It has been one year since Newtown Police refused to acknowledge any of the three known complaints made against David Gullis for threatening behaviour, assault, intimidation, and vandalism.

This is because the cops over there are probably all big union people and Delusional Dave is protected by the CFMMEU and their Labor counterparts.

We cannot really state why the useless Newtown cops turn a blind eye to this criminal, they might all be having sexual relations with him, but we do know that he is a dangerous terrorist and is still at large.

Gullis goes berserk! An Antifa terrorist on the job

On December 7, 2017, our UNA editor was living in the not-so-salubrious surrounds of Enmore, in Sydney’s inner-west. His address had been provided to an Antifa operative living in Melbourne by rogue elements who, unknown to us at the time, were feeding information about our man back to Antifa via this troll. These two will be revealed at an appropriate time in the coming New Year.

We recap from our previous blog

On Thursday, December 7, at 4:30 am when most were snug in bed, Dave Gullis was amped for mayhem. Takeaway coffee in hand, which he purchased at a nearby service station, he began banging at the side gate of the Australia First Party’s Tempe headquarters. He disturbed the peace until the AFP President, Jim Saleam, was groggily forced downstairs. A busy man who catches only a regimented allotment of sleep, disturbing Jim at this hour was at best an act of rudeness. Curious what all the ruckus was about, as Jim answered the door, he was confronted by an aggressive Gull wearing a jacket and his trademark cap. His adoption of this garb was a craven attempt to dodge identification.

Thus disguised, an overwrought Gull began yelling about Jim being an “ASIO agent” and “a paedophile” and repeatedly challenged him to “fight”. Jim is in his sixties and Gull is a burly tradesman who is at least 30 years his junior. This challenge was an act of gutlessness that is in keeping with past CFMEU-member organised attacks upon our older people. Waiting till the dead of the morning was likewise a grub tactic. But it was not the last grubby deed that Gull would be guilty of that morning.

Gull again ranted at Jim nonsense about being an “ASIO agent” and a “paedophile” so to create the impression this was an attack by Civics. Jim fired back, “I don’t know who you are, son!”

Gull then uttered a series of unequivocal death threats before throwing the dregs of his coffee at Jim, with only a few splashes hitting their mark. Fortunately, the locked gate divided them, or Gull would have forced an intrusion. In another room, a friend of Jim’s overheard the entire exchange having been awoken too. As Jim tried figuring out if this was a raving lunatic or an organised confrontation Davey boy turned tail and fled into the night. But this was not to be his last stop. He was to save his best, and most spineless, for what would now be around 20 odd mins later when he made his way to a nearby suburb.

At 4.49 by the CCTV clock when a fellow Australian Nationalist and AFP member was asleep a thunderous banging assailed his door. In a blink, he knew who was there. There was not enough security in this building to keep him out. Gull had visited this person on the 1st of October using his eyewear and cap as a cover. Yet, after leaving Tempe he was so confident of carrying out his mission in the dark that he ditched the hat and jacket. This was very fortunate for as he pulled a firehose from beside the nationalist’s window he was being captured in joyous detail on the building’s CCTV camera system. The cameras had not been there upon his last trespass but were now fully functioning day and night — each moment and image being shared on an Internet-accessible database.

There, in the surveillance footage, Delusional Dave can be seen pumping the hose through the window and turning it on full blast.

To a brainwashed head-case like Dave, this was some sort of victory for the workers, but for the occupant, it would prove a scrabble to prevent his own electrocution. The haphazard spray, which had soaked his bedclothes, was aiming perilously close to live electrical equipment.

Fully pleased with his act of blatant vandalism, itself comparable to a home invasion, Dave yelled out, “Nick Folkes sent us! This is for being a Nazi and paedophile!”

As our hero fought to shut the window on the gushing H2O and prevent his own manslaughter the would-be union assassin pushed the nozzle further in between the window jamb and the electrical equipment which sat between them creating an obstacle. Luckily curtains were helping to absorb much of the spray and forestall the consequences of spraying water onto live power cords. The floor, being tiled, offered no insulation and would have served as a conductor for the catastrophe that Dave was seeking to create. For it is highly probable that, after his last visit, Dave had conceived of this as a form of execution… and against a total stranger.

Back in Oct when he first made an egotistical exhibition of introducing himself, all-be-it behind his sunnies and cap, our nationalist friend had observed Dave snooping about outside his apartment.

Because of the nature of the area, strays occasionally wandered in where they shouldn’t, but so did those who were lost. Our hero stuck his head out the door, which was open to allow in fresh air, and sensing our friend had sussed him Dave paused on his way out. Dave half-turned and gave a serial killer’s semi-smile before flourishing his finger in a throat-slitting gesture.

“Who are you?” asked our man.

“Your worst nightmare,” Dave replied. “I’m going to kill you.”

One is accustomed to Antifa adopting a customary mode of dress, but Dave didn’t fit that image. Taken aback, our man ventured, “Why?”

“Because you’re a Nazi and a paedophile,” he responded. Then he left.

Our friend was dumbfounded. Paedophile, he wondered? The Nazi comment was a direct reference to his Nationalist views but a paedophile? Then he remembered. The very day before Mike Holt, a so-called neo-Nazi had been sentenced to four years for possessing child pornography and illegal weapons. Suddenly the actions of any random are now a basis upon which to justify criminal activity against a perceived enemy of ‘the workers’. And to think, they locked Mike Holt up while this maniac was free to roam around.

There were no images to show the police that morning, but when he pondered the situation our man figured this person was linked to unions a hunch that turned out to be absolutely spot-on the mark.

Dave hooked the spraying nozzle inside the window before cutting a casual exit which, along with all his shenanigans that morning was caught on camera. But our man still had to push the nozzle away, and mop up the flood that this dangerous idiot had created. This was after rushing outside to shut off the hose all the while mindful of the spray hitting any of the active power appliances waiting to fry him.

It took the police a couple of hours to arrive that morning because they were “between shifts”. But when our man gave his account to Senior Constable Matthew Williams he was now in the better position of being able to provide an image.

Having mopped up as much of the water as he could, he rewound the footage from that morning and, in a way, this whole thing was a blessing. Water dripped from the ceiling as his clothes and possessions sat drying. Meanwhile, there, in flangrante delicto was Dave, the paedophile obsessed Commie criminal born a hundred years too late.

After running our campaign to help identify him, we have been able to supply Newtown Police with Dave’s name. Searches conducted had failed to turn up much on Dave, who has itinerant qualities about him. Yet, through a united effort, we nailed the prick.

Pinning together the events of December 7, Jim Saleam and our man figured it was linked to the Eureka Commemoration by Nationalists on December 3rd. They realised that the gooney birds of the militant union subculture and Antifa had a willing stooge in Dave to send along to do their dirty work. Dave is a total mental case and accepted the job no worries. He enjoys this sort of thing, just as the Scorpio killer liked slaying those young lovers.

At the time, we were not aware that other incidents involving Gullis had been reported to Newtown Police (who did what they excel at, nothing). We were contacted by a young Alt-Right chap who didn’t wish to be identified.

He told us that prior to Gullis’s first invasion of our man’s space at Enmore, he was on the platform of Newtown Station with his friends when Gullis happened by.

Taking exception to the Make America Great Again cap that the young bloke wore, he tore it off his head, and allegedly assaulted him.

The young bloke reported this to Newtown Police and provided an image which one of his friends captured on their phone. This was an image of the same person who our man provided to Newtown Police, yet, you couldn’t get less action out of an immovable rock.

Then, we learned, in early 2018, Antifa defector and comedian, Shayne Hunter was assaulted by Gullis. In the video, titled ‘Punched by a Communist’, Hunter describes being confronted and assaulted by Gullis at Newtown library.

