In Sydney, you can be turned away from certain shops for not being Chinese. If you snoop around their premises, you will be photographed by sullen faced Chinese who may even squawk at you to leave.

What goes on inside is a secret known only to its taciturn staff and those tourists being herded there in buses to spend Yuan for what have been described as Australian-made goods that may or may not be available on the Chinese market. However, if they are available, it beggars the question why go to so much trouble to retail them under such strict and hushed conditions?

The Alexandria premises, which presents a factory storefront, purports to stock “ugg boots”. However, it bears the web address of, which also has premises on the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Cairns. It describes its retail functions as “duty-free” and “souvenir” and stocks skin care products, wool produce, and health or vitamin products such a “royal jelly” and “Propolis toothpaste”. Our witness claims they stock much more besides. Despite the use of the “Australian Made” logo, there is no listing on the ATSIC database of Southrom that we could find.

The Alexandria outlet where our Aussie source was refused entry for not being Chinese

The source who tipped us off to this story approached the Alexandria premises with its pink and grey façade and designated private “bus” zone, but was denied entry. When he asked why he could not enter and make a purchase he was coldly informed by an officious alien, “You can’t come in, you’re not Chinese.”

Thereafter, when attempting to gauge some sort of understanding of this shopping apartheid, a nationalist investigator had his car photographed by a pair of furtive Chinese women as he took notes outside the Alexandria store.

Ostar has title of the building which houses the James Street “Rebecca Aussie Gift Shop”. The “gift shop” shares space in Ostar’s gloomy grey industrial block which is a foreboding construction that looks better purposed for the live organ trade. Weirder, the gift shop appears to have been repurposed from what must’ve been formerly the building’s indoor parking area. So who in the name of the blessed virgin is Ostar?

The source who tipped us off to this story approached the Alexandria premises with its pink and grey façade and designated private “bus” zone, but was denied entry. When he asked why he could not enter and make a purchase he was coldly informed by an officious alien, “You can’t come in, you’re not Chinese.”

While we cannot say what their relationship with the ‘gift shop’ is, the blurb on Ostar’s web page suggests a Chinese-Australia media corporation and lists a number of print and radio interests throughout the states and the ACT. Yet, if you click on the other parts of their website to try and find out more the links don’t even load – begging the question whether there is any actual content to navigate to.

This is where the buses arrive daily filled with Chinese shoppers spending in Chinese currency

For “Australia’s leading Chinese media group” it sure isn’t giving anything much away. However, it describes its function as “Australia’s leading Chinese media group with multimedia platforms including 11 radio broadcasts, 9 weekly newspapers, lifestyle mag zines (sic), events, webcast, television and online media.”

Its mission statement boasts, “Ostar Media has been successfully serving Australian and Chinese corporations, government organisations and communities for the past 19 years. Today, Ostar International Media Group is a driving force to facilitating the Sino-Australia cultural exchange, as well as being the distinctive part of the Australian Multiculturalism. OIMG is an influential media pioneer with a precise and innovative work ethic.” In other words, it is a clandestine wing of the Chinese government serving a hidden agenda.

An ASIC search, while showing no listing of Ostar Media Group, lists among Mr Jiang’s registered businesses 3CW Production, Austina Chinese Restaurant Co, Chinese Weekly Property Guide, The Chinese Australian, and ‘Tommy’s Carpet Cleaning Service’.  

Back in 2014, one of Ostar’s portfolio radio stations, 3CW Chinese Radio Pty Ltd was ordered by the Fair Work Ombudsman to repay $60,000 in outstanding wages and entitlements after attempting to get away with fobbing off two of its staff for just “$20 for each program they produced”. Both employees were Chinese nationals. The sole director and secretary of 3CW is Mr Zhaoqing Jiang, who also happens to be listed as the entirety of Ostar’s “board of directors” on their webpage. On that page we learn that Mr Jiang: “…organised and hosted more than 300 cultural shows and high profiled events and is recognised as the bridge between the Australian and Chinese government and businesses. He received a Multicultural award for Excellence because of his huge contribution in multicultural development.”

An ASIC search, while showing no listing of Ostar Media Group, lists among Mr Jiang’s registered businesses 3CW Production, Austina Chinese Restaurant Co, Chinese Weekly Property Guide, The Chinese Australian, and ‘Tommy’s Carpet Cleaning Service’.

Ostar has a Facebook page, too, last updated back in November and infrequently maintained.

