As leftist groups harangue patriots for being “racist” along comes Chinese nationalists preaching on our shores for a foreign power.

The Age, which practically gave birth to ANTIFA, surprised us by reporting:

As Malcolm Turnbull prepares to embark on his first official visit to China as prime minister, some 60 Chinese community leaders in Australia gathered in Sydney urging him to watch his words when discussing the South China Sea in Beijing.

Unfurling a large red banner declaring the need to “Firmly Safeguard the Sovereign Rights of China in the South China Sea”, the forum was organised by the overseas Chinese patriotic association Australian Action Committee for Peace and Justice.

And these crusaders against the iniquities of nationalism have not emitted even a squeak. There are no counter-protests organised against the Australian Action Committee for Peace and Justice from the left side, or even the patriots (although once Nick Folkes reads this he’ll probably see it as a chance to leapfrog his Gumby party out of irrelevance).

As The Age has reported, this is a cell of the Chinese government inciting domestically-based enemies.

“Australia’s political elite should have a clear understanding,” the committee’s chair Lin Bin said at the Saturday meeting. “[They] ought to talk and act carefully on the sensitive issue on the South China Sea, and not make ‘irrational’ or incorrect signals to the international community.”

The rhetoric of freedom of navigation, freedom of overflight, international arbitration, changing the status quo and “militarisation” of the South China Sea, it said, were all mere buzzwords utilised by the United States as part of its strategic pivot back to the Asia-Pacific – “naked hegemonic behaviour” aimed at containing China’s rise.

What were previously fringe nationalistic and patriotic Chinese associations in Australia are now emboldened in the search for greater domestic political influence with the implicit backing of a rising China and its increasingly assertive foreign policy.

More to the point, patriot tub-thumpers are still banging on about Islam. But here on the nationalists’ news-vine, we don’t aim to hoodwink our audience in the interests of winning a popularity contest.

The Australian Action Committee for Peace and Justice … And it’s those words “peace” and “justice” that take on an inscrutable meaning with this bunch of sadistic noodle eaters

The action committee has close ties with the local Chinese embassy and consulates, as well as the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, an organisation under the umbrella of China’s United Front which rails against independence movements in Tibet, Taiwan and Xinjiang. The council is chaired by Huang Xiangmo, a prolific donor to both major Australian political parties, as well as the founding donor of the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology, Sydney.

“I can see in Australia, in the United States, even Europe, very strong lobby groups who work very closely with the Chinese government,” said Feng Chongyi, an associate professor of Chinese Studies at UTS. Dr Feng is not attached to ACRI.

Nationalists have long been warning Australians about China… and China has long been the primary concern of nationalists dating back to the days of Lambing Flats. The miners feared being swamped by Chinese workers undercutting hard fought for pay and conditions. The White Australia policy was implemented as a safeguard against Chinese hegemony, and yet here we are.

Australia’s finest poet knew what was what. Henry Lawson wrote:

Shall we in fear of the Dragon* or Bruin now
Keep back the flag of the Southern Cross?
Better to die on a field of red ruin now,
Under the flag of the Southern Cross.
Let us stand out like the gallant Eureka men —
Give not our country the sorrow to seek her men —
Fling out the flag of the Southern Cross!

The dragon Hank referred to was China. Late last year members of Australia First Party picketed the Chinese embassy in Canberra and no patriotic organisation thought it worth a mention. Nope, it was not Islam.

Australia First Party members protest outside the Chinese embassy in Canberra in 2015. But no patriots on hand because it wasn’t Islam.

But here we have China, which has bought up everything in Australia except for the giant pineapple in Queensland, funding both major parties while organising domestic activists to promote the imperial interests of bastard China.

There are signs the nationalistic rhetoric is targeting a wider mainstream – and younger – audience in the Chinese community. One of the first and most widely spread reports of Saturday’s Action Committee meeting was carried by the Chinese-language WeChat news outlet Australia Today and affiliate Sydney Today.

The news outlets consistently reach a large, young audience via the ubiquitous Chinese social media application with its blend of news and light entertainment tailored for young Chinese students and professionals living in Australia.

All WeChat news outlets, or “official accounts” are registered in China and by extension are subject to monitoring from mainland censors, and while many articles are translated from mainstream Australian media outlets, reports critical of the Chinese government are invariably avoided.

China is well known for viewing any Chinese anywhere as the property of China regardless of whether they were born in the US, or are even a generation removed.

The mainland has been quick to turn these (what are viewed as) ethnic Chinese into agents of the state. They play on their countryman’s dormant but innate sense of nationalistic pride.

And these are, for all the arguments of diversity, people who are NOT Chinese anymore; yet are just as quick to agree to turn against their adopted countries. Proving that diversity is a sham, and once you are Chinese, you are always Chinese: you are never Chinese-Australian. Instead, you are mainlander waiting like a sleeper cell to spring into action.

Just this week in the US a Naval Flight Officer was charged with handing over sensitive information to China. This is just one of many prominent cases.

Australian nationalists will be actively protesting these invaders who’ve bought off our government and are selling us into slavery to The Dragon.

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“Shall we in fear of the Dragon or Bruin now, Keep back the flag of the Southern Cross?”


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