Material previously published on this page has been removed. We have expurgated this content in good faith with the parties described in the text. It is not our practice to self-censor, and this will never happen on this news blog, but in light of circumstances, it is both desirable and appropriate that we amend the content. 


This brings us to “that” White Genocide rally and certain videos made by Nick Folkes with the fat piss boy who follows him about like a bitch on heat.

A video came to our attention featuring Nick Folkes and his obese mulatto piss boy. What struck us was the utterly moronic commentary — a statement so dumb with every conceivable bogan cliché that it might well have been a far left parody. But it wasn’t.

Nobody will ever accuse Nick Folkes of possessing a genius IQ, but it would be amiss to assume that he was not aware of what he was doing.

In fact, what he and the Lardboy Wonder were doing was ridiculing the entire notion of White Genocide by making it a mockery. This is curious because it means that the very party he created is being used as a now dispensable battering ram.

Yet, by treading on nationalist turf where he fully knows he neither belongs nor is welcome, Folkes has given it his best shot at making nationalism look stupid by acting absurd. He always was a willing fool, who inserts objects into his rectum, sticks condoms to his face, and wraps himself in bog roll. It didn’t require a lot of nerve for this natural buffoon to debase himself and such a serious issue.

Nick’s sophistication is bared for all to see



    1. Bez that is not true, I hope you understand that nationalism is growing, and me personally it has been a journey, I did go to Sydney to find out a few things about folkes and unfortunately there are some amongst his group that are good. Now I come from an era on which you have to see certain things for yourself. My personal research has lead me to a much more staunch nationalist view, the upf are no zios. There is an audience out there that needs to be red pilled as they say to reveal the truth about the influence of jewry in the world. Zionism is destroying our nation and there is so much treachery out there it is not funny, but remember there are people going on a journey as myself and we cannot make the mistake of assumption. I hope you understand.
      Regards Chris


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