As election time looms for Melbournians the inevitability of Labor premier Danny Andrews being re-elected emerges with it. Which also means, African crime gets re-elected.

Andrews, who just signed Victorians over to the One Belt One Road Chinese invasion initiative, so that he can accrue debt to the hungry Chinese at the cost of Australia’s security, has presided over a state in the throes of lawlessness. African crime is out of control but the state’s police commissioner and the government itself are beside themselves peddling misdirection and denials.

African “youth” fear no reprisals from the Victorian legal justice system because there seldom are any. The government is more concerned with its image as the country’s most multicultural state than it is with safeguarding its citizens from the violent acts of savage African immigrants who are here due to refugee quotas. And those quotas come about because for some reason the west has chosen to rescue these savage tribal people from their own self-made horror and import that mayhem to our own “civilised” lands.

The spate of African crimes in the state of Victoria is so incessant and relentless that African fatigue often prevents each and every outrage from being shared on social media communities concerned with the breakdown of Australian society thanks to immigration and especially immigration from incompatible races.

Barely a week goes about without reports of out of control African youths; home invasions; muggings; assaults; robberies and car-jacking in which that familiar phrase we’ve all come to cynically grin at is used when describing the suspects: “Of African appearance.”

When police respond to these incidents they adopt a “munch doughnuts” tactic until addressing 3AW in which case they make out everything is under control; reports are exaggerated; that it’s only a “few bad apples” spoiling it for a great community who love footy and are upset with the way they are being portrayed in the media.

Back in 2010, Andrew Bolt reported on how the then police commissioner Simon Overland admitted that the Victorian Police was hiding the truth about the ethnic crime problem.

One of the most astonishing revelations in Bolt’s article, and one which cuts to the very particular insanity suffered by the virtue-signalling small ‘l’ liberals always at the centre of championing open borders concepts, was that police were loath to issue colour-specific descriptions of African offenders because describing them as ‘black’ might cause these savage criminals offence.

The logical conclusion is not to describe them as “attackers”, or detail any specifics of their crimes, in case the negative criminal associations have an undesirable impact on their future employability as brain surgeons and rocket scientists.

Professor Andrew Fraser sparked a maelstrom of globalist indignation for having the gall to name the beast in the room. In 2005, he wrote a letter to the Parramatta Sun in which he warned: “…an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.”

He added, “The fact is that ordinary Australians are being pushed down the path to national suicide by their own political, religious and economic elites.”

Canadian-born Professor Andrew Fraser easily makes it onto UNA’s honours list!

In the ensuing row from that ‘inconvenient truth’ multiracialist apologists scrambled to bash out editorials condemning Professor Fraser; Channel 9 unleashed Ray Martin to confront him with a congenial group of church-going Africans as though this ambassadorial set were to negate the realities of African crime in much the same way a lot of bad apples spoil it for the few good ones; and academic papers were authored.

Sadly, Andrew Fraser apologised for his remarks after Sudanese man Safi Hareer complained to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. Professor Fraser also drew the ire of Macquarie University when he wrote a paper advocating for a return to the White Australia Policy. That paper and others can be found here.

Professor Fraser was forced to take an early retirement package, but we shall not forget his courageous stand to state what everyone should regard as the bleeding obvious.

A typical front page from Australia’s answer to Mogadishu

The open-borders liberal-elites’ response to all of this is to blame the messenger. There is no African crime problem, they argue, it’s the inherently racist character of the media and others reporting on the situation. They’re skewing the facts, using hyperbole, and they’re overblowing a few regrettable incidents into a campaign that impugns an entire community. It’s not the African gangs that are the problem, they say, but “the racists” who vilify them. And it is these class bigots of, as Drew Fraser said, “the political, religious and economic elites” who will always win sway over Victoria; which is on one level a showcase for a de-Europeanised Australia, which is, after all, the goal of the elites.

Straight from the webpage of the Victorian Socialists. See, it’s not them, it’s us, how could they possibly be responsible for their own actions?

With such a free hand from the elites, it’s little wonder that the crime-prone gang members fear nothing, respect nothing, and aspire to nothing but the accretion of consumerist trophies. In Victoria, the crime is not that committed by so-called refugees and children of refugees, it’s to mention the crime committed by these without rationalising it away as inherently a by-product of Australia’s inherent racism.

Below is the latest from the ABC as of the publication date of this blog:

Police are looking for a group of 10 to 15 youths responsible for two “ugly” and “vicious” robberies on the busy St Kilda foreshore in Melbourne’s south on Thursday night.

Key points:

  • Police said the offenders in both attacks were “perceived to be of African appearance”
  • Investigators are examining if a metal or wooden pole was used in the assaults
  • Local council has been asked to reintroduce an alcohol ban on the St Kilda foreshore

Police said two men were punched and one had a bottle smashed over his head in separate, unprovoked assaults.

In the first attack, a man had his mobile phone stolen and was left with swelling on his face.

In the second, a 25-year-old man received cuts to his face and head and was treated by ambulance officers.

Police said the offenders involved in both attacks were “perceived to be of African appearance”.

Detective Sergeant David Schaefer condemned the assaults.

“These attacks are quite cowardly and vicious, unprovoked and really an ugly event that actually occurs in normally a peaceful location where people frequently enjoy themselves,” he said.

The attacks happened on Jacka Boulevard at about 10:00pm and police said they were investigating whether the offenders may have used either a metal or wooden pole.

Call for alcohol ban

“We’re looking for a group of males of African appearance which we believe were congregating along the foreshore last night,” he said.

“We can’t speculate as to the numbers involved but on the second assault there was anywhere up to around 10 people who were involved in that second robbery,” Detective Sergeant Schaefer said.

Police said the victims had been “enjoying the sights” of the “iconic” St Kilda foreshore.

“The first victim just decided to walk down [and] enjoy the scenes and the second male was visiting a friend down there when he was accosted by the group.”

Victoria Police Inspector Jason Kelly said he was “very disappointed in what occurred”.

“Unfortunately we’ve had a large group of youth attend and the combination of youth, alcohol and public spaces just simply doesn’t mix,” he said.

He said alcohol at the “iconic beach location” was a “recipe for disaster”.

Inspector Kelly said police were calling for a full alcohol ban along the St Kilda foreshore to be reintroduced by the City of Port Phillip Council.