Jordan Peterson, when he keeps his beak out of politics, is a compelling speaker and a wise man; his lectures on men and masculinity are recommended viewing for young people.

We particularly admire Peterson’s take on the post-modern orthodoxy where men, and in particular young White men are being gradually hammered down to near the bottom of the “progressive stack”; this is the theoretical pecking order imposed by globalist liberalism, the effect being a rising tide of “man-babies” and Peter Pan cases.

Young White men today are told, in no uncertain terms that their kind is on the way out, that women and non-Whites are morally and intellectually superior to “old White men”; given this prevailing view among the elites and upper castes some of our young men are taking the view that there is no point growing up and they retreat from adulthood to pursue a life of childish hedonism.

antifa punk
Antifa is full of Peter Pan cases, it is premised on the truth that an “Anarchist’ at 60 is just as silly and immature as one of 15

We would never tar the whole of our youth with the epithet “Peter Pan”, the majority of young Whites are blissfully unaffected by the dogmatic Globalists, the media and the bourgeois Left types with their Newspeak and tawdry historical revisionism; that is one of the unintended consequences of a politically correct education, so much of it is fluff that it goes in one ear and out the other leaving the young with no real frame of reference on which to hang their White guilt.

We are seeing this very fable manifested in society in many sectors of society, the groups of Lost Boys congregating on social media, in clubs and underground associations, accompanied at times by their undemanding Tinker Bell female accomplices.

Allegorically Peter Pan was the boy who refused to grow up because he had Captain Hook as his example of adult life; the tyrant Hook is condemned and pursued by age, the lurking figure of the crocodile, announced by his tick-tock rhythm of time gradually chipping away at both the pirate leader’s sanity and his physical body.

Peter Pan instead chooses to be the eternal teenager, leading his band of Lost Boys, with all their insecurities and sorrows; the only female archetype in their world being the fairy Tinker Bell, the ethereal, one-dimensional girl who is mostly an enabler of their shared delusion.

greg davies
There is a whole genre of comedy based on the intersection of Peter Pan syndrome and midlife crisis

We are seeing this very fable manifested in society in many sectors of society, the groups of Lost Boys congregating on social media, in clubs and underground associations, accompanied at times by their undemanding Tinker Bell female accomplices.

In his work on contemporary masculinity Jordan Peterson points out that avoiding the sacrifices required of manhood and behaving like the eternal teenager into one’s thirties, or even forties is a road to personal desolation; a youth only gets to choose the sacrifice he is going to make to become an adult, he does not have the option of avoiding it if he wishes to take his place in the world of men.

Peter Pan cases are the most negative element when it comes to misleading the youth into throwing themselves into the maw of the globalist state, effectively wrecking their future prospects for no personal gain or any tangible benefit to their nation.

What is meant by sacrifice? The simplest way of visualising it would be to imagine masculinity as having an hourglass shape.

The lower half of our hourglass represents youth, with all of its potentials, while the upper portion is manhood with all the variety of options available to a man who has made a successful transition from the world of boys.

The narrow section in the middle is the period of sacrifice in which the boy becomes something more than he was by accepting a narrowing of his world and submitting himself to the guidance of his elders, as a student, an apprentice, a cadet and so forth.

Youth has to become something through sacrificing, for a time, all the freedoms and relative luxuries of childhood to pursue and gain mastery over an occupation in order that he, as a man, might enjoy the freedoms and numerous pathways to spiritual and material enrichment available only to adults.

Dawn rising on muddy, horrific battlefie
“In war, you learn your lessons and they stay learned”- Ernst Jünger

As has been noted, avoidance of this period of sacrifice, with all its limitations and the necessity for developing social skills such as humility, patience, tolerance and perseverance will only end in disaster; as Peterson puts it, instead of choosing the sacrifice he wishes to make in order to become a man the Peter Pan case will end up having sacrifices imposed by time and ageing, sacrifices which will likely crush him.

This brings us to the point of the article, dissident political action should not be regarded as a sacrifice worth making by the White youth of Australia, especially in an era when being blacklisted for life can be the result of a few lines of text on social media or an ill-judged appearance in public among the wrong crowd.

Transition to manhood is impossible from within a tribe of Lost Boys led by a would-be Peter Pan, therefore, a youth movement without connection to and supervision by sober adults is bound for disaster.

