New laws come into effect in NSW this week. Anyone “inciting violence” on the basis of race, minority religious status, sexual orientation, or this bogus Orwellian construct of “intersex people” face $11,000 fine or three years in jail.

United Nationalists Australia declares this the ‘Newspeak laws’ since anyone threatening violence against anybody is or should be, dealt with under existing laws. However, these laws, which were lobbied for hard by “minority organisations” adds a special status to anyone in these favoured political categories. This makes the rest of us (White Australians) an increasing sub-class subject to greater social restrictions and with less access to similar legal consideration.


Nationalists have long felt the “un-person” status by crossing the social rubicon and calling out occupied multiracial Australia. The Police are disinclined to act upon threats against us by extremist groups linked to institutions of globalist organized-thuggery such as the Construction Forestry Mining, Maritime and Energy Union (CFMMEU). Likewise, complaints based on incitements to violence, such as those by members of the clandestine terror group Antifascist Action, are ignored by a compliant state apparatus.

Now, the discussion about the ethnic cleansing of true Australians as defined by the European settlers of this land and who created this nation that all these rapacious other races swarm to will have to be necessarily handled by the more articulate and savvy among us. The reckless and immature propaganda purveyed by the likes of Antipodean Resistance only ever helped create these laws just as much as it managed to cause its British counterpart and inspiration National Action to become a proscribed organisation in England.

Make no mistake, the signifiers used in mainstream anti-White propaganda are unashamed in highlighting the fact these laws are aimed at White Australians. A screengrab from a June ABC report on the laws uses an image of patriots standing with Aussie flags to illustrate the story and secure in the reader’s mind just who these political amendments to the Crimes Act 1900 target.

The red arrow points to the subjects of this bill. Yes, White Countries have a habit of legislating heavily against their own people in favour of every other non-threatened race on the face of this yellow, brown and black planet

The bill is called the Crimes Amendment (Publically Threatening and Inciting Violence) Bill 2018 and we probably have Nick Folkes, Neil Erikson, Mark Campbell-McDonald, Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara to thank for it. There are three schedules the first of which inserts section 93Z into the Crimes Act while the second “…removes certain offences from the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and makes a consequential amendment.” The third makes any of the described offences against the special citizens a summary offence.

Under the act, it won’t matter if threats are made in the heat of the moment, or if no violence is carried out. The bill concerns what it terms a “public act” which is defined as:

(a) any form of communication (including speaking, writing, displaying notices, playing of recorded material, broadcasting and communicating through social media and other electronic methods) to the public, and

(b) any conduct (including actions and gestures and the wearing or display of clothing, signs, flags, emblems and insignia) observable by the public, and (c) the distribution or dissemination of any matter to the public.

That is a fairly hefty set of criteria and as you can see open to wide interpretation and given the summary nature of the act it pretty much places all the power in the hands of the offended person(s), or group. The already litigious ‘minority’ groups will now be further emboldened to examine any context under which criticism is made for an interpretation of threat, violence, or vilification. This will be particularly so after the maiden speech by Katter’s Australia party senator Fraser Anning whose truths about the state of immigration and cultural disintegration has triggered the globalist jack-booters in the left-wing media to an even greater volume of anti-White hysteria.

And who is largely responsible for bringing these laws about? Aside from the NSW Liberal & Nationals we have a coalition group called ‘Keep NSW Safe’. Who comprises this group? They are as follows:

  • Federation of Indian Associations of Australia (Curry store owners)

  • Australian Hellenic Council NSW

  • New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies (Big surprise there)

  • Australian National Imams Council

  • Chinese Australian Services Society

  • Korean Society of Sydney

  • Australian Kurdistan Veteran Association

  • Assyrian Australian National Federation

  • Chinese Australia Forum (which works for Beijing’s interest to infiltrate Australian institutions)

  • International Coptic Union

  • Vietnamese Community in Australia – NSW Chapter

  • Australian South Sea Islanders

  • Hindu Council of Australia

  • Basmala Australia Inc (An Islamic mob)

  • Armenian National Committee of Australia

  • The Australian Egyptian Council Forum

  • South Asian Study Group, University of Sydney (Asian invaders taking jobs, shifting into high-rise apartments bought by rich Chinese parents, creating homelessness for Aussies)

