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One aspect defining 2017 for us is just how much closer we as a nation are to becoming China’s mangy farm animal. If Labor had the choice they would flick the United States away and beg China to become our new boss.

Australia has since federation more-or-less grovelled behind a superpower guardian, be it Britain, the United States, and now it seems China. This happens at the cost of our national sovereignty. We have witnessed just how badly both sides of politics descend into treachery as individual politicians profit from selling off our future to communist China. Labor’s Sam Dastyari had to pull the pin after it was revealed a Chinese company covered bills from his office. Then he warned Chinese “businessman” Huang Xiangmo about phone taps and that was all she wrote for the un-Australian little wingnut.

New Australians enjoying our new national flag

But Labor is chocka with them. The dust hadn’t settled on that incident when former NSW Premier and Bennelong candidate Kristina Kenneally came out batting for her oriental masters and claiming criticism of the communist state is “China phobia.” All of this in a year when — aside from buying political influence — China has made an alarming string of major acquisitions including Western Australia’s Merredin Airport where Aussie pilots now need permission from communist China to land in their own goddamned country. This pattern is being frighteningly echoed around Asia and indeed the rest of the world as China buys up key infrastructure and moves in their own people.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

However, this was also the year of jousts and villainy with both the left and right side of politics as true nationalists fought all comers to retain our corner. A third-rate troll by the name of [temporarily removed] who styles himself as an intrepid troll hunter but is really a pimple scribbled a hit piece full of slanders against an Australian nationalist and UNA friend labelling him, “One of Australia’s Worst Trolls”.

Australian gas is flogged to Asia cheaper than we have to purchase it back from them just to cover our own industry needs. Other products such as fruit are grown on Chinese owned farms, shipped there, while the rubbish is fobbed off to us. And it is produced on our land!

McMahon is the worst troll in the world (search Mark Watford on Facebook), but he is also a federal snitch, who tracks Nationalists, Patriots and others around the web and reports them to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He does this by, unsurprisingly enough, trolling. His calumnies, particularly those about UNA editor Chris Shortis, have been published by Fairfax, a company which uses its media clout as a political and ideological cudgel, indifferent to the Australian Journalists Code of Ethics or just basic principles of defamation. Fairfax knows that few have the dosh to sue them so they go right out and publish lies. They aim to hurt and causing pain makes them feel good.

In 2018, United Nationalists Australia will be revealing more about [temporarily removed] and his activities but let’s just say him and his team are taken with a grain of salt especially by overseas law enforcement agencies. We warned McMahon and his gay mate Slackbastard that we will never let them go and we won’t. That is a promise we will keep. Their sort must be made an example of, just like we did with their pussy cohorts from Antifascist Action Sydney who closed their blog’s privacy settings to “private” after we pointed out that being exposed on there is actually good for a nationalist’s credibility. We doxed Daniel Trotter as its inept editor and no doubt he is consoling himself with a few tweeks of chibu and a bottle of cheap grog purloined from Liquorland.

Author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog Daniel Trotter looking every bit the privileged rich kid he reportedly is

However, if we doxed Danny then former Antifa rat-chewer Shayne Hunter dropped a bombshell by exposing the inner workings of Antifascist Action and labelling them as dangerous extremists. Shayne had a lot to say and even mentioned Slackbastard in a webcast interview with an American site characterising him essentially as a chicken hawk feeding off the young and getting others to do his dirty bidding.

Speaking of which, him and McMahon were almost certainly behind providing details of an Australian nationalist’s address to Dave Gullis, the CFMEU crackpot who attacked his home with a firehose just after nationalists commemorated the Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat. We exposed Delusional Dave no thanks to Mark Latham who won the UNA Golden Shlomo award for Fake Aussie Nationalism. He ignored our requests to help spread the word in the ‘Alt-Right’ community about this psychotic communist cosplayer. As Stan is poised to premier its spin-off series Romper Stomper on New Years’ Day and glorify the toerags of Antifa, the reality is reverse to all media portrayals. We will have more to say about this appalling production in the New Year.

Yet, all that aside, it was a year of cold reckoning when Chris Shortis and two others from the Bendigo Three were convicted of inciting serious contempt for a class of people over the beheading of a plastic dummy. The proper charge should have read ‘performing a controversial stunt without being members of The Chaser’. It was a political show trial that made no sense other than in the context of the State of Victoria and its overtly communist direction.

Chris Shortis, on the second hearing of the Bendigo Three trial

Under Labor Premier Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement, African crime is so rampant that in the midst of African crime fatigue, Victorians awoke in late December to hear Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald deny there was an African crime problem at all. Instead, she called it a “youth” issue. Shortly after another notable female police appointment, Victorian Police Commissioner Lisa Neville accused Australians (presumably Whites) of being the worst offenders out of everyone.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

On a positive note, we learned late this month that Neil Erikson was charged over a scuffle outside of homosexual and Negro fetishist Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposedly secret venue near a Melbourne housing project which is home to half of the Sudan and Somalia. Strictly speaking, the charges are bullshit, but for all the crap Neil Erikson has caused we could not bring ourselves to say a word in his defence. He is destined for a protective wing in a Melbourne prison. Let’s hope he goes to the general population.

This was bad, but perhaps the most disturbing event of the year was the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. We reported on the unfortunate and likely rigged “yes” vote. This is the kick-off and the ref is holding only rainbow coloured cards of which the penalties apply only to straight White folks.

Others we hope either die of cancer, go to jail, or wind up being turned into ironing board covers are the filth from Peanuts for Freedom who surpassed themselves this year by engaging in a night of drunken harassment of former female members and others. The Peanuts, on tour in Lithgow for a failed rally, presumably high on pingas, grass and grog, made a series of demeaning and pornographic calls to former members and an associate of Kim Vuga. Police complaints were made and Kim Vuga issued a condemnation of Nick Folkes and his grubby party. The chief offenders were Nick, fat boy Tobes, and Penny “Pen-Pen” Tridgell.

Both Nick and Pen-Pen won Shlomo awards this year, but we ignored Tobes because he would probably have considered it good publicity. These fakers are not a joke though. Pen-Pen and Jamo joined Neil Erikson in Melbourne to support Avi Yemini, who we also had a bit to say about. Avi has positioned himself within the Cory Bernadi conservative milieu as a dinky-di Jewish Supremacist Aussie Patriot. He is hoping to take ground vacated by former United Patriots Front leaders and turn this whole thing into backing for Israel; which is pretty much what the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) tried to do. Avi’s Peanuts’ fans are, however, a confused bunch. See, they also tried to reinvent themselves as White Nationalists flying under Totenkopf placards at certain Sydney rallies.

