If Neil Erikson isn’t under strict orders to fuck over Australian Nationalism then we are the editorial team for the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

His latest caper involves him and an associate knucklehead in a Hi-Vis shirt confronting Labor senator Sam Dastyari at a Melbourne university bar. There, despite the little ‘daigou’ standing at the bar buying beers contradictory to strict Moslem religious observance (and the fact he is non-practising) they film themselves abusing him as a “terrorist” and telling him to go back to “Iran”. Erikson later claimed on FB that he was addressing concerns Dastyari holds “duel” citizenship. It is about as embarrassing a political attack as this big fruit has thus far managed and so far wide of the mark it keeps circumference with Erikson’s bloated waistline.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

If you plan to attack Dastyari it should be about his in flagrante delicto role in the selling off of Australia to China. But that’s not the point — Erikson is an arch-traitor to the White Nationalist movement yet the media now regards him as its stubbie-skolling ambassador, a situation that hasn’t come about by accident.

Many things have contributed to this beast’s destructive rampage not least the failure of prominent Nationalists to speak up against him despite the many lies, insults, and injuries he has knowingly inflicted on our cause.

Yet again this problematical dick has managed to contaminate our cause through a perception of his association with us — a perception he has consciously worked at establishing especially in the gullible mind of the media.

Erikson is aligned with Zionist Avi Yemini and has for a long time been in cahoots with Nick Folkes’s anti-Nationalist Peanuts for Freedom. A network of whispers has him even linked to even more nefarious characters such as the fake news freelancer Luke McMahon and in all probability Liberal Party black ops coordinator Howard Crawford.

Back when he was cranking out defamatory videos on a Facebook page with fellow feral Shermon Burgess, one could discern the invisible trails of the lies he told from whom they originated. His and Burgess’s attacks were like a script and not one borne of spite or jealousy but a particular motive despite the pair being collectively too stupid to even have a motive beyond getting wasted.

Avi Yemini sends Erikson off for lox and bagels outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Strong suspicion arose with many——and it is a theory strengthened continually by everything this numpty does——that he was “turned” by the state following charges over his harassment of Rabbi Dovid Gutnick in 2014, an offence for which he mysteriously served no jail time. Then he totally went rogue.

The very Nationalists from whom Erikson sought advice prior to his inexplicably eventually landing himself a high-flying lawyer became the targets of his attack when he was denied a senior role in the equally disastrous United Patriots Front. In that case, such as he had similarly done with a Nationalist group beforehand, he used his administrator status on the UPF’s Facebook page to lock everyone out.

Erikson had been all along been soliciting advice from Nationalist sources which advised him not to go ahead with the Bendigo beheading stunt and if he did to not involve any of the UPF’s senior members or else legal hassles would follow. He ignored this warning and the rest is now legal history. At this point, when UPF’s leadership were distancing the group from the uncontrollable Erikson, he attempted to start a splinter project with among others Burgess and Ralph Cerminara. They intended to appropriate the Identitarian Movement from the French despite all being non-Nationalists. This was a deliberate provocation but when Australian WNs contacted France he shelved the idea.

Consequently, the headline in the ABC report is caterwauling about “White Nationalism” being on the rise.

Thereafter he reinvented his vehicles but never himself, teaming up with Sherm the Germ, and most recently provoking the Nationalist movement in Australia by appropriating the name ‘Nationalist Uprising’ while promoting Zionism.

Ah yes, the Zionism. In his many guises after UPF Erikson went on a ferocious dox against his former comrades, turning out secret video footage of Blair Cottrell and others, and denouncing all as ‘Nazis’. He made a point of claiming to have been a member of Blood & Honour and Nationalist Alternative and expressing redemption for his misguided and misspent skinhead past. In fact, Neil was largely responsible for bringing ‘Nazis’ to the rallies that he was later beseeching be cleansed of goose-steppers.

By this stage, the lies were flying from his bearded lips like shit squirting from the arse of a goose. A 2016 video is like a Best Hits of Neil Erikson lies. It includes:

  • He was a member of Nationalist Alternative
  • He was a member of Australia First Party
  • That Sammy Binz and/or an AFP member sent pictures of a “dead baby” to him over Facebook
  • That an AFP member who he’d never met, talked to, laid eyes on or been involved in any sort of social media interaction with is Jewish
  • That a certain person known only for his quality of character was guilty of a carnal indiscretion over social media
  • That he is a Nationalist

This is apart from the 6000 terabytes of lies told in videos and on FB posts stored away in which his bullshit is plentiful enough to outnumber the individual grains of sand on every beach in Australia.

Leaping to the present, and Neil’s ‘Patriot Blue’ incarnation, which he nicked from a forthcoming Net series based on the movie Romper Stomper due to appear on the Stan streaming service — We say, given his proclamation that “you cannot be a Nationalist WITHOUT supporting Israel”, they should rename their Facebook group, Patriot Jew.

Australian Nationalism needs more dumb cunts in High-Vis shirts who’re prepared to follow Neil Erikson around

But you have to ask yourself, who benefits from all of this? Erikson is not running a political party, nor could he be given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. Is he hoping to start a mass movement? Not likely given his fractured personality and lack of mental discipline. And how did he just happen to be in that particular bar when last time we checked he’d moved his suffering missus and sprog to the Apple Isle? It’s as though someone wanted him there.

Again, who benefits? When you join all the dots on Erikson’s Conservative Reactionary associates then the picture begins to at least make a little more sense.

Erikson is a useful idiot with handlers and he is doing what he is told. His mission, at the end of the day, is to achieve certain ends for his shrouded Conservative connections while bringing Nationalism into disrepute.

Finally, it has to be accepted that Erikson came out of the unmitigated disaster of the Reclaim Australia movement. In fact, just about every ‘personality’ that emerged from that cluster fuck has somehow damaged Nationalism and generated factionalism, elite groups, and coteries that spring up and disappear just as quickly. True politics, true Australian Nationalist tradition and spirit are derided as quaint and irrelevant in this single-minded stampede for the ‘next’ big possibility.

There is too much changing, too much repackaging, too much mainstreaming and too little resolve.

All of Neil Erikson’s best ideas come out of a VB bottle 





“The survival of Western Civilisation is at stake. There is no ‘moral’ and ‘immoral’. The only immoral thing is to permit an enemy to destroy one’s people, either by decay or by physical annihilation.”
– George Lincoln Rockwell

Although it may give a sense of comfort and legitimacy for Patriots to ally themselves with the Police, to put oneself on the side of law and order, and to believe that the authority of the state tacitly approves their ideals, just reinforces a false sense of security.

