Peanuts for Freedom is facing a revolt from loyal members fed up with what one described as “a get together for the boys that love to party.”

Nick Folkes and his deputy George Jameson come in for particular criticism over varying roguish traits of sleaze and “lack of empathy”.

The news comes after Nick was exposed as stirring up ‘Australian Conservative Capitalist’ admin Dan Evans into attacking United Nationalists Australia following our publication of a humorous takedown of the failed Sydney Reclaim Australia rally at Martin Place. Folkes has long held a grudge against UNA for our honest reportage of his ongoing efforts to sabotage the nationalist movement in Australia.

Last night we were inundated with links to Dan Evans’ Facebook page and a video he presented that attempted to invalidate the nationalist position on the basis “one day we will all be black”. According to Dan Evans, Aboriginals are the only true Australians, and race plays no part in Australian identity. But he also made reference to nationalism and complained that UNA sought to patent the term. Indeed we do, and we proudly do so, on behalf of Australian nationalism to protect it from multi-racialists such as Folkes and Evans seeking to exploit it for their own ends.

Dan Evans as we like to see him: after getting his head punched in

Australian nationalism has a very old history and its fundaments reside in the idea of race and culture being the basis of nationhood. It is not for a man who is essentially a Liberal conservative to come along and redefine our beliefs on behalf of those from the fledgeling Zionist anti-Islam movement. Evans has a hard time grappling with the concept of the distribution of wealth for citizens based on folkish principles because he is a conservative capitalist that has confused libertarian ideas with far-right conservatism. In fact, he is exactly the sort of animal that we seek to drive away from Patriot-related politics since his stance is essentially a mercenary globalist-market concept… minus Islam.

Nick Folkes and his deputy George Jameson come in for particular criticism over varying roguish traits of sleaze and “lack of empathy”.

Folkes, of course, has a vested interest in attempting to subvert nationalist principles pertaining to race since he married a Japanese woman and produced mixed-race children. This is a common thread among those in Nick’s orbit. For instance, Shermon Burgess once infamously produced a video suggesting that White Australian males should be in relationships with Asian women.

Evans dismissed UNA as “White supremacists” but had no comment about the PfF’s Penny Louise’s ownership of a ‘White Pride’ flag or Toby Cook’s Celtic cross tattoo. These appropriations of ‘White Supremacist’ symbols seem incongruous with the position being pushed by both Folkes and Evans. Furthermore, it is strongly believed that Cook comes from a mixed-race background.

UNA understands that massive departures follow whenever Nick pulls a stunt like this

One last few points before we get down to our feature story is that nationalism exists — and has for decades — independent of this ‘patriot movement’. Nationalists long ago abandoned Reclaim Australia as a Zionist shilling front. We have made this absolutely clear time and time again. Likewise, we have never tagged Dan Evans in any post nor sought his opinion on anything. He is in opposition to Australian nationalism and we regard him as we would any member of the mainstream political mess.

Australia First Party President Jim Saleam told UNA that he will be contacting the Coalition of Australian Nationalists in regards to issuing a statement condemning Nick Folkes’s describing himself as a ‘nationalist’.

Nick’s protege Toby Cook was described as “just an overweight teenager”



A disillusioned member of Peanuts for Freedom has cashed in their membership and confided to a source close to UNA of disenchantment with both the partying culture within PfF and Nick’s failings of character.

According to our source, “[Nick’s] party is basically a get-together for the boys that love to party.”

The former member also criticised Nick’s handling of party funds, alleging “Nick doesn’t bother to issue receipts for members’ fees or donations anymore.”

He thereafter made reference to a “$20,000 bill” incurred by Folkes’ from the Cronulla mayor relating to the disastrous 2015 ‘Cronulla Riots’ barbeque. This is aside from the staggering court settlement costs heaped on Shermon Burgess for his part in the case filed by Arab supremacist Jamal Rifi.

By all accounts the acquisition of money and the pursuit of partying form a stronger basis for PfF membership than a serious dedication to political activism. Moreover, subterranean politics simply provides a setting for Folkes to pursue a dubious third-tier celebrity.

This boorish internal-party culture is off-putting for many who chose to offer PfF patronage but especially the women who often feel objectified by male members.

According to our source, “[Nick’s] party is basically a get-together for the boys that love to party.”

George Jameson comes in for special mention here as being a letch. Describing his relationship with Penny Louise, who was profiled by the Daily Mail after producing a video shared by the United Patriots Front (which Nick not so long ago actively campaigned against) we learn: “George has been up to his old tricks. He has manipulated a silly young girl from SA (Louise) to come over here. She left her little boy and partner and is living with him. She is 20 and he is 40-something. He is an arsehole. He got her now ex-partner a job with his Palestinian friends (Eh?-Ed) that underpaid him and treated him like crap and all because he wanted the young girl. He is not a true patriot: you can tell that he’s in it for something else altogether.”

The source goes on to reveal that Penny Louise has apparently now dubbed herself “the Queen of PfF” and flits about the party faithful like a femme fatale.

Penny “the Queen of PfF” Louise abandoned her tiny son and partner to shack up with George Jameson
George Jameson, the oily gronk who lured Penny Louise away with a dodgy job offer for her husband

But the exploitation of women has been said to have taken a darker turn in the case of Fiona Field, a former member of the Australia First Party who was lured over to PfF and committed suicide within a year.

There are strong views from those in the PfF circle that Nick “got into Fiona’s head” and Jameson had tried to sexually involve himself with her.

Fiona had suffered from a history of mental-health issues and was once raped by a senior police officer. She became involved with former NSW Premier Nathan Rees when he was the Labor member for Toongabbie and the involvement triggered a downward spiral. Field was the subject of public scandal when she assaulted Rees at a shopping centre and thereafter claimed manipulation by him. She spoke of being used sexually and was often encouraged into playing kinky games with Rees either in his office or at a nearby park.

There are strong views from those in the PfF circle that Nick “got into Fiona’s head” and Jameson had tried to sexually involve himself with her.

Folkes was, by certain accounts, more interested in luring her away from AFP and Jim Saleam — a 30-year friend of the Field family — than he was in providing her with a stable environment: impossible in the chaotic atmosphere of Party for Freedom.
Fiona took her own life in 2016 and it was reported that PfF members led by Nick crashed the funeral and were caught smoking pot outside the funeral home by Fiona’s father who expressed his contempt for them.

Nick was more interested in using Fiona’s tragedy as a means to publicity. Our source reported the former member as saying, “I couldn’t believe the lack of empathy from Nick. It was as if he’d just washed his hands of the matter.”

He had also attempted to exploit the funeral of the murdered police worker Curtis Cheng who was shot by dead outside Parramatta Police Headquarters by 15-year-old Moslem Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar in 2015. He had planned to turn up with a demonstration. Apparently, it took some persuading before Nick could be talked out of it.

But the most telling revelation is that Nick seems doomed to never succeeding in registering his party: “He will never have enough members to register. He’s jealous of anyone that does.”

Fiona Field: a troubled life, a tragic end


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