Peter Pan cases are the most negative element when it comes to misleading the youth into throwing themselves into the maw of the globalist state, effectively wrecking their future prospects for no personal gain or any tangible benefit to their nation.

Political engagement should only be considered in the light of maturity, once the sacrifices required of manhood have been made and all the options of the adult world are open to the individual; nobody expects the youth to march as the vanguard in the great struggle; it is immoral to do so and those lessons were learned long ago, at Passchendaele and Kokoda.

It is the responsibility of the elders to guard against the exploitation of our most precious resource, the youth; it is for this reason we expose and undermine charlatans, globalist pimps, Peter Pan cases and any other bad actors seeking to act as puppeteers of young White men.

French “Yellow Vest” protestors, this is what a grassroots movement looks like




Thinking of a Golden Shlomo winner of this year’s award for Fake Aussie Nationalism wasn’t so easy since anyone outside of the Australia First Party must be considered a fake nationalist. There are, to put it simply, just too many entries.

One could single out the vile collaborator and provocateur Neil Erikson. One could also look at the games played by Nick Folkes, who keeps changing his definitions of himself as some charade to keep up with what he perceives to be political fashions. One could easily name the broadcasters of conservative fake nationalism such as The Unshackled (Unshekeled) or XYZ; the two most rubbishy pretenders out there.

One could ask why we are so passionate about this definition of Nationalism in the first place and thereafter are such sticklers about affording the designation to worthy parties. That’s also elementary to explain only the answer troubles so many since so few are the genuine article and yet are sworn to passing themselves off so.

Just because you can make a stupid African-American style hand symbol that’s edgy does not make you a nationalist, or even a serious White Nationalist for that matter: it simply makes you an egg.

Alternatively, “shit-posting” a vile euphemism for trolling ideological opponents with haw-haw memes and shifty commentaries is not an articulation of the tenets, aims, or interests of Australian nationalism. Believing that Australia is “European” and therefore adopting a Euro-centric notion of nationalism which is to be shared only with an approved coterie of boys who believe they’re building a “community” situation by staying underground and punching each other in the head once a week (although we approve of the latter) does not maketh for nationalism.

It just lays the seeds for the inevitable disgruntlement at whoever can be heard cheering on your opponent to knock you out.

Australian nationalism is not a war against Islam, either. Islam, like any other racial group, such as Africans, Chinese, Nepalese and those who practise the craft of curry manufacture are symptoms of a White Political Class. Make no mistake, and it’s a class war against traitors who are too keen to grab Beijing’s lucre for personal gain or in the interests of advancing the cause of their party.

Nationalists are not Jewish gnomes who coin the term “Ozraeli” and then connive with evangelical Christians from Australian Liberty Alliance to unite us all against an enemy that is, paradoxically, a product of evangelical Christianity at play in western powers. Following these nitwits because you don’t like Islam only creates more Islam not less. And Islam is where the concerns of many ends: they do not see the complete sinofication of our Australian cities and the unprecedented ownership of Australian primary assets by China as a threat to Australian independence at all. Nope, they quip, “At least China knows how to handle Moslems.”

Nationalists are not Jewish gnomes who coin the term “Ozraeli” and then connive with evangelical Christians from Australian Liberty Alliance to unite us all against an enemy that is, paradoxically, a product of evangelical Christianity at play in western powers.

The spread of fake nationalism is so far and wide and while it has at its centre the inevitable “far right” hypocrites it is now using “the left” in the guise of Antifascist persons to pursue its agenda against nationalists. Yes, because nothing upsets a fake nationalist more than a real nationalist so the thing to do is to invalidate the true nationalist and accuse him of being a fake. To do this, you connive with Antifascists such as a certain entity whose Facebook productions this year have been a treasure trove of forensic information about the goings-on in the camp of the conservative shucksters.

Ladsleaks, which is composed of two persons, one of them an open secret and the other having just revealed himself, Mark McDonald and Andrew Wilson, has a surprising tandem with Antifascist Action. The two parties work in unison and as the New Year unfolds UNA will hopefully have some damaging stuff to report about how deep this alliance runs.

The nationalist movement is not the far-right movement as that milieu is interested in feeding back into the system to the coffers of established conservative entities. They ape the nationalist and they are always to be found making cheeky winks to Antisemitism as a device to establish bogus credentials but there are always Zionists lurking behind their curtain and instructing their gameplay.

