United Nationalists Australia can reveal a groundswell of concerned friends of an unidentified person who has privately levelled serious allegations against serial provocateur Neil Erikson.

For legal reasons, we cannot identify the person or the nature of their accusations except to say they delve into a very dark corner of human conduct. One believes that nothing Erikson does could generate surprise but then he managed to outdo himself in terms of depraved conduct during a visit to Perth for a rally in aid of the South African Farmers earlier this year.

Erikson, who describes himself as a “journalist” on his Facebook page (we know, we know), has been a cancerous growth on what could be loosely described for the purposes of this bulletin as ‘the movement’ since the days of Reclaim Australia.

Riding on the notoriety gained during his time with the defunct United Patriots Front, and his ceaseless social media shenanigans ever since which saw him team up with the likes of fellow grub Shermon Burgess, Erikson has maintained an ignominious profile. Willing to embarrass himself for any opportunity at publicity, whenever a right-wing event is held, Erikson will turn up and make a noise.

His escapades have involved avoiding conviction for making harassing phone calls to a Melbourne rabbi; for his part in a video stunt in which he beheaded a dummy and was convicted for inciting serious contempt for Moslems; contempt of court relating to a work uniform belonging to his former employer Toll; being charged with “assaulting an activist” at homo race-traitor Milo Yiannopolous’s 2017 publicity tour; and finally being charged with “using threat to prevent a clergyman to discharging his duties”.

Oh, he was also arrested at the September Nigel Farage event in Melbourne, but that didn’t result in charges.

Blair Cottrell welcomed Erikson back to the fold despite all the crap he has pulled

Most of this is just bullshit, especially the dummy beheading, but it’s the crime the name of which we cannot utter that will prove the most injurious when it comes to finally taking him out of circulation.

Erikson has long been a retardant to the growth of serious counter-politics in this country and has almost certainly served the state as an informant. He has previously bragged about involvement with ASIO and members of the Federal Police. However, being as how 90% of Australian ‘patriots’ don’t even share so much as a single brain cell between them, Erikson has enjoyed an undiscerning following on his social media accounts despite the harm he has brought to genuine Patriots and Nationalists alike.

A Melbourne magistrate stated the obvious when she said that Erikson has a “tenuous relationship with the truth”.

In fact, Erikson is one of the most unashamed liars that have ever gushed forth into the porcelain bowl of Civic Patriotism. He turned on his former colleagues at Nationalist Alternative even after they’d supported him through his court matter with Rabbi David Gutnick, and then followed suit when he was moved sideways from the United Patriots Front leadership.

Erikson has aligned with the very worst of the Civic Patriot undergrowth and even supported arch Zionist and pseudo-Patriot Avi Yemini before turning on him too. Recently, businessman and Christian Daniel Spiller who controls the Future Now event has politely let Erikson go ahead of his November event in which Milo Yiannopolous will be appearing alongside Senator Fraser Anning, Ann Coulter, and Zio fraud Tommy Robinson (assuming he hasn’t been locked up again).

It is not clear whether Future Now has distanced themselves from Erikson on the back of these heinous allegations, which stem from a visit to Perth earlier this year, and involve accusations that include “threatening behaviour” among more serious others.

Dumped ever so politely

United Nationalists Australia is well aware of the allegations and encourages the victim in question to immediately contact Perth police and waste no time in making a statement. We can assure this person that threats from Erikson are not to be taken seriously.

Recently, Erikson produced a low-rent video of himself with 29-year-old Andrew Nolch, a “comedian” who was charged with defacing a memorial to murdered fellow comedian Eurydice Dixon in the name of anti-feminism or something.

Nolch is that rare creature who is actually dumber and even more lacking in charisma than creepy Erikson.

However, this association speaks volumes about the pathology involved in the alleged crimes that Erikson is being accused of.

Andrew Nolch out-stupids even Erikson



In intelligence forwarded to UNA, two of the biggest jokes inhabiting the fringes of the Far-Right underground have stepped out as virulent anti-Semites.

In a now-removed post from the Peanuts’ salty Facebook group page, in which information about Antifa blog author Daniel Trotter is revealed, Penny Tridgell, the Ice-smoking party-slut and Avi Yemini supporter, and Toby Cook, the obese mixed-race White supremacist with delusions of relevance, make comments about an AFP member.

What we’re interested in here is not investigating the slur but rather examining the duplicity of those employing it — for in doing so, we expose much about a cancer that attaches itself to the Nationalist movement.

We were attempting to blog about an Antifa leader and this shit side-tracked us

The two we have named bring not wisdom or inspiration to our cause but in fact are an obstacle to those qualities. They are proof that in Civic Patriotism there are no minimum requirements and we hope new readers might grasp our message here. For by their own actions, and their own past, they reveal their unworthiness. So once again we must return to the instigator of the defamation and explain how he has done nothing but harm the movement.

