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Red-pilled, or blue-pilled, it’s easy to tell who is and who is not, judging by the reaction to Chris Shortis’s video. Posted on the UPF’s Facebook page, it challenges the viewer to react with common sense, or emotion.

For a nationalist, it was a revelation as to the depth of discussion happening over that way. The response from cuckolded Ziopatriots has been achingly predictable. None of them had the presence of wit to grasp its essence.

To understand Chris’s video, you must emancipate yourself from the muddled rules of the Patriot subculture. You need to have moved on from blaming Islam to condemning the root cause of its presence: the poisonous dispersions of a multiracial society that no one voted for, and which denies the Australian uniqueness crucial to, but too awkward for, explaining in patriotic rhetoric.

Scott Moerland defended the principle of social inclusivity in his soliloquy to people of colour who support his loathing of Islam. He posted this on his blog about the chocolate messiah, Danny Nalliah. By doing so, he left himself without enough moral traction to justify rejecting Moslems with any clarity; besides proving he’s a goose. His problem is that a definition of “us” is critical in this activism, but he—and those in his immediate society—is unfit to make that call; doubly disappointing in his case, but maybe not as much as it should be, since he was a former soldier. Thus to “whom” Islam is a menace becomes a more enlightened arrangement of the question.

Scott Moerland joined the army to defend Australia from Moslems in the Middle East so that Asians, Africans, Indians, Islanders, Nepalese, Lebanese, Turkish, Chinese, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Koreans and every other rotten bastard can live in peace in our country from… um… the menace of something. 

Railing against Islam is to condemn this aspect of the holistic globalism to which it is irreconcilable, but to support multiracialism is to champion it: you cannot entertain one without admitting the other; and you cannot healthily maintain both positions. Similarly, globalism cannot discriminate once it has abolished borders, nor can those who validate it by embracing un-belonging tribes who have come to share our resources; even if they are only doing so to deflect criticisms of ‘racism’ in a disingenuous kind.

When your only points of view are “Islam is bad” and “lefties are bad too” you have a whole lot of in-between missing. Indeed, you are only viewing through one eye, and hearing in a single earhole. What’s more, you are probably a bigot after all.

Would anyone defend a Frenchman’s right to preserve his own soil and assert his right to be recognised as French? And offered the choice between a Middle Easterner and a Negro, which of the two would he classify a Frenchman?

In the case of the patriots who condemn nationalists as ‘Nazis’, they have just identified one of the two non-Caucasian choices as being a Frenchman, if they have not had the wherewithal to interrogate its logic. Likewise, the same answer must necessarily stand if the Frenchman was replaced with an Australian. Because they have distinguished Australianness as a metaphysical construct, the criterions for which cannot possibly exclude Moslems. This patriot has just sold out the very idea of patriotism by allowing a foreign occupier to claim our identity, but also retain their own, and while he cannot share in theirs. For this unrewarding transaction the charitable patriot disavows his own unique identity without receiving anything by way of compensation.

Morally, the true patriot and Moslem are more or less reading off a similarly conservative page. But the difference is that the patriot is a globalist and a Moslem is not. When he throws a bomb, the Moslem is waging war against globalism. Yet, if either were asked whether he condones a society in which crossdressing men dress become social crusaders having won the right to “go tinkle” in the little girls’ toilets, they would both react with violent horror. This abomination on society is a proclivity of that very globalism underscoring the dubious liberty anchoring the patriot message.

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Wanna test whether or not you’re a nationalist or a patriot? If you think there is something seriously wrong with this picture then you’re a nationalist

When patriots sentimentally defend their stance on other races with soppy refrains based on unique experiences of individual relationships with non-Whites using such oft-heard lines as “I swear, he’s more Aussie than most Aussies I know”, they are responding with an encoded reaction allowing the ethos governing mateship to mislead. They are buying into the lie that sent Australia into “multicultural mode” to begin with.

If White Australia was good enough for our descendants, if it was something to believe in, why are these supposedly dedicated patriots so viciously opposed to the idea if they are also proudly atavistic?

The answer to that is less fraught with confusion than this essay may suggest: it is simply that people are stupid.

These patriots are not the liberated individuals they think they are. They took the blue pill, but act like it was red. They are not scholars, or poets, or visionaries. They are just Gary and Finn arcing up because they dislike one bunch of wogs worse than another.

If they cherished Australian identity, if they went to the pains to acquire knowledge as to the justice of the nationalist cause, this kind of behaviour would appear shameful to them.

Thus, granted that many are gullible, and conceding that even more are just not bright, another entity has to enter the equation governing the baffling rationale of the Patriot; and it cuts to the raison d’être of Chris’s video.

In fact, it comes right out of Scott Moerland’s response to Chris’s commentary:

            “I love the Jewish people. I support Israel! As a matter of fact Chris should also oppose this belief as he is a strong Christian. Jesus was a Jew and the bible clearly says (as Chris would definitely know) than any nation who curses Israel will also be cursed! Yes the Jews have been rebellious but this doesn’t change the fact that they are God’s chosen people!”

Moerland’s blog contains enough material to fill about thirteen-million critical nationalist essays. But he misses the entire point: like those he counts as his audience.

