Images and CCTV footage released today by United Nationalists Australia identifies the thug who has been stalking nationalists in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

The leftist criminal struck twice this morning at both the Tempe headquarters of the Australia First Party and the private address of an Australian nationalist. The events occurred as follows: at 4:40am on December 7 the Australia First Party president was awoken by banging at the side gate. When he investigated he was confronted by a youngish Australian male with facial hair who proceeded to threaten the party president’s life after repeatedly entreating him to come downstairs for a “fight”.

In a grab for justification of his criminal actions, the lumpen made random accusations of the AFP leader, such as him being involved with ASIO, and other gibberish. This is a signature mark of this particular leftist lout who struck at the inner-Sydney home of an Australian Nationalist and AFP member less than half-an-hour later.

Piping a firehose through the open window of the sleeping Nationalist after having banged at his door to get attention, the sewer rat flooded the premises. He was caught on camera. What cannot be heard is him yelling, “You’re a paedophile and a Nazi, Nick Folkes sent us!”

As much as we despise Nick Folkes, we realise this is an amateur attempt by the member of a militant organisation to attempt to create confusion.

This same character turned up at the same address on October 1. Sporting sunglasses, a hat and shorts, in a boneheaded attempt to be incognito he issued a death threat based on similar charges of “Nazi and paedophile”. This came after the publicised sentencing of so-called neo-Nazi Mike Holt on weapons and child pornography charges. Both incidents were reported to Newtown police, for what it’s worth, with authorities now being in possession of the perpetrator’s image. However, it is one of four incidents involving the same person and the Sydney Nationalist. The lefty ugh is possibly a Newtown local operating in and around the Enmore area.

The same rock ape has previously been seen in the company of an Aboriginal woman and others sporting CFMEU T-shirts. He is also reported to have attempted to assault a mobility-scooter bound Newtown identity who is not affiliated with AFP or Australian nationalism.

We have no doubt whatsoever that he links to the criminal blogger “Andy” (aka Rob Sparrow and others) of Slackbastard infamy. He is doubtless also affiliated with rogue Fairfax troll Luke McMahon, and Pete Smith, the administrator of the Anonykatz Facebook page, who resides at a Balmain address.

The attacks come after the weekend’s commemoration of the Eureka Rebellion at Ballarat by Aussie Nationalists.

UNA will later be releasing the identity of the author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog which has been defaming Nationalists, Patriots, and sundry others for years. Gotcha!










By Reverend Cailen Cambeul

Church Administrator
Church of Creativity

Years ago some Leftard mob – probably SPLC or ADL or connected to them – did a chart from Extreme Left to Extreme Right. If I still had it, I’d show you, but I don’t, so my memory will just have to suffice.

Anyway, this Leftard chart was done like a Family Tree of Left and Right in the US; with basically the bad-guys – people like us – to the Right and what (((they))) consider to be the good guys to the Left. Anything to the Left of the Central Divide was considered (as you can expect) Progressive and the rest of us are considered Nazis. However, we are not Leftards – we are White Racial Loyalists (WRL’s) and so we would consider the chart (from the centre at least) to be a description of the most benign re the status quo, to the biggest threat to the status quo.

For example, National Socialist Movement (NSM) and KKK were not on the same branch of this family tree/chart, as they are different types of organisations with different origins and different goals. Although they were at approximately the same level in the Left to Right spectrum due to the fact that they are both American White Nationalist groups.


Rev Cailen felt so strongly about this message he painted it on his own wall. Not really, but it looks it

And at the Extreme Right, beyond the NSM and the KKK, there were only two organisations. The first was the late Dr Pierce’ (now Reverend Will Williams’) National Alliance; beyond the National Alliance, there was only Ben Klassen’s Creativity. The difference being – we assume – that although Creativity and the NA are very similar in nature, the NA is purely American oriented, while Creativity is globally oriented … making Creators the Worst-of-the-Worst or Best-of-the-Best depending on your perspective.

We Creators and the NA had ourselves a good laugh and took it as indicating that we were so Extreme Right, that we were touching the Extreme Left. If that was indeed what the author intended, then he/she/it was correct.