What do you expect when they can’t even work out how to put on a T-shirt?

This was during their phase of aligning with Australia’s self-declared ‘Alt-Right’ who see basically anyone conservative as a legitimate support base. Without going into a whole thing, this is the sort of thinking that will have them inevitably redesigning themselves as Alt-Something-Else this time next year when it all goes down the trough at the local pisser like the failed Dingocon after Dr Jim Saleam penned his damning Rape House article, which highlighted the scammers still operating within the broad theatre of the Alt-Right.

Anyway, the New Year dawns, the old has passed. UNA will continue to provide its usual high standard of commentary on issues facing the nationalist community, and by rote, the nation itself. We will also continue to be monitored by insane Jews who make a point of noting anti-Semitic anything — even a kid’s shoddy carving of a swastika on a tree trunk. We got a few mentions in this year’s report on anti-Semitism by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. It would be a waste of time pointing out that we are anti-Zionist because to the Skypes that’s pretty much the same thing so we won’t waste our breath.

Until next year, which is tomorrow as this goes live, see yez and have a bonza WHITE New Year’s Eve!




African gang crime in Melbourne is, as we all know, out of control in certain suburbs; in Tarneit, Sunshine, Melton and Flemington the problem is out in the open and beginning to impede upon the lives of ordinary working class people.

To be sure, there is a degree of hysteria surrounding African gang crime, however this is mostly a normal response to an extremely violent, unpredictable and irrational group of people; the fear of a group of twenty Black thugs, high on Ice and armed with edged weapons kicking in your door at three in the morning is very much a reasonable apprehension for the workers of the outer Western suburbs.

We will not labour the point here, it is obvious to anyone, even the most fanatical “Anti-Racist”, that people from the Horn Of Africa who arrived under the refugee resettlement program from the mid-1990’s have largely failed to thrive and that no amount of coddling, or turning a blind eye to their dysfunction will slow their inevitable decline into a widely despised minority.

If the Africans are the errant children of multiculturalism then we can put much of the blame for their horrible behaviour upon the parents and midwives of the refugee disaster: the “do-gooder” politicians, the profiteers and scumbags of the refugee resettlement industry, the opportunistic priests and ministers of the mainstream churches and the cynical armchair revolutionaries of the Refugee Action Coalition.

Ecoville community centre in Tarneit, an expensive local resource trashed by African gangs

The trend these days among the chattering classes is for collective amnesia to set in every time a discussion of the causal factors concerning African dysfunction arises; the events of the prior decade, the tensions between Left-Wing lawyers, Police command and politicians effectively led to a decade-long “hands-off” mentality towards Black youth gangs.

The recent history of the African minority in Melbourne was marked by a couple of significant events which led directly, most would agree, to the present state of affairs; the Sunshine police station “racism” affair and the successful lawsuit by social justice advocate Tamar Hopkins against Victoria Police on behalf of several Africans who had alleged Police brutality.

hopkins seidel
Tamar Hopkins, Peter Seidel and their clients in a lawsuit against Victoria Police; police brutality is real, we just don’t accept there is an ethnic bias, they bash anyone if they think they can get away with it.

We can accept that Pig brutality toward young people is an ongoing problem, we just don’t accept that in 2017 there is a systematic bias against coloured kids which warrants such an extreme reaction from Anti-Racists; certain people seem to want want a Black Lives Matter Movement at any cost, even if it means stirring up racial grievances to achieve that end.

Police command under Christine Nixon and later Simon Overland and Ken Lay caved into what amounted to only moderate pressure from the social justice warriors and began a purge of “racist” officers accompanied by a drive for cultural change within the rank and file of the service.

What this amounted to, in the minds of ordinary citizens and certainly among the Negroes, was an order from the top that police were not to interfere with the Africans and a feeling among officers that actually doing their job and chasing down Black criminals was neither worth the hassle due to the refusal of judges to convict them, or career suicide as any trivial complaint by offenders would likely see the hapless general duties cop sacked, if not charged themselves.

We can accept that Pig brutality toward young people is an ongoing problem, we just don’t accept that in 2017 there is a systematic bias against coloured kids which warrants such an extreme reaction from Anti-Racists; certain people seem to want a Black Lives Matter Movement at any cost, even if it means stirring up racial grievances to achieve that end.

In 1996 21-year-old Corinna Horvath had her face smashed in by Victorian cops, years later she was represented by none other than Tamar Hopkins in an action against the state

This is how we arrived in 2017 with a small but totally lawless African sub-culture literally raping and pillaging on the margins of society, whatever they were when they arrived from the dark continent, whatever limited potential their children had has been trashed distorted by overindulgence, lack of discipline and the unrealistic expectations of unhinged social justice warriors.

While African and Islander gangs were running amok in Sunshine and Broadmeadows the Cops were planted at railway stations, armed with metal detectors searching Asian students and White pensioners for concealed shivs as approving media crews looked on to “keep them honest”.

We generally avoid epithets on this blog but it is plain to see that the system, by a process of “Californication” turned them from African migrants into “Street Niggers”, that the SJW’s probably wanted Will Smith and Jada Pinkett as their ideal but instead, they created Letalvis Cobbins and Vanessa Coleman.

Crime is a hot topic generally but there is the sense among Melbournians that we are over the hump, so to speak, of the Ice epidemic among the poor and marginalised White population and official statistics tend to back this conclusion; crime is on the wane and the specific types of crime and mob action carried out by the Blacks are almost unheard of among other ethnic groups.

These facts make the recent comments by Police commanders even more infuriating, on several occasions officers above the rank of Inspector, including Acting Commissioner Shane Patton and Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald have denied the ethnic-racial aspect to the African crimewave stating that their flash mobs, muggings, riots, carjackings and home invasions are part of a pattern of behaviour common to “all youths”.

police reciept
The ICR system was a joke, it emboldened the crooks and race baiters by initiating unnecessary stop and search actions just to prove that the system was being used

Youth crime is somewhat of a problem in Victoria, we cannot deny it, but if the Police are going to spread the blame and crack down on “all youth” for the sake of anti-racism, when we know that street gang crime, the crimes which strike the most fear into the hearts of families, are pretty much restricted to the African and to a lesser extent Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander minorities then we have a problem.

We have seen the ludicrous spectacle of politically correct police crackdowns before: who recalls the risible prohibited weapons blitz of the late noughties?

While African and Islander gangs were running amok in Sunshine and Broadmeadows the Cops were planted at railway stations, armed with metal detectors searching Asian students and White pensioners for concealed shivs as approving media crews looked on to “keep them honest”.

