Once again a Patriot Rally has been generating media hype for negative reasons. The central issue that inspired the gathering at St Kilda beach on Saturday 5 has been obfuscated by a narrative about extremism, racism, and the threat from ‘far right’ groups. The word ‘Nazi’ is appearing everywhere.

Moreover, it all arose thanks to the habitual instigator, social media impresario, and reputed state informant Neil Erikson after he seized on the controversy surrounding a clash between African gangsters and members of the Vietnamese community in St Albans in the week leading up to the rally. All of a sudden, the talk ceased being about African-related crime and was all about the danger of White extremists.

United Nationalists Australia makes no criticism of those well-intentioned Aussies who attended the ‘Reclaim the Beach’ rally at Melbourne’s St Kilda beach believing that they were standing up for a principle. We ask our readers to accept that we are seasoned nationalists that have witnessed much in our time and this informs what is often mistakenly conceived as negative commentaries, but whereas in truth our goal is quite the opposite; to illuminate our people to the political frauds that feed on those who stray into far-right politics.

We wish honest nationalists to discern the true essence of those individuals and groups they lend their support to because 99 times out of 100 they’re being misdirected by many who would misspend their enthusiasm and exhaust their political will.

For in politics, deception is a constant, and in “far-right” politics, there is nothing but false players, swindlers, and provocateurs, and through a conspiratorial arc, they become the champions of the ill-informed. And now we dispense with this necessary introduction let us get down to the nitty-gritty of the rally that is still being reported on.

We wish honest nationalists to discern the true essence of those individuals and groups they lend their support to because 99 times out of 100 they’re being misdirected by many who would misspend their enthusiasm and exhaust their political will.

A report reproduced a screenshot purportedly lifted from a private group “Cooks Convicts Inner Circle” on which Neil Erikson was offering notes on the organising his rally. Ultimately, the rhetoric surrounding the event was watered-down from a hoped-for confrontation with Sudanese youth to appease the powers and was instead presented as a peaceful “community meeting”.

According to the screengrab supposedly posted by Erikson, “The goal is not violence it’s exposure to our pages”. Ironic then that during the week leading up to the rally Facebook removed Neil’s pages and his Twitter account was taken down. But while the tone of the post quoted is nothing unsurprising its authenticity has been questioned. A battered sav has more brain cells than Neil Erikson and yet the spelling “watching us like horks (sic)” and “good to have you back on bored Blair (sic)” seems pretty dense even for him. Still, as we say, you could tread in dog faeces that possess greater hopes of sentient evolution than Erikson.

The authenticity of this post has been questioned yet it somehow screams NOOL

Erikson, as we’ve pointed out many times, is a serial provocateur. His entire existence confirms regardless of how flagrantly shonky a person can be he or she will still find loyal followers to lead down the garden path. UNA last year reported on how Blair Cottrell simply disregarded all the rotten things that Neil did to him: doxing him; calling him names, making up wild rumours about him — to join with this jackal. Note that Blair would never make such an exception for the members of UNA, or AFP, who’ve only ever been frank about his activities, yet when it comes to a twerp as crooked as Erikson is he is prepared time and time again to put aside any differences and unite for some inadequately defined purpose. So too, the True Blue Crew allied with this reunification as the old band got back together.

Just who was leading who behind the scenes we do not know but the idea that any right-thinking activist would willingly associate with an Erikson circus is contemptible. Blair has been ambiguous to some younger followers given how he freely admits to chatting with ASIO regularly and continues the associations with civics. Some say he is pursuing clever tactics to cover himself while others take a harder line. Our point simply is that a discussion has begun in Blair’s supporter-base and how he addresses it all will ultimately be important to progress or decline.

Indeed, the very prospect of the rally had set the media into a frenzy of hyperbole and already, where once it was generating clickbait from African gangsters it was now focusing squarely on the “threat” of White extremists. Erikson has already built up quite a form for himself leading up to the rally by crashing an African cultural event and provoking a situation on St Kilda beach by filming a group of African youths playing football. Helpful too was that the Antipodean Resistance decided to piggyback on the controversy by posting their stickers outside a Jewish nursing home for Holocaust survivors. While this was a droll move by these serial paper hangers, it does the cause of Australian nationalism about as much good as if they’d dressed in white sheets and dragged a Negro down Flinders Street tied behind a pick-up truck.

Such was the composition of those behind the rally that the Australia First Party released a media statement distancing itself from Erikson and his rally and qualifying their objection to the use of the name ‘nationalist’ by these civics. In a submission to Victoria’s Police Commissioner, the question was even asked outright whether Victoria Police was prepared to admit that Neil Erikson acts as an informant and is a troublemaker operating with a green light. These squealers are spreading.

For in politics, deception is a constant, and in “far-right” politics, there is nothing but false players, swindlers, and provocateurs, and through a conspiratorial arc, they become the champions of the ill-informed. And now we dispense with this necessary introduction let us get down to the nitty-gritty of the rally that is still being reported on.

There is only one reason anyone should talk to the police and that’s to tell them to fuck off. Hunter S. Thompson, the late gonzo journalist, had a note stuck to his refrigerator that reiterated this wisdom and it read: “Never ring 911 for anything! Ever! And that means YOU!” The idea that the police are in any way supportive of right-wing politics or its cause is whacko. They hate left and right equally and are beholden only to themselves: they are their own gang and any information drip fed to them can and probably will be used against us at some later stage.

There is a further anomaly that indicates a certain acquiescence to the state which can threaten Lads integrity as an organisation. Tom Sewell, the Lads Society leader admitted in a screenshot taken from a private group that he regularly chats to Victoria Police. Might it better to not be so ‘helpful’? And it is recorded by leftists present that Tom and his Lads including the inveterate liar Mark McDonald and his bestie Alex Annenkov were present in an aborted attempt to intimidate picnicking lefties. Although the reliability of that account is open to question.

Worryingly enough, Sewell freely admits to flapping his gums to the cops

In the struggle for influence over the patriot scene, it’s also been alleged by some close to the Lads that in a bid to undermine what he sees as his competition from established nationalists Tom Sewell has been willing to freely leak to anti-fascists. Such a claim now being spread about should be treated with real caution, but the allegation itself points to difficulties in a scene where ideological consistency has been lacking and personalisms rule the roost – and ideology should be the glue that keeps things together. Or on the other hand, as is quite possible, anti-fascists have found a way to plant such a toxic story through bad elements to sink the credibility of the group? Whatever it may all be in actuality, serious folk should keep right out of it.

Thus, with Erikson as the nucleus of an opportunistic rally that once upon a time would’ve been typical of the civic patriot dero Nick Folkes, a dubious coalition has formed in spite of an article published in The Age claiming that “the far right has been divided and conquered – by themselves”. In this inaccurate piece of reportage which claims that Blair Cottrell is Australia’s most prominent nationalist the author has failed to perceive that the broad conservative milieu, give or take certain players, is indeed functioning in unison. It is correct that ‘the movement’ is divided by those supportive of Israel and those who’re not, which explains why the Australian Liberty Alliance weren’t represented, but it isn’t accurate either.

There is only one reason anyone should talk to the police and that’s to tell them to fuck off. Hunter S. Thompson, the late gonzo journalist, had a note stuck to his refrigerator that reiterated this wisdom and it read: “Never ring 911 for anything! Ever! And that means YOU!”

Senator Fraser Anning, whose appearance at the rally has become the media focal point of Nazi hysteria, given Anning’s support for a White European Australia he is nonetheless an outspoken advocate of Israel. Last October he supported Avi Yemini at a rally in Melbourne and declared his support for Israel. The following day of the St Kilda rally he went on national television and did likewise. None of his pro-Israel rhetoric seems to have troubled his ‘anti-Semitic’ supporters like Blair Cottrell.

