Roz Ward and her Marxist comrades want to change our flag to suit their vision of our nation if it fell into their hands. The Australian flag should reflect the Australian people, and not the ideological deviancies of the well-heeled elitists. But it’s up to the real Australians to join the battle for this symbol of identity

Will the real Greg Combet please stand up?
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Wait on, is this Roz Ward the Flag-Hag? Damn this gender mixing

Amid the past week’s usual stream of bourgeois ballyhoo and Marxist fulminations one issue rose to the top like the scum on a sewage works’ settling pond.

The now notorious academic and crossdresser Roz Ward made what most people would brush off as a faux pas on social media when she decried the Australian flag as “racist” and floated the idea of replacing it with the hammer and sickle.

We Nationalists understand that Ms Ward is a Marxist, that espousal of Marxism and its many contrived intersections with feminist thought is her way of life and that it’s impossible to consistently predict what’s going to trigger such an attack of the heebie-jeebies in such a person.

Ms Ward was suspended from her position at La Trobe University for her indiscretion then re-instated by week’s end amid threats of union intervention and legal action.

We? There’s only one of her

The collective pointing and shrieking by supporting left-wing journalists, lawyers and pseudo intellectual pundits grew to a crescendo by mid-week with two breathless newspaper articles by Madeline White in the Fairfax press and Susie O’Brien of Newscorp.

“Isn’t it so!” the two juvenile jotters exclaimed as they pulled out the usual trite excuses, half-truths and mangled historical recollections to chide White Australia for the blood-soaked history of our national flag.

We were reminded that a republic is inevitable, that the union Jack is the emblem of a foreign land and that its use as a symbol in their largely imaginary “tolerant”, “multicultural” antipodean utopia was, if not merely deeply embarrassing ,then somewhat akin to a mortal sin.

What Nationalists find amusing, apart from the morbidly repetitive aspects of the narrative is the stereotypical Anglo-Saxon zeal with which the two writers and Roz Ward herself pursued the issue; hardly a peep was heard from the other ethnic and indigenous mouthpieces.

This in itself is revealing as it gives the Nationalists another wedge to drive into the mainstream debate on identity and belonging, as from our point of view this might be described as an in-house, Whites-only issue.

Just as we are taught to view the Aboriginal flag as a symbol, not only of indigenous resilience or fortitude, but of unique identity, we see the growing perception among our people that the Australian flag embodies identical principles for us. We enthusiastically embrace this idea.

If indeed there is a small segment of the legacy White population who sincerely feel that they want to cast off all these supposedly negative connotations conjured by the flag and eschew the principles to which Nationalists aspire then so much the better; we welcome their departure.

Politics is a group activity, our Australianist brand of politics is very much premised on a concrete understanding of ‘us and them’ and we accept the resignation from the nation, so to speak, of those Whites who are too ashamed or overcome by propaganda to accept our ideals.

Should the bourgeois Republicans and rootless cosmopolitans of the chattering class realise their ideal of a new republic under a new flag so much the better; the divide becomes even wider then between the self-styled elites and the legacy White population.

We have in the Eureka flag the banner for our fighting political party and should the traitors’ dreams come true then the Union Jack will serve as the adoptive symbol of our fortitude, resistance, and unique identity.

The fighting political party flag — the Southern Cross — would be our desired emblem when the party achieves victory.

Well might Nationalists shudder at the thought of the likes of Roz Ward, or our young ‘journalists’, sitting on some future flag committee. What could such minds devise? What best symbolises their vision? Some hybrid of the Facebook and Apple company logos perhaps? Some rainbow-bedecked star-of-David adorned cloth with a Coca Cola’s dynamic wave and Nike ‘swoosh’?

The mind boggles.

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This is how to just… say… no to the Roz Wards of this world!

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