So too the trial program set up after a campaign of intense whining by Anti-Racists, where police dispensed receipts for every interaction they had with “youths” was scrapped as useless, counterproductive and an all around waste of time.

If they intend to crack down on all youth crime they need to justify this with proof and, if nothing else, ought we not be warned of the dangers of these hitherto invisible non-African gangs for our own safety?

It has come to the point where the Pigs have to put up or shut up as far as ethnic bias in street crime is concerned, if they have evidence of gangs of up to two hundred White youths, or any other ethnicity for that matter, running wild in the suburbs and attacking people going about their normal business then they should publicise this information.

shane patton
Assistant Commissioner Shane Patton won the booby prize when his boss took sick leave, he’s now in the hot seat as another summer of African gang crime gets underway.

If they intend to crack down on all youth crime they need to justify this with proof and, if nothing else, ought we not be warned of the dangers of these hitherto invisible non-African gangs for our own safety?

After all, we know to avoid certain parks and the areas where African gangs congregate; shopkeepers and business owners in the outer West have already taken precautions to mitigate the threat of mob attacks by Blacks on their premises, even if that amounts to letting the Negroes walk out of the shop with armfuls of goods lest they turn on the staff with fists and concealed weapons.

Time, we say, to name and shame all youth gangs, to make public note of their habits, home turf and all relevant information necessary to the maintenance of public order and safety; otherwise the unpleasant reality is that hard truths must be accepted by police command and their allies in the political or social justice spheres; they must be dragged, kicking and screaming no doubt into, at the very least, a frank discussion of the explicitly ethnic character of gang crime in Victoria.

The owner’s vision of Ecoville park: notice that this artists impression failed to include ice addled Africans fighting on the lawn, obscene graffiti and and all the seating smashed into kindling

Dr Jim Saleam: Fascists and Conservatives

Dr Jim Saleam: Fascists and Conservatives

Some people, who may be good patriots and who may yet make good nationalists attached as they are to the Alt-Right and to other patriot structures, have made favourable references to the Australian 1930’s paramilitary group, the New Guard. They have suggested it could be a fountainhead for Australian nationalism. I consider the New Guard – the exact opposite.

The New Guard, formed in 1931, was an armed and violent conservative movement which set out to undermine the Jack Lang government of New South Wales. In Lang, they saw ‘communism’. After all, he repudiated the war debts to London, stood up for the mass of the unemployed and pushed for credit expansion to ease the Depression. Lang stood for Australia first, for the struggle of the productive classes. Meantime, the New Guard espoused ‘unswerving loyalty’ to the Empire, ‘sane finance’ (deflation) and a managerial government run by ‘the best families’. The New Guard programme represented the class war from above dressed up as patriotism.

In 1933, the leader of the New Guard, Eric Campbell, met Sir Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists. Mosley considered the New Guard to be fascist. He was wrong. And by this time too, Campbell was openly calling himself ‘fascist’. He was wrong too.

Colonel Campbell does the one-arm backstroke under hypnosis by a visiting American entertainer

What is the problem?

Well, the New Guard certainly went about uniformed and did violence, offering fascist salutes and saying it was fascist. It said it wanted to crush communism by violence and it claimed to be militantly patriotic.

But the New Guard was connected throughout its four-year life by subliminal sentiments, imperial and class ideological references and organisational threads to the Old Guard conservatives, the rich colonial-imperial bourgeoisie who wanted to hang on to their wealth against the challenge from the people. Social change, Australian economic independence, the Labor Party – all was communism. The Old Guard would rely upon the state apparatus and a secret paramilitary apparatus and putsch for power if need be. The New Guard, its bastard child, would do the street violence. It was no challenge to capitalism either.

Irony entered in. In July 1932, Lang was sacked by Sir Phillip Game, the governor, such that New South Wales be ‘saved’ from communism and civil war (sic). Four years later, Game was in London, making sure in his capacity as Commissioner of Police, that Mosley’s fascists could not be an effective challenge to the British elite. Two countries. Same imperial elite. Same interests to be defended.

For me, Jack Lang, brother-in-law to Henry Lawson, was the real deal. He was the champion of the people. He railed against international finance capital, against those who could not act and think as Australians in the banks and the corporations. In his extreme old age, he remained the fighter for White Australia. If there is a fountainhead for nationalism, it was Lang and not the New Guard.

The “communist” NSW Premier who was ousted for putting White Australia first – what sort of fascists would do that to such a ridgey didge Patriot?

In what must be suggestive of ideological place, I recall a chat some years ago with a Klub Nation reactionary, one of the shysters who recently conned his way into the Aussie Alt-Right phenomenon. He told me that the New Guard was a real nationalist movement and that its opposition to ‘leftist’ Lang was correct. It was ‘fascist’ too, he said – as if I would be turned on. So the circle completes and we again, in the immediate period, find ourselves assessing the relationship of fascism and conservatism – from the past.

Of course, there is a large academic literature these days that explains how fascist and conservative groups, under the pressure of events and the challenge of the Left in 1930s Europe, might share external features. Decades ago, the study was fresh and it was easier for political newbies and others to confuse the two. No more. Names like Martin Blinkhorn, Eugen Weber, Stanley Payne, A. James Gregor, Roger Griffin, Roger Eatwell can be traced by the curious today and it’ll be explained. Conservatism and fascism were mutually exclusive things.

Nonetheless, in my decades of political activity, I have continually come upon conservatives playacting at being militants and at being ‘fascists’ and even ‘Nazis’. It took me time to understand their essential ‘bs’.

When I was a high school kid, I came upon Eugen Weber’s Varieties Of Fascism. It taught me that fascism in one vital sense was a synthesis of nationalism and socialism. It varied from country to country, in how it arranged that synthesis from source-material and in what it looked like, but that synthesis was a key element of it. So, I tried to apply that knowledge to people I met.

I remember blundering into a Brisbane meeting of Eastern European ‘fascists’ in 1972. They gave each other salutes, chatted about fighting the Labor communists (?!) and doing violence – and then talked over how to help the Liberal Party stay in government. The Liberal Party? It seemed the Libs were going along with the USA to roll back East European communism and they would help the Libs make it happen. They were not alone in that sort of notion.