But then, nothing has changed for Blair – be it cognitive dissonance or simply a desire to overcome accusations of racism he has a fine knack for appearing in grip-and-grin shots with non-Whites as he did during drinks following the rally when he appeared with a Vietnamese man holding out the South Vietnamese flag. Any self-respecting nationalist, if he HAD to appear in front of a Vietnamese flag would’ve been better of standing with a North Vietnamese flag given the South was a corrupt sell-out to foreign interests while the north was fighting essentially for nationalism. As it happens, the Vietnamese community boycotted the event.

Cottrell and Ricky Turner all grins with their token Viet and the abominable South Vietnamese flag which no nationalist would recognise since the South was a sell-out

These acts of sucking up to “integrated” Asian minority groups further betray Cottrell and Erikson’s youthful naiveté, anyone over 40 will remember the hideous violence perpetrated by Vietnamese immigrants in the 1980’s and 1990’s. By the turn of the millennium the news media were salivating over stories of Asian gang fights, limbs severed in machete attacks, muggings and street brawls involving dozens of combatants; not to mention the cruelty of Vietnamese dog and cockfighting rings, their drug pushing, car re-birthing scams and standover rackets which persist to this day.

Then, too, is the way the conservative youth media voices of XYZ and The Unshackled have shamelessly plugged Neil Erikson almost in defiance of the pig’s history. Just the same way that Future Now happily declares him a “mate” despite the fact he’d pimp out their grandmothers for crisps money if he could get the chance. There isn’t anybody Erikson wouldn’t rat out, sell out, or stab in the back. There is no lie he wouldn’t tell or stunt he wouldn’t pull. If anyone truly wanted to serve the movement they’d push him in front of a speeding garbage truck and encourage the driver to reverse back and forth over his body about two dozen times. The types of characters that get drawn to Erikson speak for themselves.

Take Rino Grgrovuic, AKA Blue Beard for instance. Leading up to Christmas Blue Beard encountered Left Wing pest Tom Tengu by chance on a Melbourne Street. One thing led to another and he ended up allegedly assaulting the cuck’s girlfriend. Now, don’t get us wrong, we couldn’t give a crap for either party, but it was the confrontation that ensued with Victoria Police, caught by Blue Beard on his own phone, that truly demonstrated what a basket case he is. Then there is Ricky T, Neil’s offsider who is thicker than a side of beef and has all the charisma of soiled underpants. The way things are going Neil’s next sidekick and newest political spokesman will be suffering Down syndrome. As it is, Ricky T is not too far off.

These acts of sucking up to “integrated” Asian minority groups further betray Cottrell and Erikson’s youthful naiveté, anyone over 40 will remember the hideous violence perpetrated by Vietnamese immigrants in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The least impressive thing about the rally was the rally itself despite the media hype. The emphasis on ‘Nazis’ being present seemed contrived. In footage taken one man holds his finger against his top lip and gives a Nazi salute before goose-stepping away. The context of this act is never made clear. Was it taken while the rally’s organisers were giving their speeches or was he mocking the Nazi accusation while facing off with the anti-racists? Yet, when a drongo rolled up in a Cosmic Psychos top, holding an SS helmet the optics changed decidedly Nazi. We have made enquiries and so far nobody has any idea who this joker is leading to speculation that he might well have been planted there.

The bloke in the Cosmic Psychos T-Shirt shows off a souvenir from his days working for Social Security

Following an unremarkable bunch of sentences from Senator Anning, Blair’s speech was interesting from the point of view that he correctly blamed the state for the presence of the African criminals. But when he flew into Fuhrer mode as he is apt to do when speaking publicly and vowed to march to Daniel Andrews office he betrayed the fact that he hadn’t figured out who was really in control. It wasn’t he or his motley supporters it was the Victoria Police who had each side well corralled and controlled. Blue Beard learned as much when he attempted to taunt the opposition but wound up confronted by a mounted policeman with whom he had an exchange that resulted in about ten cops rugby tackling him to the ground and presumably arresting him, possibly for breach of bail conditions resulting from his run-in with Tom Tengu.

When it was Neil’s turn to speak he gave some wimpy whine about his social media accounts before blowing off like a popcorn fart. Then he asked whether there were any Nazis present and made a joke about a couple of Vietnamese chaps. Obviously, he hadn’t seen the stooge in the Cosmic Psychos T-Shirt with the SS helmet. It kind of undermined the counter optics he was suggesting.

The most interesting thing about the rally was the victory against the left who have hitherto marshalled a greater presence and organised themselves far better than those on the right. In fact, the rally has left certain parties in disarray, with The Smashed Avocado movement being accused of being piss-weak liberals by the ‘Anarchists in Narrm.’ Likewise, at some point, police control of the crowd purportedly got lax and anti-racists holding a picnic were menaced by members of the right. Complaints were made that Citizens against Racism and Fascism (CARF) split leaving their comrades in danger. Later on, or earlier on, we can’t be sure, a truck laden with sound equipment broadcasting reggae music and anti-racist messages was targeted by a group of right-wing protesters who busted some speakers and messed with other equipment. UNA can officially declare we have no sympathy whatsoever for the antis.

The final indignity for the Anarcho-Communists and their bourgeois cat-lady allies was being shepherded to the Acland St tram terminus by scores of police, all the while being harangued and cat-called by a numerically superior and physically more aggressive civic patriot mob. This is the fundamental problem for the CARF and their fellow travellers, as much as they try to project a tough, rebellious and counter-cultural image the demographics of their movement let them down; there is no way a group comprising around 85% women can physically confront an opposing mob which is obviously 99% male.

The events on the St Kilda foreshore that afternoon and their mostly incoherent talking points have been largely obscured by the flood of disinformation emanating from the dinosaur media, which was slavishly repeated by politicians and pundits on all sides. As of this writing, the most interesting development has been the announcement by Senator Fraser Anning that he is attempting to register a new micro-party, the Conservative Nationals.

But there are reports that a fake-news-journalist is fishing around to get a story together about neo-nazis and terrorism given that a couple of months back a gaggle of so-called neo-nazis met in a Sydney hotel with a couple of civics to discuss their two pet targets – Australia First Party and the Lads Society. A rumour says that they are communicating with the journalist in what would be a two-way street. While it is true these people have long had connections to political police agencies and Fairfax, might they not conjure up a terrorism case and a terrorism story?

That is a lot more serious and allowing too the fake-news-journalist may have a couple of ‘ins’ to shifties who attached themselves to the protest, it bodes badly for all. We will see how far the spirit of St Kilda takes Anning and the Civic Patriots. We are willing to bet that once the registration of a new pseudo-nationalist party is ratified by the AEC, head cases such as Erikson and Burgess and opportunists like Avi Yemini will be all over it like a rash. Blair Cottrell will be in a singular position to signal clearly what he is and is not. That will be a big decision and we await it with concern.

The dark side of the force was present that day



As election time looms for Melbournians the inevitability of Labor premier Danny Andrews being re-elected emerges with it. Which also means, African crime gets re-elected.

Andrews, who just signed Victorians over to the One Belt One Road Chinese invasion initiative, so that he can accrue debt to the hungry Chinese at the cost of Australia’s security, has presided over a state in the throes of lawlessness. African crime is out of control but the state’s police commissioner and the government itself are beside themselves peddling misdirection and denials.

African “youth” fear no reprisals from the Victorian legal justice system because there seldom are any. The government is more concerned with its image as the country’s most multicultural state than it is with safeguarding its citizens from the violent acts of savage African immigrants who are here due to refugee quotas. And those quotas come about because for some reason the west has chosen to rescue these savage tribal people from their own self-made horror and import that mayhem to our own “civilised” lands.

The spate of African crimes in the state of Victoria is so incessant and relentless that African fatigue often prevents each and every outrage from being shared on social media communities concerned with the breakdown of Australian society thanks to immigration and especially immigration from incompatible races.

Barely a week goes about without reports of out of control African youths; home invasions; muggings; assaults; robberies and car-jacking in which that familiar phrase we’ve all come to cynically grin at is used when describing the suspects: “Of African appearance.”