See, back in 2014, the same member was targeted for the ‘J’ accusation by Mark McDonald, a New Zealander who has involved himself in Australian nationalism, while having an unverifiable past back in his own country.

As reported in great detail, the discredited McDonald worked with now-retired Liberal party shit-stirrer Howard Crawford — himself a rabid Zionist — to undermine legitimate nationalists in order to promote conservatism. McDonald served as his craven would-be Hitler Youth organiser, gathering gullible members for his infamous boy’s club, Squadron 88. In their entire existence, they managed to twice letterbox Eastern Suburbs streets with badly written anti-Semitic flyers indifferent to the fact that all along they were working with a practising Zionist.

What we’re interested in here is not investigating the slur but rather examining the duplicity of those employing it — for in doing so, we expose much about a cancer that attaches itself to the Nationalist movement.

McDonald fabricated the lie that this member is Jewish in an attempt to undermine the Australia First Party and its leader. There is a Facebook page he established as a sort of puny retort to our doxing of him for his crimes. During his fleeting career, he attempted a handful of abortive criminal conspiracies, one involving the targeting of Penrith councillors with violence. On another occasion, he tried to cajole a young Australian into firebombing a Newcastle mosque. How does any of this ‘further the cause’ and why aren’t more critical about pestilence of McDonald’s ilk?

Confused much, Pen-Pen? Here you are criticising the same individual because he allegedly “hates Jews”. Now you imply YOU hate Jews, but you’re defending one in this unsolicited PM that you did a chicken-run on

McDonald, whose air of mystery masks a true identity he goes to great lengths to conceal, had all along been in the orbit of Nick Folkes and his Zionist party, despite his posing as a staunch anti-Jew. Hypocrisy notwithstanding, his attacks on this nationalist reached Neil Erikson, who had never met, nor even interacted with the individual. The Erikson buffoon went on to make a video based on the lies which thus established the direct ties between him and the Folkes crew. This, in turn, was lapped up by Fairfax troll and stalker [removed temporarily] making any attempt at verifying his numerous falsifications.

Naming Nationalists as Jews is the oldest one in the book. If you haven’t been called a Jew, then you haven’t been upsetting the right people. It is also a pedantic reaction to any significant force one cannot overcome with their own insufficient skills.

Peanuts for Freedom are a refuge for crippled mentalities that cannot grasp Nationalism but oppose Islam.

When teenager Toby Cook turned up as Nick Folkes’ chubby offsider, older members cooled off from party activities. A veteran member revealed to UNA in an article published earlier this year how Nick’s behaviour degenerated in the company of ‘Tobes’ as the pair began dragging the already compromised Civic Patriot outfit down even further.

Peanuts for Freedom are a refuge for crippled mentalities that cannot grasp Nationalism but oppose Islam.

Boozing is such an issue within PfF that following a post-rally celebration one of its older female members fell between a train and the platform injuring her leg while pissed out of her already shrunken brain.

Meanwhile, Toby was infamously filmed by anarchists at a Darlinghurst nightclub in company with Tridgell. Both were high on “pingas” and Toby was so zonked the anarchists teased him with a performance using white gloves and trippy hand manoeuvres. He looked as if he was about to ejaculate. This proclivity of Toby’s to be attracted to men sparked rumours that he and Nick Folkes have been sustaining an unnatural relationship behind the back of Nick’s Japanese wife.

George is 40 something, and Pen-Pen is about 22. Oh, and they like to describe their back-door love routine

After a particularly heavy beer & bong session following a failed rally at Lithgow where McDonald was in attendance, Cook, Folkes and Tridgell proceeded to make infantile, and pornographic mobile calls to a number of women, including an associate of Kim Vuga. Kim issued a statement condemning Folkes and refuses to have anything more to do with him or his trashy party.

On that same night, Toby can be seen in a private image passed between members with his trousers down presenting his backside to a comatose Nick Folkes. This may also highlight a hypocrisy the PfF has over gay marriage.

download (1).jpg
Toby, the non-White Nationalist’s Nationalist presenting his love to an unconscious Nick. Ah, the love that might have been. This image was created and circulated among the permissive Peanuts’ set

The decline of PfF has been laid squarely at Toby’s feet by disgruntled members. Yet, Toby, who couldn’t make any inroads with the likes of the former UPF who regarded him as a homo, now styles himself on his new hero Mark McDonald.

On that same night, Toby can be seen in a private image passed between members with his trousers down presenting his backside to a comatose Nick Folkes. This may also highlight a hypocrisy the PfF has over gay marriage.

Tridgell, likewise, has added to the tramp flavour of the Peanuts. Dubbed ‘the queen of PfF’ Penny turned her back on her infant son and began a conjugal relationship with grease-ball George Jameson.