NSM may be National Socialist, but they are merely neo-Nazis by today’s Leftard standards. (Not my choice, blame the Leftards for that one.) Another way to put it is that by Leftard standards, NSM falls into the American National-Capitalist neo-Nazi world. NA and Creators are Racial Socialist – NA by description (but never by name) and the Church of Creativity by deliberate choice. Both of our groups openly disagree with a number of policies advanced by the original German National Socialists – or Nazis – under Uncle Adolph.

We Creators and the NA had ourselves a good laugh and took it as indicating that we were so Extreme Right, that we were touching the Extreme Left. If that was indeed what the author intended, then he/she/it was correct.

However, like the original German National Socialists, both the NA and Creators are revolutionary in nature. We both take a lot from Orthodox National Socialism, just as we take a lot from Mosley’s Fascism and Mussolini’s Fascism. Creativity, in particular, takes a lot from Friedrich Nietzsche, to name one of many … and yet, neither Creators nor the NA uses the terms Nazi or Fascist for ourselves.

We do recognise that White Racial Socialism is good for the Nation State/White Racial State … along with small government, restrained capitalism for big-business, the right to work to build a home and keep what you earn, and naturally, a totally restructured tax system.

images (8)
There is no need to wear a mask! Unless you have one of these beauties

Some would be saying that it makes us Nazis because Hitler said this and Fascists because Mosley said that. We don’t consider ourselves Nazis and Fascists for the same reason we do not consider ourselves to be Liberal, Tory, Labour or Labor, Democrat, Republican, Marxist or of a Reddish-Green hue: We are simply not Nazis or Fascists, and nor do we ask you to be.

Creativity was designed for White people the world over, including awakened Whites in Europe. Unfortunately, there are very few fully awakened White people in Europe as the majority seem to want to be Tribal Nationalists still dithering about artificially imposed borders. Meanwhile, us Colonialist Whites who are no longer Scots, English, German, French, Italian or Spaniard, have moved on: We are European by blood and origin, but we have developed our own culture devoid of the petty bickering of old Europa. We are White Australians, we are White Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders and South Africans. We are White Racial Loyalists.

Each of our one-time Colonial White Nations has our own unique culture. If you know your history, it should be no surprise that the cultures of our independent nations are more alike – we can relate more to each other than we can anywhere in Europe.

We do recognise that White Racial Socialism is good for the Nation State/White Racial State … along with small government, restrained capitalism for big-business, the right to work to build a home and keep what you earn, and naturally, a totally restructured tax system.

And yet, for some strange reason, the majority of Australians and Americans – by far the two largest and closest groups – tend to ignore all that is great in their own cultures and dwell on rehashing the Fascism and National Socialism of a hundred years ago. And seriously … what the hell for?

For a few, I admit, it’s a genuine admiration – and here I’m talking about the genuine activists. For that few, it’s their way of life. Whether or not they are genuinely Fascists or National Socialists, only those few can really say. Regardless of their chosen label, what I do know is that they are genuine White Racial Activists whose only care is the here and now, and what is coming tomorrow.


As for the remainder … they’re nothing but larping hobbyists who wouldn’t know the RaHoWa if a nigger bit them on the arse.

We are not retrograde Nazis or Fascists. Nor do we ask you to become retro Nazis of Fascists. The times have moved on. We have moved on. We are modern White Revolutionaries. In the words, Ben Klassen, “We neither want to impress you nor entertain you. We want to inspire you to become a Militant Activist.”

Recognise, understand and accept your own culture. There is absolutely no shame in being Australian or American. It is who we are. Learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t rehash the past, seize today. Australians, wake up and become Militant White Australian Activists. Americans, New Zealanders, South Africans, Wake Up … and while old Europa continues to haggle over treaties and borders, together we can win this Racial War.


download (8)
Forget Yockey, Australia had its own genius Fascist Philosopher





At Tuesday’s ominously titled UN Committee on the Elimination of Racism in Geneva, this most evil of One-World government taskforces warned the Australian government it needs to “…target the minority of Australians who do not want multiculturalism”.