When police respond to these incidents they adopt a “munch doughnuts” tactic until addressing 3AW in which case they make out everything is under control; reports are exaggerated; that it’s only a “few bad apples” spoiling it for a great community who love footy and are upset with the way they are being portrayed in the media.

Back in 2010, Andrew Bolt reported on how the then police commissioner Simon Overland admitted that the Victorian Police was hiding the truth about the ethnic crime problem.

One of the most astonishing revelations in Bolt’s article, and one which cuts to the very particular insanity suffered by the virtue-signalling small ‘l’ liberals always at the centre of championing open borders concepts, was that police were loath to issue colour-specific descriptions of African offenders because describing them as ‘black’ might cause these savage criminals offence.

The logical conclusion is not to describe them as “attackers”, or detail any specifics of their crimes, in case the negative criminal associations have an undesirable impact on their future employability as brain surgeons and rocket scientists.

Professor Andrew Fraser sparked a maelstrom of globalist indignation for having the gall to name the beast in the room. In 2005, he wrote a letter to the Parramatta Sun in which he warned: “…an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.”

He added, “The fact is that ordinary Australians are being pushed down the path to national suicide by their own political, religious and economic elites.”

Canadian-born Professor Andrew Fraser easily makes it onto UNA’s honours list!

In the ensuing row from that ‘inconvenient truth’ multiracialist apologists scrambled to bash out editorials condemning Professor Fraser; Channel 9 unleashed Ray Martin to confront him with a congenial group of church-going Africans as though this ambassadorial set were to negate the realities of African crime in much the same way a lot of bad apples spoil it for the few good ones; and academic papers were authored.

Sadly, Andrew Fraser apologised for his remarks after Sudanese man Safi Hareer complained to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. Professor Fraser also drew the ire of Macquarie University when he wrote a paper advocating for a return to the White Australia Policy. That paper and others can be found here.

Professor Fraser was forced to take an early retirement package, but we shall not forget his courageous stand to state what everyone should regard as the bleeding obvious.

A typical front page from Australia’s answer to Mogadishu

The open-borders liberal-elites’ response to all of this is to blame the messenger. There is no African crime problem, they argue, it’s the inherently racist character of the media and others reporting on the situation. They’re skewing the facts, using hyperbole, and they’re overblowing a few regrettable incidents into a campaign that impugns an entire community. It’s not the African gangs that are the problem, they say, but “the racists” who vilify them. And it is these class bigots of, as Drew Fraser said, “the political, religious and economic elites” who will always win sway over Victoria; which is on one level a showcase for a de-Europeanised Australia, which is, after all, the goal of the elites.

Straight from the webpage of the Victorian Socialists. See, it’s not them, it’s us, how could they possibly be responsible for their own actions?

With such a free hand from the elites, it’s little wonder that the crime-prone gang members fear nothing, respect nothing, and aspire to nothing but the accretion of consumerist trophies. In Victoria, the crime is not that committed by so-called refugees and children of refugees, it’s to mention the crime committed by these without rationalising it away as inherently a by-product of Australia’s inherent racism.

Below is the latest from the ABC as of the publication date of this blog:

Police are looking for a group of 10 to 15 youths responsible for two “ugly” and “vicious” robberies on the busy St Kilda foreshore in Melbourne’s south on Thursday night.

Key points:

  • Police said the offenders in both attacks were “perceived to be of African appearance”
  • Investigators are examining if a metal or wooden pole was used in the assaults
  • Local council has been asked to reintroduce an alcohol ban on the St Kilda foreshore

Police said two men were punched and one had a bottle smashed over his head in separate, unprovoked assaults.

In the first attack, a man had his mobile phone stolen and was left with swelling on his face.

In the second, a 25-year-old man received cuts to his face and head and was treated by ambulance officers.

Police said the offenders involved in both attacks were “perceived to be of African appearance”.

Detective Sergeant David Schaefer condemned the assaults.

“These attacks are quite cowardly and vicious, unprovoked and really an ugly event that actually occurs in normally a peaceful location where people frequently enjoy themselves,” he said.

The attacks happened on Jacka Boulevard at about 10:00pm and police said they were investigating whether the offenders may have used either a metal or wooden pole.

Call for alcohol ban

“We’re looking for a group of males of African appearance which we believe were congregating along the foreshore last night,” he said.

“We can’t speculate as to the numbers involved but on the second assault there was anywhere up to around 10 people who were involved in that second robbery,” Detective Sergeant Schaefer said.

Police said the victims had been “enjoying the sights” of the “iconic” St Kilda foreshore.

“The first victim just decided to walk down [and] enjoy the scenes and the second male was visiting a friend down there when he was accosted by the group.”

Victoria Police Inspector Jason Kelly said he was “very disappointed in what occurred”.

“Unfortunately we’ve had a large group of youth attend and the combination of youth, alcohol and public spaces just simply doesn’t mix,” he said.

He said alcohol at the “iconic beach location” was a “recipe for disaster”.

Inspector Kelly said police were calling for a full alcohol ban along the St Kilda foreshore to be reintroduced by the City of Port Phillip Council.



Anti-Australians are celebrating news of a nine-year-old girl in Queensland who refused to stand for our national anthem as in her mind it excludes Aborigines.

The parents of nine-year-old Harper Nielsen who attends Kenmore South State School are claiming their pesky daughter was given detention following a “silent protest” when she refused to stand for our national anthem. The school has denied their allegations. The fourth-grader told the Daily Telegraph she boycotted the national anthem on the basis that “Advance Australia Fair means advance White Australia”. She added, “When it says were are young it completely ignores the fact that indigenous culture was here for over 50,000 years before colonisation.”

How this became news is about as much of a mystery as is where babies come from since her parents, both who look like they graduated from Chairman Mao 101 on an Australian Unions scholarship, went out of their way to ensure it became news. The very name ‘Harper’ we would wager is her parents’ dedication to liberal author Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.

Media has since lined up to sensationalise the frumpy pre-tween automaton when they should be interviewing her parents whom the good money’s odds say put her up to it for their own interests.
Let’s just hope Harper learns to despise her parents when she reaches her rebellious teen years which aren’t far off

At the tender age of nine, this child is merely parroting what’s been inculcated into her by the two agents of social decay she calls mum and dad (assuming they’re as traditional as to permit these stereotypical designations). These two Trotsykites are raising their brat to conform to all the desires of the misanthropes who comprise the Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberg Group is a complex topic the reader must investigate independently. While we add a link to a useful webpage, we can only generally describe them and their goals. We invoke them here simply to alert the reader that this ‘news’ is hooey calculated to create tension and division.

Media has since lined up to sensationalise the frumpy pre-tween automaton when they should be interviewing her parents whom the good money’s odds say put her up to it for their own interests.  

Firstly, isn’t it odd that when globalists wish to paralyse this nation through moral invalidation they imply Australia is “all White” and thus all institutions, every significant cultural article, and each strand of our national aplomb is “White” and must be recoded. However, when they wish to own it and to repudiate an increasingly agitated White Australia this country is “multicultural (multiracial)”.

So there are two states of being for Australia and the two can only mutually exist if the paradox is permitted by lazy thinking. The Bilderberg Group advocates population control. Sociologist Hadley Cantril describes employing “Psycho-political operations” as “propaganda campaigns designed to create perpetual tension and to manipulate different groups of people to accept the particular climate of opinion the CFR seeks to achieve in the world.”