Having so shamelessly spruiked the above Zionist commercial, you get the picture of why such a deep gulch separates patriots and the nationalists.

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Has Moerland ever contemplated the contradiction in calling yourself a patriot while showing deference to a foreign nation? How did Israeli flags become a fixture at ‘patriotic’ rallies celebrating ‘Aussie’ pride? And why is acceptance as a “true Aussie” in this unregulated bloc incumbent on one’s capitulation to Israel?

All those votes that ALA, Rise Up, and Hanson send the Liberals’ way go to a party that has no problem at all with letting Moslems build mosques; or even work their way through the ranks of the party. They have sold us off to China, they have given our jobs to curries, and they keep bringing in Moslems despite their attributed prejudice against them. Yet, the best the bogan brains can come up with is supporting the country that instigates the wars that keep sending fresh Moslem quotas—even if only by being conned into supporting the party which does.

Moreover, how can they accept Africans, and yet African gang crime is a recurring feature of their propaganda?

Just what is this mob on about? Are they for real, or are they just a honeypot for unexperienced travellers?

One of the other things they and the despised “left” have in common is blithely dismissing nationalist arguments as “Nazi”, even though they themselves get vilified as Nazis despite their dutiful, if clumsy, overtures to Israel.

And that, readers, is the point to Chris’s video. There was no gratuitous admiration for the Third Reich. It was not a call to pull on the jackboots and start parading the flags. It was a very clever rebuttal to those name callers, both on the Anti side, and allegedly on ours. If we are Nazis, then all the points Chris highlighted are things YOU support. This means, of course, YOU are Nazis too!

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The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!




James Hillman

Well gentle readers, what a day we had over in Sydney Road and surrounds, that part of Coburg being known to local wags as ”The Gaza Strip”!

Melbourne turned on one of her winter specials for this entree to the marching season, a biting sou’ wester, with frequent showers and heavily overcast.

This Nationalist reporter, ever a man of the people, made his train on time for once and took a seat on the connecting 513 bus; the most Plebian mode of transport known to man.

Arriving at the Sydney Road stop I alighted upon the verge of Bridges Reserve and noted a small clutch of Patriots who had arrived early. Seeing no familiar faces I set off for the Coburg Library, the rally point claimed for the day by Moreland city councillor Sue Bolton and her coalition of Left, Green and reedy Social Justice groups.

Now why, you may ask, was a Nationalist bypassing the “Patriotic” rally and attending the opposing formation?

Simply put, as a local to the Northern Suburbs I set out to further my knowledge of the state of play in Moreland’s alternative political scene. Frankly, the collection of blow-ins recruited by the “True Blue Crew” would hardly have had anything useful to relate on that score.

My scepticism of the Patriot cause in general is well documented on this very blog, but I don’t propose to slander any particular group or person in my report. They shall make their own case and put forward their impression of the day’s events.

Thieves who stole flags from the back of Blair Cottrell’s ute who SHOULD be facing criminal charges

Certain things occurred in their line that was visible to all; these I shall report since they go directly to the heart of the Nationalist position and are a fact of the matter. But I will reassert the Patriot’s prerogative to disagree with my interpretation or else step up and explain themselves.

The Mall was abuzz with activity as 10:30 rolled around. What was billed as a display of community spirit and unity seemed anything but, as there were in effect two rallies building simultaneously, at either end of the precinct.

The grandmotherly figure of Sue Bolton could be seen mingling with her group of concerned clucky citizens, Greenies and Refugee advocates at the carpark end. Meanwhile ANTIFA, Socialist Alternative, and their fellow travellers were assembling by Sydney Road.

Socialist Alternative began their stereotypical chants at this time, a nonstop medley of tired slogans and catchphrases in a refrain of mantras more powerful than any sleeping tablet in their drowsy effect. This tiresome display did not let-up for the entirety of the pre-march activity.

I was actually pleased to see the Spartacists appear at this point and engaged with them on the subject of union leadership and the futile path the CFMEU has taken in defending themselves in the “bosses’ courts”.

Cops showering a bunch up of feuding patriots and Antis who are really only divided on the question of Islam if you read their drivel

At around eleven, an awful leftist bard took to the makeshift stage, introduced as an “award winning songwriter” by Ms Bolton, but given his twanging out-of-tune Fender and warbling vocals one wonders if those awards were bestowed by the deaf community.

Anyhow, his massacre of Kev Carmody’s From Little Things, Big Things Grow was interrupted by the exodus from the mall, in full, aggravating chorus of the Trotskyite and Black Bloc contingent.

It was clear they intended to make their own way to confront the “Fash” and leave the old fogeys behind, so I quickly attached myself to their formation, and set off down Bell Street.

By this time the militant element of the socialist rally had grown considerably. As the group drew up to the police lines just east of the Sydney Rd intersection, they numbered in the hundreds; bolstered by a contingent of young Arab men numbering perhaps a few dozen.

Being a man of middle-age I was not able to keep up with the lead elements of the march. A small scuffle appeared to break out between riot police and anarchists as the latter ran pell-mell into the officers. OC foam was deployed with several people affected.