But now we’ve just come to the crux of why United Nationalists Australia is so controversial for its unwaveringness. We have been watching the co-opting of nationalism for so many years now we can sniff out a conservative shuck in our midst (Australian Meditations we’re looking at you). The civic patriot deplores the exactitude of Australian nationalism because it affects its inclusiveness.

The argument from civic patriots has always been about ‘inclusivity’ and ‘reaching out’ and they forever display chagrin when any criticism comes their way and dismiss it as an attack on “the movement”.

The nationalist movement is not the far-right movement as that milieu is interested in feeding back into the system to the coffers of established conservative entities. They ape the nationalist and they are always to be found making cheeky winks to Antisemitism as a device to establish bogus credentials but there are always Zionists lurking behind their curtain and instructing their gameplay.

Conservatism serves the interest of the capitalist and mercantile classes: just like its ideological opposition, it is a wholly class-centred church. The aims of Australian nationalism are agin its central philosophy; rather than closing the borders it seeks to open them up for trade; it desires an open Australia so that it can import cheap labour and inflate its profits at the cost of Aussie working conditions and wages. It doesn’t care if you are White, black, yellow or brown so long as you can somehow keep the money rolling in.

Just because you can make a stupid African-American style hand symbol that’s edgy does not make you a nationalist, or even a serious White Nationalist for that matter: it simply makes you an egg.

To that end, these conservatives secrete themselves among those who grossly mistake conservatism as having an inherent interest in patriotism or the politics of whiteness. They listen to Pauline Hanson when she says “it’s OK to be White” but somehow are deaf when she slams Senator Fraser Anning as a racist when he calls for a return to a White Australia style immigration policy.

The conservative milieu listens to anyone BUT nationalists. It aligns itself with all manner of sub-tier foreign “alt-right” celebrities rather than risk upsetting the rank-and-file by inviting along an established home-grown nationalist. Their cultural cringe is quite revealing but their choices are more so.

This year’s Golden Shlomo for fake Australian Nationalism, therefore, goes to ANYONE NOT IN THE AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY WHO CALLS THEMSELVES A NATIONALIST.

Enjoy your award. imageedit_1_2996129378

Australia First Party — the only true stamp of whether or not somebody is an Australian Nationalist

Golden Shlomo award for being fake anarchist Slackbastard


This goes to the architect of fake anarchism, Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University. Rob went offline with his Slackbastard channels late this year and many were wondering why. Some, such as the villainous state turncoat and sometime collaborator with Antifa, Neil Erikson, took advantage of the situation to promote fake news about his arrest on terrorism charges. Only, he didn’t name him Rob. But we bothered to actually ring Rob’s number at Monash University on the understanding that if his online resources resumed operations once he returned from overseas (rumour has it from Syria) on November 2 as he stated in his phone message then it’s just more proof that Rob is SB. He did not disappoint. Rob, you are a dickhead. You and your entire family should be stuffed in a barrel and cast into an open sewer. Each and every one of you is a piece of trash that a billy goat wouldn’t eat. Therefore Rob, being Slackbastard, you receive this year’s UNA Golden Shlomo award for being fake anarchist Slackbastard. You know where you can stick it. imageedit_1_2996129378

download (4).jpg

Professor Rob Slackbastard of Monash University uses anarchists to further an agenda of far-left politics. He is a dick



Here it is, folks, the el gran queso, or for those who don’t speak spick, the big cheese. This is our holy monument award, the big kahuna, the one which is bigger than all the rest and which you could use to split open the skull of a bull dyke. Yes, dear readers, it is the GOLDEN SHLOMO AWARD. Don’t ask for what. Don’t demand a category because it transcends words and instruction. It just IS. Yes, and this year it IS awarded to FACEBOOK.

There has been no more of a damaging instrument used against nationalist and other folks than Facebook. It’s a cesspit of anonymous activity that led to the doxing of certain young alt-right folk who had a bright idea (it is alleged) to infiltrate the ranks of the National Party and turn it into a tool for Whiteness.

It has enabled disgruntled and perennial disruptors like Mark McDonald to play both sides. It has enabled unwholesome hypocrites from Antifascist Action to pursue his or her often illegal activity in the name of having been born too late to have fought alongside camaradas in the Spanish Civil War. It has damaged reputations, harmed careers, stirred up ill-will and created more enemies than the Kaiser.

