Are we one, or many? Pertaining to Australia’s European-descended populace we feel it’s high time to inquire a tidbit that invariably rises out of our nation’s demographics; for as it can be seen, our European population is so diverse it could almost be said we are hosting multiculturalism within multiculturalism.

The initial disclaimer here is that pinpointing entire groups is an invalid practice, and more germane than tiresomely listing statistics is instead the shared attributes dotted throughout certain elements of the diasporic communities. Those attributes stem principally from a conflict of interest between the country of origin and country of residence, whereby we note the natural difficulty of serving two masters at the same time. It is precisely from this that it’s noted true loyalty often lies with the country of origin.

We can appreciate that for certain established people the past was full of prejudice and hostility to the point of only strengthening those in-group structures, perhaps of most renown being the treatment of the Greeks and Italians.

We can also appreciate that what is in the blood is what is in the blood; it would be blasphemy as Nationalists to suggest Greeks, Italians, Germans etc., ought to automatically forget their heritage, but at the same time is it not natural to presume the same enthusiasm and attachment is given to the host nation where a good life has been bestowed?

It is true that our frequent use of ‘White Australia’ relates to European mankind in general, but where does this one neurone of thought lead to? How many layers of nuance does ‘European’ comprise in this case? What properties of it correlate to a nativist loyalty as opposed to a mere citizen stripped of higher engagement to the land – an engagement often found abroad in the parent culture? What is the bridge between ‘White’ and ‘Australia’?

Does the manner of arrival and circumstances thereto factor into the inauguration of Australianness? These are awkward questions observable from the interactions of those around us; questions that were always inevitable, perhaps, given that the line between White and non-White migration has been blurred significantly under the revised multicultural mythology as to whether one is really distinct from the other when contrasted with the cultural antagonist that is the traditional Anglo-Celtic stock.

We lament that the view of Australia is too often associated as a place where a good life is to be found and every other culture under the sun can expand unanswerably. Our limitless commentary of the non-White exploiting this feature must now include certain members of our fellow kin to the extent Australia is to them nothing more than a convenient home base where the dreariness of day-to-day life is carried out in relative comfort, yet where true loyalty and zeal for life lies overseas.

Perhaps even more irksome to us Nationalists is the ease to which these people will side with antagonistic narratives that condemn the Anglo as butchers and thieves in the building of this nation which is so enjoyable to all and sundry today.

Under these circumstances what is Australia but the short end of the stick in the same parasitic relationship we usually attribute to multiculturalism in general? We hope that the Europeans in our own ranks who are, to put it frankly, the complete opposite of the sort of people here discussed can see our point with a degree of sympathy.

Our rallying call to alleviate this nuisance is twofold: those Europeans amongst us with the fires of iniquity burning in their ancestral hearts must put aside past differences as greater threats are recognised, likewise those amongst us with the fires of passion to distant lands must contain the flames lest it becomes a crazed force incompatible with the traditional order of things.

It is with a phlegmatic temperament that all parties should seek to form new bonds built not around lofty ideals nor exaggerated ills, but on the very concrete mission of advancing Australian Nationalism into a new era. In this era, there are no ‘wogs’ or ‘rednecks’, but Australians of wholly European extraction aiming to keep their country as such. A jovial poet might here be inclined to pen this as a great stride towards ‘White solidarity’, but in reality, it is – and rather unimpressively at that – sorting out our own collective community; garden work if you will, a spring cleaning of the national psyche.

The leaders of the diaspora are tasked with the responsibility of inciting this new wave of thought, especially to the youth and extinguishing the dross and petty complaints that spread disunity amongst an otherwise fraternal people.

If Nationalists are opposed to multiculturalism then they must also be opposed to the multiculturalism within multiculturalism, which refers explicitly to our own extended racial group and an almost impenetrable in-group that selfishly propagates its own existence at the expense of the wider nation and wider brotherhood.

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