If ever there was a blatant signal that the UN considers Australia under international orders this is it. However, it is hard to find a nation worth mentioning which isn’t a UN member state. Bearing in mind the dicey relations between many of these member nations, and considering how they do not dance when the UN whistles, the only conclusion a street-wise operator can draw is that it’s fucking useless. It is time to disband the whole cuckolded show and shoot its most annoying officials.

Given that it commands about as much respect as the hall monitor in a Mexican reform school it is no wonder even our globalist coalition government doesn’t give a custard tart for anything they have to say; unless it fits with another agenda.

Jamaican-born Verene Shepherd finds a problem with Whites wherever she can and uses the UN to air her prejudices

Former Prime Minister and massive cuck Kevin Rudd loved the UN so much he wanted to marry it. But he is gone and the only place you’ll find a Kevin ’07 poster now is hanging in a kitsch gay bar with stains all over it.

Because Australia is such an SJW type of nation we are expected to fall into line quicker than, say, China, which they cannot do anything about. Accordingly, the committee’s rapporteur for Australia, Verene Shepherd, gave us a positive tick for appointing Asian rat Tim Soutphammasne race discrimination commissioner and adopting an ‘anti-racism’ strategy.

Tim Soutphommasane is not Australian, was born in France to Laotian parents, but pockets $300,000 of our hard-earned every year just to tell us we’re racists

But then she ragged about our “counter-terrorism measures” hurting Moslem feelings, as if we should not have protective measures and gobbed on about “racism” “xenophobia” “Islamaphobia” and all the clichés the anti-Whites typically direct at Australia because they still think we are a nation of White people. This is despite them having done everything humanly possible to make sure we are not.

Jacqui Lambie was forced to quit parliament on the basis of her father being Scottish born so it sticks in our craw that this race discrimination commissioner is a French-born Laotian pocketing three hundred thousand of our fully wakkas Aussie tax-dollars per annum. Actually, it shits us we even have Asians here much less an Asian race discrimination commissioner. Take away the other races and you need no commissioner, but hey, why make things simple when you can have a massive problem?

Speaking of the Soutphommasane rodent, he arced up about how there are, “clear indications that racial intolerance and racial discrimination are on the rise”. Well, he would be out of a job if he didn’t say that.

The next UN cry bully to take to the mic was an Olive Oyle lookalike and self-hating White munter named Adrianne Walters. Adrianne comes from Australia’s Human Rights Law Centre, which, when you check out the staff pics, is 90% lesbian. She sobbed to the SMH about how the committee was stressing about our treatment of people smuggled economic refugees.

Adrianne Walters of Australia’s Human Rights Law Centre is just one of the humourless self-hating Whites that God sent us to justify lynching

This is when Shepherd rallied for another salvo at the Southern Cross, shaming us about how former president of the Australian Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs was treated like the un-Australian cunt she is. She “urged” us to change our policy of turning back the boats, and said the government needs to target those who do not want multiculturalism.

So who is Verene Shepherd? She just happens to be the Jamaican born White-hating nit-picker who used her then position with WGEPAD (Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent) to harangue the Dutch government over Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete, which is a figure in a Dutch Christmas tradition that puts on Blackface like Al Jolson.

She called this fine Dutch tradition a “throwback to slavery”. If only we could throw her back to slavery.

The outcry of the Dutch over her race-based agitations resulted in a Belgian UNESCO official releasing a statement saying that she was not authorised to speak on behalf of the UN and was “abusing the name of the UN to bring her own agenda to the media”.

But the UN didn’t sack her, eh, ‘cos she’s a victim, and you cannot be racialist about the privileged victim races if you are the UN. So she is free to lend the indisputable credibility of her “expert” views in an international forum judging our nation which has been torn every which way by being a signature to this intrusive internationalist body’s convention on refugees. It has deranged our national psyche, disenfranchised the White Europeans to whom this nation owes its existence and for whom it was built, and turned Australia into one vast shopping basket for Imperialist China and decadent Semitic commerce.

Also, bear in mind Saud Arabia was elected to the UN Human Rights Council. Say… no… more.


Always make your opinions known to this swine






I read with interest the United Nationalists Australia article on fascism, published just a few days ago. I understand it caused various commentary.

