also the year of jousts and villainy with both the left and right side of politics as true nationalists fought all comers to retain our corner. A third-rate troll by the name of Luke McMahon who styles himself as an intrepid troll hunter but is really a pimple scribbled a hit piece full of slanders against an Australian nationalist and UNA friend labelling him, “One of Australia’s Worst Trolls”.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

McMahon is the worst troll in the world (search Mark Watford on Facebook), but he is also a federal snitch, who tracks Nationalists, Patriots and others around the web and reports them to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He does this by, unsurprisingly enough, trolling. His calumnies, particularly those about UNA editor Chris Shortis, have been published by Fairfax, a company which uses its media clout as a political and ideological cudgel, indifferent to the Australian Journalists Code of Ethics or just basic principles of defamation. Fairfax knows that few have the dosh to sue them so they go right out and publish lies. They aim to hurt and causing pain makes them feel good.

In 2018, United Nationalists Australia will be revealing more about Luke McMahon and his activities but let’s just say him and his team are taken with a grain of salt especially by overseas law enforcement agencies. We warned McMahon and his gay mate Slackbastard that we will never let them go and we won’t. That is a promise we will keep. Their sort must be made an example of, just like we did with their pussy cohorts from Antifascist Action Sydney who closed their blog’s privacy settings to “private” after we pointed out that being exposed on there is actually good for a nationalist’s credibility. We doxed Daniel Trotter as its inept editor and no doubt he is consoling himself with a few tweeks of chibu and a bottle of cheap grog purloined from Liquorland.

Author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog Daniel Trotter looking every bit the privileged rich kid he reportedly is

However, if we doxed Danny then former Antifa rat-chewer Shayne Hunter dropped a bombshell by exposing the inner workings of Antifascist Action and labelling them as dangerous extremists. Shayne had a lot to say and even mentioned Slackbastard in a webcast interview with an American site characterising him essentially as a chicken hawk feeding off the young and getting others to do his dirty bidding.

Speaking of which, him and McMahon were almost certainly behind providing details of an Australian nationalist’s address to Dave Gullis, the CFMEU crackpot who attacked his home with a firehose just after nationalists commemorated the Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat. We exposed Delusional Dave no thanks to Mark Latham who won the UNA Golden Shlomo award for Fake Aussie Nationalism. He ignored our requests to help spread the word in the ‘Alt-Right’ community about this psychotic communist cosplayer. As Stan is poised to premier its spin-off series Romper Stomper on New Years’ Day and glorify the toerags of Antifa, the reality is reverse to all media portrayals. We will have more to say about this appalling production in the New Year.

Yet, all that aside, it was a year of cold reckoning when Chris Shortis and two others from the Bendigo Three were convicted of inciting serious contempt for a class of people over the beheading of a plastic dummy. The proper charge should have read ‘performing a controversial stunt without being members of The Chaser’. It was a political show trial that made no sense other than in the context of the State of Victoria and its overtly communist direction.

Chris Shortis, on the second hearing of the Bendigo Three trial

Under Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement, African crime is so rampant that in the midst of African crime fatigue, Victorians awoke in late December to hear Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald deny there was an African crime problem at all. Instead, she called it a “youth” issue. Shortly after another notable female police appointment, Victorian Police Commissioner Lisa Neville accused Australians (presumably Whites) of being the worst offenders out of everyone.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

On a positive note, we learned late this month that Neil Erikson was charged over a scuffle outside of homosexual and Negro fetishist Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposedly secret venue near a Melbourne housing project which is home to half of the Sudan and Somalia. Strictly speaking, the charges are bullshit, but for all the crap Neil Erikson has caused we could not bring ourselves to say a word in his defence. He is destined for a protective wing in a Melbourne prison. Let’s hope he goes to the general population.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding only rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

Others we hope either die of cancer, go to jail, or wind up being turned into ironing board covers are the filth from Peanuts for Freedom who surpassed themselves this year by engaging in a night of drunken harassment of former female members and others. The Peanuts, on tour in Lithgow for a failed rally, presumably high on pingas, grass and grog, made a series of demeaning and pornographic calls to former members and an associate of Kim Vuga. Police complaints were made and Kim Vuga issued a condemnation of Nick Folkes and his grubby party. The chief offenders were Nick, fat boy Tobes, and Penny “Pen-Pen” Tridgell.