Aussie Patriots have not figured out that Nationalism is not the will of the state; rather, to follow the Nationalist ideal is to run contrary to its will.  Ardent Nationalists realise this.

Any belief that the Australian state has Nationalist sympathies must be done away with. Nationalism is devotion to one’s nation, while Civic Patriotism is devotion to one’s government; the ideal is a nation-state in which the state and its apparatuses serve the nation, thereby making patriotism and nationalism indistinguishable, and reconciling their accurate meanings.

Southern Cross Soldier, 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy, is the youngest known person to be shot dead by Police. He was gunned down in Victoria under extremely dubious circumstances in 2009. The SCS was largely a myth but the media made much of his alleged associations. The boy had been a victim of ‘diversity’ which led to his meltdown.

In Australia today, you are free to be as patriotic as you like. You can support sodomy, usury, unsustainable immigration levels, environmental destruction, pointless wars, historical negationism, child grooming experiments in schools by intellectuals, or any of the other programmes sanctioned by the Commonwealth of Australia and/or state governments. You can support any or all of these with as fervently as you desire, and you won’t land yourself in any hot water with the various law enforcement agencies.

Nationalism is not the will of the Australian state; rather, to follow the Nationalist ideal is to run counter to that will.

However, if you question whether or not masturbating into another man’s anus is a valid basis for marriage, you’ll be branded as a “homophobe” and thus cast out as the media demands. If you active resentment for the 180,000 immigrants a year this country absorbs a year, you’ll be dragged in front of the courts for racial vilification. If you oppose expensive military operations conducted for the benefit of Israel, you’ll end up condemned by parliament as being a “freedom hater” or a “supporter of human rights violations”; and the list goes on.

Politics is the acquisition and retention of power – questioning and opposing state programmes threatens the power of the state, therefore anyone who does this will incur the wrath of the state.

Pig breeding has gotten colourful over the years

No matter how safe an organisation plays it when it questions the state and its programmes the organisation becomes the enemy of the state which requires the police and the courts acting on behalf of the legislature, shut it down. The United Patriots Front is a telling example of this.

Everything the group did was lawful, at least up until the beheading video, which as Chris Shortis pointed out declaring it unlawful meant that the state was “effectively trying to defend what is an unlawful act under Australian law”. This didn’t matter, the group was declared an enemy of the State of Victoria, and it was shut down.

The conviction of the “Bendigo Three” came after the UPF, or at least some of the group’s members, organised a counter protest of Melbourne Black Lives Matter rally in July 2016 in a show of support for Police and the Blue Lives Matter cause. As the show of appreciation for this, the Australian Federal Police later pressured Facebook into removing the United Patriots Front’s page, which greatly reduced its capacity to organise, effectively leaving it dead in the water.

No matter how safe an organisation plays it when it questions the state and its programmes the organisation becomes the enemy of the state which requires the police and the courts acting on behalf of the legislature, shut it down. The United Patriots Front is a telling example of this.

Regardless of whether or not a group says that negroes shouldn’t kill police officers; gangs of Pacific Islanders should obey the law and not commit home invasions; or that Islamists should respect the Australian way of life, the state will come after you if you threaten their power – independent of whether or not the state technically should agree with in some legalistic manner. As Ian Stuart eloquently put it “the fucking boys in blue will do exactly what the Jew bastards in the government tell them to do”.

Support for the police is support for the enemy’s guardians. The legal system actively prevents Nationalists from gaining power; they did so with Jim Saleam; they did so with Pauline Hanson (she was imprisoned on fabricated charges of electoral fraud, and only allowed to sit in parliament once she abandoned nationalism), and they did so with the UPF.  The way to stop this enemy of Nationalism is not by supporting the Police, but by ending public faith in them.

images (5)
Australian woman Justine Damond was gunned down in Minneapolis this year by “Somali-American” cop Mohamed Noor. She was, in fact, alerting to the Police to a prowler when he blew her away for no discernible reason. The Police Union over there has stood by their trigger-happy non-White murdering pig.

Public faith in Police gives them their power, and once that faith is eroded, society will look to other means of protection which will allow for the creation of something similar to Golden Dawn. Think twice the next time you decide to show support for the Police – they do a decent job of eroding their support on their own (replacing officers with women, covering up the sexual assault of their female staff, and allowing the negroes to run wild through Australian homes, etc.).

There is no reason to slow this decline. And should another Curtis Cheng case arises, certainly don’t condemn Muslims for it, instead look at it with extreme indifference. They put Nationalists who oppose Islamic immigration in prison, and the Muslims put one of their people six feet under? Who cares? And if you want a laugh, tell your left-leaning friends about how you think it’s disgusting that police oppression of minorities has gotten to the point where the Muslims are left with no other option than to voice their cries for help by gunning down officers of the law – who knows, it might even get you the phone number of a cute Marxist girl at uni.

images (6)
March of the Nazi Faggots.



We have stretched definitions here, since the subjects of today’s chat we do not regard as bona fide Nationalists. Nevertheless, they are considered to be so by outsiders and the clueless.

Worse yet, recognised Nationalists are now fawning over one or more of their ‘heroes’ and it is as much a betrayal of Nationalist precepts as the actual duplicities by those we indirectly refer to.

True Nationalism has as its most unwavering principles the cessation of immigration to this country, the abolition of multiculturalism, and the recognition of White Australians as the only Australians. Aboriginals are Aboriginals, and Australians are White Europeans. We aim for a mono-racial, Protective, mono-cultural state. The wisdom is manifold when the corrosiveness of pluralism is understood socially, economically, and psychologically.

Many years back, a group around a twerp called Darrin Hodges began spruiking the fool’s gold of mainstreaming. This has as its primary tenet something roughly along the lines that ‘the masses’ will be turned off by the racialism of White Nationalism. Rather than ever dare mention Israel, or god forbid the Zionists, the mainstream party actually becomes inclusive on a multiracial basis of anyone opposed to Islam. Thus was coined the expression ‘Diversity minus Islam’ and subsequently Zionists became fervent proponents.

What would, by all other measures, be a simpatico parallel movement to Nationalism, in fact, began to see Nationalists as enemies. No longer satisfied with carving out turf for its own manoeuvres, it came to desire the destruction of Nationalism as inherently counter its nebulous aims. Suddenly, this unwanted bastard child of Nationalism is worried about how Nationalism affects IT as if the hammer came before the stone.

Mainstreaming, of course, by its own rules, became occupied by the very mainstream it hoped to influence. Rather, the mainstream influences it and not the other way round. To that end, political interests of the “right” found it a useful vehicle.

