Sudanese commit crimes like ducks swim on water or cats chase butterflies. Loftily titled refugee immigrant ‘Africa Media Australia chief executive’ Clyde SALUMU SHARADY has offered reasons why; it’s because of excuses.

As usual, there is a laundry list of excuses as to why Sudanese refugees do what they do — and nearly all of them amount to “failure”. Indeed, the failure itself generates its own list of fails: failure of diversity, failure of policy, but more to the point the inherent failures of the Sudanese people themselves.

The Australian, which should be renamed The China, reports:

African youths causing a crime wave in Victoria are the product of eroded family units, trauma and an Australian society which does not sanction corporal punishment as a means of keeping them in line, claims a community leader.

Gangs of teenagers and young adults have been contributing to a surge in crimes, particularly in Melbourne’s east where carjackings, burglaries and theft are on the rise. But one of the defining characteristics of the young ­offenders is boldness and apparent indifferent to consequences.

Africa Media Australia chief executive Clyde Salumu Sharady told The Australian there is an increase in crime among young people broadly but particularly African youths, especially South Sudanese teenagers.

Mr Sharady said a medley of factors explained the phenomenon of rising criminality including unemployment rates, family trauma, language barriers and the demotion of men from traditional positions of influence in the family structure.

Sudanese should come with their own complex operating instructions when the UN dumps them here. These could resemble a list of a pet’s dietary needs, “Must have employment, language training, and men should immediately be promoted to the head of family structure to avoid anti-social behaviour and public disturbances. Please amend your society to accommodate this savage, warlike behaviour”.

Well, SALUMU, thanks to the international shifting of capital by a tiny percentage of the world’s richest we’re all in the same boat as to “unemployment” and the disappearance of the kind of blue-collar work that put men at a position of traditional influence in the family structure.

images (5)
This African is angry because of stuff

Although, it is equally courtesy of cultural Marxism that we have the academic and their political elites to thank for feminism, the dissolution of the family unit, and Waleed Aly.

Then again, aren’t those same cultural Marxists — who are your biggest apologists by the way — always arguing we live in a patriarchal society? In which case, we can scratch that one off the list.

“Kids are growing with very little structure within families, many of them don’t have male figures in their families,” he said. “Child protection laws are actually fuelling this crisis. There has got to be some understanding of the cultural background of people. In most African families, the rearing of the children is a little on the tough side rather than being very permissive.

“When that happens it is easy for child protection services to go in and qualify that as abuse and remove children from parents and that actually makes things worse. The children know they have a bit more power and a bit more rights and play with that.”

In other words, SALUMU, your people are naturally incompatible. The answer to ALL of their problems is to bite the hand that feeds them. Of course, you don’t mention how to African males, the concept of fidelity is like trying to figure out questions of quantum mechanics with a stick in the sand.

Mr Sharady is critical of attempts to dramatise the prevalence of the “Apex gang” which rose to notoriety after the Moomba riots in March but he conceded it is prevalent in Melbourne that young men and women meet up to steal cars and rob people.

Critical? As in sceptical? Yes, SALUMU, it’s all just an overreaction to a misunderstanding about what are, after all, elementary matters stemming from simple issues of cultural differences.

Crime generally in Victoria is up 12.3 per cent in the past year. Violent crime has increased, as has theft.

In the Greater Dandenong region, where the Apex gang took its name from a local street, more than 14,000 crimes of property, deception and crimes against people (assault) were committed in the year to March. The previous year fewer than 11,000 such offences were recorded. The rate is higher still in Latrobe.

Victoria was in the grip of a “crime crisis”, Liberal police spokesman Edward O’Donohue told The Australian, blaming Premier Daniel Andrews for “complete lack of leadership”.

“Clearly we need a multifaceted approach that deals with disengagement but we also need a strong message of deterrence with greater sanctions backed up by increased police resources to bring these offenders to justice.”

Disengagement? Perhaps the solution is a YOUTH FORUM. That will do the trick. Get all these Mogadishu Mobsters into one auditorium and TALK about their PROBLEMS. That is how you achieve a BIG FIX.

images (6)
The tough arm of the law: two pint-size girlie coppers using political correctness to deal with African street thugs

Because it’s not the thrill of crime and the absolute lack of any penalty for their actions that is to blame, it is D-I-S-E-N-G-A-G-E-M-E-N-T, which as we all know just requires a free hug and a listening ear.

The South Sudanese population in Victoria has grown sixfold since 2001 and there are now more than 7000 living in the area.

Victoria Police chief Graham Ashton said his force is “arresting the same young people again and again and again”.

Mr Sharady said bail laws, loosened under the Andrews government to make custody a last resort, “played in the minds of teenagers” who regard youth detention as “pretty much nothing”.

He said their fathers’ morale was also damaged by the struggle for even low-skilled work and payment of welfare mostly to mothers.

“So the mother becomes the breadwinner in that sense; the father can’t discipline their kids the way they wanted and a lot of the time they feel uncomfortable and useless, so they go back home,” he said.

Acting Police Minister Tim Pallas said increases in motor vehicle and burglary offences were part of a six-year trend, the government and police were “absolutely focused” on reversing.

“That’s why we’re funding hundreds more police, introducing new laws to target carjackers and home invaders, and also addressing how best we tackle youth recidivist offending in our ­community.”

OK, so “they go back home” do they? The whole point of being a refugee is that apparently the place where you’re coming from is TOO DANGEROUS to go back home. But clearly, this is not the case since the now jet-setting Sudanese man has the option of dumping his crime-prone children on Australia and flying back home to breed some more. If this is the case, then somebody somewhere is LYING to us.

Moreover, SALUMU, when our people arrived on these shores there was NOTHING. SQUAT. ZIP. NIL. NADA. SWEET BUGGER ALL. They were shackled in chains, whipped, beaten, starved, and had their feels hurt on a minute-by-minute basis. And the result of all those challenges is this nation — AUSTRALIA!

This is how they deal with the slide of civilisation caused by African crime: they get a bunch of non-Whites together to “talk” — and give ’em all expensive phones

You, SALUMU are here because you cannot even live among your own race. Your state is a failure, and your failures are therefore linked to your race. Sadly, our country is now slipping into ruin because the people have been forced to accept you and all the other GIMMES like you.

There is a simple solution and that involves organising a fleet of aircraft to return all of you to the Sudan, along with every other troublesome “refugee” and migrant community in Australia, so we can get back to the business of pursuing our collective destiny and happiness free from the threat of becoming a victim of our own national generosity of spirit.

Meanwhile, this is how the first arrivals were treated merely for pinching a slice of bread. Makes you really FEEL for how tough the Sudanese have it

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