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This brings us to “that” White Genocide rally and certain videos made by Nick Folkes with the fat piss boy who follows him about like a bitch on heat.

A video came to our attention featuring Nick Folkes and his obese mulatto piss boy. What struck us was the utterly moronic commentary — a statement so dumb with every conceivable bogan cliché that it might well have been a far left parody. But it wasn’t.

Nobody will ever accuse Nick Folkes of possessing a genius IQ, but it would be amiss to assume that he was not aware of what he was doing.

In fact, what he and the Lardboy Wonder were doing was ridiculing the entire notion of White Genocide by making it a mockery. This is curious because it means that the very party he created is being used as a now dispensable battering ram.

Yet, by treading on nationalist turf where he fully knows he neither belongs nor is welcome, Folkes has given it his best shot at making nationalism look stupid by acting absurd. He always was a willing fool, who inserts objects into his rectum, sticks condoms to his face, and wraps himself in bog roll. It didn’t require a lot of nerve for this natural buffoon to debase himself and such a serious issue.

Nick’s sophistication is bared for all to see



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Chicken Boo is a chook that dresses like a man to get acceptance from men. In that sense, Chicken Boo is a civic patriot

The idea of nationalists toning down their message sprung from despair at being so few in numbers.

It was believed that with a media-friendly image “ordinary” people might be drawn to the cause. To accomplish that favourable presentation they changed their position and took an airbrush to policy. They groomed whatever might seem “racist” out of their style and sought to engage a more liberal-minded prospect.

No longer concerned with reversing the damage wrought by decades of multiculturalism; the message became about “assimilation”, and a notion of Australianness removed from the racial context of the Australian people.

In fact, the very word “race” disappeared from the supposedly nationalist vocabulary, which was expurgated in accordance with political correctness.

Hitherto having understood race as fundamental to Australianness, the message was now an appeasement that multiculturalism is fine, but… The ‘but’ needed a subject, and that subject became Moslems. This, in fact, was where nationalists devolved into patriots.

By setting upon this course they capitulated to the economic masters. It would be like Christians setting out to spread ‘the word’ of Jesus in a saloon, but telling dirty jokes instead because religion upset the drunks. The entire reason for being of these nationalists was lost and the power of the liberal-globalist masters increased unopposed. They set out to a fight determined not to throw a punch in case someone got hurt.

In fact, the very word “race” disappeared from the supposedly nationalist vocabulary, which was expurgated in accordance with political correctness.

What started out as a warning about the perils of, say, Asian immigration was revised to Asian immigration being fine so long as Asians acted like Australians. The watered-down nationalists had allowed the liberal globalists to redefine Australianness as not being based on “the people” but a set of social rules misrepresented as the “values” of that people. You could just as easily suggest that being Chinese is not a matter of blood, but of using chopsticks.

In a sense, the United Patriots Front is the progeny of these watered-down nationalists who traded their principles for power. Only, they did not get power, because it was never about gaining power, but stopping power. They confused “empowerment” with power and betrayed themselves as opportunists.

Nationalism by its very mission is a certainty of marginality. If it was not, there would be no nationalism. If a nationalist covets the mainstream then his mission is no longer spreading nationalism it is to gain mainstream acceptance.

Mainstreaming is the process described above. Again, for groups like Liberty Alliance, One Nation, Rise Up Australia and the United Patriots Front, the “mission” is already lost because the message is all wrong. In some cases with civics, they don’t even have a message.

These groups can affect nothing since they are born of capitulation from a pre-failed model and type. The “Australianness” they defend is an abstraction. Australianness requires being born into a “readily identifiable ethnic group, distinct from the other peoples of the world in language, way of life, value system and expectations of freedom and quality of life (Anon 2010, p. 3)”. The civics would have that Australianness is about a “fair-go” and “spirit of mateship” and equally hollow platitudes of that sort.

In a sense, the United Patriots Front is the progeny of these watered-down nationalists who traded their principles for power. Only, they did not get power, because it was never about gaining power, but stopping power. They confused “empowerment” with power and betrayed themselves as opportunists.