Pen-Pen and Jamo were so convinced others considered them a sexy couple that they shared details of their anal sex encounters on a private PfF chat. Clearly, George might want to fess up about his own love of Toby if he aims for the back and not the front.

Quality Nationalism with a slogan for a foreign election on the fat head of drunken idiot

Let us make it clear! If budding Nationalists do not have the refinement to discern this anorexic meth-whore and her blubbery eunuch compatriot from the real deal then they are incapable of figuring out even the basics.

At the last court session for the Bendigo Three, Pen-Pen and Jamo showed off their hippy love with Pens draping herself over Jamo’s seedy lap. This is not the most respectful behaviour inside a court, but then one look in Pen’s glazed eyes and you realise you’re dealing with an irredeemable drug casualty.

The word is that both have run off to put in their lot with Avi Yemini and Neil Erikson which makes Pen-Pen’s newfound anti-Jewishness intriguing given the substance of a private message sent to a true Nationalist — a message that she quickly made sure could not be responded to.

Tobes on Pingas at a fag club

Drug addicts, non-Whites, and women who reject their own child to lead a torrid affair with an oily sleazebag are not what Australian Nationalism is about. If you combined Pen-Pen and Toblerone’s IQ there wouldn’t be enough digits to form a zero. These two could not discuss any aspect of Australian Nationalist history.

They couldn’t name a single figure of importance or outline a basic tenet of Nationalism that wasn’t picked up off one of the drippy conservatives who’ve schooled them in a brand of Civics they misleadingly call Nationalism. Both are just dumb children out of their depth.

They try to justify their behaviour in that PM on the grounds we “dog patriots”. If we do, it’s because the Patriots in question are, like them, dogs to begin with. Moreover, since his arrival on the scene in 2008, Nick did nothing but attack the AFP and anyone who wouldn’t subscribe to his Zionist-Patriot formula so it’s a bit rich coming from a pair of Peanuts.

The reason we say all this is because times change, allegiances shift, and deadshits like Pen-Pen and the Boy Blubber are given an opportunity to reinvent themselves and beguile innocent newbies. Do not let it happen.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of true Australian Nationalists. We can now get on with outing Daniel Trotter.

Pen-Pen’s mature-aged lover waving the Israeli flag. What was that about ‘jewden rat’ (sic)?




If Neil Erikson isn’t under strict orders to fuck over Australian Nationalism then we are the editorial team for the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

His latest caper involves him and an associate knucklehead in a Hi-Vis shirt confronting Labor senator Sam Dastyari at a Melbourne university bar. There, despite the little ‘daigou’ standing at the bar buying beers contradictory to strict Moslem religious observance (and the fact he is non-practising) they film themselves abusing him as a “terrorist” and telling him to go back to “Iran”. Erikson later claimed on FB that he was addressing concerns Dastyari holds “duel” citizenship. It is about as embarrassing a political attack as this big fruit has thus far managed and so far wide of the mark it keeps circumference with Erikson’s bloated waistline.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

If you plan to attack Dastyari it should be about his in flagrante delicto role in the selling off of Australia to China. But that’s not the point — Erikson is an arch-traitor to the White Nationalist movement yet the media now regards him as its stubbie-skolling ambassador, a situation that hasn’t come about by accident.

Many things have contributed to this beast’s destructive rampage not least the failure of prominent Nationalists to speak up against him despite the many lies, insults, and injuries he has knowingly inflicted on our cause.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

Erikson is aligned with Zionist Avi Yemini and has for a long time been in cahoots with Nick Folkes’s anti-Nationalist Peanuts for Freedom. A network of whispers has him linked to even more nefarious characters such as the fake news freelancer [temporarily removed] and in all probability Liberal Party black ops coordinator Howard Crawford.

Back when he was cranking out defamatory videos on a Facebook page with fellow feral Shermon Burgess, one could discern the invisible trails of the lies he told from whom they originated. His and Burgess’s attacks were like a script and not one borne of spite or jealousy but a particular motive despite the pair being collectively too stupid to even have a motive beyond getting wasted.

Avi Yemini sends Erikson off for lox and bagels outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Strong suspicion arose with many——and it is a theory strengthened continually by everything this numpty does——that he was “turned” by the state following charges over his harassment of Rabbi Dovid Gutnick in 2014, an offence for which he mysteriously served no jail time. Then he totally went rogue.

The very Nationalists from whom Erikson sought advice prior to his inexplicably eventually landing himself a high-flying lawyer became the targets of his attack when he was denied a senior role in the equally disastrous United Patriots Front. In that case, such as he had similarly done with a Nationalist group beforehand, he used his administrator status on the UPF’s Facebook page to lock everyone out.

