It’s little wonder that the president of the Zionist Federation of Australia sent a hearty congrats to the new Liberal Party leadership.

Not that anything was less Zionist about Turnbull’s mob, with Turnbull himself rumoured to have Jewish blood, which has never been substantiated. But team Morrison, with Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg is the duck’s guts of Zionist support in Australia. Frydenberg is Australia’s very first Jewish deputy leader. But he is also a staunch Zionist. Morisson, meanwhile, is a practising Pentecostal, which is an evangelical fusion of Zionism with a bit of goofy Illinois ‘praise the Lord’ thrown in for good measure.

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Israel is, in fact, closer to Australia than New Zealand is

Back in July, the Australian Jewish News (AJN) reported that Frydenberg had referred to the Liberal Party as “…a Zionist political party” while attending central shule at Caulfield in Victoria. He also described how he is a “proud Jewish member of parliament” but that it’s not his Jewishness that defines his support of Israel but “it’s what Israel stands for, it’s about its values, it’s about its traditions, it’s about its culture, it’s about its history.”

OK, Israel’s history is very short, since it was seized from Palestine in the first half of the last century, and we can get an idea of its values every time a Palestinian family is evicted from their home and their children shot in the face.

Each Moslem migrant that sets foot in Australia is a testament to Israel’s “values”, but that aside, Josh makes no bones about his bias or his intentions. At the same attendance at the House of Zion where he made the above remarks, he cited Iran’s “Shi’ite axis” as a matter of concern and described former Premier of NSW and pro-Palestinian Bob Carr as “divisive and despicable”, although he’s not necessarily wrong there. It’s just that we have two different opinions as to why.

Chabad is like the RSL of, um, Zionist things

It is a win-win for Zionists with the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s (ECAJ) president Anton Black praising the outgoing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for being one of Israel’s biggest shills as well. He is quoted as expressing, “the Jewish community’s deep appreciation to him [Turnbull] for his service and his strong and consistent friendship to the Australian Jewish community and state of Israel”.

But still, he was goyim after all (most likely) while Josh is as kosher as gefilte fish.

Yes, it’d be nice if half these elected mud-crabs gave two figs about the actual Australian people, but that’s not what Australia is here for: it is here to serve the international Western Zionist Cabal, and with Morrison’s ascension and a dinky-di chosen one by his side then as long as they can pull off a miracle and beat the bookies’ odds by about 20-1 to win the next election then they stand a good chance of leading Australia into whatever conflict with Iran Donald Trump is finagled into triggering. Not that Labor is any less Zio, but…

However, if the motion to war happens on the Sabbath then don’t expect Josh to show up to the office. It’s his holy day.

Josh Frydenberg (L), Michael Danby (C), and some rabbi try to set fire to their new map of Australia


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