Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University, AKA Slackbastard, was quick to seize on screengrabs of a sleazy confab between the mixed all-sorts of the Lads Society on their Facebook group page.

Funny how whenever UNA mentions “Rob Sparrow” Slackbastard retaliates with one of his bogus attacks on a writer of ours — Sparrow isn’t happy being doxed but he’s as happy as a pig in sludge when doxing others.

Rob has a gig at Monash University, but not everyone is aware that he hails from a family of radical leftists. His sister Jill Sparrow, a rabid Trotskyite, helped establish Socialist Alternative. His brother Jeff is likewise a Trot and a major leftist who co-wrote extremist literature with his sister but is also to be found spruiking his seditious writings in the mainstream press and occasionally community radio station 3RRR where Slackbastard (his brother Rob AKA Andy Fleming) is a regular guest. Rob himself penned ‘Anarchist Politics & Direct Action’ which can be found here at the Anarchist Library.

The screenshots are widely believed to have been leaked by disgruntled former Klub Nation identity Andrew Wilson who, it is said, attempted to infiltrate the Lads Society in Sydney and Brisbane. There have been shocking allegations about Wilson and his activities in Perth and elsewhere but we won’t go into those here; it is a matter for the people involved. However, the very nature of the Lads and their page ensures infiltration, leaking, and because of their sloppiness, the “Lads” became an unwitting tool of the Antifascists.

Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University_ maximum leader of Antifascist Action Australia, and everyone's pimp and messenger. M.jpg

The conversation, such as it is, focuses on a United Nationalists Australia contributor who has been the subject of three years of defamation from both left and right. Comments, mostly from those who’ve never even met him, support malicious lies generated by Mark “McDonald Campbell”. McDonald, manager of the Sydney Lads chapter, is not his real surname and is an alias the great boof created based on his love of the absurd Turner Diaries (taken from William Pierce’s nom de plume, Kevin MacDonald). So nobody even really knows who they’re truly dealing with or what his game is.

This cagey New Zealander turned up in Australia in 2013 and feverishly set about trying to recruit everyone and his dog to what can only be described as a terrorist group which he hoped to lead. Active on Stormfront down under, and notable for his incomprehensible posts, he targeted every local SF member via private message. He did so while consorting with staunch Zionist and ex-Liberal party spook Howard Crawford, who, playing his own game, was promising a “Nazi” revolution within the Young Liberals if Mark helped him recruit members. There was to be paramilitary training in the form of a kickboxing school, and McDonald was slated by Crawford as its “Fuhrer” of the western suburbs division. It was a total honeypot trap. In the end, he created “Squadron 88”. This grouplet lasted about as long as a bag of popcorn, managing to fill the letterboxes of East Sydney residents with badly-written antisemitic flyers that served no identifiable political purpose other than to attract attention.

Funny how whenever UNA mentions “Rob Sparrow” Slackbastard retaliates with one of his bogus attacks on a writer of ours — Sparrow isn’t happy being doxed but he’s as happy as a pig in sludge when doxing others.

McDonald has characteristically played down his involvement with Crawford, but then he has at least 47 versions of any controversy he’s been involved in, particularly when it comes to our writer who was unfortunate enough to have met him. None within his fold have ever questioned this duality: labelling our man a Jew (the oldest one in the book) and yet consorting with Crawford and the Party for Freedom, which was established as a spoiler tool against the Nationalists of the Australia First Party. His “Jew” accusation was shared both indirectly, and, as will become revealed, directly with an agent for Antifascist Action. Meanwhile, McDonald enjoys free passage, despite carrying the weight of the crimes he’s committed against Nationalists.

Questions naturally arise about those enabling McDonald, such as Tom Sewell, who appointed McDonald Sydney Lads Society leader as a deliberate affront to the Australia First Party’s president Jim Saleam who he disingenuously claims to respect. How can anyone occupying the hazardous turf of the far-right brush over the glaring inconsistencies in McDonald’s stories since you do so at your own peril? Why would they accept his blasé dismissals of these allegations so indifferently when the potential for damage is so great? This is how operators like McDonald get away with what they do.

Mark McDonald, looking just as fat and stupid as in real life

McDonald’s rap sheet should be of concern to any competent ‘leader’. If Tom Sewell truly respects Jim Saleam as he reckons how come he ignored his warnings about McDonald with such a show of personal defiance?

Before we get down to the brass tacks of linking McDonald to Antifascist propaganda, let’s take a look at this rap sheet.

