Worldwide anti-Trump rallies have exposed an immutable truth about what was once referred to as the fairer sex — they are in sorry moral and aesthetic disorder. Indeed, today’s woman, invariably politicised, has all the appeal of untreated sewage.

Not every woman deserves this criticism; there are fine nationalist women out there who do us all proud. However, this is not about them.

This is not even about the women who fall short of being nationalists. But it IS about those social feminists who are so wrapped up in a bubble of their own self-importance that they cannot compute the reality that they are in fact chauvinists.

Women complain about not being taken seriously

Let us get something straight — western women are not victims. There is no pay gap. Women are not paid less than men and their prospects are generally much brighter than men’s. They receive a superior deal in education, workplace politics always favour them, and even if they cannot gain work on their intellectual merits they can earn a packet working the dance pole for Arab taxi drivers at Pure Platinum. Family Law Court is a palace of female privilege where just about every ruling goes in the favour of the female as though it is a biological determination. You can hardly land a teaching gig if you’re a man because a cabal of women will hound you out of the profession with scurrilous imputations of paedophilia. Overall, society has placed women upon a pedestal from which, for some reason, they churlishly moon us while cultivating hairy armpits and taunting us with ‘pussy’ hats on.

This is not even about the women who fall short of being nationalists. But it IS about those social feminists who are so wrapped up in a bubble of their own self-importance that they cannot compute the reality that they are in fact chauvinists.

The only tough ride women get is the one that all must endure or else which they create for themselves. So what is their problem and why are the same communist Jewish hags baiting us with decades-old bullshit that was lies even back then?

Women who shamelessly go topless to promote their “right” to dress like “sluts” will then lock elbows in a daisy chain of dingbat womanhood chanting slogans against those men they accuse of treating them like sluts. But not if they live in Europe and Moslem men are objectifying and raping them. This is like a black hole of logic collapsed in on itself, which possibly describes the psychic condition of these women. When that happens, all you can hear are crickets chirping, as they instead find reasons to blame men of their own race for the behaviour of the parasites.

When women have something to say about being reduced to a sexual stereotype, they tend to speak as a sexual stereotype

Women who label themselves feminists are in fact at war with the very notion of what constitutes femininity.

There used to be a joke about how women’s bodily functions were a big secret and men often doubted they even had them. It went something like, “You know what they say about boys who hang around women’s lavatories? They tend to have their illusions shattered.”

But nowadays that rather elegant myth is being smashed apart by women themselves. Yes, scrabbling for oppressed credibility, created a Free the Poop movement last year where they happily discussed their bowel movements and revelled in infantile coprophilous attitudes.

Women who label themselves feminists are in fact at war with the very notion of what constitutes femininity.

The maternal instinct of women is being both gratuitously flaunted and simultaneously repudiated. Certain women make a deliberate issue out of breastfeeding by hauling their infant down to a public café, flopping out their mammary, and letting the sprog gnaw on their tit while patrons are trying to sip hot milk-based beverages. This will understandably cause revulsion for a cross-section of the community not so enamoured of the intimate biological functions of individual females of questionable hygiene. It is a crass display for bored mothers to affect some sort of controversy to lift them above what they treat as the mediocrity of child-rearing.

The female paedophile is on the rise. Check your tabloids daily, and inevitably there is another story about a (usually) female teacher who has taken advantage of some young male pupil to satisfy her predatory libido. You will read about mothers pimping out their own daughters to pay for drugs, or even joining is as they’re raped by hairy losers with Satan fetishes. How come so many women become pen-pals to notorious murderers and then want to marry them? You can’t count on women to cook anymore; you cannot count on them for fucking anything much except victim attitudes. The worst thing yet, they would betray their nation and race as quickly as pulling a tampon string. It is somehow an expression of liberation from non-existent oppression for women to declare they are “nasty” and make virtues out of traits that they condemn in men.

We could frankly go on and on and rattle out a list that will trigger many and inspire even more but we’ve made our point.

Offers Hillary voters head-jobs, turned a generation of girls into vacuous sluts, wears a “pussy” hat to signify her mouldy old vagina, but has an issue with Trump because he said something sexist about thirty years ago

Jewish-run Hollywood takes a big chunk of responsibility for moulding the slatternly role models that these women invariably assimilate. Nonetheless, we aren’t letting them off that easy. No way, the onus is upon them alone. If Hollywood told them to go out and snort bird shit would they do it?

The whole “princess” deal where girls, forever slaves to materialism and mammon, exploit their bodies in the name of ‘empowerment’ is a fine example of the inherent insincerity and deep falsehood at the heart of what we might as well call ‘the movement’. Hollywood and glamour media promote it, and “society” enables it.

Jewish-run Hollywood takes a big chunk of responsibility for moulding the slatternly role models that these women invariably assimilate. Nonetheless, we aren’t letting them off that easy. No way, the onus is upon them alone. If Hollywood told them to go out and snort bird shit would they do it?

But if that is true, what the hell is ‘society’ and is that a croc of balls? They blame society, yet they ARE society. They object to society, and yet they change society into an objectionable setting.