This is what we’re seeing all around the western, or to put it bluntly, the White world. This is because another goal of the one-world, one-government, and one-system controllers is the abolition of nation states. It’s little surprise then that the Bilderberg group boasts among its membership such luminaries of globalism as Henry Kissinger, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Ben Bernanke, and Rupert Murdoch just to name a few.

download (5).jpg

Rupert Murdoch is a glaring presence. The Bilderberg Group uses its media, such as CBS (which it is known to invite along to its secret meetings on the promise of secrecy), to promote mind-wash. Given that the group is not a conspiracy invented by right-wingers, it’s interesting to note that the left has virtually nothing to say about them, which isn’t all that surprising when as we’ve consistently pointed out, they stopped thinking independently long ago. This is why you can witness such incongruous behaviour as self-described “anarchist” Professor Rob Sparrow (aka Slackbastard) championing the cause of the Bilderbergs while believing he’s supporting a cadre of fellow travellers in a global revolution of non-existent “workers”.

Slackbastard swooped like a chicken hawk (or is that like convicted paedophile antifascist Alex Gollan?) onto this child’s story. Rob posted on the SB Facebook page, “mAAAAAAd props to the 9yo grrl for refusing to follow the herd — you rock!” We’re sure glad he isn’t her English teacher.

Sociologist Hadley Cantril describes employing “Psycho-political operations” as “propaganda campaigns designed to create perpetual tension and to manipulate different groups of people to accept the particular climate of opinion the CFR seeks to achieve in the world.”

Meanwhile, the clichés of fake indigenous activism over at Blackfulla Revolution (another FB group) used her case in a rhetorical bush breakfast when they tried to juxtapose the controversy over Herald Sun cartoonist Michael Knight’s spoof of Serena Williams’ recent dummy spit, with Harper’s story by offering up a yawning ‘meme’. Apparently, one is permissible (and racist) and the other is censored (and anti-racist).

Um, no… not even close. We know you’re the sanctified professional underdogs of this country but even you mob ought to be obliged to be accurate now and then

Michael Knight is a satirical cartoonist and well in his rights to exaggerate his subjects, and the other was never censored but instead given a platform which was picked up internationally giving Harper and her hippy parents their 15 mins of social justice-connected fame. It’s also led to her being viciously trolled, which is an inevitability her parents should’ve considered before putting her up to this attention-grabbing media stunt.

Depicting coloured people in cartoons will soon be as dangerous as depicting the Prophet Mohammed 

Fake Nationalist Pauline Hanson even got an opportunity to try and steal back some ground lost to Katter Australia Party’s senator Fraser Anning. She slid out of her money chamber to offer a predictable quote about how she’d give the tot “a kick up the backside”.

Thus, a supposedly pressing social issue has become a kind of perverse entertainment in which the invalid nation state is tossed like a bone for two dogs to fight over. The messages behind these stories are quite startling. The furore over the depiction of Serena Williams now posits that people of colour, no matter how badly behaved, are beyond criticism by Whites; much like depicting the Prophet Mohammed will get your throat slit by a fundamentalist Moslem.

In the case of Harper’s media narrative, a phoney sense of expression on the issue of the supposed plight faced by indigenous Australians is given artificial oxygen. For, if there is a voice united in sounding about the indigenous cause, what is that cause? What is it really? Once they’ve figured out all that maybe they can ponder who it is they’re petitioning.  Is it a collective conscience? Is it political representatives?

Fake Nationalist Pauline Hanson even got an opportunity to try and steal back some ground lost to Katter Australia Party’s senator Fraser Anning. She slid out of her money chamber to offer a predictable quote about how she’d give the tot “a kick up the backside”.

If they really believe that any side that stands for office in Australian parliament will ever have the tools at their disposal to right a social wrong they’re back in the Dreamtime. They haven’t noticed that whichever government is elected serves the internationalist Anglo-American-Zionist bloc which is a faction of the One World Government cabal. The members of the Bilderberg Group aren’t interested in emancipation for the world’s peoples unless it leads to their military industrial complex profiting from war.

If it’s the collective conscience then that is filled now with the self-interest of countless ‘minority associations’ which see themselves as the primary ‘victim’ of White Australia, so in that sense, they’ve pushed the Abo out of the queue.

The oligarchs don’t want Aboriginal tribes achieving native title over lucrative mining assets they want to flog to China because assets are not for the serfs. It’ll never happen. Instead, it’s better to have the serfs beating each other in an irreconcilable conflict that has its flames nefariously fanned by those controlling the actors who are simultaneously condoning and condemning either one or both sides.

As to little Harper, maybe she can figure out whether she wants to stand for the parenting payment that helped raise her, or the Medicare benefits which keep her fit, the state education she receives, the accoutrements of the White race that she denounces that she couldn’t live without, such as her toys, computer, phone, technology in general, and the medium she has used to spit in the face of her own race. Because, little girl, you wouldn’t last long if you were shanghaied off and dropped in the middle of an outback Aboriginal community. Your parents’ rhetoric wouldn’t save you from the fate suffered by their own flesh and blood on a nauseatingly repetitive basis.

Perhaps she could also benefit from an education which permits an untarnished understanding of the origins of our country and how the indigenous people had no claims on it as a nation since they were disparate tribes and NOT a nation. Just maybe she might realise that those people were destined to be conquered by the rules of the human animals: if it wasn’t by the British Empire, it would certainly have been the Dutch or the Chinese. Moreover, she benefits nothing from those like her parents adding to the division of our people; only the certainty that the bigger gap they create in our nation the more inevitable it is that another force will seize on that and push right on through to take us over. In fact, it’s happening now.

Indeed, this little girl, so fresh off the potty yet so quick with the universal condemnations of her own country, should like to spare a thought for the current Chinese invasion now underway in Australia and just how much those in Beijing are likely to give a shit about the Aborigines that she and her parents patronise so.

But she is, as we say, a child. No kid could have the sophistication to make any sort of informed judgment on such matters. Likewise, no nipper could be filled with such patriotism as to look forward to assembly just for an opportunity to stand for the flag. These are kids, they’d rather be off playing.

None of this was ever about thinking… just reacting.

National Australia Bank employing Bilderberg logic in their ads: promoting multiracialism while brushing over the fact a practising Moslem would wholeheartedly revile their whole stinking usury system



New laws come into effect in NSW this week. Anyone “inciting violence” on the basis of race, minority religious status, sexual orientation, or this bogus Orwellian construct of “intersex people” face $11,000 fine or three years in jail.

United Nationalists Australia declares this the ‘Newspeak laws’ since anyone threatening violence against anybody is or should be, dealt with under existing laws. However, these laws, which were lobbied for hard by “minority organisations” adds a special status to anyone in these favoured political categories. This makes the rest of us (White Australians) an increasing sub-class subject to greater social restrictions and with less access to similar legal consideration.


Nationalists have long felt the “un-person” status by crossing the social rubicon and calling out occupied multiracial Australia. The Police are disinclined to act upon threats against us by extremist groups linked to institutions of globalist organized-thuggery such as the Construction Forestry Mining, Maritime and Energy Union (CFMMEU). Likewise, complaints based on incitements to violence, such as those by members of the clandestine terror group Antifascist Action, are ignored by a compliant state apparatus.

Now, the discussion about the ethnic cleansing of true Australians as defined by the European settlers of this land and who created this nation that all these rapacious other races swarm to will have to be necessarily handled by the more articulate and savvy among us. The reckless and immature propaganda purveyed by the likes of Antipodean Resistance only ever helped create these laws just as much as it managed to cause its British counterpart and inspiration National Action to become a proscribed organisation in England.

Make no mistake, the signifiers used in mainstream anti-White propaganda are unashamed in highlighting the fact these laws are aimed at White Australians. A screengrab from a June ABC report on the laws uses an image of patriots standing with Aussie flags to illustrate the story and secure in the reader’s mind just who these political amendments to the Crimes Act 1900 target.

The red arrow points to the subjects of this bill. Yes, White Countries have a habit of legislating heavily against their own people in favour of every other non-threatened race on the face of this yellow, brown and black planet

The bill is called the Crimes Amendment (Publically Threatening and Inciting Violence) Bill 2018 and we probably have Nick Folkes, Neil Erikson, Mark Campbell-McDonald, Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara to thank for it. There are three schedules the first of which inserts section 93Z into the Crimes Act while the second “…removes certain offences from the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and makes a consequential amendment.” The third makes any of the described offences against the special citizens a summary offence.

