You say 1488, I say 1788

Matthew Grant

There is a valid reason we lead this week’s story on last Saturday night’s Dingocon with the brilliant quote above.

It is all to do with a difference of perspective which separates Australian Nationalist activists from those inside the ‘Australian alt-right’ phenomenon.

Do not misunderstand us; we are not out to trash the Dingoes. We merely bear the kind of admonitions one should expect from us, as well as sober observations from the perspective of those involved in a political movement informed by experience.

Firstly, no UNA member was in attendance on the evening in question. It was not expected that we would be invited any more than would Australia First Party president Jim Saleam have been.

The ad forgot to say “Political Nationalists Not Welcome!”

Nobody from the Australian Protectionist Party was invited either, although we understand Nationalist Alternative was represented.

Contrary to popular belief, we state again, Jim Saleam wields no influence over United Nationalists Australia regardless of whether some of our writers are AFP members. We offer ALL true Nationalists an opportunity of expression, but so far only AFP members have accepted that invitation, which permanently stands. As such, Jim Saleam is totally free to submit whenever he wishes, and we are delighted to publish him. Likewise, AFP often shares links to UNA material, and we are grateful for the extended reach that affords us. We are, after all, working together in the interests of the Australian nationalist movement. AFP is internationally recognised for its work in nationalism.

It is all to do with a difference of perspective which separates Australian Nationalist activists from those inside the ‘Australian alt-right’ phenomenon.

We raise the subject of Jim Saleam, as we learned from sources that he was a contentious figure at Dingocon. There was an implication that his article ‘Rape House’ was a mitigating factor in the snub. In fact, a UNA rep met with Dingocon’s organiser a few weeks before the convention so we could suss each other out. The message was then as it was afterwards that Jim Saleam was “too much of a divisive figure”. The question is, divisive for whom? We shall get to that, although this matter is only a sidebar subject of this article.

In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, it was the Australian Nationalist Movement in its Political aspect that was excluded from Dingocon. So let us stop for a moment and ask, what is a Dingo?

A Dingo

UNA always regarded a Dingo as an editorial contributor to the Podcast bearing the name of the Dingoes; although in fact (according to one youth we asked) it is a generic appellation for nativist followers of Australia’s alt-right movement. We knew anyway, we just wanted to hear how they described themselves.

They are irreverent, social-media savvy, politically-incorrect, meme-focused, and just like their American cousins communicate via their own coded lingo. Their weapon is humour with a generous dash of irony.

In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, it was the Australian Nationalist Movement in its Political aspect that was excluded from Dingocon. So let us stop for a moment and ask, what is a Dingo?

This subculture rejects the “old school” Nationalists as irrelevant. In short, they are full of the self-assuredness of youth, and the conviction that in their freshness and vigour they will be able to institute a change that us others have thus far ‘failed’ to deliver. Moreover, they are not interested in political activism in the conventional sense and wouldn’t lay a vote AFP’s way; although they follow One Nation because they have this idea about invading its youth wing. According to one who was close to the Dingoes of the Podcast fame, while they might employ the usual alt-right National Socialist schtick, they are quite Civic in regards to homosexuals and even on the Zionist question.

We cannot comment on that claim other than to say the young person who told us seemed sound. Others suggest this youngster has issues.

Here, we wish to refute accusations that UNA is “hostile” to the Dingoes in regards to the loose affiliation of those who collect under its banner. We are not hostile to them in any way. But we know those behind the Dingoes’ curtain are very much hostile to us, but more so to Jim Saleam.

You say 1488, Matt says 1788!

At this point, our commentary splits into two key areas: addressing those operators behind that curtain, and the nature of this ‘Dingo’ counterculture and how it relates to the spirit of the Australian Nationalist Movement.

Again, we refer back to our initial meeting with Dingocon’s organiser. It was made clear to UNA that Jim Saleam was in no uncertain terms unwelcome. Following Dingocon the word was that he had been the subject of much derision. So we ask ourselves, why would a young scene that has had no prior dealings with Jim Saleam prejudice him thus? The short answer is they wouldn’t. It is those operating the convention that sought to isolate him from the various guests. Who are these operators? Apart from ex-Klub Nation’s David McBryde, who Dingocon’s organiser refused to discuss, we have also confirmed the presence of Luke Torrisi, whom he particularly declined to comment on.

We cannot comment on that claim other than to say the young person who told us seemed sound. Others suggest this youngster has his or her own issues. The point in mentioning is to allow for a fuller coverage of the subject.