As the anarchist street medics took charge of their blinded, sputtering colleagues, the Patriots, some eighty in number as I perceived them, surged onto the street. The Left groups were then pushed back by a line of mounted police, leaving a distance of some twenty to thirty metres, and a double wall of coppers between the opposing sides.

A steady rain began to fall, chants began to rise from both sides, and an anarchist heaved what appeared to be a nectarine over the heads of the cordon. But both groups remained static. After perhaps fifteen minutes, the Patriots moved from their position astride both lanes of Bell Street back into the park, save for a small contingent who mounted the porch of the nearby primary school to unfurl an Australian, and a stinking Israeli flag.

This dismal display was given the hooting it deserved. The crowd then erupted in applause as a posse of ANTIFA rounded the corner bearing a clutch of UPF banners, stolen, they said, from a Patriot’s own vehicle.

These flags were summarily desecrated, torn apart, made into bandannas and attempts to burn them were only thwarted by the now driving rain.

The merriment continued further until advance ANTIFA scouts relayed some order via their weird coded street language of whistles and the mob took off at a dead run in the direction of the old Pentridge Prison complex.

Nowadays the “Bluestone University” is a high end café and residential precinct, yet it still remains a warren of laneways and blind corners, as I puffed along behind the leftist youths I was apprehensive about what I’d find ahead.

Some fracas occurred behind one of the cafés, out of my view. A crowd of ANTIFA and their supporting Arab protestors (that’s right, the ANTIFA have aligned with the Lebanese ED) had armed themselves with makeshift weapons. As I arrived on the scene they were retreating ahead of a squad of riot police. Some were showing mild abrasions and the effects of OC spray.

A short standoff occurred in Urquhart Street. The leftists began to turn on the police to bait and scuffle with them, but this was quickly defused by the Socialist crowd marshals who informed their charges that they had taken the day, and the crowd were to assemble for a march back down Sydney Road to the town hall.

As I set off with this appalling rabble, the young Arabs began sounding off in their own language with shouts of “Allah Akbar” accompanied by their baritone laughter, which could be heard as we made our way back down into the heart of Coburg.

The lead elements however made another inexplicable detour, so at a dead run once again the crowd surged into the carpark behind the local leisure centre; the alternative entrance to Bridges Reserve.

Once again the ANTIFA applied the “crash or crash through” modus operandi on the police line with predictable results, thus I spent the last minutes of the rally as part of a human shield around three scumbags who I should have let go blind as they were treated for the effects of OC foam. Funny how things work out.

1464504585889 (1)
The fat boy with the Southern Cross flag is working for Nick Folkes

So by way of conclusion, I ask myself what I learned about the world today. My overall impression was that Coburg does indeed have enthusiastic and well-practised cadres from many notionally leftist tendencies who can work effectively together.

As our young friends in the Nationalist milieu noted on a recent podcast there may well be more fertile and open minds on the Left side of Australian alternative politics than the right. I certainly can’t help coming to that conclusion at the end of today’s fun. The crowd was 90% White, showed for the most part good humour and good judgement and when all is said and done they stick to their guns and their message is consistent, the minimum prerequisite for political activists.

And as for the depressing showing by the Patriots, their use of Israeli flag as a primary banner tells the Nationalist all he needs to know and this Nationalist now feels sure that their movement has run its course. The UPF in particular should seriously consider whether cultivating a group such as the “True Blue Crew” is a good idea in the long term. If the TBC are to become a bogan praetorian guard, I for one would not trust them with my safety given their performances on Bell Street.

It is true that all pro-active political groups at some point will attract a more or less criminal subculture whose minds are too shallow for the proper political training but who are tolerated because they’re good in a ruck. The patriots must appreciate however that even in revolutionary movements such men have a use by date and their skill set is really only suited to specific phases of struggle far down the timeline from the present state of affairs. The True Blue Crew moreover had nailed their colours to the dunghill of Civic Patriotism even before today’s outing, the Israeli flag coupled with their dopey Right Wing Anti Fascism was merely the icing on a rather shitty cake.

In truth these hard fighting men appear to the Nationalist as no better than those they opposed today. No boys, you are not political activists, you are mere participants in a masked pantomime played by burly toughs; strong on sentiment maybe but informed by the same set of rotten lies! At any rate as this farcical coalition of “right wingers” achieved nothing on Bell St today. Sue Bolton is no doubt cuddling up to her “special someone” tonight as she pats the old dear’s head and praises her on a job well done.

ANTIFA are at their revels, getting drunk and coupling in degenerate acts too horrible to contemplate, the world turns and as I stood in the rain waiting with them the plebs on the 513 bus stop knew only that their way home was delayed by an hour or so due to “ugly scenes”.

The only real upside for the Nationalists is that coming months will reveal who from that side is willing to throw in their lot with a true coalition of genuine Australian Nationalists, who is willing to “Ride the Tiger” and who is merely its latest meal.


EDITOR’S NOTE: As of now, Mr James Hillman is on staff with United Nationalists Australia




James Hillman

Parallel to the ongoing circus of the 2016 election we have witnessed the usual sideshow concerning bit-players, back-benchers, and prospective ladder-climbers.