McDonald’s rap sheet should be of concern to any competent ‘leader’. If Tom Sewell truly respects Jim Saleam as he claims in a comment taken from the screengrabs how come he deliberately snubbed him on one of the most important personnel warnings he made?

McDonald has, in his time, attempted to induce others into committing crimes such as kidnap and torture. Eyewitness accounts swear, among various plots, he sought to encourage his associates to attack the homes of Penrith counsellors and to arrange the firebombing of a Moslem prayer hall. He attempted to cajole others into kidnapping anarchist Dave Fregon, who had the computer server of Slackbastard, and torture him until he gave up the identity of Slackbastard.

A Nationalist who had dealings with McDonald told us, “He came on the scene from out of nowhere and almost instantly he knew everyone.  I still cannot put my finger on it to this day. I know he’s not genuine. Suddenly, from nowhere, he was everywhere. He knew everyone, or weaselled his way into people’s lives and work just like a damned agent. I used to notice his skittish behaviour. He talked tough but was a coward. He tried to entrap me too, I believe, with acts of violence. He tried to convince us to literally kidnap our enemies.”

Anarchist Dave Fregon who Mark McDonald tried to have kidnapped and tortured. By torture, he probably meant having to be in the same room as McDonald for more than two minutes

None of the potentials for entrapment in these overt incitements to criminality seems to bother those who gave a second lease of life to this scheming fush-and-chup quaffing scumbag. Our writer has experience with this sort of animal since by circumstance he encountered an actual super troll now in prison in America. The form was exactly the same: encouragement to commit acts just like those named. Unlike The Bozos Society, however, he had the nous to realise something was hinky and warn others.

Nothing that McDonald has said in those comments about our writer has even the whiff of honesty; it is all poisonous garbage from a gutless little punk picked up and shared by Tom Sewell who doesn’t possess the maturity or wit to intelligently address our criticisms (which, under the circumstances, are proven fully correct and we rest our case) so instead he resorts to tacky name-calling. The stuff about being “gay” is just over the top, and what’s the difference between saying that and David Gullis of Antifascist Action calling our man a “paedophile” to justify attacking him (even though Gullis is a homo and likely fondles his mates’ kids when their parents go to bed)? At least when we mention Sewell slept with a Filipina girl we aren’t lying.

Likewise, it’s ironic how McDonald made a big deal about our writer’s name but has never told the truth about his own. It is reasonable to expect that in the recent past, as UNA had cause to expose McDonald that he would have become prone to retaliating with lies. But bear in mind, he started this, yet we will be much more informed once we discover why: and it’s no point asking him since you would stand more chance of an honest response from a used car salesman in Tel Aviv. How come both the left and right have invested so much energy in trying to discredit our editor? What makes him so dangerous that they combine forces against him?

McDonald did not expect his comments to reach our eyes, and as such, has served his guilt up on a platter. Those lies about our writer have appeared before, and unfortunately, due to present circumstances, we cannot go into where or why because there are legal complications.

Having said, we’ll come straight to the point: none of the scenarios involving McDonald’s supposed friends, or “skinheads” ever happened, it’s all a dirty pack of lies, but still, he fed them to an Antifascist source long before UNA and the Lads ever butted heads. His mention of Neil Erikson and his involvement in spreading these rumours is a dead giveaway too because Erikson links back to this Antifascist identity in question through a complicated play that we must wait to publish. McDonald did not expect his own comments to reach our eyes, and as such, has served his guilt up on a platter in terms of revealing corresponding stories which cannot have been invented independently by the Antifascist and logically could only share identicality if both parties had colluded to create them. We cannot be more detailed due to the circumstances as legal complications are preventing us.

The gravity of what we are revealing is ENORMOUS and by casually going along with these crafted rumours because Sewell hates our man for daring to write critically about his activities doesn’t mitigate the fact he has just served the cause of Antifascism, although, we have heard rumours that it’s not a strategy that Sewell is adverse to when pursuing his own political ends. We cannot state that is the truth, however, but others, who aren’t prone to muckraking, have concerns about his soundness.