Under the act, it won’t matter if threats are made in the heat of the moment, or if no violence is carried out. The bill concerns what it terms a “public act” which is defined as:

(a) any form of communication (including speaking, writing, displaying notices, playing of recorded material, broadcasting and communicating through social media and other electronic methods) to the public, and

(b) any conduct (including actions and gestures and the wearing or display of clothing, signs, flags, emblems and insignia) observable by the public, and (c) the distribution or dissemination of any matter to the public.

That is a fairly hefty set of criteria and as you can see open to wide interpretation and given the summary nature of the act it pretty much places all the power in the hands of the offended person(s), or group. The already litigious ‘minority’ groups will now be further emboldened to examine any context under which criticism is made for an interpretation of threat, violence, or vilification. This will be particularly so after the maiden speech by Katter’s Australia party senator Fraser Anning whose truths about the state of immigration and cultural disintegration has triggered the globalist jack-booters in the left-wing media to an even greater volume of anti-White hysteria.

And who is largely responsible for bringing these laws about? Aside from the NSW Liberal & Nationals we have a coalition group called ‘Keep NSW Safe’. Who comprises this group? They are as follows:

  • Federation of Indian Associations of Australia (Curry store owners)

  • Australian Hellenic Council NSW

  • New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies (Big surprise there)

  • Australian National Imams Council

  • Chinese Australian Services Society

  • Korean Society of Sydney

  • Australian Kurdistan Veteran Association

  • Assyrian Australian National Federation

  • Chinese Australia Forum (which works for Beijing’s interest to infiltrate Australian institutions)

  • International Coptic Union

  • Vietnamese Community in Australia – NSW Chapter

  • Australian South Sea Islanders

  • Hindu Council of Australia

  • Basmala Australia Inc (An Islamic mob)

  • Armenian National Committee of Australia

  • The Australian Egyptian Council Forum

  • South Asian Study Group, University of Sydney (Asian invaders taking jobs, shifting into high-rise apartments bought by rich Chinese parents, creating homelessness for Aussies)

  • Sikh Youth Australia (Gets to carry knives on religious grounds)

  • Cambodian-Australian Welfare Council of NSW (Pol Pot’s former soldiers)

  • NSW Council of Christians and Jews Inc. (Evangelical warmongers)

  • Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (More Socialist Greek traitors)

  • Muslim Women Association (Burka battle axes)

  • Australian Cook Islander Community NSW

  • Australian Federation of Ukrainian Associations (Shame)

  • National Sikh Council of Australia (Like, India is >>>>THAT way!)

  • NSW Council for Pacific Communities

  • Philippine Community Council of NSW (Fuck off)

  • Warren Mundine (Get on out of it)

As you can see, these pork-barreling “communities” cobble together at the first chance to alter and affect the national character with the aid of the traitor political class. It would be like us shifting over to Arabia and forming the Australian Council of Pork-Munching Beer-Swillers, and then campaigning for the right to strut nude up and down the front of the country’s mosques in only our thongs and terrycloth hats.

However, what is also amusing is that these laws potentially threaten a little-publicised tactic used by the left itself. There are those among the anarchist and antifascist milieu who actually adopt ‘racist’ guises to harass and intimidate ideological opponents; one or two are even known to contribute to mainstream media. In fact, the anarcho-anti-globalist brown shirts are the readiest and willing to use threats and to vilify on the basis of race and religion, which is one of their myriad hyper-contradictions. It will be interesting to see how these laws affect that sector’s black ops.

Meanwhile, it will pay to be very measured in how our side communicates, but more to the point, such restrictions can only refine our language and grant our message precision.

Once upon a time stating the obvious didn’t land you 3 years lag




Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has popped the cork on the multiracial genie bottle. In his maiden speech to parliament, he heroically called for a plebiscite on a return to the predominantly European immigration policy of the pre-Whitlam consensus.

While Anning focused mainly on the Moslem problem skirting over the far more dangerous Asianisation of this country his speech was nonetheless the clarion call that most Australians have been bursting to hear.

Highlighting the failures of multiracialism, a system which was imposed on us by successive governments from Whitlam onwards, Mr Anning insisted we return to a “European Christian” immigration system.

In fact, we should be thinking more in terms of a blanket halt to immigration but we nonetheless appreciate Anning’s comments. Just as Andrew Bolt recently described Australia as having turned into a “hotel” with unfettered immigration, so Mr Anning argues “Ethnocultural diversity… has been allowed to rise to dangerous levels in many suburbs. In direct response, self-segregation, including White flight from poorer inner-urban areas, has become the norm.”

Mr Anning somewhat injudiciously suggested such a vote would be “the final solution to the immigration problem.”

Naturally, these words were not uttered with the intention of stirring up the ghost of National Socialist Germany, but the globalist-controlled media immediately contextualised it within the narrative of “the Holocaust”, invoking the usual signifiers of gas ovens and striped concentration camp uniforms. The ABC’s Adam Masters described his use of this expression as either “ignorance” or “dog whistle politics to the ever-present racist undercurrents in Australian society.” He then went on to give a historical account of Nazi Germany’s policy towards the Jews.

Highlighting the failures of multiracialism, a system which was imposed on us by successive governments from Whitlam onwards, Mr Anning insisted we return to a “European Christian” immigration system.

The ABC rushed to quote rabid anti-Whites as if their opinion holds greater truth than one who names the elephant in the room, quoting the Malaysian-born lesbian Labor senator Penny Wong who unsurprisingly said of the White Australia Policy, “We’ve rightly consigned that policy to the dustbin of history.” Crackpot Greens’ leader Richard Di Natale “demanded” an apology from Anning. We demand Mr Natale’s mother delivers an apology for giving birth to such a treasonous snail.

Anning’s most surprising critic was Pauline Hanson, his former party leader, who joined the multiracialists in condemning him by suggesting his words came out of “Joseph Goebbel’s handbook”.

Nationalists have all along argued that Pauline Hanson is a fraud: a conservative working for the interests of those such as her “friend” the mining oligarch Gina Rinehart who infamously penned an egregious poem to the virtues of mass immigration as an excellent means for increasing profits for those like her while eroding pay and conditions for workers.

Hanson went on to declare “We are a multicultural society and I’ve always advocated you do not have to be White to be Australian.”

Bob Katter, who leads Katter’s Australia Party in which Anning serves as a senator told a reporter that Hanson was “abandoning the territory that made her infamous or famous.”

Hanson went on to declare “We are a multicultural society and I’ve always advocated you do not have to be White to be Australian.”

This, we hope, doesn’t signal an unprecedented stampede towards Katter’s Australia Party. Katter is about as genuinely Nationalist as an Indian store clerk. But what it hopefully will do is lance the great boil so that Australians can see the true pus of a terror state we’re not fighting but actually living in.

Hanson, the “Patriot Queen” slammed Fraser Anning and compared him to Goebbels

Not only has it brought forth the usual stampede of skewed editorials from the brown shirt journalists of globalist media but it is sure to have triggered the state apparatus that controls our thoughts and crushes us under its jackboot if we question the cleansing of White Australia.

Many consider that Mein Kampf is the narrative for the Nationalist whereas, in fact, it is more like Franz Kafka. The serious Nationalist inevitably becomes targeted by the deep-state: demonised, victimised, persecuted and ground-down like a peppercorn.

We are right to compare the globalist journalist as “brown shirts” since especially among the former Fairfax Media stable of political assassins, their so-called journalists actively engage in the persecution of any target that crosses the Rubicon of state intolerance towards dissent; stepping out from behind their keyboard to pursue practises that would land anyone else in prison: employing stalking tactics, defamation, and conspiratorial collusion in false allegations.