This idea of ‘mainstreaming’ is something that subsequent groups that sprung out of Reclaim Australia embraced as infallible wisdom and who, today, their principle players are far from having renounced. Any Nationalism on their part is “assumed” as if it is a tacit secret between them and their ‘fans’.

There, we said it, ‘fans’. Because the colourful heroes sucking up all the follows on Twitter, and all the ‘likes’ on Facebook do not have serious political adherents, they have ‘fans’. They are admired for some aspect other than their politics since none of them has ever definitively stated their true Political orientation, their aims, or expressed sincere beliefs.

They have ‘winked’ at certain issues while becoming mawkish about them whenever they sensed the kind of negative publicity that might compromise their mainstream standing.

Likewise, a study of their personality type tends to reveal a character with a desire for adoration and popularity. The cause becomes the vehicle with which to drive them to their desired destination of popularity, recognition, and ultimately ‘fame’. Time and time again a misdirected desire for sub-tier fame has created and burnt out identities on the Patriot side. It has generated more hubris than a meeting of oil barons.

And there, beaut reader is the reason that we see so many woeful, embarrassing wet farts like Zionist Avi Yemini’s great Patriot rally in Melbourne: it is because their followers are fans and not serious activists.

Again, it is a shame Nationalists who should know better are smitten with these fleeting idols like gushing teenyboppers. The real Nationalism is THAT WAY, folks, and we don’t require an X-Factor to pass along the simple message that unless you stand up, you … are … doomed.

Hodges and other Ziobots defend Jews
The original mainstreamers Nick Folkes and Darrin Hodges protest in support of a Jewish Chocolate Store targeted by anti-Zionists




Victoria is now officially an Orwellian Police State following last week’s conviction of the Bendigo Three on charges arising from the mock beheading of a dummy.

On Tuesday, September 5, in Melbourne Magistrates Court, Magistrate John Hardy found Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson, and Chris Shortis guilty under section 25(2) of The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, 2001 (RRTA). This is the first time that section of the law has been used in a prosecution. A conviction was recorded for each defendant, and a fine of $2000 plus a $79.50 statutory charge was imposed.

This judgment marks a turning point. Having peeled off its mask, the multiculturalist state is now showing its true authoritarian face. Magistrate Hardy’s judgment has not only set the bar for prosecution perilously low but decided it can be set anywhere the state chooses. Freedom of speech is the foundation of all other freedoms in a democratic society. Before the advent of multiculturalism in this country, the main restrictions to that implied freedom of expression were defamation, obscenity, intellectual property and incitement. While some argue that vilification laws are similar to defamation laws, the differences between the two indicate how far our freedoms have been eroded in the name of safeguarding feelings.

download (3)
The much overused still from the infamous video that incited hatred against Moslems and will probably trigger World War Three

Firstly, defamation is civil law, whereas section 25(2) of the RRTA is criminal law. Secondly, in defamation law, the plaintiff initiates a lawsuit and seeks a legal remedy. In Ross versus Shortis, Cottrell and Erikson, there was no complainant as in a criminal case. No Muslim had ever complained they felt ridiculed, hated, or treated as an object of contempt. No Patriot has testified that the video had incited them to have these attitudes. Instead, the case was brought by the Director of Public Prosecutions with Constable Erin Ross as the informant, who both exercised the entitlement that they, unlike ordinary citizens, have not to take the witness stand. This meant that the defendants could not cross examine their accusers as there were no accusers: a fundamental breach of procedural fairness, due process, and natural justice.

All up, The Bendigo Three faced three charges (an earlier fourth charge was withdrawn). These resulted from a stunt they performed outside the Bendigo Council Offices involving a mock beheading. The video of the stunt together with extra footage of members walking and riding around Bendigo was uploaded to the United Patriots Front Facebook page as publicity for a 2015 rally held in Bendigo to protest the proposed building of a mosque.

All up, The Bendigo Three faced three charges (an earlier fourth charge was withdrawn). These resulted from a stunt they performed outside the Bendigo Council Offices involving a mock beheading.

The first of the charges was ‘defacing the footpath and wall of the garden bed’ with ‘the emission of the red substance’. The second charge was ‘willfully damaging property’. “Damage does not need to be permanent”, presiding Magistrate Hardy informed the court. He left aside the question of why any rational person would describe a temporary stain on a footpath from water soluble food dye as “damage”. It took Bendigo Council two attempts to remove the pesky stain. The first time, ordinary water pressure from a hose wasn’t enough, but success was achieved the second time with a Gerni. A few weeks of weather and rain would probably have washed it away but then no-one would have been able to pretend it was a matter criminal enough to press charges. Chris Shortis actually paid the Council over $1000, a fine which exceeds the original cleaning bill. But the State required its pound of flesh!

download (6)
Magistrate John Hardy. He can find the harmless trigger of an eyebrow as incitement to ridicule or contempt

The first and second charges amounted to a prosecutorial fishing trip. The prosecutor, Fran Dalziel, was shamelessly up-front about this. She asked the Magistrate to hear the third charge first and only hear the other charges if the first charge was not proved. Hardy obligingly granted her request. The first two charges were only a backup. Clearly, it had been decided that the accused had to be charged with something, even if it ended up being trivial. Can anyone thereafter doubt that this trial was all along political and owed nothing to any theoretical victim?

The real victims in all of this

The trial lasted two days starting on a Monday. Supporters of the three accused had to pass through airport-style security on the ground floor, which was run by a security company. After queuing on the fifth floor, they passed through further security checkpoints, this time conducted by Victoria Police. These included complete photo ID scanning and twin 3D video cameras. Inside Courtroom 19, seating was restricted to 27 bodies, and much of that room was taken up by the less than objective media scrum. The lack of seating meant many travelled to court only to miss out on public seating.

Magistrate Hardy presented a curious anachronism, looking like a cross between Gandalf the Grey and Karl Marx. He informed the court that he had downloaded the RRTA and would read it out in the evening. However, by the end of the farcical proceedings, he would unquestioningly accept the prosecutor’s submission in what was so obviously a fait accompli. Before that, every pretence was made to try and lend seriousness to what was so evidently a show trial. Thus, presiding as he was over a circus, he cracked his whip on Day One of the two-day trial.