We are not even going to single it down to Zuckerberg since Facebook goes beyond him. It IS Facebook. It is time and a matter of grave importance that nationalists start to abandon this medium and use it only as the most basic and casual tool. So far, for most of the groups that purport to be on the “right side” of politics, it is their entire world. Imagine, for instance, what would become of dreck like Neil Erikson if Facebook disappeared tomorrow. He would vanish too, forever and ever.

What a lovely country we’d have. imageedit_1_2996129378

Burn, Facebook, burn! Or at least, go offline permanently!



It has been one year since Newtown Police refused to acknowledge any of the three known complaints made against David Gullis for threatening behaviour, assault, intimidation, and vandalism.

This is because the cops over there are probably all big union people and Delusional Dave is protected by the CFMMEU and their Labor counterparts.

We cannot really state why the useless Newtown cops turn a blind eye to this criminal, they might all be having sexual relations with him, but we do know that he is a dangerous terrorist and is still at large.

Gullis goes berserk! An Antifa terrorist on the job

On December 7, 2017, our UNA editor was living in the not-so-salubrious surrounds of Enmore, in Sydney’s inner-west. His address had been provided to an Antifa operative living in Melbourne by rogue elements who, unknown to us at the time, were feeding information about our man back to Antifa via this troll. These two will be revealed at an appropriate time in the coming New Year.

We recap from our previous blog

On Thursday, December 7, at 4:30 am when most were snug in bed, Dave Gullis was amped for mayhem. Takeaway coffee in hand, which he purchased at a nearby service station, he began banging at the side gate of the Australia First Party’s Tempe headquarters. He disturbed the peace until the AFP President, Jim Saleam, was groggily forced downstairs. A busy man who catches only a regimented allotment of sleep, disturbing Jim at this hour was at best an act of rudeness. Curious what all the ruckus was about, as Jim answered the door, he was confronted by an aggressive Gull wearing a jacket and his trademark cap. His adoption of this garb was a craven attempt to dodge identification.

Thus disguised, an overwrought Gull began yelling about Jim being an “ASIO agent” and “a paedophile” and repeatedly challenged him to “fight”. Jim is in his sixties and Gull is a burly tradesman who is at least 30 years his junior. This challenge was an act of gutlessness that is in keeping with past CFMEU-member organised attacks upon our older people. Waiting till the dead of the morning was likewise a grub tactic. But it was not the last grubby deed that Gull would be guilty of that morning.

Gull again ranted at Jim nonsense about being an “ASIO agent” and a “paedophile” so to create the impression this was an attack by Civics. Jim fired back, “I don’t know who you are, son!”

Gull then uttered a series of unequivocal death threats before throwing the dregs of his coffee at Jim, with only a few splashes hitting their mark. Fortunately, the locked gate divided them, or Gull would have forced an intrusion. In another room, a friend of Jim’s overheard the entire exchange having been awoken too. As Jim tried figuring out if this was a raving lunatic or an organised confrontation Davey boy turned tail and fled into the night. But this was not to be his last stop. He was to save his best, and most spineless, for what would now be around 20 odd mins later when he made his way to a nearby suburb.

At 4.49 by the CCTV clock when a fellow Australian Nationalist and AFP member was asleep a thunderous banging assailed his door. In a blink, he knew who was there. There was not enough security in this building to keep him out. Gull had visited this person on the 1st of October using his eyewear and cap as a cover. Yet, after leaving Tempe he was so confident of carrying out his mission in the dark that he ditched the hat and jacket. This was very fortunate for as he pulled a firehose from beside the nationalist’s window he was being captured in joyous detail on the building’s CCTV camera system. The cameras had not been there upon his last trespass but were now fully functioning day and night — each moment and image being shared on an Internet-accessible database.

There, in the surveillance footage, Delusional Dave can be seen pumping the hose through the window and turning it on full blast.

To a brainwashed head-case like Dave, this was some sort of victory for the workers, but for the occupant, it would prove a scrabble to prevent his own electrocution. The haphazard spray, which had soaked his bedclothes, was aiming perilously close to live electrical equipment.

Fully pleased with his act of blatant vandalism, itself comparable to a home invasion, Dave yelled out, “Nick Folkes sent us! This is for being a Nazi and paedophile!”