MP Peter Dutton “fanned the flames of xenophobia” this week with awkward remarks on refugee literacy, numeracy, and welfare dependency. PM Turnbull elaborated with a truthful statement which alluded to the fact that Australia’s refugee program is highly stage-managed. Such a level of oversight naturally comes with a hefty price-tag.

This nationalist has long suspected that learning from their past mistakes, the refugee program is nowadays consciously stacked by the immigration department with “nice” middle-class families, in relative terms educated and competent enough to be productive citizens given ongoing support and training.

For all their energy, the more shrill voices in the refugee “debate” hold little sway, and we workers would have to assume that given their bourgeois roots, the various refugee action committees are in on the plan; favouring photogenic, articulate and mentally stable subjects for resettlement. Where does that leave Nationalists? Faced with a refugee programme which is possibly “rigged for success” so to speak and rendered comparatively idiot proof do we merely move on to other business?

Traction is still to be gained on the issue of sponsored transnational migration if we take the long view — free movement of human capital being one of the lynch-pins of the Globalist Capitalist “New World Order”. Let’s face it, the task of Australian Nationalists is not reform, it is the overthrow of one system and the gestation to birth of another based on our particular concept of Australianism. The opposing force, the polar opposite of our way of thinking is not so much bourgeois liberalism or the faux “Leftists”, which in most circumstances are easily mollified, it is imperialism and this mad “Global Federalist” agenda.

Dare we, as Dr Jim Saleam of The Australia First Party has suggested, take up the Anti-Imperialist struggle so long stymied by the vested interests of the bourgeois “Left” and their circle of do-nothing pseudo-intellectuals?

Jim Saleam campaigns in the western Sydney seat of Lindsay where asylum seekers will go unnoticed among the morass of non-Australians

Imperialism is a negative in any place or time. In one sense Australia is not even truly free at this point in history and the tug of war between the old Anglo Australian power structure and burgeoning Imperial China has only just begun. The true shape of the new socio-economic order has been hinted at, but remains largely amorphous in the minds of the Australian workers. We are vaguely aware that great changes are coming and that, on past experience, they generally won’t be to our advantage.

It appears that far from being immediately swamped by illiterate hordes, this country is in the short-term being systematically stacked with nouveau riche, and a nascent ethnic bourgeoisie. It would not even come as a shock to see some 21st century form of the Mandarin system re-animated to organise expatriates. The very last thing the Australian worker needs is to slowly drift back into the bad old days of the colonial free-for-all where he is at the whim of an imperial power (or coalition of interests), parallel societies and ruthless cartels.

In one sense the struggle for tomorrow mirrors the struggles of yesterday, as surely as night follows day those lumpenproletariat hordes we speak of will follow the middle-class migrants, and the fight for bread and a dignified existence will begin anew. We Nationalists, the educated proletariat, must re-evaluate the counter imperialist, anti-dynastic and anti-colonial movements of the past, wherever we find agreement. Whichever of their tactics appeal and seem practical, we should adapt them to our needs. We need not dismiss Lenin or Mao out of hand on the basis that some in the pseudo Left still pay lip service to their methods. They won their battles and achieved mass mobilisations of the workers after all; and some of their techniques may be appropriate.

Similarly we might examine the “culture of critique” formulated by Jewish intellectuals over the years. Stripped of its core principles that we must necessarily reject, which of its insidious tactics might prove useful? What can we learn from Sukarno? Ho Chi Minh? The Kreisau Circle? the Peronists” Bolivarians? Naxalites? Ba’athists or LTTE? We have an obvious pressure point in immigration, as present events show over and again it is a sore point with the middle-class and vested interests; a varied and flexible Nationalist bag of tricks to undermine and upset the movement of this essential human capital is what is required.

The asylum seeker project is a fraud inasmuch as it purports to service “those most vulnerable” while apparently importing the cream of the Third World middle-class as sponsored migrants. Further work needs to be done to annul the humanitarian aura spun around the enterprise and promote to the workers its significance to the imperialist agenda of the would-be transnational ruling classes. Similarly the centre of gravity concerning the legal migration of both people and capital could be shifted in creative ways to represent a more immediately practical anti-bourgeois/anti-imperialist sentiment rather than the tired tropes: drugs, crime, job security and so forth.

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Anti-racist Hitler is one of the most innovative concepts of creative White nationalism

The semi fictional character “Horus the Avenger”, that impish American White Nationalist, gave us the maxim “Any means necessary under the rules or the law but never breaking the rules or the law”. In the post post-modern Zeitgeist where almost nothing is sacred and wherein the rules and laws are dictated by degenerates and fools this ideal leaves considerable scope for mischief to the creative Australian Nationalist.

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The following is the transcript of the speech given by Dr Jim Saleam at the Leura Forum, Sunday 15, 2016.


I have been asked over time by some groups to talk about Chinese imperialism in Australia. Last year, I spoke here about it.  And early this year, I published a major pamphlet called The True Cause Of Australian Independence which addressed this matter in the context of what I hope is an entirely new Australian politics to take Australia out of the New World Order and its strange creation – the Chinese sphere of influence in Asia. These subjects have become an important aspect of my journalism and my public activity. I am not alone in my concerns about China’s rise over Australia, but I just mention this for context. An Argentinian party – Community Flag, to which I have link – had a conference just two days ago:  ‘Chinese Neo-Colonialism In Argentina And Latin America’. I maintain an interest in literature everywhere about this subject.