There is no validity in the belief that by cosying up to “normal” people you can gain their trust enough for them to let you lead them to your ‘secret message’. You cannot do this because the ‘false’ message you carried defined you long ago.

Likewise, the message, now in its second generation has ceased being a strategy. Now the message IS the strategy.

And this very idea of power confuses many of the civics, or in the case of the UPF, gets confused by proximity to the civics. A nationalist sees the government as a servant, not an authority. But the very approach of the civic patriots is influenced by their acceptance of that authority. They simply want it to grant them certain dispensations. To borrow from the contemporary alternative-right lexicon, they are “cucked”. In other words, they stand willfully impotent in deference to the status quo.

The mainstream illusion is the subject of both admittance and denial by the civics. They talk about defeating “cultural Marxism” because they still accept that the underpinning philosophy of Australianness is determined by the economy. Their ‘cultural Marxist’ opponents are as much a product of the liberal globalists as the civics, only whereas the cultural Marxists are their spawn, the civics are their tenants.

Only the nationalist is his own man.


Anon (2010), Party of the Nation: An introduction to the Australia First Party philosophy, methods and the right and obligations of membership, Australia First Party, Sydney, Australia



Since our last article regarding the Zionists posing as ‘Soldiers of Odin’ in spreading Australian chapters we have become a little more familiar with the situation.

We cast doubt on the legitimacy of whether the SOO Australia was indeed sanctioned by the Finland “mother chapter”. Further investigation involving approaches to the Finland organisation proves much to our shock that it was.

They now have a page for Sydney and Brisbane as well. But it also appears that the Soldiers of Odin Finland were unaware they were dealing with movement wrecking Zionists. Yes, in fact, they were duped into legitimizing Mike Holt’s multiculti squad.

Whitelaw Towers has reported comprehensively on the attempted takeover of nationalist politics in this country by Zionists working in tandem with federal government dirty tricksters such as Howard Crawford.

We have seen their treachery play out through Party for Freedom and with informants and agent provocateurs Neil Erikson and his drug buddy, Shermon Burgess.

We watched this farce through gritted teeth, as other non-entities came into play for the state, like bush pig Indie Norris: who was dangled by the controlled media in such a fashion as to suggest her rude involvement in the UPF was no accident.

Whitelaw Towers has reported comprehensively on the attempted takeover of nationalist politics in this country by Zionists working in tandem with federal government dirty tricksters such as Howard Crawford.

Their incursions on behalf of the state did not stop the UPF or shut down nationalists such as Dr Jim Saleam. But the question was what would these mucky peelings be up to next? Now we know.

A while ago they made false approaches to Soldiers of Odin’s main chapter, most likely by PMing them through Facebook. Using this permission from Finland, these pro-migration anti-nationalist Zio infiltrators are touting themselves as being the “only sanctioned” organisation in Australia.

In fact, anyone who wanted to contact Finland could do as much and start a group of their own; these Zionists do NOT hold an Aussie patent. Now, we go back to old matey and now official “ex-Nazi” Neil Erikson and methamphetamine-ambassador Shermon Burgess to draw on a comparative play.

When informed that neither could describe themselves as “nationalists” and would be hounded if they tried they stole the Generation Identitaire concept and tried reinventing themselves that way.

The idea for an Aussie Generation Identity came out of nationalist circles, which Erikson had gotten wind of. Next thing you know, there they produced a video of themselves in masks purporting to be GI Australia.

When informed that neither could describe themselves as “nationalists” and would be hounded if they tried they stole the Generation Identitaire concept and tried reinventing themselves that way.

There is not much difference in what has happened here: those destructive elements of the type that swirled around Asian-sex advocate Mike Holt as the Patriotic Defence League have appropriated Soldiers of Odin in their civic patriot guise and are warning against “Nazis” and all the usual slander directed at nationalists. One of these was in fact formerly linked to that bogus Generation Identity scam with Neil, but he now wears SOO “colours”.