He went so far as to confirm that Gullis is a member of Antifascist Action Sydney and the whacko Commie party. Gullis punched him for “endangering Antifa” by outing them as brainwashed loonies. He too reported Gullis to Newtown Police. Hunter believes Newtown cops were actually keen to charge Gullis, but were unable to trace his address. We reckon differently.

It is our considered opinion that Newtown, which is like a mini Victoria, bends over backwards to accommodate the anti-White fruitcakes bred and manufactured at the nearby Sydney University.

Hunter also mentioned that Dave Gullis is an invasive, grabby, rampant homosexual, a revelation which had us all rolling around the floor cacking ourselves.

Nonetheless, following yet ANOTHER visitation from Gullis in March, our man made an attempt to file an Apprehended Violence Order against him but failed on the basis that Newtown Police did not have his address — and after all this.

Shayne Hunter shows off where got bopped by Gullis

Indeed, the onus was placed on our man to provide it, and at a hearing in March, the magistrate postponed her decision on the AVO telling our man, “It’s not the business of Newtown Police to act as your detective”.

The president of the Australia First Party, who was present and also has stakes in the Gullis affair, promptly rolled his eyes. Given his experiences with the bias of the legal justice system, he was not surprised.

Thus, it is one year later and the lump of meat with eyes and a brain the size of a pigeon’s willy is still on the loose – still free to go berserk if the thinks “da fashusts” are threatening his terrorist friends.

Previously, the CFMEU had denied any knowledge of Dave Gull when approached by one of the complainants and advised him to instead contact police. He did this and an apprehended violence order was issued by Newtown Local Court. However, it proved an impossible task to track Gull to his address and NSW Police refused to assist in tracing him which meant the order could not proceed; leaving the impression of state sympathy with this mindless brute. It also draws a very distinct line of connection between the ALP and Antifascist Action.

Cleary, the CFMEU knew his whereabouts all along and questions now arise about their knowledge of his actions against the UNA editor.

Our editor refuses to let this matter rest knowing that Gull is a dangerous animal who should not be allowed to roam the streets freely menacing citizens with differing opinions from his own. It is therefore interesting that intelligence provided to UNA places him in the company of CFMEU delegates who were reportedly strutting around arrogantly at the Australian Labor Party’s (ALP) state conference at Sydney Town Hall on Saturday, June 30.

The CFMEU clearly kids itself that it holds a position of influence within the Australian Labor Party. The rank and file, such as Gull, also have a cognitive dissonance when it comes to understanding that the multimillion-dollar CFMEU no longer represents hard hats like him but is an auxiliary for a globalist party with central policies that conflicts with the interests of Australian workers they supposedly represent.

Interesting, too, is that by the terms of admission to the NSW ALP Conference that “observers” who registered for the event must also be ALP members. This presents the strong likelihood that Gull is also an ALP member and Labor, therefore, had his address on file, something which will need to be surrendered so that due process can be pursued against this totalitarian nightmare of an individual.

Bear in mind, that by having knowledge of Gull’s actions – which the CFMEU did – only amplifies accusations of that militant organisation’s reliance on violence and intimidation in the pursuance of its political ideas.

A young bloke offered a reward for anyone identifying Gullis



The central myth of the Eureka Rebellion and its Southern Cross flag as promoted by mainstream pundits has it as a symbol of, apart from other things, multiculturalism.

This is because two black men, a Jamaican and a black American, were present along with the majority White European “diggers” during the uprising. Whatever ascribing of qualities the opponents of nationalism use to interpret this epochal moment at the dawn of the Australian nation it was first and foremost a rebellion against government oppression in a struggle for justice and democratic rights.

Gold miners, tired of being forced to pay dearly for licenses, rose up after certain inciting incidents and mobilised themselves into a paramilitary. A license was no guarantee of finding gold, and the miners were refused the rights of the land they mined. Added to this was the brutal and contemptuous manner with which miners were treated by the colonial autocrats.

Always was, always will be, a symbol of White Australia

On Dec 03, 1854, having three days earlier gathered under the Eureka Flag and elected Peter Lalor their leader, and now having fortified their stockade at Bakery Hill, in Ballarat, the miners numbering around 500 clashed with police and a larger presence of soldiers. The diggers, brave though their resolve was, had not the capacity to withstand the combined force of police and military. Subsequently, 22 diggers sacrificed their lives while six police and soldiers were killed. Of those miners arrested and tried, only one was found guilty. The rebellion led to a change in the mining system so that thereafter miners paid a tax on the gold they found.

In the 1970s, the union movement found a nice fit by appropriating the symbol and mythology of the Eureka Rebellion to suit its ultra-communistic agenda. However, it’s important to interpret and divide the mythology of the rebellion and the symbolism of the flag from the narrative of those communists who adopted a red Eureka and the workers who had long before gathered beneath it in the nationalist spirit as they rioted against the presence of Chinese workers.

Anti-Chinese demonstrations occurred at Lambing Flat on the goldfields of central NSW in 1861. Aussie diggers numbering 1,500 – 2000, resentful of the hive-like industry of the Chinese and incensed by the wastage of water in their mining process attacked the Chinese encampment and drove them off.

During the Seamen’s Strike of 1878, the Eureka Flag was raised by trade unionists. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote of that strike, “The strike of the A.S.N Company’s Seamen has assumed larger dimensions, and has led to active measures on the part of the labouring classes against Chinese importation or immigration. The actual dispute between the seamen and the A.S.N Company has been almost lost sight of in the larger question of a general introduction of Chinese, which trade unions have done their best to persuade the people is only a matter of time, and must result in the complete exclusion of Europeans from the labour market unless the threatened evil is at once nipped in the bud.”

download (1)
Peter Lalor, leader of the Rebellion, and not Ulysses S. Grant, although if you have had a shot of Johnnie Walker Green Label you might just get the two confused

A version of the Eureka Flag flew during the shearers’ strike at Barcaldine in 1891. One of the demands of the shearers was an exclusion of low-cost Chinese labour. Thereafter, workers’ concerns about being undermined by the Chinese led to the Immigration Restriction Act or White Australia Policy. Therefore, the relationship between the tradition of Australian Nationalism and the Eureka Flag is irrefutable. Open to contention are the overarching interpretations derived from the uprising at the Ballarat goldfields in terms of the formation of Australian identity.

Raffaello Carboni wrote the stirring words, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore”

It is important to understand that there was no Australia at the time of the rebellion so any arguments about the events at Eureka and the conception of Australia as a “multicultural country” or a land of perpetual migration are specious. We can speak of the spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, and there again, Nationalists have the much stronger claim — and more so when you consider the current relationship between the worker and the political class. The militant “unionists” couldn’t give a damn for the Australian worker, as they are too busy assisting the multinational corporations and the quisling politicians in flooding the country with plague-level immigration. The unions stand for a “big Australia”, which means Australian workers and their conditions being undercut by an unceasing stream of foreign labour.

This post-Communist Globalist style of unionism, therefore, has no claim on the spirit of the traditional Australian working man to whom the lore of the Eureka Rebellion belongs.

What they do focus on in their swindling of the Eureka narrative are the words of Raffaello Carboni who wrote a first-hand description of the rebellion in his book The Eureka Stockade. When the miners gathered on November 30 to swear their allegiance under the Eureka flag he called on them to “irrespective of nationality, religion or colour to salute the Southern Cross as a refuge of all the oppressed countries on earth.”

This, according to the multiculturalists, is an incontrovertible expression of the underlying essence of inclusivity and diversity as proof of the multiracial sentiment of the rebellion and its miners. Ergo, the Australian identity is formulated along these principles. Yet, again, there was no Australia yet, although it was interesting that while reporting on the rebellion The Age described the Eureka Flag as “the flag of Australian independence”.