The mysterious Chinese Arthur Daley, Zhaoqing Jiang

It is understood from a local worker who has observed the James Street premises, which has an adjacent private carpark that “eight buses” arrive each day packed with Chinese shoppers. Each bus arrives carefully “one at a time”. Only those Chinese visitors are permitted to shop there and our contact believes, from his encounter with the outlet on Botany Road that they do not exchange Australian currency.

It is most likely that all transactions take place in the Chinese Yuan, or via the Chinese “UnionPay” card. We photographed an advertisement for the UnionPay card at the James Street premises.

On another note, the staff is entirely Chinese, but there is no way of knowing whether they are students being paid in Australian dollars, or are remunerated from China, which raises significant legal questions aside from the ones that arise from what appear to be dubious trading practises.

UnionPay links China’s banks and ATMs to one card and is a sort of multipurpose keycard for the discerning Imperialist Chinese shopper looking to help Beijing avoid paying any sort of Australian taxes.

Another question is whether or not these shoppers are tourists or ‘daigou’. Daigou means roughly “buying on behalf of”, or an agent. There has been a surge in daigou snapping up local goods such as baby formula, vitamins, food and clothing. The daigou have been known to strip whole supermarket shelves, disadvantaging Aussie consumers.

The Waterloo premises where the carpark of Ostar serves as ‘Rebecca Aussie gift shop’. But the Aussie in the name is the only thing Aussie allowed in there
The building’s main occupier at James Street
UnionPay is another method of not using Australian currency which, as far as we have ascertained, isn’t even exchanged at either premise
The carpark near behind the Rebecca Aussie Gift Shop. Eight buses a day stop here

On another note, the staff is entirely Chinese, but there is no way of knowing whether they are students being paid in Australian dollars, or are remunerated from China, which raises significant legal questions aside from the ones that arise from what appear to be dubious trading practises.

Then, of course, is the matter of banning anyone not Chinese. That would appear to be a discriminatory policy necessitated by those same dodgy practises.

For those interested, the two Sydney locations are 76-82, Botany Road, Alexandria; and Shop 10, James Street, Waterloo.

Remember, folks, Jan 26, 2017, is National Burn a Chinese Flag Day. Check the UNA Facebook page and get involved!



The Chinese Australian Forum popped up in the news the other day beating its hypocritical breast about Pauline Hanson. Some might say Chinese concern for “racism” is pretty rich considering they are ethnically cleansing the Tibetan people, as well as using their economic power to essentially occupy foreign nations for the benefit of their own state and citizenry. They have utterly no interest in “human rights” or other peoples of this earth, but here they are lecturing Australians on Pauline Hanson, who, if they had bothered actually listening to her, has totally backpedalled on the Asian invasion.

So what IS the Chinese Australian forum? This from their webpage:

The Chinese Australian Forum (CAF) is a non-partisan body established in 1985 to provide the Chinese community with a voice in the Australian political process. It began with the aim of raising the political awareness of Chinese Australians, but this objective quickly evolved and expanded to include involvement in contemporary social and political issues affecting the democratic process in Australia.

CAF regards diligent participation as an essential part of the integration of Chinese Australians with mainstream Australian society. By providing a forum for education and debate, and through responding to topical issues, CAF provides the voice for Chinese Australians to air their views and be heard. It is the only Chinese Australian organisation in NSW whose main activity is to engage members and supporters in the political process of this country.

You’ve got it. It exists to promote Chinese interests by meddling in our political process. The Chinese are, of course, shameless invaders and this brazen play on occidental liberal values is so stoked with audacity it almost explodes with self-mocking canned laughter.10463854_683900245057632_5846075256330141841_o.png

Anyhow, this gathering of aged Chinese Communists whose forum’s motto is “Building a socially harmonious and Cohesive Australia” had the cucked mainstream media aid and abett its anti-White agenda when they held a press conference to launch a #SayNoToPauline campaign. This is a bit like an Aussie group travelling to China to launch a #SayNoToTibetanGenocide campaign.

The ABC reports:

The Australian-Chinese community has launched a social media campaign to try to combat what it describes as intolerant and racist ideas being spread by senator-elect Pauline Hanson.

Community leaders said when Ms Hanson was last in parliament 20 years ago, they documented a significant increase in the number of people of Asian heritage being verbally and physically abused by strangers in public.