The Lads society blows, or throws blows, one of the two. Pity, too, they don’t turn around and punch the fat bald slob for being a spineless spectator

We may share this alarming news, but we don’t expect those we criticise to heed it, and while we could go on ad infinitum dissecting what we’ve read on those screengrabs, especially in defence of our man’s honour, we shall focus on this issue. Tom Sewell’s careless leadership of the Lads Society has partly resulted in the mass doxing of a number of young NSW Alt-Right activists (obviously the Nats themselves were also responsible), while he has essentially let the Lads do Antifa’s work by sharing their weaponised lies. They have vindicated the most pernicious Antifascist troll currently active and one of the worst conmen in the movement of theirs. No matter what your beef, enabling Antifa just to fight your battles is about as low as it gets! Indeed, it is tantamount to allying with them.

His mentioning of Neil Erikson and his involvement in the spreading of these lies is a dead giveaway too because Erikson links back to this Antifascist identity in a complicated play that, again, we must wait to publish.

At no point has UNA ever claimed that the idea of the Lads is wrong — just that we question the motives of the leadership, the desirability of their methods, and the tone they have generated. UNA penned the article ‘Are The Lads Society Klub Nation 2.0’ when it was revealed from a Lads’ insider that Sewell was actively dissuading members from associating with Australia First Party and from reading the UNA blog. Until then we had no interest in commenting on their activities and those who’ve crossed from editorial roles on our page over to their side might well affirm this truth.

However, the raison d’être for the Lads’ Society was never to champion the social and political rights of the diminishing White Australian population but to service Tom Sewell’s monolithic ego. Far from him being reluctant to “kiss” our man’s “ring” he was eager that he, along with everyone else, would kiss his. Having been told he was not a Nationalist by “baby boomers and generation Xers” (sic) he decided to just declare himself a Nationalist and build a gang from all the young blokes following him on Facebook.

The Lads usually don’t like girls. And why is the joker with the Village People mo wearing fingerless gloves? 

So for those coming in late, who the hell is Tom Sewell and what has he got to do with anything?

A fresh-faced kid straight out of the Australian Army’s catering corps, Tom Sewell surfed in on the 2015 Reclaim Australia wave where he met Blair Cottrell and soon became his loyal lieutenant; even if he did require a ladder to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big guy. As a leading member of the UPF under Blair’s dictatorship, Tom Thumb enjoyed a ready-made support base that sprung — not out of White Nationalist politics — but from the hordes who rushed online to their anti-Islam movement, something which he and Blair travelled to Sydney to explain to Jim Saleam they were keeping as was in spite of all the chatter about them being crypto National Socialists. Ironic, then, we fast forward to the present hour and he’s now demanding ownership over Australian White Identity. Indeed, he knows better than those who’ve never been civic patriots or wavered from their position as Australian Nationalists.

Being so young, and strolling into a wide support base, gave this lad a sense of entitlement to lead. We argue he isn’t ready, but then, he can do what he likes as long as he doesn’t try to market himself as a Nationalist (unless he becomes one, which is a whole different matter), but we’ll come to that. It was excruciating to read him lament of an “old guard”, being ludicrous enough to put our writer in that category, particularly when he is hazy on who is guarding what exactly. It is absurd to even have that category, assuming he was actually talking about an Australian Nationalist movement and not the pan-Europeanist identitarian club that he’s put together (describing it as “new Nationalism”, for fuck’s sake). Furthermore, it’s presumptuous to treat activists like the job market treats anyone over 40, by tossing them away regardless of their experience and wisdom. Half these kids never even lived in a predominantly White Australia.

There is no new guard or old guard there are only dedicated activists. James Perren, whose excitability at throwing his support behind any “new” thing that comes along with the gusto of a born loser and which is perhaps one of his greatest flaws, should be rebuked for encouraging this idea. He talks of those wanting to “cling on” to power, but there is no power but rather an authority based on knowledge and experience, and the real trouble is not those ‘leading’ but those who refuse to support since there is always some new Jack waltzing in believing ‘they’ have the plan and vision to be this great dictator they misguidedly think everyone is waiting for. James might be a wanker, but he is also a great Nationalist, and the only voice of reason evident in that lavatory of a thread (even if he is a fatalistic, panicky idiot). He is right too in arguing that Sewell should have been above that sort of muckraking and once upon a time he would have been.

Thus we come to the third of the triumvirate of interested parties in this sordid matter; the first being Sparrow and his cabal of Antifascist trolls; the second being McDonald, and finally we have Tom Sewell.