Consider the colourful – if ridiculous – Australian Nazi phenomenon during the period that the extreme-left in Australia gained some size (1969-75). Some of these so-called Nazis believed that they would ‘prove’ themselves to the conservative moneybags by fighting those commies in the street and, out of desperation at being unable to stem the Red tide any other way, the conservatives would ‘call them in’ to save the country. A Liberal-Nazi government would form to fight communism and perhaps even win the war in Vietnam! I remember asking one of these Nazis if that meant the Liberals would allow some socialist reforms of banking and the multinationals – but I was told that was communism too. “Are you a communist?”, he asked me. Much of the time, the Nazis took cues from the Special Branch political police in attacking the Left, yet considered that normal, a primer before the curtain was raised on their taking power. Nazis in Queensland thought Premier Joh was Australia’s von Hindenberg, the patriot who would team up with the tough boys to save the country. Delusional maybe, but all this demonstrated the essential linkage between the conservatives and would-be fascists. These fascists (sic) considered themselves as conservatives with one difference: they reasoned the conservatives weak and unwilling to do the dirty work – which meant someone had to break the law to fight those Reds!

Joh Bjelke Petersen was tipped to be the next Liberal Party Nazi leader… or something

However, there was for me, one good bump in the conservative road. I also met the émigré Hungarian fascists who had a different story. They told me that you: “cannot have nationalism without socialism and socialism without nationalism”. They said most of the émigré fascists (Eastern Europeans by and large) were flunkeys of the Liberals and that the Libs were the quintessential party of capital. They even told me that if ever they returned to Hungary, they thought it best that the property socialised by the communist regime from the aristocracy and the old wealthy elite– stay in state hands! Maybe they were communists like me?

In the late 1970’s, I was in Sydney, a member of the first nationalist groups when we met those Liberals known as ‘the Uglies’. Their descendants still survive as rabid free marketeers. This gang posed then as the toughest of the tough and the hardest of the hard Right. Or so they said. They told the nationalists that they were us and we were them, except they were going to take over the Liberal Party and ‘come out’ when the day came. The day never came and generation after generation of young people has heard their story. The nationalists worked it out. The Uglies were spinning a yarn to suck people in and neutralize them forever. The Liberal machine would mince them up into becoming Libs and run them as lures for other ‘radicals’ who might upset the conservative applecart.

There was a twist. This Liberal lot also told us that they were secret ‘fascists’ and even ‘Nazis’. After all, Menzies who had been an ‘Appeaser’ of fascism in the 1930’s had let into the country the East European collaborators after 1949. They said Hitler really knew how to screw communism by fighting it in the streets. Why he finally grew up and attacked the Soviet Union. Nazism was the highest form of patriotism because it defended its principles violently. But Aussie people didn’t really know all that so its secret message would stay the glue that will bind us – while we take over the Liberal Party. I started to think: is the Soviet Union even the enemy? Why fight them for the USA? And why are these Uglies all the way with Uncle Sam? How does their taking over the Liberal Party help the nationalist cause? We, nationalists, wanted an independent Australia and their programme isn’t nationalist. They said they just hated the ‘wet’ Malcolm Fraser, but supported everything he said about deregulation and ‘fighting communism’. After 1979, they followed Margaret Thatcher; she would beat communism by privatising everything, they said.

The dirty truth (part of it at least) came out in 1978 when the leader of the Uglies (Lyenko Urbanchich, a Slovenian collaborator with Germany and Italy) called for the recruitment of Vietnamese and other Indo-China ‘refugees’ into the Liberal Party as supporters of the war against communism. We, nationalists, were concerned with our European identity not communism as threats to the nation, so the division was in the open. Even so, they kept telling us for years they were ‘fascists’, just like us, ad nauseum. When one of us quipped to an Urbanchich follower, we would prefer a Soviet White Australia to a capitalist multiracial sewer, the old Slovenian guru finally said that Australian nationalism was bolshie anyway (1987). Thanks for that!

Lyenko Urbanchich called for Vietnamese and Indo-china refugees to join the Liberal Party against communism

In the mid-1980’s, a wag in the nationalist Australian National Action, of which I was the Chairman by then, came up with a goodie: the conservative Liberals will tolerate Nazis, but they will never tolerate nationalist-socialists.

Did these Liberals ever want the nationalisation of the banks? Did they want free education and socialised medicine? Did they want our mineral wealth controlled by the nation? Did they want direct democracy? Not at all. They adored free dog-eat-dog enterprise and government by parliament. They abhorred ‘dole bludgers’ (read: anyone who lost his job), considered themselves the born-to-rule elite and they regarded the working class person as not their equal. They never thought in terms of the fiercely independent nation with a destiny of its own, but revelled in the dependent country beholden to great allies.

Not too much ‘socialism’ in their national socialism? I suspect that in so far as they liked (sic) Nazis and fascists, it was all about the fascist regimes that went to war against communism and then only so far as they did fight communism as a system. Such social change that the fascists did implement was ignored in that argument. Past that, these conservatives weren’t part of fascism at all, but no end of game-players calling themselves ‘fascists’ would hang around them. They could sit around and talk and talk and dream – and do the dirty work of the conservatives.

What I did see in most of those who wanted to talk about fascism in those days of the 1970’s and 1980’s (and in possibly even now?), is that they wanted to discuss regime-fascism and how ‘good’ it was. They liked pretty pics of parades, invasions of the USSR, a few criticisms of ‘Jewish capital’ (but seldom, gentile capital), the myth of the great leader. In so far as any of it had some transcendental relevance to any Australian struggle, none seemed that interested in the mechanics of revolutionary action. This alone should have suggested that their talk of fascism was a block in the way of action! Fascism was for them just a myth to be talked about in a club of such people with Libs in attendance who could provide a ‘political’ outlet for them.

It became clearer to the nationalists. There had always been a real demarcation line between historical fascists and conservatives. If there had been anything positive in fascism that ‘line’ was it. And fascism’s essential sin (not the only one I would add) had been its alliances with the conservatives. Its revolution was bowdlerized before it got going. In that regard, I do remember meeting in the 1980’s an Italian who fought for the Italian Social Republic. He opined that the Mussolini regime till 1943 had been an illusion, a travesty of fascism’s potential. The Italian civil war brought the people into play against the industrialists and the landowners, the church and the monarchy, those whom the regime had previously indulged. That sounded different!

Of course, the discourse of a revolutionary fascism hardly gets a look-in with the debate on fascism, locked as it usually was, into a look-in at the regimes and their wondrous (sic) surface-appearances. The curiosity for me was the deepest fault of fascism in the 1930s and 1940s – that it temporized with the conservatives and the joke in the contemporary world was that the would-be fascists confused the two and pimped for the conservatives as errand boys.

The joke is still being played out in small circles.