Both Nick and Pen-Pen won Shlomo awards this year, but we ignored Tobes because he would probably have considered it good publicity. These fakers are not a joke though. Pen-Pen and Jamo joined Neil Erikson in Melbourne to support Avi Yemini, who we also had a bit to say about. Avi has positioned himself within the Cory Bernadi conservative milieu as a dinky-di Jewish Supremacist Aussie Patriot. He is hoping to take ground vacated by former United Patriots Front leaders and turn this whole thing into backing for Israel; which is pretty much what the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) tried to do. Avi’s Peanuts’ fans are, however, a confused bunch. See, they also tried to reinvent themselves as White Nationalists flying under Totenkopf placards at certain Sydney rallies.

What do you expect when they can’t even work out how to put on a T-shirt?

This was during their phase of aligning with Australia’s self-declared ‘Alt-Right’ who see basically anyone conservative as a legitimate support base. Without going into a whole thing, this is the sort of thinking that will have them inevitably redesigning themselves as Alt-Something-Else this time next year when it all goes down the trough at the local pisser like the failed Dingocon after Dr Jim Saleam penned his damning Rape House article, which highlighted the scammers still operating within the broad theatre of the Alt-Right.

Anyway, the New Year dawns, the old has passed. UNA will continue to provide its usual high standard of commentary on issues facing the nationalist community, and by rote, the nation itself. We will also continue to be monitored by insane Jews who make a point of noting anti-Semitic anything — even a kid’s shoddy carving of a swastika on a tree trunk. We got a few mentions in this year’s report on anti-Semitism by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. It would be a waste of time pointing out that we are anti-Zionist because to the Skypes that’s pretty much the same thing so we won’t waste our breath.

Until next year, which is tomorrow as this goes live, see yez and have a bonza WHITE New Year’s Eve!




Welcome to UNA’s 2017 Golden Shlomo award for fake Aussie nationalism. As usual (from now on) we will pay homage to the most bogus blow-ins to appropriate the name of nationalist while actually promoting Zionism, conservatism, civic patriotism, and by default, globalism. We had 10 hot candidates this year but there could be only one winner. Let’s take it away!

1) MARK LATHAM — Golden Shlomo

Mark Latham

This year’s Golden Shlomo goes to undisputed fake Aussie nationalist Mark Latham. In a surprise victory, he nudged over the line to knock out the running favourite, Neil Erikson. In the end, we had to give it to Mark because he has come on so strong this year, even supporting our own man, Chris Shortis, who he hosted on his program. Sadly for Mark, he sponsored outrageous fag and Negro fetishist, the Jewish Milo Yiannopoulos into the country and cashed in on a phoney narrative about freedom of speech based on organised clashes with “lefties”. However, when nationalists approached him to help track down CFMEU terrorist Dave Gull — a genuine issue of freedom of speech and left-wing hooliganism — he would not even reply. No, he did not want to upset his former unionist mates but he still wants youse to follow him. Fuck you, Mark, and welcome to cucksville. You are this year’s undisputed fake Aussie nationalist.

2) NEIL ERIKSON — Silver Shlomo


The way things stand Neil Erikson is a sure bet to nab first place every year from now until someone finally does us a favour and knocks him off. In that sense, Nool has an unfair advantage over the field. Whether it comes to barefaced lies; cobbling together umpteen sham Facebook groups to promote, well, Neil; streaming misinformation to impressionable galahs who take this Humphrey Bear of civic patriotism as some voice of Australian Identity activism; and burning just about everyone the fat fuck has ever come into contact with Neil Erikson is surely one the greasiest pigs in the pen. Nonetheless, regardless of all that, what clinches it for him is his quote to The Australian’s Chip Le Grand late this year that “you cannot be a nationalist and not support Israel”. For that humdinger and being a good goy, we put Nool in at second place with a Silver Shlomo. Also, supporting Donald Trump is not an expression of Aussie pride, you great constipated dill.