The Farce before the force

From the outset, a degree of exaggeration was necessary to contrive a sense of menace out of the stunt and convey this element of folk devilry to the court. A former official of the Greater Bendigo City Council took the stand, doing his best during testimony to convince the court this was a serious affair. After all, he had faced the extreme logistical difficulty and sheer angst posed by the mysterious red fluid it was his insurmountable duty to clean. Almost in judgement of this poppycock, a spectator’s mobile phone suddenly sounded, and the well-timed ringtone of The Benny Hill Show theme mocked the witness. He was subsequently cross-examined by each defendant in turn. Shown a more recent photograph of the ‘damage’ done by one of the defendants with the dummy’s fake blood, he sheepishly admitted that “the red spot may be a pebble”, and there was “no staining”. No graffiti artist had ever been held to such account.

download (4)
The Australia First Party have previously demonstrated in defence of the Bendigo Three

Thereafter, State functionaries dominated the first day’s proceedings with inane testimony that served only to pad out the dubious basis of the charges and give the court a false impression of their gravitas. Senior Sergeant John Phillip Dalton, the detective who headed the police response to the United Patriots Front Bendigo rallies, answered questions about the aims of the UPF. The prosecution then played the video, which was the only proper evidence presented throughout the trial. Afterwards, proceedings took a turn for the silly as Fran asked, “What is on Mr Shortis’s head?” “I’d say a religious cloth of some type”, Dalton replied. Under cross-examination, focus remained on the incriminating headdress worn by Chris Shortis, until Magistrate Hardy informed the defendants that a policeman’s opinion about a headdress was not admissible evidence. They might as well have taken Victorian taxpayer dollars and burnt the lot in a waste bin.

The following witness, Officer Gary Jenkins (a Freemason), didn’t even bother showing up. An excuse was given, that he had suffered a motorcycle accident. Examining the medical certificate (provided by one of the ‘brothers’?), Magistrate Hardy asked why he couldn’t be brought to court, as the certificate only covered work, not court. It was decided not to bother with his evidence, and another thrumming moment in Australian legal history squiggled to the ceiling like a yawning Z.

If the consequences of the day’s judgment would not turn out to be so grave, one may have been tempted to laugh as Detective Senior Constable Jason Smith took the stand. He led a raid on Chris Shortis’s house on Good Friday, 2016, where he seized Chris’s T-Shirt, jeans, and a toy Pirate’s sword. Of these vital pieces of evidence, the most dangerous was the T-Shirt, which hadn’t been washed. However, he forgot to bring them to court, a ditzy oversight that caused a 15-minute delay as they were sent for.

download (5)
Detective Senior Constable Jason Smith before Magistrate Hardy stole his Pirate sword

Once they arrived, Smith beamed devilishly. He could now show the court this damning evidence which he gleefully gathered up and fumbled with in his hands like an excited Lex Luther taunting Superman with kryptonite. But this was a comedy, not drama, and given such, he managed to clumsily drop the T-Shirt, sucking out the tiny puff of air that had momentarily inflated his sails in his moment of glory. He might have got to wave the sword about in a Douglas Fairbanks Jnr impression had the object described on the Bendigo Police evidence register as “One Fake Pirate Knife/Sword” not have been issued for destruction over a year earlier.

Another day, another truckload of taxpayers’ dollars

The morning of Day Two was taken up with submissions from the prosecutor and the three defendants followed by a rebuttal from Miss Dalziel. For reasons unknown, Detective Senior Constable Smith once more attended court, possibly hoping someone had found the Pirate sword. He evidently thought the prosecutor might have it, because in-between sessions he kept whispering anxiously in her ear. A request by Chris Shortis to quote from the Holy Qur’an was denied. He had hoped to share verse 8:12, which says, “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): ‘I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them’.”

Denied this opportunity to be enriched by the words of the Prophet, the court adjourned for lunch so that Magistrate Hardy could consider his ruling and possibly play with the Pirate sword. On returning at 2 pm, the assembled were informed that Magistrate Hardy needed a further hour’s deliberation, proving he had found the sword after all. In the wash-up, and following all the tedious testimony from the witnesses, the only evidence taken into consideration was the first 39 seconds of the UPF video. Magistrate Hardy seemed particularly taken by this portion of the video given it contained his esteemed Pirate sword.

Another victim of The Bendigo Three’s “intentions”

Mr Shortis had argued that since beheading is illegal, and the RRTA only protects lawful religious activity, the video cannot be subject to the act. Magistrate Hardy rejected this argument as “teleological”. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines teleology as “The explanation of phenomena in terms of the purpose they serve rather than of the cause by which they arise”. This seems to say more about Hardy’s convoluted reflections on the 39 seconds in the video than it does to Chris’s argument in their defence. In fact, we’re pretty sure it sounds like bullshit. Hardy might as well have yelled, “look behind you” for all the clarity of this argument. Likewise, he argued that the law was dealing with “Muslims not beheading”, which is again odd given that there were no Muslims in the video and the only thing beheaded was a sex toy.

But as sure as he invalidated all of Chris’s arguments, he ignored his contention relevant sections of the Australian Constitution imply freedom of expression and that Australia is a signatory to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The latter includes the right to freedom of opinion and expression as a basic principle. Hardy did not agree that there is a conflict between the RRTA and the corresponding Federal law. He did not refer to the Keating government memorandum which suggests there may be. As to the lack of a plaintiff or complainant, he simply said that section 25 does not require it, airily dismissing legal investigation. He noted that the video had chalked-up 275 likes, establishing that it had an audience, which was, to him, a solid basis for construing the malicious intent in the video he believed exists had probably gestated already in weak minds.

During his dénouement, Hardy said, “I accept Miss Dalziel’s submission that the intention of the video was to incite and that it is not necessary to prove that it would incite or that it did so.  Where intent is the issue then inference must be used … The context of the video leaves me no alternative than to find that the intention was to incite serious contempt or ridicule of persons of the Muslim faith.”

During his dénouement, Hardy said, “I accept Miss Dalziel’s submission that the intention of the video was to incite and that it is not necessary to prove that it would incite or that it did so.

So, no actual incitement needs to occur, mere intention, a mental state, is enough to convict and inference is all that’s required to “prove” the mental state of the accused. Thus the burden of proof is reversed for an action merely imputed, which is abstraction upon abstraction. No real barrier remains for the prosecution of anyone the state does not like and the broadness as well as the vagueness of the offending article is pure Kafka. Thus, the presentation of opposing views to any area of the multicultural dogma is potentially a punishable offence, be it Islam, African crime, Chinese imperialism or the objection to curry odours in a unit block. If these views are presented publicly, regardless of whether criminal activity occurs as a result, it can be considered as “incitement”, demonstrable by a few clicks of the ‘like’ button on Facebook. In other words, opposing multiculturalism is a thought crime as well as a hate crime, especially if expressed on Facebook, which half of the legal justice system and Police Force seem to spend their time (and our money) gawping at.