  • Sikh Youth Australia (Gets to carry knives on religious grounds)

  • Cambodian-Australian Welfare Council of NSW (Pol Pot’s former soldiers)

  • NSW Council of Christians and Jews Inc. (Evangelical warmongers)

  • Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (More Socialist Greek traitors)

  • Muslim Women Association (Burka battle axes)

  • Australian Cook Islander Community NSW

  • Australian Federation of Ukrainian Associations (Shame)

  • National Sikh Council of Australia (Like, India is >>>>THAT way!)

  • NSW Council for Pacific Communities

  • Philippine Community Council of NSW (Fuck off)

  • Warren Mundine (Get on out of it)

As you can see, these pork-barreling “communities” cobble together at the first chance to alter and affect the national character with the aid of the traitor political class. It would be like us shifting over to Arabia and forming the Australian Council of Pork-Munching Beer-Swillers, and then campaigning for the right to strut nude up and down the front of the country’s mosques in only our thongs and terrycloth hats.

However, what is also amusing is that these laws potentially threaten a little-publicised tactic used by the left itself. There are those among the anarchist and antifascist milieu who actually adopt ‘racist’ guises to harass and intimidate ideological opponents; one or two are even known to contribute to mainstream media. In fact, the anarcho-anti-globalist brown shirts are the readiest and willing to use threats and to vilify on the basis of race and religion, which is one of their myriad hyper-contradictions. It will be interesting to see how these laws affect that sector’s black ops.

Meanwhile, it will pay to be very measured in how our side communicates, but more to the point, such restrictions can only refine our language and grant our message precision.

Once upon a time stating the obvious didn’t land you 3 years lag




We are not sure, and we were never actually there ourselves, but we’re fairly certain that the poor Anzacs waiting to be shredded piecemeal by Turk artillery while landing at Anzac Cove in the twilight of the 25th of April, 1915, weren’t sucking on tinnies of VB.

Thus, this tradition of getting pissed at six in the am on this period of national commemoration has more than a hint of Melbourne Cup Day about it. Nonetheless, those who made it back from that disastrous landing courtesy of the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, were no doubt in need of strong drink for the rest of their lives.

Anzac Day has been used as a pawn in the culture wars by those on the bourgeois liberal left fond of attacking national-spirited notches on the calendar, and by the government, marching in step with the internationalist agenda.

This year the whole parade has turned limp-wristed by inexplicably making it about women. Next year it might about gays or Rohingya refugees, but this year women are to march up the front while those regrettable specimens of Australian manhood must follow in their saintly shadow with heads bowed and any signifiers of masculinity kept out of sight. We’re grateful for the nurses that served, mind you, but we’ll be crocked if we’ll concede the entire Anzac Day over to a feminist narrative just because the army has turned so PC you could plug it in and surf the internet. Only recently they were trying to fish out servicemen who weren’t supporters of homosexual marriage, and now they want to ban ‘death symbols’ from being displayed on military hardware, despite the fact a smiley face stencilled on the side of a tank would seem way more jarring.

The majority of women who join the army can’t even make it through basic training but they expect us to cop this?

As Nationalists, we acknowledge the spirit of Anzac Day and defend it staunchly from those who would desecrate this National holiday with their identity politics. But we will not allow the globalist government, whoever they are to dictate its meaning to us. For they already try and have us believe that Australia Day is all about celebrating everything non-Australian. Likewise, they use Anzac Day to promote a false spirit of ‘service’ to foreign powers, to die for conflicts far removed from the interests of Australia.

Anzac Day has been used as a pawn in the culture wars by those on the bourgeois liberal left fond of attacking national-spirited notches on the calendar, and by the government, marching in step with the internationalist agenda.

Over a century has passed since the landing at Anzac Cove, a conflict between European empires triggered when an Austrian Archduke was shot by a Bosnian Serb and England got involved because Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and Germany marched into Belgium threatening the Frogs. It was all riveting stuff and fairly typical of Europe up to that point in history.