I write as an Australian nationalist. My interest in fascism would be literary only if it was not for conservatives who put out bait and for a few people who muck about with fascism in the hope it might offer them something. The latter is more of the problem. Do they still mean regime-fascism? Or do they mean that synthesis of nationalism and socialism that the fascists, to their credit, attempted? And if they do mean that, did not the Australian radical nationalists and our labour movement achieve that synthesis but in our language and in a popular-democratic form? If that was true, why have the discussion about fascism at all?

I would conclude this article with a commentary about Australia from Antonio Grossardi, the Consul General in Australia of Fascist Italy. He said:

“Australia…since the day of its federation has lived…in the rosy certitude that it was the wealthiest, most capable, privileged and hard working country in the world, a type of Earthly Paradise,” God’s Own Country”, such that with a blind and constant faith in the present and future resources of the country, it abandoned itself to social-proletarian experiments of all sorts without taking into account the obstacles, the costs and the possibilities of success.”

Grossardi thought such was the wealth that the Australian people enjoyed they could afford to launch “continuous experiments in social-democracy”. This included a pragmatic labour party, distant from the ideological strife of the Old Continent, bent on enriching the poor rather than taking from the rich like the old socialisms. He went on to describe Australia’s social security system unsurprisingly as “overly generous”. Such comments beg comparison to the Italian reality at the same time, where the Fascist government was only beginning to introduce the rudiments of social welfare.

I am not surprised really that the regime-fascists thought ill of us. Australia is not the Old Continent, but a New Continent – and our challenges are our own.

It’s all too familiar





At this late stage of the game we are sure that everyone, our comrades, allies and the irrational foes of Australian Nationalism will be aware of the latest “Car Of Peace” attack in Melbourne.

As of this writing it appears as though all among the 19 people injured in Flinders St on Thursday evening will survive and their assailant has been released from hospital into police custody.

At this point no motive for the attack has been established beyond the few snippets of conversation between the killer, Afghan Saeed Noori and his police guards as he was treated for injuries sustained in the incident; Noori apparently raved about hearing voices, the mistreatment of Muslims and Allah.

This imported pest has a record of unlicensed and irresponsible driving, assault, amphetamine addiction and mental illness; we are confident in asserting that since arriving here as a refugee in 2004 he has done nothing to improve himself, instead choosing the well worn Muslim immigrant path of envy, resentment, self pity and self indulgence.

Car Of Peace attacker Saeed Noori: Allah’s Uber driver  is so shiftless he even had had to borrow a car from a relative to carry out the assault

At some point the world has to wake up to the fact that refugees knocking on the door of civilised societies are almost always on the run to escape the consequences of their own actions, or the transgressions of those close to them.

It is pretty obvious to any critically thinking person that these asylum seekers and refugees are on the lam and that they are likely the troublemakers and social deviants of their own nations, that the problem is them, not the majority of their countrymen who get along just fine, or the authorities in the Third World who often have to come on strong simply to maintain a semblance of order among their low IQ, tribally oriented populations.

At some point the world has to wake up to the fact that refugees knocking on the door of civilised societies are almost always on the run to escape the consequences of their own actions, or the transgressions of those close to them.

Take the original Melbourne car attacker, Dimitrious Gargasoulas, who claims Kurdish ancestry, though of recent Greek extraction; by all accounts he comes from a family of asocial types and was raised on welfare by immigrant parents; the trigger for his rampage was evidently an Ice addled knife fight with his younger brother Angelo, who is a notorious homosexual drug addict and petty criminal.

Deviants such as Gargasoulas and Noori are ubiquitous in suburban Melbourne, spend half a day in Broadmeadows or Dandenong and you will come to view them as the archetypal millennial males of the West Asian migrant population; the rule of thumb is that this behaviour becomes even worse among the second and third generations born to these milieux.

Angelo and Dimitrious Gargasoulas: Nothing but trouble since the day they were born

Life under the heel of the globalists has the potential to drive to insanity even intelligent, well adjusted people with generations of their family’s footprints deep in the Australian soil; not to make excuses but think about what might do to the mental health of the inbred savage with an IQ of 75 who is scooped up from his hideout in some squalid border camp by the U.N and parachuted into high tech, high stress cosmopolitan Melbourne

It is no wonder that so many dull-witted, ignorant, unemployable Muslim men from Asia go bad as soon as they settle in to their taxpayer funded flats and the Centrelink circus.

This model of living under global capitalism is set up specifically to destroy the social bonds of community, family, tribe and ethnicity; it discourages integration and harmonious communal living, pushes narrow, corrupted concepts of identity upon the young and vilifies and marginalises the majority White population to the extent that new arrivals are encouraged into the paranoid belief that they are surrounded by hostiles who are at any minute liable to launch a violent pogrom.

It is no wonder that so many dull-witted, ignorant, unemployable Muslim men from Asia go bad as soon as they settle in to their taxpayer funded flats and the Centrelink circus.

If you have the mental age and level of maturity of an eleven year old boy coupled with the physique and appetites of a thirty year old with no prospect therefore of living the good life, yet you are told that you are superior in every way to the savage Whites amongst whom you now live, then you become something of a ticking time bomb as far as normal society is concerned

Melb victim
The workers of Melbourne pull together in an emergency, but it is the misguided, naive politician with a “social conscience”  who puts them in harms way

In the same vein we cannot become hysterical over an attack on “our city” or “our people”, as in Gargasoulas’ Bourke St car rampage we can rest assured that the vast majority of victims will be Asiatic migrants or their children purely based on the fact that the City Of Melbourne is no longer really part of Australia, it is an enclave of foreigners.

So we cannot be too outraged over the act itself, it is after all just another example of a cosmopolitan chicken coming home to roost and the collateral damage, for the most part, rains down upon the Pigs under Chief Commissioner Ashton, the corrupt, incompetent Daniel Andrews and Robert Doyle political gangs and the architects and supporters of the failed refugee experiment.

All of the other bit players in this quintessentially cosmopolitan drama, Muslims included, will escape unscathed; Saeed Noori is just a cog in the globalist machine, something vital snapped in the mechanism on Thursday December 21, the cog spun out of control, maimed some of the operators and their clients and temporarily shut down the multicult factory that is Central Melbourne.

Ashton, Andrews and Doyle, the official “Cars Of Peace” platitude squad; one is on stress leave, one is up to his big ears in ALP scandal and the other has stood down after being accused of groping female colleagues



Responding to a complaint by United Nationalists Australia (UNA) that a person favouring its clothing brand had perpetrated a criminal attack on two nationalists in Sydney the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) provided a perfunctory response.

Whoever administers their Facebook page firstly issued a disclaimer regarding their retail merchandise by inferring it must’ve been a random someone who just happened to buy their clobber. No bona fide union member would dream of committing such a contemptible act. Then they advised us to contact police.