So – where to begin?

The building of empires was something that, once upon a time, some considered very laudable – that was over a hundred years ago. In their view, empires were meant to symbolise greatness, sacrifice and achievement. Some truth, perhaps. Back then, with the exception of Japan, the empires were European creations. This has usually led to a type of anti-racist discourse, where the oppressed or backward nations of the world (sic) even today blame the European race (who employed the practises of imperialism) for their collective shortcomings. There is a drop of truth there too.

Things are more complicated now, by the rise of a new imperialism, that of the Chinese superpower. This is an Asian power which actually emerged out of the reaction to European imperialism.

In Australia, there has been over the last fifty years or so, a rather active movement that I might dub for convenience ‘anti-racist’. It intrudes just about everywhere. I would say that it is a powerful element that affects community discussions on any matter involving non-European persons. Regrettably, in the debate about Chinese imperialism, about China’s relations with Australia generally, it also elbows in. I have noted people accused of “xenophobia” for criticising free trade negotiations; so said Tony Abbott as Prime Minister twice last year targeting the hapless Bill Shorten and some unions.

That is not the only place xenophobia has been mentioned. In the discussion over real estate purchases, some major developers have referred to anti-Chinese prejudice and so on. So any argument about China in Australia which suggests some negative role played by China will be distorted. Indeed, if there was a nationalist minded challenge to Chinese imperialism in Australia that would be absolutely inevitable. I often use the phrase ‘anti-racism uber alles’ and that sums it up to me. Antiracism is not the opposite to racism (that is superiority ideology or hatred), but an ideology of its own which seeks to entirely recondition society to a ‘globo’ standard of sameness and total openness. Anti-racism in that sense would serve to assist the penetration of Australia by Chinese imperialism.

Ominous signs

In April 2010, some Tibetan protesters in Canberra were mobbed and shut down.

An estimated ten-thousand Chinese students were bussed in from Melbourne and Sydney, supplied with large Chinese flags and stage managed by Chinese organisers sporting walkie-talkies and colour-coded uniforms.

The day will be remembered most for the fervent outpouring of Chinese nationalism and chauvinism, with thousands of Chinese supporters waving flags, chanting slogans and singing the Chinese national anthem. This was a political intervention in Australia.

Police ensured Chinese student counter-protesters in Canberra were not molested by pesky imperialist Tibetan protesters
China China China, oi oi  oi

In April 2016, according to the official account, a representative of the Australian Action Committee for Protecting Peace and Justice, pointed out that the South China Sea issue involves the Chinese people’s core interests, and the “South China Sea arbitration” will in no way change the fact that the various islands of the South China Sea and nearby sea areas belong to China.

“Overseas Chinese should have a clear and sober understanding of this and come together to jointly make a call for justice in joint response to the motherland,” the representative was quoted as saying. “This is the correct attitude which we the overseas Chinese elite should uphold,” he added.

What is this?

If these were the only two examples of invasive activity, we might let it pass, but sadly, it was not. What about the still unresolved FitzGibbon affair? Espionage, money, gifts?

The sale of the Port of Darwin which even our own intelligence agencies were askance at? What of the possibility that part of the security force of the Port were actually a militia company, part of the People’s Liberation Army?

Then, there is our former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. His personal wealth is now, I believe, some $370 million. It is no secret that he has travelled almost 100 times to China since he left public office and that he has made almost all of that mound since then. He has marketed Australian property and his influence.

These few things cited sum in my book to the activities not of a friendly state but of an imperialist one.

Chinese imperialism The theory of imperialism may involve and it does imperatives of geopolitics, ethnic struggle and nationalist fervour. I also recognise the economic side of it and I consider that vital.

It was the English writer J A Hobson who understood the economic dynamics of imperialism, a set of ideas taken over by Lenin. Much of it stays valid: an imperialist country is witness to – the concentration of industry into great monopolies, the emergence of financial capitalist domination over industry, the export of capital, competition over the division of the world by international corporations for markets and the division of the world itself between powers. China does all this.

Imperialist powers not only penetrate countries, they increase the strength of their armed forces to intimidate countries.

The progress of Chinese development in the forty years since the death of Mao and the replacement of socialism by a type of state capitalism has been amazing, like Japan’s after its constitutional revolution of 1867 – but even faster. Drawing upon a somewhat modernized country and an organized population China emerged into superpower status from a type of pre-superpower reality under Mao.


Students of history, of geopolitics and culture, usually point to the continuity of states evening the advent of changes in ideology.

Contemporary China inherited from the ambitions of Maoist China. The Maoists set out to create a modern integrated state, militarily powerful and uniting all Chinese across national boundaries. More than once Mao asserted the ambition of China to seize vast tracts of Asia and to be the beacon for overseas Chinese.

The China of the capitalist road considered these goals as normal ones and relied upon maintaining these goals to assure the loyalty of masses.