Torrisi is a “paleoconservative” and a contributor to the ultra-conservative Sydney Traditionalists. We have had unconfirmed reports, too, that Torrisi was a past financier of Nick Folkes and the Party for Freedom. The Sydney Trads and Nationalists acrimoniously diverge on the question of a White Australia (they are conservatives after all). Yet, Torrisi hosts a conservative show Monday nights on 88.9FM on which he will give a conspiratorial ‘wink’ to White Nationalism; even though he is fundamentally at odds with it.

Two other names have come our way, but we cannot confirm either was present, and they are associates of McBryde — Morgan Qasabian (ex-Klub Nation), and Dylan Anderson.

It’s all about the Principle on the Sydney Trads’ colours

If there is one message that UNA has been tirelessly pushing it is the threat to Nationalism posed by manipulative conservatives. It is a story as old as Zeus and it never seems to change. Here we have a fledgeling movement in the sphere of influence of conservatives.

In a December 2016 article on The Dingoes, Pommy social researcher John Smith said ‘these groups are’, “People saying things which aren’t themselves objectionable, which appeal to people’s sense of patriotism and identity. It is often used as a way of smuggling in a kind of much more nationalist politics, a politics which is much further right than most people would agree with.”

However, Smith does not venture to consider that the very opposite might be the case, and people might say objectionable things as a means of smuggling in a more conservative politics than the third position of where true Nationalism must inevitably end up. We contend this is exactly what is happening.

Two other names have come our way, but we cannot confirm either was present, and they are associates of McBryde — Morgan Qasabian (ex-Klub Nation), and Dylan Anderson.

It is little wonder those organisers would not have countenanced Jim Saleam coming among them or even the Australian Protectionist Party, who are similarly wise to their scam. It is not that these Dingoes are necessarily going to be rewired into conservatives but rather that the whole movement ends up being steered out to sea. And would that bother Nationalists? In a sense, no it wouldn’t.

A prominent figure in the movement told a UNA reporter, in conversation, that the fundaments of this young generation involve a conscious shift from a Beta type to an Alpha. This means they look to building themselves up both physically, in the gym, and socially, in their earning power (and there is nothing wrong at all with doing so). According to him, there is a competitive edge to the alt-right youth as they seek to dominate, and become “superior to” the bloke next to him. There is no distinction of whether this other “bloke” happens to be White also, in which case, the competitiveness becomes for its own sake.

David McBryde, the man behind the Dingocon curtain

Bear in mind, too, just as an interesting observation, that girls are noticeably excluded from this movement.

Our characterisation of the alt-right as a counterculture, as opposed to a Political movement, seems right enough. From what we can gather, this subculture is by its nature upwardly mobile, and consciously elitist. In essence, those are the persnickety qualities of the Young Liberals, even if those involved haven’t realised it. If what our source told us is on the money, then by that description they risk becoming concerned with acquisition and confusing status with strength, while pride in race becomes simply pride.

There is also, speaking plainly, arrogance on show. The contention that anyone over the age of 25 who has been involved in the movement longer than yesterday is somehow a failure demonstrates a total lack of comprehension of the enormity of what our people face. It is not a matter of convincing the masses they need Alpha heroes to worship, but of bringing down an immovable system. Those in the American alt-right might have noticed this about their ‘Emperor God’ Donald Trump. Sure, he won the Presidency, but any idealistic notions he may have had of seriously changing things have been thwarted by the very system that has stymied — and will continue to block — Australian Nationalists at every turn.

Bear in mind, too, just as an interesting observation, that girls are noticeably excluded from this movement.

Characters like McBryde and Torissi arguably ARE that system, if they are only concerned with matters of tradition, and by interposing themselves in the Dingo counterculture they are meddling. In their desire to misdirect these kids from Nationalism, they might not be intent on creating an ‘alt-light’, but simply a movement unable to actually move anywhere. This is the risk it faces on its own, anyway, as it is in danger of being stuck in a cul-de-sac from where it cannot advance onto political turf because it is founded purely on counterculture codes and insider signalling.