As we have seen, the Australian worker would view their independence as being founded firmly upon their identity as White Europeans. And those quoting Raffaello Carboni neglect to mention that he was an Italian Nationalist who fought against Austrian influence in the country of his birth, which he returned to. He never made the colony his home but travelled back to Europe dying in Rome in 1875. Therefore, his rousing words, especially the utterance “of all the oppressed countries on earth” were an anti-colonialist comment by a stateless fortune seeker not an affirmation of miscegenation by an early globalist. The flag itself, as we have explained, went on to become a symbol of Australianness very much defined by race and colour; that meaning only perverted when the Commies of Norm Gallagher’s ilk marched along in the 1970s during their passionate love affair with Mao’s China.

Nowadays, with China the largest owner of Australian farming resources, and Chinese ownership of our key assets at an unheralded level, as the Chinese “student” presence in Australia becomes entrenched and developments are underway to have them replace Anglo-Celtic-European Australia in alarming increments, the wisdom of those White Australian working men becomes all the more salient – as does the spirit of the flag they flew.

The anti-Chinese sentiment of the Eureka flag becomes a haunting caveat from our White Australian past




Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University, AKA Slackbastard, was quick to seize on screengrabs of a sleazy confab between the mixed all-sorts of the Lads Society on their Facebook group page.

Funny how whenever UNA mentions “Rob Sparrow” Slackbastard retaliates with one of his bogus attacks on a writer of ours — Sparrow isn’t happy being doxed but he’s as happy as a pig in sludge when doxing others.

Rob has a gig at Monash University, but not everyone is aware that he hails from a family of radical leftists. His sister Jill Sparrow, a rabid Trotskyite, helped establish Socialist Alternative. His brother Jeff is likewise a Trot and a major leftist who co-wrote extremist literature with his sister but is also to be found spruiking his seditious writings in the mainstream press and occasionally community radio station 3RRR where Slackbastard (his brother Rob AKA Andy Fleming) is a regular guest. Rob himself penned ‘Anarchist Politics & Direct Action’ which can be found here at the Anarchist Library.

The screenshots are widely believed to have been leaked by disgruntled former Klub Nation identity Andrew Wilson who, it is said, attempted to infiltrate the Lads Society in Sydney and Brisbane. There have been shocking allegations about Wilson and his activities in Perth and elsewhere but we won’t go into those here; it is a matter for the people involved. However, the very nature of the Lads and their page ensures infiltration, leaking, and because of their sloppiness, the “Lads” became an unwitting tool of the Antifascists.

Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University_ maximum leader of Antifascist Action Australia, and everyone's pimp and messenger. M.jpg

The conversation, such as it is, focuses on a United Nationalists Australia contributor who has been the subject of three years of defamation from both left and right. Comments, mostly from those who’ve never even met him, support malicious lies generated by Mark “McDonald Campbell”. McDonald, manager of the Sydney Lads chapter, is not his real surname and is an alias the great boof created based on his love of the absurd Turner Diaries (taken from William Pierce’s nom de plume, Kevin MacDonald). So nobody even really knows who they’re truly dealing with or what his game is.

This cagey New Zealander turned up in Australia in 2013 and feverishly set about trying to recruit everyone and his dog to what can only be described as a terrorist group which he hoped to lead. Active on Stormfront down under, and notable for his incomprehensible posts, he targeted every local SF member via private message. He did so while consorting with staunch Zionist and ex-Liberal party spook Howard Crawford, who, playing his own game, was promising a “Nazi” revolution within the Young Liberals if Mark helped him recruit members. There was to be paramilitary training in the form of a kickboxing school, and McDonald was slated by Crawford as its “Fuhrer” of the western suburbs division. It was a total honeypot trap. In the end, he created “Squadron 88”. This grouplet lasted about as long as a bag of popcorn, managing to fill the letterboxes of East Sydney residents with badly-written antisemitic flyers that served no identifiable political purpose other than to attract attention.

Funny how whenever UNA mentions “Rob Sparrow” Slackbastard retaliates with one of his bogus attacks on a writer of ours — Sparrow isn’t happy being doxed but he’s as happy as a pig in sludge when doxing others.

McDonald has characteristically played down his involvement with Crawford, but then he has at least 47 versions of any controversy he’s been involved in, particularly when it comes to our writer who was unfortunate enough to have met him. None within his fold have ever questioned this duality: labelling our man a Jew (the oldest one in the book) and yet consorting with Crawford and the Party for Freedom, which was established as a spoiler tool against the Nationalists of the Australia First Party. His “Jew” accusation was shared both indirectly, and, as will become revealed, directly with an agent for Antifascist Action. Meanwhile, McDonald enjoys free passage, despite carrying the weight of the crimes he’s committed against Nationalists.

Questions naturally arise about those enabling McDonald, such as Tom Sewell, who appointed McDonald Sydney Lads Society leader as a deliberate affront to the Australia First Party’s president Jim Saleam who he disingenuously claims to respect. How can anyone occupying the hazardous turf of the far-right brush over the glaring inconsistencies in McDonald’s stories since you do so at your own peril? Why would they accept his blasé dismissals of these allegations so indifferently when the potential for damage is so great? This is how operators like McDonald get away with what they do.

Mark McDonald, looking just as fat and stupid as in real life

McDonald’s rap sheet should be of concern to any competent ‘leader’. If Tom Sewell truly respects Jim Saleam as he reckons how come he ignored his warnings about McDonald with such a show of personal defiance?

Before we get down to the brass tacks of linking McDonald to Antifascist propaganda, let’s take a look at this rap sheet.

McDonald’s rap sheet should be of concern to any competent ‘leader’. If Tom Sewell truly respects Jim Saleam as he claims in a comment taken from the screengrabs how come he deliberately snubbed him on one of the most important personnel warnings he made?

McDonald has, in his time, attempted to induce others into committing crimes such as kidnap and torture. Eyewitness accounts swear, among various plots, he sought to encourage his associates to attack the homes of Penrith counsellors and to arrange the firebombing of a Moslem prayer hall. He attempted to cajole others into kidnapping anarchist Dave Fregon, who had the computer server of Slackbastard, and torture him until he gave up the identity of Slackbastard.

A Nationalist who had dealings with McDonald told us, “He came on the scene from out of nowhere and almost instantly he knew everyone.  I still cannot put my finger on it to this day. I know he’s not genuine. Suddenly, from nowhere, he was everywhere. He knew everyone, or weaselled his way into people’s lives and work just like a damned agent. I used to notice his skittish behaviour. He talked tough but was a coward. He tried to entrap me too, I believe, with acts of violence. He tried to convince us to literally kidnap our enemies.”

Anarchist Dave Fregon who Mark McDonald tried to have kidnapped and tortured. By torture, he probably meant having to be in the same room as McDonald for more than two minutes

None of the potentials for entrapment in these overt incitements to criminality seems to bother those who gave a second lease of life to this scheming fush-and-chup quaffing scumbag. Our writer has experience with this sort of animal since by circumstance he encountered an actual super troll now in prison in America. The form was exactly the same: encouragement to commit acts just like those named. Unlike The Bozos Society, however, he had the nous to realise something was hinky and warn others.

Nothing that McDonald has said in those comments about our writer has even the whiff of honesty; it is all poisonous garbage from a gutless little punk picked up and shared by Tom Sewell who doesn’t possess the maturity or wit to intelligently address our criticisms (which, under the circumstances, are proven fully correct and we rest our case) so instead he resorts to tacky name-calling. The stuff about being “gay” is just over the top, and what’s the difference between saying that and David Gullis of Antifascist Action calling our man a “paedophile” to justify attacking him (even though Gullis is a homo and likely fondles his mates’ kids when their parents go to bed)? At least when we mention Sewell slept with a Filipina girl we aren’t lying.