As our hero fought to shut the window on the gushing H2O and prevent his own manslaughter the would-be union assassin pushed the nozzle further in between the window jamb and the electrical equipment which sat between them creating an obstacle. Luckily curtains were helping to absorb much of the spray and forestall the consequences of spraying water onto live power cords. The floor, being tiled, offered no insulation and would have served as a conductor for the catastrophe that Dave was seeking to create. For it is highly probable that, after his last visit, Dave had conceived of this as a form of execution… and against a total stranger.

Back in Oct when he first made an egotistical exhibition of introducing himself, all-be-it behind his sunnies and cap, our nationalist friend had observed Dave snooping about outside his apartment.

Because of the nature of the area, strays occasionally wandered in where they shouldn’t, but so did those who were lost. Our hero stuck his head out the door, which was open to allow in fresh air, and sensing our friend had sussed him Dave paused on his way out. Dave half-turned and gave a serial killer’s semi-smile before flourishing his finger in a throat-slitting gesture.

“Who are you?” asked our man.

“Your worst nightmare,” Dave replied. “I’m going to kill you.”

One is accustomed to Antifa adopting a customary mode of dress, but Dave didn’t fit that image. Taken aback, our man ventured, “Why?”

“Because you’re a Nazi and a paedophile,” he responded. Then he left.

Our friend was dumbfounded. Paedophile, he wondered? The Nazi comment was a direct reference to his Nationalist views but a paedophile? Then he remembered. The very day before Mike Holt, a so-called neo-Nazi had been sentenced to four years for possessing child pornography and illegal weapons. Suddenly the actions of any random are now a basis upon which to justify criminal activity against a perceived enemy of ‘the workers’. And to think, they locked Mike Holt up while this maniac was free to roam around.

There were no images to show the police that morning, but when he pondered the situation our man figured this person was linked to unions a hunch that turned out to be absolutely spot-on the mark.

Dave hooked the spraying nozzle inside the window before cutting a casual exit which, along with all his shenanigans that morning was caught on camera. But our man still had to push the nozzle away, and mop up the flood that this dangerous idiot had created. This was after rushing outside to shut off the hose all the while mindful of the spray hitting any of the active power appliances waiting to fry him.

It took the police a couple of hours to arrive that morning because they were “between shifts”. But when our man gave his account to Senior Constable Matthew Williams he was now in the better position of being able to provide an image.

Having mopped up as much of the water as he could, he rewound the footage from that morning and, in a way, this whole thing was a blessing. Water dripped from the ceiling as his clothes and possessions sat drying. Meanwhile, there, in flangrante delicto was Dave, the paedophile obsessed Commie criminal born a hundred years too late.

After running our campaign to help identify him, we have been able to supply Newtown Police with Dave’s name. Searches conducted had failed to turn up much on Dave, who has itinerant qualities about him. Yet, through a united effort, we nailed the prick.

Pinning together the events of December 7, Jim Saleam and our man figured it was linked to the Eureka Commemoration by Nationalists on December 3rd. They realised that the gooney birds of the militant union subculture and Antifa had a willing stooge in Dave to send along to do their dirty work. Dave is a total mental case and accepted the job no worries. He enjoys this sort of thing, just as the Scorpio killer liked slaying those young lovers.

At the time, we were not aware that other incidents involving Gullis had been reported to Newtown Police (who did what they excel at, nothing). We were contacted by a young Alt-Right chap who didn’t wish to be identified.

He told us that prior to Gullis’s first invasion of our man’s space at Enmore, he was on the platform of Newtown Station with his friends when Gullis happened by.

Taking exception to the Make America Great Again cap that the young bloke wore, he tore it off his head, and allegedly assaulted him.

The young bloke reported this to Newtown Police and provided an image which one of his friends captured on their phone. This was an image of the same person who our man provided to Newtown Police, yet, you couldn’t get less action out of an immovable rock.

Then, we learned, in early 2018, Antifa defector and comedian, Shayne Hunter was assaulted by Gullis. In the video, titled ‘Punched by a Communist’, Hunter describes being confronted and assaulted by Gullis at Newtown library.

He went so far as to confirm that Gullis is a member of Antifascist Action Sydney and the whacko Commie party. Gullis punched him for “endangering Antifa” by outing them as brainwashed loonies. He too reported Gullis to Newtown Police. Hunter believes Newtown cops were actually keen to charge Gullis, but were unable to trace his address. We reckon differently.