It is fair to say, with the recent Alt-Right appearance in Australia, the development of new youth organisations and with other factors in play, many younger people are pondering over fascism. Does it offer anything?

Dr. Jim Saleam

Of course, we live in a time when just about everything has been lied about by the ruling establishment, so why not fascism too? What if it was some sort of ‘answer’? Sometimes today by this new upsurge, things about fascism are said humorously, or to provoke, all of which have no real significance. However, things put forward often enough can take on a life of their own. I have come to the conclusion the matter of fascism should be broadly discussed.

The United Nationalists’ writer was quick enough to warn that the adoption of foreign ideologies in Australia can be part of a cultural cringe. Yes. And that any foreign ideology has messages that just do fit Australian realities. I could not agree more. However, if the United Nationalists article went on to make any errors in the facts, or in the interpretation of facts, it may fail to signal those warnings. I did detect a little of that, but generally, I won’t go over the ground.

Mussolini believed that rice was a better diet than pasta

I do have a bias in this discussion: my political experience has recorded many persons, claiming to act as types of Australian nationalist and who have misunderstood fascism – have gone on to personal calamities, often pulling others and groups into disaster. I have asked whether their ill fortunes were related to this initial ideological error? To say that is not unfair or unreasonable.

Over the Christmas break, I am intending a series of articles – ‘My Fascist Questions’. I hope to show how difficult the area is to traverse. I intend to relate the whole question to Australia. However, in this short entrance into the debate about fascism, I would give two examples of how fraught with problems this affair truly is.

Take One:

It has been said by some persons that historical fascism (I am referring to the period of the movements and regimes 1919 – 1945) and in particular the German version (National Socialism), was a type of pioneer ‘white nationalism” – and consequently it is relevant in some way or another to an Australian nationalist movement in the present. I would offer two quotes.

Benito Mussolini said:

“ When dealing with such a race as Slavic – inferior and barbarian – we must not pursue the carrot, but the stick, policy. We should not be afraid of new victims. The Italian border should run across the Brenner Pass, Monte Nevoso and the Dinaric Alps. I would say we can easily sacrifice 500,000 barbaric Slavs for 50,000 Italians.”

Adolf Hitler was very detailed (I have edited the section from his Mein Kampf to be consistent with the current subject):

“….we National Socialists consciously draw a line beneath the foreign policy tendency of our pre-War period. …. we break off the colonial and commercial policy of the pre-War period and shift to the soil policy of the future.

If we speak of soil in Europe today, we can primarily have in mind only Russia and her vassal border states.

Here Fate itself seems desirous of giving us a sign. By handing Russia to Bolshevism, it robbed the Russian nation of that intelligentsia which previously brought about and guaranteed its existence as a state. For the organisation of a Russian state formation was not the result of the political abilities of the Slavs in Russia, but only a wonderful example of the state-forming efficacity of the German element in an inferior race. ….. Lower nations led by Germanic organisers and overlords have more than once grown to be mighty state formations and have endured as long as the racial nucleus of the creative state race maintained itself.

Impossible as it is for the Russian by himself to shake off the yoke of the Jew by his own resources, it is equally impossible for the Jew to maintain the mighty empire forever. He himself is no element of an organisation, but a ferment of decomposition. The Persian empire in the east is ripe for collapse. And the end of Jewish rule in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a state. ……”

If Hitler was alive today he would be head of the UN Human Rights Commission

The problem with these assessments is that the Italian and German leaders were asserting that the Slavic third of the white race was “inferior” to their peoples. How are we to deal with that? I would doubt that any Australian nationalist or patriot could draw any sustenance from such a position. How would it be relevant to Australia? If we stripped all the European history out of it, we are still left with the single core idea that one-third of the white race is “inferior” to the remainder. Can that really mean that historical fascism was a ‘white nationalism’?

download (7)
Lída Baarová, the “subhuman” Slavic goddess that Hitler’s propaganda minister drooled over

Of course, we could conclude fascism had ideas around it, which must have arisen from somewhere, that we do not approve of. So, how do we cherry-pick if we were minded to? And once we accept this or reject that, it becomes very messy indeed. What if there is some odd fellow who actually swallows the thing whole and says it might have been a valid notion? And where would that lead him – to an odd history club?