Likewise, it’s ironic how McDonald made a big deal about our writer’s name but has never told the truth about his own. It is reasonable to expect that in the recent past, as UNA had cause to expose McDonald that he would have become prone to retaliating with lies. But bear in mind, he started this, yet we will be much more informed once we discover why: and it’s no point asking him since you would stand more chance of an honest response from a used car salesman in Tel Aviv. How come both the left and right have invested so much energy in trying to discredit our editor? What makes him so dangerous that they combine forces against him?

McDonald did not expect his comments to reach our eyes, and as such, has served his guilt up on a platter. Those lies about our writer have appeared before, and unfortunately, due to present circumstances, we cannot go into where or why because there are legal complications.

Having said, we’ll come straight to the point: none of the scenarios involving McDonald’s supposed friends, or “skinheads” ever happened, it’s all a dirty pack of lies, but still, he fed them to an Antifascist source long before UNA and the Lads ever butted heads. His mention of Neil Erikson and his involvement in spreading these rumours is a dead giveaway too because Erikson links back to this Antifascist identity in question through a complicated play that we must wait to publish. McDonald did not expect his own comments to reach our eyes, and as such, has served his guilt up on a platter in terms of revealing corresponding stories which cannot have been invented independently by the Antifascist and logically could only share identicality if both parties had colluded to create them. We cannot be more detailed due to the circumstances as legal complications are preventing us.

The gravity of what we are revealing is ENORMOUS and by casually going along with these crafted rumours because Sewell hates our man for daring to write critically about his activities doesn’t mitigate the fact he has just served the cause of Antifascism, although, we have heard rumours that it’s not a strategy that Sewell is adverse to when pursuing his own political ends. We cannot state that is the truth, however, but others, who aren’t prone to muckraking, have concerns about his soundness.

The Lads society blows, or throws blows, one of the two. Pity, too, they don’t turn around and punch the fat bald slob for being a spineless spectator

We may share this alarming news, but we don’t expect those we criticise to heed it, and while we could go on ad infinitum dissecting what we’ve read on those screengrabs, especially in defence of our man’s honour, we shall focus on this issue. Tom Sewell’s careless leadership of the Lads Society has partly resulted in the mass doxing of a number of young NSW Alt-Right activists (obviously the Nats themselves were also responsible), while he has essentially let the Lads do Antifa’s work by sharing their weaponised lies. They have vindicated the most pernicious Antifascist troll currently active and one of the worst conmen in the movement of theirs. No matter what your beef, enabling Antifa just to fight your battles is about as low as it gets! Indeed, it is tantamount to allying with them.

His mentioning of Neil Erikson and his involvement in the spreading of these lies is a dead giveaway too because Erikson links back to this Antifascist identity in a complicated play that, again, we must wait to publish.

At no point has UNA ever claimed that the idea of the Lads is wrong — just that we question the motives of the leadership, the desirability of their methods, and the tone they have generated. UNA penned the article ‘Are The Lads Society Klub Nation 2.0’ when it was revealed from a Lads’ insider that Sewell was actively dissuading members from associating with Australia First Party and from reading the UNA blog. Until then we had no interest in commenting on their activities and those who’ve crossed from editorial roles on our page over to their side might well affirm this truth.

However, the raison d’être for the Lads’ Society was never to champion the social and political rights of the diminishing White Australian population but to service Tom Sewell’s monolithic ego. Far from him being reluctant to “kiss” our man’s “ring” he was eager that he, along with everyone else, would kiss his. Having been told he was not a Nationalist by “baby boomers and generation Xers” (sic) he decided to just declare himself a Nationalist and build a gang from all the young blokes following him on Facebook.

The Lads usually don’t like girls. And why is the joker with the Village People mo wearing fingerless gloves? 

So for those coming in late, who the hell is Tom Sewell and what has he got to do with anything?

A fresh-faced kid straight out of the Australian Army’s catering corps, Tom Sewell surfed in on the 2015 Reclaim Australia wave where he met Blair Cottrell and soon became his loyal lieutenant; even if he did require a ladder to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big guy. As a leading member of the UPF under Blair’s dictatorship, Tom Thumb enjoyed a ready-made support base that sprung — not out of White Nationalist politics — but from the hordes who rushed online to their anti-Islam movement, something which he and Blair travelled to Sydney to explain to Jim Saleam they were keeping as was in spite of all the chatter about them being crypto National Socialists. Ironic, then, we fast forward to the present hour and he’s now demanding ownership over Australian White Identity. Indeed, he knows better than those who’ve never been civic patriots or wavered from their position as Australian Nationalists.

Being so young, and strolling into a wide support base, gave this lad a sense of entitlement to lead. We argue he isn’t ready, but then, he can do what he likes as long as he doesn’t try to market himself as a Nationalist (unless he becomes one, which is a whole different matter), but we’ll come to that. It was excruciating to read him lament of an “old guard”, being ludicrous enough to put our writer in that category, particularly when he is hazy on who is guarding what exactly. It is absurd to even have that category, assuming he was actually talking about an Australian Nationalist movement and not the pan-Europeanist identitarian club that he’s put together (describing it as “new Nationalism”, for fuck’s sake). Furthermore, it’s presumptuous to treat activists like the job market treats anyone over 40, by tossing them away regardless of their experience and wisdom. Half these kids never even lived in a predominantly White Australia.

There is no new guard or old guard there are only dedicated activists. James Perren, whose excitability at throwing his support behind any “new” thing that comes along with the gusto of a born loser and which is perhaps one of his greatest flaws, should be rebuked for encouraging this idea. He talks of those wanting to “cling on” to power, but there is no power but rather an authority based on knowledge and experience, and the real trouble is not those ‘leading’ but those who refuse to support since there is always some new Jack waltzing in believing ‘they’ have the plan and vision to be this great dictator they misguidedly think everyone is waiting for. James might be a wanker, but he is also a great Nationalist, and the only voice of reason evident in that lavatory of a thread (even if he is a fatalistic, panicky idiot). He is right too in arguing that Sewell should have been above that sort of muckraking and once upon a time he would have been.

Thus we come to the third of the triumvirate of interested parties in this sordid matter; the first being Sparrow and his cabal of Antifascist trolls; the second being McDonald, and finally we have Tom Sewell.

James Perren correctly pointed out how Sewell forgets the support he and Blair received from our writer, through commentaries, and pieces written in their defence during 2015. When it became apparent this was a one-way street and that Nationalists were to be used for their knowledge, support, and then tossed away in favour of a civic base then all bets were off. Suddenly everyone who had dallied with the proven failure of ‘mainstreaming’ and who had consciously or through inexperience “diversified” the field wanted terribly much to call themselves a “Nationalist”.

Designations are not just party hats to be passed around in the bonhomie of the mood but are precise definitions of a person or organisation and what they represent! If the wrong person is wearing the wrong hat then the hat becomes representative of the wrong things. Neil Erikson knew this when he deliberately appropriated the name “Nationalist” after being explicitly warned not to. You cannot pursue the line of a civic patriot which believes it’s OK to make allies of non-Whites; who tones down any explicitly White rhetoric; whose actions lead them to support the conservatives in their capacity as the ideological guard for the globalist capitalist oligarchs (read One Nation, LNP, et al) and then assume all that in the name a Nationalist strives for.