Two UNA members contacted the Finland organisation and one was told that, contrary to intelligence previously published on this page, the Finland group DID recognise this Australian lot, and said if they charged memberships it was up to the group in question. But when asked a DIFFERENT question, relating directly to the politics of SOO Australia, they informed us that they would “sort this shit out” and “find out what is happening”.

It will take a good read of their main page, as they tend to bury their admonitions, such as this:

odins (2)
Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White, and Anti-Nazi means Anti-Nationalist

But you will find a nice endorsement for Israeli martial art Krav Maga. Interesting.

Also interesting is how the self-described Australian “leader” of SOO Australia, Oska Jason Shaw, likes to ring alarm bells by posing with handguns. We could not say whether they’re fake or not, but it’s a good image anyhow.

Oh, please, we surrender, fat boy!

We await word from Finland, meanwhile, be vigilant nationalists because this group will inevitably come into play against nationalists and the UPF.

We can almost see the headline as some dingbat associated with them appears in the media over a scandal and the words “links to United Patriots Front” appear.

Remember, they never went away, they just shifted shape. There is only one truth and that resides in our White European identity. ANY group espousing against that can join the line of criminals waging war against that very White European identity – examples of which ironically appear on their very own pages, such is their chutzpah.





There has been comment among nationalist circles about a Facebook page purporting to represent the Soldiers of Odin.

SOO was set up in Finland in 2015 as a response to the Zionist orchestrated mass invasion of Europe by Middle Eastern and African men of fighting age seeking refuge from countries without free stuff. Those traumatized souls, sometimes known as ‘Merkel’s Angels’, have been exorcising their demons by raping and assaulting every White girl they can lay their non-White paws on.

As is well known in Europe, the true Europeans cannot depend on their own states to defend them in this social engineering program. So Soldiers of Odin sprung up as a vigilante group dedicated to defending the people from migrants.

Strange then that the page claiming to be the only sanctioned page or group by the founding and mother chapter in Finland, also aggressively denounces nationalism, and is espousing total open borders. It’s odd because of this here message being carried by the real Soldiers of Odin which advocates a diametrically opposite sentiment.

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Hmmm, not quite the pro-migrant message of the Melbourne mob

Yes, very different, although perhaps the mother ‘chapter’ had it wrong and the Australian Zionist model had it right. In which case, there is no need for Soldiers of Odin because it has no problem with mass migration.

It should also be telling off its mother ‘chapter’ for sounding so Nazi and opposing migration. Because we have to assume when they speak of supporting migration they do not intend their sentiment to refer solely to those of a Caucasian origin. If that were the case, they would not be rabidly antagonising nationalists as “Nazis”.

Funny, but we can think of certain individuals who DID push that Zionist/Globalist/Multiculti line and were very active until recently.

A flip though their page finds a grab uploaded from Mike Holt’s personal page regarding the Martin Bryant conspiracy theory. And that is about as much evidence as you need, since Mike Holt is indigenous to the freak faction of the Zio patriot movement, and has close ties to Liberal party wrecker Howard Crawford recently exposed in an investigation by Australia First Party and Whitelaw Towers.

Wherever nationalism is being corrupted this man Howard Crawford is never far away

This puts the group in the orbit of team traitor, Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson, both anti-White campaigners who set about on a kamikaze course to bring down the United Patriots Front and members of Australia First Party. They failed, and have since been relegated to the dustbin of Australian nationalism.

But Mike Holt went quiet after his handler Howard Crawford attempted to placate his seething anger at Whitelaw Towers’ blog. The Asian-sex advocate has long bitten off more than he could chew in regards to trying to steal real estate off nationalists. Being brutally exposed by the rapier pen of WLT was too much and Mike apparently ran to the police demanding the anonymous bloggers be arrested. He was laughed out of the station like an old drunk.

Thereafter his bum chum and fellow Asian-fetishist Crawford promised to get some old geriatric judge to sign off on a letter that would bring down WLT when presented again to the authorities.

It makes perfect sense that the Zionist/wrecking cabal of Crawford et al would try to then move around the cavalry and feint an attack on its unguarded flank.