3) NICK FOLKES — Bronze Shlomo


Nick Folkes, like Neil Erikson, should, by rights, take first place every year too. In life, he comes in a galloping last without fail, but third position and the Bronze Shlomo seems about right. Nick is a smelly, boozy, unwashed yobbo with a jealous streak a mile wide. He gives the false impression of ‘doing things’ thanks to a complement of dropkicks who follow him around to his “rallies”. There, inevitably wearing Arab dress, he loud hails childish mantras to a crowd predominantly comprised of seagulls. Nick blows with the nether winds anywhere that provocation can take him. Whatever is in the news determines the Peanuts for Freedom issue of the week. Nick can switch from a fierce anti-Nazi who lays shit on true nationalists to appropriating White Nationalist symbols at the flick of his joint’s ash. He and his Boy Friday Tobes have something entirely inappropriate going on between them and the word is that Nick is a closet poof. Still, if his ‘activism’ counted for anything then his dinky party would right now be registered and not perennially about 150 names shy of electoral commission registration.



No single person has done less for Australian Nationalism than Pauline Hanson. Where once she pointed out we were in danger of being swamped by Asians, which we currently are she has switched to the safe bet of opposing Islam and denied ever saying the other. After all, her billionaire oligarch mate Gina Rinehart wouldn’t like it if she started slinging crap at her Chinese business partners who will soon own the entire top half of Australia. Pauline is only in it for the dough and everything about her One Nation party is designed to part every last shekel from whatever mug candidates she can rope in at election time. However, she has one of the highest rates of sacking candidates and having candidates sack her. We cannot think why anyone who can count to seven would consider her anything but a conservative with an insatiable hunger for taxpayer dollarydoos. We put her in fourth place in this year’s Fake Australian Nationalist of the Year Award.



Nothing screams Aussie louder than an orthodox Jew who was brought up segregated from Australian society. If, by chance, the young Avi strayed from the Hasidic compound and was accidentally touched by an Australian child he had to scrub his arm for hours with special kosher soap until cleansed. The infected skin patch then had to be inspected by a paedophile Rabbi and he was fined ten shekels. But that was yonks ago and Avi truly discovered his Australianness while pumping bullets into Palestinian kids from a sniper’s rifle out at Gaza. Avi is so dinky-di that he encourages those who sign up to his dodgy Jew martial art to join the Israeli Defence Force and shoot Arab kiddies too. Somewhere one day, maybe locked in a dusty chest, will be revealed the lost stanza of Advance Australia Fair which celebrates dying for Israel as part of the national Australian character. Avi comes in fifth this year with an oi vey and a whole lot of kvelling.



The big news for Patriots is that George Jamo’s girlfriend Pen-Pen has a vagina. But most of it is located between her ears. Pen-Pen, herself out of nappies, has a tiny bub who she’s too tweeked out to care for. So instead of looking after him, she’s saving Australia from Moslems by shacking up with a bald man twice her age. If Pen-Pen proves anything at all it is that you can be an outspoken Aussie patriot without having any clue whatsoever. Waving a flag is about as much proof as you need to demonstrate your commitment to nationalism and stuff. Too young to have had any actual formative life experiences, and too bombed out on shwag to absorb any signals that aren’t psychotropic, hasn’t stopped Pen-Pen from slagging off those who’ve dedicated years to the nationalist cause and actually know what they’re on about. Like a blonde parrot with dead eyes and noticeable skin problems, Pen-Pen knows the best thing to do is let the mob of drunken idiots around you do all your thinking. The quintessential Peanut, she comes in at 6th place.



We’ve included Nick Folkes twice this year because of his untiring service to fake Australian nationalism. So apart from coming third, he also comes seventh. He is also 11th just before George Christensen who at 12th place did not make it into the top ten.



The entirety of the Australian Liberty Alliance comes 8th this year. This includes every single candidate, any registered member, anyone who voted for them, and anyone who was fooled into thinking they were all about defending the Australian way of life. They are in fact just a pack of homo evangelicals with a cultish devotion to Israel written into their iffy constitution.



A splitter from the Liberal party there is really nothing whatsoever at all to differentiate Cory Bernardi from the party he quit except perhaps he doesn’t always wear a blue tie. He comes in a respectable 9th place after poaching all of Pauline Hanson’s supporters.



Bob Katter is a fucking goose. He comes tenth and gets nothing.