Howard Crawford (L-centre) with Mark McDonald beside him no doubt unable to comprehend whatever the speaker is saying. They were going to build a Nazi party inside the Young Liberals despite Howard being a Zionist

Tom Sewell’s Lads Society has supported Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and would probably provide security for Gavin Mcinnes and Tommy Robinson if asked to. None of these impresarios are Australian Nationalists, yet, Tom and his boys have the sniffles because they think AFP is claiming a “patent” on the word Nationalist.  As far as the margins of political Nationalism in this country are concerned, the Australia First Party owns them! Those who are not absolutely committed to these nativist principles have no business on their turf. Therefore the word ‘Nationalist’ belongs to the AFP.

Mr Welf Herfurth might disagree but then Welf is a “National Anarchist” which is about the most ridiculous thing anybody could be outside of a goldfish tamer. Furthermore, Welf has consistently refused to answer whether or not he is a multi-racialist. He certainly is no Australian, but then either is Mark McDonald, who cannot even vote here, or his Russian friend, or Tom Sewell. We seem to have a hell of a lot of foreigners trying to tell us what Australian Nationalism is all about. So in the interests of inclusivity, they’ve decided it can be everything from civic patriotism to Alt-Right.

Being a Nationalist entails defending a set of principles; holding steadfast beliefs; and being committed to an unambiguous cause. A pan-Europeanist is really not too different from a globalist as they mistakenly think we are “working for the same thing”. But there is no “we” and “we” are not working for the same thing.

Being a Nationalist entails defending a set of principles; holding steadfast beliefs; and being committed to an unambiguous cause. A pan-Europeanist is really not too different from a globalist as they mistakenly think there is a “we” and that we are “working for the same thing”. But there is no “we” and “we” are not working for the same thing.

Finally, the motivation for these leaks is to provoke discord, and we at UNA may have bitten a little, but not too much. We have issues with the Lads Society’s leadership, and they have been made worse by their enabling Antifascist Action’s campaign to ruin Nationalists one by one. When these Lads erroneously condemn our writer as “always attacking Nationalists” can they dare to prove it? Who are these “nationalists”? Neil Erikson? Nick Folkes? Toby Cook (the obviously non-White Hitler Youth who’s gone all African American culture now)? Shermon Burgess? The Sons of Odin? The True Blue Crew? There is a major difference between critical commentary and “attacking” and if they are such shrinking violets that any criticism injures them for life then they should probably find a nice safe space because the truth is brutal.

Thomas Sewell in his totally Aussie Nationalist civic patriot Oswald Mosley phase. Tom takes himself very, very, very, very seriously, as you can tell by the Mosely tash

What are Antifa and the two main trolls behind this project going to gain? Stuff all. And as far as the Lads or any other group are concerned the Australia First Party is as solid as ever. It will not fade away. It will be here long after they are off proving what little conservatives they were all along. Our writer, too, is going nowhere. He’s not about to put a gun barrel in his mouth like Sparrow and his mate are hoping. They can call him names all day but he only grows stronger.

What they REALLY hope for is to create an atmosphere that results in violence. They are banking on someone out there in the Lads being mad enough to make an attempt on our man’s life. Selah.

McDonald must go! There will be no dialogue or detente with  Nationalists so long as this virus remains in the bloodstream. There will be no peace until he is unconditionally removed and never allowed to ever again spread his poison. Australia is not his country and he is not a Nationalist. He is simply not welcome, and as to the damage he’s caused, that will one day have to be paid for! This is not negotiable. Besides, it’s in everybody’s interest.




As election time looms for Melbournians the inevitability of Labor premier Danny Andrews being re-elected emerges with it. Which also means, African crime gets re-elected.

Andrews, who just signed Victorians over to the One Belt One Road Chinese invasion initiative, so that he can accrue debt to the hungry Chinese at the cost of Australia’s security, has presided over a state in the throes of lawlessness. African crime is out of control but the state’s police commissioner and the government itself are beside themselves peddling misdirection and denials.

African “youth” fear no reprisals from the Victorian legal justice system because there seldom are any. The government is more concerned with its image as the country’s most multicultural state than it is with safeguarding its citizens from the violent acts of savage African immigrants who are here due to refugee quotas. And those quotas come about because for some reason the west has chosen to rescue these savage tribal people from their own self-made horror and import that mayhem to our own “civilised” lands.

The spate of African crimes in the state of Victoria is so incessant and relentless that African fatigue often prevents each and every outrage from being shared on social media communities concerned with the breakdown of Australian society thanks to immigration and especially immigration from incompatible races.

Barely a week goes about without reports of out of control African youths; home invasions; muggings; assaults; robberies and car-jacking in which that familiar phrase we’ve all come to cynically grin at is used when describing the suspects: “Of African appearance.”

When police respond to these incidents they adopt a “munch doughnuts” tactic until addressing 3AW in which case they make out everything is under control; reports are exaggerated; that it’s only a “few bad apples” spoiling it for a great community who love footy and are upset with the way they are being portrayed in the media.

Back in 2010, Andrew Bolt reported on how the then police commissioner Simon Overland admitted that the Victorian Police was hiding the truth about the ethnic crime problem.

One of the most astonishing revelations in Bolt’s article, and one which cuts to the very particular insanity suffered by the virtue-signalling small ‘l’ liberals always at the centre of championing open borders concepts, was that police were loath to issue colour-specific descriptions of African offenders because describing them as ‘black’ might cause these savage criminals offence.

The logical conclusion is not to describe them as “attackers”, or detail any specifics of their crimes, in case the negative criminal associations have an undesirable impact on their future employability as brain surgeons and rocket scientists.

Professor Andrew Fraser sparked a maelstrom of globalist indignation for having the gall to name the beast in the room. In 2005, he wrote a letter to the Parramatta Sun in which he warned: “…an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.”

He added, “The fact is that ordinary Australians are being pushed down the path to national suicide by their own political, religious and economic elites.”

Canadian-born Professor Andrew Fraser easily makes it onto UNA’s honours list!

In the ensuing row from that ‘inconvenient truth’ multiracialist apologists scrambled to bash out editorials condemning Professor Fraser; Channel 9 unleashed Ray Martin to confront him with a congenial group of church-going Africans as though this ambassadorial set were to negate the realities of African crime in much the same way a lot of bad apples spoil it for the few good ones; and academic papers were authored.

Sadly, Andrew Fraser apologised for his remarks after Sudanese man Safi Hareer complained to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. Professor Fraser also drew the ire of Macquarie University when he wrote a paper advocating for a return to the White Australia Policy. That paper and others can be found here.

Professor Fraser was forced to take an early retirement package, but we shall not forget his courageous stand to state what everyone should regard as the bleeding obvious.

A typical front page from Australia’s answer to Mogadishu

The open-borders liberal-elites’ response to all of this is to blame the messenger. There is no African crime problem, they argue, it’s the inherently racist character of the media and others reporting on the situation. They’re skewing the facts, using hyperbole, and they’re overblowing a few regrettable incidents into a campaign that impugns an entire community. It’s not the African gangs that are the problem, they say, but “the racists” who vilify them. And it is these class bigots of, as Drew Fraser said, “the political, religious and economic elites” who will always win sway over Victoria; which is on one level a showcase for a de-Europeanised Australia, which is, after all, the goal of the elites.

Straight from the webpage of the Victorian Socialists. See, it’s not them, it’s us, how could they possibly be responsible for their own actions?

With such a free hand from the elites, it’s little wonder that the crime-prone gang members fear nothing, respect nothing, and aspire to nothing but the accretion of consumerist trophies. In Victoria, the crime is not that committed by so-called refugees and children of refugees, it’s to mention the crime committed by these without rationalising it away as inherently a by-product of Australia’s inherent racism.

Below is the latest from the ABC as of the publication date of this blog:

Police are looking for a group of 10 to 15 youths responsible for two “ugly” and “vicious” robberies on the busy St Kilda foreshore in Melbourne’s south on Thursday night.