I do not consider contemporary China any sort of communist state. Rather, to ensure the expansionist visions of Maoism, the state carried out an internal revolution on every level. A new class arose out of the Communist Party and seized upon the national wealth and the wealth of trade. The economic political arrangement with the USA created massive trade imbalances and gave the Chinese state the ownership of trillions of US dollars, the very basis of expansion. It carried out the imperialist model of Hobson and Lenin.

The Soft Sell of Imperialism – Panda Imperialism

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Relax, round-eye, China is cute and cuddly just like me

There are many Australians, at all levels of politics and business who see the new imperialism as benevolent.

It is almost as if China is coming to help us get out of some quagmire that according to the politicians we are in, but they ain’t responsible and don’t know how we got there as everything was always so good until just a second ago. It is just that there is a desperation to help facilitate their entry to save us. We can get in on the boom that will never end.

This nice guy Panda imperialism has seen many projects spring up across the country. All are held to be benign

  1. Shoalhaven Temple, a village for elderly folk but with religious facilities attached
download (5)dddd
Australia needs to look more like China for Chinese tourists to come

2. A gambling casino at Barangaroo and another in Cairns. For the high rollers but it’s all harmless and creates jobs.

download (9)
Your city is China’s playground of the future. And you are its carnies 

3. The Warnervale China Theme Park – a replica of Old Peking which, for some odd reason, Chinese tourists would like to see – and the NSW Central Coast economy would boom.

download (10)
It’s such a fair dinkum Aussie thing to want to visit

4. And just today, announced with fanfare, a giant Buddhist cultural park for Tasmania.

5. A redevelopment of Melbourne Ports into a great residential area, jobs, theme centres, restaurants

6. There are school projects, sister cities, tourism companies, old age retirement centres and so much more. A friendship gate in Nerrandera and China tourism is promoted: why not go walk the Great Wall?

This is the soft sell. It is said that all this commerce creates a good bond between Australia and the most powerful state in Asia and is a guarantee for future peace.

The Hard Sell – Is It Recolonization?

The material for this subject is truly vast. This is the other side of the Chinese push  into Australia, the one endorsed by the political elite.

I have spoken and written before on what I see as a New Brisbane Line forming in the north of Australia, a Northern Zone. I won’t belabour that point today other than to say (newspaper illustration) that the idea of massive agricultural projects and mining projects serviced by vast armies of contract labour is imperialism. Our politicians see this as a business opportunity. Some see it as us providing China’s food – as if that was a reason to invade? Others want to create a new Aussie state of Northern Australia out of it, a Wild West frontier State – the beginnings of partition?

Okay: what does China want?

China wants a city of 80,000 in Werribee in Victoria, a university city of 50,000 (mainly Chinese) students and support staff and facilities. China wants a massive Melbourne Ports area, population unknown, but linked to Werribee.  China wants to build a university suburb of 20,000 around the Warnervale project with a new airport. China wants to continue its access to the Australian property market. China wants  a new suburb for 30,000 built adjacent to Sydney’s Olympic Park. China wants in Sydney and Melbourne the railway station centred towers constructions for global growth corridors.

China wants in Sydney the old public housing areas of Redfern – Waterloo for a new university suburb for up to 30,000 students. China wants to dominate Australia’s university system.China wants to own Australia’s beef and dairy industries.

The idea of trade centres and large suburbs attached, like the university cities whence many graduates will spew forth into the Australian economy – suggests that extra-territoriality is coming. Who will police and administer these enormous areas?


Now, is there a pattern here? Seizing strategic industries, settling people in large numbers in real estate they own, occupying central parts and key parts of cities and expanding into the countryside – this is a classic example of imperialism. With loyal-to-the-motherland settlers and tens of thousands of young supporters on Australian soil, it makes Chinese power more decisive than Hitler’s control of the Sudeten Germans!

So between soft sell and hard sell, Australia faces the rise of a new imperialism. The soft sell immobilizes sections of public opinion.

The hard sell brings collaborators with the new imperialism to the fore. And there is no end of them – from the journalists at the Peking People’s Daily of Australian capitalism – the Australian newspaper – to State Premiers bustling for deals and patronage through to ex politicians like Craig Emerson or Victor Robb  and many others, and academics  and businessmen like Triguboff . I call them the traitor class which in the Chinese communist style of eighty years ago were called the comprador bourgeoisie (a class not loyal to its country but in possession of its wealth and who trade with the foreign powers).

A struggle has begun Australia between that class and those Australians who would prefer to have a country.

The issue is in doubt – with the odds favouring China for possession of the Continent and the cleansing of ‘the other’.

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James Hillman

There has been some discussion in patriotic circles of late on the subject of Anarchism and the claims made by certain Anarchists as to the tendency’s relationship to broader Socialist thought.

Questions have been asked: What are its theories, its practice and where does Anarchism stand in modern Australia?

I don’t make a habit of in depth analysis of tendencies opposed to Nationalism and our own particular Australianist school of thought, the fact that they do oppose our program of national independence, anti-globalism, republicanism and common wealth betrays their true allegiances.

