Nick Folkes is lamenting SBS bias after appearing in their race-baiting virtue-porn reality series The Truth About Racism.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Folkes has said, “It’s completely biased. SBS is only interested in showing the token White guy as a bigot and racist.”

In the program, which is one of a genre paid for by the Australian taxpayer and aimed at demonising us as low-intellect bigots blocking social progress, Nick faces off with serial Sudanese Moslem Yassmin Abdel-Magied. During a “scientific test” centred on empathic reactions to pain, he is accused of exhibiting less empathy for people of colour. They obviously don’t know about his wife and children who are all yellow; although by all accounts he hasn’t much compassion for them either, so maybe that’s not such a great example. Moreover, the test is supposed to measure brainwaves so we’d be astounded if Nick’s monitor registered any activity at all.

This “test” is based on the Milgram Experiments of 1961, in which participants were encouraged to administer electric shocks to a subject to evaluate their willingness to accede to authority regardless of the ethical component. Stanley Milgram, who concocted the research, was a Jew and the tests were inspired by the trial of Adolf Eichmann occurring in Jerusalem around the same time.

Meanwhile, Abdel-Magied is the latest in a never-ending stream of ‘others’ who are granted societal privilege in Australia so they can highlight how unjust we are. They occupy a place in media as semi-political figures standing sentries for multi-racialism and even when they fuck up like Yassmin did after she was caught on social media asking for pointers on Sharia Law from a radical Islamic, they roll out of it spotless.

This is the narrative, and this is the purpose of the show. Only masochists and anti-White voyeurs would tune into that piffle. As we have said, they have reduced the ‘Aussie racist’ stereotype to household entertainment: an idiot who can be caught on spy camera and used for the quasi-religious catharsis of the virtue signalling elites.

But this is SECOND TIME that Folkes has thrown himself at the feet of the anti-White public broadcaster in his unquenchable thirst for notoriety. He made a nana out himself in 2014 when he appeared in Living with the Enemy. Folkes should have learned his lesson by then, but then Nick has no shame; he would pull down his pants and play with his willy if there was an audience.

Folkes had, prior to the televising of this dreck, engaged in his usual game of signalling ambiguously on sentiments of White pride. We happen to know that he has questioned privately Australia First Party’s policy on Whiteness, which he regards as extreme.

As such, it is unsurprising when he makes comments like, “I believe Australia is a tolerant country, and most people don’t make opinions based on skin colour.”

Nationalists understand there should be very few occasions when we agree to speak to the mainstream media. There is no question of them NOT skewing their reportage, which is why they are so eager to buttonhole us.

But Nick’s type isn’t about what is sensible any more than he represents patriotic activists around Australia. Folkes is, if anything, a showman. He is in it strictly for the publicity and the less easily classifiable rewards that come from being an infamous person.

Folkes complaining about being duped by SBS is like complaining about contracting salmonella after eating at an Asian chew ’n’ spew.

Is Nick a buffoon? We will let you make up your own mind


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