They may as well have recommended we alert Dominoes Pizza. The suggestion although outwardly sensible belied the responsibility, indirect or not, this most militant of unions have for the radicalisation of the lumpen idiot responsible. Dave Gullis, the scaffolder who threatened the life of the AFP President and vandalised the home of a member on Dec 7, sports his CFMEU togs with pride. But there is more to Davey boy.

Dave Gull of the CFMEU goes berko on a nationalist’s home

Gullis’s Facebook page links him to the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and he sports the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) logo.  The MUA has, of course, been infiltrated by the CPA – as has the CFMEU. Warren Smith is the assistant national secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and a member of the Central Committee of the CPA. Vinnie Molina is the West Australia boss of the CFMEU Construction Division and National President of the CPA.

No bona fide union member would dream of committing such a contemptible act. Then they advised us to contact police.

The CFMEU leases offices at its Kremlin at 12 Railway St Lidcombe, Sydney. A conference room on this floor is availed for meetings to both the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and its estranged but similarly anachronistic counterpart the Communist Workers Party of Australia (CWPA). These extremist groups have no qualms about flying the genocidal hammer-and-sickle symbol. Therefore, the CFMEU is well aware of these groups’ agendas.

The Sydney Kremlin  offices of the CFMEU at Lidcombe 

One member of the CWPA, named Yousef, who cultishly styles himself as an imitation of Che Guevara, was earlier this year exposed by UNA as demanding the very two nationalists who Gullis harassed be physically assaulted by its members. It is unlikely Gullis’s choice of targets was a coincidence or that Yousef is unknown to him.

As the CFMEU prepares to merge into a “super union” that will comprise the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union this integration will in theory position the zealots of Antifa into the globalist Labor party’s field.

UNA and other committed nationalist commentators have established how the Liberal party has over the years suckered in the naïve. They engage operatives and satellites to beguile far-right greenhorns with misrepresentations about how the Liberal party harbours racialist sects dedicated to nationalist principles. These sleeper cells, they promise, are waiting for the strategic moment to rise and revolutionise the Liberals to a national socialist course. It is all bullshit. But this is no different to what the Labor party does with its own extremist base.

Labor trades on its former associations with the worker but has consciously drifted from its unionist roots. While still happy to take their donations the dynamic of the relationship has changed.

One member of the CWPA, named Yousef, who cultishly styles himself as an imitation of Che Guevara, was earlier this year exposed by UNA as demanding the very two nationalists who Gullis harassed be physically assaulted by its members. It is unlikely Gullis’s choice of targets was a coincidence or that Yousef is unknown to him.

Once the greater proportion of elected ALP members of parliament were union officials. There are now only about 45% of those with direct links. There are a small number of affiliated unions that still carry clout within the party, and they were named in a piece by The Conversation as being The Shop Distributive and Allied Industries Union, Transport Workers’ Union and the Australian Services Union.

These affiliated unions are still able to influence the ALP through discreet internal lobbying along party structure lines. Yet, as the same article points out, there is a fallacious notion about the power unions wield within the party. Here, factions such as the Socialist Left and Centre Unity, make the decisions. To quote the piece, “The factions are unified less by ideology nowadays, but have been characterised as clans that distribute influence and rewards.”

Yousef, the CWPA representative of the Che Guevara Appreciation Society. He tried to have the same two nationalists assaulted in the name of “the workers”

Those parliamentary members tend not to come through the union ranks anymore and even if they have enjoyed the support of unions the political experience recalibrates their views and priorities. Likewise, those influential unions operating within the party generally promote their own agendas.

In other words, all the promises for the workers are broken at the other end as the ALP has long outgrown its traditional support base. In a way, far from the hard-forged socialist rhetoric of the meeting hall, the ALP has assumed more the qualities of the neoliberal American Democrats. This again echoes how the conservatives such as Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson divert nationalist sentiment into support for its absolute antithesis – global capitalism and global consumerism. Labor has as much a sell-off-the-farm policy as the conservatives do. Suddenly the ‘worker’ is an international citizen and not an indigenous unit of labour whose rights must be protected.

Luke Collier (R) and Joe Myles (L) the two CFMEU jugheads who attacked AFP members in Brisbane

When a program of free and open immigration brings down wages then opposing it must seem sensible enough. Trade union leaders should be the first to understand how mass immigration affects the worker but here you have “the workers” all rallied in various sub-factions ready to protect the interests of global capitalism. To this end, Antifa spares the government the need to oppress far-right opposition. In turn, through their carjacking methods, Antifa has done more to contribute to the strengthening of police powers than their adversaries who, ironically, lobby on a genuine working class platform and in the traditional spirit of the original Labor movement.

Labor has become so divorced from its working-class roots that the only time its elitists can stomach the workers is during press opportunities and on election days. The modern Labor party is the purview of the restaurant radical. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is a solid example of what Labor has become serving as he does without ever once having put in a hard day’s slog. Consequently, those revolutionaries shuffling their feet back down the chain spare little mind to the beneficiaries of their actions.

Warren Smith, Assistant National Secretary of the MUA. Um, since when did it become socially acceptable to fly the murderous insignia of the Stalin regime?

Given there is no longer historic fascism the zealots that the CFMEU entertains have simply painted a ‘Nazi’ face onto the enemies of globalism and given our side a Holocaust-centric narrative. All of this points to Antifa being just another construct of the state.

When the extremists who manipulate these globalist army irregulars sound their clarion call the union responds. They did so in 2014 when the Australia First Party and the now defunct Golden Dawn Australia (Hellenic Nationalists of Australia) held a demonstration in Brisbane to support of the Golden Dawn elected officials being held in indefinite detention in Greece. The demonstration turned ugly when members of the CFMEU rolled up waving their banners and spoiling for lashings of the old ultra-violence.

CPA National President Vinnie Molina (R) is also WA President of CFMEU Construction Division. He is with fellow commie book burner Bob Briton

Later, when members of the AFP were unwinding at a local bar they were subject to a flash attack in brought daylight by CFMEU thugs. One of those assaulted was an elderly man. The union hooligans did not concern themselves with such courtesies as not attacking women or the elderly. In the case of union organiser Luke Collier, he had done both. For his assault on the AFP members, he served three months jail while his compatriot Joe Myles was let off on a technicality.

There has been no shortage of CFMEU members mingling with Antifa at counter rallies against Reclaim Australia and the like. On the day of the Brisbane GD rally, however, it was clear that those unionists (sic) had been organised from outside. We lay the blame for that craven act of organised thuggery squarely at the feet of the terrorist Slackbastard.

