No response has been forthcoming after United Nationalists Australia contacted the editor of The Age for comment over the unethical conduct of their freelance political writer Luke McMahon.

In April, Fairfax ran a fake news item penned by the Antifascist Action editor which made false claims and fabricated quotes about Australia First Party member, Nathan Sykes. But more galling than McMahon’s lies has been the two years of social media stalking, harassment, and threats conducted by the self-described law graduate.

Those malicious communications are now the subject of a police report being compiled with the assistance of AFP’s legal advisor.

However, in a further development overnight, McMahon has upped the ante by creating a fake Twitter account purporting to be Nathan Sykes. Thereafter, he has ‘Tweeted’ a series of rambling posts, raising serious questions about his mental health, and his fitness to be allowed access to social media.

McMahon runs a YouTube account under the name ‘Aussie Lads’ in which he posts material appropriated from patriots and nationalists and uses Fairfax’s Melbourne address as his contact details.

McMahon cannot help himself — another account, another troll, another attack on Sykes

Clearly, his involvement with Fairfax and their refusal to fact check copy coming from the left-wing authoritarian extremist leads to further questions regarding Fairfax’s culpability in his trolling. For instance, when The Age’s editor Alex Lavelle, or his on-shift equivalent, approved the story, did they do so knowing that Sykes’s impecunious status would guarantee his inability to sue them for defamation? Fairfax has a history of supporting the hard-left especially when it comes to defamation against Australia First Party members although it hasn’t always gone their own way.

McMahon began a campaign against Sykes as early as 2016 after convicted anti-Semite Neil Erikson — who has never met Sykes — posted rumours about Sykes’s “Jewish” ancestry. The lie was conjured by the leader of former Hollywood Nazi spoiler-group Squadron 88. Its then leader was acting under instructions from Liberal Party operative Howard Crawford.

Scene 0 (
Howard Crawford was instrumental in spreading the rumour of Sykes’s Jewish ancestry

Thereafter, Erikson was encouraged to share this tactical lie via his and fellow Zionist-convert Shermon Burgess’s former muckraking Facebook Page. It is believed contact was made with McMahon to then use his contacts at Fairfax. Instead, McMahon, using his own account and two fake accounts, harassed Sykes with insults and threats via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. However, at that stage, no one at Fairfax was paying attention to his anarchist histrionics. Sometime in 2016, he posted his frustrations on Twitter provoking Fairfax with a Tweet saying, “Nathan Sykes from Nazi Australia First… the bloke The Age is so petrified to confront! Yikes!”

rsz_lukeyluke (1)
McMahon has a Twitter meltdown

However, following the first court appearance of the Bendigo Three at Melbourne Magistrate’s Court, Sykes was snapped exiting the court with others. Prior to that, McMahon had reactivated his ‘Mark Watford’ account and established a new one for Luke McMahon and attempted to contact Sykes, who was on a 30-day ban.

Sykes mentioned this to AFP party whip John Dickinson, who passed on the message to McMahon that given his vile trolling in the past, Sykes had no confidence in speaking to the fake journalist.

But McMahon is not of sound mind or reason and began to suspect that Dickinson was in fact, Sykes. Thereafter, he gave himself away by posting in tandem on both the abovementioned accounts threats, harassment, and anti-Semitic slurs in the belief it would somehow unnerve who he believed to be Sykes.

The person believed to be Luke McMahon

While posting, often within minutes of each account, McMahon goaded Sykes with an image of what he believed to be his residence, and details about his address, and local shopping habits.

Earlier that month, Sykes was confronted at an IGA store in Enmore by an Antifascist in a CFMEU shirt. The overweight thug was accompanied by an Aboriginal girl who Sykes had seen before in the company of another union hood who confronted him on Enmore Road months previous. Descriptions of both have been circulated among nationalists with a warning that both attempted violent engagement.

Doubtless, given the content of McMahon’s provocations, both have contact with McMahon and supplied information to him from Sydney. One or both may have been responsible for stalking Sykes to what they believed was his address.

Melbourne Antifascists believed to be connected to McMahon. Watch for them at the next Bendigo Three court appearance

United Nationalists Australia argues that Fairfax has enabled the implicit threat of violence against Sykes by publishing unverified material that prejudiced the writer and put him in the sights of psychotic street urchins associated with Antifa.

We assert that they knew their actions would endanger Sykes, and if they didn’t, their fitness for the positions in publishing must be questioned.

As the time draws near to the official police complaint against McMahon, the anarchist agitator is on a hiding to nothing. He has lost all self-control and aims to go out in a blaze of anarchist infamy.

Sykes told UNA, “McMahon will eventually be taught a lesson from an old adage; ‘He who lives by the sword dies by the sword’.”

It is important too, to reflect on the fact that all of this generated, not on the Leftist side of the fence, but with Hollywood Nazis and especially the kosher Patriots from Nick Folkes’s Party for Freedom.

These are the trials faced by genuine Australian nationalists who resist conservative coercion.

Snapped in a laneway outside Melbourne Magistrate’s Court — we believe this man, who was taking intelligence on Patriots — is connected with McMahon. If you know anything about him, message us here at UNA

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