No.67 in the ‘Once more for the dummies’ series on the patriot movement and the need for it to choke on a gefilte fish bone and die


Australians are White, and Whites are under threat. There, we said it. It wasn’t hard. But for those on the “patriot” side of the fence it is a damned impossible thing to utter. They would rather snorkel nude in a sewer than go there.

Patriots have “Indian mates” and reckon “Asian women make good wives” and believe “Sikhs should be supporting [us] against Moslems”. In short, what sort of Australia are they talking about?

Oh yeah, the “one their ancestors fought for in WW2 when they fought against the Nazis”. But of course they were fighting on behalf of the British Empire in a war without meaning to Aussies. And the Australians that fought, unlike Nazi Germany, had it written in stone that Australia is White and Whites are Australian. That is a fact of history that “patriots” have a stressful problem overcoming.

Party for Freedom realise that Australianness and therefore its patriotic expression is subject to Israel’s approval

Most don’t, and fly into denial where it’s safer. But the truth is that patriots are just dumb Gubbas that don’t have a clue what they’re on about.

There, we said it. If they did have half an idea about anything, they wouldn’t be patriots (such as the word has become bastardised in meaning since these Muppets got hold of it), but nationalists. And they’d be PROUD nationalists.

Aboriginals notwithstanding, their refusal to acknowledge White Australia is Australia also makes them treasonous. So the great unwashed of patriots are not just spun from a simple loom, they’re also low-rent traitors.

Come to think of it, what in blazes is their story anyway? How come they squawk so loudly about “being Aussie” and go Abo on those who point out that to be an Aussie you must be White? How come these “die for you, bro” patriots like going off and sticking their willies into Asian girls who are just one-degree of separation from peasant trash? Why does Nick Folkes think that it’s perfectly logical to bring two half-breed Asians into the world and then bang on about White Genocide when in a White nationalist court he’d be found guilty of perpetrating it? How come nearly all his mates like Mike Holt, Howard Crawford, and Shermon Burgess do too?

Just what leads the none-too-bright patriot to the automatic assumption Australia exists as a not-for-profit bank for the depositing of every race in the human gene pool?

Is it cruel to suggest that Tibetans have the right NOT to be racially cleansed by the murderous Chinese? If so, why is it NOT OK to object to Australians being bred out of existence by the great yellow rat of Asia?

Well, dear grasshopper, we can answer that. In fact, Nick Griffin can too. He used to be the leader of the BNP, before it got cucked. He is now with the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, which is a coalition of European nationalists. He wrote in a blog,

“Needless to say all genuine nationalists start from a position of instinctive and healthy hostility to the Moslem invasion of our lands. Equally, however, all radical nationalists are also ware that this invasion, just like all mass Third World immigration, didn’t just happen.

Rather, the invasion was deliberately planned as part of a programme of ‘white genocide’ — a programme in which the Talmudic racist supremacism, which predates but underpins Zionism, played and plays a key part as a motivating force.

It is likely that the large majority of the growing number of nationalists who understand this will already have at least grave suspicions of the civic/kosher nationalism of the semi-respectable parties such as Ukip and Marine Le Pen’s Front National Front, not to mention Geert Wilder’s Party for Freedom.”

Griffin then goes on to mention The English Defence League:

“What Lies Behind the English Defence League (EDL)?’ was a detailed study of this latter phenomenon, which I produced in July 2013. At the time it had a big impact, making it very clear that there was in fact nothing, or natural, about the EDL.

Parts of the document are now naturally dated, but the core section about how the EDL was founded and funded by a small clique employed directly or indirectly by Frank Gaffney’s Centre of Policy Studies, remains very relevant. Through Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and several other, the EDL was from the outset a wholly owned subsidiary of an extremely wealthy neo-con/Zionist ultra-Zionist Likud regime in Israel.

Faced with the hard and documented facts as to how the EDL was from the very beginning conceived, created, funded, organised and directed by precisely the same neo-con/Likudnik clique that used the WMD hoax to drag Britain and American into a war for Israel against Iraq, large numbers of more switched-on patriots ditched the ‘Tommy Robinson’ show and went off to ‘do their own thing’.