The one glimmer of light from the Magistrate in this otherwise grotesque Stalinesque show trial came during sentencing. The prosecutor claimed that the defendants were lacking in remorse.  Magistrate Hardy, for once disagreeing with Miss Dalziel, noted that remorse in issues of principle is a bit different from remorse in matters such as rape. Undeterred, Fran declared that “Opposition to Islam continues to be held by these men!”

Magistrate Hardy, salvaging an atom of credibility, reminded Miss Dalziel that “They are entitled to oppose Islam it is how that opposition is expressed that is at issue”. But this is another instance of Hardy’s dingbat logic given that opposition cannot exist WITHOUT expression and there are no terms of reference to define the acceptable expression.

In other words, two plus two now equals anything but four.

It is worth noting, too, that when the guilty verdict was delivered members of the media — some believe from the ABC — pumped the air with their fists in a show of celebration.

Following the decision, Blair Cottrell and what’s-his-name went off to file an appeal. Chris Shortis is considering his options.

UNA salutes our smiling hero, Chris Shortis

ED — We point out here that Chris Shortis is a member of United Nationalists Australia, however, this article was produced by another member of our growing team who was present both days of the Kangaroo court.



One thing that can be said about the West is that it sure swallows lies easily. It had no problem buying into the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie that Dubya and his allies used as a pretext to illegally invade Iraq and kill its leader. That’s just one example.

As Adolf Hitler said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

Now the mainstream media talks about “fake news”. What a chutzpah. When it comes to most geopolitical matters and anything involving the Globalist narrative fake news is all that it’s serving.

But lies and gullibility are just symptoms of Western infantilism. An infantilised people respond well to the Globalist Media. Think of this fine example of infantilism: When Donald Trump won the 2017 Presidential Election, in spite of the relentless negative media coverage he received, college students were so traumatised that they were given Play-Doh as therapy.

Play-Doh is the Prozac of Generation Triggered

Another troubled petal publicly defecated on a pro-Trump placard in the wave of anarchy that followed the result and swept the streets of US cities — a very infantile demonstration of anal aggression from one who is no doubt receiving a first world education in one of the world’s most advanced and militaristic nations.

As Adolf Hitler said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

Indeed, you can see this infantilism in much of the way that the CTRL-LEFT advocates through its pervasive hysteria. If it doesn’t have its way, it will scream, and cry, and break things. It will fall thrashing to the ground like a misbehaving cat.

It is at once a spoiled brat and a bully believing itself to be functioning at the highest level of human consciousness.

ISIS have their counterparts in the CTRL-LEFT

However, it is not this infantilism alone, but the new religion of the West, which has cast off Christianity and replaced it with the bourgeoisie dogma of Virtue. And Virtue has a duty to atone for sins, real and imagined — while forcing others to recompense too regardless of whether or not they subscribe to its collective guilt.

Virtue gives no quarter and has its brutal way, even if its actions and philosophies are contradictory of the very moral foundation it is imagined to rest upon.

This is why Virtue, with its very coloured concept of history, absorbed through a didactic prism of historical Civil Rights Movement revisionism, considers no hypocrisy in stigmatising White people.

It is at once a spoiled brat and a bully believing itself to be functioning at the highest level of human consciousness.

Virtue, not satisfied with its history, sets about erasing it and rewriting it as it would like to believe it was. Virtue can abhor ISIS for destroying wondrous historical monuments of bygone civilisations, and yet it impels others to destroy historical tributes from its own past in the course of abolishing that history.

Virtue speaks of truth through lying lips and waxes lyrical about love while its heart is full of hate. Virtue condemns the totalitarianism it perceives in Fascism and Nationalism while its own sensibilities are authoritarian.

Black Caesar
Caesar was black. Caesar has always been black. The historical inaccuracy is those two White guys who would never have been in African Ancient Rome

Virtue is the religion of Globalism even though Globalism recognises no religion. Globalism doesn’t care — globalism is, at its core, a business and to it, the precepts of the Virtue religion are just marketable values.

The alt-right, in an alternate universe, would be understood as being a legitimate manifestation coming out of a genuine civil rights position.

The alt-right, in an alternate universe, would be understood as being a legitimate manifestation coming out of a genuine civil rights position.

When you are told that you are to blame for every misfortune befalling every minority; when you are taught not to judge others for the colour of their skin but then receive lessons in how you are a privileged person, a racist, and a fool based on the colour of yours – you either submit to the shaming or resist.

You particularly resist when at the same time you are casually informed you are part of a race that is dying. More irksome is when you understand your race is on a downward slope because it is being asked to make space for much larger races which aren’t in danger of disappearing from the earth.

Virtue calls for spiritual ablution by writing anti-White gibberish all over your face in dark pen

Black Lives Matter is celebrated, but the alt-right is demonised. The central message of BLM is that black people are the victim of White people when anyone with open eyes can see that now it’s completely the other way around.

As blacks, Asians and Middle Easterners spread across Europe, their riotous numbers are driving the aboriginal peoples of nearly every single European country into minority status. As the European peoples are replaced, so their culture, and the marvels of the civilisation that bear their names, disappears too. The gates are being forced open by the Globalists and the only crime is to speak out against it. In Europe, that can be a serious crime indeed.

This is what George Orwell meant when he wrote that “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four.”

This is what George Orwell meant when he wrote that “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four.”

This religion of Virtue, more than anything else, was the trigger for Charlottesville. It was the very thing against which the alt-right was demonstrating whether or not it managed to articulate that fact sufficiently. It would not have mattered if there was no small presence of play-actors with Swastikas, or bogeyman Klansman outfits because the ‘White Supremacist’ angle was predetermined.

While the Police ignored a federal injunction permitting the Unite the Right rally to take place they allowed the so-called counter protesters — you might call them the Inquisitors of the Virtue religion — to continue. The state created that scene and the Globalist media wrote the narrative. It stoked the fire.

As alt-righters are doxed and face losing their jobs for attending a legally sanctioned rally, those who vandalise statues; those who throw bottles, and use intimidation wherever possible, are rewarded for their Globalist Crusade.

Demonstrations continue to ignite like spot fires around the US. Those CTRL-LEFT protesters not defacing historical monuments are openly waving placards with messages like “KILL WHITEY”. Graffiti is appearing  with no less subtle sentiment. In one pic from a protest a smiling college girl holds a sign that reads, “LOL. YOUR GRAND-KIDS WILL BE BROWN”. Meanwhile, the State stands by like a mute centurion condemning only alt-right apostates.

