Race traitor politicians in non-White England have come up with an idea that will prove a plus for the Jewish mercantile class wanting to make bulk shekels while killing off Whitey forever.

They have suggested a “visa-free migration bloc” that will mean the Indians, blacks and Arabs who pass themselves off as English will be able to work without restriction — and eventually takeover — in countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Whoops, they’ve already taken over the UK, but you get what we mean. News Ltd, in its infinite White Genocide, reports:

AUSTRALIA is being called on to join a push for a new visa-free migration bloc with a new poll finding overwhelming public support to be able to live and work freely in “like-minded” nations.

The push to have a “free mobility labour zone” between Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Britain was started by London Mayor Boris Johnson but has now been picked up by several MPs and Lords in Westminster.

A poll in the four nations commissioned by the Royal Commonwealth Society in London and released today found 70 per cent of Australians, 82 per cent of New Zealanders and 75 per cent of Canadians supported the move.

Britain also backed the initiative although to a lesser degree — 58 per cent. The UK is currently in a migration crisis with EU membership ensuring all Europeans have free access to live and work in the UK and receive substantial benefits, all of which is to come to a head in June with a referendum on whether the UK remains in the EU.Young adults (18-35 years) notably in Australia and New Zealand were the most supportive, 90 and 80 per cent respectively.

This is all pretty boring stuff to read, but the interesting part is that it will simply mean more open borders and more non-Whites taking jobs; straining infrastructure; adding to the shortage of housing and rental; and eventually becoming permanent residents who will usurp born and bred Aussies and make the idea of being Australian meaningless.

The move comes as the British parliament plans in April to further restrict visas for skilled migrants from outside the EU, already down to just 20,700 a year from the rest of the world, a figure already impacting on Australian workers wishing to live and work in the UK.

“This polling is invaluable as it shows the view and wishes of these fellow Commonwealth friends in strong support for closer ties,” the Commonwealth Society’s president and former British Minister of State Lord Howell said.

The society’s director of policy and research Tim Hewish said MPs in each country were now needed to build political interest to having a migration bloc between the nations. He said the countries shared common language, legal systems, economic and family ties and the same Head of State so it seemed a natural shift.

Both the Australian and New Zealand governments have publicly lambasted the UK’s visa restrictions and predicted the UK was “sleep walking” toward permanently damaged relations with its two allies over the visa issue.

Actually, the only people who want close ties to the country formerly known as England are the sort of Anglophile conservative rubbish who support Ziopatriot groups and call nationalists ‘Nazis’. We need LESS to do with England, and the sooner the better.

Australia has suffered enough from smug Poms and Irish who’ve been totally brainwashed into supporting White Genocide coming here and trying to do to us what they’ve done to their own home.

Frankly, the best thing Australia can do is to declare England a leper ship and ban anyone from there entry here until they get their own racial mess sorted out and start deporting Pakistanis and Africans who mass rape and kill their daughters.

Only a nationalist England should ever enjoy friendly ties with us.

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This man wants Visa free travel real bad


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