So what the fuck were all those anti-Trump demonstrations about anyway? There is a vague, base claim at the heart of it that Trump represents the ‘objectification’ of women. Yet, they objectify themselves in response to this bogus perception. They wear “pussy hats” and dress up as vaginas. Some flash themselves, they brandish placards with baffling sentiments and at the end of it you have to ask, what the fuck is it they want?
What are their demands? What is the problem?

The problem is those women themselves. The irony of it all was the protesters who turn out to be the real issue and not their supposed target.

They are the privileged sex with aggressive vaginas wanting to throw their weight around and these days just about any excuse will do.

Any man willing or sick enough to want to grab it would need to mine for it underneath that umpteen tonnage of blubber


More impoverished men equals the illusion of empowered women equals another capitalist gotcha!

By James Hillman

Employment minister Michaelia Cash, as quoted in the “Lügenpresse” this ANZAC weekend had the following to say in The Age (which sucks): “We keep on talking about, as government and a society, women needing to go into the non-traditional roles that have the higher-paid salaries,” she said.

“Why aren’t we also encouraging men to go into the non-traditional roles with the lower-paid salaries like nursing and teaching. You’ve got to have a two-way exchange there.” Workplaces also needed to become more flexible – but “not just for women”.

Never trust a Neo Liberal. We Nationalists will berate and denounce the pervasive Leftist Feminism present in the academic institutions and state bureaucracies, but there should be no quarter given to Conservatives and their “Other Feminism”.

I’ve often heard the Left Feminist program described simply as Female supremacism, which needs no explanation, but the Conservative or traditionalist version might best be described as having its basis in the ideal of innate Female superiority.

Traditionalists profess horror at the revolutionary ideals of the Left Feminist; their world-without-men save for stabled breeding bulls and their Lesbian autocracy, but is their idealised Madonna on her pedestal any less ludicrous in this current year?

Of course I have my tongue firmly in my cheek as I write these lines. Any student of the Neo Liberals, their globalism and pseudo free markets, will see through Senator Cash and her ruse. In these lines she betrays herself:

“New business models established by Uber, Airbnb and Airtasker had also changed the way Australians do business. Whether or not we like it – and sometimes these things can be a little bit scary – when you travel overseas and in particular to places like China, they are already embracing the future of work. And if we are to remain a globally competitive economy, it is not a choice for us. We have to ensure our systems and our regulation responds appropriately. To do this, we are going to need structural and cultural reform – and in particular in relation to our workplace relations system.”

Aha! Now let’s put some pressure on those points! Take for example the ‘Uber business model’. Fairfax also ran an article this weekend on the rapid transformation of the app-based ride-sharing service into nothing more than an unregulated facsimile of the “bad old days” of the Taxi industry. It appears that “entrepreneurs” are running fleets of as many as 30 vehicles and renting them out to Uber drivers at exorbitant rates, creating a new domain for a would-be rentier class to re-assert control over the means of production.

Have we spotted the set-up, comrades? The fact that China is the example for the “future of work” and these pseudo egalitarian business models are their benchmark ought to fire the hackles of any Nationalist worker. Surely the only conclusion we can draw from the assertion that “we have no choice’ but to emulate Asian business practices is that the objective of Ms Cash and her bosses is to reduce ALL Australian workers to the status of Coolie day labourers and piece workers (or peasants as the Bolsheviks would have understood the term). Where, may we ask does this “other Feminism” espoused by the Senator fit into the race to the bottom as far as wage growth and our standard of living are concerned?

It’s often been said that Feminism is capitalism’s little sister; that all the so called achievements of the women’s movements were engineered by the ruling castes and oligarchs to suit their own ends and bolster their bottom line. I for one hardly see that as a cynical view, politically incorrect for sure but not wide of the mark. Why would capitalists and their tame Neo Liberal politicians want to turn the gender ratios upside down and effectively redistribute higher paying jobs along those lines?

I suspect the answer comes back to crude questions of biology and the differences between male and female psychological make up: female employees are more loyal, less prone to question authority and unable to physically impose their collective will on those in power. Only men can fight and carry the threat of the use of force upon the bosses if they behave in a predatory or exploitative fashion, only men can hold a picket line and stand up to assaults by strike breakers or Police interventions.

The goal is always the ‘bottom line’ — the scam, so to speak, is to reduce or surreptitiously cap salaries and ensure a compliant and dependant workforce across the entire economy. Feminising the high-wage professions is probably the most effective way of bringing down such a regime: no strikes, no unions, and the best part is that taken as a group, men, once evicted from traditionally male occupations, have little interest in competing with women. It has been said that in post-Soviet Russia as many as 80% of doctors are women and that nowadays that profession has lost its prestige: wages have been stagnant over those decades and expenditure at rock bottom. If a relatively unsophisticated Nationalist worker such as myself can speculate upon the advantages of Feminising the professions then it can be taken for granted that those who presume to govern us and their capitalist puppeteers may also be thinking along those lines and pushing forward pretty spokeswomen such as Senator Cash to woo the voters with saccharine appeals to fairness and inclusiveness.

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The empowered “Aussie” female worker of tomorrow in China today