It’s little wonder that the president of the Zionist Federation of Australia sent a hearty congrats to the new Liberal Party leadership.

Not that anything was less Zionist about Turnbull’s mob, with Turnbull himself rumoured to have Jewish blood, which has never been substantiated. But team Morrison, with Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg is the duck’s guts of Zionist support in Australia. Frydenberg is Australia’s very first Jewish deputy leader. But he is also a staunch Zionist. Morisson, meanwhile, is a practising Pentecostal, which is an evangelical fusion of Zionism with a bit of goofy Illinois ‘praise the Lord’ thrown in for good measure.

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Israel is, in fact, closer to Australia than New Zealand is

Back in July, the Australian Jewish News (AJN) reported that Frydenberg had referred to the Liberal Party as “…a Zionist political party” while attending central shule at Caulfield in Victoria. He also described how he is a “proud Jewish member of parliament” but that it’s not his Jewishness that defines his support of Israel but “it’s what Israel stands for, it’s about its values, it’s about its traditions, it’s about its culture, it’s about its history.”

OK, Israel’s history is very short, since it was seized from Palestine in the first half of the last century, and we can get an idea of its values every time a Palestinian family is evicted from their home and their children shot in the face.

Each Moslem migrant that sets foot in Australia is a testament to Israel’s “values”, but that aside, Josh makes no bones about his bias or his intentions. At the same attendance at the House of Zion where he made the above remarks, he cited Iran’s “Shi’ite axis” as a matter of concern and described former Premier of NSW and pro-Palestinian Bob Carr as “divisive and despicable”, although he’s not necessarily wrong there. It’s just that we have two different opinions as to why.

Chabad is like the RSL of, um, Zionist things

It is a win-win for Zionists with the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s (ECAJ) president Anton Black praising the outgoing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for being one of Israel’s biggest shills as well. He is quoted as expressing, “the Jewish community’s deep appreciation to him [Turnbull] for his service and his strong and consistent friendship to the Australian Jewish community and state of Israel”.

But still, he was goyim after all (most likely) while Josh is as kosher as gefilte fish.

Yes, it’d be nice if half these elected mud-crabs gave two figs about the actual Australian people, but that’s not what Australia is here for: it is here to serve the international Western Zionist Cabal, and with Morrison’s ascension and a dinky-di chosen one by his side then as long as they can pull off a miracle and beat the bookies’ odds by about 20-1 to win the next election then they stand a good chance of leading Australia into whatever conflict with Iran Donald Trump is finagled into triggering. Not that Labor is any less Zio, but…

However, if the motion to war happens on the Sabbath then don’t expect Josh to show up to the office. It’s his holy day.

Josh Frydenberg (L), Michael Danby (C), and some rabbi try to set fire to their new map of Australia



New laws come into effect in NSW this week. Anyone “inciting violence” on the basis of race, minority religious status, sexual orientation, or this bogus Orwellian construct of “intersex people” face $11,000 fine or three years in jail.

United Nationalists Australia declares this the ‘Newspeak laws’ since anyone threatening violence against anybody is or should be, dealt with under existing laws. However, these laws, which were lobbied for hard by “minority organisations” adds a special status to anyone in these favoured political categories. This makes the rest of us (White Australians) an increasing sub-class subject to greater social restrictions and with less access to similar legal consideration.


Nationalists have long felt the “un-person” status by crossing the social rubicon and calling out occupied multiracial Australia. The Police are disinclined to act upon threats against us by extremist groups linked to institutions of globalist organized-thuggery such as the Construction Forestry Mining, Maritime and Energy Union (CFMMEU). Likewise, complaints based on incitements to violence, such as those by members of the clandestine terror group Antifascist Action, are ignored by a compliant state apparatus.

Now, the discussion about the ethnic cleansing of true Australians as defined by the European settlers of this land and who created this nation that all these rapacious other races swarm to will have to be necessarily handled by the more articulate and savvy among us. The reckless and immature propaganda purveyed by the likes of Antipodean Resistance only ever helped create these laws just as much as it managed to cause its British counterpart and inspiration National Action to become a proscribed organisation in England.

Make no mistake, the signifiers used in mainstream anti-White propaganda are unashamed in highlighting the fact these laws are aimed at White Australians. A screengrab from a June ABC report on the laws uses an image of patriots standing with Aussie flags to illustrate the story and secure in the reader’s mind just who these political amendments to the Crimes Act 1900 target.