The intellectual output of these nominally Left groups is sparse and can be ignored as such points as it tries to make are mostly irrelevant role plays and fantasies and make a trivial contribution to discourse within the class.

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That said the Anarchists and their fellow outsider groups, Trotskyites and their bizarre coalition of Protestants, Liberals and otherwise undistinguished Kooks will continue to be an irritant to grass roots politics  across the board so some examination is necessary for the purposes of informing the uninitiated Australian worker.

The greatest flaw in contemporary Anarchism is actually one which was identified more than one hundred years ago by none other than V.I. Lenin, the Anarchist repudiation of politics:

“It is not for nothing that international socialist congresses adopted the decision not to admit the anarchists. A wide gulf separates socialism from anarchism, and it is in vain that the agents-provocateurs of the secret police and the newspaper lackeys of reactionary governments pretend that this gulf does not exist. The philosophy of the anarchists is bourgeois philosophy turned inside out. Their individualistic theories and their individualistic ideal are the very opposite of socialism. Their views express, not the future of bourgeois society, which is striding with irresistible force towards the socialisation of labour, but the present and even the past of that society, the domination of blind chance over the scattered and isolated small, producer. Their tactics, which amount to a repudiation of the political struggle, disunite the proletarians and convert them in fact into passive participators in one bourgeois policy or another, since it is impossible and unrealisable for the workers really to dissociate themselves from politics.”

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I would argue that today’s Anarchist civil disobedience, “No Platforming” and “Punk sensibility” fit that description all too well. Bereft of any real link to the growing underclass spawned by globalism and viewed with derision by the modern proletariat their stature is of course even less impressive than the relatively well organised movements of the past but here they are visible and vocal.

The Anarchist model described thus is chaotic, it disarticulates the working class, segregates and separates the workers and underclass from politics and the class struggle and excusing some element of rank stupidity on the part of Anarchists by doing so shamelessly seeks to keep the downtrodden, the subaltern under the heel of the ruling castes.

They routinely insert themselves into so the called “Social Justice” movements of the churches and social democratic groups, they champion what we workers laughingly deride as “Doctor’s wives issues” (refugees, LGBTI, etc.) while we know that many of their activists are born into upper middle class and schooled in the elite academies.

What are these Anarchists and Trotskyites now but lawless Bourgeoisie?

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All classes have lawful and lawless elements, all political tendencies have undisciplined and uncontrollable fringe dwellers giving stress headaches to the real politicians and activists.

It’s this lawlessness an unwillingness to engage in politics which condemns the Anarchists and Trotskyites to the status of opportunists, wreckers and bourgeois agent provocateurs intent on subversion or disruption of authentic political groups.

Their risible attempts at mobilising Muslim youth, an underclass if ever there was one is the classic example as time and again they’ve tried to subordinate the most macho and genuinely dangerously subversive alternate political system afoot to enhance their undergraduate bourgeois idealism.

So this lawless confederation of hereditary and aspiring Bourgeoisie may be described to our Australian worker as a flea in the ear of Nationalists but just another, albeit more violent manifestation of system politics and upper class values in much the same way as the now notorious Apex street gang is just a violent expression of the values of the urban underclass.

When you get punched in the face by some dotty ANTIFA or surrounded and shouted at by Reds realise that the assailant is punching downward, they want to shut you up because they can’t assimilate you into their world. To do so would be social suicide on their part, you’re below the salt and beyond the pale.

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This dickhead will one day be swinging in the breeze for his shameless crimes against Australian activists

One of the many issues with the so-called ‘patriot movement’ are the frauds who’ve barnacled to it. These self-styled “leaders” are notable — not for their ideological dissertations about advancing the interests of true Australians — but for slagging off their ever growing list of ‘enemies’. It is that “list” that speaks louder about these dubious home-baked alternative-right political identities than anything else.

It is important to distinguish ‘patriots’ from nationalists as commentators on this blog, and others such as Whitelaw Towers, have been actively doing.

When the sewer wave of treason crested over us in early 2016, those nationalists leading the commentaries decided enough was enough. This ‘patriot’ thing was now fully divided, with the majority beholden to Zionist influence and all of them, with the exception of the United Patriots Front, co-opted into Liberal-supporting satellites.

Covert operatives like Howard Crawford had infiltrated (and had done so long ago) enough of this movement’s flesh to prick a vein and spread their paralysing venom throughout its blood stream.

Experienced nationalists have been able to trace activity that originated with this state-agent filth. Information and rumours generated only in Crawford’s orbit were suddenly coming out of the mouths of the Dumb-namic duo Neil and Sherm. Suddenly these two shameless weasels were outing nationalists they had never met, had never even connected with on Facebook, and hacking on them as if they were involved in a historic blood feud, which is a queer situation for complete strangers, but not when you factor in the original source. To the casual observer, none of this would have been knowable. Only those connected could understand this and it was especially irksome given what this revealed about the appalling characters of those two that they continued to enjoy an admittedly waning audience. It was all the evidence needed that they had been ‘got to’. It is at that ‘got to’ point that speculation kicked in. The proof had already been established, but by whom, and for what reason, well that was where the commentaries became necessarily abstract (if not thoroughly entertaining). It is also where a connection could be proven between all these parties, but the nature of that conduit could not be achieved so reliably.