Erikson had been all along been soliciting advice from Nationalist sources which advised him not to go ahead with the Bendigo beheading stunt and if he did to not involve any of the UPF’s senior members or else legal hassles would follow. He ignored this warning and the rest is now legal history. At this point, when UPF’s leadership were distancing the group from the uncontrollable Erikson, he attempted to start a splinter project with among others Burgess and Ralph Cerminara. They intended to appropriate the Identitarian Movement from the French despite all being non-Nationalists. This was a deliberate provocation but when Australian WNs contacted France he shelved the idea.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

Thereafter he reinvented his vehicles but never himself, teaming up with Sherm the Germ, and most recently provoking the Nationalist movement in Australia by appropriating the name ‘Nationalist Uprising’ while promoting Zionism.

Ah yes, the Zionism. In his many guises after UPF Erikson went on a ferocious dox against his former comrades, turning out secret video footage of Blair Cottrell and others, and denouncing all as ‘Nazis’. He made a point of claiming to have been a member of Blood & Honour and Nationalist Alternative and expressing redemption for his misguided and misspent skinhead past. In fact, Neil was largely responsible for bringing ‘Nazis’ to the rallies that he was later beseeching be cleansed of goose-steppers.

By this stage, the lies were flying from his bearded lips like shit squirting from the arse of a goose. A 2016 video is like a Best Hits of Neil Erikson lies. It includes:

  • He was a member of Nationalist Alternative
  • He was a member of Australia First Party
  • That Sammy Binz and/or an AFP member sent pictures of a “dead baby” to him over Facebook
  • That an AFP member who he’d never met, talked to, laid eyes on or been involved in any sort of social media interaction with is Jewish
  • That a certain person known only for his quality of character was guilty of a carnal indiscretion over social media
  • That he is a Nationalist

This is apart from the 6000 terabytes of lies told in videos and on FB posts stored away in which his bullshit is plentiful enough to outnumber the individual grains of sand on every beach in Australia.

Leaping to the present, and Neil’s ‘Patriot Blue’ incarnation, which he nicked from a forthcoming Net series based on the movie Romper Stomper due to appear on the Stan streaming service — We say, given his proclamation that “you cannot be a Nationalist WITHOUT supporting Israel”, they should rename their Facebook group, Patriot Jew.

Australian Nationalism needs more dumb cunts in High-Vis shirts who’re prepared to follow Neil Erikson around

But you have to ask yourself, who benefits from all of this? Erikson is not running a political party, nor could he be given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. Is he hoping to start a mass movement? Not likely given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. And how did he just happen to be in that particular bar when last time we checked he’d moved his suffering missus and sprog to the Apple Isle? It’s as though someone wanted him there.

Again, who benefits? When you join all the dots on Erikson’s Conservative Reactionary associates then the picture begins to at least make a little more sense.

Erikson is a useful idiot with handlers and he is doing what he is told. His mission, at the end of the day, is to achieve certain ends for his shrouded Conservative connections while bringing Nationalism into disrepute.

Finally, it has to be accepted that Erikson came out of the unmitigated disaster of the Reclaim Australia movement. In fact, just about every ‘personality’ that emerged from that cluster fuck has somehow damaged Nationalism and generated factionalism, elite groups, and coteries that spring up and disappear just as quickly. True politics, true Australian Nationalist tradition and spirit are derided as quaint and irrelevant in this single-minded stampede for the ‘next’ big possibility.

There is too much changing, too much repackaging, too much mainstreaming and too little resolve.

All of Neil Erikson’s best ideas come out of a VB bottle 




Nick Folkes has an occasional good idea. His best so far was when he encouraged his loyal Peanuts, who were out at Lithgow last weekend, to nuisance call certain people between one and three on Saturday morning.

Actually, nuisance is a benign word; they were, in fact, obscene calls conveyed in a lewd and debasing fashion. This brilliant caper not only signifies the end of his political ‘career’, a word we parenthesise for its irony, but could also impact his freedom; which is ironic too, given his perennially unregistered micro party is named Party for Freedom.

Yes, as Nick’s brainstorms go, this was a tempest. Bravely timed, knowing none of their victims would be awake at those hours, the Peanuts recorded a series of offensive messages on various phones. Their choice of targets was notable, too, in that the motives for the calls ranged from vindictiveness to outright jealousy. And this is the party that dares to demonstrate certain issues under a disingenuous banner of “decency”.

Wouldn’t YOU vote for a man like this?

Currently, a matter involving Folkes is before a Brisbane Magistrate’s Court initiated by a homosexual man crying foul over a placard waved about at a PfF demonstration against Safe Schools. Folkes no doubt believes he acted in the interests of public morals, as much as he genuinely believes in anything. However, his personal morals come out of a beer can, and burn with the pungent tang of cannabis smoke; no doubt the twin inspirations for his maverick brainchild. Nick and the Peanuts issue from an established “party” culture. Hence, the “Party” in Party for Freedom, is appropriately employed in its hedonistic sense.