Moreover, the very quality of ‘youth’ being flaunted is undermined by the fact the people organising them are old men. We find this particularly ironic. UNA reiterates, however, that we are not concerned either way. For our part, we do not wish to influence this Dingo subculture. Frankly, it is irrelevant to us.

download (3).jpg
Far more relevant to Aussies than a swastika

Our purpose IS political and it is not egos we as Nationalists aim to shape but the hearts and minds of White Australians. The mass of White Aussies who voted in Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to the Senate believing they were getting a Nationalist were not cocky youths judging them on their cut pecs and speccy hairstyles. The Australians who we need do not understand the codewords used by the alt-right, nor do they necessarily ‘get’ their memes. For memes will not fill their bellies, nor save their jobs, or stop them from becoming homeless.

The Australians that Nationalism needs are aged from ten to a hundred. We do not judge them on their body shape, or whether they can afford boutique beers at a trendy foodie establishment for we know they cannot.

UNA reiterates, however, that we are not concerned either way. For our part, we do not wish to influence this Dingo subculture. Frankly, it is irrelevant to us.

Right now, the Australians whose support we seek are begging charity to help them pay for unaffordable utility bills. They are dying in hospital queues while waiting rooms are overcrowded by an unsustainable influx of non-White aliens generated by the very conservatives whose obsequiousness to the globalist powers open our airport gates. The solidarity that these conservatives share with America and therefore Israel keep us involved in illegal military actions in the Middle East which generate a ceaseless traffic of non-Whites and Moslems hell-bent on knocking down this spiritually desolate marketplace our nation has become (which isn’t a bad thing) and instating a state founded on a Semitic faith (which is an egregious prospect).

While some devote themselves to executing “edgy” performances with National Socialist symbols in the belief they are spearheading a counter-cultural revolution, Australians are disappearing in the blackening shadows of Chinese-owned tower blocks soon to be filled with our replacement population. To date, no known Larrikinism, or meme, has been able to prevent Chinese entry into our country.

The Australia we wish to change is not within the clique of a single generation but out there in the un-sexy wild of the Australian suburbs and rural zones.

They might give 88 an Aussie twist, but it’s still 88, and as Matthew Grant said, “You say 14/88, I say 1788.” You say, Adolf Hitler, we say, William Lane, Jack Lang, John Curtin, Percy Stephensen and Henry Lawson. You say Nuremberg, we say Lambing Flats.

We close by reminding our readers that this is in no way intended as a sledge against this alt-right counterculture nor do we even regard it as an infallible account of it. We are on different paths anyway. We also stress that just because individuals turned up to Dingocon does not mean they have been influenced by a strain of conservatism they might otherwise find unacceptable if those we mentioned do hold undue sway.

We are just responding to the fact that Nationalism was stopped from entering the doors of Dingocon last Saturday night. And while we applaud the alt-right for being there and exhibiting signs of cockiness, UNA reminds our young friends that we’ve been down this road ourselves and as much as you think that it’s new it really doesn’t change. We all started out brimming with confidence and believing our predecessors had dropped the ball.

Awaiting you, young friends is all the hurt that is part and parcel of the struggle against the one-world government. Awaiting you is doxing, broken friendships, backstabbing, betrayal and potential loss of income. Awaiting you is aggro,  and total silence from those who you thought were your allies but turn out to be no better than window dummies when you are dropped in it. You will be lied about, misrepresented, they will call you names, accuse you of things you haven’t done, and in some cases, they will jail you. Perhaps some have already figured this out. In the end, you will learn the bitter lesson that things are not (pardon the pun) black and White and those who you would think are like us turn out to be bigger enemies than the Trots on the Left.

This Dingo eats conservatives

16 thoughts on “DINGOES CONNED?

  1. had a look at one of these up and coming tosser groups, Austranati. Australian Traditional Nationalists. Absolute rubbish. no Australian content at all, full of ‘red pill’ Shadilay/P.E.P.E., Paul Watson, Milo. and videos of fair maidens dancing around European fields. And then there was the advice on how to be a man-change bad habits like picking your nose. FFS, no hope for the future if this bunch of young liberals represents the next genwration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Bear in mind, too, just as an interesting observation, that girls are noticeably excluded from this movement.”

    This is true as far as I can tell. I contacted them regarding their event and was told a brother in my state would contact me to vet me and it never happened.

    Movements can’t be successful if people don’t stick to their word.


    1. ‘Haven’t’ a cry? Erm, yeah, we’re sure they haven’t. Old farts? LOL, when you get out of nappies and learn to write perhaps we can have a discussion about how ageism is killing Australia. It is only reinforced by the class bigotry being inculcated through your exposure to conservative scam artists.
      But what is laughable, apart from your spelling, is your comprehension skills, such as any might be ascribed to you. UNA never described “they” (we assume you mean The Dingoes since you never stated your subject) as being civic. We quoted a person connected to them who made that suggestion and we balanced that remark by quoting others who felt that person might have their own motives for saying so.
      Now, next time you get your head stuck in a paint bucket, Chuck, try not to breathe in so deeply. All that lead will kill off your last two brain cells.