It is our considered opinion that Newtown, which is like a mini Victoria, bends over backwards to accommodate the anti-White fruitcakes bred and manufactured at the nearby Sydney University.

Hunter also mentioned that Dave Gullis is an invasive, grabby, rampant homosexual, a revelation which had us all rolling around the floor cacking ourselves.

Nonetheless, following yet ANOTHER visitation from Gullis in March, our man made an attempt to file an Apprehended Violence Order against him but failed on the basis that Newtown Police did not have his address — and after all this.

Shayne Hunter shows off where got bopped by Gullis

Indeed, the onus was placed on our man to provide it, and at a hearing in March, the magistrate postponed her decision on the AVO telling our man, “It’s not the business of Newtown Police to act as your detective”.

The president of the Australia First Party, who was present and also has stakes in the Gullis affair, promptly rolled his eyes. Given his experiences with the bias of the legal justice system, he was not surprised.

Thus, it is one year later and the lump of meat with eyes and a brain the size of a pigeon’s willy is still on the loose – still free to go berserk if the thinks “da fashusts” are threatening his terrorist friends.

Previously, the CFMEU had denied any knowledge of Dave Gull when approached by one of the complainants and advised him to instead contact police. He did this and an apprehended violence order was issued by Newtown Local Court. However, it proved an impossible task to track Gull to his address and NSW Police refused to assist in tracing him which meant the order could not proceed; leaving the impression of state sympathy with this mindless brute. It also draws a very distinct line of connection between the ALP and Antifascist Action.

Cleary, the CFMEU knew his whereabouts all along and questions now arise about their knowledge of his actions against the UNA editor.

Our editor refuses to let this matter rest knowing that Gull is a dangerous animal who should not be allowed to roam the streets freely menacing citizens with differing opinions from his own. It is therefore interesting that intelligence provided to UNA places him in the company of CFMEU delegates who were reportedly strutting around arrogantly at the Australian Labor Party’s (ALP) state conference at Sydney Town Hall on Saturday, June 30.

The CFMEU clearly kids itself that it holds a position of influence within the Australian Labor Party. The rank and file, such as Gull, also have a cognitive dissonance when it comes to understanding that the multimillion-dollar CFMEU no longer represents hard hats like him but is an auxiliary for a globalist party with central policies that conflicts with the interests of Australian workers they supposedly represent.

Interesting, too, is that by the terms of admission to the NSW ALP Conference that “observers” who registered for the event must also be ALP members. This presents the strong likelihood that Gull is also an ALP member and Labor, therefore, had his address on file, something which will need to be surrendered so that due process can be pursued against this totalitarian nightmare of an individual.

Bear in mind, that by having knowledge of Gull’s actions – which the CFMEU did – only amplifies accusations of that militant organisation’s reliance on violence and intimidation in the pursuance of its political ideas.

A young bloke offered a reward for anyone identifying Gullis



The central myth of the Eureka Rebellion and its Southern Cross flag as promoted by mainstream pundits has it as a symbol of, apart from other things, multiculturalism.

This is because two black men, a Jamaican and a black American, were present along with the majority White European “diggers” during the uprising. Whatever ascribing of qualities the opponents of nationalism use to interpret this epochal moment at the dawn of the Australian nation it was first and foremost a rebellion against government oppression in a struggle for justice and democratic rights.

Gold miners, tired of being forced to pay dearly for licenses, rose up after certain inciting incidents and mobilised themselves into a paramilitary. A license was no guarantee of finding gold, and the miners were refused the rights of the land they mined. Added to this was the brutal and contemptuous manner with which miners were treated by the colonial autocrats.

Always was, always will be, a symbol of White Australia

On Dec 03, 1854, having three days earlier gathered under the Eureka Flag and elected Peter Lalor their leader, and now having fortified their stockade at Bakery Hill, in Ballarat, the miners numbering around 500 clashed with police and a larger presence of soldiers. The diggers, brave though their resolve was, had not the capacity to withstand the combined force of police and military. Subsequently, 22 diggers sacrificed their lives while six police and soldiers were killed. Of those miners arrested and tried, only one was found guilty. The rebellion led to a change in the mining system so that thereafter miners paid a tax on the gold they found.