Or might it be that my Take One is evidence to support the notion we act as Australians only, with an Australian cause? Yet, there’s more.

Take Two:

The United Nationalists article gave a bit of stick to Francis Parker Yockey, a post-war writer, sometimes called a neo-fascist. In point, he might have been called in aid of the writer’s argument.

Yockey wrote in his book, Imperium (1948):

“The first concept in order is Race.  The materialistic race-thinking of the 19th century had particularly heavy consequences for Europe when it was coupled with one of the early 20th century movements of Resurgence of  Authority. Any excrescence of theoretical equipment on a political movement is a luxury, and the Europe of 1933–2000 can afford none such. Europe has paid dearly for this Romantic concern with old-fashioned racial theories, and they must be destroyed. “

“The racial snobbery of the 19th century was intellectual, and its adoption in a too-narrow sphere by the Resurgence of Authority in Europe between the first two World Wars was a grotesquerie.

Francis Parker Yockey was that rare thing: a genius

Yockey, who had a lot to do with survivors of the fascist period in Germany, Italy, France and Britain, many of whom changed their minds or developed out their views on these very issues, had his views informed accordingly: they concluded and he followed on, that there was something not quite right with the racial ideologies of the fascist parties and states and in the practice of these states in the invasion of Russia, I would mention to my readers that this history can be found in Kevin Coogan, Dreamer Of The Day: Francis Parker Yockey And The Post War Fascist International. It is a massive subject.

So what do we do now? Is this post-war view of the participants correct? Or is the former view the right one? Is the history already beyond us? How does it all advance an Australian movement?

I should add Yockey’s comment in 1952 on the evolution of Russia away from the nexus between a section of Jewry and communism, the very thing that bedevilled the fascists in the earlier period:

“Russia’s break with Jewry marks the beginning of the end of Bolshevism. It is called forth by the true, religious Russia, which abhors politics and technics, and which has been dominated by Petrinism and Moscovite Bolshevism alike. Of course, this break was only a beginning, but the final, inner collapse of Bolshevism is unavoidable. The possibility-indeed, I must say, the inevitability of the destruction of Bolshevism by the true Russia is posited in Imperium.”

Today’s Conclusion

An Australian nationalist movement can and should base itself upon historical facts and appreciating how the present world came into being is part of that. Consequently, a discussion of fascism is part of our knowledge-seeking. Equally, we live in the age of the population-food crisis, of refugee wanderings, of immigration invasions, of the rise of Chinese imperialism and the crisis of New World Order capitalism. So, where each historical discussion fits with deriving answers to these historical problems, will be the crucial thing.

I would conclude here today with a provocative quote from none other than Sir Oswald Mosley, whose name has come up often in the new fascist debate. Of course, there are two Mosleys – the 1930’s leader of the British Union of Fascists and the leader of Union Movement founded in 1947. He was rather critical of his past and fascism’s past and he said: “fascism is  a corpse regardless of how cleverly it has been embalmed.”

Will that be our finding? Or will it be that some things are in fact cherry-picked, not by men, but by deep historical forces and if anything contains even a scintilla of virtue, it is indeed passed on? Let us begin this dialogue!

The ultimate symbol of Australian Nationalism



You know how it is: you’re trying to impress a black person with your SJW cred by passionately arguing why all Whites are devils that should be stranded on a toxic island without food — including yourself — when suddenly he or she says something that throws you, like, “But isn’t that a racist statement!”

This is an onion in the ointment since you were hoping to gain the black person’s approval by espousing beliefs you consider favourable to what must obviously be their ingrained prejudices. Instead, you find yourself being ticked off by a lowly coon over something he or she should support you on, and with eloquence you would not normally credit to a darkie. The uninitiated might, at this stage, fumble. But the experienced SJW will know that this is an Uncle Tom* or an Aunty Tom who has just slid several rungs down the victimhood ladder for saying something unsupportive of the SJW narrative.

All blacks are victims of White racism, ergo all blacks must hate Whites, which is why any black who does not automatically condemn all Whites on general principle is a bad victim and not a good one.