Wonder Woman is based on the goddess ISIS who was, as everyone knows, either black or a beaner



It took UNA just the time needed to type in a URL to discover the most likely culprit behind a series of well publicised ‘White Nationalist’ posters that have appeared in Sydney today.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re great posters and a top troll. But we are not here to discuss the posters per se: our point relates to our prime suspect for the creation of “Aussie Nationalists”. Coming from anyone else we might have cause to want to high-five a comrade too, but given the general motives of the suspected instigator, whose obsession with Whiteness ended at his choice of a wife and the children produced from their mixed-race marriage, we must abjure. If our mistrust seems offputting, it comes with the territory, sadly, because Nationalists don’t fight hostiles on the Left, we spend all our time tied up struggling to keep our politics protected from Right Wing fakers.

We will explain…

Don’t get us wrong, they’re great posters and a top troll

When we saw ‘’ as the address of the posters’ authors we did the obvious thing and visited the site. We encountered a WordPress blog barren, except for an incongruous trio of items: the first of which is a link to a demonstration in Lithgow hosted by — ta-ra, Peanuts for Freedom! This, of course, is the golden giveaway, or to us anyway, particularly since it bears the headline, “Next nationalist event you need to attend”.

The PfF Facebook page that it originates from appears to have been removed, either temporarily or permanently, which wouldn’t be a first for the Peanuts.

The second item is, for some bizarre reason, a link to a YouTube video about Oswald Mosely (an odd choice for those purporting to be ‘Aussie Nationalists’), which is an addendum to a gallery of the images from the Pokemon-themed posters plastered up around the inner-west of Sydney, which, again, are very clever and right on the target. They have achieved their desired aim of generating publicity. But to where does this publicity funnel? There is nothing at the end of it, no contact details, nothing but a cue back to this blog and the PfF rally. it advertises. It seems to be a one-shot blog. Given the rally flyer, in all likelihood, the blog’s creator has a vested interest in promoting that group. This would, by logic, place its ownership in that group’s orbit. In this case, the heavy emphasis on the designation “Nationalism” is a key element of the authors’ intentions. If you cannot change Nationalism, then change its definition.

The Facebook page that it originates from appears to have been removed, either temporarily or permanently, which wouldn’t be a first for the Peanuts.

The Sydney Traditionalists tried the same game of appropriation that Folkes is infamous for when they got involved with The Dingoes and surreptitiously organised the Dingocon [see Rape House and Dingoes Conned]. They saw a young movement and wanted to control its direction. We hazard a guess that the Trads have some link to Folkes, who, on the same day as Dingocon, took his family of Peanuts to Newtown to face down an absent Antifa. Anyway, now that we’ve figured out the most likely culprits, we can dismiss their claims to be Nationalists, yet take note of the strange activity occurring around them, which is indicative of the Patriot Games of old.

In attendance at Folkes’s rally was New Zealand provocateur Mark McDonald, who has been vandalising Australian Nationalism in one way or another since his feet landed on our soil in 2013. McDonald has no ties to the Australian soil or its people. He is White, but he is a foreigner. This hasn’t stopped him trying to poison our movement and members who have an earnest dedication to the principles of Australian Nationalism.

The same cannot be said for either he or his new Peanut tribe. Now is a good time to consider the absolute gobsmacking hypocrisy of Folkes.

In February, Folkes burned a Nazi flag outside the Tempe headquarters of Australia First Party (while he and his Boy Friday, Tobes, were very convincingly dressed as Moslems) protesting — we’re still not sure what — but making it clear that he and his Zion-friendly PfF oppose the racial politics of AFP.

A few months ago ‘edgy’ symbols like this upset Nicky boy (note the UNA reference on the flag)
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, eh Nick?

He did this before with the “bunker” video (Nick Folkes is now referring to his home as the ‘Rozelle Bunker’), in which Jim Saleam and others toasted the passing of slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Much was made of the Nationalist Socialist flags which appear in the background of the host’s apartment. He is known to be a collector of such memorabilia and being a guest who was just passing through, Jim had no control over what bric-a-brac or ornamentation decorated the apartment. Of course, it was a connection to Folkes from this person and his acquaintances that put the video in the possession of Howard Crawford to begin with, a contradiction never reflected on by those who mistook both its relevance and currency.

Present there, and we have a pic of him from the event tucked away for a rainy day, is New Zealand provocateur Mark McDonald, who has been trying to ruin Australian Nationalism since his two left feet landed on our country’s soil in 2013.

Now, of course, Folkes is “joining in” with the whole alt-right fashion, which utilises edgy ‘fash’ symbolism. Folkes appropriated the Totenkopf symbol, often associated with Hitler’s SS, on a flyer for the demonstration in Newtown. The more influential it becomes, the more Folkes tries reinventing himself so he can get inside it. This is in spite of defaming true Nationalists as “Nazis” — along with his cohorts like Dan Evans, Neil Erikson and mad Scotty Moerland.

Bear in mind that while enacting that ‘anti-Nazi’ shtick, Folkes was keeping lines open to McDonald. This here poses questions about the purity of S88, which was going hell for leather to be the most undisputed anti-Jewish show in town. Yet, here now, as then, we have its former Fuhrer photographed (on file) within spitting distance of Radka Smith, second-in-charge of Peanuts for Freedom.

download (1) (1)
The message behind this  PfF character reads, “It’s a foreign invasion”. Erm, ever get the feeling someone’s having a lend?

Radka is Jewish. But there must be a degree of indignation Radka feels being in the presence of Matey Mate, since in 2014 when McDonald met Smith he almost spat the words in her face, “You’re a JEW!” Indeed, Matey is quick to accuse people of being Jewish, and yet has no problem with associating with Jewish-friendly organisations.

Remember too, Jewish James Sternhell is a supporter of the Peanuts, which also boasts an Asian member. This should be borne in mind when viewing Folkes’s take on appropriating the White Genocide message. Do not put out of mind their strong links to Liberal Party operator Howard Crawford, who is a major league Zionist. They must wonder too about Toby’s “I Support Open Borders for Israel”, but they’re a crazy, whacky, zany bunch of cripples round at Peanut Palace. Even odder, is that Dan Evans, an absolute multi-racialist and enemy of Australian Nationalism was a speaker at Nick’s rally against Antifa. How does a character like that accord with one like Matey Mate with his Seig Heil and 14/88 cliches? About the same as they ever did, because the pattern is this: Larping is fine so long as real Nationalists with purist inclinations don’t come by rocking the boat.

Bear this in mind, because S88 tried passing itself off as hard-core anti-Jewish. But here we have its former Fuhrer standing within pissing distance of Radka Smith, second-in-charge of Peanuts for Freedom.

Radka’s Jewishness is of no concern to us. However, in this instance, it is a level indicator of the kind of deceit that is PfF’s stock in trade.