Dr Thiam Ang was the Chinese Australian Forum’s president in the 1990s during that period, and said he fears history will repeat itself.

“People tend to think that it’s confined to blue-collar workers, but that’s not true because in those days men in suits were spitting on Chinese Australians in the Chatswood and Turramurra stations,” he said.

“So I would like to appeal to middle Australia to guard against this trend and ask them to speak up when they see any instances of racial abuse.”

The Chinese Australian Forum is calling on people to take photos with signs that feature the #SayNoToPauline hash tag, and upload them to social media.

The forum’s president, Kenrick Cheah, said the organisation will join forces with the Muslim community and others being targeted by Ms Hanson’s party, One Nation.

“We condemn Islamaphobia,” he said.

“Just because we aren’t the main target this time does not mean that they won’t be coming for us or any other group. And no group in this country should be subject to any racial vilification, discrimination.”

Yeah, well, anyway, we know they’re full of shit. We also know that every single race seems to require their own community group formed for the purposes of telling White Australia how racist we are.

Mariam Veiszadeh is a fine example too. Born in Afghanistan, now here for whatever reason, she studied law on the Aussie taxpayers’ quid. Then she used her legal “kung fu” to establish a kind of honeypot social media operation where she lured outraged Aussies into breaching the 18C law… then she pounced. The hateful anti-White media loves her, and she is one of those repulsive “go-to” aliens they wheel out everytime there is justified reason to condemn Islamic cultural invasion.

download (1)
Chinese are teaching the Tibetans not to be racist by killing them off
download (2)
The Chinese show solidarity with their Moslem brothers by forcing them to dance and chant in a town square as an act of mass humiliation

The idea that there is an inherent justice in a cause is the illusion that these anti-White groups use to legitimise themselves through the traitor media.

But just like these dastardly yellow devils, they invariably show their hand. Such as here on the Chinese Australian Forum. Yes, you can read about how oppressive White Australia is; and how Islamic terrorism is nothing compared to how many people Whites kill every day. We supply snapshots from their page. We advise you head over and troll them to death. Troll their hashtag, troll their Facebook page, troll them on the beaches, troll them on the sand, troll them on… well, just troll them.

The CAF Facebook page is a good place to troll
The UNA FB crew show how it’s done. Posted today on CAF’s anti-White FB page
Posted on CAF’s FB page. Yep, it is Whites who are the real danger. The sooner Chinese take over the safer the world will be




13521783_291127237900641_1604836111_n (1)

The ALA has a mysterious relationship with China, United Nationalists Australia can reveal.

Posting on his Lindsay Facebook page, fat-cat Zionist candidate for the crucial seat of Lindsay in Western Sydney, Steve Roddick, has posted a snippet from an unidentifiable Chinese news-site .

UNA writers have had a problem even pulling up the page other than by Steve’s link, which has its web address as However, we can confirm the link is Chinese in origin, but seems to get blocked.

The page, which is listed as “Australia News” advocates ‘Chinese Australians’ voting for the Liberal Party. In a translation of what appears to be Mandarin (although it’s all Chinese to us), the news outlet commentators write, “You may not have the right to vote, but you influential! This time, Chinese crucial votes in the future decide the future of Australia.”

The following are Google translated comments from this mysterious Chinese news page

Yes, the writer is stating that Chinese will decide the future of Australia in times to come.

And yet, just like ALA and all the Ziopatriots, this Chinese news organ seems concerned with the Islamificiation of Australia as an impediment to their own interests in our nation: and the ALA has their back! Indeed, the endorsement of Australian Liberty Alliance comes via a recent story about opposition leader Bill Shorten promising permanent residency to boat people.

It writes, “Once abolished, after the refugees coming to Australia, or to directly obtain a green card.

“The world’s millions of refugees have been just around the corner, everyone is waiting for election results in Australia! Once elected Labor party, all refugees will all rush to Australia!

The page, which is listed as “Australia News” advocates ‘Chinese Australians’ voting for the Liberal Party. In a translation of what appears to be Mandarin (although it’s all Chinese to us), the news outlet commentators write, “You may not have the right to vote, but you influential! This time, Chinese crucial votes in the future decide the future of Australia.”

Australia will become the African middle east countries.”

There is even a curious sentence, obviously indelicately translated, that is like a road mine of irony as it reads, “Once elected Labor leader, so everything will become Days yellow.”

We shall glide over that chestnut and wonder aloud whether there is a Zionist link between all three?