Lauren Southern, the Alt-Right YouTube celebrity who many pretend Nationalists spent their money to hear instead of listening to actual Australians with something to say, nonetheless encapsulated much when she said that “Melbourne should be nuked”.

Many consider that Mein Kampf is the narrative for the Nationalist whereas, in fact, it is more like Franz Kafka. The serious Nationalist inevitably becomes targeted by the deep-state: demonised, victimised, persecuted and ground-down like a peppercorn.

Even for a Canuck who’d whizzed through the country, she managed to figure out there is a deep corruption in the state of Victoria that hedges against anyone challenging the dogma of multiracialism.

And this is the thing. Malcolm Turnbull, who does a very poor impersonation of a Prime Minister, condemned Anning’s speech on the grounds terrorists will be emboldened by his words. What terrorists? Our entire system is a terrorist, and it gives carte blanche to terrorists especially those who identify as “antifascists”. One of our United Nationalists Australia’s team has been a target of such a terrorist and a victim of the state that condones him.

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the Holocaust!


Dave Gullis is a member of the Australian Communist Party and Antifascist Action Sydney. He is known to live in and around Enmore, in Sydney’s inner-west and is usually in the company of an Aboriginal woman.

In October last year, he began a campaign against our editor, first threatening his life and then attacking his home. He returned a third time on a curious date that coincides with a wider conspiracy but that is something UNA will report on much later.

11188276_877885448935926_5245648042568850460_n - Copy
State-condoned terrorist Dave Gullis is also a romping stomping sodomite 

At first, we had no idea who we were dealing with. We ran a citizens campaign on this page and it resulted in him being identified by a Facebook page. Dave Gullis may or may not be his real name. When contacted for information, the then CFMEU denied any knowledge of Gullis arguing that his penchant for CFMEU clobber did not make him a member since it was for sale to anybody – as if anybody would want to wear their crabby rags. However, in late August he was spotted by a witness at the NSW State Labor conference in company with CFMMEU representatives.

An attempt by our editor to have an Apprehended Violence Order issued against Gullis was thwarted by Newtown Police who told him that it wasn’t their job to play detective. In fact, at no stage did the cops show the slightest concern for our man and we believe that a political directive was issued from above to do nothing.

Ex-Antifa comedian Shayne Hunter was bashed by Gullis (who at one time tried to sexually molest him) for “endangering Antifa”, which is a testament to the logic of Antifa and the state that sponsors their terror

Surprisingly, we learned only recently that Newtown Police — pardon the pun — were telling porkies when they denied knowledge of him. At around October last year, a young lad was at Newtown Station with some mates. He was wearing a Make America Great Again cap. Gullis allegedly challenged him over the hat and assaulted him. One of the bloke’s friends caught a pic of old matey and supplied it to police along with a post on Facebook promising a reward of $500 for information leading to his identification. It was classic Gullis, fat, stupid, and wearing his crappy CFMEU terror-wear.

After Gullis assaulted a random Alt-Righter the kid posted this

Perhaps the greatest lead of all, and one that UNA was ignorant of at the time was the release of a video by Antifa defector and comedian, Shayne Hunter. In the video, titled ‘Punched by a Communist’, Hunter describes being confronted and assaulted by Gullis at Newtown library. He went so far as to confirm that Gullis is a member of Antifascist Action Sydney and the whacko Commie party. Gullis punched him for “endangering Antifa” by outing them as brainwashed loonies. He too reported Gullis to Newtown Police. Hunter believes Newtown Pigs were actually keen to charge Gullis, but were unable to trace his address. We say they’re full of excrement and deserve the Golden Doughnut Award for excellence in uselessness. It is our considered opinion that Newtown, which is like a mini Victoria, bends over backwards to accommodate the anti-White fruitcakes bred and manufactured at the nearby Sydney University anti-White factory.

Hunter also mentioned that Dave Gullis is an invasive, grabby, rampant homosexual, a revelation which had us all rolling around the floor cacking ourselves.

Again, we make the point, that here we are in the West, travelling around the world blowing up countries because we say they are ruled by authoritarian dictatorships who suppress freedom of expression and allow only government-approved thought. Well, how are we any different? Our state is a terror state only you must cross that Multiracialist Rubicon to discover that you can quickly become a un-person for challenging the ethnic cleansing of White Australia.




If nothing else, the tour of Australia by Canadian Libertarian YouTube personalities Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux has brought to light an interesting dynamic, if not evidence of a direct relationship, between Victoria Police and the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF).

Earlier in the week, we learned that, as in the case of the Milo Yiannopoulos tour, the events company which promoted Southern and Molyneux was to be saddled with a bill from the department of justice to cover the extra police resources needed to maintain order at the event, the sum quoted being around $68,000.

CARF and their allies, of course, had been on a months-long bender of “Anti Fascist” agitation in anticipation of the arrival of the two Canadian speakers; the charges of fascism levelled at Southern and Molyneux are patently absurd, as anyone familiar with their work would know, however, their views are not really the issue here.

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: bloody foreigners.

CARF, at its core, is a bog standard Trotskyite group which serves as a matrix for cadres of bad actors of various tendencies, from Marxists, to Liberals, Christians, Jews and Anarchists. Their Anti-Fascism is nothing more than a hook, a recruiting tool used to gull the young, the lonely and, it seems, the prematurely senile into joining up with this “popular front”.

The opinions expressed by the constituent mouthpieces speaking on behalf of CARF may sound batshit crazy to the humble Aussie worker however they are exemplary of the incubator effect that social media has upon dodgy rhetoric and spurious propaganda.

CARF, at its core, is a bog standard Trotskyite group which serves as a matrix for cadres of bad actors of various tendencies, from Marxists, to Liberals, Christians, Jews and Anarchists their Anti-Fascism is nothing more than a hook, a recruiting tool used to gull the young, the lonely and, it seems, the prematurely senile into joining up with this “popular front”.

As has become painfully obvious, to the principal actors in CARF the Anti-Fascist psychodrama has little to do with confronting their quarry and everything to do with marketing a Trotskyite club; in this, they carefully play upon the insecurities of the young, the mentally unstable and the plain silly, especially those of mixed race background.

It has been shown several times, that even with the advantage of superior numbers the Anti-Racists of CARF are incapable of physically confronting the civic patriot groups, on every occasion where the use of force has been attempted by CARF they have been seen scurrying away as soon as the fisticuffs began.

el mirage
La Mirage reception centre, scene of the debacle, is reportedly owned by an Iraqi immigrant family.

This means that, contrary to their propaganda, “smashing the Fash” is not the real goal of their activities and the Police are not there to protect patriots from harm, they are effectively the security detail for CARF, to whom the cops show near limitless patience as they indulge their hysterical outbursts.

Clearly, something is going on between CARF and the police; empowered as they are to shut down, move on, search and arrest anyone present in a designated area. There is no reason for the authorities to tolerate the lawless behaviour of the Trotskyites.

Absent their presence the Alt-Right speaking circuit would require no policing at all since the events are always held on private property; we are of course dealing with White people.

Not only are CARF putting overtime money in the pockets of individual police officers they are complicit in the extortion racket being run by the cops by virtue of the fact of their playing the role of the “or else” in the demand “pay up, or else”.

cops beat
John, a mentally ill man being hosed down on his front lawn after being beaten and pepper sprayed during a Vicpol “welfare check”.

It is unheard of for any element of the faux-Left to be billed for police attendance at a gathering, even when it is widely known that their events routinely descend into unlawful acts which put members of the public at risk and cause great inconvenience through road closures and other attempts to take over public spaces.

Not only are CARF putting overtime money in the pockets of individual police officers they are complicit in the extortion racket being run by the cops by virtue of the fact of their playing the role of the “or else” in the demand “pay up, or else”.