Key points:

  • Police said the offenders in both attacks were “perceived to be of African appearance”
  • Investigators are examining if a metal or wooden pole was used in the assaults
  • Local council has been asked to reintroduce an alcohol ban on the St Kilda foreshore

Police said two men were punched and one had a bottle smashed over his head in separate, unprovoked assaults.

In the first attack, a man had his mobile phone stolen and was left with swelling on his face.

In the second, a 25-year-old man received cuts to his face and head and was treated by ambulance officers.

Police said the offenders involved in both attacks were “perceived to be of African appearance”.

Detective Sergeant David Schaefer condemned the assaults.

“These attacks are quite cowardly and vicious, unprovoked and really an ugly event that actually occurs in normally a peaceful location where people frequently enjoy themselves,” he said.

The attacks happened on Jacka Boulevard at about 10:00pm and police said they were investigating whether the offenders may have used either a metal or wooden pole.

Call for alcohol ban

“We’re looking for a group of males of African appearance which we believe were congregating along the foreshore last night,” he said.

“We can’t speculate as to the numbers involved but on the second assault there was anywhere up to around 10 people who were involved in that second robbery,” Detective Sergeant Schaefer said.

Police said the victims had been “enjoying the sights” of the “iconic” St Kilda foreshore.

“The first victim just decided to walk down [and] enjoy the scenes and the second male was visiting a friend down there when he was accosted by the group.”

Victoria Police Inspector Jason Kelly said he was “very disappointed in what occurred”.

“Unfortunately we’ve had a large group of youth attend and the combination of youth, alcohol and public spaces just simply doesn’t mix,” he said.

He said alcohol at the “iconic beach location” was a “recipe for disaster”.

Inspector Kelly said police were calling for a full alcohol ban along the St Kilda foreshore to be reintroduced by the City of Port Phillip Council.



There ought to be a realisation by now, among Nationalistic people, that the Internet and in particular social media are these days very much a hindrance, rather than an aid in pursuing the cause of national revolution.

Time after time we are presented with the stories of people who have lost their way and become obsessed with the fantasy world of Facebook, Twitter, Gab and the myriad other portals through which people shout into the abyss of cyberspace; many of these individuals suffer full-blown mental breakdowns as a result of their journeys beyond the looking glass.

We have already posted several articles on this blog on the topics of violent extremism, unilateral action by Lone Wolf actors and the way ill, desperate or lonely Cybernauts are consistently fed false information and distortions of fact when it comes to matters of authentic political dissent against the Globalist-Capitalist system.

Daniel Wretström, a Swedish skinhead murdered by immigrants in 2000 is regarded by many on the continent as a martyr

We have laboured long and hard on blog posts which have examined the near zero potential of terrorism and political violence as a means of effecting lasting societal change; in addition to that we have been relentless in our criticism of the globalist leaning Alt-Right posers who have hijacked the Nationalist narrative and attempted to replace political principles with juvenile cyber-gibberish.

As sincere radicals we long ago came to the conclusion that social media is a cancer, that its potential to draw citizens together into a common cause for a better world was a mirage, a con-job by the owners of the sites which sucked billions across the world into submitting to a Globalist-Capitalist data mining and surveillance programme.

That is not to say, of course, that we wish to denigrate hardworking Nationalistic writers, it is important to create for posterity a permanent record of our theories and the overall tone of early 21st century Nationalism; the problem is that to the time poor worker, sorting the gold from the dross is nigh on impossible a task in the face of so much white noise coming from the social media zoo.

As sincere radicals we long ago came to the conclusion that social media is a cancer, that its potential to draw citizens together into a common cause for a better world was a mirage, a con-job by the owners of the sites which sucked billions across the world into submitting to a Globalist-Capitalist data mining and surveillance programme.

The problem is that the real world does not work in the same way as the cyber-playpens; pretty much every time the psychodrama of meme-rich social media groups is transposed onto the streets it has ended in ignominious failure, recriminations and bitter divides among participants, this is as true of the so-called “Far Right” as it is of Antifa and their ilk.

The really sad part of this is the potential for the disillusioned Cybernaut to spiral into an episode of mental decompensation when he is faced with this clash of values; when his hopes of concrete action, camaraderie and a lasting commitment to a great cause are dashed before his eyes the temptation to go it alone and create a spectacle can become overwhelming.

Tommy Robinson may be a fraud with suspicious ties to the Zionist entity but there is no doubt he is being ruthlessly persecuted by the UK authorities, his perseverance makes him a hero to civic patriots

Shooting up a house of worship, assassinating a minor politician or driving a van into a crowd of civilians will not make a martyr of the assailant, his reams of blog posts and social media interactions will be immediately expunged from the internet and in a few months, after he is tried and convicted, nobody but those with an academic interest in the case will remember his name.

Innocence, perseverance in the face of impossible odds, showing grace under fire and, above all survival to the very last, no matter what occurs, are the qualities of a martyr; such people are outwardly unaffected by frustration or despair and they are hailed for their self-sacrifice and their considered approach to their situation.

Shooting up a house of worship, assassinating a minor politician or driving a van into a crowd of civilians will not make a martyr of the assailant, his reams of blog posts and social media interactions will be immediately expunged from the internet and in a few months, after he is tried and convicted, nobody but those with an academic interest in the case will remember his name.

Think about this for a moment: Who can name, off the top of their head, one rank and file member of the SS Einsatzgruppen, or a police officer, who roamed Eastern Europe doing the dirty work of eliminating Jews, Communists and Partisans from the occupied zones?

We are talking here of the people who heard the screams and got blood spattered on their boots; so who can name one Khmer Rouge cadre? One Hutu militiaman from Rwanda in 1994? One Phalangist gunman from the Sabra and Shatila atrocity in 1982?

SS&SD unit Somewhere in Russia
The SS and SD Einsatzgruppen did all the dirty work on the Eastern front, they were the most ruthless and efficient killing machine going around, yet 70 years later their names are unknown outside academic circles

In truth, as horrible as it sounds, those killers were actually making their mark on the world, following orders as part of a great machine with clear orders, the camaraderie of brothers and a sense of purpose, yet they are forgotten by the world and only the names of their ideologues and leaders are barely remembered by ordinary workers, even if it is often for the wrong reasons.

Getting all worked up over social media memes, “truths” which are usually anything but true and expecting communion, or even ovations from your online peers when you finally flip out and do something spectacularly stupid is a sad way to live.

True radicals have their eyes on the horizon awaiting the new dawn, they move toward the light on the hill, so to speak; they see the good in the world and recoil from negativity and the dark side of life; they elevate beauty, vitality, art and love over depression, paranoia and insanity.

Getting all worked up over social media memes, “truths” which are usually anything but true and expecting communion, or even ovations from your online peers when you finally flip out and do something spectacularly stupid is a sad way to live.

If you see no hope of salvation, if the world seems to be spinning out of control and if your online fantasy world fails to reach its potential as a vehicle to sweep the globalists and their cronies from power then you can either step away from the keyboard, seek treatment for your mental problems and find something else to occupy your evenings, or you can implode and take the coward’s way out.

So put up or shut up, if the world is as fucked as you think it is and throwing away your life on a spectacular action seems the only option, instead of taking out your frustrations on others, why not write your great manifesto and last testament, lay down on your flag and put the gun to your temple?

Assuming that your writing was any good if you were possessed of great insight and could conceivably have made a wider contribution to “the cause” your death will be mourned as a tragedy and your name will live forever.

If, on the other hand, you really were just a sad, internet-addled loser parroting half-truths and engaging in social media group hysteria, so be it: to dust you will return in your forgotten and untended grave.

When people began making pilgrimages to the grave of Rudolf Hess the German authorities exhumed his remains and levelled the site



CHINA is one state closer to achieving its militaristic objective of attaining economic and strategic domination over Australia after traitor Victorian premier Daniel Andrews signed on for its One Belt One Road ‘global trade initiative’.

