This dickhead will one day be swinging in the breeze for his shameless crimes against Australian activists

One of the many issues with the so-called ‘patriot movement’ are the frauds who’ve barnacled to it. These self-styled “leaders” are notable — not for their ideological dissertations about advancing the interests of true Australians — but for slagging off their ever growing list of ‘enemies’. It is that “list” that speaks louder about these dubious home-baked alternative-right political identities than anything else.

It is important to distinguish ‘patriots’ from nationalists as commentators on this blog, and others such as Whitelaw Towers, have been actively doing.

When the sewer wave of treason crested over us in early 2016, those nationalists leading the commentaries decided enough was enough. This ‘patriot’ thing was now fully divided, with the majority beholden to Zionist influence and all of them, with the exception of the United Patriots Front, co-opted into Liberal-supporting satellites.

Covert operatives like Howard Crawford had infiltrated (and had done so long ago) enough of this movement’s flesh to prick a vein and spread their paralysing venom throughout its blood stream.

Experienced nationalists have been able to trace activity that originated with this state-agent filth. Information and rumours generated only in Crawford’s orbit were suddenly coming out of the mouths of the Dumb-namic duo Neil and Sherm. Suddenly these two shameless weasels were outing nationalists they had never met, had never even connected with on Facebook, and hacking on them as if they were involved in a historic blood feud, which is a queer situation for complete strangers, but not when you factor in the original source. To the casual observer, none of this would have been knowable. Only those connected could understand this and it was especially irksome given what this revealed about the appalling characters of those two that they continued to enjoy an admittedly waning audience. It was all the evidence needed that they had been ‘got to’. It is at that ‘got to’ point that speculation kicked in. The proof had already been established, but by whom, and for what reason, well that was where the commentaries became necessarily abstract (if not thoroughly entertaining). It is also where a connection could be proven between all these parties, but the nature of that conduit could not be achieved so reliably.

Scene 0 (
This fucking bastard is Howard Crawford and he speaks chicken. He is trying to keep Australia under the thumb of the globalists by opposing nationalists with everything he has… which is good news for us, ‘cos he’s got NOTHING. Ha ha ha ha

Antifa Neil and Shard-boy Sherm are nothing now, and that is what makes them all the more deceptive and intent on involving themselves in spreading shit. Everyone on the ground knows what those two dill pickles are all about. Neil Erikson, the sociopath who worked with Whitelaw Towers to promote UPF, threw them under the bus when he was expunged from the movement he claims to have formed with his halfwit cohort.

images (1)
What’s that? We never mentioned Aryan Nations Perth?

It is for reasons such as this that nationalists finally said, “Fuck it”. Enough was enough. There is nothing at all improper about the concept of the ultimate of patriots — the true nationalist — hoping to see the patriot movement evolve into a cause that finally addresses all the ills of globalism that are sinking this nation and sidelining its people into oblivion. In fact, it would have been amiss of them, since these ‘patriots’ were fledgling and politically naïve. Hopped up on their inflated numbers, like the most guileless of past generations, they were to learn the gritty taste of reality once the boom times ended — and like all boom times, they ceased abruptly. So therefore it was simply in an avuncular fashion that nationalists led support where needed, and offered a word of advice; yet always behind the scenes and only ever in a clandestine fashion. This has been blown up as something outrageous, and evidence of collusion in another plot to kill six million Jews.

Most nationalists were still accommodating the anxieties of those in the patriot movement afraid of being connected with nationalists.

In the case of the United Patriots Front, this was a very sore spot indeed. They happily sought advice from nationalists, and then cleared the room as if someone had cut one as soon as any suggestion of acknowledging them occurred.

The UPF were happier doing bogus grip-and-grins with Danny “I raise the dead” Nalliah than ever being publically recognised with Australia’s brightest nationalists.

Nalliah is not Australian, but just another brownish blow-in who has managed to prove how ludicrous the patriot movement is by sliming himself into a position where he has gained favour as an “Aussie” by espousing a line and leading chants of “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi.” Danny IS the problem: he IS multiculturalism, multiracialism, and a whole bunch of ‘isms’ that we are too merciful on the reader to include. But this isn’t about Danny, who is comic relief when all is said and done.

images (1)
This is a dingbat shyster chocko, NOT an Australian patriot

Likewise, seeking to dispel nasty rumours about their political orientation, the UPF would be seen to shake hands with Africans who — for reasons that still baffle us — turned up to their rallies and make great show of these.

Does this make the UPF bad? No. But it doesn’t make them nationalists either, no matter how much they misuse the term. But the nobler intentions of the UPF in contrast to the divided kingdom they emerged from must be acknowledged for the sake of fair commentary; and perhaps even future cooperation.

Tied up in the arrogance of both the UPF and the Brothers Braindead Neil and Sherm is this staggeringly conceited misconception that ‘the movement’ only began when those squeaky neophytes started waving their banners and flags at Reclaim Australia rallies in 2015. An entire history of Australian nationalism is unknown to these groups, and because they lack that knowledge of its history, they do not possess its wisdom to help guide them: and like all New Jacks, they are too cool to admit that they actually require guidance.

These people mock the Australia First Party for not having achieved governance of Australia right now, but the AFP and its brilliant leader Jim Saleam have been around that political block since long before the scuttled tin lids of the failed patriot movement were throwing up their baby formula. The truth and reality of what we are dealing with is well known to them. This is no cakewalk, and if our goals are reached even halfway, there’ll be shocking surprises in store for all concerned.

Example (11)
The only legitimate nationalist vote in the country belongs to endorsed AFP candidates

The simple fact the AFP are still here is testament to their political strength. Look what’s happened to the ‘patriot movement’ in just over one year when the outside elements of interfering statehood played them all like kiddies’ marbles! They are fractured into ineffective groups led by Zionists and popularity seekers, before anything has run, handing over their preferences to the very enemy that keeps Australians cucked. But then, they never did take the red pill. And this is where we end the digression.

When all the muck started flying nationalists pulled the plug and the decision was made to buffer ourselves against the disaster of the patriot movement.

While patriots got played by Zionists and Liberal pimps alike us nationalists realised that they are an airborne virus that we have to insulate ourselves from. The nits of jealousy, political enmity, treachery, subterfuge and the rest are all over them. Worse yet, they cannot be trusted to do anything about it.

Fortress Nationalism means protecting this nationalism of ours and ensuring it is free to flourish while the heat is on these ‘patriots’. The coalition of nationalists on the table, which the APP (Australian Protectionist Party) made an excellent statement about with their recent article about ‘unity’, will exclude any foreign invader or alien agent from appropriating our cause for the sake of derailing it. With a union of nationalist groups sitting as a council there will be no more Howard Crawfords, Nick Folkes, Shermon Burgess or Neil “I was anally probed” Erikson to split it up like a mental kid chucking a fit.

download (3)
Neil and Sherm never mention this guy… because he would blow their borrowed script apart

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