The red arrow points to the subjects of this bill. Yes, White Countries have a habit of legislating heavily against their own people in favour of every other non-threatened race on the face of this yellow, brown and black planet

The bill is called the Crimes Amendment (Publically Threatening and Inciting Violence) Bill 2018 and we probably have Nick Folkes, Neil Erikson, Mark Campbell-McDonald, Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara to thank for it. There are three schedules the first of which inserts section 93Z into the Crimes Act while the second “…removes certain offences from the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and makes a consequential amendment.” The third makes any of the described offences against the special citizens a summary offence.

Under the act, it won’t matter if threats are made in the heat of the moment, or if no violence is carried out. The bill concerns what it terms a “public act” which is defined as:

(a) any form of communication (including speaking, writing, displaying notices, playing of recorded material, broadcasting and communicating through social media and other electronic methods) to the public, and

(b) any conduct (including actions and gestures and the wearing or display of clothing, signs, flags, emblems and insignia) observable by the public, and (c) the distribution or dissemination of any matter to the public.

That is a fairly hefty set of criteria and as you can see open to wide interpretation and given the summary nature of the act it pretty much places all the power in the hands of the offended person(s), or group. The already litigious ‘minority’ groups will now be further emboldened to examine any context under which criticism is made for an interpretation of threat, violence, or vilification. This will be particularly so after the maiden speech by Katter’s Australia party senator Fraser Anning whose truths about the state of immigration and cultural disintegration has triggered the globalist jack-booters in the left-wing media to an even greater volume of anti-White hysteria.

And who is largely responsible for bringing these laws about? Aside from the NSW Liberal & Nationals we have a coalition group called ‘Keep NSW Safe’. Who comprises this group? They are as follows:

  • Federation of Indian Associations of Australia (Curry store owners)

  • Australian Hellenic Council NSW

  • New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies (Big surprise there)

  • Australian National Imams Council

  • Chinese Australian Services Society

  • Korean Society of Sydney

  • Australian Kurdistan Veteran Association

  • Assyrian Australian National Federation

  • Chinese Australia Forum (which works for Beijing’s interest to infiltrate Australian institutions)

  • International Coptic Union

  • Vietnamese Community in Australia – NSW Chapter

  • Australian South Sea Islanders

  • Hindu Council of Australia

  • Basmala Australia Inc (An Islamic mob)

  • Armenian National Committee of Australia

  • The Australian Egyptian Council Forum

  • South Asian Study Group, University of Sydney (Asian invaders taking jobs, shifting into high-rise apartments bought by rich Chinese parents, creating homelessness for Aussies)

  • Sikh Youth Australia (Gets to carry knives on religious grounds)

  • Cambodian-Australian Welfare Council of NSW (Pol Pot’s former soldiers)

  • NSW Council of Christians and Jews Inc. (Evangelical warmongers)

  • Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (More Socialist Greek traitors)

  • Muslim Women Association (Burka battle axes)

  • Australian Cook Islander Community NSW

  • Australian Federation of Ukrainian Associations (Shame)

  • National Sikh Council of Australia (Like, India is >>>>THAT way!)

  • NSW Council for Pacific Communities

  • Philippine Community Council of NSW (Fuck off)

  • Warren Mundine (Get on out of it)

As you can see, these pork-barreling “communities” cobble together at the first chance to alter and affect the national character with the aid of the traitor political class. It would be like us shifting over to Arabia and forming the Australian Council of Pork-Munching Beer-Swillers, and then campaigning for the right to strut nude up and down the front of the country’s mosques in only our thongs and terrycloth hats.

However, what is also amusing is that these laws potentially threaten a little-publicised tactic used by the left itself. There are those among the anarchist and antifascist milieu who actually adopt ‘racist’ guises to harass and intimidate ideological opponents; one or two are even known to contribute to mainstream media. In fact, the anarcho-anti-globalist brown shirts are the readiest and willing to use threats and to vilify on the basis of race and religion, which is one of their myriad hyper-contradictions. It will be interesting to see how these laws affect that sector’s black ops.

Meanwhile, it will pay to be very measured in how our side communicates, but more to the point, such restrictions can only refine our language and grant our message precision.

Once upon a time stating the obvious didn’t land you 3 years lag




Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has popped the cork on the multiracial genie bottle. In his maiden speech to parliament, he heroically called for a plebiscite on a return to the predominantly European immigration policy of the pre-Whitlam consensus.