In the 1970s, the union movement found a nice fit by appropriating the symbol and mythology of the Eureka Rebellion to suit its ultra-communistic agenda. However, it’s important to interpret and divide the mythology of the rebellion and the symbolism of the flag from the narrative of those communists who adopted a red Eureka and the workers who had long before gathered beneath it in the nationalist spirit as they rioted against the presence of Chinese workers.

Anti-Chinese demonstrations occurred at Lambing Flat on the goldfields of central NSW in 1861. Aussie diggers numbering 1,500 – 2000, resentful of the hive-like industry of the Chinese and incensed by the wastage of water in their mining process attacked the Chinese encampment and drove them off.

During the Seamen’s Strike of 1878, the Eureka Flag was raised by trade unionists. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote of that strike, “The strike of the A.S.N Company’s Seamen has assumed larger dimensions, and has led to active measures on the part of the labouring classes against Chinese importation or immigration. The actual dispute between the seamen and the A.S.N Company has been almost lost sight of in the larger question of a general introduction of Chinese, which trade unions have done their best to persuade the people is only a matter of time, and must result in the complete exclusion of Europeans from the labour market unless the threatened evil is at once nipped in the bud.”

download (1)
Peter Lalor, leader of the Rebellion, and not Ulysses S. Grant, although if you have had a shot of Johnnie Walker Green Label you might just get the two confused

A version of the Eureka Flag flew during the shearers’ strike at Barcaldine in 1891. One of the demands of the shearers was an exclusion of low-cost Chinese labour. Thereafter, workers’ concerns about being undermined by the Chinese led to the Immigration Restriction Act or White Australia Policy. Therefore, the relationship between the tradition of Australian Nationalism and the Eureka Flag is irrefutable. Open to contention are the overarching interpretations derived from the uprising at the Ballarat goldfields in terms of the formation of Australian identity.

Raffaello Carboni wrote the stirring words, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore”

It is important to understand that there was no Australia at the time of the rebellion so any arguments about the events at Eureka and the conception of Australia as a “multicultural country” or a land of perpetual migration are specious. We can speak of the spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, and there again, Nationalists have the much stronger claim — and more so when you consider the current relationship between the worker and the political class. The militant “unionists” couldn’t give a damn for the Australian worker, as they are too busy assisting the multinational corporations and the quisling politicians in flooding the country with plague-level immigration. The unions stand for a “big Australia”, which means Australian workers and their conditions being undercut by an unceasing stream of foreign labour.

This post-Communist Globalist style of unionism, therefore, has no claim on the spirit of the traditional Australian working man to whom the lore of the Eureka Rebellion belongs.

What they do focus on in their swindling of the Eureka narrative are the words of Raffaello Carboni who wrote a first-hand description of the rebellion in his book The Eureka Stockade. When the miners gathered on November 30 to swear their allegiance under the Eureka flag he called on them to “irrespective of nationality, religion or colour to salute the Southern Cross as a refuge of all the oppressed countries on earth.”

This, according to the multiculturalists, is an incontrovertible expression of the underlying essence of inclusivity and diversity as proof of the multiracial sentiment of the rebellion and its miners. Ergo, the Australian identity is formulated along these principles. Yet, again, there was no Australia yet, although it was interesting that while reporting on the rebellion The Age described the Eureka Flag as “the flag of Australian independence”.

As we have seen, the Australian worker would view their independence as being founded firmly upon their identity as White Europeans. And those quoting Raffaello Carboni neglect to mention that he was an Italian Nationalist who fought against Austrian influence in the country of his birth, which he returned to. He never made the colony his home but travelled back to Europe dying in Rome in 1875. Therefore, his rousing words, especially the utterance “of all the oppressed countries on earth” were an anti-colonialist comment by a stateless fortune seeker not an affirmation of miscegenation by an early globalist. The flag itself, as we have explained, went on to become a symbol of Australianness very much defined by race and colour; that meaning only perverted when the Commies of Norm Gallagher’s ilk marched along in the 1970s during their passionate love affair with Mao’s China.

Nowadays, with China the largest owner of Australian farming resources, and Chinese ownership of our key assets at an unheralded level, as the Chinese “student” presence in Australia becomes entrenched and developments are underway to have them replace Anglo-Celtic-European Australia in alarming increments, the wisdom of those White Australian working men becomes all the more salient – as does the spirit of the flag they flew.

The anti-Chinese sentiment of the Eureka flag becomes a haunting caveat from our White Australian past