Now more than ever those within the media, especially the ABC, should be put under pressure to reveal the unknown member of the Slackbastard group. It has become a matter of strong public interest to unmask this dangerous bigot. We have identified Professor Rob Sparrow from Monash University, a person with historical family ties to the extreme left, but now it is time to unveil the remaining Wizard of Antifa; the one who doesn’t mind getting blood on other people’s hands.

Doubtless, it was Slackbastard who was behind Dave Gullis’s criminal acts against nationalists on December 7. Yet, as we have argued, how does serving any of these globalist interests have to do with the workers?

Unions, Antifa, John Safran and a very satisfied Slackbstard bravely watching it all from his monitor



Welcome to UNA’s 2017 Golden Shlomo award for fake Aussie nationalism. As usual (from now on) we will pay homage to the most bogus blow-ins to appropriate the name of nationalist while actually promoting Zionism, conservatism, civic patriotism, and by default, globalism. We had 10 hot candidates this year but there could be only one winner. Let’s take it away!

1) MARK LATHAM — Golden Shlomo

Mark Latham

This year’s Golden Shlomo goes to undisputed fake Aussie nationalist Mark Latham. In a surprise victory, he nudged over the line to knock out the running favourite, Neil Erikson. In the end, we had to give it to Mark because he has come on so strong this year, even supporting our own man, Chris Shortis, who he hosted on his program. Sadly for Mark, he sponsored outrageous fag and Negro fetishist, the Jewish Milo Yiannopoulos into the country and cashed in on a phoney narrative about freedom of speech based on organised clashes with “lefties”. However, when nationalists approached him to help track down CFMEU terrorist Dave Gull — a genuine issue of freedom of speech and left-wing hooliganism — he would not even reply. No, he did not want to upset his former unionist mates but he still wants youse to follow him. Fuck you, Mark, and welcome to cucksville. You are this year’s undisputed fake Aussie nationalist.

2) NEIL ERIKSON — Silver Shlomo


The way things stand Neil Erikson is a sure bet to nab first place every year from now until someone finally does us a favour and knocks him off. In that sense, Nool has an unfair advantage over the field. Whether it comes to barefaced lies; cobbling together umpteen sham Facebook groups to promote, well, Neil; streaming misinformation to impressionable galahs who take this Humphrey Bear of civic patriotism as some voice of Australian Identity activism; and burning just about everyone the fat fuck has ever come into contact with Neil Erikson is surely one the greasiest pigs in the pen. Nonetheless, regardless of all that, what clinches it for him is his quote to The Australian’s Chip Le Grand late this year that “you cannot be a nationalist and not support Israel”. For that humdinger and being a good goy, we put Nool in at second place with a Silver Shlomo. Also, supporting Donald Trump is not an expression of Aussie pride, you great constipated dill.

3) NICK FOLKES — Bronze Shlomo


Nick Folkes, like Neil Erikson, should, by rights, take first place every year too. In life, he comes in a galloping last without fail, but third position and the Bronze Shlomo seems about right. Nick is a smelly, boozy, unwashed yobbo with a jealous streak a mile wide. He gives the false impression of ‘doing things’ thanks to a complement of dropkicks who follow him around to his “rallies”. There, inevitably wearing Arab dress, he loud hails childish mantras to a crowd predominantly comprised of seagulls. Nick blows with the nether winds anywhere that provocation can take him. Whatever is in the news determines the Peanuts for Freedom issue of the week. Nick can switch from a fierce anti-Nazi who lays shit on true nationalists to appropriating White Nationalist symbols at the flick of his joint’s ash. He and his Boy Friday Tobes have something entirely inappropriate going on between them and the word is that Nick is a closet poof. Still, if his ‘activism’ counted for anything then his dinky party would right now be registered and not perennially about 150 names shy of electoral commission registration.



No single person has done less for Australian Nationalism than Pauline Hanson. Where once she pointed out we were in danger of being swamped by Asians, which we currently are she has switched to the safe bet of opposing Islam and denied ever saying the other. After all, her billionaire oligarch mate Gina Rinehart wouldn’t like it if she started slinging crap at her Chinese business partners who will soon own the entire top half of Australia. Pauline is only in it for the dough and everything about her One Nation party is designed to part every last shekel from whatever mug candidates she can rope in at election time. However, she has one of the highest rates of sacking candidates and having candidates sack her. We cannot think why anyone who can count to seven would consider her anything but a conservative with an insatiable hunger for taxpayer dollarydoos. We put her in fourth place in this year’s Fake Australian Nationalist of the Year Award.



Nothing screams Aussie louder than an orthodox Jew who was brought up segregated from Australian society. If, by chance, the young Avi strayed from the Hasidic compound and was accidentally touched by an Australian child he had to scrub his arm for hours with special kosher soap until cleansed. The infected skin patch then had to be inspected by a paedophile Rabbi and he was fined ten shekels. But that was yonks ago and Avi truly discovered his Australianness while pumping bullets into Palestinian kids from a sniper’s rifle out at Gaza. Avi is so dinky-di that he encourages those who sign up to his dodgy Jew martial art to join the Israeli Defence Force and shoot Arab kiddies too. Somewhere one day, maybe locked in a dusty chest, will be revealed the lost stanza of Advance Australia Fair which celebrates dying for Israel as part of the national Australian character. Avi comes in fifth this year with an oi vey and a whole lot of kvelling.



The big news for Patriots is that George Jamo’s girlfriend Pen-Pen has a vagina. But most of it is located between her ears. Pen-Pen, herself out of nappies, has a tiny bub who she’s too tweeked out to care for. So instead of looking after him, she’s saving Australia from Moslems by shacking up with a bald man twice her age. If Pen-Pen proves anything at all it is that you can be an outspoken Aussie patriot without having any clue whatsoever. Waving a flag is about as much proof as you need to demonstrate your commitment to nationalism and stuff. Too young to have had any actual formative life experiences, and too bombed out on shwag to absorb any signals that aren’t psychotropic, hasn’t stopped Pen-Pen from slagging off those who’ve dedicated years to the nationalist cause and actually know what they’re on about. Like a blonde parrot with dead eyes and noticeable skin problems, Pen-Pen knows the best thing to do is let the mob of drunken idiots around you do all your thinking. The quintessential Peanut, she comes in at 6th place.



We’ve included Nick Folkes twice this year because of his untiring service to fake Australian nationalism. So apart from coming third, he also comes seventh. He is also 11th just before George Christensen who at 12th place did not make it into the top ten.