The Chinese community backs ALA, ALA are a multi ethnic party for a multi ethnic society!

Steve Roddick ALA

We cannot know, but we can clearly state it is the height of ‘chutzpah’ for these Chinese to be concerned with foreign invaders flocking to a country they are busily invading themselves. But it is also URGENT that Australian voters note this treasonous link between the ALA, and Chinese sources. What IS that link? Does Roddick have business interests there? Does his ability to access a page we are unable to mean that he has a special link to Chinese communications?

The ALA, just like Pauline Hanson and the laughable non-White Rise Up Australia Party, were key in the hijacking of the fledgling so-called Patriot movement, which rose out of social media in response to the effects of globalisation.


Concerned primarily with Islamic intrusion into this  nation, it was quickly co-opted by Zionist money and influence. UNA has already published from ALA and Rise Up’s own core policies that reference support for the illegal state of Israel.

But worse than that, the ALA is not only blithely unconcerned with Chinese cultural domination of Lindsay, and of course Australia, but it welcomes their support in this illusionary war against ‘Sharia Law’.

Now China has jumped on the Zionist tatictal bandwagon and is mobilising its propaganda here to that particular tune, and EVERY patriot group from the ALA to the United Patriots Front is now servicing foreign interests in their activities (whether or not the UPF knows, cares, or is willing to even listen to this. UNA can report that this week its leaders confirmed their intention to follow a strictly civic patriot route).

The ALA, just like Pauline Hanson and the laughable non-White Rise Up Australia Party, were key in the hijacking of the fledgling so-called Patriot movement, which rose out of social media in response to the effects of globalisation.

Australia First Party president Jim Saleam has been unwavering in his criticisms and exposure of the Chinese invasion of Western Sydney. The AFP has long exposed the ALA as a Liberal party satellite, but now it is undeniable.

The ALA has been sent to smash nationalist sentiment and co-opt it all, via mobilasation around opposition to Islam, into a fervent force to drive Australia economically and socially into foreign hands.

download (2)
Confucius say, “A vote for ALA is a vote for Chinese control of Australia! 



Australia’s mainstream media is waging a dirty war against our national pride. Whilst crucifying patriots, they push Waleed Aly as a dinky-di role-model, and grant him moral license over all.

The non-secular Sunni hipster-Gyppo is our own Logie-winning Ghandi who follows the Islamic faith. Not only that, but he snagged a self-effacing White Christian woman to convert both to his bed, AND his religion. Now she obediently serves him as if he’s a sheik. Watch out Christian women, or you too might fall for the oily charms of a fertile and brilliant Moslem “lawyer, writer and academic”, who will whisk you off your feet and into a veil.

download (18)
You never imagined Big Brother would be a Moslem holding a Logie

But ladies, more than that, you will be glided into the 21st Century and a new regime not predicated upon a murderous colonial past that is too ugly and divisive to allow telling truthfully. Overwriting our Anglo roots is essential to globalising this Southern franchise of planet earth for the world bankers.

To that purpose, Waleed is a multicultural facsimile of Big Brother, reassuring us through our indoctrination into a borderless corporate-run world with a single government and no Caucasian mono-cultural identity left to challenge it.

To that purpose, Waleed is a multicultural facsimile of Big Brother, reassuring us through our indoctrination into a borderless corporate-run world with a single government and no Caucasian mono-cultural identity left to challenge it.

Well… this isn’t about Aly, but you get the point about the media existing to pump an agenda that is virulently anti-nationalist.

The narrative framing patriotic sentiment is mocking, demonising, defamatory and outright loaded. Yet, that is because the media supplies a voice for mercantile and government propaganda so you can forget all your objectivity shit.

Social justice is, naturally enough, central to designating both victims and villains. A White person in proximity to an Australian flag is a semiotic trigger for “minorities” and ‘indigenous persons’ who see our flag as a symbol of hate. Yet, this is because being ‘injured’ is their rich ticket to cultural victimhood. Media then takes that moral indignation and legitimises it as a narrative to shame recalcitrant elements of “multicultural and multiracial Australia”.

download (17)
In the China-friendly Australian media the angle of this story would be ‘man threatens tank’

Having said, and given their ideological gusto in pursuing the supposed justice of this ongoing cause, it is curious how easily Australian media signed off on a deal to spread propaganda for China’s communist state.