But here is another curve ball: there is only space for one more person in a lift and you have a black and a Moslem man who want to get in. You are the closest one holding the doors open so it is up to you to choose who gets in. You cannot leave either of them to decide the matter for themselves as you are, after all, a White person and they’re a couple of minority victims, so clearly it’s incumbent on you to adjudicate.

What to do? You must make a choice and those other passengers in the lift will judge you on that choice.

You can either stand aside and let the black man in, and be guilty of racist lift-etiquette towards the Moslem — or, if you let the Moslem in, you risk demonstrating classic racism against the black man, which will be duly noted by everyone else in the lift; possibly even your company’s Political Correctness Compliance Officer.

What to do? You must make a choice and those other passengers in the lift will judge you on that choice.

Now, it’s not easy, but there has to be a politically correct decision made and it must be the right one.

In this instance, if you answered, “I will let the black man in because he has been traditionally more oppressed than the Moslem”, you fail. Likewise, if you let the Moslem in and not the black man on whatever grounds you believe are right, you also fail and have committed another subtle hate crime.


The thing to do is to step out of the lift altogether and offer both the black man AND the Moslem a chance to get in since you are White and your privilege warrants this act of deference. You cannot count on either of them to be so gracious since unfortunately being victims and non-Whites they haven’t had the greatest schooling in manners. If possible, exit the lift wriggling on the ground like a worm, however, this could be construed as mockery aimed at the minorities, who are likely to take offence at just about anything on religious grounds, so perhaps just keep your head down and respectfully avoid eye contact.

Things can get a lot tougher. After all, in this wonderful shopping cart of diversity we call Australia, anyone who is not White is a candidate for victimhood; it just depends on whereabouts they rank on the scale of victimhood. In Australia, the Aborigine is at the very top, since we made them extinct. Or just about. Every Aboriginal you see could be the last remaining member of that race so you have a duty to facilitate their passage and prosperity in every conceivable way.

You should never stop there, either; you must culturally appropriate to help perpetuate. Fill your home with as many Aboriginal artworks as you can buy at a Bonhams auction. Learn a Koori tongue. Find ways to address the world around you that are more in keeping with one of the endangered languages of the traditional peoples. Name your cat after an Aboriginal. This is a good way to get people talking about Aboriginal stuff when they ask what your cat’s name is. You might say, “Why it’s Goondawindi and I named him after an elder of the Fostermundi Tribe.” It is important you embrace a culture outside White European hegemony.

Now, it’s not easy, but there has to be a politically correct decision made and it must be the right one.

Knowing your victim scale is important. A good rule to follow is that anyone female or of black skin ranks higher than those of diminishing colour. Since Asians are so good at maths and are rich, for instance, they sit below curries that tend to do menial work like stack shelves at Coles and deliver Dominoes pizzas. Yet, because Whites are so racist towards yellow people, they are automatically a victim in any situation involving Whites even if the Chinaman does own all our land and baby formula.

However, gooks can be quite racist towards blacks, especially Abos, who they regard as cavemen. This is a problem and one that we have no immediate solution for other than through a process we call ‘denial’. Simply refuse to believe such stuff about minority-on-minority prejudice and it will go away.


But what if you have a gook in a wheelchair and a drunken Abo calling the crippled Panhead all sorts of racist names because he’s had too much goon? Does the cripple not now become elevated over the pisshead Abo, even if the Aboriginal is at the top of the victimhood ladder? The answer is, alas, no, because the Abo has self-harm issues with alcohol and these, in fact, qualify him as a double victim. What’s more, the gook is most likely rich, and the owner of a BMW, or another model of luxury car. The thing to do would be to politely mind your own business and not get involved. Do not film the encounter and send the footage to the Daily Mail.

Thus, we come to LGBTHIJKLMNO victims. We are still collating etiquette on these in regards to people of colour and cisgender victims of sexual harassment. However, we are pretty confident that the Abo — especially a pissed Abo or an Abo junkie — still sit well above all comers. And, in light of the recent anti-Homo Marriage vote where most of the ragheads and gooks and stuff voted No, their victimhood status is now on a negotiable basis, depending upon the actual nature of the social infraction or hate crime.