These poseurs are acutely aware of how they present in public; the propaganda value of “optics” is as important to CARF as it is to anyone else in terms of building an esprit de corps by which to attract likeminded wretches to their cause, so their part in the state’s rackets and its suspension of the political liberty of anyone who, however meekly, challenges the immigration Ponzi scheme must be part of the “revolution”.

In 2016 Frankston woman Elisha Sherwood allegedly had her face re-decorated by the Traps during a traffic stop.

It is one thing for CARF to attempt to goad Alt-Righters into illegal acts, thereby rendering them subject to fines and other court imposed conditions; it is quite another to openly support a crooked police commissioner who, at all turns has acted as the political head kicker for the Andrews administration and the crony capitalists who underwrite it.

It has also been reported that a CARF activist was arrested for assaulting police outside the Southern-Molyneux show. Given that the offence is now regarded as a Class-A crime and carries a mandatory jail term; if this scumbag gets off, well, what further proof of collusion should we ask for?

After all, that $68,000 is not going into the Poor Box, it is going straight into the operating budget of a gang of ill-disciplined goons who, we can all agree, go around beating up the mentally ill, fining the poor, oppressing the youth and harassing homeless people.

The Bastard Squad conducting a formation shouting display on the streets of Melbourne.



The Left is addicted to trolling. If there were no ‘right wing’ Facebook pages, or social media sites for them to troll, they’d fade into a suffocating obscurity; seeking recognition by trying to write ‘urban rhymes’ or making personal YouTube videos or blogging about the insignificant experiences of their drab lives as if in that turgid oblivion of their soul-destroying mediocrity was the nucleus of something far more metaphysical and vital to impart to the human race.

Instead, they inhabit Facebook pages like Anonykatz and entertain themselves by being routinely un-amazed at the typically inane postings of the cognizant-dissonant on the political right of the social-media tennis court.

Their day revolves around entertaining themselves reviewing the latest sarcastically reworked ‘potatriot posts’ uploaded by the admins of their favourite pages and then lending droll witticisms as an ideological antidote to what they’re confronted with. In most cases, one group of idiots is passing judgement on another — and we don’t employ ‘idiot’ as a pejorative here, it’s simply all we can deduce by examining the pathology of the thoughts they express.


If, say, Anonykatz had any grasp of Nationalist politics it wouldn’t even bother with the likes of Neil Erikson or Shermon Burgess, who’re blank cartridges from a circus shooting range.

These characters, like many who comment from their side of the fence, are the product of the social media identity factory and the digital age that spawned it. In the 1970s, Alvin Toffler wrote a book called Future shock predicting the absorption into a myriad of subcultures for a population divided along complex social strata, and if he was still alive, he’d deserve a cigar for this prophecy alone; although he only died in 2016 so he pretty much saw it come true. More-or-less, he predicted the Internet.

There is no political substance or even consistency of message from the flaky characters that Anonykatz fixates on and yet they’ve never bothered to address this in any scrupulous detail — they simply guffaw at the overall ideology as they perceive it — mainly because they are the flipside to the same coin.

They are no more sophisticated than those they deride. The UNA team actually read a poster responding to Nick Folkes on the Anonykatz page who claimed that Hitler went to jail with Heinrich Himmler and there devised the National Socialist German Workers Party. No Katz admin bothered to correct this boob who had the comical impudence to then censure Folkes for not being intelligent enough to have assimilated this important historical fact. But, we digress…


Erikson, Folkes, and Blair Cottrell are the constructions of a media that were once obsessed with the anti-Islam movement and required ‘actors’ for the narrative surrounding this multicultural society of Australia. It inflated them, and then, when it all became passé, they pricked their hides and deflated their spirits, which were always inordinately out of scale compared to the size of any actual talent they might have possessed. They now play a constant game of catch-up with that sub-tier celebrity which, of all of them, Erikson Joneses for the most.

If, say, Anonykatz had any grasp of Nationalist politics it wouldn’t even bother with the likes of Neil Erikson or Shermon Burgess, who’re blank cartridges from a circus shooting range.

Individually, none of those mentioned above is remarkable people. Yet, like most human beings, they crave attention. The need for recognition is one of the most powerful human motivators which are why there are those who’ll seek it in evil and anti-social ways, such as mass-shooters, and serial killers.

Once upon a time, this type of character was the feeder for the music industry as the promise of ‘fame’ for the not-so-talented were offered by the vision of pop stars which they looked at and thought, “I could do that too”. So they formed bands or became performance artists or did anything that might lead to that ‘break’. Andy Warhol observed all this and made one of the most astute utterances of the 20th century — that one day every person would have their fifteen minutes of fame. And Warhol understood fame better than anyone.

This is why it ill-behoves the likes of Anonykatz to feed the egos of these pseudo-revolutionaries, but to make such an assertion fails to take into account that by doing so the players from their camp are exercising their own egocentricities. Again, they are the same animal. Erikson, Folkes, Cottrell do not pursue issues, as would be expected of earnest political crusaders, but rather use a cause to promote themselves. Separated from the substance of issues, we have mere personalities, and a kind of ‘fanboy’ nationalism, which is a term coined by UNA and covered in a previous article.


The Alt-Right gained its infamy through ‘trolling’; it doesn’t necessarily make anything better if the Left apes those tactics which, when all has been said and done, were questionable (although often hugely successful) to begin with. Let’s deal with a semantic before we get down to brass tacks here: We call this opposition ‘the Left’ for convenience purposes, or even ‘Cultural Marxists’, but that’s not necessarily accurate.

Much of what is assumed to be politically Left are actually the lackeys of the pseudo-progressive-democratic-liberal-globalist-capitalist-world-order. In the most basic reading of the morality contest underlying the narrative in which the Left is pitted against the Far Right, the former are supposedly upholding virtues that the latter dream of stripping from civic life for the sake of an authoritarian, race-based order. This assumes ‘good guys and bad guys’ when viewed through the glass of 20th century western struggles against Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, and National Socialism. Here we invoke Alvin Toffler once more because he had another insight into the future. He wrote: “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.


In this era, for either side, applying historical lessons, or ideologies, or prejudices from a bygone era is a glittering example of that new millennium illiteracy of which he wrote. So, with the exception of pure Nationalists, or even fluid-thinking true leftists whose worldview we may largely oppose but whose sincerity and logic we might otherwise respect, we have the ‘Katz’ — whose own obsessions are every bit as unhealthy as those provocateurs they make a subculture out of countering online.

The time has, therefore, come to bring these ‘Katz’ into the spotlight. For the main part, those posters who fill the ranks can be easily searched and profiled for themselves. But who runs Anonykatz?

In our last entry, we responded to an article by Honi Soit that claimed that we ‘doxx lefties’ under the guise of self-defence. In this case, we do it as a public service.

In our last entry, we responded to an article by Honi Soit that claimed that we ‘doxx lefties’ under the guise of self-defence. In this case, we do it as a public service.

United Nationalists Australia has been, for a long time now, flooded with requests to doxx the admin of Anonykatz. We have been given theories on who runs it, and countless links. We, therefore, posit the following as a theory which we back up with what we believe is convincing evidence. But as we doxx Anonykatz it is now incumbent on us to out one of its most consistent serial pests — Andrew J. Forster.


There are amusing trolls, there are witty combatants, and then there are those who if they weren’t harassing people online they would be stealing women’s underwear off clotheslines and wearing it over their heads as they tortured small furry animals. Andrew Forster fits into the latter category.

Hardly a nationalist, patriot or anyone ‘rightist’ conservative has not had an uninvited excretion from the poster using the name Andrew Forster appearing in their messenger inbox. He is unbothered by any transgression of Facebook policy, about laws pertaining to electronic-devices and stalking, or even whether or not he comes across as a complete body snatcher.

He has poured vile abuse on women, accessed accounts belonging to minors, attacked the sick, and violated the privacy of at least one person grieving over the passing of a close relative. It doesn’t matter to him. He is not made of the stuff that exhibits conscience nor is he equipped with the intellectual faculties to express an ideological rationale. He is purely a sociopath with access to the Internet.

