Fairfax Media this week published a story entitled ‘Who will help the women being traumatised by anonymous trolls?’

The story comes a week after Fairfax ran a three-part series on trolling as if they actually care. The article detailed the futility certain women faced in trying to report cyber-stalking. It is a serious topic and the underlying message, that the law is so far behind the trolls, must come as welcome news to one of their contributing journalists, Luke McMahon.

Back in April, the editor of The Age green-lighted a hit piece by the mysterious Luke McMahon. The target of McMahon’s poison crayon was Nathan Sykes, a UNA writer and Australian nationalist. In it, he was defamed as, among other calumnies, a “Jewish” Nazi troll. This was news to Sykes who (is not Jewish) since he is, in fact, the victim of the troll — and the troll is McMahon himself.

Luke McMahon of Geelong, Victoria, works for Fairfax Media and is one of the country’s worst trolls

In a report to be handed to NSW police this week, Sykes will describe how McMahon spent two years stalking him around social media with “shocking slurs” and threats the likes of which Jenny Noyes and Ginger Gorman outlined in their respective articles. An informant told us that McMahon had hatched the idea for the story in cahoots with an even bigger troll, self-described ‘Patriot’ Neil Erikson, early in 2016.

McMahon has gone to great lengths to maintain his anonymity, just like the malicious trolls in Noyes’ and Gorman’s stories. What we do know is that he is based in Geelong, Vic, and operates Media Direct, a bogus online ‘whistle-blower’ agency, which is a front for doxing political enemies of the Left. He is also a welcome contributor to Fairfax although his true status as a journalist has not been quantified.

Apart from his myriad social media identities, McMahon uses the alias “Luke McMasters” and gives his address as the Collins Street offices of Fairfax Media.

Apart from his myriad social media identities McMahon uses the alias “Luke McMasters” and gives his address as the Collins Street offices of Fairfax Media.

McMahon’s criminal trolling continues to this day, as Noyes’ article sits still fresh from publication. Presently, he is active on Twitter and Facebook. On the former, he has established a group of identities, one of which is Nathaniel J.S. Sykes “Unemployed, bankrupt, king of shrill (sic) & I love playing with my dolly.” He uses his other accounts to try to prod reactions from United Nationalists Australia and the Australia First Party. Meanwhile, on Facebook, he is taunting Sykes (via someone else’s account who he believes to be Sykes) to make his police report.

Luke’s handiwork on Twitter

This same Fairfax troll has accounts on leading ‘hate sites’ such as Vanguard News Network, Stormfront, and Daily Stormer where he uses his fake identities to try and turn members against certain figures. He keeps several YouTube accounts such as one under the name ‘Aussie Lads’ where he promotes videos created by the extreme Left hate group Antifa, of which he is a prominent editor on their Antifascist Action Sydney blog.

In the course of his trolling, McMahon has had Sykes’s former apartment photographed and messaged him with the pic under an alias, published sensitive documents relating to his bankruptcy on a major website (again, goading him with proof of his deeds), used fake accounts to threaten Sykes with being “cut”, and has given his address and other details to CFMEU-related thugs. No doubt the Left-leaning authors of the Fairfax articles would find no fault with him given that Sykes is a Nationalist and his ideology puts him outside of their notion of human rights.

In 2016, creepy McMahon expressed his frustrations towards his employer for not publishing his defamations

This is certainly the case with the Fairfax editor who approved the story, and who has failed to acknowledge any of UNA’s submissions to him on the matter. Nor did a demonstration held by supporters of Sykes outside of Fairfax’s Melbourne offices earlier this month elicit a peep. The demo was led by a colleague of Sykes who two years earlier was himself dealt the outrageous Fairfax/McMahon defamation treatment.

No doubt the Left-leaning authors of the Fairfax articles would find no fault with him given that Sykes is a Nationalist and his ideology puts him outside of their notion of human rights.

Christopher Shortis, a practising Christian and a licensed firearm collector (and UNA staffer), was forced into a costly legal battle in a bid to secure his shooter’s license after Fairfax irresponsibly published an article by McMahon designed to portray Chris as being like “Anders Breivik”. Shortis had produced a YouTube video in which he appeared with one of his rifles while addressing an American Christian audience, also sporting shooters with, of all things, a message of non-violence in response to government heavy-handedness in relation to a matter relating to civil liberties.

However, it was not until Chris became a leading figure in the fledgeling Patriot movement, and a prominent member of the United Patriots Front, that McMahon went on the attack. In both Sykes’s and Chris’s cases Fairfax has provided a monstrous weapon for the extremist McMahon to attack his political enemies. Fairfax, like McMahon, has more interest in harming its ideological opponents than caring much for the methods employed.

It is a stretch even to believe that McMahon’s gratification is drawn exclusively from political ammunition: he actually enjoys what he does. Noyes quotes Gorman on the pathology of trolls, “These trolls are not mucking around, they have told me themselves that they are trying to incite people to suicide. They find vulnerable people, they pick on them in a sustained way and they find their weakest point.”

Given the experiences of Sykes and Shortis, it is almost impossible for either to read these stories without being struck by the disingenuousness of their source.

We shall see how eager Fairfax is to report on the sick, vile, pernicious troll that it nurtures knowingly and without judgement of his methods under its mastheads.

Chris Shortis and Australian nationalists call on Fairfax to expose their troll 


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