An Australian nationalist defamed in a recent news article that labelled him a “troll” is to pursue legal action against the journalist responsible for the fake news item.

In two separate statements now removed from Facebook, but accessible on the UNA blog, the nationalist reveals how the journalist – who works for a major news organisation – has spent two years criminally trolling him on social media.

The alleged harassment has taken the form of the most serious offences, as confirmed by a liaison officer with the Australian Federal Police. These involved using a fake account to stalk and intimidate, and other offences that will be detailed in the statement to be submitted to police presently.

The nationalist, who we will not name, has described the actions of the journalist as “psychopathic” and says that “the only troll in this whole equation is him… and he is a very sick, deranged troll. I owe it to the community at large to see that he is taken off social media, and hopefully put away on a custodial sentence to reflect on his criminal activities.

“He is a very cowardly, insipid, and weak specimen. He is a living condemnation of what has become of western journalism — he is the absolute definition of a fake news merchant. He needs his comeuppance.”

The nationalist is furious at the article, which he argues contains demonstrable untruths.

“The article was mostly made up. It was sourced almost entirely from social media and its main contention was the basis of a rumour started by the Zionist-convert Neil Erikson acting in concert with the Party for Freedom. Its aim was to hurt the Australia First Party, of which I am a member.”

However, it was not even the content of the article that provoked his ire, so much as the alleged stalking.

“I am surprised one who claims to have a legal background would so casually leave themselves open like this, but nobody ever said he was intelligent. However, at the base of this are very serious criminal threats against my person.”


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