Pauline Hanson has bulk to learn when it comes to understanding the expectations of those who voted for her.

Regardless of what the cucks trumpet on her behalf, this is not about treating Australian identity like a piece of paper stamped by a government department that anyone can own. By that we mean it’s not about coming from anywhere you like as long as you ‘assimilate’ and don’t practise Islamic teachings.

It doesn’t work like that in China, or Japan, most African countries or anywhere that hasn’t turned itself into a colossal tin of human Smarties.

But Pauline either doesn’t get that message or is so wrapped up in proving she is not what most of us know she isn’t any way that she went out of her way to air-kiss a woman who has no place in Australia let alone in our parliament.

We speak, of course, of Kenyan-born ‘lawyer’ Lucy Gichuhi, who takes over the Family First senator’s seat vacated by Bob Day.

See. She’s no racist. But she should be. We are of course talking about the black woman.

Yes, Pauline, we are meant to be encouraging highly skilled individuals like Lucy to return to Kenya and share her gift with her own people and own nation. That way, her people benefit, and we get to have our own nation back. How many colourful and vibrant souls like her and that African thing with the glasses that hates Australia are we meant to cop just because we are part of this anti-White organisation called the United Nations?

By welcoming her, particularly when your presence is supposed to connote some sort of nationalism (lol) you are not only behaving against the interests of your voters but you are complicit in the ruination of Australia.

But then Pauline clearly doesn’t have a clue, and as we’ve argued ourselves hoarse here explaining, she is just a woman with a meal ticket in politics. She hasn’t made one single contribution to politics which isn’t purely symbolic and symbolic of all the things she actually doesn’t stand for.

Erm, yeah, and then there was this. She actually sacked her Asian candidate for being “homophobic”


  1. Kenyans have no place in Kenya. Indians run the joint. What do you think of the Indian in our politics and administration? our High Commissioner to India is an Indian. What about the Indian Labour Senator from Tasmania. Let us send Indian back to India first.


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