Andrews has finalised a memorandum of understanding with China’s ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye which will indenture Victorians under the lie of jobs creation and economic benefits.

His treasonous step comes after Australia has resisted joining China’s Silk Road. The brainchild of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, the One Belt One Road is his imperialistic vision of, as Professor Clive Hamilton describes in his book Silent Invasion, “restoring China to its rightful place, not through military conquest, but through economic domination.”

The aim of the thinly-disguised grab for global might is otherwise explained as restoring China’s ancient silk trading route which would link Europe and Africa to Asia and Oceania; although Australia was never on China’s ancient Silk Road despite false histories touted by the Chinese government.

In terms of how it works, you only have to look at those gullible countries that lent their signature to the deal then took the money. Sri Lanka signed on for the OBOR ‘initiative’ supposedly for ‘infrastructure projects’ and then had to hand over 70% of its Hambantota Port when it couldn’t pay. The surrendering of the port gives China a strategical vantage point in the Indian Ocean from which to launch its naval power.

Andrews has finalised a memorandum of understanding with China’s ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye which will indenture Victorians under the lie of jobs creation and economic benefits.

Chinese buyers accounted for $24 billion of Australian real state gobbled up in 2017. China is now the biggest foreign owner of Australian farmland; a booty that includes in no particular order Kidman Cattle Station, which mining Oligarch Gina Rinehart used her pal, Pauline Hanson, for Australians, but lines the pockets of the sellers, and ships top quality fruit and vegetables that we once took for granted over to China to fill Communist bellies. This leaves little of the good stuff for us, yet marks up the price for domestic consumption. Chinese buyers are now achieving a lock on Australia’s celebrated wineries. It was just announced that 10% of South Australia’s Barossa Valley is now in the hands of those loyal to Beijing.

A most significant act of treason against Australia here is being committed by Victoria’s communist premier

Australians may be oblivious to this, but China is eyeing off northern Australia. Beijing refers to Australia’s north as “the northern gateway” and greedy traitors like Gina Rinehart have been keenly pushing what they call the “Northern Australia Agenda” or the northern zone, which aims to partition Australia and transform the north into Chinese territory in all but name.

The Australian government ironically describes this sale of our nation as “unlocking the region’s full economic potential” and creating a “trade and investment gateway”. The idea being the north becomes both the food bowl and mineral resource centre for China’s growth with some vague promise of Australians economically benefiting from this unbelievable act of high treason. This means Chinese firms, which already own so much of Australia’s valuable mines, flying in Chinese workers and paying them in Renminbi to send food and minerals back to China. The only economic gain is for quislings like Rinehart selling off what belongs to Australians.

When you add up the key infrastructure falling either wholly or partly into Chinese hands in conjunction with that already acquired on an OBOR basis you get an unnerving sense that the significant work of occupying Australia is well underway. Take for instance Darwin and Melbourne Ports: Darwin Port’s lease was bought by Landbridge, a company owned by Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng, while Melbourne Port’s lease is controlled by a consortium of which China Investment Corp owns a fifth-share. Take these strategic assets into consideration while recognising that China-linked companies are dominating our gas and electricity network. So our power is rapidly falling into Chinese control along with our farmland and mines; all for quick sales to a class who don’t recognise Australia as anything more than a commodity to be flogged for the biggest profit they can wrangle.

Yet, while all our primary resources are flowing in a single direction back to China, the Chinese people are streaming back here; topping the immigration figures and numbers of “foreign students”.

Yet, while all our primary resources are flowing in a single direction back to China, the Chinese people are streaming back here; topping the immigration figures and numbers of “foreign students”.

The education sector is such a cash cow that teaching our people ranks way below the interests of big-fee paying students from abroad of which the Chinese are the largest group. And don’t think they’re here to learn: migration agents don’t bother veiling enticement of permanent residency.

This is the goal of China’s young and they come hauling silk sacks full of cash from their parents to buy up Australian homes. From the moment you touch down at our major airports, roadside billboards written in Chinese spruik real estate. In Sydney’s Mascot, these signs form a colonnade that stretches beyond vision.


You don’t even need a keen eye to spot these signs they’re so ubiquitous, but what is harder not to notice are the eyesore Asian-style high-rise apartments eating up entire neighbourhoods and forming clusters so dense they rank as new cities. These are not just filling a sudden demand either, they’ve been planned for, and they’re not for you white person — these are earmarked for the new replacement population of those from both Asia and the sub-continent, but mainly for the Chinese.

A company named Consolidated Land and Rail Australia (CLARA) is a private group which has as its mission statement, “…to understand a re-balancing of our settlement and deliver new ways of imagining, planning and building cities, transport and infrastructure.” This is the insidious cabal creating ‘educities’ for our replacement population and then linking them via rail. And yet, officially, Australia — with the now exception of Victoria under its communist sympathiser premier Daniel Andrews — has resisted aligning with China’s Silk Road. But this ambivalence is more a contest between Australia’s security services and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

On the one hand, our security services recognise implicitly the threat being posed by China’s infiltration through business. Chinese espionage in Australia is at an all-time high. The country is flooded with individuals and groups aiming to manipulate the views of the Australian public, the media, business and it is especially targeting Australian government officials, where it often finds easy pickings, such as former Labor senator San Dastyari who resigned from his position after it was revealed he tipped off Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo that his phone was being tapped by ASIO.

The infiltration of Chinese spies marks what it considers dissident elements among the Chinese community in Australia, and runs campaigns pursuing churches and institutions and practises it deems undesirable. But it’s not just spooks in happy shoes that have Australia’s national security bodies worried; so far they’ve blocked two Chinese companies from bidding for Australia’s national broadband network deeming Huawei and ZTE presented an unacceptable security risk.

This is the goal of China’s young and they come bearing silk sacks full of cash from their parents to buy up Australian homes. From the moment you touch down at our major airports, roadside signs in Chinese spruik real estate. In Sydney’s Mascot, these signs form a colonnade that stretches beyond vision.

But DFAT like the rest of the mercantile class sees Australia strictly in economic terms and plays down any threat as just some continuance of a post-colonial paranoia about the yellow peril which has no place in enlightened business. But then again, unlike the security services, those in government and the business sector are in a nice position to be wooed by Chinese billionaires bearing financial gifts and promises of lucrative jobs. Indeed, Australia’s commitment to democracy has proven dolefully weak. China has used a mixture of courtship and threat; grooming “friends” to facilitate their influence over the Australian government. In the tactics of their trade politics, they have become adept at manipulating our political class such as they did while negotiating the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA). And it always seems to come back to pressuring tactics and tweaking White guilt where Chinese interests are concerned.

We have business people, organisations, and advocacy groups here using ‘donations’ to curry favour among business people and politicians. Domination of Australia is important as China considers Australia and New Zealand test cases in their rehearsals for world domination. We are regarded already as a tribute state to China and it is becoming harder to see how we can possibly extricate ourselves from this invidious position since the whole system stinks with collaborators.

Australian companies.png
Australian companies trading Australia’s future away to Beijing

Andrew Robb was the architect of ChAFTA, a bum deal for all Australians which has dumped rubbish Chinese products onto our markets and handed our jobs over to Chinese workers with zip in return. As his reward, he was given an $880k job as a personal consultant to Ye Cheng. As we’ve already indicated, Ye Cheng owns Landbridge which controls the 99-year lease on Darwin Port. He also belongs to the national Chinese People’s Consultative Committee which has a duty to uphold the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) without question. Therefore Robb is now working for the Communist Party of China. And bear in mind that he sits alongside BHP director and Orica chairman Malcolm Broomhead on the board of the Australia-China Belt & Road Initiative (ACBRI).

