History is written by the victor, we know this, so we can assume history and conquest have an inexorable linkage.

However, history requires the written word, archiving and preserving — but primarily it entails epochal events, heroes and villains, achievement and again, a permanency of record. Given that the Aboriginal race has never managed anything but some quaint Dreamtime stories and a few primitive rock paintings then what is this “black history” that White Australia is supposed to have? In fact, Aboriginals didn’t have a history until Whites came along and imparted the concept.

Through White Man’s magic we were able to learn a lot that can now be absorbed into a ‘history’ that could not exist but by a dubious word-of-mouth shared by particular Aboriginal tribes and heavily weighted down by the cultural context of those walkabout fullas. This much more reasonable argument turns that aforementioned maxim on its head because, in fact, Aboriginals owe the awareness of any history of theirs to White Australia.

Now, we’re not knocking the Aboriginal lifestyle per se. We acknowledge that it was harmonious, in respect of the land and all that. It was; no doubt about it. These people lived a compatible existence with the environment. This landscape, this ecosystem, the natural resources that surround us have been jeopardised by the greed of a few that exploit it for profit. Nationalists abhor this exploitation as much as any other activist set. The settlement itself has had consequences, but the settlement was coming, and it was either going to be by ‘liberal’ Whites or else by the Chinese whose attitude to other races is not so redactable.

We post this pic to say a little about the duality of  White man: that side which cares and that which doesn’t give a fuck

Moreover is the question of what is nobler, maintaining the human species at a primitive rate of evolution, or accepting the changes of scientific advancement as part and parcel of the wonder of human progress?

So don’t give us this “White Australia has a black history” cod because that it is just self-effacing Cultural Marxist drivel.

And, what is this White Australia anyway? Are they once again getting our original British colonial overlords confused with the poor sucker political prisoners who were dragged here in chains, and who combatted adversity to become the indigenous ‘Australians’? Their version of White Australian history needs some serious adjustment, in that case, since it is viewed through the tampered lens of the partisan Left. These are the same tub-thumpers who loud hail about “multicultural Australia”, which therefore means, by the stringencies of their own particular rhetoric, all these other races and ‘cultures’ are complicit in alleged Aboriginal subjugation.

Oh gee, it’s another anti-Semitic Soros conspiracy theory. Everyone knows Soros just sits at home enjoying his money and doesn’t involve himself in funding activist agents around the world

Are they saying we should ask the Abos to hand back every stitch of modern life we gave them in exchange for our passage back to an Islamic-occupied Europe so that the black fella can once more go walkabout and spear fish for supper?

Once triggered, there is no end to the cycle of guilt demanded by these political manipulators with their slogans. This history is still being written, it would seem. Aboriginal ‘advocates’ can either accept the reality of life here or submit to Chinese domination and 24th citizen-place status in a polyglot market nation.

Furthermore, Nationalists will not tolerate a treaty-based Australia in which lawyers grant Aboriginals a more-equal status on the back of a victimhood narrative. Either they are in this country, or they find some way to return to their nomadic ways and live outside of where the ‘history’ is made, but they will not have the two.

A more correct version of a self-effacing Cultural Marxist maxim


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