While Anning focused mainly on the Moslem problem skirting over the far more dangerous Asianisation of this country his speech was nonetheless the clarion call that most Australians have been bursting to hear.

Highlighting the failures of multiracialism, a system which was imposed on us by successive governments from Whitlam onwards, Mr Anning insisted we return to a “European Christian” immigration system.

In fact, we should be thinking more in terms of a blanket halt to immigration but we nonetheless appreciate Anning’s comments. Just as Andrew Bolt recently described Australia as having turned into a “hotel” with unfettered immigration, so Mr Anning argues “Ethnocultural diversity… has been allowed to rise to dangerous levels in many suburbs. In direct response, self-segregation, including White flight from poorer inner-urban areas, has become the norm.”

Mr Anning somewhat injudiciously suggested such a vote would be “the final solution to the immigration problem.”

Naturally, these words were not uttered with the intention of stirring up the ghost of National Socialist Germany, but the globalist-controlled media immediately contextualised it within the narrative of “the Holocaust”, invoking the usual signifiers of gas ovens and striped concentration camp uniforms. The ABC’s Adam Masters described his use of this expression as either “ignorance” or “dog whistle politics to the ever-present racist undercurrents in Australian society.” He then went on to give a historical account of Nazi Germany’s policy towards the Jews.

Highlighting the failures of multiracialism, a system which was imposed on us by successive governments from Whitlam onwards, Mr Anning insisted we return to a “European Christian” immigration system.

The ABC rushed to quote rabid anti-Whites as if their opinion holds greater truth than one who names the elephant in the room, quoting the Malaysian-born lesbian Labor senator Penny Wong who unsurprisingly said of the White Australia Policy, “We’ve rightly consigned that policy to the dustbin of history.” Crackpot Greens’ leader Richard Di Natale “demanded” an apology from Anning. We demand Mr Natale’s mother delivers an apology for giving birth to such a treasonous snail.

Anning’s most surprising critic was Pauline Hanson, his former party leader, who joined the multiracialists in condemning him by suggesting his words came out of “Joseph Goebbel’s handbook”.

Nationalists have all along argued that Pauline Hanson is a fraud: a conservative working for the interests of those such as her “friend” the mining oligarch Gina Rinehart who infamously penned an egregious poem to the virtues of mass immigration as an excellent means for increasing profits for those like her while eroding pay and conditions for workers.

Hanson went on to declare “We are a multicultural society and I’ve always advocated you do not have to be White to be Australian.”

Bob Katter, who leads Katter’s Australia Party in which Anning serves as a senator told a reporter that Hanson was “abandoning the territory that made her infamous or famous.”

Hanson went on to declare “We are a multicultural society and I’ve always advocated you do not have to be White to be Australian.”

This, we hope, doesn’t signal an unprecedented stampede towards Katter’s Australia Party. Katter is about as genuinely Nationalist as an Indian store clerk. But what it hopefully will do is lance the great boil so that Australians can see the true pus of a terror state we’re not fighting but actually living in.

Hanson, the “Patriot Queen” slammed Fraser Anning and compared him to Goebbels

Not only has it brought forth the usual stampede of skewed editorials from the brown shirt journalists of globalist media but it is sure to have triggered the state apparatus that controls our thoughts and crushes us under its jackboot if we question the cleansing of White Australia.

Many consider that Mein Kampf is the narrative for the Nationalist whereas, in fact, it is more like Franz Kafka. The serious Nationalist inevitably becomes targeted by the deep-state: demonised, victimised, persecuted and ground-down like a peppercorn.

We are right to compare the globalist journalist as “brown shirts” since especially among the former Fairfax Media stable of political assassins, their so-called journalists actively engage in the persecution of any target that crosses the Rubicon of state intolerance towards dissent; stepping out from behind their keyboard to pursue practises that would land anyone else in prison: employing stalking tactics, defamation, and conspiratorial collusion in false allegations.

Lauren Southern, the Alt-Right YouTube celebrity who many pretend Nationalists spent their money to hear instead of listening to actual Australians with something to say, nonetheless encapsulated much when she said that “Melbourne should be nuked”.

Many consider that Mein Kampf is the narrative for the Nationalist whereas, in fact, it is more like Franz Kafka. The serious Nationalist inevitably becomes targeted by the deep-state: demonised, victimised, persecuted and ground-down like a peppercorn.