The Straits Times:

Australian media outlets have signed a series of controversial deals to publish content produced by the Chinese media, prompting concerns about Chinese efforts to influence Australian public opinion.

The six deals were signed during a visit late last month by the head of the Communist Party’s Central Propaganda Bureau, Mr Liu Qibao, whose trip to Australia went unreported at the time by the domestic media.

Mr Liu was accompanied at the signing ceremony on May 26 by the Acting Secretary of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr Gary Quinlan.

It did not take long to see the results of the deals.

On May 27, one of Australia’s biggest media companies, Fairfax Media, published an eight-page lift-out called “China Watch” in its three main newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review.

The lift-out – which will be published on a monthly basis – included an article condemning the Philippines for taking China to an international tribunal over Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. The article carried the headline “Manila has no leg to stand on”.

Other articles promoted the benefits to Australia of the recent free trade deal between Canberra and Beijing. The lift-out noted on the front page that its content was prepared by China Daily, an English-language broadsheet, and involved no editorial input from Fairfax Media reporters. But the remainder of the lift-out included no such notices to readers. Typically, such lift-outs feature banners on each page notifying readers that it contains sponsored content.

Obviously, conflicts of interest will become a matter of baksheesh diplomacy. You can imagine how criticising China will locate a person in the purview of an outlaw. But that’s about right. Ned Kelly knew that to make a stand as an Australian you do so as an outlaw, and for the true blue, not much has changed. Well, that’s a poetic stretch, but you follow the meaning.

Naturally, trusting any media interpretation of statistics or data involving China will be foolhardy given the fine print of the cross-cultural contract.

images (22)
A big round of applause for Australian media for selling us into serfdom to China

However, we repeat that it’s the hypocritical manner in which these ideological wooden tops flipped off their helmets and cashed-in with a leap of joy that is most instructive. Australians who have stood up against the globalist cuckoo have been hounded into unemployment and court action by Fairfax and News Corps journalists brandishing poison-tip pens.

Naturally, trusting any media interpretation of statistics or data involving China will be foolhardy given the fine print of the cross-cultural contract.

Nationalists are the worst thing in this one-government world because, um, well, we want a Whites-only country to pursue our destiny just like the Japanese have Japan, the Arabs have Saudi Arabia, the Jews have Israel, and the blacks have Ghana.

So there is an implied order of social justice that White Australia has upset and those advocating it are villains. You cannot have a villain without a victim, so naturally anyone non-White is the victim.

Yet, the narrative that this shame-based social-system is founded on has become exposed as a hollow fable given that Fairfax etc. are now taking cash to promote China’s domination over its neighbours.

The same media outlet that made delicate waves over China’s “human rights record” is set to wipe that slate clean for a fistful of shekels. The same China ethnically cleansing Tibet, the same China culturally invading Australia, and the same China threatening regional security simply because it has the money and the military to enforce its gruesome will.

Surprise, surprise…

images (23)
Pepe rikee Austraria velly much. Maybe he buy it for the People. HIS people not yours, sirry



The following is the transcript of the speech given by Dr Jim Saleam at the Leura Forum, Sunday 15, 2016.


I have been asked over time by some groups to talk about Chinese imperialism in Australia. Last year, I spoke here about it.  And early this year, I published a major pamphlet called The True Cause Of Australian Independence which addressed this matter in the context of what I hope is an entirely new Australian politics to take Australia out of the New World Order and its strange creation – the Chinese sphere of influence in Asia. These subjects have become an important aspect of my journalism and my public activity. I am not alone in my concerns about China’s rise over Australia, but I just mention this for context. An Argentinian party – Community Flag, to which I have link – had a conference just two days ago:  ‘Chinese Neo-Colonialism In Argentina And Latin America’. I maintain an interest in literature everywhere about this subject.

So – where to begin?

The building of empires was something that, once upon a time, some considered very laudable – that was over a hundred years ago. In their view, empires were meant to symbolise greatness, sacrifice and achievement. Some truth, perhaps. Back then, with the exception of Japan, the empires were European creations. This has usually led to a type of anti-racist discourse, where the oppressed or backward nations of the world (sic) even today blame the European race (who employed the practises of imperialism) for their collective shortcomings. There is a drop of truth there too.

Things are more complicated now, by the rise of a new imperialism, that of the Chinese superpower. This is an Asian power which actually emerged out of the reaction to European imperialism.