Scene 0 (
This fucking bastard is Howard Crawford and he speaks chicken. He is trying to keep Australia under the thumb of the globalists by opposing nationalists with everything he has… which is good news for us, ‘cos he’s got NOTHING. Ha ha ha ha

Antifa Neil and Shard-boy Sherm are nothing now, and that is what makes them all the more deceptive and intent on involving themselves in spreading shit. Everyone on the ground knows what those two dill pickles are all about. Neil Erikson, the sociopath who worked with Whitelaw Towers to promote UPF, threw them under the bus when he was expunged from the movement he claims to have formed with his halfwit cohort.

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What’s that? We never mentioned Aryan Nations Perth?

It is for reasons such as this that nationalists finally said, “Fuck it”. Enough was enough. There is nothing at all improper about the concept of the ultimate of patriots — the true nationalist — hoping to see the patriot movement evolve into a cause that finally addresses all the ills of globalism that are sinking this nation and sidelining its people into oblivion. In fact, it would have been amiss of them, since these ‘patriots’ were fledgling and politically naïve. Hopped up on their inflated numbers, like the most guileless of past generations, they were to learn the gritty taste of reality once the boom times ended — and like all boom times, they ceased abruptly. So therefore it was simply in an avuncular fashion that nationalists led support where needed, and offered a word of advice; yet always behind the scenes and only ever in a clandestine fashion. This has been blown up as something outrageous, and evidence of collusion in another plot to kill six million Jews.

Most nationalists were still accommodating the anxieties of those in the patriot movement afraid of being connected with nationalists.

In the case of the United Patriots Front, this was a very sore spot indeed. They happily sought advice from nationalists, and then cleared the room as if someone had cut one as soon as any suggestion of acknowledging them occurred.

The UPF were happier doing bogus grip-and-grins with Danny “I raise the dead” Nalliah than ever being publically recognised with Australia’s brightest nationalists.

Nalliah is not Australian, but just another brownish blow-in who has managed to prove how ludicrous the patriot movement is by sliming himself into a position where he has gained favour as an “Aussie” by espousing a line and leading chants of “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi.” Danny IS the problem: he IS multiculturalism, multiracialism, and a whole bunch of ‘isms’ that we are too merciful on the reader to include. But this isn’t about Danny, who is comic relief when all is said and done.

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This is a dingbat shyster chocko, NOT an Australian patriot

Likewise, seeking to dispel nasty rumours about their political orientation, the UPF would be seen to shake hands with Africans who — for reasons that still baffle us — turned up to their rallies and make great show of these.

Does this make the UPF bad? No. But it doesn’t make them nationalists either, no matter how much they misuse the term. But the nobler intentions of the UPF in contrast to the divided kingdom they emerged from must be acknowledged for the sake of fair commentary; and perhaps even future cooperation.

Tied up in the arrogance of both the UPF and the Brothers Braindead Neil and Sherm is this staggeringly conceited misconception that ‘the movement’ only began when those squeaky neophytes started waving their banners and flags at Reclaim Australia rallies in 2015. An entire history of Australian nationalism is unknown to these groups, and because they lack that knowledge of its history, they do not possess its wisdom to help guide them: and like all New Jacks, they are too cool to admit that they actually require guidance.

These people mock the Australia First Party for not having achieved governance of Australia right now, but the AFP and its brilliant leader Jim Saleam have been around that political block since long before the scuttled tin lids of the failed patriot movement were throwing up their baby formula. The truth and reality of what we are dealing with is well known to them. This is no cakewalk, and if our goals are reached even halfway, there’ll be shocking surprises in store for all concerned.

Example (11)
The only legitimate nationalist vote in the country belongs to endorsed AFP candidates

The simple fact the AFP are still here is testament to their political strength. Look what’s happened to the ‘patriot movement’ in just over one year when the outside elements of interfering statehood played them all like kiddies’ marbles! They are fractured into ineffective groups led by Zionists and popularity seekers, before anything has run, handing over their preferences to the very enemy that keeps Australians cucked. But then, they never did take the red pill. And this is where we end the digression.

When all the muck started flying nationalists pulled the plug and the decision was made to buffer ourselves against the disaster of the patriot movement.

While patriots got played by Zionists and Liberal pimps alike us nationalists realised that they are an airborne virus that we have to insulate ourselves from. The nits of jealousy, political enmity, treachery, subterfuge and the rest are all over them. Worse yet, they cannot be trusted to do anything about it.

Fortress Nationalism means protecting this nationalism of ours and ensuring it is free to flourish while the heat is on these ‘patriots’. The coalition of nationalists on the table, which the APP (Australian Protectionist Party) made an excellent statement about with their recent article about ‘unity’, will exclude any foreign invader or alien agent from appropriating our cause for the sake of derailing it. With a union of nationalist groups sitting as a council there will be no more Howard Crawfords, Nick Folkes, Shermon Burgess or Neil “I was anally probed” Erikson to split it up like a mental kid chucking a fit.

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Neil and Sherm never mention this guy… because he would blow their borrowed script apart