Well, comrades, the Bendigo Three have made their initial appearance in the Melbourne magistrates court on trumped up, political charges relating to the now infamous mock ISIS beheading video shot in 2015.

The Nationalist contingent arrived just as the doors to the court building were opening, once we had negotiated the police cordon outside and gone through the rigmarole of the security screening we repaired to the foyer coffee shop, to wait.

See that is the main feature of the Victorian justice system, the glacial pace at which it moves; in the end, the hour and some minutes we waited were well spent as we mingled with the supporters of the three accused men.

Even though there is a serious divide between Nationalists and Civic Patriot groups the mood was upbeat and the conversations between members of the different groups were civil, convivial even.

patriot woman
A lone patriot protester who should have been INSIDE the court rather than confronting the few dozen protesters outside

Two feral spies from the No Room For Racism grouplet were skulking about early in the piece, attempting to take video on their phones but were quickly spotted, confronted by some Nationalist women and sent packing.

Things were going swimmingly on our side as the stereotypical chanting of the anti-racists could be heard wafting in from the street like a bad smell; that was until the arrival of “Antifa Neil” Erikson and his new bum-chum “Serbian George” Jameson, who were inexplicably dressed in white Haji style robes and carrying Muslim prayer mats.

Contrast this with the Nationalist and Patriot supporters who opted either for suits and ties or smart casual wear out of respect for the defendants, the court and each other.

This pathetic duo of impostors and their minuscule band of hangers-on were a sad sight to behold as they stood to one side of the foyer, ostracised by their former comrades and guarded by a detachment of riot police.

Eventually the defendants were called to the chamber but the demand for seating in the courtroom outstripped the limited supply, as a result a sizeable contingent of Bendigo Three supporters had to remain in the foyer while the hearing took place, the wait was quite short and the news was relayed back that the case had been adjourned until late May.

The court was soon empty and the foyer once again full of Nationalists, Patriots and police officers; keen to get on with their operations the senior officers and public order squads marshalled us into their cordon and gave us their instructions on how we were to exit the building.

Walking quickly, as directed by the coppers we were marched out into the blazing morning sunlight to be greeted by the usual screaming mob of retired teachers, spotty student types, meth-head looking spastics and superannuated union representatives.

Some thirty in number this foolish assembly of movement has-beens and their juvenile acolytes might easily have been mistaken for a long lost element of some 1970’s era Vietnam war moratorium march.

As these “Anti-Racists” struggled weakly against the police cordon we were struck by the absence of one notable contingent: the Antifa or Black Bloc hooligans.

We suspect that there has been a split between the Anarchists and the union-backed rent-a-crowd which is run out of Trades Hall, this is the third rally in succession at which there has been no Antifa presence to speak of.

In any event, the Anarchists would have been up against it had they tried to harass or attack the Patriots and Nationalists, many of our people expressed disappointment at the lack of argy-bargy and the tiny turnout of leftists.

As we walked down Lonsdale street and the Bendigo Three were mobbed by the media, one smart-alec lefty decided he would try to video some of the Patriots, only to have his phone slapped out of his hand by a tiny blonde haired woman and almost copping a punch in the head from her boyfriend.

After Erikson, Jameson and their cast of morons had beaten a hasty retreat in a Taxi the media circus moved into Healey’s lane, behind the court complex and as the police contingent departed we stood for some time talking and enjoying the cool, shaded cafe area.

Soon it was time to bid goodbye to the Patriots and folk who’d stood beside Chris Shortis and Blair Cottrell; the Nationalists sought out a pub, enjoyed a counter lunch and spent the rest of our time together socialising and enjoying the afternoon.

We look forward to the next hearing in May, which, despite the ordeal for the defendants will no doubt be another good opportunity to get together with our comrades; we wonder how the state will proceed with its case and we are curious to see if the Left can still muster a credible counter rally in Melbourne?

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 3.37.05 pm
Chris Shortis was the embodiment or radical nationalism on the day

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