He is by no means clever — he often gets rattled when challenged to any degree and scurries off to hit the ‘block’ button even though it was he who initiated contact. It all depends on how much alcohol or pot is in his system or whether or not the methamphetamine he has smoked was of a high enough grade. All in all, his entire act is based on a war of attrition, or who will blink first.

The best response to Forster is to block him. You are not dealing with an intellect, but a lummox whose cerebral deadness serves him well in his abusive trespasses onto the accounts of others. The nature of the world he supposedly abhors in the reckoning of his political opposition is exactly the one which he inhabits online: one where ideas must be singular, where the debate gets shut down, and where other human beings are objectified and reduced to caricatures.

Hardly a nationalist, patriot or anyone ‘rightist’ conservative has not had an uninvited excretion from the poster using the name Andrew Forster appearing in their messenger inbox. He is unbothered by any transgression of Facebook policy, about laws pertaining to electronic-devices and stalking, or even whether or not he comes across as a complete body snatcher.

His profiles list him as residing in Perth. In the past, we have had intelligence pinpointing him to a certain address, but we cannot be sure that information is accurate. We do have what we are assured are images of him. We share two of his Facebook profiles, which are queer things. He seems to have a fetish for the obscure matron of the 1990s British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, Hyacinth Bucket. In others, he has cheesy personalities from bygone pop culture decorating his bizarre user profile. Likewise, when he wants to be tricky he uses the alias Andrew Forester (see what he did there, genius).

Jame Gumb, stand aside, there is a new retro freak in town

UNA recently, through a lengthy operation, uncovered the address and information regarding the business practices of fake news journalist Luke McMahon. We have his residential address, and we know a lot about him now. We are in the process of uncovering even more information. The same will apply to Forster, who has made such a bore of himself we will coordinate with our people – and even those who aren’t nationalists – in West Australia to finally trace him to his lair. That will be a day he will wish had never come. Thanks to a major financial injection by a benefactor, we have resources that a year ago was not available to us.

Well, it’s pretty obvious Andy is an X-Genner. Note how this profile he brilliantly moves around the letters of his alleged surname to create ‘Forester’. We suggest everyone inbox him and congratulate him on his cleverness. Or just keep reporting his bogus accounts

Firstly, we have to question whether or not Forster is his actual name, and true identity. It will be easy enough to ascertain, but for the sake of discussion, we suggest that it might very well be, given the arguments about identity and ego that we’ve laid out above. It is in the psychopathology of someone like Forster to seek credit for his deeds otherwise he would operate under ever-changing aliases such as Luke McMahon has done.

Hip? Forster barely has a pelvis

It is also noteworthy that his profile appears on the friends’ list of lefty author John Birmingham, which might mean that Birmingham approves any old friend request, or else he is known to the man. Around 1990, when Birmingham contributed to Rolling Stone, he wrote an article about Jim Saleam and National Action that was a direct reflection of the lies being promulgated by disgraced Special Branch detective Neville Ireland; which would suggest that a relationship existed between the two. Jim Saleam complained and either a letter was published in Rolling Stone, or there was a retraction, but he cannot say for sure.

It is also noteworthy that his profile appears on the friends’ list of lefty author John Birmingham, which might mean that Birmingham approves any old friend request, or else he is known to the man.

In Birmingham’s book, Leviathan published around 2000, which is sold as “an electrifying epic history of the city of Sydney” reference was made to Jim Saleam and National Action and an incident involving an alleged theft from a woman by him and a man named Peter Coleman. The case was in dispute and when Jim Saleam confronted the publishers those extracts were subsequently expurgated from the paperback edition.

All in all, it appears that Birmingham, who models himself as a rebel, may very well have been a snitch operating with the corrupt authorities of the time.

We are told this is a floor plan to Forster’s Perth home. The hydroponic chamber is listed as ‘BRM 2’

But returning to Andrew ‘J’ Forster, we are also informed that he might be lying about the ‘J’ initial in his name, as we are told his name is Andrew Robert Forster.

Whatever, the thing to do now with all his accounts, if you do not block them, is to inundate them until it becomes unviable for him to post any more of his scurrilous silliness. Troll the troll. Find him wherever he is and just let him have it. His accounts are most likely fake so there is little point in him crying to Facebook, and you can make all sorts of threats, and say any sick thing that comes into your head, because the police simply won’t do a damned thing about it and he is too compromised to make such a complaint anyhow. Go for it. He is a real petal; a total snowflake.


download (2)

The most obvious eccentricity of those running Anonykatz is their obsession with felines. It goes beyond a simple shtick and into the realm of full-blown mania.

Smith and Anthony Albanese: boy the air must’ve smelt bad when that shot was taken

Therefore when it turns out that noted anti-fascist, the mushy-bellied beer-quaffing Pete Smith and his equally chubby partner Ariana Klepac are the authors of two books classified as “humour” and which reflect an almost Egyptian worship of pussycats it seems a reasonable enough contention that these two are responsible for Anonykatz. At least, this is the theory being presented to us. Obviously, we cannot say definitively, but the circumstances certainly make it highly plausible.

Awww, look at that, Pete’s a Labor man, which means he’s not a proper lefty at all. Slackbastard should stop talking to him

The pair has authored the books How to Get Ahead in Business with Office Cat, and The Cat-phabet: A Guide to our Furry Overlords — From A to Z. We do not recommend you buy these books unless for some reason Kleenex is in dire shortage. Given the level of wit expressed on what may or may not be their Facebook page, the quality of humour is obviously somewhere about the level of Bill Shorten after a few snorts of paint thinners.

Mrs Anonykatz (allegedly), Ariana Klepac, whose public persona along with her partner is as an author of two naff cat books and who looks like she applies her lipstick with a paint roller

Klepac also notably wrote a book titled Stark Raving Mod about the Mod scene in Australia from the late 1970s to 1980s. The book is currently unavailable for purchase.

The blurriness of Katz Palace (allegedly) in Balmain must be down to all the beers Pete drinks to try and make his missus look attractive. And vice versa. Ho ho… just a jolly jape, we are pretty sure both would nab first place in any swimsuit contest

What we DO know is that they both live in Balmain, or Toy World, as some wags refer to it, and if they do in fact control Anonykatz then their background could not be more perfect given the character of the suburb. However, if you want to Google their ‘publisher address’, which is Klepac’s residential & business address, you’ll encounter the extremely odd situation of finding their house blurred out on all Google Street View maps. We are not sure how, or why, one goes about getting their residence blurred out – especially when it is supplied by Google as a place of business – so we’ll just show you a blurry image of the joint which won’t mean much without an accompanying address so they can spare us any bullshit about litigation. As we say, it’s on Google anyway if you search Ariana Klepac. Both are authors which place them in the public domain and their works are therefore subject to fair comment, opinion, and literary criticism.

What also is justified editorial comment in the context of this article is Smith’s alleged connection to the convicted paedophile and former anti-fascist state informant, Alex Gollan. A former assistant principal at a Sydney school, Gollan led a double life as an anti-racist crusader, running a blog called Anti-Bogan at the WordPress site. Smith is implicated in having shared editorial responsibilities with the Gollan, who in 2016 was jailed for possession of child abuse material, released on bail, and the story sort of goes cold there. Perhaps his police handlers, long used to dealing with kiddy fiddlers, provided him with some sort of out clause. We’re sure to find out one way or another. Meanwhile, this does not cast Smith in a very convincing light as a social crusader.

Convicted pedo Alex Gollan was allegedly an associate of Smith

So, folks, there you have it; these anti-fascists are literally a bunch of pussies, with the gayest being Andrew Forster and his psychosexual fixation with Hyacinth Bucket. Perhaps she reminds him of the mother he’s always wanted to get into the sack. Who knows with these sickos? Adieu.

The technical term for this item is a ‘waste of money’