The very rhetoric of this supposed sanctioned branch of Soldiers of Odin is rife with the same sort of contradictions that follow groups like Restore Australia and Party for Freedom that borrow from nationalism to pursue an unclear agenda in which Islam is the sole ideological opponent.

On this page you will find admin referencing “what the Nazis did to the Jews” and all the other alarm signals of another Zio scam.

You get the picture

There are whispers in the nationalist community, assurances from undisclosed parties, that there is indeed a legitimately authorised Soldiers of Odin operating in Sydney and Melbourne.

But this could not possibly accord with that unless the Finnish Soldiers of Odin are themselves Zionists, which would be outrageously slanderous given the usage of Odin in their agenda. Odin and Zionism are like peanut butter and toothpaste — they do not belong on the same sandwich.

The page has over 1000 likes, which is a shame because there are prominent nationalists who’re among those ‘likes’ accrued. They have no doubt been burned for guilelessly accepting anything packaged in a seemingly patriotic wrapping.

But the stated purpose of these Zio wreckers is to fuck with nationalism and make multiculturalism seem reasonable. They in fact claim multiculturalism is wrong but multiracialism is right. Here, below, straight from Holt’s mouth.

We are onto them, however. And we suggest that contact should be made with the proper Soldiers of Odin to determine their stance on these issues.

It seems ironic to make these statements supporting open borders and then condemn the African riots in Melbourne and Sydney as SOO Melbourne did on their Facebook page. It is incongruous, is what it is. And whenever you encounter that kind of hypocrisy, the soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof can be heard playing faintly off in the distance.

Perhaps they should change their name to Soldiers of Zion.

Awww, aren’t they the lovely mail-order couple!

But then, the REAL Soldiers of Odin DID have something to say about the fact that the Melbourne scammers are asking $200 from every prospective member (that’s a VERY Mike Holt thing to do).



Melbourne’s Most Dangerous: UPF or Non-White Gangs?

Melbourne’s Most Dangerous: UPF or Non-White Gangs?

As Africans and Islanders attacked each other in Melbourne’s CBD just for the hell of it last night we wonder if it’s time to stop being terrified of the UPF.

Because so far we’ve had nothing but a steady drip-feed to the brain of wartime propaganda painting the United Patriots Front out to be the next incarnation of the Third Reich. We have been led to believe that Blair Cottrell is Hitler and the UPF the SS, only with Aussie strine in place of German, and thongs instead of jackboots.

Meanwhile, we learn that a gang comprised of rejected brain surgeons from the African and Islander communities has Melbourne police cowering behind the station desk. There is apparently no moral outcry about ‘Apex’ or ‘Islander 23’ criminal gangs because they just assault and rob people and don’t disparage diversity.

And indeed, what diversity was on offer last night; with hundreds of ebonies running ape not only in Melbourne but in Sydney as well. Perhaps a lunar cycle was to blame, or maybe it was just White oppression — not enough free stuff for so-called refugees.

But it’s worth noting — and if you’re a nationalist you’ll have noted this a bragillion times over — that one group is condemned for pointing out the negative racial realities of diversity, which is wholly confirmed by the deviant behaviour of that group.

It is an Orwellian twist on the Emperor’s New Clothes fable. You are not allowed to mention that Onga is wielding a machete in Federation Square because folks might then fear Onga. And when White people fear black people it is racism.

Meanwhile, we learn that a gang comprised of rejected brain surgeons from the African and Islander communities has Melbourne police cowering behind the station desk. There is apparently no moral outcry about ‘Apex’ or ‘Islander 23’ criminal gangs because they just assault and rob people and don’t disparage diversity.

Sure, we have problems with drunken Aussie youth playing up, and that’s bad enough, but where is the sense in bringing the full Dulux colour chart of reprobate conduct into play just because a Marxist somewhere told us we have to?

There is a good reason that these Africans come as refugees to this great mug of a land. They are incapable of living in harmony with their own kind, let alone throwing them into a civilised atmosphere, where the embarrassingly thin blue line of the law doesn’t worry them in the least.

