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Life is hard when you’re the chosen one



Blair Cottrell, the chief spokesman for United Patriots Front has released a Facebook post (now removed-ED) entitled “For the so called intellectuals” in which he takes aim at “Nationalists”.

Australian Nationalists might wonder precisely to whom Blair refers in his missive. He alludes to certain statements of position being demanded of him, on subjects as diverse as the world wars, and homosexual special interest activism.

Nevertheless, in the absence of any accusations against specific Nationalists and his scattergun approach to commentary the UNA writers’ bench will, for the one millionth time, explain the difference between our mode of operation and that of the young “Patriots”.

Mr Cottrell elaborates his stance in this confounding, yet telling paragraph:

“If I were to take a position on the questions that so-called Nationalists concern themselves with, such as Israel or movements in the Second World War – or if I were to get sucked into wasting my time talking about issues made into issues by television and subversive politics, such as gay marriage – then the field of potential support and thus, potential power would be split into sections, many of which could never understand or accept what I saying regardless of what side I was taking.

And so when presented with the demands of conceited know-it-alls, to say nothing is not only easier – it’s a sure guarantee of maintaining a mass support base rather than having it split up and divided.”

Yes Blair, we understand what you’re saying, but being Nationalist intellectuals, rather than saying nothing we will enthusiastically leap to the keyboard at the merest hint of an opportunity to be heard.

As a carpenter, Cottrell would be familiar with such components as fence pickets, palings, gates and so forth; the original concept behind these now mundane and utilitarian articles however is central to our argument.

The historical meaning of the “pale” was the border or boundary of a civilisation, kingdom or city; the outer limits of its official jurisdiction if you like. This boundary sometimes took the literal form of a wooden paling fence, or a picket of guards and small outposts; it may also have had gates where tolls and excise on goods were levied and so forth.

The implication there is that anyone living outside that jurisdiction, literally “beyond the pale” or outside the city limits, did so in defiance of the system behind the palings or was exiled by the rulers or town burghers.

The point here, one that we seem to be failing to impress upon the patriots, is that Australian Nationalism as a school of thought is so at odds with the regime and mores of mainstream society that we are explicitly beyond the pale, exiles, non-conformists and rebels.

Our present struggle is an asymmetrical culture war against a globalist behemoth; we ourselves are geared to outsider politics rather than attempts at a grand coup. Our tools are humour, subversive language, cryptic in-jokes and witty repartee; the stock arsenal of the radical intellectual.

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Mr Cottrell must understand that to go beyond the pale, though a hard row to hoe for many, is in fact a step toward liberty. The outsider has far greater flexibility in the things he can say or write as the regime and it’s minions expect (and in practice mostly tend to ignore) controversial and outrageous statements from Australian Nationalists.

The outsider can realistically, up to the theoretical limits of section 18c of the racial discrimination act, at least express dissident positions on the world war; the character of 20th century politics; the Zionist entity; homosexuality and so forth; and he will steadily win supporters while doing some damage to the machinery of globalism.

We understand that Blair doesn’t feel the need to express opinions on the subjects he regards as media-driven trivia, homosexual-marriage etc., but from his position well inside the mainstream what does he have to lose?

Patriots are very nervous about anything that might make people think they’re Nazis

Gay rights are no longer a subversive movement. It’s a wonder that the UPF hasn’t already latched onto that and attempted some emulation of the risible English Defence League “Gay Division”.

Thus we come to the major flaw in Blair’s argument, which is laid bare in this statement:

“The more vague the aims of any political movement are, the more that movement appeals to the average individual who sees in the movement what he wants to see; the more support that movement can gain from the broad majorities.”

This sentiment, coming from a now avowed mainstreamer undermines Cottrell’s whole article. If there’s one thing the globalist behemoth won’t tolerate it is equivocation or ambiguity on its critical issues, especially the world wars and the Zionist entity; these are the core beliefs of the transnational bourgeoisie.

As his comrade Scott Moreland recently demonstrated staying silent on these issues is not an option for an aspiring mainstream community leader and mass movement organiser so it’s understandable that true subversives — those Blair dubs “Nationalists” — would attempt to draw him out.

It’s ironic too that Blair Cottrell has taken up against Nationalists given that he’s exactly the type of youth we’d expect to be attracted to an outsider tendency such as ours. In fact, he’s the kind of bluff cove most Nationalists would be falling over themselves to recruit.

In the end though the patriots and Australian Nationalists are on wildly divergent paths; we’re out in the political (and in increasingly the economic) wilderness, beyond the pale trying to survive with the other genuinely dissident tribes and the growing enclaves of social outcasts.

The patriots will also have to wise up, and quickly to the reality that the ethnic group to which the bulk of Australians belong is gradually being marginalised, diminished, and shoved outside the mainstream purely because we’re seen as an impediment to globalism.

Australian Nationalists are already fanatical on the issue of White survival because we’re a survivalist tendency; the White patriots can drag their feet for the rest of their lives, avoiding the issue of the slow destruction of their people but they should be aware that the globalist machine never takes a break.

Blair Cottrell, like all White Australians has been declared obsolete, whether he likes it or not Nationalism and ethnocentrism must form the guide to life beyond the pale. Submission or equivocation are not an option if White survival is the imperative and the only way he can work to save his people is to step outside the mainstream, to think forbidden thoughts and say the forbidden words.

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