Those harassed were nearly all women, except for the calls made to AFP President, Jim Saleam, which might prove the most significant in terms of nailing Nick. Up to that point, we understand, Nick had egged his minions on to do the dirty calling; so that he might avoid any blowback. But then, Nick can resist anything but temptation, and so he grabbed the blower to partake in his own downfall.

Two of those others abused were former members of PfF, whose personal details, including phone numbers, Nick freely shared with his cronies. This, as Love Australia or Leave Party President Kim Vuga pointed out, breaches the Privacy Act. However, it is also a violation of good faith and only serves to illustrate why those sober ex-members chose to leave behind the diabolical farce that is PfF.

 Toby Cook in this captured video of him on Pingas at the Masif nightclub in Darlinghurst

In a past series of disclosures leaked to UNA, the timeline of PfF’s ultimate dysfunction was pinpointed to the arrival of Toby Cook. Toby is a morbidly obese, confused youth of dubious heritage, who was infamously filmed messed up on “pingas” during a night out at Darlinghurst nightclub ‘Masif’ with newly arrived floozy, Penny Louise; a single mother who has abandoned her nipper in favour of hitting the gas with Nick and the gang. She is also in a conjugal relationship with George Jameson, who is twice her age.

Penny initiated the ribald calls that Kim Vuga slammed as “disgusting” and “pornographic” in a statement condemning PfF. Not only were these calls made to women, but one of those is a respected elderly lady.

Kim Vuga’s admin was vilified over her weight, which is amazing, given that Toby Cook is so fat that for every meal he scarfs down in Australia, two hundred people die of famine halfway around the world.

And why target Kim Vuga’s people at all? Well, UNA can reveal the intense jealousy that Nick suffered when Kim went off and started her own party. Nick had some idea that she would dote on him, bringing him publicity, while he reaped the glory. The fact that she outflanked him in a contest of his own imagining is a testament to her moral and intellectual superiority, which is not just a figment of his worst fears of inadequacy, but a bona fide reality that he senses and pathologically resents. The lady he targeted had betrayed him in his twisted, drug-addled reckoning. Kim’s strength resulted in Nick’s bitterness. But if Nick feels emasculated then he was all along in denial about his feeble manhood.

Nick has proven, time and time again, that he fails on all fronts as both a politician and a man. His ambitions exceed his abilities. His envy of the Australia First Party is well documented and was no doubt an inciting factor in the puerile messages he and Toby left on Jim Saleam’s message bank; messages, which like the others, will form the basis of a legitimate police complaint.

So far, we can confirm two serious complaints have been filed against Folkes, Cook, and Louise, and there may be more.

Adding to their genius, was the fact they didn’t even bother to hide their numbers, or in the case of other calls, disguise their voices. It is as though they wanted to get sprung. Some elect death by Police, as they charge officers with knives intent on ending it all in a hail of police bullets; maybe Folkes and Co. have chosen death by foolishness.

UNA has learned that a campaign is underway in Lithgow to deny Folkes a venue for his anti-mosque protests. In this case, we sympathise, given that Nick has no interest in saving Lithgow from invasion by an alien culture. His sole interest, as always, is self-promotion.

One wonders what sort of maniac would be drubbed into believing that PfF is in any position to lecture anyone on anything, much less offer themselves as representatives of the government. Given this incident, no clear-headed person should be in any doubt as to their unfitness as human beings and political activists. Questions would have to be seriously asked about anyone who has learned of these degrading, carnal communications, and continued to lend Folkes their support.

Moreover, how could any of his followers have failed to question the yo-yo that is PfF, which never settles down to fixed ideals but seeks only to cash in on popular trends solely through negation; anti-Islam one day, pretending to be White Nationalist the next, but never actually being anything real or sincere?

Well, it’s all in the past now anyway. Folkes and his party are finished. They are just too hungover to have figured this out.

George Jameson with Penny Louise, who initiated phone attacks on former PfF members. So much for the sisterhood



Nick Folkes and his Peanuts for Freedom will have awoken to their own version of The Hangover following some shit-the-bed shenanigans.

Nick and his Boy Friday Toby Cook may face legal action after the leader of Australia’s largest nationalist party was targeted with offensive phone messages overnight — and the culprits did not even bother hiding their voices!

Nick and the Pinga Posse appear to have hit the ‘Earl Scruggs’ hard. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, they amused themselves by foolishly crank calling a list of people, some of whom are their OWN MEMBERS.