Even for a Canuck who’d whizzed through the country, she managed to figure out there is a deep corruption in the state of Victoria that hedges against anyone challenging the dogma of multiracialism.

And this is the thing. Malcolm Turnbull, who does a very poor impersonation of a Prime Minister, condemned Anning’s speech on the grounds terrorists will be emboldened by his words. What terrorists? Our entire system is a terrorist, and it gives carte blanche to terrorists especially those who identify as “antifascists”. One of our United Nationalists Australia’s team has been a target of such a terrorist and a victim of the state that condones him.

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the Holocaust!


Dave Gullis is a member of the Australian Communist Party and Antifascist Action Sydney. He is known to live in and around Enmore, in Sydney’s inner-west and is usually in the company of an Aboriginal woman.

In October last year, he began a campaign against our editor, first threatening his life and then attacking his home. He returned a third time on a curious date that coincides with a wider conspiracy but that is something UNA will report on much later.

11188276_877885448935926_5245648042568850460_n - Copy
State-condoned terrorist Dave Gullis is also a romping stomping sodomite 

At first, we had no idea who we were dealing with. We ran a citizens campaign on this page and it resulted in him being identified by a Facebook page. Dave Gullis may or may not be his real name. When contacted for information, the then CFMEU denied any knowledge of Gullis arguing that his penchant for CFMEU clobber did not make him a member since it was for sale to anybody – as if anybody would want to wear their crabby rags. However, in late August he was spotted by a witness at the NSW State Labor conference in company with CFMMEU representatives.

An attempt by our editor to have an Apprehended Violence Order issued against Gullis was thwarted by Newtown Police who told him that it wasn’t their job to play detective. In fact, at no stage did the cops show the slightest concern for our man and we believe that a political directive was issued from above to do nothing.

Ex-Antifa comedian Shayne Hunter was bashed by Gullis (who at one time tried to sexually molest him) for “endangering Antifa”, which is a testament to the logic of Antifa and the state that sponsors their terror

Surprisingly, we learned only recently that Newtown Police — pardon the pun — were telling porkies when they denied knowledge of him. At around October last year, a young lad was at Newtown Station with some mates. He was wearing a Make America Great Again cap. Gullis allegedly challenged him over the hat and assaulted him. One of the bloke’s friends caught a pic of old matey and supplied it to police along with a post on Facebook promising a reward of $500 for information leading to his identification. It was classic Gullis, fat, stupid, and wearing his crappy CFMEU terror-wear.

After Gullis assaulted a random Alt-Righter the kid posted this

Perhaps the greatest lead of all, and one that UNA was ignorant of at the time was the release of a video by Antifa defector and comedian, Shayne Hunter. In the video, titled ‘Punched by a Communist’, Hunter describes being confronted and assaulted by Gullis at Newtown library. He went so far as to confirm that Gullis is a member of Antifascist Action Sydney and the whacko Commie party. Gullis punched him for “endangering Antifa” by outing them as brainwashed loonies. He too reported Gullis to Newtown Police. Hunter believes Newtown Pigs were actually keen to charge Gullis, but were unable to trace his address. We say they’re full of excrement and deserve the Golden Doughnut Award for excellence in uselessness. It is our considered opinion that Newtown, which is like a mini Victoria, bends over backwards to accommodate the anti-White fruitcakes bred and manufactured at the nearby Sydney University anti-White factory.

Hunter also mentioned that Dave Gullis is an invasive, grabby, rampant homosexual, a revelation which had us all rolling around the floor cacking ourselves.

Again, we make the point, that here we are in the West, travelling around the world blowing up countries because we say they are ruled by authoritarian dictatorships who suppress freedom of expression and allow only government-approved thought. Well, how are we any different? Our state is a terror state only you must cross that Multiracialist Rubicon to discover that you can quickly become a un-person for challenging the ethnic cleansing of White Australia.




As Australia slips further into the grip of globalist corporate cartels and the flood of immigrants overwhelms our suburbs the rampant corruption of the opinion shapers and political power brokers is on display for all of us to see, in fact, the rotten bastards barely bother to hide it now that they rashly assume their great multicultural Ponzi scheme is a fait accompli.

Every day a new scandal is uncovered, a new speck of dry rot in the pillars of the house of globalism appears, be it a dodgy education scheme, an immigration lurk or a new case of wage theft and worker exploitation.