In Australia, there has been over the last fifty years or so, a rather active movement that I might dub for convenience ‘anti-racist’. It intrudes just about everywhere. I would say that it is a powerful element that affects community discussions on any matter involving non-European persons. Regrettably, in the debate about Chinese imperialism, about China’s relations with Australia generally, it also elbows in. I have noted people accused of “xenophobia” for criticising free trade negotiations; so said Tony Abbott as Prime Minister twice last year targeting the hapless Bill Shorten and some unions.

That is not the only place xenophobia has been mentioned. In the discussion over real estate purchases, some major developers have referred to anti-Chinese prejudice and so on. So any argument about China in Australia which suggests some negative role played by China will be distorted. Indeed, if there was a nationalist minded challenge to Chinese imperialism in Australia that would be absolutely inevitable. I often use the phrase ‘anti-racism uber alles’ and that sums it up to me. Antiracism is not the opposite to racism (that is superiority ideology or hatred), but an ideology of its own which seeks to entirely recondition society to a ‘globo’ standard of sameness and total openness. Anti-racism in that sense would serve to assist the penetration of Australia by Chinese imperialism.

Ominous signs

In April 2010, some Tibetan protesters in Canberra were mobbed and shut down.

An estimated ten-thousand Chinese students were bussed in from Melbourne and Sydney, supplied with large Chinese flags and stage managed by Chinese organisers sporting walkie-talkies and colour-coded uniforms.

The day will be remembered most for the fervent outpouring of Chinese nationalism and chauvinism, with thousands of Chinese supporters waving flags, chanting slogans and singing the Chinese national anthem. This was a political intervention in Australia.

Police ensured Chinese student counter-protesters in Canberra were not molested by pesky imperialist Tibetan protesters
China China China, oi oi  oi

In April 2016, according to the official account, a representative of the Australian Action Committee for Protecting Peace and Justice, pointed out that the South China Sea issue involves the Chinese people’s core interests, and the “South China Sea arbitration” will in no way change the fact that the various islands of the South China Sea and nearby sea areas belong to China.

“Overseas Chinese should have a clear and sober understanding of this and come together to jointly make a call for justice in joint response to the motherland,” the representative was quoted as saying. “This is the correct attitude which we the overseas Chinese elite should uphold,” he added.

What is this?

If these were the only two examples of invasive activity, we might let it pass, but sadly, it was not. What about the still unresolved FitzGibbon affair? Espionage, money, gifts?

The sale of the Port of Darwin which even our own intelligence agencies were askance at? What of the possibility that part of the security force of the Port were actually a militia company, part of the People’s Liberation Army?

Then, there is our former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. His personal wealth is now, I believe, some $370 million. It is no secret that he has travelled almost 100 times to China since he left public office and that he has made almost all of that mound since then. He has marketed Australian property and his influence.

These few things cited sum in my book to the activities not of a friendly state but of an imperialist one.

Chinese imperialism The theory of imperialism may involve and it does imperatives of geopolitics, ethnic struggle and nationalist fervour. I also recognise the economic side of it and I consider that vital.

It was the English writer J A Hobson who understood the economic dynamics of imperialism, a set of ideas taken over by Lenin. Much of it stays valid: an imperialist country is witness to – the concentration of industry into great monopolies, the emergence of financial capitalist domination over industry, the export of capital, competition over the division of the world by international corporations for markets and the division of the world itself between powers. China does all this.

Imperialist powers not only penetrate countries, they increase the strength of their armed forces to intimidate countries.

The progress of Chinese development in the forty years since the death of Mao and the replacement of socialism by a type of state capitalism has been amazing, like Japan’s after its constitutional revolution of 1867 – but even faster. Drawing upon a somewhat modernized country and an organized population China emerged into superpower status from a type of pre-superpower reality under Mao.


Students of history, of geopolitics and culture, usually point to the continuity of states evening the advent of changes in ideology.

Contemporary China inherited from the ambitions of Maoist China. The Maoists set out to create a modern integrated state, militarily powerful and uniting all Chinese across national boundaries. More than once Mao asserted the ambition of China to seize vast tracts of Asia and to be the beacon for overseas Chinese.

The China of the capitalist road considered these goals as normal ones and relied upon maintaining these goals to assure the loyalty of masses.

I do not consider contemporary China any sort of communist state. Rather, to ensure the expansionist visions of Maoism, the state carried out an internal revolution on every level. A new class arose out of the Communist Party and seized upon the national wealth and the wealth of trade. The economic political arrangement with the USA created massive trade imbalances and gave the Chinese state the ownership of trillions of US dollars, the very basis of expansion. It carried out the imperialist model of Hobson and Lenin.

