As the Bendigo Three faces a Kangaroo court in Melbourne, in Sydney government high schools are validating every concern about the encroachment of Islamic doctrine that their beheading video stunt warned of.

At Western Sydney’s Punchbowl Boys High School the impact of Islam is reminiscent of a science fiction or horror film plot. The goings on at the government high school resemble one of those eerie films in which a traveller turns up in a strange town where everybody shares a dark secret. Either the townspeople are going off to worship Satan at midnight, or aliens have landed and replaced the population with replicas.

Punchbowl Boys High is one of 19 schools across Western Sydney that are, in government jargon, “at risk of radicalising Moslem students”. It would seem by the evidence that there is a disparity of imperative between the word “risk” and its fait accompli.

In the case of Punchbowl High, where outsider students were bullied into attending prayer sessions and adopting an appearance acceptable to Moslems that risk extended all the way up to the principal.

Chris Griffiths converted to Islam in 2014 while serving as the school’s principal. This is, of itself, intriguing. It’s probably not too far wrong as a guess to say that he was fiercely secular in his beliefs before his name was added to the principal’s door. Why the sudden flip to a medieval belief system that would no doubt generate a schism between himself, his family and his friends?

Here we can but speculate, had he been intimidated into converting? Had the students and their parents threatened him? Is Islam just so alluring in its teachings that once you are among large numbers of its adherents it becomes spiritually irresistible?

Was it even the pull of the religion at all? Perhaps there was such a high prevalence of Middle Easterners that as a White Australian outsider he felt compelled to assimilate to their religion by way of integrating as part of their community?

Anyone who has spent time at such schools can see evidence of the reverse assimilation effect. It is quite common to see young Australian girls who live in these areas going round with Middle Eastern boyfriends. This is the environment in which they have been raised and such couplings, although doubtless ill-fated and short-lasting due to the ethnic customs of the males, are normal. In fact, it is quite a disturbing thing to see. Are we essentially witnessing a kind of community Stockholm syndrome taking a grip?

Whatever the circumstance, he went native with a vengeance. Far from trying to prevent radicalisation, it seems that this White Australian convert was doing his best to expedite it.
In 2016, he was sacked by the Education Department after failing to implement de-radicalisation programs at his school. When his story recently broke, it was due to his having refused female teachers to be allowed at the graduation ceremony.

The new principal, Robert Patruno, was threatened with violence by the Moslem community when he undertook his new role.

But here we are, with two top Australian blokes and Neil Erikson, facing a possible six-month jail sentence for ostensibly warning about the perils of this type of thing which is by no means limited to the one high school mentioned.

Those scenes outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court were illuminating. A withering throng of tuck shop arms holding aloft placards deeming the B3 and their supporters to be Nazis, while they, who are aiding and abetting the spread of this dangerous doctrine, in which they chanted “Moslems are welcome, racists are not” assumed the moral high-ground. There is an alarming correlation between those Whites, and Chris Griffiths, as well as all the other White converts.

For it is not the Moslem community that can be seen to be pressuring us into allowing the spread of their draconian belief system, but our own people, which is quite an accomplishment when you think about it.

Nationalism argues that Islam alone is not the threat but those who have conditioned us to accept multiculturalism and multiracialism. We are now our own guards and executioners in the genocide of our nation.


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