We call on Folkes to publically denounce his own contributions to White Genocide, by despoiling his bloodline with Asian genes, and to state categorically that PfF is dedicated to restoring a White Australia.

This is where you get to nail Nicholas since he won’t do either.

Thus, we swing back to those posters, which we repeat, are just a product and not the subject of our editorial. Under different circumstances, we could applaud the trolling along with everyone else. But knowing what a fragile state true Nationalism is in presently we would be contributing to its hastening demise by giving kudos to those who seek to subvert it. What’s more, it is the ‘usual suspects’ who have been pursuing this goal for years.

These creatures have never shied away from doxing true Nationalists to either the Media and our ideological opponents on the Left. In fact, that has been one of their longstanding tactics, so bear that in mind when they showily ‘face off’ with Antifa as they are staring down the same people they secretly supply info when hiding behind their computers.

A friend of ours told us in all soberness that what is needed is for everything to absolutely go to crap. It all needs to be broken apart and smashed up because only on fresh, healthy soil, can we hope to grow anew. He might be onto something.

Still, they are great posters, and that message is always welcome even if the messenger is on the nose.

One of Nick’s regular anti-White Genocide campaigners



You say 1488, I say 1788

Matthew Grant

There is a valid reason we lead this week’s story on last Saturday night’s Dingocon with the brilliant quote above.

It is all to do with a difference of perspective which separates Australian Nationalist activists from those inside the ‘Australian alt-right’ phenomenon.

Do not misunderstand us; we are not out to trash the Dingoes. We merely bear the kind of admonitions one should expect from us, as well as sober observations from the perspective of those involved in a political movement informed by experience.

Firstly, no UNA member was in attendance on the evening in question. It was not expected that we would be invited any more than would Australia First Party president Jim Saleam have been.

The ad forgot to say “Political Nationalists Not Welcome!”

Nobody from the Australian Protectionist Party was invited either, although we understand Nationalist Alternative was represented.

Contrary to popular belief, we state again, Jim Saleam wields no influence over United Nationalists Australia regardless of whether some of our writers are AFP members. We offer ALL true Nationalists an opportunity of expression, but so far only AFP members have accepted that invitation, which permanently stands. As such, Jim Saleam is totally free to submit whenever he wishes, and we are delighted to publish him. Likewise, AFP often shares links to UNA material, and we are grateful for the extended reach that affords us. We are, after all, working together in the interests of the Australian nationalist movement. AFP is internationally recognised for its work in nationalism.

It is all to do with a difference of perspective which separates Australian Nationalist activists from those inside the ‘Australian alt-right’ phenomenon.

We raise the subject of Jim Saleam, as we learned from sources that he was a contentious figure at Dingocon. There was an implication that his article ‘Rape House’ was a mitigating factor in the snub. In fact, a UNA rep met with Dingocon’s organiser a few weeks before the convention so we could suss each other out. The message was then as it was afterwards that Jim Saleam was “too much of a divisive figure”. The question is, divisive for whom? We shall get to that, although this matter is only a sidebar subject of this article.

In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, it was the Australian Nationalist Movement in its Political aspect that was excluded from Dingocon. So let us stop for a moment and ask, what is a Dingo?

A Dingo

UNA always regarded a Dingo as an editorial contributor to the Podcast bearing the name of the Dingoes; although in fact (according to one youth we asked) it is a generic appellation for nativist followers of Australia’s alt-right movement. We knew anyway, we just wanted to hear how they described themselves.

They are irreverent, social-media savvy, politically-incorrect, meme-focused, and just like their American cousins communicate via their own coded lingo. Their weapon is humour with a generous dash of irony.

In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, it was the Australian Nationalist Movement in its Political aspect that was excluded from Dingocon. So let us stop for a moment and ask, what is a Dingo?

This subculture rejects the “old school” Nationalists as irrelevant. In short, they are full of the self-assuredness of youth, and the conviction that in their freshness and vigour they will be able to institute a change that us others have thus far ‘failed’ to deliver. Moreover, they are not interested in political activism in the conventional sense and wouldn’t lay a vote AFP’s way; although they follow One Nation because they have this idea about invading its youth wing. According to one who was close to the Dingoes of the Podcast fame, while they might employ the usual alt-right National Socialist schtick, they are quite Civic in regards to homosexuals and even on the Zionist question.

We cannot comment on that claim other than to say the young person who told us seemed sound. Others suggest this youngster has issues.

Here, we wish to refute accusations that UNA is “hostile” to the Dingoes in regards to the loose affiliation of those who collect under its banner. We are not hostile to them in any way. But we know those behind the Dingoes’ curtain are very much hostile to us, but more so to Jim Saleam.

You say 1488, Matt says 1788!

At this point, our commentary splits into two key areas: addressing those operators behind that curtain, and the nature of this ‘Dingo’ counterculture and how it relates to the spirit of the Australian Nationalist Movement.

Again, we refer back to our initial meeting with Dingocon’s organiser. It was made clear to UNA that Jim Saleam was in no uncertain terms unwelcome. Following Dingocon the word was that he had been the subject of much derision. So we ask ourselves, why would a young scene that has had no prior dealings with Jim Saleam prejudice him thus? The short answer is they wouldn’t. It is those operating the convention that sought to isolate him from the various guests. Who are these operators? Apart from ex-Klub Nation’s David McBryde, who Dingocon’s organiser refused to discuss, we have also confirmed the presence of Luke Torrisi, whom he particularly declined to comment on.

We cannot comment on that claim other than to say the young person who told us seemed sound. Others suggest this youngster has his or her own issues. The point in mentioning is to allow for a fuller coverage of the subject.

Torrisi is a “paleoconservative” and a contributor to the ultra-conservative Sydney Traditionalists. We have had unconfirmed reports, too, that Torrisi was a past financier of Nick Folkes and the Party for Freedom. The Sydney Trads and Nationalists acrimoniously diverge on the question of a White Australia (they are conservatives after all). Yet, Torrisi hosts a conservative show Monday nights on 88.9FM on which he will give a conspiratorial ‘wink’ to White Nationalism; even though he is fundamentally at odds with it.

Two other names have come our way, but we cannot confirm either was present, and they are associates of McBryde — Morgan Qasabian (ex-Klub Nation), and Dylan Anderson.

It’s all about the Principle on the Sydney Trads’ colours

If there is one message that UNA has been tirelessly pushing it is the threat to Nationalism posed by manipulative conservatives. It is a story as old as Zeus and it never seems to change. Here we have a fledgeling movement in the sphere of influence of conservatives.