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  3. In a recent episode of The Convict Report the dingoes mentioned that what they desired was summed up in the pillars of ‘The Australian Settlement’ and that there was no need, no point in fact, to appropriate symbols and LARP from another time and place.


  4. I doubt the dingos would even bat an eyelid if you or the afp had an event and could care even less if they were on the invite list or not let alone write an essay on the topic. Back to your tea and crumpets old chaps


  5. Australian nationalism is white nationalism. Or are you on team Manning Clark/Gough Whitlam? As for your PR Stephenson, he asserted that nationhood is based on geography more than blood, lol. Most of your Aussie nationalist heroes were either immigrants or second generation, and their ideology was esssntially national socialism, which btw is based in nature and the white racial soul, not bound to a particular time and place.

    When you oppose 1788 to 1488 what does it mean? That youre against the 14 words? Because either its that or youre just looking for a disagreement over nothing, or over your hurt feelings. You think Dingoes arent proud of our history in this country?

    The alt-right is a US-based WN International, and that’s a good thing. We can use all the help we can get, clearly. It is youth-oriented and thats a good thing too, if only because a 20 year old has more life ahead of him and more he can achieve once redpilled. Middle aged people usually arent open to new ideas and dont have the energy that single blokes with less to lose have. This is pretty basic stuff that any propagandist worth a damn should understand.

    Its refreshing the see from the comments that contrary to appearances you arent accusing Dingoes of faggotry. On the woman question you are just showing your generational commitment to feminism which you probably justify by the fact that your hero Henry Lawson worshipped his mother, or that some other 19th century Chartist fair dinkim labourite narionalist reckoned giving the shielas the vote was a good idea.


    1. Wow, they sent a tadpole to do a Dingo’s work. Normally we throw the small fish back into the sea but we’ve decided to fry you for a greater reason, bubba. And ooh, are you ever gonna fry.

      Indeed, ‘tis a brave moron who comes here to do battle with Nationalism’s finest gladiators. And you ARE that fool. You must be the Trads’ Piss Boy since obviously they deem you expendable enough to toss into our merciless thresher like a rotting salad. Ho ho ho. We really are nasty here at UNA, make no bones about that: Defending Australian Nationalism requires absolutism, which can be construed as nastiness by those whose feelings bruise like a dove’s flesh. Clearly, we’ve hurt your feelings, and we’re glad. If we think you’re a cunt, we won’t publish your comment — we’ll simply relegate you to the Platonic trash can. We mention that receptacle of refuse, by the way, since it’s where we’re about to toss you. But we also get to hurt your girly feelings, which is a double-plus. However, there is more: Disabuse yourself of the notion that we are responding to your comment because of any strength of argument, or eloquence, on your part. We are doing so as you are not commenting as an individual, but are relaying the position of the Tories who stand behind you. Those jokers are, of course, the obsolete conservative junk of the Sydney Trads that we locked horns with and which rightfully perceive us as the threat we pose to them. We have hurt your (their) feelings and exposed you (them) for the counter-operatives you are. You have no power of argument judging by this collection of sentences you’ve hurled at us like last night’s uneaten spaghetti dinner. We prefer not to use the term “strawman argument” but if we don’t then we’ll have failed to accurately describe your entire comment. The first thing we take umbrage at is your complete disdain for our National heroes. You have come to us with the most limited understanding of the subject(s) you undertake to reference. You say “PR Stephenson (sic), [he] asserted that nationhood is based on geography…” Firstly, you can’t even spell his name correctly (and we are politely overlooking the weakness of your spelling in general), so how can you paraphrase the man? No, Percy Reginald Stephensen (1901-1965) was not an “immigrant or second generation”. He was born in Mayborough, Queensland. Secondly, Stephensen talked about ‘race and place’. In fact, of those we mentioned in the article, only William Lane was born overseas, but your attack upon our nation’s greatest poet is noted. By that we mean Henry Lawson — you DARE demean Henry Lawson as a mummy’s boy, and pretend to be arguing as an Australian NATIONALIST? You have a rabbi’s chutzpah to attempt to tie this great Australian to our simple observation that no women were represented at Dingcon? Moreover, you do so in a lumpen, lurid fashion, by casting aspersions on his relationship to his own mother?!!! Then, like some amateur social media troll you feebly try to cast us into the mould of FEMINISTS? HUH! And you pretend to be a conservative (as objectionable as that is)???