Australians had no business in that war, but we were drawn in using the patriotic propaganda of Empire and a genuine sense of duty. In fact, the nation threw itself into the cause with gusto and the average bloke viewed it as an adventure, at a time when ideals were sharpened by romanticism and the national identity was still shackled to the concept of colony and motherland. Also, as with nearly all wars, there was the mistaken belief that it would all be over by Christmas. But it soon became clear this was no Boys’ Own adventure but a massacre. At that time, Australia was a paltry population of five million. Nearly five-hundred thousand enlisted with a loss of 60,000 and 156,000 wounded or taken prisoner.


From fervent allies of mother England, the spirit soured. As men were minced up on the battlefields of France etcetera England put pressure on Australians, now more reluctant to join the conflict, to introduce conscription. A plebiscite on the issue was twice defeated and resulted in queer fish Billy Hughes being turfed out of the Labor party.

Australia was not a paradise following the end of WW1. Those men who returned were broken physically and mentally and many of them turned to alcohol and crime. Indeed, during this period the rate of crime trebled. The social impact was monstrous as the pain of the generation that fought was passed onto their sons who were in turn born into trauma.

Anzac Day is, in reality, about acknowledging the sacrifices of Australians in all different foreign conflicts, from WW1 to Afghanistan, and if the globalists have their way, we’ll soon be serving an evil alliance as it aims to tear apart Syria and install an Israeli puppet as head of state. For this has been the sad fact of all these ‘sacrifices’ and all this service – with the exception of what was derisively called our ‘chocolate soldiers’, who were, in fact, our Kokoda heroes, we fought the one war in which our nation was truly endangered; the war against Japan.

The majority of women who join the army can’t even make it through basic training but they expect us to cop this?

This fact of the glorified military history seems to overlook our Kokoda heroes in favour of those who have ‘served’ globalist adventures.

Australia had no business shooting at the Boers, or backing England in suppressing the Boxer Rebellion or fighting in Korea, or Vietnam, or Afghanistan and so on. We did so because we’re part of a global gang whose interests our sons’ blood is spilt is never ours.

The meaning of Anzac Day, to Nationalists, is, therefore, a sober meditation on the idea of an Australia independent from being forced to sacrifice our own for the goals of overseas powers, or by “serving” in an auxiliary capacity a superpower protector.

As this author types these words, the sound of young people partying fills the cool midnight air. They are loud, and they are clearly not in a sombre, reflective mood. Earlier he passed a nightclub which was unusually busy with a queue of White Australian youth stretching down the street from the bollards and rope at the doors where they had to show ID to bouncers so they can get inside and join a debauched bash with DJs and scantily clad girls.

To them, Anzac Day is a day off – a day to get wrecked. To others, who’ll be awake for the service, they fly the Aussie flag because that’s what they’re supposed to do, just like at Christmas when they’re expected to put up a tree and decorate it with tinsel. They would be offended at Nationalist suggestions that there is a falsehood to the mainstream narrative of Anzac Day, as they watch the prescribed parade, hit the early opening bars and get next to anyone who looks like a legitimate serviceman so they can exaggerate whatever military credentials or legacy they feel they can boast, play two-up, and basically adopt what they estimate is a patriotic mind-frame.

This fact of the glorified military history seems to overlook our Kokoda heroes in favour of those who have ‘served’ globalist adventures.

Attending a dawn service doesn’t make you a greater patriot than one who stays home and reads a little of the true cost of that war. It does not make you less of a Nationalist to join in either, that’s not what we’re saying. Our message is simply that the spirit of Anzac, enveloping as it does myths of heroism, mateship, and honour, qualities presumed to be in the national character, should also question our endless service to conflicts which are none of our affair, not in our national interest, and to which in the case of the Middle East and Vietnam the whole basis was morally flawed.

Once we get through that we can travel to the root of the idea of an independent Australia, and then, when we’ve found that we can rejoice in finally coming to recognise we are Australians, and not just part of a globalist franchise of multi-racial, multiculturalists whose blood is shed in the pursuance of the wealth of and the accretion of land and resources for a cabal of ugly bankers, industrialists, warmongers and Zionists.

Cup day or Anzac day? Actually, believe it or not, it’s Anzac Day