So what about the elderly? That’s an interesting question, but mainly, if they are old and White then they’re probably old enough to have been responsible for genocide against Aboriginals and Chinese gold miners so they get no sympathy at all. If you are Anthony Main you might even trip one up in public when they’re on their way to a One Nation meeting or to attend Danny Nalliah’s Nazi church.


Yet, again, it’s not all plain sailing. The Arab woman next to me has a walking stick but she keeps shouting crazy stuff and spitting on my dog. What do I do? The best thing is to get the hell out of there since Arabs are mad cunts.

What if a Moslem is abusing my tranny friend for being a freak? Do I intervene and risk ten wogs bashing the shit out of me? Do I secretly film the incident? No, what you calmly do is explain to them why Moslems are welcome but transphobes are not. Try it in a chant. If you have more than one friend around, form a daisy chain and start chanting. Appeal to their ethos. Let them know we are all oppressed victims in a racist, misogynist, Islmapohobic, patriarchal society.

We will have more tips on knowing your social victims later as well as how to spot fluid-gender phobic thought crimes at a B&S ball.

* Or a Gender Fluid Tom





If there is one current fad which has us scratching our heads it is the infatuation some so-called Nationalists have developed for the now anachronistic and ideologically compromised political movements of the 20th century.

We have repeatedly pointed out the “cultural cringe” and creeping universalism implied by adherence to this mindset, or sub-culture, if you will.

Let us be clear from the beginning: Fascism, National Socialism and their variants run in direct opposition to the ideals and goals of contemporary Australian White Nationalism; the NS imperialism, geopolitical ambition and toxic racial doctrine should exclude those schools of thought from serious discussions of Australian identity, independence and freedom.

As we have been at pains to point out, the lot of antipodean White Nationalists in the early 21st century must be that of the anti-colonial partisan; the anti-capitalist worker’s advocate; the community support group of a shamed and demoralised ethnic minority.

Ecce Homo

This conclusion should be obvious to all people sympathetic to the cause of White survival; as recent events have shown, globalist capitalism and corporate cosmopolitanism have captivated an overwhelming majority of our folk, with a sizeable minority also falling into the ideologically impotent and politically useless Conservative category.

The tendency for some Dinky-Di intellectuals to pine for a Europe they never knew, mimic political theories which were never part of our cultural landscape and imagine some primal kinship with the races of the global North risks heaping further insult upon injuries to the national psyche

Let us be clear from the beginning: Fascism, National Socialism and their variants run in direct opposition to the ideals and goals of contemporary Australian White Nationalism; the NS imperialism, geopolitical ambition and toxic racial doctrine should exclude those schools of thought from serious discussions of Australian identity, independence and freedom.

The 1933-45 era was great if you were a German, up to a point, but bad luck if you were a Pole, a Russian or a Frenchman; a Norwegian, a Yugoslav or a Greek.

Given that from the gold rush era onward White Australia has been shaped by the interactions, intermarriage and cross cultural collaborations of it’s blueprint ethnic groups we ought to laugh in the face of Fascist universalism and its risible racial theories.

Low rent boys and their sputtering Hate Bus

That we count as kin the descendants of those regarded as subhumans by the defunct authoritarian regimes of middle Europe should render any discussion of Neo-Fascism as a pathway to national rebirth liable to be, rightly, howled down by true patriots.

The very idea of modern Australian Nationalism is to get away from the morass of the past and to forge a unique, vibrant and progressive White culture free from the hereditary privilege, political instability and tedious ethnic squabbles of central Europe.

Let us make the Nationalist position even clearer, nobody out there in the East-Coast urban jungles, which hold 75% of our population, even knows, much less cares about Evola, or Rosenberg, Hitler, Yockey, Rockwell nor any of the long dead legends of the authoritarian, northern hemisphere’s past.

The 1933-45 era was great if you were a German, up to a point, but bad luck if you were a Pole, a Russian or a Frenchman; a Norwegian, a Yugoslav or a Greek.

In the era of trash culture and the consensual hallucination of cyberspace it is enough of a struggle to gain recognition among White Australians of our own pantheon of intellectual and political legends of the 20th century; who were, after all, our own people working in the interests of our own nation.