Their victims include Kim Vuga’s secretary, a former PfF supporter who is an elderly lady – and others from the Australia First Party. It is understood that the core group of offenders were Nick Folkes, a toasted Toby Cook, and George Jameson’s troubled squeeze, Penny Tridgell.

But craziest of all, they even made abusive calls to fee-paying members of their own party!

These actions beautifully showcase the Peanuts’ level of Political sophistication. This behaviour comes at a time that Nick is striving hard to pass the Peanuts off as Ian Donaldson’s choice of Australian political parties, by employing every reference to White Nationalism they can think of. Yet, Nick doesn’t seem to understand this is not how White Nationalists behave!

In the upcoming anti-mosque protest at Lithgow, which Nick is trying to hijack, he posted on his group page (seeing as how his FB page has been deleted) about heading up there in the “hate bus” – a clear reference to George Lincoln Rockwell.

He has employed the SS Totenkopf symbol in his propaganda and is now talking about defending ‘Blood and Soil’ even though his blood has mixed with Asian DNA and the only things soiled are his and Toby’s jocks.

Nick is giving NSW an insight into how things would be if he ever got control of our power structure — it would be Mardis Gras 24/7 with nothing left to pay for roads and transport. If PfF is supposed to offer an alternative to the “corrupt” major parties then that alternative is worse than the standard.

Moreover, this clown and his followers are acting like bogans on a Contiki holiday when the matters before us are of the utmost seriousness.

oie_R0S1F6D46vMa (1)




What do you do with the UPF? If you’re Facebook, you shut down their main page. So what do THEY then do? They migrate as much Zionist supporting material as they can to sister pages and to their Reclaim Australia – West Australia Rally page.

In every quote to the media, however, you will find their leadership claiming to be ‘nationalist’ and not ‘patriot’ which is such a conscious delineation that its intention is coldly clear to true Australian nationalists.

True Australian nationalists would never bill an event in the following terms, “We are asking people of all walks of life, COLOR (sic) and ethnic background to stand as one against extremism”.

On the same page (RA-WA) you will find a link to a True Blue Crew flag march where Whiteness is heavily emphasised. Then it’s back to the kosher meal of every possible Zionist-related entity they chug up – Britain First and Tommy Robinson shares right there in among them.

Well, they know by now; surely they aren’t naive. They know that promoting ultra-Zionists like Avi Yemini is a contradiction in terms to the single-minded cause of fighting Islamic extremism. Ultra-Zionists like Avi and his fellow countrymen create such extremism. They do so both by having manufactured ISIS, so as to pit them against the unfriendly Moslems on their list – and by continually stoking bloody conflict in the region.

The perennial program of destabilisation establishes a power balance that benefits the security of the state of Israel and services whatever objectives its allies may have in the region. But it also does something else – and has done so since the 1970s – it creates a mass migration of Middle Easterners into Australia.

True Australian nationalists would never bill an event in the following terms, “We are asking people of all walks of life, COLOR (sic) and ethnic background to stand as one against extremism”.

Simple equation: Avi Yemini + Reclaim Australia + Dumb Aussie Supporters Who Hate Islam = Much More Moslems Entering the Country.

What does this portend for the ‘nationalism’ that they claim to be championing, having knowingly appropriated the term from staunch supporters of a new White Australia Policy? It kills it because those same Zionists do everything possible to eradicate such nationalist beliefs. They do more though — they align with the Left to attack serious nationalists such as we saw recently with Fairfax’s criminal toll Luke McMahon, who is known to have ties with Zionist-convert Neil Erikson.

Erikson, along with Nick Folkes, Howard Crawford, Scott Moerland and others have campaigned heavily against true nationalists. We are not at all surprised to find the UPF making the self-defeating move to once again associate with these cagey globalists in the hope of puffing up their waning profile.

Thus, nationalists for a White Australia become treated worse than kiddy fiddlers, and the planes keep flying more and more Indians, Chinese, Africans and MOSLEMS from the Middle East. The cathartic activity of stoking enmity against Islam merely gives a moral license to our globalist government to support military crimes in the Middle East which benefit Israel.

In this battle, all those values that Australians regarded as part of their birthright are trampled on. Zionists in Australia, while demanding racial and religious homogeneity at home, are forever insisting on total diversity for Australia and all White countries.

Simple equation: Avi Yemini + Reclaim Australia + Dumb Aussie Supporters Who Hate Islam = Much More Moslems Entering the Country.

This diversity has transformed our cities into utterly foreign destinations. The quarter-acre home has been replaced by towering (shoddily built) concrete toolboxes crammed with Chinese and Indians; the odour of their spicy cooking permeating the streets.

Australia needs reclaiming from all of this, not just one particular branch of this allegedly diverse community.