      That kind of talk we expect from pinkos, “Freddie”. Misogyny is not a virtue — in this “White” struggle of ours women may have to be called on to pick up their guns to ensure our survival. Women, in White European history, have done just this at the desperate hour. If that’s an affront to your fragile and interfered-with masculine ego then you should seriously consider hooking up with ISIS or the Taliban, because they’re the only ones on your Arab sauna of a wavelength. No one on our side of the fence hates women. We don’t grant them undue favours based on their ‘femininity’ either, but we can say that we supported two Australian women Nationalists who took a great chunk of Nationalist votes in both Victoria and NSW. Moreover, you seem to be forgetting your heroine Pauline Hanson, who has given you dull civics so much of your lifeblood. ARE the Dingoes fags? You claim to speak for them, we don’t. We have no comment on whether the Dingoes are proud of (our) history we only remark that you don’t know it.

      Now, to this misquotation of the 1788/1499 mention in our article. The 14 words are the only relevant part of that figure. The 88, being “Heil Hitler”, relates to a creed of German racialism which is inchoate to Australian Nationalism and needs to be put in its box. Moreover, it’s the alluring candy that the conservative bogey man uses to entice and drug his young, unsuspecting victims with. But, let’s examine your illiterate post — you accuse of us paying undue respect to great Aussie Nationalist figures whose names you cannot spell, whose legacy you don’t understand, and whose relevance you ignorantly dispute and yet you legitimised as more relevant to us a “US-based WN international (good thing)”. Well, we remember who The Dingoes wanted to come and talk at Dingocon, it was Mike Enoch, who has a Leftist kike wife. But none of you “nativist” sons have mentioned King O’Malley. Now, this man was an American (not Canadian as sometimes claimed) Australian convert who was a staunch advocate of White Australia and agitated for the establishment of the Commonwealth Bank. He proved too, our principles of White European conversion to an Australian identity, something you also have a limited grasp on with your references to “first” and “second generation” Australians. Obviously, he couldn’t have spoken at Dingocon, but better a true Nationalist talk about him than a deceitful talk show host come and con our people on your dodgy say-so.

      We have so much to hammer you on that we will save that point for a whole blog, as you’ve given us more than enough to sustain us with rhetoric. We choose now to address your characterising us as being on “…team Gough Whitlam”. This is the biggest giveaway that you are conservative dross. The Labourite tradition we reference were the founders of White Australian policy not to be (deliberately) confused with what they became in Whitlam’s time or even now. It certainly wasn’t Bob Menzies or any of your conservatives who created the White Australia you’re trying now to buy into with your dud money. All the Aussie heroes you have just shit on helped to build that Australianness that is being sold off to gooks by your lot – it is your conservatives bringing us down. You stand for the Bernadis, and the Abbotts, who are really just proxy for the Rineharts, and the Lowys and the Triguboffs selling out our people. No, what you are is CLASS PREJUDICED. You hate us Aussie Nationalists and our ORIGINAL Labor traditions because we don’t countenance the class system based on colonial grovelling that you peddle. It was original Labor who birthed the White Australia you skunks are trying to buy off, NOT the conservatives you are enslaved to now.

      That is the last thing that we will address is your ageist shit. We love and encourage our young folk. Do you love and encourage your older folk? Nah, you despise them for the spurious reasons you just poisoned our page with.


  6. To be fair, the issue of White Australia reached a consensus at the time of Federation with both Labor and non-Labor. It did originate with the Labor Movement.

    With regards to 1488ers. It seems more effective to rustle the jimmies of The Establishment as a 1488er than a 1788er. Just saying.


    1. One way of looking at the Alt-Right is as a mirror image of so-called “Cultural Marxism”, it is essentially the same, just inverted. Saying that the New Left “created” anything also misses the point, the social problems we are seeing now are the results of its nihilism and negativity, one of which is the Alt-Right. We’d also take issue with the idea that the Alt-Right has a future, it has its own set of politically correct, or prescribed talking points and social signals which are as obtuse and, in many cases, as patently false as anything the New Left have dreamed up, if we describe political correctness as the Orwellian tactic of using state power to strong arm citizens into repeating lies as truth.


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