Instead, it’s easier to make the bad apple analogy whereby it’s just one bad apple that spoils the barrel. But instead, they usually make examples of one or two good apples to excuse a whole harvest of rotten apples.

However, in a plain-speaking kind, it’s fair to ask where the sense is in rescuing these savage African tribes from their self-made fate to bring them here just to recreate the disaster they’ve fled — and we also pay for it?

It isn’t wise to interrupt nature when he’s doing you a favour. And it’s worth bearing in mind that at the same time with the situation reversed Whites in places like Zimbabwe are living in tin huts and eating lizards and the world is happy with that.

They are just waiting for blacks to come along and cook them alive in car tyres, but they daren’t apply for protection visas because Whites are bad and blacks are good. That might be a statement of values based on the very definition of judging people by the colour of their skin, but that’s how things roll in the arse-backwards Twilight Zone Age of the Cultural Marxist we live in.

If it wasn’t for dangerous ethnic gangs, manufacturers of capsicum spray would be doing it tough

Zionists Want Visa-Free Migration Bloc

Zionists Want Visa-Free Migration Bloc

Race traitor politicians in non-White England have come up with an idea that will prove a plus for the Jewish mercantile class wanting to make bulk shekels while killing off Whitey forever.

They have suggested a “visa-free migration bloc” that will mean the Indians, blacks and Arabs who pass themselves off as English will be able to work without restriction — and eventually takeover — in countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Whoops, they’ve already taken over the UK, but you get what we mean. News Ltd, in its infinite White Genocide, reports:

AUSTRALIA is being called on to join a push for a new visa-free migration bloc with a new poll finding overwhelming public support to be able to live and work freely in “like-minded” nations.

The push to have a “free mobility labour zone” between Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Britain was started by London Mayor Boris Johnson but has now been picked up by several MPs and Lords in Westminster.

A poll in the four nations commissioned by the Royal Commonwealth Society in London and released today found 70 per cent of Australians, 82 per cent of New Zealanders and 75 per cent of Canadians supported the move.

Britain also backed the initiative although to a lesser degree — 58 per cent. The UK is currently in a migration crisis with EU membership ensuring all Europeans have free access to live and work in the UK and receive substantial benefits, all of which is to come to a head in June with a referendum on whether the UK remains in the EU.Young adults (18-35 years) notably in Australia and New Zealand were the most supportive, 90 and 80 per cent respectively.

This is all pretty boring stuff to read, but the interesting part is that it will simply mean more open borders and more non-Whites taking jobs; straining infrastructure; adding to the shortage of housing and rental; and eventually becoming permanent residents who will usurp born and bred Aussies and make the idea of being Australian meaningless.

The move comes as the British parliament plans in April to further restrict visas for skilled migrants from outside the EU, already down to just 20,700 a year from the rest of the world, a figure already impacting on Australian workers wishing to live and work in the UK.

“This polling is invaluable as it shows the view and wishes of these fellow Commonwealth friends in strong support for closer ties,” the Commonwealth Society’s president and former British Minister of State Lord Howell said.

The society’s director of policy and research Tim Hewish said MPs in each country were now needed to build political interest to having a migration bloc between the nations. He said the countries shared common language, legal systems, economic and family ties and the same Head of State so it seemed a natural shift.

Both the Australian and New Zealand governments have publicly lambasted the UK’s visa restrictions and predicted the UK was “sleep walking” toward permanently damaged relations with its two allies over the visa issue.

Actually, the only people who want close ties to the country formerly known as England are the sort of Anglophile conservative rubbish who support Ziopatriot groups and call nationalists ‘Nazis’. We need LESS to do with England, and the sooner the better.

Australia has suffered enough from smug Poms and Irish who’ve been totally brainwashed into supporting White Genocide coming here and trying to do to us what they’ve done to their own home.

Frankly, the best thing Australia can do is to declare England a leper ship and ban anyone from there entry here until they get their own racial mess sorted out and start deporting Pakistanis and Africans who mass rape and kill their daughters.

Only a nationalist England should ever enjoy friendly ties with us.

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This man wants Visa free travel real bad