It is not the Indians, Africans, or Chinese who are losing their identities. They’ve never had it so sweet. While White Australians are slowly being discouraged from even considering ourselves Australian, this new population get dual identities. They get to be Indian AND Australian; they get to be African AND Australian, and they get to be Chinese AND Australian.

Islam is just a symptom of this single world government that has its master Zionist America. But while all these terms we throw about ‘Zionist’ ‘civic patriot’ and whatever might confuse the casual punter it is all quite simple. Unless you live in one of those last posts White Australian areas that are only ‘gradually’ being de-Europeanised you only have to take a walk, open your eyes, and smell the pungent waft of curry.

What difference does Islam make if – in the highly improbable event of removing it – you do so only to find yourself a stranger in your own country, shivering and alone among a new population of aliens? What will you reclaim then?

Wake up to the Zionists — you are being used.

Avi Yemini, the ultra-Zionist who is now the darling of the civic patriots now calling themselves Australian ‘nationalists’



If anything distinguishes those civic patriots on the right from us radical nationalists it is by whom we are most attacked.

In the case of the civics, they are dogged by what we collectively term ‘the left’, while radical nationalists, who occupy a third position on the political spectrum cop the most grief from either the civic patriots or those in the conservative camp.

Bear in mind that ‘the left’ is as eclectic when it comes to issues, identity, philosophy, and strategy as ‘the right’.

The left wants the patriot movement dispersed while the conservatives aim to drive away radical nationalists so they can inhabit our political ground and remodel it in their crypto-globalist image.

This is a curious fact that allows us to discuss a couple of cases in point. Let us begin with what some of those from the civic patriot side of the quadrangle contend with in their present day ‘clicktivism’. This essay shall be in two parts on account of its length and the dedication required to each of its players.


There is a particularly malicious element at play among those who oppose the growth of the patriots. They view patriots as more of a concern than the nationalist movement given its mainstream accessibility. On that side, the Bogan element is mocked by those who are their mirror image with one factor separating them by the slimmest degree: the perception of their engaging in ‘racism’. This is, despite the ambiguity on the question of race amplified in the patriot fold.

Nationalists define Australianness as being of White European stock, as opposed to Aborigines. Patriots, who misuse the term nationalism understanding it not, and often deliberately misappropriating it, are nebulous in their definition of an Australian. Many are in mixed-race relationships and as such loath the absolutism of nationalism which would exclude them on the grounds of breaching its inviolate precepts.

However, it is important in the propaganda war of those conflicting with the anti-Islam movement to lump each in the same basket and defame both they and nationalists, as ‘Nazis’; which is like calling all socialists Marxists or anarchists communists. The Nazi tag is meant to invoke images of state organised terror that would ensue if these groups are allowed to put down political roots in the community.

In the lexicon of those of the left, patriots are ‘potatriots’, a witticism intended to disdain that group as ‘potato heads’. This is a derisive term that was originally applied to skinheads. Since the advent of the Reclaim Australia movement, which is almost exclusively dramatized on Facebook, a number of pages and counter-identities have sprung up to oppose the patriot pages and the groups that employ them.

Of course, the implication is that those who support “Moslems” have virtue, while those who view the global expansion of the Middle Eastern people and their dogmatic faith as dangerous are low in intellect, parochial, and bigoted.

Of course, the implication is that those who support “Moslems” have virtue, while those who view the global expansion of the Middle Eastern people and their dogmatic faith as dangerous are low in intellect, parochial, and bigoted.

But virtue is subjective in this day and age when that moral asset is destroying the west. Opposition to Islam is the kindling of the realisation something is amiss. Australians are being de-culturized while globalism is dialectically re-culturizing us with a religion that negates the very tenets underpinning the idea of universal equality at play. Both are at the mercy of the culturally vacuous reality of globalism.

In this ideological milieu, we butt heads with the protagonists on each side, and as we do we encounter the inherent hypocrisy of the players and their roles.

Alex Gollan, the assistant school principal and anti-fascist anarchist who ran the ‘anti-bogan’ word press site and was arrested for bulk kiddie porn

This is visible nowhere better than on those oppositional pages, which we mentioned. This genre has no purpose other than to negate. They do not attempt to counter ‘potatriot’ messages by promoting their own positive counter-messages they literally take the aforementioned messages and desecrate them. There is no intellectual component at play in the deconstruction of the patriot message. Sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, is a sledgehammer used to beat down the message and the messenger so that the mission becomes personal.

A very telling post occurred on one such page with a prominent leftist troll, “Can’t we just kill them [patriots] all?” The admin replied, “No, because then we would be Nazis.”
Disregarding the fact that had that comment been made on a nationalist page it would have been hidden or removed, it is a very instructive insight into both the pathology of the poster and the counter movement. The duplicitous essence of it is summed up in the gag, “We’re starting a war for peace.”

