Nick Folkes and his Peanuts for Freedom will have awoken to their own version of The Hangover following some shit-the-bed shenanigans.

Nick and his Boy Friday Toby Cook may face legal action after the leader of Australia’s largest nationalist party was targeted with offensive phone messages overnight — and the culprits did not even bother hiding their voices!

Nick and the Pinga Posse appear to have hit the ‘Earl Scruggs’ hard. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, they amused themselves by foolishly crank calling a list of people, some of whom are their OWN MEMBERS.

Their victims include Kim Vuga’s secretary, a former PfF supporter who is an elderly lady – and others from the Australia First Party. It is understood that the core group of offenders were Nick Folkes, a toasted Toby Cook, and George Jameson’s troubled squeeze, Penny Tridgell.

But craziest of all, they even made abusive calls to fee-paying members of their own party!

These actions beautifully showcase the Peanuts’ level of Political sophistication. This behaviour comes at a time that Nick is striving hard to pass the Peanuts off as Ian Donaldson’s choice of Australian political parties, by employing every reference to White Nationalism they can think of. Yet, Nick doesn’t seem to understand this is not how White Nationalists behave!

In the upcoming anti-mosque protest at Lithgow, which Nick is trying to hijack, he posted on his group page (seeing as how his FB page has been deleted) about heading up there in the “hate bus” – a clear reference to George Lincoln Rockwell.

He has employed the SS Totenkopf symbol in his propaganda and is now talking about defending ‘Blood and Soil’ even though his blood has mixed with Asian DNA and the only things soiled are his and Toby’s jocks.

Nick is giving NSW an insight into how things would be if he ever got control of our power structure — it would be Mardis Gras 24/7 with nothing left to pay for roads and transport. If PfF is supposed to offer an alternative to the “corrupt” major parties then that alternative is worse than the standard.

Moreover, this clown and his followers are acting like bogans on a Contiki holiday when the matters before us are of the utmost seriousness.

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