In a December 2016 article on The Dingoes, Pommy social researcher John Smith said ‘these groups are’, “People saying things which aren’t themselves objectionable, which appeal to people’s sense of patriotism and identity. It is often used as a way of smuggling in a kind of much more nationalist politics, a politics which is much further right than most people would agree with.”

However, Smith does not venture to consider that the very opposite might be the case, and people might say objectionable things as a means of smuggling in a more conservative politics than the third position of where true Nationalism must inevitably end up. We contend this is exactly what is happening.

Two other names have come our way, but we cannot confirm either was present, and they are associates of McBryde — Morgan Qasabian (ex-Klub Nation), and Dylan Anderson.

It is little wonder those organisers would not have countenanced Jim Saleam coming among them or even the Australian Protectionist Party, who are similarly wise to their scam. It is not that these Dingoes are necessarily going to be rewired into conservatives but rather that the whole movement ends up being steered out to sea. And would that bother Nationalists? In a sense, no it wouldn’t.

A prominent figure in the movement told a UNA reporter, in conversation, that the fundaments of this young generation involve a conscious shift from a Beta type to an Alpha. This means they look to building themselves up both physically, in the gym, and socially, in their earning power (and there is nothing wrong at all with doing so). According to him, there is a competitive edge to the alt-right youth as they seek to dominate, and become “superior to” the bloke next to him. There is no distinction of whether this other “bloke” happens to be White also, in which case, the competitiveness becomes for its own sake.

David McBryde, the man behind the Dingocon curtain

Bear in mind, too, just as an interesting observation, that girls are noticeably excluded from this movement.

Our characterisation of the alt-right as a counterculture, as opposed to a Political movement, seems right enough. From what we can gather, this subculture is by its nature upwardly mobile, and consciously elitist. In essence, those are the persnickety qualities of the Young Liberals, even if those involved haven’t realised it. If what our source told us is on the money, then by that description they risk becoming concerned with acquisition and confusing status with strength, while pride in race becomes simply pride.

There is also, speaking plainly, arrogance on show. The contention that anyone over the age of 25 who has been involved in the movement longer than yesterday is somehow a failure demonstrates a total lack of comprehension of the enormity of what our people face. It is not a matter of convincing the masses they need Alpha heroes to worship, but of bringing down an immovable system. Those in the American alt-right might have noticed this about their ‘Emperor God’ Donald Trump. Sure, he won the Presidency, but any idealistic notions he may have had of seriously changing things have been thwarted by the very system that has stymied — and will continue to block — Australian Nationalists at every turn.

Bear in mind, too, just as an interesting observation, that girls are noticeably excluded from this movement.

Characters like McBryde and Torissi arguably ARE that system, if they are only concerned with matters of tradition, and by interposing themselves in the Dingo counterculture they are meddling. In their desire to misdirect these kids from Nationalism, they might not be intent on creating an ‘alt-light’, but simply a movement unable to actually move anywhere. This is the risk it faces on its own, anyway, as it is in danger of being stuck in a cul-de-sac from where it cannot advance onto political turf because it is founded purely on counterculture codes and insider signalling.

Moreover, the very quality of ‘youth’ being flaunted is undermined by the fact the people organising them are old men. We find this particularly ironic. UNA reiterates, however, that we are not concerned either way. For our part, we do not wish to influence this Dingo subculture. Frankly, it is irrelevant to us.

download (3).jpg
Far more relevant to Aussies than a swastika

Our purpose IS political and it is not egos we as Nationalists aim to shape but the hearts and minds of White Australians. The mass of White Aussies who voted in Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to the Senate believing they were getting a Nationalist were not cocky youths judging them on their cut pecs and speccy hairstyles. The Australians who we need do not understand the codewords used by the alt-right, nor do they necessarily ‘get’ their memes. For memes will not fill their bellies, nor save their jobs, or stop them from becoming homeless.

The Australians that Nationalism needs are aged from ten to a hundred. We do not judge them on their body shape, or whether they can afford boutique beers at a trendy foodie establishment for we know they cannot.

UNA reiterates, however, that we are not concerned either way. For our part, we do not wish to influence this Dingo subculture. Frankly, it is irrelevant to us.

Right now, the Australians whose support we seek are begging charity to help them pay for unaffordable utility bills. They are dying in hospital queues while waiting rooms are overcrowded by an unsustainable influx of non-White aliens generated by the very conservatives whose obsequiousness to the globalist powers open our airport gates. The solidarity that these conservatives share with America and therefore Israel keep us involved in illegal military actions in the Middle East which generate a ceaseless traffic of non-Whites and Moslems hell-bent on knocking down this spiritually desolate marketplace our nation has become (which isn’t a bad thing) and instating a state founded on a Semitic faith (which is an egregious prospect).

While some devote themselves to executing “edgy” performances with National Socialist symbols in the belief they are spearheading a counter-cultural revolution, Australians are disappearing in the blackening shadows of Chinese-owned tower blocks soon to be filled with our replacement population. To date, no known Larrikinism, or meme, has been able to prevent Chinese entry into our country.

The Australia we wish to change is not within the clique of a single generation but out there in the un-sexy wild of the Australian suburbs and rural zones.

They might give 88 an Aussie twist, but it’s still 88, and as Matthew Grant said, “You say 14/88, I say 1788.” You say, Adolf Hitler, we say, William Lane, Jack Lang, John Curtin, Percy Stephensen and Henry Lawson. You say Nuremberg, we say Lambing Flats.

We close by reminding our readers that this is in no way intended as a sledge against this alt-right counterculture nor do we even regard it as an infallible account of it. We are on different paths anyway. We also stress that just because individuals turned up to Dingocon does not mean they have been influenced by a strain of conservatism they might otherwise find unacceptable if those we mentioned do hold undue sway.

We are just responding to the fact that Nationalism was stopped from entering the doors of Dingocon last Saturday night. And while we applaud the alt-right for being there and exhibiting signs of cockiness, UNA reminds our young friends that we’ve been down this road ourselves and as much as you think that it’s new it really doesn’t change. We all started out brimming with confidence and believing our predecessors had dropped the ball.

Awaiting you, young friends is all the hurt that is part and parcel of the struggle against the one-world government. Awaiting you is doxing, broken friendships, backstabbing, betrayal and potential loss of income. Awaiting you is aggro,  and total silence from those who you thought were your allies but turn out to be no better than window dummies when you are dropped in it. You will be lied about, misrepresented, they will call you names, accuse you of things you haven’t done, and in some cases, they will jail you. Perhaps some have already figured this out. In the end, you will learn the bitter lesson that things are not (pardon the pun) black and White and those who you would think are like us turn out to be bigger enemies than the Trots on the Left.

This Dingo eats conservatives