Alfred Rosenberg: blame him for the self-conscious, Hamster wheel futility of modern neo-Fascism

Neo-Nazism, if true to its roots, logically has no room for national identity outside some universal, global village of suitably Nordic Europids; we in the diaspora might just as well adopt Islam or become part of the European Union, they being the path of least resistance to the same overall outcome of a homogenized “Ummah” living in the new age of semi-divine authority imagined by these intellectuals.

Grow up, take some ownership of YOUR past while casting an eye to YOUR future; Neo-Fascism and idolatry of it’s founding prophets is not only a cultural cringe, it is morbid, especially in light of the fact that the heroes of White Australia largely succeeded in achieving their goals, in-extremis might we add; meanwhile the leading Fascists were dancing the “Tyburn Jig” in the rubble of their own creations.



Scenes from the revelry of the Yes camp this week uncomfortably revealed just how White it is.

For too long decadence has been sold as a virtue, thus the invidious message coming out of the Same Sex Marriage vote is that us Whites are the ones tearing down our own Christian values, and not some abhorrent foreign parasite. This cannot be ignored unless you buy into conspiracy theories, in which case, the vote was rigged.

We wouldn’t discount that possibility, but, truthfully, it’s unlikely. If you can read the writing on the wall then all signs point to the Yes vote being the overwhelming consensus of half of our fellow countrymen. Resisting this is undignified. Remember how the Alt-Right laughed at Hillary supporters demanding a recount after Donald Trump won the US Presidency? Well, that shoe is now on our foot.


The Queer lobby, in all its incessant variety: the freaks and transsexuals, the trans-genders, fags, dykes, AIDS fairies and all the derivatives of counter-heterosexuality no decent person would know of or comprehend, both they and their SJW champions are White. Post-vote analysis revealed how it was the heavy migrant safe Labor seats such as Blaxland in NSW and Calwell in Victoria that predominantly ticked the No box.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for those of us White Nationalists who’ve been pushing the concept of race realism. We must now soberly confront that reality — that our own race resoundingly rejects our message. It is non-Whites standing firmest for family values, modesty, and moral stability.

You will hear all the reasons why this is the case and the most likely will be that “it’s the Jews”. We know for sure the Jews will be delighting in our discomfort but to surrender our own culpability for the choices of our people — to suggest that we are so pliable that Jewish Supremacists can twist us up like origami figures as they please — is to belie our argument that we were ever a masterful race to begin with.

No, sadly, we did this on our own, and if we are honest about history, then this is just another chronological step towards the White liberal nirvana where we cease to exist just to be sporting to the ‘lesser races’ that outnumber us in the multiple digits. After all, it was Whites who abolished slavery; it was “cisgender” White males who recognised women’s rights and gave women the vote; it was Whites who enshrined ‘civil rights’ favouring alien peoples who are culturally erasing us from our own civilisations, inheritance, and birthright.

Whites are on a constant quest to emancipate one victim or another regardless of whether or not the object of our protection is actually in bondage. Moreover, these deeds pass without thanks, much less acknowledgement.

Given this evidence, it should be much easier to dispel the universal prejudice that insists we are a nation of bigots. It should be, but it won’t, for the same reason that the Yes vote got through — because the problem isn’t so much other races as it is our own. Yes, it is other Whites labelling us ‘a nation of bigots’, and censoring ourselves over imagined misdeeds to those poor races these self-appointed conscience-bearers among us hypocritically condescend to without even realising it. It is other Whites who foment the atmosphere wherein our status is reduced on dubious egalitarian grounds.

See, what we have here is a struggle within the White race itself; a fight for a dominant idea of what Whiteness means. For instance, it is no accident that Nationalists are White, but so is Antifa. Therefore, the war is not outward, but inward, and rather than sink into a negative pit of crippling despair over this rude truth we must make contingencies to readjust our strategy, revise our enemy, and prepare to fight our own kind. Whites are divided in two, and there is no amount of proselytizing that will win that lost half of our race back to us — it simply has to be dominated, or decimated.

If Whites are to survive we will have to turn against family, friends, and foe alike.  The Whites who want to live will have to “come with” the Terminator.