The entirety of the Australian Liberty Alliance comes 8th this year. This includes every single candidate, any registered member, anyone who voted for them, and anyone who was fooled into thinking they were all about defending the Australian way of life. They are in fact just a pack of homo evangelicals with a cultish devotion to Israel written into their iffy constitution.



A splitter from the Liberal party there is really nothing whatsoever at all to differentiate Cory Bernardi from the party he quit except perhaps he doesn’t always wear a blue tie. He comes in a respectable 9th place after poaching all of Pauline Hanson’s supporters.



Bob Katter is a fucking goose. He comes tenth and gets nothing.





Shane Burley of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation website has favoured observers of alternative politics with an article outlining his Twenty-Five Theses On Fascism.

By James Hillman

Without conducting a tedious point by point examination of his theory of Fascism in the post-modern era we will nevertheless confront Burley’s hysterical, reactionary screed on the historical continuity and mass appeal of so-called 21st-century neo-Fascism.

This brand of Anarcho-Idiocy should be laughed back into the oblivion of cyberspace by all right-thinking people, however, as we all know, the basic principles of this anti-Fascist argument are being adopted by globalist-capitalist public relations officers to further the interests of the international commercial elites.

It would appear to the casual reader that Shane Burley is singing from the same hymn sheet as the evangelists of hyper-consumerism, indeed his thesis puts him in a very safe space; his views would tend to endear him to the proponents of totalitarian humanism with their dreams of a global village inhabited only by consumers.

Antifa: The guardians of the political vacuum caused by the retreat of the Left

These 25 talking points, even though they are repetitive and obtuse in parts scream Bourgeois adventurism with every line, Burley puts so many theoretical roadblocks in the path of grassroots radical action, applies so many caveats to working-class mobilisation that we might imagine him, in silk cravat and frock coat, swooning on his embroidered chaise through the effort of writing his polemic.

This brand of Anarcho-idiocy should be laughed back into the oblivion of cyberspace by all right thinking people, however, as we all know, the basic principles of this anti-Fascist argument are being adopted by globalist-capitalist public relations officers to further the interests of the international commercial elites.

The basic threads in this neurotic, overly tightly wrapped tapestry of nonsense are that Fascism is everywhere hoovering up doctrine and practical political measures from all tendencies; that even though the Left have all but submitted to the global money power and abandoned radical action the anti-Capitalist efforts of anyone not explicitly identifying himself as an Anti-Fascist must be de-platformed, physically attacked and, if possible, utterly destroyed.

The neo-Fascist elements gravitating toward the Alt-Right are just as much blocking force in the road to radical change

Under Burley’s model it is forbidden to hold views which amount to a Third Position, it is unacceptable for anyone to  carry out activism in the political spaces lately abandoned by the Left; “Fascists” should be prevented at all costs from agitating against capitalism and war, for working-class unity or in solidarity with movements of national liberation in the Third World.

In essence, we have a theory which places the Anti-Fascists in the role of ideological squatters, a loose assemblage of people who occupy political spaces merely so that nobody else may utilise them to radicalise and mobilise the working class and marginalised people.

All that these Anarchists are doing is behaving in a manner identical to their globalist-capitalist sympathisers, this approach is akin to the mentality of the property speculator who buys up cheap apartments and leaves them empty as they appreciate in value; it drains his capital in the short term and denies working people a place to live, creating a social deficit in the hope of future profit.

In essence we have a theory which places the Anti-Fascists in the role of ideological squatters, a loose assemblage of people who occupy political spaces merely so that nobody else may utilise them to radicalise and mobilise the working classes and marginalised people.

The post-modern Left as exemplified by the Black Rose writers are holding political spaces aside for some future, utopian mass movement of a cosmopolitan character, in the process draining the political capital of the radical Left through their violence toward opposing tendencies and their tolerance toward, if not outright collusion with capitalist interests.

It is no wonder that Civic Patriot groups are intruding upon the politically vacant, yet energetically policed spaces notionally held by Anti-Fascists; for all Shane’s blather about entryism and co-option of Left tactics it is plain to see that the Civics are moving in upon a political vacuum, effectively a clean slate upon which to write their own dogma once the rabble squatting there has been run off.

Team Idiot, the Civic Patriots, will take any opportunity afforded them, to muddy the waters and dilute the core nationalist message of White survival

There is a danger here too that other tendencies, with whom the Nationalists have much in common, in their efforts to take the reactionary anti-Fascists head on and break their hold on these spaces would similarly occupy them only to leave them ideologically vacant.

We refer here to the issue of subcultures and the club mentality, as opposed to radicalised cadres prepared to settle into the unflattering roles of, say, anti-war protestors, city councillors or grassroots advocates for the White ethnic group.

There is simply no time left for playing the Antifa at their own games, we cannot afford another fifteen year cycle of clubs and gangs, of edgy internet banter, ironic Roman salutes and any of the other artefacts of the great meme wars of the early 21st century, or the brothers wars of the 20th.

Anti-Fascists such as Burley rely heavily on strawman arguments, misinformation, fiction and the creation of satirical dramatis personae for publicly identifiable dissidents; the Fascists to which he refers are largely caricatures invented by the left for their own ends.

In reality we cannot fight fire with fire, we cannot adopt the same tactics used by the Anti-Fascists lest they produce identical outcomes; bear in mind always that the reason they adopt this hysterical, authoritarian position is that they are, in principle, totally against the idea of any form of politics at all.

We could point out here that the Australian pioneer ethos, that wellspring of the Australian Nationalist movements is fundamentally a form of Anarcho-Syndicalism and that, contrary to their utterances, the Anti-Fascists oppose any and all manifestations of that primal national character, that they are anti-political to the core and as such cannot ever fully occupy the political landscape and develop a coherent, much less a democratic movement.

It falls upon Nationalist dissidents and their allies to not only challenge these ideological squatters and enablers of the money power, to fight them for the power vacuums in post-modern politics, but it is incumbent upon us to radicalise and motivate our people to hold them and establish concrete political principles and a framework for collective action with which to fill the void.

There is simply no time left for playing the Antifa at their own games; we cannot afford another fifteen-year cycle of clubs and gangs, of edgy internet banter, ironic Roman salutes and any of the other artefacts of the great meme wars of the early 21st century, or the brothers’ wars of the 20th.

The time to move is now, the real Left is in retreat and the field of struggle is being squatted by ragpickers, retards and Bourgeois dilettantes, meanwhile immigrants flood in, the suburbs degenerate into something reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange and the globalist money men consolidate their power as they count their loot.

Anti-Fascists refuse to confront the real problem because the solutions are incongruous with the arcane codes of conduct underpinning their fantasy world