James Hillman

There has been some discussion in patriotic circles of late on the subject of Anarchism and the claims made by certain Anarchists as to the tendency’s relationship to broader Socialist thought.

Questions have been asked: What are its theories, its practice and where does Anarchism stand in modern Australia?

I don’t make a habit of in depth analysis of tendencies opposed to Nationalism and our own particular Australianist school of thought, the fact that they do oppose our program of national independence, anti-globalism, republicanism and common wealth betrays their true allegiances.

The intellectual output of these nominally Left groups is sparse and can be ignored as such points as it tries to make are mostly irrelevant role plays and fantasies and make a trivial contribution to discourse within the class.

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That said the Anarchists and their fellow outsider groups, Trotskyites and their bizarre coalition of Protestants, Liberals and otherwise undistinguished Kooks will continue to be an irritant to grass roots politics  across the board so some examination is necessary for the purposes of informing the uninitiated Australian worker.

The greatest flaw in contemporary Anarchism is actually one which was identified more than one hundred years ago by none other than V.I. Lenin, the Anarchist repudiation of politics:

“It is not for nothing that international socialist congresses adopted the decision not to admit the anarchists. A wide gulf separates socialism from anarchism, and it is in vain that the agents-provocateurs of the secret police and the newspaper lackeys of reactionary governments pretend that this gulf does not exist. The philosophy of the anarchists is bourgeois philosophy turned inside out. Their individualistic theories and their individualistic ideal are the very opposite of socialism. Their views express, not the future of bourgeois society, which is striding with irresistible force towards the socialisation of labour, but the present and even the past of that society, the domination of blind chance over the scattered and isolated small, producer. Their tactics, which amount to a repudiation of the political struggle, disunite the proletarians and convert them in fact into passive participators in one bourgeois policy or another, since it is impossible and unrealisable for the workers really to dissociate themselves from politics.”

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I would argue that today’s Anarchist civil disobedience, “No Platforming” and “Punk sensibility” fit that description all too well. Bereft of any real link to the growing underclass spawned by globalism and viewed with derision by the modern proletariat their stature is of course even less impressive than the relatively well organised movements of the past but here they are visible and vocal.

The Anarchist model described thus is chaotic, it disarticulates the working class, segregates and separates the workers and underclass from politics and the class struggle and excusing some element of rank stupidity on the part of Anarchists by doing so shamelessly seeks to keep the downtrodden, the subaltern under the heel of the ruling castes.

They routinely insert themselves into so the called “Social Justice” movements of the churches and social democratic groups, they champion what we workers laughingly deride as “Doctor’s wives issues” (refugees, LGBTI, etc.) while we know that many of their activists are born into upper middle class and schooled in the elite academies.

What are these Anarchists and Trotskyites now but lawless Bourgeoisie?

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All classes have lawful and lawless elements, all political tendencies have undisciplined and uncontrollable fringe dwellers giving stress headaches to the real politicians and activists.

It’s this lawlessness an unwillingness to engage in politics which condemns the Anarchists and Trotskyites to the status of opportunists, wreckers and bourgeois agent provocateurs intent on subversion or disruption of authentic political groups.

Their risible attempts at mobilising Muslim youth, an underclass if ever there was one is the classic example as time and again they’ve tried to subordinate the most macho and genuinely dangerously subversive alternate political system afoot to enhance their undergraduate bourgeois idealism.

So this lawless confederation of hereditary and aspiring Bourgeoisie may be described to our Australian worker as a flea in the ear of Nationalists but just another, albeit more violent manifestation of system politics and upper class values in much the same way as the now notorious Apex street gang is just a violent expression of the values of the urban underclass.

When you get punched in the face by some dotty ANTIFA or surrounded and shouted at by Reds realise that the assailant is punching downward, they want to shut you up because they can’t assimilate you into their world. To do so would be social suicide on their part, you’re below the salt and beyond the pale.

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