Chris Shortis found his nationalist legs when he became active on the patriot scene in its tumultuous rise and inglorious capitulation to the very globalist beast that it spawned in reaction to. His journey, like nearly all nationalists, began at that patriot level. But those who are truly ‘red-pilled’ then graduate to nationalism. To that end, Chris recently made a video addressing the substance of the ‘Nazi’ defamation levelled by both the left and now more significantly the co-opted patriot movement. The video caused quite a stir, and has been hidden from view on the UPF page where it was uploaded.
No stranger to controversy, Chris was a target of the mainstream Zio-media when a video surfaced in which he mixed his Christian views with a commentary on the second amendment to the American constitution, the right to bear arms. A keen rifleman himself, Chris is currently involved in a legal matter stemming from the fallout of that defamatory media profile. Chris talks exclusively to United Nationalists Australia…

The symbol of Australian nationalist unification

The video that the media leapt all over where you discuss the right to bear arms in the US, and interrelate the matter of religion, could you clarify for our readers your intentions in making that?

This unfortunately I cannot go into detail, but I will say Australia has no free speech and I am at loggerheads with the state legally. I will be happy to update you once the outcome is finalised and I will give a detailed account.

“We must remain a White majority nation to preserve our national identity.”

Your religion is important to you, and there seems to be a growing sentiment for it, especially among younger nationalists like Matt Grant – do you believe it has a place in nationalism?

Yes and why you may ask? Because Protestant Christianity created the most powerful nations on the face of the earth: the British Empire, the USA, Canada, and Australia. It was the White man that embraced Christianity more than any other race and also remaining racially monolithic, so I believe we have been blessed. It is only since we have rejected this that we have seen the disastrous consequence. Multiculturalism = White Genocide

Your latest videos [now hidden on UPF page-ED] will be shaking up certain segments of the patriot movement, what was your inspiration in making that? Have you had much positive feedback?

Embracing the truth, and tackling the Nazi accusation head-on while revealing that Zionist propaganda has most of our population cucked. You cannot support Israel and be a true Australian patriot. Nationalism is the only resistance to the globalist agenda. People will either embrace what I have said or reject it totally, good way of removing the grey area. The plain hard facts cut through the bull.

“You cannot support Israel and be a true Australian patriot.”

From a nationalist perspective, you have been on quite a journey that many of us have made: you now call yourself a nationalist. This distinction has always been very important to us Aussie nationalists: what would you say to those who are still stuck halfway and are confused about the mid-ground?

If you are White, embrace your racial heritage and accept the truth concerning Australia’s identity. Our forefathers embraced an all-White policy. We must remain a White majority nation to preserve our national identity.

There appears to be a conspicuous effort by a bloc on the patriot side that is hell-bent on attacking nationalists. What are your thoughts on having former comrades like that? Do you believe that having these lines now more sharply defined is a good thing?

Yes, distinction is important. My former colleagues to me are nothing more than traitors. But making enemies means you stand for something.

What is the one greatest experience you have taken away from this so far, the one that has revived your juices and reinvigorated your spirits?

The greatest experience is that video and the follow up. I am proud of them and the desired effect was achieved. The support I got was amazing and I am determined to be vigorous in my activism for our nationalist cause.




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