The assumed virtue of the poster is instantly invalidated by the revelation of this tyrannical instinct.

In this ideological milieu, we butt heads with the protagonists on each side, and as we do we encounter the inherent hypocrisy of the players and their roles.

This is, however, but one example. Narrowed down to a central theme outside of ‘race’ is the implication that patriots will potentially auger in a dictatorial system reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Nonetheless, the calls for an authoritarian response to the patriots are constant on the sample page we have used for our study.

There are flippant, but often sincere calls for patriots to be pursued by ASIO, or to be charged with offences that — were they on the other foot — would be vehemently contested as breaches of civil liberties. So we come to the actors or combatants, and here we shall actually name some.

Pete Smith from Melbourne, heavily active on Facebook, is linked to Antifascist Action Sydney and other ‘anarchist’ pages


We have had correspondence with a few members of the patriot movement, putting aside our ideological differences, keen to highlight certain combatants and the disreputable methods they have employed to target one or other of the patriot actors.

One, in particular, has been defamed over and over by combatants using various Facebook identities and private messaging the patriot actor we shall call ‘Mark’.

Mark is being consistently vilified as a person of heinous substance and the nature of the slander has transcended any honourable intent. The attacks led to the hostilities emerging from a social media setting and into the corporeal world when the authorities were involved. Mark is not alone in these vicious online assaults but his example is notable.

Much of the material we have viewed could be passed on to a criminal psychologist for analysis. Bearing in mind, when a point becomes exaggerated it is meaningless, the deviation from fact, or truth, to calumny in these dark communications is forged by iniquity.

Much of the material we have viewed could be passed on to a criminal psychologist for analysis. Bearing in mind, when a point becomes exaggerated it is meaningless, the deviation from fact, or truth, to calumny in these dark communications is forged by iniquity.

So, who is behind these assaults on Mark’s character? Here, we merely repeat what he believes: John Linden Faulkner. But we also mention two others, Alex Gollan and David Hollis.

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Sydney’s Tayce Brown, shoplifter, hair stylist to the scabby, and a real skank

Faulkner and Gollan were linked via the Anti-Bogan Word Press blog and both utterly fail the character test, in fact, Faulkner makes most so-called Bogans appear convivial by comparison.

This blog, as in others we’ve mentioned, is a flagrant vehicle to attack political opponents. Faulkner and Gollan are said to have co-administrated the site. Gollan, a former assistant school principal has since disappeared from ‘anti-fascist’ activities after being charged with child-sex offences.

Faulkner, who Mark and others believe to be behind a series of online profiles identifiable by their malevolence, has a criminal past to make anyone suddenly hosting him start eyeing the nearest exit. Faulkner was imprisoned for nine years for armed robberies in which women were his soft targets. He appealed his sentence as harsh, but in doing so was told it was actually lenient under the circumstances.

Faulkner and Gollan were linked via the Anti-Bogan Word Press blog and both utterly fail the character test, in fact, Faulkner makes most so-called Bogans appear convivial by comparison.

This week [originally posted on Facebook March 11] , it was revealed that David Albain Hollis, the man in the red ‘Truth’ cap who accompanied Sue Munro to the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court to spy on the Bendigo Three’s supporters — and who appeared in an opportunistic pic with John Safran taken on the day — went on a “stabbing spree” in 1991, knifing seven people one of whom later died.

Hollis served only 17 months in jail on the grounds of diminished responsibility as he was in the throes of a “psychotic episode”, although how that should mitigate anything so appalling we do not know.

There are other cases on that extreme left of the bench such as Tayce Brown of Antifascist Action Sydney whose conduct and lifestyle are such that she would be considered a habitual criminal outside of the political activist underworld.

The radical left is sure something — in a world inhabited by junkies, thugs, hookers, thieves, and ex-murderers does becoming ‘anti-racist’ mean atoning for dissolute, wasted lives. Does championing the ‘other’ allow them to graduate from their moral squalor merely on the basis they aren’t racist? We are not psychologists, and this is not a forensic examination, but the pattern cannot be ignored.

Bear in mind, Blair Cottrell was confronted with a video created inside the correctional system while he was doing time for a crime of passion. He never killed anyone, nor caused anyone harm. What of these three? All fall into the very worst categories, and all comport themselves on social media in a manner that delegitimizes any hypothetical argument they believe they have concerning right and wrong.

If Faulkner is behind this campaign of defamation and stalking against Mark, then it appears that he has in no way left behind his violent past, but merely justified it in the context of the political theatre. He has reinvented himself as the ‘good guy’ and deemed those patriot actors as ‘bad guys’ in a morality play where his own contaminated ethics are masked by a blindness born of criminal denial.

In our next article, we will turn the focus on the patriots, who are to nationalists what the leftists we have described here have been to them.

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