Will there ever be an end to the race-mixing promoting Zionist shill Nick Folkes? There has been no car accident yet, no falling anvil, no act of God to take this gormless piece of shit out of circulation. But we nationalists are growing impatient for the day we read his obituary in the gossip columns.

To be a nationalist means you adhere to strict principles regarding race. Nick Folkes knows this. But in the war, Nick would’ve been shot as a spy for donning the enemy uniform and conducting business as a spy. See, Nick married a Japanese woman and produced mixed-race kids, which is the very definition of a race traitor. It is everything a nationalist exists to oppose vehemently.

But Nick doesn’t appreciate the nuances of what makes serious nationalist politics tick, and he regards it like a game where he can play any character he chooses. Folkes treats the very serious business of nationalism like a communal food plate he can handle after using the dunny and neglecting to wash his hands. Yes, Folkes wants to fool everyone, but mainly himself. Nick would paint a McDonalds’ logo over the arch of his doorway and then attempt to sell you Hungry Jacks. This is what he is doing politically.

If Nick wants to escape the ire of nationalists, he can call himself what he is, which is a snivelling wormy CIVIC PATRIOT.

He knows him and his filthy mates Neil Erikson and Shermon Burgess are banned from calling themselves nationalists because they have sold out patriots, ratted out nationalists and promoted Zionist international politics. He knows we consider them a pack of Judas Goats but denial has a power equalled only by the magical powers of a placebo when it comes to countering the effects of reality.

Nick wants to pinch everything he can from nationalism except actual nationalism

God knows, but Nick seems to need it pounded into his lumpen skull that he has no right to use the word ‘nationalist’ in association with his little Peanuts for Freedom club. Pinger boy Toby Cook, who our information tells us was in rehab recently for a MAJOR drug problem, appropriated a Golden Dawn T-shirt while promoting Party for Freedom Zionist policies. He needed a serious smack-down for daring to link PfF to hardcore nationalism but fortunately, Golden Dawn’s leader in Australia made a public statement denouncing the fat mixed-race drug-addict piss boy as a fraud.

If Nick wants to escape the ire of nationalists, he can call himself what he is, which is a snivelling wormy CIVIC PATRIOT.

Nicholas shares that title along with the United Patriots Front and all those anti-Islam Zionist cucks who generate Facebook pages like a wombat produces crap.

Nationalism takes guts to pursue and pansies who are afraid to name race, or call out the Jew, or be known to desire a return to the White Australia policy have no right at all using this title which is reserved exclusively for the brave. This is why the Coalition of Australian Nationalists was formed, but so far they’ve done fuck-all to police this important rule. God knows they’ll have to do something to justify their existence real soon. They should be writing this stuff, not us. But uselessness is a disease that just about anyone can catch which is why we make such dire warning about safeguarding integrity if you have it.

Folkes can only be tolerated so much. The point will come when we will have to set up shop outside his front door. He does these things to provoke us.

This may serve as a final warning to Folkes: stop calling yourself a nationalist or we will divert our attention from our innumerable enemies and concentrate them fully on you. We will make shutting you down the absolute end goal of our time on this earth. You filthy disgusting Hansonite cuck Zionist son of a bitch.

Nick’s main man George Jameson swings an Israeli flag at Penrith. And they want to call themselves nationalists


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