With the EDL in free-fall, just three months later Tommy himself defected to what appeared to be ‘the other side’, joining the “moderate Moslem” Quilliam Foundation.”

Needless to say, the simplistic anti-Moslem types who had provided the EDL’s cannon-fodder were appalled. A more dispassionate assessment, however, quickly reveals that in switching from the EDL to Quilliam, Tommy was in fact simply moving to a different branch of what is essentially the same operation.

Quilliam’s funding is shrouded in mystery, although £1.2 Million of Home Office money undoubtedly helps to pay its directors £85,000 per annum salaries. The act that arch-neo-conservative, Michael Gove, has from the very start been on Quilliam’s Advisory Board should, however, set alarm bells ringing, and the more one digs, the worse it gets”.

Nick is talking about Pomland, but it’s just the same picture here. He goes on to reveal a neoconservative web of finance, influence and ties all the way to the very top leading to Israel.

Yes, Israel. Patriots in this country don’t mind mentioning Israel, and they aren’t embarrassed to fly the Israeli flag at ‘patriot’ rallies. For, we poor fools are too dense in the brain-department to realise that we cannot be a true Australian patriot so long as we withhold our support for Israel, or support policies that do not accord with globalist flavour. If we do that, we are Nazis and they will call us one. What is more, they won’t let us come to their rallies, because we’re not true Aussies. Thereafter, the most brainless, self-obsessed dickheads in the scene will sit on Facebook posting retarded videos in which they call us Nazis. Then we will grab our chest and collapse to the floor as if we’ve been shot.

In fact, it did not take long after the raw energy of the Reclaim Australia movement unleashed back in 2015 for the Zionists to get inside and appoint themselves managers of the whole patriot movement. They came with neoconservative sleazebag ‘preference dealers’ like the chicken farmer and political slug, Howard Crawford. These Zios were a little sidetracked by the RA phenomenon at first, having had their sights on the nationalists, but they quickly seized the crash site like an X-Files government goon squad.

Crawford’s DNA is all over the patriot movement. One could chart a course with pins on a board from Nick Folkes in Sydney, Crawford’s confidant, to the mostly ignored Asian lap-dance junkie Mike Holt up in Qld; Pauline Hanson; Vuga; and all the way across to those in the Australian Liberty Alliance and Rise Up Australia. Shermon Burgess and Antifa Neil Erikson’s videos contain calumnies, concepts, and misinformation that are known to have generated in Crawford’s circle; one with a key phrase from a Facebook PM sent to a nationalist from the anarchist gutter freelancer Luke McMahon that was faulty information intended as a threat. Yet, suddenly Neil Erikson is touting it as if he actually knew the bloke. He could have had no idea that this was an essential clue; a very telling indication that something is, well, amiss with the whole thing.

images (1)
This is patriotism: a half-runt frangipani laying down the basic tenets of Aussieness

But you couldn’t tell a patriot this ‘cos they’re such dumb cunts and have the attention span of a mouse’s fart. You might as well try and teach a house brick to play Boggle.

Mercifully, the nationalists and the patriots are clearly divided into separate camps. We nationalists want it that way. We are soon to launch a coalition that will build the fortress nationalism that keeps out the weevils that have eaten out the patriot movement.

We only hope those who are caught in the eddy of mainstreaming, but may have the best intentions, realise that the broken relationship they keep trying to patch up is over. This thing they thought the patriot movement was is no longer that. And it does not make allegiances with anyone that would not feel comfortable in a kibbutz.images (9)images (9)

images (9)


  1. We have the same problem in Northern Ireland. Anti IRA loyalists putting up Israeli flags in their areas just because republicans put Palestinian ones up in their areas. Does my head in, our fellow loyalists obviously are oblivious to the King David hotel terrorist atrocity or British soldiers murdered with piano wire in orange groves by Menachem Begin’s terror gang!

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