James Perren correctly pointed out how Sewell forgets the support he and Blair received from our writer, through commentaries, and pieces written in their defence during 2015. When it became apparent this was a one-way street and that Nationalists were to be used for their knowledge, support, and then tossed away in favour of a civic base then all bets were off. Suddenly everyone who had dallied with the proven failure of ‘mainstreaming’ and who had consciously or through inexperience “diversified” the field wanted terribly much to call themselves a “Nationalist”.

Designations are not just party hats to be passed around in the bonhomie of the mood but are precise definitions of a person or organisation and what they represent! If the wrong person is wearing the wrong hat then the hat becomes representative of the wrong things. Neil Erikson knew this when he deliberately appropriated the name “Nationalist” after being explicitly warned not to. You cannot pursue the line of a civic patriot which believes it’s OK to make allies of non-Whites; who tones down any explicitly White rhetoric; whose actions lead them to support the conservatives in their capacity as the ideological guard for the globalist capitalist oligarchs (read One Nation, LNP, et al) and then assume all that in the name a Nationalist strives for.

Howard Crawford (L-centre) with Mark McDonald beside him no doubt unable to comprehend whatever the speaker is saying. They were going to build a Nazi party inside the Young Liberals despite Howard being a Zionist

Tom Sewell’s Lads Society has supported Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux and would probably provide security for Gavin Mcinnes and Tommy Robinson if asked to. None of these impresarios are Australian Nationalists, yet, Tom and his boys have the sniffles because they think AFP is claiming a “patent” on the word Nationalist.  As far as the margins of political Nationalism in this country are concerned, the Australia First Party owns them! Those who are not absolutely committed to these nativist principles have no business on their turf. Therefore the word ‘Nationalist’ belongs to the AFP.

Mr Welf Herfurth might disagree but then Welf is a “National Anarchist” which is about the most ridiculous thing anybody could be outside of a goldfish tamer. Furthermore, Welf has consistently refused to answer whether or not he is a multi-racialist. He certainly is no Australian, but then either is Mark McDonald, who cannot even vote here, or his Russian friend, or Tom Sewell. We seem to have a hell of a lot of foreigners trying to tell us what Australian Nationalism is all about. So in the interests of inclusivity, they’ve decided it can be everything from civic patriotism to Alt-Right.

Being a Nationalist entails defending a set of principles; holding steadfast beliefs; and being committed to an unambiguous cause. A pan-Europeanist is really not too different from a globalist as they mistakenly think we are “working for the same thing”. But there is no “we” and “we” are not working for the same thing.

Being a Nationalist entails defending a set of principles; holding steadfast beliefs; and being committed to an unambiguous cause. A pan-Europeanist is really not too different from a globalist as they mistakenly think there is a “we” and that we are “working for the same thing”. But there is no “we” and “we” are not working for the same thing.

Finally, the motivation for these leaks is to provoke discord, and we at UNA may have bitten a little, but not too much. We have issues with the Lads Society’s leadership, and they have been made worse by their enabling Antifascist Action’s campaign to ruin Nationalists one by one. When these Lads erroneously condemn our writer as “always attacking Nationalists” can they dare to prove it? Who are these “nationalists”? Neil Erikson? Nick Folkes? Toby Cook (the obviously non-White Hitler Youth who’s gone all African American culture now)? Shermon Burgess? The Sons of Odin? The True Blue Crew? There is a major difference between critical commentary and “attacking” and if they are such shrinking violets that any criticism injures them for life then they should probably find a nice safe space because the truth is brutal.

Thomas Sewell in his totally Aussie Nationalist civic patriot Oswald Mosley phase. Tom takes himself very, very, very, very seriously, as you can tell by the Mosely tash

What are Antifa and the two main trolls behind this project going to gain? Stuff all. And as far as the Lads or any other group are concerned the Australia First Party is as solid as ever. It will not fade away. It will be here long after they are off proving what little conservatives they were all along. Our writer, too, is going nowhere. He’s not about to put a gun barrel in his mouth like Sparrow and his mate are hoping. They can call him names all day but he only grows stronger.

What they REALLY hope for is to create an atmosphere that results in violence. They are banking on someone out there in the Lads being mad enough to make an attempt on our man’s life. Selah.

McDonald must go! There will be no dialogue or detente with  Nationalists so long as this virus remains in the bloodstream. There will be no peace until he is unconditionally removed and never allowed to ever again spread his poison. Australia is not his country and he is not a Nationalist. He is simply not welcome, and as to the damage he’s caused, that will one day have to be paid for! This is not negotiable. Besides, it’s in everybody’s interest.