As if having our corpuscles sucked empty by Beijing isn’t bad enough we then have to compete with, apart from Chinese beating us out of part-time work, often doing so illegally, the daigou shopper, which acts as an independent agent, buying up goods with high resale value back in China and then shipping them home at a massive profit.

A list of Chinese rats and their co-conspirators. The Australia-China One Belt Road invasion committee

Currently, topping the food chain for the daigou shopper is our baby formula since back in China their milk is like radioactive sewage. A veritable black trade in the stuff has sprung up. For years now our supermarket shelves have been stripped of baby formula with stores imposing limits on customer purchases they seldom enforce. Thus Chinese shoppers queue up at major shops exclusively interested in hoarding baby formula which they flog for an untaxed income that would keep a small Australian family alive. And all because no one stops them literally stealing milk out of the mouths of Australian babies.

It would be nice to gather a posse, rock on down to Coles, and crack these Chinese serpents on their pan heads with hockey sticks. It would be lovely to firebomb Chinese invaders out of our land but what would that lead to? Once Australia is established on the Silk Road then, much as the West has done where its investments were concerned, China’s commercial interests require protection. Consider Darwin Port — the Chinese owner controls a maritime militia that is, as Clive Hamilton describes it, “…a vast reserve army of military-trained civilians working the fishing industry and ports”. He explains that their purpose is to “intimidate rival fishers.” So imagine when Australian fishing waters become the object of Beijing’s desire as their empire expands. This maritime militia then also serve the function of forcing the intimidated nation to a position of brinkmanship where the only possible outcome is war.

Chinese companies.png
Chinese companies overseeing the occupation of Australia

Hypothetically speaking, if Australians react negatively against becoming the servile class to Chinese landowners and subordinates as they assume the plum positions among the managerial class, what happens? It’s not something that hasn’t occurred to Beijing. Apart from negotiating “private security” where, say, the northern zone is concerned, or wherever their people proliferate in the mushrooming cities built for them by CLARA, the People’s Liberation Army will be ready to respond to any threat to their commercial interests, or wherever their people are harmed.

Hamilton writes, “We need to protect ourselves forward ten or fifteen years, when Chinese investment in infrastructure abroad approaches the expected scale so that China’s continued economic health and global influence are dependent on highly valuable but far-off assets. If control over those assets is jeopardised by a local revolt, a blockade or nationalism, then it would be only a matter of time before China sent its armed forces abroad to protect Chinese-owned facilities and Chinese citizens.”

But, putting aside what the quislings are selling off to the yellow devils, what about what is already ours! China already has its slanty eyes on our Australian Antarctic Territory, a gobsmacking 5.9 million square km of breathtaking ice. We have three research stations located there and we’re carrying out dozens of scientific programs. But China is now sensing the mining possibilities of the Antarctic and with its new “everything belongs to us” policy it’s only a matter of time until its navy plants its ugly red flag in the iceberg and proclaims itself owner of the vast frozen plane.

Likewise, as its OBOR is forced upon our Asian neighbours how long until adding to our quotas are those economic refugees fleeing displacement by Chinese occupiers?

It is ironic that a supposed ‘Labor man’ would make such a deal with China considering that back in the day a Labour man strove for a vision of a White Working Man’s Paradise. If one of their own had come among them championing Chinese labour he’d have been dropped like a bag of Emu dung. How things have changed.

“Australian security services said what now?”



The films of Paul Greengrass, of which the writers of this blog are longtime fans, are always compelling, often confronting and his latest, 22 July, is no exception.

Recently released on Netflix and in selected theatres 22 July is centred upon the crimes of Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, who in 2011 carried out twin terrorist attacks, a bombing in the central Oslo area and a shooting attack on the island of Utøya, which claimed the lives of 77 people and left over 300 injured.

Greengrass has woven together the stories of four people involved in the outrage; the terrorist Breivik, one of his young victims named Viljar Hanssen who was left partially blinded and severely maimed by gunfire, Breivik’s defence lawyer Geir Lippestadt and then Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg.

The opening scenes detailing the bombing of the Norwegian prime minister’s offices and the shooting attack on defenceless young people at the Utøya youth camp are hard on the viewer; if Greengrass does one thing well it is his masterful direction of the action scenes and the depiction of the visceral horror of being caught up in acts of extreme violence.

norway bomb
The aftermath of the Oslo bombing

As in his other films, notably Bloody Sunday and United 93, the viewer’s familiarity with the subject matter only enhances the almost unbearable tension felt as the victims and their assailants, in this case a “Lone Wolf”, move toward their awful shared destiny.

The performances across the board are solid, the actors acquit themselves well enough as horrified victims or helpless bystanders and the revulsion felt toward Breivik by all who cross his path is central to the plot; by the standards of all decent people this terrorist deserved nothing but a quick lynching, yet the film goes into some detail concerning his interrogation and the struggle by the authorities to conduct a fair trial.

As in his other films, notably Bloody Sunday and United 93, the viewer’s familiarity with the subject matter only enhances the almost unbearable tension felt as the victims and their assailants, in this case a “Lone Wolf”, move toward their awful shared destiny.

The moral of the story would be that outsiders, social outcasts if you will, have no right to impose their will upon the many through violent means, even if, on the surface, their cause is righteous.

On this point a serious discussion was had among Nationalists the world over in the weeks following Breivik’s outrage, the enormity of what he had done laid bare the gulf between genuine political activists and the big talking, would-be cyber revolutionaries; this important point is mentioned in 22 July, but it bears further scrutiny with the benefits of hindsight.

The real Viljar Hanssen, survivor of the Utøya massacre.

Upon hearing of the twin attacks everyone on our side hit the internet to find out who this Anders Behring Breivik was, the feeling of “not again”, the idea that one of our extended Nationalist family had acted rashly and run off the rails, as happens from time to time, was on all our minds.

This was not the case, as the picture became clearer and Breivik’s online manifesto was absorbed by our veteran campaigners and intellectuals it quickly became obvious to us that Breivik was not a political soldier striking out from a trans-European underground, but just another sad loser lost in a fantasy world of his own creation.

Since 2011 there has emerged a good deal of useful analysis of Breivik, his crimes and state of mind; while not conclusive the 2016 paper by University Of Salford academics Lino Faccini and Clare Allely is helpful in putting Anders Breivik in his proper place among the rogues gallery of 21st century mass killers.

This was not the case, as the picture became clearer and Breivik’s online manifesto was absorbed by our veteran campaigners and intellectuals it quickly became obvious to us that Breivik was not a political soldier striking out from a trans-European underground, but just another sad loser lost in a fantasy world of his own creation.

Anders Behring Breivik was no political activist, every attempt he had made to be part of an authentic movement had failed; nor was he part of an underground sect, a youth gang, a fraternal order or a wider online community of fellow travellers; he was, in reality, an isolated, ineffectual individual seemingly beset by pathological narcissism and lifelong insecurities.

22July Breivik
Anders Danielsen Lie turns in a capable performance as Breivik in 22July

Breivik has very little in common with modern, ideologically motivated terrorists, however, he sits alongside some of the worst offenders, the school shooters such as Adam Lanza, Nicholas Cruz and the Harris-Klebold dyad who started it all at Columbine in 1999.

Breivik’s narcissistic rage and psychological decomposition in the face of his failure to launch into normal adult life were the real motivations behind his actions; in this regard Greengrass and his writers fail the viewer, they depict him as having being abandoned by his equally nefarious online comrades, this was never the case, everyone on the so-called “far right” was just as taken aback by the events of 22 July as was the rest of the world.

Some of Breivik’s home-made costumes for his fantasy personae, far from being a latter day crusader, it was all in his head