The Chinese Australian Forum popped up in the news the other day beating its hypocritical breast about Pauline Hanson. Some might say Chinese concern for “racism” is pretty rich considering they are ethnically cleansing the Tibetan people, as well as using their economic power to essentially occupy foreign nations for the benefit of their own state and citizenry. They have utterly no interest in “human rights” or other peoples of this earth, but here they are lecturing Australians on Pauline Hanson, who, if they had bothered actually listening to her, has totally backpedalled on the Asian invasion.

So what IS the Chinese Australian forum? This from their webpage:

The Chinese Australian Forum (CAF) is a non-partisan body established in 1985 to provide the Chinese community with a voice in the Australian political process. It began with the aim of raising the political awareness of Chinese Australians, but this objective quickly evolved and expanded to include involvement in contemporary social and political issues affecting the democratic process in Australia.

CAF regards diligent participation as an essential part of the integration of Chinese Australians with mainstream Australian society. By providing a forum for education and debate, and through responding to topical issues, CAF provides the voice for Chinese Australians to air their views and be heard. It is the only Chinese Australian organisation in NSW whose main activity is to engage members and supporters in the political process of this country.

You’ve got it. It exists to promote Chinese interests by meddling in our political process. The Chinese are, of course, shameless invaders and this brazen play on occidental liberal values is so stoked with audacity it almost explodes with self-mocking canned laughter.10463854_683900245057632_5846075256330141841_o.png

Anyhow, this gathering of aged Chinese Communists whose forum’s motto is “Building a socially harmonious and Cohesive Australia” had the cucked mainstream media aid and abett its anti-White agenda when they held a press conference to launch a #SayNoToPauline campaign. This is a bit like an Aussie group travelling to China to launch a #SayNoToTibetanGenocide campaign.

The ABC reports:

The Australian-Chinese community has launched a social media campaign to try to combat what it describes as intolerant and racist ideas being spread by senator-elect Pauline Hanson.

Community leaders said when Ms Hanson was last in parliament 20 years ago, they documented a significant increase in the number of people of Asian heritage being verbally and physically abused by strangers in public.

Dr Thiam Ang was the Chinese Australian Forum’s president in the 1990s during that period, and said he fears history will repeat itself.

“People tend to think that it’s confined to blue-collar workers, but that’s not true because in those days men in suits were spitting on Chinese Australians in the Chatswood and Turramurra stations,” he said.

“So I would like to appeal to middle Australia to guard against this trend and ask them to speak up when they see any instances of racial abuse.”

The Chinese Australian Forum is calling on people to take photos with signs that feature the #SayNoToPauline hash tag, and upload them to social media.

The forum’s president, Kenrick Cheah, said the organisation will join forces with the Muslim community and others being targeted by Ms Hanson’s party, One Nation.

“We condemn Islamaphobia,” he said.

“Just because we aren’t the main target this time does not mean that they won’t be coming for us or any other group. And no group in this country should be subject to any racial vilification, discrimination.”

Yeah, well, anyway, we know they’re full of shit. We also know that every single race seems to require their own community group formed for the purposes of telling White Australia how racist we are.

Mariam Veiszadeh is a fine example too. Born in Afghanistan, now here for whatever reason, she studied law on the Aussie taxpayers’ quid. Then she used her legal “kung fu” to establish a kind of honeypot social media operation where she lured outraged Aussies into breaching the 18C law… then she pounced. The hateful anti-White media loves her, and she is one of those repulsive “go-to” aliens they wheel out everytime there is justified reason to condemn Islamic cultural invasion.

download (1)
Chinese are teaching the Tibetans not to be racist by killing them off
download (2)
The Chinese show solidarity with their Moslem brothers by forcing them to dance and chant in a town square as an act of mass humiliation

The idea that there is an inherent justice in a cause is the illusion that these anti-White groups use to legitimise themselves through the traitor media.

But just like these dastardly yellow devils, they invariably show their hand. Such as here on the Chinese Australian Forum. Yes, you can read about how oppressive White Australia is; and how Islamic terrorism is nothing compared to how many people Whites kill every day. We supply snapshots from their page. We advise you head over and troll them to death. Troll their hashtag, troll their Facebook page, troll them on the beaches, troll them on the sand, troll them on… well, just troll them.

The CAF Facebook page is a good place to troll
The UNA FB crew show how it’s done. Posted today on CAF’s anti-White FB page
Posted on CAF’s FB page. Yep, it is Whites who are the real danger. The sooner Chinese take over the safer the world will be


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