The central support column and chief propaganda meme supporting the globalist position is the “beautiful food” and the bloated, inefficient and deeply corrupt hospitality sector, with its plethora of quasi-ethnic eateries and associated home delivery, media and publishing industries.

If we, the workers, are to accept that an expanded range of dining out options is the only real payoff for all of the myriad other problems put upon us in the name of “progress”, then the globalist exhortation to eat, drink and be merry should ring hollow to our ears in light of the serious, criminal basis of the enterprise.

Qantas CEO Allan Joyce with Samantha and Neil Perry, globalist Foodie culture in a nutshell

Time after time, outrage after outrage, from the tackiest greasy spoons and fast food joints, to the high end, fine dining restaurants the tales of wage theft, unpaid overtime, tax evasion, bogus labour hire practices and outright slavery have shocked those of us Nationalists in the true workers movement and even partially re-animated  our moribund and generally useless trade unions.

Every day a new scandal is uncovered, a new speck of dry rot in the pillars of the house of globalism appears, be it a dodgy education scheme, an immigration lurk or a new case of wage theft and worker exploitation.

In light of irrefutable evidence that most restaurants, bars and clubs are, at best, suspect and more likely, corrupt to some degree, the diners in search of their ethnic delicacies and foodie cachet are complicit in the rampant exploitation of workers and gaming of the labour-hire regulations; professions of ignorance as to what is going on behind the kitchen doors can no longer be a defence.

coolies embarking
Coolies then

So too the local pubs, once an integral part of working class communities, are now turned into parasitic entities whose sole function boils down to sucking the meagre wages and welfare payments of working people out through their poker machines and onsite Tote agencies and into the bank accounts of big corporations and their shareholders.

Franchise based fast food companies too have been dragged kicking and screaming into the spotlight accused of some of the worst excesses of wage theft and corporate misdemeanour; their targeting of greedy and naive immigrants as potential franchisees and their tolerance of corner cutting and kickbacks is a further indictment of the hospitality sector as a whole.

Furthermore we cannot ignore the new Coolie labour industry which has grown up around restaurant home deliveries, it is a sector dominated by foreign operators and relies on the exploitation of a pool of poorly paid young peons, riding scooters and bicycles, while struggling to make a few dollars an hour in the app-driven race to the bottom of the so-called “gig economy”.

While governments gut the TAFE colleges dodgy education providers and visa mills proliferate

We scarcely need to mention the corruption of the education sector with its worthless diplomas and certificates in bullshit subjects, Australian universities have become low-quality visa mills running on the same flawed model of part-time or casual tutors and remote learning to churn out not competent graduates but candidates fit only for employment as Coolies in the gig economy.

Franchise based fast food companies too have been dragged kicking and screaming into the spotlight accused of some of the worst excesses of wage theft and corporate misdemeanour; their targeting of greedy and naive immigrants as potential franchisees and their tolerance of corner cutting and kick-backs is a further indictment of the hospitality sector as a whole.

We regard these two pillars of globalist multiculturalism as weak points, if not lynchpins of the whole edifice, take away the pool of cheap student labour, kick out the horde of 457 contract workers and rigorously police, through effective unionisation, the exploitation of our own people and we, the worker-radicals might strike a severe blow to the globalist cronies.

When we speak of “effective” trade union advocacy we, of course, are calling for a de-coupling of the erstwhile workers movement from the globalist enterprise and a re-focusing of the ACTU upon real-world problems, as opposed to the pie-in-the-sky, progressive nonsense currently in vogue at Trades Hall; if this means agitating for entirely new workers committees and a representative body set up in competition to the present council of trade unions then that is the path we should pursue.

We cannot allow the present status quo to stand, we will not be reduced to the status of Third World Coolie labourers, beholden to foreign middlemen and their Australian cronies, sitting glued to our mobile phone apps in the hope of a few hours of badly paid work per day, nor can we allow our young people to be preyed upon by crooked education companies or held in debt bondage via student loans.

Nationalists have the answers, we are the only radical group carrying on in the tradition of the true Aussie workers movement, our salvation lies with the politics of working-class struggle which carried our ancestors out of the “Hungry Years”, which held our society fast against Fascism and Japanese imperialism and which filled our pockets and our bellies in the decades of prosperity in the second half of the 20th century.

Coolies now