There has been comment among nationalist circles about a Facebook page purporting to represent the Soldiers of Odin.

SOO was set up in Finland in 2015 as a response to the Zionist orchestrated mass invasion of Europe by Middle Eastern and African men of fighting age seeking refuge from countries without free stuff. Those traumatized souls, sometimes known as ‘Merkel’s Angels’, have been exorcising their demons by raping and assaulting every White girl they can lay their non-White paws on.

As is well known in Europe, the true Europeans cannot depend on their own states to defend them in this social engineering program. So Soldiers of Odin sprung up as a vigilante group dedicated to defending the people from migrants.

Strange then that the page claiming to be the only sanctioned page or group by the founding and mother chapter in Finland, also aggressively denounces nationalism, and is espousing total open borders. It’s odd because of this here message being carried by the real Soldiers of Odin which advocates a diametrically opposite sentiment.

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Hmmm, not quite the pro-migrant message of the Melbourne mob

Yes, very different, although perhaps the mother ‘chapter’ had it wrong and the Australian Zionist model had it right. In which case, there is no need for Soldiers of Odin because it has no problem with mass migration.

It should also be telling off its mother ‘chapter’ for sounding so Nazi and opposing migration. Because we have to assume when they speak of supporting migration they do not intend their sentiment to refer solely to those of a Caucasian origin. If that were the case, they would not be rabidly antagonising nationalists as “Nazis”.

Funny, but we can think of certain individuals who DID push that Zionist/Globalist/Multiculti line and were very active until recently.

A flip though their page finds a grab uploaded from Mike Holt’s personal page regarding the Martin Bryant conspiracy theory. And that is about as much evidence as you need, since Mike Holt is indigenous to the freak faction of the Zio patriot movement, and has close ties to Liberal party wrecker Howard Crawford recently exposed in an investigation by Australia First Party and Whitelaw Towers.

Wherever nationalism is being corrupted this man Howard Crawford is never far away

This puts the group in the orbit of team traitor, Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson, both anti-White campaigners who set about on a kamikaze course to bring down the United Patriots Front and members of Australia First Party. They failed, and have since been relegated to the dustbin of Australian nationalism.

But Mike Holt went quiet after his handler Howard Crawford attempted to placate his seething anger at Whitelaw Towers’ blog. The Asian-sex advocate has long bitten off more than he could chew in regards to trying to steal real estate off nationalists. Being brutally exposed by the rapier pen of WLT was too much and Mike apparently ran to the police demanding the anonymous bloggers be arrested. He was laughed out of the station like an old drunk.

Thereafter his bum chum and fellow Asian-fetishist Crawford promised to get some old geriatric judge to sign off on a letter that would bring down WLT when presented again to the authorities.

It makes perfect sense that the Zionist/wrecking cabal of Crawford et al would try to then move around the cavalry and feint an attack on its unguarded flank.

The very rhetoric of this supposed sanctioned branch of Soldiers of Odin is rife with the same sort of contradictions that follow groups like Restore Australia and Party for Freedom that borrow from nationalism to pursue an unclear agenda in which Islam is the sole ideological opponent.

On this page you will find admin referencing “what the Nazis did to the Jews” and all the other alarm signals of another Zio scam.

You get the picture

There are whispers in the nationalist community, assurances from undisclosed parties, that there is indeed a legitimately authorised Soldiers of Odin operating in Sydney and Melbourne.

But this could not possibly accord with that unless the Finnish Soldiers of Odin are themselves Zionists, which would be outrageously slanderous given the usage of Odin in their agenda. Odin and Zionism are like peanut butter and toothpaste — they do not belong on the same sandwich.

The page has over 1000 likes, which is a shame because there are prominent nationalists who’re among those ‘likes’ accrued. They have no doubt been burned for guilelessly accepting anything packaged in a seemingly patriotic wrapping.

But the stated purpose of these Zio wreckers is to fuck with nationalism and make multiculturalism seem reasonable. They in fact claim multiculturalism is wrong but multiracialism is right. Here, below, straight from Holt’s mouth.

We are onto them, however. And we suggest that contact should be made with the proper Soldiers of Odin to determine their stance on these issues.

It seems ironic to make these statements supporting open borders and then condemn the African riots in Melbourne and Sydney as SOO Melbourne did on their Facebook page. It is incongruous, is what it is. And whenever you encounter that kind of hypocrisy, the soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof can be heard playing faintly off in the distance.

Perhaps they should change their name to Soldiers of Zion.

Awww, aren’t they the lovely mail-order couple!

But then, the REAL Soldiers of Odin DID have something to say about the fact that the Melbourne scammers are asking $200 from every prospective member (that’s a VERY Mike Holt thing to do).




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