The Soft Sell of Imperialism – Panda Imperialism

download (4)
Relax, round-eye, China is cute and cuddly just like me

There are many Australians, at all levels of politics and business who see the new imperialism as benevolent.

It is almost as if China is coming to help us get out of some quagmire that according to the politicians we are in, but they ain’t responsible and don’t know how we got there as everything was always so good until just a second ago. It is just that there is a desperation to help facilitate their entry to save us. We can get in on the boom that will never end.

This nice guy Panda imperialism has seen many projects spring up across the country. All are held to be benign

  1. Shoalhaven Temple, a village for elderly folk but with religious facilities attached
download (5)dddd
Australia needs to look more like China for Chinese tourists to come

2. A gambling casino at Barangaroo and another in Cairns. For the high rollers but it’s all harmless and creates jobs.

download (9)
Your city is China’s playground of the future. And you are its carnies 

3. The Warnervale China Theme Park – a replica of Old Peking which, for some odd reason, Chinese tourists would like to see – and the NSW Central Coast economy would boom.

download (10)
It’s such a fair dinkum Aussie thing to want to visit

4. And just today, announced with fanfare, a giant Buddhist cultural park for Tasmania.

5. A redevelopment of Melbourne Ports into a great residential area, jobs, theme centres, restaurants

6. There are school projects, sister cities, tourism companies, old age retirement centres and so much more. A friendship gate in Nerrandera and China tourism is promoted: why not go walk the Great Wall?

This is the soft sell. It is said that all this commerce creates a good bond between Australia and the most powerful state in Asia and is a guarantee for future peace.

The Hard Sell – Is It Recolonization?

The material for this subject is truly vast. This is the other side of the Chinese push  into Australia, the one endorsed by the political elite.

I have spoken and written before on what I see as a New Brisbane Line forming in the north of Australia, a Northern Zone. I won’t belabour that point today other than to say (newspaper illustration) that the idea of massive agricultural projects and mining projects serviced by vast armies of contract labour is imperialism. Our politicians see this as a business opportunity. Some see it as us providing China’s food – as if that was a reason to invade? Others want to create a new Aussie state of Northern Australia out of it, a Wild West frontier State – the beginnings of partition?

Okay: what does China want?

China wants a city of 80,000 in Werribee in Victoria, a university city of 50,000 (mainly Chinese) students and support staff and facilities. China wants a massive Melbourne Ports area, population unknown, but linked to Werribee.  China wants to build a university suburb of 20,000 around the Warnervale project with a new airport. China wants to continue its access to the Australian property market. China wants  a new suburb for 30,000 built adjacent to Sydney’s Olympic Park. China wants in Sydney and Melbourne the railway station centred towers constructions for global growth corridors.

China wants in Sydney the old public housing areas of Redfern – Waterloo for a new university suburb for up to 30,000 students. China wants to dominate Australia’s university system.China wants to own Australia’s beef and dairy industries.

The idea of trade centres and large suburbs attached, like the university cities whence many graduates will spew forth into the Australian economy – suggests that extra-territoriality is coming. Who will police and administer these enormous areas?


Now, is there a pattern here? Seizing strategic industries, settling people in large numbers in real estate they own, occupying central parts and key parts of cities and expanding into the countryside – this is a classic example of imperialism. With loyal-to-the-motherland settlers and tens of thousands of young supporters on Australian soil, it makes Chinese power more decisive than Hitler’s control of the Sudeten Germans!

So between soft sell and hard sell, Australia faces the rise of a new imperialism. The soft sell immobilizes sections of public opinion.

The hard sell brings collaborators with the new imperialism to the fore. And there is no end of them – from the journalists at the Peking People’s Daily of Australian capitalism – the Australian newspaper – to State Premiers bustling for deals and patronage through to ex politicians like Craig Emerson or Victor Robb  and many others, and academics  and businessmen like Triguboff . I call them the traitor class which in the Chinese communist style of eighty years ago were called the comprador bourgeoisie (a class not loyal to its country but in possession of its wealth and who trade with the foreign powers).

A struggle has begun Australia between that class and those Australians who would prefer to have a country.

The issue is in doubt – with the odds favouring China for possession of the Continent and the cleansing of ‘the other’.

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